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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 10/19/2012, 11:47 am

Joey Ramone fan fiction

I wanna be your boyfriend

It was a hot day in the summer of 1982. Though I wasn't nearly as annoyed by the heat as I would have been on any other day...Because today was special, I was going to see the Ramones(the best band ever!) live for the first time. I was going with my friend Marie, who was seemingly getting quite inpatient as she was thoroughly convinced that I had been taking far too long to get ready. Just as i was nearly finished dressing and pondering which shirt would best complete my outfit of faded blue Jeans with holes in the knees and a leather jacket to go on over which ever shirt I chose she yelled at me from the other room. Are you ready yet Suzy"? I really want to go early so we can have a great view of the guys". "Yeah, yeah I'll be ready in a few. should I wear the rocket to russia shirt or the Ramones logo one?" "Wear the tighter of the two. Who knows maybe Joey'll notice you " Marie said with a laugh. Even though it was clear she was teasing me, I sincerely hoped there was even the slightest ounce of truth in her joke. " I want Dee Dee to notice me, that's why I'm wearing my mini skirt and low cut shirt". Thinking my somewhat overly talkative friend Marie was finished with her taunting I opened my mouth to speak, but was interrupted when she added without hesitation: Oh my god Suzy, they might think you're a nerd". I retort back: "Very funny, Ramones logo it is then". Marie says to me "You might wanna put on a little make up you know." Of course she had to tell me that, always being one to boost my confidence sooo much. I retorted back with " How is that different then your every day outfit anyway ha ha. I don't need make up by the way, look at this face! Joey will be drooling over me...If he even see's me that is. I'm sure he will though since we have front row tickets!"

Finally at the show, the energy in the room was outstanding, with thousands of fans chanting "Hey ho let's go!"
in anticipation of the band's entrance to the stage. The band makes it on stage, and I cant take my eyes off of Joey, he's so hot and so tall towering over his mic stand. They start the first song, Joey introduces it 'This one's called the blitzkrieg bop! Take it Dee Dee!" Dee Dee counts "1234!" They sounded amazing live, so much energy, and they played so fast. From the moment he got on stage I could not take my eyes off of Joey, I know I've said this before but damn, he was hot! The Ramones got ready for the next song Joey said a few words to the crowd, though he was looking right at me, "This next song is dedicated to all you love birds out there". They played I wanna be your boyfriend. Our eyes were locked for the entire song (as short it was, since this was the Ramones). I couldn't help but think and hope, that he was singing to me. I tapped Marie on the shoulder to take her attention off of Dee Dee for at least one second and whisper "Oh my god! Do you see that? Is he actually singing to Me? I think I'm gonna faint". "I think you're right, looks like he is singing to you. Now please keep your cool, you got him now, and maybe you'll meet him after the show if things keep going this well. By the way, did I mention keep your cool?" Getting ready to take a break, Joey says "Were gonna take a short break, then we'll be back to rock your world". Before leaving Joey leaned over towards me "what's your name?" he asked. I would have answered sooner, if only I knew the answer. Yes at that moment, when the most gorgeous and talented lead singer of any band that I had spent countless nights dreaming and fantasizing about had actually spoke to me, I forgot my own name. I eventually snapped out of it and with still a certain amount of uncertainty answered 'Umm...Suzy." As I stared into his amazing brown eyes, which I could barely see through his signature rose color shades he says "Meet me backstage, I'll them your name". "Thanks" I reply as he walks away. I had personally never experienced that much happiness, I mean Joey Ramone(the most perfect, hot and dreamy man ever) just invited me to meet him backstage!

The entire show had been completely awesome from start to finish. I was almost disappointed to see it come to a close, I would have absolutely loved to see the Ramones play just one more song like chainsaw...Or maybe even Suzy is a headbanger, since that just happens to be my name. I'm not quite dumb enough to forget that Joey had invited me backstage, and that's just a little cooler then seeing the Ramones perform a song that had my name in it...Just a little cooler.

Marie and I arrive at the entrance to the backstage area. Suddenly, one of the band's crew members
approaches us "Are you Suzy?" he asks me "Yeah" I reply half anxiously and half in disbelief. "Well Joey says you two can come backstage" the crew member says while opening the door for us.

The scene backstage was just as you'd expect it to be for a band like the Ramones. Johnny was sitting in a chair listening to a baseball game on the radio. Marky was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room drinking whiskey from a bottle. Dee Dee was passed out on the couch. Joey came over to greet Marie and I "Hey, how ya doin'? Is this your friend?". "Yes, this is my friend Marie". Marie looks up at Joey "Hi, great show tonight". Johnny walks over to me almost as if he was trying to embarrass Joey, he says to me "So, I take it you're the reason Joey messed up tonight.You sing the love songs to the whole crowd Joey, not just one girl! Can't you save the fucking flirting for after the show?!" "He messed up? I didn't notice, he looked so perfect on stage" I say, looking back at Joey and smiling". "Hey Suzy, do you wanna come with me to my room?" This entire evening had now officially just become completely surreal. I mean sure him singing I wanna be your boyfriend to me, and coming backstage was all believable. Those were things that could be due to just having a "lucky day" or whatever. But Joey Ramone actually asking me to come to his room...Now that's something that literally only happens in my dreams. I will admit I was in need of some sort of sign that this was indeed reality, and I got it. "No she won't go with you Joey! You take her to your room, then you'll wanna take her on tour with us"! It was clear that Joey had put up with enough of Johnny's
controlling behavior. Shut the fuck up John! Let her answer for herself" Joey yells back". I turn to Marie, and attempt to ask her opinion on the subject, but before I can get the words out she says to me "Are you seriously about to ask me if you should go with him?I mean seriously,do you wanna get laid? Shocked by what I just heard, but not too shocked (this is practically mild for Marie) I say "Oh my god! Please do not shout that in front
the Ramones! I hope Joey didn't hear you".

Joey and I were now in his hotel room. He was sitting on the edge of his queen sized bed, patting the mattress saying "Why don't ya come and sit down?" I look around the room still thinking this had to be a dream, this whole situation was far too surreal. Believe it or not though this was indeed reality, I thought to myself happily I walk over to Joey and sit down next to him. "So, really awesome show tonight, you guys rocked" I say to him smiling (I couldn't help but smile every time I saw his face or heard him sing).

"Well ya know, I always try to do my best when there's a pretty girl like you in the audience". I begin to blush and can feel my cheeks turning bright red. "Thanks" I reply looking at the ground so he doesn't notice me blushing.

Suddenly, there's a loud noise. Dee Dee had entered the room, making a racket as he did so. "Seriously Dee Dee, can't ya see I'm a little busy here" Joey says, looking and sounding quite annoyed. Dee Dee is grabbing his head seeming to be in pain and says "I'm really sorry, but do any of you have any aspirin? My head is killing me." "No, go ask Monte, and try knocking next time". Dee Dee leaves the room making almost as much noise as when he entered.

Joey takes off his signature rose colored glasses (he has amazing eyes) looks me in the eyes and takes my hand. "You don't have a boyfriend do you?" "No" I reply "are you seeing anyone?" "No, I was seeing someone but it kinda ended badly. She left me for my guitarist." "Oh my god, that's horrible" I say. Before I can say anything else though, I notice his hand on my cheek, he gently turns my face towards his. He kisses me, first on the forehead, both cheeks, my chin, my neck, then finally our lips meet. I notice how soft and his lips are as he kisses me passionately yet gently at the same time.

I awake the next morning unfamiliar with my surroundings. I hear the shower being turned off in the bathroom. I start to gain some memory of where I am, and notice I'm in a hotel room. I remember having a dream that I saw the Ramones play live and somehow ended up in Joey Ramone's hotel room where we made love. Suddenly out of the bathroom walks Joey Ramone himself wearing nothing but a towel.


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 10/19/2012, 10:27 pm

If anyone has read this I'd appreciate your feedback very much. Thanks Smile


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 10/20/2012, 8:49 pm

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter two

I watch Joey as he finishes dressing. As he buttons his ripped jeans and throws on a black t shirt that has "the Who" written in white bold letters (they were one of all time favorite bands). He walked over to me and in his beautiful brown eyes I could see concern and a bit of sadness9he did'nt have his rose colored sun glasses on yet). It seemed as if he wanted to tell me something but yet he didn't want to, or couldn't figure out how to put the words together.
Joey bends down and grabs my hand gently pulling me up from the bed so I'm standing in front of him. I haven't gotten dressed yet, so I hold the sheet near my chest so it doesnt slip. Joey opens his moth Knowing he's about tell me something I hold my breath thinking "Oh great! he's gonna tell me 'This was great for a ya know, but you should probably call a cab to take you home. Nice meeting ya'. He probably considers this nothing more than a great one night stand". "How ya doin' babe? Last night was great, and I'm not just talking about the sex, though that was amazing too. The whole night and the whole time we spent together felt really special as corny as that sounds. In fact you're special Suzy, at least to me anyway." I was almost completely shocked by what I had just heard. I was completely wrong, though I have always been somewhat of a pessimist. I was sincerely over joyed to be wrong about this of course. Joey was being so sweet about all of this, and I genuinely believed what he he had said. The feeling was totally mutual also. I knew he was special, in fact the whole world knew he has specially. He was extremely gifted singer, and the front man for in my opinion, the greatest band ever, the Ramones. Smiling at Joey, I say "It was amazing last night, and it really meant something, and you made me feel really special in every way that I've always wanted to." I could tell he meant what was he saying, but it seemed like he might've thought that I only wanted to be with him because he was Joey Ramone which wasn't true at all. Despite the fact that we had really just met less than a full day before I felt like I really knew him. "Joey, I'm sure you've heard this from plenty of faceless girls and groupies, but I love you. Even before we met I loved you. I know that you weren't always Joey Ramone, and I would love you even if you still were Jeffry Hyman, and worked as a painter or whatever. I'd still love you and everything about you."

Joey looks at me and says with a smile on his face and sincerity in his voice "I love you too". He grabs my other hand as I grab back, my sheet drops. He's now holding both of my hands. He leans in to kiss me, our lips meet.It feels almost as magical as our first kiss. Actually, when I think about it it's better this time because I no longer feel so nervous around him. Being with him just feels right, it completes me. We kiss passionately barely pulling away for a breath of air. He's an amazing kisser, passionate and gentle and uses just the right amount of tongue not too much but definitely enough. We stop kissing and he lets go of my hands and places his on my shoulders. He gives me one more short yet tender kiss on the lips, he then playfully tosses me onto the bed. Were laying down side by side on the bed, me on my back with my head turned towards him, and him on his side resting his chin on his hand. He leans closer to me and whispers "I love you", as I reply back also in a whisper "I love you too" he begins softly and slowly kissing my neck. He then gets on top of me and is kissing me again on the lips. I feel eternal bliss and am in a complete state of ecstasy as he kisses me, it's sensual, yet still so loving and gentle. He stops kissing me sits up and scoots himself towards the edge of the bed. He begins undressing, first un buttoning his jeans and removing them and then takes off his shirt. He scoots back to the center of the bed after pushing his clothing which he has just removed onto the floor. He crawls towards me, and gets back on top of me . I look into his eyes put my hand on the back of his neck and pull him down towards me. We begin kissing again. He penetrates me, he goes in and out slowly, at first still kissing me on the lips, but then our lips part and he kisses my neck and shoulders as we continue to make love. Joey and I make love for what I'm sure must have been a little longer than an hour until we both climax.

I'm outside of the hotel with Joey, weere walking hand in hand to the Ramones' van which is waiting for them, all the other band members are already inside except Joey who they are waiting for. As we come closer to the van, I see Johnny roll down his window, he yells "What's the hold up?! Come on Joey!" Joey tells me "Don't mind John. He's such an asshole. This isn't goodbye, Suzy. I'll be back as soon as the tour is over, that'll be in two months." I stare into Joey's eyes which I can again barely see through his rose colored shades, he stares into mine, and we share one last kiss. Joey then gets into the van with the rest of the Ramones, and they drive away. The love of my life is gone for two whole months. I wipe tears from my eyes, and turn around to see my friend Marie. I had called her before leaving the hotel and asked her for a ride home. Marie comes up to me and gives mea hug. "I've been here for a while. I wanted to give you two your privacy in your last moment together. Johnny sure is an asshole isn't he? He would let you have a peaceful last moment with Joey." Still wiping tears from my eyes I reply to Marie "Well, it wasn't actually our last moment. He'll be back from tour in two months."


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 10/21/2012, 2:58 pm

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Three

Marie and I were walking over to her car, I had finally stopped crying. Marie is searching for her car keys in her purse. Finally pulling the car keys out of her purse, she says to me "So, he says he'll be back in two months? What does that mean for now?" I look at Marie and say "I wait for him What can else I do?" Marie looks at me smiling and says "This is sure a pleasant surprise. Sounds like you two are a couple now." "Yeah, we are " I happily reply, with a smile of my own. We get into Marie's car and she drives me to my house.

I am now back in my own bedroom with Marie, staring at posters of the Ramones(which my walls are covered with), that only makes this whole having to wait even more depressing. As I look all around my own room, I see his face everywhere It hadn't even been a full day since he left, but I already missed Joey so much. "Now you can brag about all these posters" Marie says with a friendly laugh. "Sooo, I'm dying to know, what's he like in bed Suzy? Gentle? Rough? Oh! Come on, you can tell ol' Marie, I've always heard rock stars were freaks in bed. Is it true? I hope Dee Dee isn't, but only his wife would know if he is or isn't." I finally decided to answer Marie, because I knew I would eventually, she'd make sure of that. "Well, the whole time with him was amazing. He was so sweet about everything. So, if you must know he's a very gentle and romantic lover. That's as much detail as you're gonna get" I giggled. Marie rhen says "You'll never guess who I talked to the other day." "Who"? I replied pretending to be interested, though the only person I really wanted to hear from or about was Joey. "Your ex" Marie says. "Mike?" I ask. "Yeah, the bastard wants you back." Marie says. "So, you think he's finally out grown his bad boy image, and wants you back for keeps maybe"? I roll my eyes and say "I really don't care. I'm sooo over that jerk". Marie reassuringly says "I told him that, but he doesn't wanna believe anything I say. He's coming over to see you tomorrow. Should I get out the baseball bat?" I laugh and say"Will you at least be here tomorrow when he comes? You know he doesn't take no for an answer." "Oh, I'll be there, and I'll hold my ground too. I got your back girl" Marie answers.

The phone is ringing, I look at Marie and say "God, I hope that's not Mike. She reaches over grabs my cordless phone which is on the bed with us and answers. "Here" Marie says handing me the phone smiling. After hearing the voice on the other end, which I recognize immediately I reply "Joey?!"


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 10/26/2012, 9:33 pm

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Four

I'm smiling the whole time as I hold the phone to my ear, listening to Joey's sweet voice as he says "It's been a long nine hours since I last saw you. We just passed Arizona. I dont know how I'm gonna survive two months without you. I'll try to call you every day though, so we can talk. We can at least have that." "It's great to hear your voice! I miss you. I know you haven't been gone that long, but I really do miss you. That's totally cool if you call every day too." "Well I gotta go Suzy. I'll try and call you tomorrow. Love you." "I love you too. Bye" I reply, then hang up the phone. "Aww" I hear Marie say. I look back at her and say "Oh shut up!" with a laugh. "So" Marie says "did he mention anything about the other guys?" I answer Marie, "No, why do you ask?" "Just curious. I've been hearing stories." Marie replies. "Oh yeah?" I say giving Marie an inquisitive look, "What type of stories"?" I heard that Johnny stole Joey's girlfriend" Marie says. I give a sigh of relief and say "Oh I know all about that. Though I do believe you mean EX girlfriend. Johnny stole his ex girlfriend away, obviously not his current one." To make this whole conversation more entertaining or dramatic or whatever her intentions were Marie added "I sure hope he doesnt still have feelings for her, especially if he's the one that got dumped. What are you gonna do if she wants him back Suzy?" I look at Marie, whom I'm trying to remember at this moment is my best friend. I'm trying to remember this, because I have no clue why she would ask me these sorts of questions or bring this up at all, was this her idea of fun. Making me think my boyfriend still had feelings for his ex?! "Well, umm why do you think he would want her back? Seriously?" Marie answers "I don't know, maybe because she was stolen from him." I suddenly begin to feel a bit defensive "So what?!" I exclaim. "He's clearly over her, or he wouldn't be with me! Don't you think?" "Aren't you a little curious?" Marie asks. "No, I'm not " I reply trying to calm myself down. Marie says in a calming and sincere tone, which made me feel kinda bad for yelling at her "I just think you should be careful, and be prepared in case his ex does come back."

It is the next day and the moment I had been dreading had finally arrived. I walk to the front door because I heard a knock, even though I know who it is and don't want to answer it, I do anyway. "Hi Suzy!" Mike says as I open the door. "Don't I get a hug? What's wrong with you tonight babe?' Marie is standing right behind me of course since she promised she'd be here and kindly answers for me "Isn't it obvious, YOU'RE here, that's whats wrong." Mike says in his usual cocky and arrogant tone of voice "I'm not going to fight with you right now Marie. I just want my baby back." I almost vomit hearing him say those words,I can't believe I ever dated that creep. "I love you Suzy. I've dated a lot of girls, but none of them even come close to you." Marie quickly answers Mike which is fine with me because I don't even wanna see him, hear his voice or let alone speak to him. "Give it up Mike. She has a new man now, Didn't I tell you that yesterday? And trust me, you could never even compare yourself to him." Mike replies "Is this true Suzy? Are you dating Joey Ramone, like Marie says?" I let out a sigh out of annoyance and answer Mike "Yes, I am.. Not that it's any of your business. Now can you please go home, I'm expecting a call from him soon." Mike says "No, I wont leave because I don't believe either of you two bitches How can you be with Joey, he lives in New york, plus he's on tour most of the time. You know it'll never work out. You're both crazy!" Marie yells at Mike " Dude get the fuck out of here or I'm calling the cops. This is harassment now." "Go ahead and call the cops Marie! Suzy, Joey clearly isn't here, but I am, I'm here for you babe." Mike then puts both of his hands on my cheeks and turns my face towards his, attempting to force me to look him in the eyes. "You've just crossed the line dude, you put your hands on her, now I'm really calling the fucking cops." Just as Marie is about to carry out her threat of calling the cops on Mike the phone rings. "Hello?! Oh hi, I'm sorry there's just a situation here, this is Marie Suzy's friend, yeah we met backstage, she's ok I'll get her.
Suzy, It's Joey
Mike please leave now! "Ok I'm leaving now" Mike says finally walking out the door. "But this isn't over yet, and fuck you Marie!" I finally pick up the phone to talk to Joey. "What's going on over there?" Joey asks. I could understand why he forgot to say hello with everything I'm sure he could hear that was going on at my house due to my obnoxious ex boyfriend. "Are you ok Suzy?" Joey asks anxiously. "Yeah, yeah I'm fine I think. My ex was over and was making a huge scene." "I really wish I could be there for you right now babe. I feel totally helpless." Hearing his voice calms me, and soothes my nerves which were all over the place due to Mike, that dick! "Yeah, I wish you were here too. Honestly just hearing your voice is making me feel a lot better though." "It's ten at night here, and everyone except John of course is out partying. I just wanna talk to you all night though."That was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard, Joey had such a way with words. "I wish there was some way I could be with you." "I'm sorry babe, but I have to foloow the stupid rules. No wives or girlfriends on the tour bus. I'd like to go and get and get you from that asshole I heard your friend yelling at." "It's ok, I can handle myself. Marie and I will be fine, so don't worry about me Joey. You just concentrate on the tour and I'll be here waiting for you." Joey says "I know, I just wanna be with you so much right now, ya know?"

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Five

Marie and I are in my room. I'm on one bed and Marie is on the other(my room has two single beds, mainly due to her spending the night all the time). Marie says, interrupting from my day dreaming about Joey's return as she does so "I hate Mike. I never thought he was right for you, you know? He was acting really strange last time we saw him too. You think he's on drugs?" "No." I reply "I just think he's an ass". "Asshole is more like it, you know that's Joey's favorite cuss word. Speaking of Joey, what did he say when you were on the phone with him?" "Well all he could really say is how much he wanted me." I say smiling at Marie. "And do you have any clue what that really means?" I sarcastically reply "Nooo, please enlighten me." "He's horny for you" Marie answers. "Can you imagine Joey Ramone abstaining from sex, just so he could stay true to you? What should he do? I mean seriously, poor dude. Two whole months of abstinence. "I dont know Marie." You are sooo naive Suzy. Joey's going to have to how should I put this? Touch himself. Do you understand now, Miss Goody Two Shoes?" I roll my eyes and say"Of course you have to think of that don't you Marie? You should probably get some sleep now, before even more sickening things come out of your mouth." Marie laughs and says "All right goodnight Suzy, i know you'll be dreaming of Joey, and I'll try to dream about Dee Dee and hope Vera doesn't show up and kill me in the dream."

I reach over to my night stand, which is beside my bed, I turn off the lampshade which is on the night stand. I close my eyes and fall asleep, and begin to dream.

I'm alone and sitting on the grass by a lake, at a location unbeknownst to myself. Suddenly, I see a very tall man with longish dark brown(almost black) hair walk up behind me. I turn around, it's Joey! "Hey beautiful, what's the matter? You look bored." Joey says to me. I jump to my feet and hug Joey. He lifts up with ease, and spins me around. He then sets me back down on the ground. We share a long passionate kiss, that I hope will never end. Joey takes his hand and brushes my hair behind my ear, and then softly strokes my cheek. "I needed to see you really bad, so I left the tour." he says with a laugh. I reply in a concerned tone "What do you mean left? Left for good, or what?" Joey answers "I wanna marry you. How does that sound?" I reply with pure delight and excitement and am nearly speechless "Oh Joey!" "And dont worry babe" Joey assures me "It's not like they can fire me or anything." We share yet another kiss, this one much longer than the first. After our lips part and we pull away I open my eyes and it's no longer Joey standing before me...It's Johnny. "You are sooo beautiful." Johnny says, "Not to mention a good kisser." "Nooo!" I scream.

"What's wrong?!" Marie asks, waking me up from my dream or rather my nightmare. "Calm down" she tells me "You were dreaming." Annoyed, Marie says "I was having the best dream. Dee Dee was just about to kiss me. But, you had to scream and wake me up!"

Marie, and I are now in my dining room sitting at the dining room table, eating breakfast. 'So would you mind telling me about that nightmare you had last night?" Marie asks. Still in shock from the nightmare I had the previous night, and also still trying to analyze it in my head I reply "Johnny was there..." "You were dreaming of Johnny?" Marie asks "What was he doing exactly?" I hesitate before answering, as I'm disappointed in myself for having the dream in the first place and am feeling a bit of guilt. I finally answer "Umm.. he was kissing me actually." "What?!" Marie laughs. "I'm sorry for laughing, but you and Johnny making out? That IS a nightmare!" "Stop it Marie. I already feel guilty enough as it is. I have no clue why I would even have that kind of dream about him." Marie apologizes "Ok, I'm sorry. It's probably my fault for mentioning that Johny stole Joey's girlfriend." I give Marie a slightly irritated look and mumble "Ex girlfriend." "Fine. Ex girlfriend. Fair warning though, if I ever I ever hear you scream Dee Dee's name while you're dreaming I'm going to rip all your hair out." Marie tells me, as if I was even remotely interested in Dee Dee in that way. "Trust me. You have nothing to worry about there." I tell Marie.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Six

It was the next day, and Marie and I were getting ready to go the mall. As usual Marie felt the need to critique my choice of clothing "You're not honestly wearing THAT are you Suzy? I know you're 'taken' or whatever, but that doesn't mean you can't still turn a few heads." I wasn't completely surprised by this though. "Yes I am there's nothing wrong with this shirt." I reply with a smile looking at my Ramones logo t shirt, and then put it on. "After all, this is the shirt I was wearing when I met Joey". "Fine then ." Marie says "All the guys will be looking at me then. She laughs.

Were now at the mall. Marie says to me as we walk past all the different clothing, music and all sorts of shops "I really need a new pair of jeans. I'm not sure if I have quite enough money though. Speaking of money, how mch have you got saved up all together?" I reply quickly with "Forget it Marie, I can't afford to lend you any of my hard earned money right now. Sorry." "No it's not that." Marie says. "It's just that last night I was thinking maybe we could go to New york. You know we still have nine weeks of vacation left. So how about it Suzy? During the school year we work hard and study and try to save money for our summer vacation. We've already wasted one whole week doing nothing except seeing a Ramones show. We need a real vacation." I look at Marie and say "Wait, I thought you didn't have any money." Marie answers "I don't have any money to spare unless it's for a good vacation. I did save some money for that." "What would we do in New york anyway? The Ramones are on tour still, so we won't get to see them." While I'm still thinking about Marie's proposal to go to new york she continues her pitch "The tour ends in like seven weeks right? That gives us two weeks, at the least one to be in New york. Maybe Joey will let us stay in his apartment. I'll sleep on the couch." "But Joey's coming to California after the tour to be with me." Msrie says "Yeah, I know that. But, don't you want to see New york? We've never even left California once. This could be a great adventure, and maybe Joey will give us a tour." I finally give in and say "Ok, lets do it! Let's go to New york" with a big smile.

. Just then, Marie and I notice Mike walking over to us. I was in a great mood, thikning about going to new york and just having a great time with my friend, not anymore though. Marie sighs "Shit, of all the places he could be, he has to be here!" Mike then has the nerve to start speaking to me after all the bullshit he put Marie and I through last night. "Hi Suzy, I wanted to apologize for last night. I see Marie is dressed like a slut as usual." Defending my friend I say "Hey leave her alone!" "Fuck you Mike and shut up!" Marie says. Mike then grabs my hand and pulls me aside. "You and I seriously need to talk." he says. I jerk away from Mike, and ask with a great deal of annoyance and also anger but still quietly since we are in public "What the hell do want do you want?! And don't ever put your hands on me again!" Mike rolls his eyes and sighs "You can never truly have a serious relationship with Joey. He's got lots of beautiful groupies, he'll forget about you in a second. You have to know that." He gets louder and is almost shouting "Wake up and face reality Suzy!" Marie walks over to Mike and I saying "Mike you're being way too loud. I'm about to call for help here in a minute if you don't calm the hell down!" Mike calmed down a bit. "Ok, whatever. I'm sorry. You and I should really try and start over babe. Give us another chance. Besides Joey is like thirty years old, you're only nineteen." I walk away from Mike, as I walk I look back at him and say "Back off asshole, I'm not getting back with you and leave Joey out of this." Of course this asshole wouldn't let me walk away that easily though "Suzy wait. Don't turn your back on me please. My friends are with me and they cant see that happen to me." Marie looks at Mike and asks "Your friends are with you? What exactly were you planning?" "Nothing. You paranoid bitch." Mike replies. One of Mike's friends comes running towards Marie and I, and pushes Marie against a poll. Marie starts hitting Mike with her purse(for some reason that is her only form of defense). "You fucking dick!" Marie yells at Mike. Two more of Mike's friends run towards us. A security guard hurries over to break up the fight. "Are you ok Miss?" the security guard asks Marie. "I'm ok". Marie answers. "Take these guys away though, please." Marie tells the security guard. "Of course," The security takes Mike and three of his friends away as Marie asked.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Seven

Marie and I are now back at my house in the kitchen. I walk to the refrigerator,and pull an ice pack out of the freezer. Marie asks me "Why does it feel like I just got beat up?" I reply "Because you did, and it looks like you have a black eye forming. Now put this on your eye." I hand Marie the ice pack and she puts it on her eye. "You can call me paranoid or whatever, but I think Mike had this all planned out. Him and his fucking asshole friends probably followed us to the mall. I hope they all get thrown in jail. Fucking assholes." I look at Marie and shake my head in disbelief "I'm not gonna say your paranoid, because you already said it. You are kinda making this out to be some sort of conspiracy though. I hope they serve some jail time too, they definitely deserve it. I'm really sorry this happened to you though."

The phone rings. I rush over and answer the phone which is on the counter next to the refrigerator. I'm over joyed when I hear Joey's voice on the other line.
"Hi Joey!" I say excitedly. "Hey Suzy!" Joey replies sounding as happy to hear from me as I was to hear from him. "I love hearing your voice." He tells me. "Aww thanks!" I say "Hows the tour going?" "Where are you right now ?" I ask Joey "I can barely hear you"." I'm in a phone booth right now. In Cleveland." I can hear a lot girls in the background screaming "I love you Joey!" "I can't wait until this tour is over, so I can finally see you again babe. I miss you." He tells me " I miss you too." I reply smiling. "I wanna kiss you all over, and look into your beautiful brown eyes and caress your long silky hair. I can't stop thinking about the night we spent together. It drives me crazy , it's all I can think about. Especially when I go to bed every night. I hope I'm not offending by saying all of this. It's just I want you so badly right now. And hearing you're voice is just making me ache all over." "Well, do you think there's anything I could do to ease the pain?" I ask. Joey replies "Tell me how much you love me, and that you want me as much as I want you." I turned to Marie and gave her a look, and she knew exactly what that meant. She whispered "Good night". Then she left the kitchen and went up the stairs and went to the bedroom to go to sleep. "Oh Joey, you should already know how much I love you, and you can't imagine how badly I want you right now. Every night when I go to bed I wish your body was next to mine." Joey tells me "I have been in love before, but I've never felt like this about anyone else before." This was definitely the most intense conversation I had ever had over the phone before. So intense in fact, I found myself at a loss for words. Don't get me wrong, I meant everything I had said to Joey about wanting to be with him. In honesty though, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable about having this sort of conversation over the phone. In actuality it felt like I was torturing myself to talk about it at all, talking about it just made me want him and miss him more. There was still seven weeks until the tour was over, that's a long time. "I'm really sorry Joey I gotta go." I say. "Why?" he asks, sounding confused. Why? of course he would have to ask me that. I quickly think of a lie(I'm a terrible liar) "Umm...Marie just told me she needs to use the phone." I can hear disappointment in Joey's voice as he says "Oh ok then. I love you. Bye." "I love you too." I reply and then hang up the phone.

Marie walks back into the kitchen. "I'm just here to get some more ice, I just looked in the mirror and my eye is totally purple now. What happened by the way, your phone calls with Joey aren't usually that short. You look kinda pale, did you two have your first fight?" Still thinking about the intensity of the conversation I just had with Joey I'm glad that Marie has asked me about my love life for once. "I dont know how to handle this sort of situation without sounding like a total dork. This is totally new to me." Marie asks "What's new to you? The whole long distance relationship thing? He's still calling every day, so I'm sure you can handle it." I answer Marie "No umm...he started talking about sex." I feel my cheeks turn red as I begin to blush. "Oh, he started getting frisky." Marie says. "Sounds fun. Next time you two talk and the conversation heads in that direction again, just tell him what you're feeling." Now I begin to regret ending the phone conversation with Joey short. I heard all those girls in the background screaming "I love you Joey!" and to be honest it did make me nervous. What reason would Joey Ramone have to stay faithfuil to me, we havent even been dating that long, and he can obviously have any girl he wants. "I'm kinda starting to think I might lose him or he's probably gonna cheat on me while he's on tour." I tell Marie in a worried and sad tone. "And what if he did, would you forgive him?" "I dont know." I reply "I was stupid to think this relationship could really work, wasn't I Marie?" "No, it wasn't stupid. A guy like Joey comes along once in a lifetime.Hold on to him. Plus, if you ask me, it seems like he's crazy about you." Marie answers.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Eight

One month had passed since Joey and I had oficially become a couple. Oh how I wished I could actually really be with him on our one month anniversary instead of settling for a phone call. Marie and I had just finished having breakfast, when suddenly I heard a knock at the front door. I leave my kitchen and go to the front door. "Who is it?" I ask. "It's Becky!" the voice on the other side of the door cheerfully replies. I knew that voice, I dreaded hearing that high pitched nasaly voice. Becky was just one of the many sluts that Mike had cheated on me with when we were dating. To make it worse she was a cheer leader in high school(that's when Mike and I were dating) he knew I hated cheer leaders, at least the ones at my high school anyweay. It totally made sense that he would be with her though, since he was after all a jock and she was a cheer leader They were always so snobby and bitchy and would steal anyone's boyfriend in a heart beat. "What do you want Becky?" I ask, determined not to open the door for this airheaded annoyance. "Like oh my god! Suzy will you just answer the door already?" "Why should I? What do you want?" I ask in a very annoyed tone. "I need to talk to like talk to you." Marie says to me "Let me handle this" and opens the door for Becky. Becky walks in and Marie shuts the door behind her. "So, Suzy are you the reason Mike dumped me again last night?" "No" I reply. "The reason he keeps breaking up with you is because he's an asshole. But honestly, you two totally deserve each other." Becky looks at me and rolls her eyes and replies "Oh gag me with a spoon! Like I really care what you think anyway Suzy. As if!" This bitch was getting on my last nerve, but she still wasn't done talking. "You know, I don't think I've been here before. not that that's a bad thing. Oh you poor thing, you only have a 19 inch TV, my daddy bought me a 25 inch one for my dorm room. I like my TV's big, just like I like my men. Speaking of men. I hear you're like dating Joey Ramone. That's gotta be a total rumor though right?" Marie was seemingly getting even more annoyed by Becky than I was I say this because Marie had answered for me as usual saying "Becky that's really none of your business. Now will you please leave?!" I probably didn't need to answer Becky, I mean Marie was right. What business was it of her's who I was dating? However, since it was true and definitely not a rumor I felt I had a little bit of a right a brag. "Yeah, we''ve been dating for a month now. Why do you ask?" Becky then smiles at me and replies "Because he's like totally hot. I mean who doesn't wanna like sleep with Joey Ramone ?" Marie interrupts Becky's rambling with "You'll sleep with anyone won't you Becky?" Becky then flips her blonde with her hand walks closer to Marie and warns "You know I would like totally like shut up if I were you." "Whatever" Marie replies. "Anyway you're like totally like not his type. He might be into you at first since you're blonde and have totally slept with half of California, but he'd lose interest when he found out your parents are porn stars" Marie says with a slight smile. Becky replies to Marie "Hey, they're not porn stars, they're adult film producers and directors or like whatever. Anyway they bought me a totally bitchin' BMW for my birthday. What do you two bitches drive? Oh yeah, that totally gross ford. I'm gonna leave now, but before I do Suzy, I just wanna tell you to like stay the hell away from Mike. Anyway, I'm gonna go to the mall and buy some totally cute new mini skirts. Oh yeah, and shoes! Lot's of shoes!" With that Becky finally left and slammed the door on her way out. I gave of a sigh of relief as she did so. Marie immitates Becky "Like oh my god! What a bitch! How can anyone stand her? Oh yeah, she's got lots of money or her parents do anyway. Spoliled little rich bitch."

The phone rings I rush to answer it. I answer the phone and to my delight it's Joey. "Hi babe. I have some news for you" Joey says. I reply "What's wrong Joey? You don't sound too happy?" "Well" he says "Marky's been fired. He was pretty much drunk all of the time and we missed some really important shows because of him. So kicking him out was something we all agreed on. We don't really have a replacement for him right now either, so we're ending the tour early. So I guess it's really kind of good news in a way. That just means I finally get to see you again." Not quite sure how to respond I say "Well, I'm definitely sorry to hear abiut Marky, but I can't wait to see you again." Suddenly Out of nowhere Mike dashes over and grabs the phone from my hand, I'm guessing he was with Becky waiting out in the car while Becky was here talking with Marie and I. "Give that back you asshole!" I yell. Mike looks at me and asks "So who are you talking to anyway? Joey?" I reply angrily "Yes now give me the damn phone!" Mike just had to make this worse though and begins talking to Joey "Suzy is my girlfriend. She's cheating on me with you you know?" Mike then looks at me with an idiotic and evil smile on his face still on the phone with Joey of course too and says "Put your clothes back on babe!" "You son of a bitch!" I yell at Mike. Marie who was in the other room after hearing Mike runs and tackles him from behind. "Suzy hurry up and grab the phone while you can!" she urges me. I grab the phone. To make this day even better Becky walks in! I totally thought that bitch had left damn it. "Umm Marie?! Like what are you doing to my boyfriend?!" she asks. Giving him the Heimlich maneuver . What does it look like dumb ass?" Marie politely replies. Becky asks "So I heard someone say that's Joey Ramone on the phone. Is that like true, you gotta let me talk to him pleeease!" Marie tells Becky "Go sit in the other room please, either that or leave." "Sorry about all of that Joey, and don't listen to Mike he's a total asshole." Joey replies "Yeah, he sounds like it. Maybe I should come over there and kick his ass myself." I look over and notice Marie is still on top of Mike. "Get off of me you fat ass!" Mike yells at Marie. OK, now it's time for you two to leave!" Marie yells at Mike and Becky. They leave and I am finally able to to talk to Joey. "So, Marie and I were thinking of spending our last couple of weeks of vacation in New york." I tell Joey excitedly. "No. I'll come to California. That way I can kick that Mike guy's ass. Well, anyway babe I gotta go Love you and I cant wait to see you". "I love you too" I reply and then hand up the phone.

It's been a few hours since all the drama that went on earlier in fact it's late now. It's around ten at night. I had gone to sleep earlier dude to boredom and the stress of everything that went on earlier. Suddenly I hear a knock at the front door which wakes me up. I get up and out of bed and make my way out of my bed room, down stairs and eventually to the front door. I open the door and it's Joey!

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Nine

I can barely describe the feeling I had when I opened my front door and saw Joey standing there after not seeing him for nearly two months. I felt excited, nervous, anxious, relieved but the main thing I felt was love. I know it sounds corny but it's the truth. I had never felt this way about anyone before. I know I'd only really spent one night with Joey but it was honestly the most amazing night or day that I had ever spent with anyone. Opening the door and seeing Joey after being away from him from nearly two months brought back all the feelings I had on that one amazing night we had spent together. Joey lifts me up and while softly kissing my lips he carries me up to my and Marie's bedroom. Marie is standing in the hallway upstairs, she has a totally star struck look on her face, as if she had forgotten I was dating Joey Ramone and wondering why he was in our house. Setting me back on the ground, Joey looks at Marie nods and says "Hey, how ya doin'?" Finally remembering Joey was my boyfriend though still star struck Marie replies "Oh hi Joey. You two can totally take the bed room I'll sleep on the couch. Oh, and don't worry I have my walkman, so I shouldnt hear a thing. By the way she would NOT stop talking about you the whole time you were on tour" I glare at Marie and say "Shut up!" Marie then heads down stairs.

Joey and I walk into my bedroom, when we're both in I close and lock the door. After all we don't need any distractions or disturbances. Joey walks over to my bed and sits down, I sit down next to him. He takes off hs rose colored sun glasses and sets them down on the night stand. I say to Joey "I missed you so much. You're all I could think about." Joey smiles and says "I missed you too babe." He leans closer towards me and we kiss passionately. I'm nervous because I havent seen him for so long, but this all just feels so right, and I feel complete again. My nervousness begins to fade away. We had been making out seemigly forever. Joey finally pulls away from me to catch a breath of air, our lips part. He strokes my cheek and says in a soft tone "I love you." I reply with a smile "I love you too Joey." He then undresses first removing his shoes, leather jacket, his shirt, then eventually his ripped blue jeans and underwear. As I watch Joey undress I'm reminded of the scene in the music video for "It's not my place(in the 9 to 5 world)" You remember the end of the video where Joey throws down the suit case and it looks like he's about to take it all off, but just takes off one shirt to reveal another shirt(what a tease right?). I lay my self down on my bed resting my head against my pillow. Joey gets back on the bed and crawls towards me. He gives me a quick kiss on the lips, then begins to undress me. I lift my arms up to help him pull my shirt over my head, he gets the shirt off of me and tosses it on the ground. He then quickly un hooks my bra, removes it and tosses it on the ground with my shirt. He then unbuttons my jeans and removes them, and my panties tossing them both onto the floor with my shirt and my bra. Joey looks at me and says "Have I ever told you that you have a beautiful body?" I feel my cheeks turning bright red. I smile shyly and say quietly "Thanks". That awfull nervous feeling is back again, I know I shouldn't be nervous it's not like we havent seen each other naked before. I've just always been a very shy person. He puts his head between my legs and begins pleasuring me I stroke his long dark brown hair as he does so. The feeling is so intense I begin pull his hair as he pleasures me, I begin to think that I may be pulling too hard so I remove my hands from his head and place them on his back. Joey finishes giving me oral pleasure, and I assume it's only fair that I return the favor. I begin by kissing Joey's nipples, then his belly button, I slowly make my way to him.I hold it in my hand and begin to kiss and lick the the tip. I coninue to give Joey oral pleasure, he moans with pure delight as I do so. When I finish, Joey gets on top of me and says "I love you Suzy" he gazes into my eyes and I gaze lovingly into his as he says this. "I love you too" I reply. He penetrates me, he feels amazing inside me I too now begin to moan with pleasure. Joey makes love to me, continuing kissing my neck as he does so. I am in a complete state of ecstacy as he slowly goes in and out. Joey continues making love to me and ultimately gives me the best orgasm I had ever received.


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I wanna be your boyfriend

Chapter Ten

I wake up the next morning, Joey is laying in bed next to me still asleep. I quietly get up so I dont wake him. I get dressed still trying to be quiet as possible.
After dressing I make my way down stairs and into the kitchen, Marie is there and she has just finished making waffles. I looked at the clock and noticed it was already ten. I was usually up to and ready to have breakfast by nine. Marie says to me "Finally you wake up! That must've been some night you and Joey had huh? I swear I tried not to listen, but I could totally hear Joey moaning. He sounded so sexy." "Will you shut up? He's gonna hear you!" I reply. Just a few moments after I I had told Marie to shut up, Joey entered the kitchen. He walks over to me and says "Good morning beautiful" I smile at him and say "Good morning to you too". Joey walks closer towards me until he is standing in front of me. He takes his hand and bruses my hair behind my ear, he then kisses me, first on the cheek, then a much longer and passionate tender kiss on the lips. As we continue to embrace one another, Marie interupts us by saying to Joey in a flirty tone "Good morning Joey! Hope you slept well. I made waffles and I read somewhere that you like your coffee black. So here's a cup of strong black coffee, just like you like" she hands a Joey a coffee mug full of coffee. I give Marie a quick but angry look. Every girl and or woman knows that another girl or woman's boyfriend is off limits. This applies even more so if it's your best friends boyfriend. I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it, but I had certainly never flirted with any of the guys she had dated. Joey replies to Marie "Thanks. Also I really appreciate you letting us have the bed room last night. I feel bad about making you sleep on the couch though, sorry." "Oh, it was no problem I'm a big fan of yours, so anything you need just ask" Marie says still in an obviously flirtatious tone. I say to Joey "Don't worry about her, I'm sure she was just fine" I then give Marie a quick and slightly angry glare. Noticing Marie had only served Joey a plate of waffles and coffee and had not even bothered to offer me anything at all I say to her "So, aren't you going to bring me a cup of coffee too?" No she qucikly replies "Joey is our guest. You can serve yourself." "Fine with me" I mumble. I walk over to the cabinet open it and reach for my favorite coffee mug, it has Tigger on it, I always thought Tigger was absolutely adorable. With the coffee mug now in my hands I walk over to the coffee pot set down the mug and pick up the pot and pour a myself a hot cup of coffee, I add some creamer and three teaspoons of sugar to my coffee. I take my coffee over to the table place it down and sit down in the dining chair and begin to drink my coffee but not without blowing on it first as it is still quite hot. Joey finishes his breakfast before I finish mine. "I'm gonna go take a quick shower" he tells me and then leaves the kitchen to do just that. Now that Joey has left and I still feel bothered by Marie hitting on him I decide to talk to her about the subject "Weren't you being a little too friendly with him?" I ask Marie. "With who?" Marie replies, answering a question with yet another question. "Oh, don't play dumb. With Joey!" "I have no idea what you're talking about Suzy" contiuning to evade the question. "Fine Marie" I reply. "But you were totally flirting with him. Not cool, he is my boyfriend you know?" Marie rolls her eyes sighs and says "Ok, whatever I just won't talk to him at all then if that's what you want" "I didn't say that, just don't hit on him, I never hit on any of your boyfriends".

Marie looks out the window and says "Oh great, I think I just saw Becky coming to the front door." There's a knock at the front door, Marie goes to the door and opens it but not all the way as she doesn't want to let Becky in and neither do I. "What do you want Becky?" she says in an iannoyed tone. "Please, like I want anything from either of you." Marie then asks "Then what are you doing here?" Becky pushes her way in through the front door, as she does so Joey has just finished his shower and makes his way downstairs. Becky immediately notices Joey "Joey!" she squeals like the overly perky air headed and annoying cheer leader that she is She then run towards him and practically jumps on him. Seriously what was it with all these girls trying to steal my boyfriend today? Becky grabs onto Joey's arm squeezing it tightly. I had totally had enough of this, I went over to Becky and pulled her off of Joey by her hair. "What is wrong with you?" I reply shocked and and angry at the same time. "I'm sure you've heard that we're dating, so would you please get off of my boyfriend?!" Marie walks over to Joey, Becky and myself determined to get Becky the hell out of our house and says "This is Becky. she's a little crazy, extremely annoying and totally about to leave." Becky then corrects Marie saying "Umm no. I'm like so not leaving Anyway, I'm Rebecca Wolfson. My parents like totally own Wolfson productions, I'm sure you've heard of it." Joey replies "Yeah, I think I've seen a few of their movies." I look at Joey a bit confused at first, but then remember he is a man, and what man doesn't watch porn? Joey looks at me with those amazing brown eyes of his and says "I was a lonely man Suzy." Marie then informs Joey that Becky has a boyfriend "Yeah, Becky is Mike's girlfriend. Mike is Suzy's ex boyfriend, just so we're all caught up here by the way." Becky then says "Like no, not anymore I've had enough of him. For some lame reason he like totally like can't get over Suzy." "Whatever Becky" I say "You two totally belong together and you know it." Becky looks at Joey and says something that just makes me want to rip even more of her pretty little blonde hair growing on top of that empty little head of her's out "Joey and I we're meant to be together. So, since you're like here Joey, there's like a movie premiere tonight. You should totally come and of course there's going to be a like totally awesome party afterwards." Joey turns down Becky's invitation, not that I wasn't sure he would "No I can't do it. I have a dinner date with Dee Dee and his wife Vera,. I'm taking Suzy and Marie with me. "Like oh my god! Dee Dee is here? You said the holiday inn right?" Marie glares at Becky and warns "Don't even think about it."

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Eleven

As if it wasn't bad enough to have Becky here when all I wanted was to spend some time with my boyfriend who I hadn't seen in nearly two months, Mike had suddenly come bursting through the front door. Mike walks right over to Becky and says in his usual arrogant rude and of course annoying tone of voice "I knew you'd be here Becky! What kind of shit are you telling my Suzy anyway?" Mike then suddenly turns around and sees Joey standing behind him, as cocky as he is, even Mike is star struck seeing Joey Ramone in person. "Wait, that's Joey Ramone" he says in his usual dumb sounding voice. "That's right" Marie says "That's Joey Ramone in the flesh." Joey taps Mike on the shoulder and asks "Did you just call my girlfriend your girl?" Mike then seemingly got over being star struck and and gained a bit of courage "That's right. You stole her from me. What kind of person even does that?"Apparently Mike knew about Johnny stealing Joey's ex girlfriend and was attempting to Make Joey feel some sort of guilt. I can't believe he's doing this, I just want this asshole out of my life and that annoying cheer leader too. "That's bullshit Mike. We had already been broken up for three months before I even met Joey." I look at Joey hoping he's not faliing for any of Mike's lies or manipulation and tell him "Trust me Joey, we were broken up way before you and I ever met and fell in love." Joey gives me a comforting smile and says "Don't worry, I believe you" and then hugs me. Seeing that had apparently put Mike into a psychotic rage "Get your hands off her! You freak!" Joey let's go of me and punches Mike in the nose, which I thought was awesome and Mike completely deserved it. "Mike whines "Ouch! I think he broke my fucking nose!" Marie looks at Mike laughs and says "It's not broken, you idiot." She then turns to me and says still laughing is it my turn to punch Mike?" Even Becky mockingly laughs at Mike. Now humiliated and even more furious than he was before, Mike throws a punch at Joey, but Joey catches Mike's fist and with his free hand punches Mike in his right eye. "Fuck this! I'm getting the hell out of here. Come on Becky!" Finally Becky and Mike both leave.

Things had now calmed down a bit since Mike and Becky were finally gone. Marie says to me "Oh my god, if we're gonna meet Dee Dee tonight, then I totally need a new outfit. I'm going shopping, I cant wear old clothes when I meet Dee Dee Ramone! You guys will be fine here right? Anyway, I'll be back later, bye!" Marie rushes out the front door. Now Joey and I are completely alone for the first time in two months. I'm overly happy, but my stomach is still filled with butterflies. Joey goes to the couch sits down, picks up the TV remote which is already on the couch and turns on the TV. I walk over to the couch, sit down and join him. Joey begins kissing me on my neck and I giggle a little because I'm rather ticklish. He slowly works his way up from my neck to my lips. As were still kissing Joey begins to run his hand up the side of my thigh. I start to relax and lay back on the couch. Suddenly, Marie bursts in through the front door. "Damn!" I say quietly to myself. "I forgot my car keys! I can't believe I did that. Where the hell are they?" Marie says as she looks on the end table that is next to the front door. Finally she sees her keys and picks them up. "Ok found them. Bye!" "Maybe we should lock the door now?" Joey says with a laugh. "Go ahead" I reply. Joey gets up walks over to the front door locks it and then comes and sits back down on the couch next to me. "Now, where were we he asks me with a smile on his beautiful face. "I believe we were right about here" I say as I place my hand on the back of his neck and gently pull him closer towards me.

It's seven o' clock now, and Joey, Marie and I have to be at the Holiday inn to meet Dee Dee and Vera for dinner at eight The hotel has a great restaurant inside. We probably should have started getting ready an hour ago, I know but Joey and I were a little umm... busy. I'm already ready, but I'm waiting for Marie who is still fixing her hair in front the mirror in our bedroom. "I hope my hair doesn't go flat, it usually always does" Marie complains. "Just take a small spray net with you, so if it gets messed up you can run to the bathroom and fix it. Now hurry up, we have to be there by eight remember?": Marie looks at me and says 'Oh my god, I'm so nervous. I probably shouldn't wear heels. I don't wanna trip in front of Dee Dee" Joey walks into mine and Marie's bedroom and asks "Are you two ready yet?" "I'm ready. Nervous as hell, but ready" "I'm ready too. I guess we should get going now." I know Marie is nervous, so being considerate I ask "You can drive right?" "Yeah" Marie replies "I should be fine. Let's go." "By the way Suzy, keep an eye out for a red BMW following us. I just know Becky is gonna try and crash the dinner party."

We had now entered the restaraunt at at the Holiday inn . I was expecting a wonderful date with my totally gorgeous rock star boyfriend and his bassist, but instead what do I get? A headache, that's what I get. Yes, you guessed it Becky was at the there too. Some coincidence right? Of course Becky runs right over to Joey screaming "Joey!" Becky jumps on Joey and kisses him right on the lips! Ok now this bitch had officially crossed the line. "Get the hell off him, you psychotic bitch!" I yell as I run over to Becky and grab her by the hair and pull her off Joey, causing her to fall to the the ground. Joey gets between Becky and myself "Hey, there's no need for that. You have nothing to worry about Suzy. I love you. Now let's all settle down, and try to be friends all right?" Becky gives me an annoying smirk as if she won this fight and sticks her tongue out at me like a five year old. I flip her off and Joey and I walk arm in arm over to Dee Dee's table. Marie then suddenly appears behind us, I have no clue where she was the whole time Joey was stopping me from kicking Becky's ass. Though, when I think about it she was probably just sitting in the car, too nervous to come in and meet Dee Dee. Just in case you were wondering, no Becky has not left yet. In fact just as we were about to sit down at our table, she shows her perky little self again. Becky walks over to the table and immediately sits in the empty chair next to Dee Dee. "Hi Dee Dee! I'm Rebecca Wolfson. My parents own Wolfson productions. Oh, and I'm like totally Joey's friend." Dee Dee has a confused look on his face but is still polite to Becky. "It's very nice to meet you Rebecca" he replies. Dee Dee then looks at me and says "Hey, I think I remember you. You're Joey's new girlfriend. Suzy, right?"I smile and politely reply "Yes, I'm Suzy. It's nice to meet you again. Especially under better circumstances. This is my friend Marie by the way." Marie smiles and now it is her instead of me, blushing in front of her idol, like I once did and sometimes still do. "Hi, it's sooo great to meet you. I'm your biggest fan. We kinda met backstage. Well, actually you were asleep, so I guess that doesn't really count." Dee Dee smiles and replies "Well, I'm sorry you had to see me passed out like, but I'm glad to meet you." Joey asks Dee Dee "So, where's Vera?" Dee Dee answers Joey "She's still at the hotel. She's on the phone with her sister in New york. She wasn't ready yet, and I knew you and your girlfriend would be here so I came with out her. She'll meet us here, but she'll probably be fashionably late." "Go ahead and have a seat everyone, just make sure there's a spot for my wife" Dee Dee laughs. Becky then starts talking, as if it wasn't bad enough that she was here. Not that I actually expected her to stay quiet of course "Hey Dee Dee, if you want a part time job or wanna become even more famous, our company could really use someone like you." Dee Dee has a puzzled look on his face as he says to Becky "Someone like me?" Marie then informs Dee Dee of Becky's parents occupation "She thinks you should star in porn films. Her parents produce porn films." Marie then whispers to me "I'd totally watch a porn with him in it, wouldn't you?" we both giggle quietly, but I have no real answer for her at the moment. Dee Dee laughs and politely turns down Becky's offer "Thanks for the offer, but I'm doing good now thanks to Vera. Plus, I don't think my fans would wanna see me do that." Becky continues to try and convince Dee Dee to accept her offer "You'd become an instant millionaire..." Marie tells Becky "He said no, give it a rest already." "Look" Dee Dee says pointing "There's the waiter he's coming over here. Go ahead and order whatever you want, dinner is on me. But no alcohol. I know you're all under age. And I'm trying to stay sober myself." Joey gives Dee Dee an annoyed look and says "Hey! I'm not under age." The waiter comes over to our table and asks what we would like to drink Marie myself Dee Dee and Becky all ordered soft drinks. Joey says to the waiter "Yeah, I'll take a Budweiser, thanks." Dee Dee then mumbles "See what I have to go through being in this band? Someone is always trying to jeopardize my sobriety."

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twelve

We were all still waiting for the waiter to bring us our food and talking amongst ourselves happily. I was as happy as I could be anyway, considering Becky had just kissed Joey right in front of me only a half an hour ago. "Oh shit!" Marie says to me as she notices Mike heading towards our table with four of his friends. "Fuck!" I reply both nervously and angrily.I'm all for seeing Mike get his ass kicked, but this was totally the wrong place and the wrong time. Joey says "I had a feeling this asshole would try and stir up more shit." As Mike gets closer to us, I notice he has a black eye from the fight he and Joey had gotten into earlier. Serves him right. "Oh great! Like now Mike and his totally gross friends are here. I guess their totally looking for revenge." Dee says "If they wanna try and start something, I got my razor blade on me." "No weapons please. Who knows, maybe we can just talk it over" Marie says nervously. "I'd like to introduce you to my friends. Tony, Ruffo, Cal, Sam and Tony. We all belong to the Cevers football team." I attempt to reason with Mike by saying "We don't want any trouble Mike. You already lost the fight this morning, and you look terrible. Why start more drama?" Mike replies "Yeah, I know thanks to Joey giving me this fucking black eye. Not that it was anything more than a lucky shot." "It was a fair fight, and you lost. Deal with it" Marie tells Mike. Becky then adds "Yeah this is like a nice place. So let's please not do this today." Dee Dee says to Mike and his friends "Yeah, the girls are right. We don't want any trouble ok? So I really think it would be best if you all just leave." Mike then points at Dee Dee and says to his friends "Look, it's Dee Dee Ramone, the whore!" Dee Dee yells "Fuck you! You son of a bitch!" All five of them come towards Dee Dee. Joey gets up from his chair grabs it and holds it above his head attempting to block any punches thrown our way. I yell "Stop! Just leave us alone!" Marie then reaches in her purse and pulls out the spray net she brought from home and begins spraying Mike and his friends with it. Though, it didn't seem to do anything more than annoy them. Sam then grabs Marie and throws her on the ground and yells "Bitch!" Dee Dee gets up to defend Marie. He punches Sam in the face, but Tony grabs a chair and hits Dee Dee over the head with it. The hit from the chair causes Dee Dee to fall forward, hitting his head on the table and falls to the ground and lays there unconcious. "Oh Dee Dee!" Marie says seeing Dee Dee laying on the ground unconcious and immediately decides to take advantage of the situation. Marie starts kissing Dee Dee, but is interrupted by Vera who had finally arrived. "What the hell are you doing to my husband?!" 'Oh hi Mrs. Colvin. He saved my life, I'm trying revive him by massaging his chest" Marie answers. Vera yells "That is not his chest!"

Joey, Marie and I are now outside, near the entrance of the Holiday inn. I look at Joey, and notice that he's slightly injured. "Joey, you have a cut above your eye. Do you want me to get you a band aid for it?" I ask. ' No" he answers "Forget about it, I'm fine. Let's get out of here babe. There's a great place you and I can go to in Beverly Hills, just the two of us." Wondering what place Joey is talking about I ask "Beverly Hills? What's there?" Joey smiles and replies "Like I said, a place where we can be alone" I smile back at Joey and reply "Ok. Sounds great". Joey turns to Marie and asks "Hey could you drop us off at this place in Beverly Hills? It's called 'Tubs'. "Oh, sure. I totally know that place" Marie answers. Marie then confesses to me "I am sooo embarassed about earlier. I don't know what came over me." I reply "You liar! You know you always wanted to make out with Dee Dee" and laugh. "Yeah, but I honestly do not know how my hands ended up where they did. I really thought I was massaging his chest." I wink at Marie and reply "Right".

We arrive at Tubs. Marie parks the car so Joey and I can get out. "Ok we're here. You two have a good time." Marie tells Joey and I as we exit the vechicle. As I get out of the car I wave goodbye to Marie and she drives off. I take a look at my surroundings and I notice this is actually a very classy Hotel. Not like any that I've ever stayed at before.
It felt as if I were in a fairy tale. Here I was at this very nice, expensive, and gorgeous hotel, with Joey Ramone(who I still couldn't believe is actually my boyfriend). "What is this place Joey?" Joey answers "I come here a lot when I'm in LA. They have these big rooms with a sauna, shower, a jacuzzi and a bed. I love to come here for hours by myself and just relax." I'm still amazed by how nice this place is as we walk through the lobby and make our way to the elevator. We enter the elevator. Once were inside Joey tells me "Ya know, fighting for the woman I love kinda makes horny" I have a feeling of excitement just being here with Joey. I begin to giggle as I say "Can't you wait until we get to the room?" Joey begins kissing my neck and places his hand on my breast. He takes my hand puts it inside his pants. Joey is completely aroused, and as I begin rubbing him, I become even more excited and am filled with desire. Joey moans as continue to rub his erection. "I love the way this feels, Joey" I say in a soft whisper. Just then the elevator opens and we arrive at our room. Joey's jeans are so tight that I have to struggle a bit to remove my hand from them.

We enter our room which is dimly lit. As I look around I notice there are mirrors on the ceiling. Joey then asks me "Would you like me to order some champagne or anything. You don't have to worry about anyone asking for your ID or anything here" and he laughs a little. Joey calls room service and orders a bottle of champagne. "So babe" Joey says to me "Do you wanna try out the jacuzzi or the sauna first?" I think about Joey's question and eventually answer "I think I'll go with the sauna" "Good choice" Joey agrees. Room service had finally arrived with our champagne. Joey pours us each a glass of champagne and makes a small toast "To us and our future together." Joey and I both undress and get into the sauna. The heat of the room fills me with even more intense desire and lust for Joey. We both lay down, I'm on top of Joey and we begin kissing. As we make out Joey becomes aroused again. He stands up and takes me by the hand, we're facing each other now. Joey gets on his knees and first kisses my vaginal lips, then starts tonguing me. He grabs both me from behind and sticks his tongue inside me. It feels so overwhelming I cry out in pleasure. As Joey does this my stomach is filled with butterflies. While Joey's tongue is still inside me I push his head further into me, until he's laying on the floor and I'm sitting on his face. I'm filled with so much sensual pleasure, that I begin to wonder if this is all just a dream. I had never expereinced this amount of passion or pleasure from any of the guys I had been with before. Though, I suppose that makes sense since I had never been this deeply in love with anyone before. Plus, Joey is really good at this, so that helps too. I stand up and get on top of Joey. I start riding him, slowly at first but go faster as we progress and am have a feeling of complete of ravishment and ecstacy. I look at Joey's face as we make love, and I love seeing the look of pure pleasure and ecstacy on his beautiful face. I would sometimes look up at the mirrors on the ceiling and watch the two of us making love, but it was almost as if I was watching another couple. "Oh my god! I just came!" Joey says "Me too" as I say as we climax together. Still out of breath and just as exhausted I was Joey then says "I...I love you Suzy, will you marry me?"

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Thirteen

I am now feeling a plethora of emotions. This was all so overwhelming, and I find myself in a state of disbelief. Had Joey really just asked me to marry him? I'm entirely overjoyed, but confused at the same time. I don't quite know how to answer. Of course I wanted to marry Joey, but maybe he was only asking me due to the heat of the moment. I look into his stunning brown eyes, and I can see the sincerity in them. I also notice a worried look on his face, as if he thinks I'm going to say no. He probably thinks that because I was taking so long to answer. I begin to cry tears of joy. I finally answer Joey "Are you serious?" "Yeah, I'm serious" Joey replies "I love you and I wanna us to spend the rest of our lives together." "Of course I'll marry you!" I enthusiastically reply. "I never get tired of hearing him say he loves me" I think to myself. I know I'm only nineteen years old, and really have no idea of what sort of career I want to have, but how could I turn him down? Joey places his hand on my neck and pulls me closer to him and we kiss passionately . As we continue to embrace one another I'm reminded of the very first kiss we shared. We hadn't even known each other for very long but that honestly didn't matter. As I said before, I had never been this much in love with anyone before. Every time we made love, kissed or just any time I was even around him always felt amazing. I never wanted that feeling to end. I honestly felt that Joey was truly the man I was destined to spend my life with. Knowing he felt the same way gave me an unbelievable feeling of overwhelming joy and bliss. Every kiss we shared also gave me that same feeling, I never wanted those to end either.

A taxi cab had just dropped me off in front of my house. Joey gets out of the cab with me but tells me "I'm not come in ok? It's kinda not fair of me to make Marie sleep on the couch." He was so sweet and considerate, which was just one of the many reasons I had fallen so deeply in love with him. Joey continues "Ya know, you should probably tell your parents about us as soon as possible." "Ok, I will" I reply. Though in my head I'm thinking, "As soon as I figure out if this is really happening". My new fiancee and I share one last passionate kiss, that I wished would continue forever before we part ways. When our lips do finally part, Joey softly strokes my cheek and then says "Well, I'm gonna head back to the Holiday inn and get a room. Don't forget to talk to your parents". "I won't" I reply. Joey smiles at me as he gets back in the cab and says "I love you". I reply "I love you too". Joey shuts the cab door and the cab drives away. I head into my house, and when I enter am immediately greeted by Marie. "Looks like someone had fun!" Marie says to me in a joking manner. "You won't believe what happened" I tell Marie, still not quite sure if I believe it myself. "Oh, I think I have an idea..." Marie replies. I'm dying to tell her, to tell anyone really that Joey Ramone... The man I've been in love with since before I had even met him is actually my fiancee. Before she can finish her sentence, I interrupt Marie and with a huge smile on my face, I say (almost yelling actually) "Joey asked me to marry him!" Marie's jaw drops as I say this. She has a surprised look on her face, and asks me a variety of questions, "No way! You're joking, right?! Was he serious? How did he propose? What did you say? You said yes, right?!" "Trust me, I asked if he was serious too, and he said he was. Of course I said yes. Now, I just have to tell my parents. Not that they'll believe me." I was trying to avoid answering the question about how Joey proposed, but Marie insisted just as I knew she would. "That's sooo great, Suzy. I'm really happy for you! But you forgot to tell me how he proposed..." I feel my cheeks turning bright red as I begin to answer Marie's question (I've, never really been one to kiss and tell). "Well, if you must know he kinda asked after umm...you know, sex. There, you happy now?" Marie smiles and says with a laugh "Well, it must have been pretty good to get him to propose". Now blushing even more I reply "Shut up Marie!" though I can't help myself from letting out a slight giggle as I do so. "I'm only joking" Marie reassures me. Marie then says to me in a sincere tone as she gives me a congratulatory huh "Oh my god, I'm gonna cry now. I'm sooo happy for you guys. I really am. You get to live out this amazing fairy tale. I hope some day, I'll find my prince charming like you found yours Suzy." "Thanks" I reply as I hug Marie back. Of course Marie had one final question "So, what do you think the ring he gives you will look like?" I reply to Marie and mean every word that I say "That doesn't matter to me one bit! I don't care if he gives me a life saver candy or an onion ring. I just know that I wanna spend the rest of my life with him. Only you would ask that question, I swear. But if I'm being honest I do kinda wanna know myself, but only a little."

The phone suddenly rings. I walk over to answer it, though I was going to be heading in that direction anyway, since I did have a phone call to my parents to make(not that I was exactly looking forward to that conversation). I answer the phone and it's Joey. "Hey Suzy. I've been invited to perform at the Troubadour tonight at nine o' clock. Go ahead and bring Marie, or whoever you want. Dee Dee and Vera are gonna be there too. Sorry to ask on such short notice, but it's gonna be a really special night." "Yeah, I'll totally be there. Sounds great, I cant wait to see you" I say, accepting Joey's invitation. "Great I'll see you there. I love you." "I love you too. Bye" I reply and then hang up the phone. "Guess what?" I turn to Marie and reply excitedly "What?" she asks. "Joey invited us to see him perform at the Troubadour tonight! Oh yeah, Dee Dee and Vera are gonna be there as well. Please try not to molest him again!" I say with a laugh. Marie replies also with a laugh "I can't make any promises."

I still have the phone in my hand, so I take a deep breath and prepare to call my parents to tell them the good news, at least I think it's good news. Great news actually(hopefully they agree).I slowly dial their number which is long distance, since they both retired and moved to Florida practically right after I started attending college. My mother picks up the phone, which is a good thing. I say it's a good thing because I imagine my dad responding a lot less kindly to this than I believe my mother will. "Hi Mom. It's me." I say greeting my Mother. "Suzy, honey! It's so good to finally hear from you!" "Yeah, it's great to talk to you too Mom." I reply and take one more deep breath and then exhale, as I prepare to tell her the news. "So, you won't believe what happened..." "What is it honey?" my Mom asks. "Well, I kinda met someone and we're engaged" "Oh really?" she asks "Well, who is it? Is it Mike? Because you can do a lot better than him." "No" I answer "I went to see the Ramones a couple of months ago, and I met Joey, their lead singer..." "The Ramones?" she asks sounding a bit puzzled "Are they that loud, obnoxious sounding band you always listen to?" I let out a sigh and reply "Yeah, Mom. That's them. So anyway, Joey and I have been dating for a few months, and he asked me to marry him. I said yes." "Are you sure you wanna marry a musician sweetie, they're always on the road and everything..." I interrupt my Mom's lecture and say "Yes, I'm sure. I love him, and he loves me. Well, I gotta go. We have a date tonight, and I need to start getting ready. I love you. Call you again soon." I quickly hang up the phone, preventing my Mother from continuing on with her lecture.

Marie and I were now at the Troubadour to see Joey perform. I was so excited to see him, even though we had seen each other a few hours prior. Marie rambles nervously as we enter the club. "I am soo nervous. I hope Vera didn't tell Dee Dee about what happened the other night, while he was unconscious. I hope she's not mat at me too, I mean it was totally an accident." I reassuringly tell Marie "Don't worry about. Vera seems nice enough. I'm sure she forgot all about it already. I'm sure even if she does remember or care, she didn't tell Dee Dee anything." "You really think so?" Marie asks, I jokingly reply "No. Not really.. And you know, it wasn't accident!" and I laugh. Marie jokes about my height compared to Joey's saying "You probably should've worn high heels you know? I mean, what if Joey wants you to slow dance with him? How can you two possibly dance cheek to cheek, with those low heel pumps?" I roll my eyes and reply "Both Joey and I are fine with the height difference." Marie spots Dee Dee and Vera as they are about to take their seat, near the stage. "Look, there's Dee Dee and Vera over there." Marie waves to them shouting "Hi Dee Dee! Hi Vera!" We make our way over towards the couple. Marie takes a seat next to Vera, I take a seat between Vera and an empty chair that I'm saving for Joey. "Joey will come out in about five minutes to start his set. It's just him and the house band tonight, which consists of, Joey, an acoustic guitar player, and a pianist". Vera says "Yeah, I heard he's gonna do a forty five minute set." Joey makes it on stage and receives a tremendous amount of applause from the audience. Joey greets the crowd "Good evening everyone! I was asked to come here and perform for all of you at the last minute, but it's gonna be a real special night tonight. I'll tell you all why a little later on." The first song Joey sings is "She's the one". As Joey sings the song, our eyes our locked. It was almost like the night we met, only this time I knew he was singing to me, instead of just hoping he was. Also that night he sang "I wanna be your boyfriend" not "She's the one." The next song Joey performed was "Then she kissed me." Joey introduces the song "This song was supposed to be on our album "End of the Century" it's titled "Then she kissed me"> The next song performed was "Oh Oh I love Her so". As they get ready to do the the fourth song of the evening which was "Don't come close" I notice Dee Dee seems rather giggly, which was odd, because he wasn't even drinking anything stronger than fruit punch. Vera elbows Dee Dee, attempting to make him behave. Dee Dee ignores her. As they start the song Dee Dee shouts to Joey "Hey Joey, what's with all the love songs tonight?" Joey gives Dee Dee an angry glare, and continues with the song. When the fourth song is finished Joey says a few words to the crowd "You may have noticed, I did all love songs tonight. Well, the reason for that is simple. I'm a man in love." The audience applauds. "Before we perform the last song, I have something I'd like to give to my special sweetheart" Joey grabs a beautiful bouquet of a dozen red roses. He walks off the stage and over to our table and hands them to me. as I take the flowers from him I begin blushing and feel my cheeks turning bright red as everyone in the audience watches and applauds and cheers as I accept the roses from Joey. "Come up with me on stage" Joey says speaking into the microphone which he carried off of the stage with him. I don't know how to react to all of this I look at Joey, then at Marie, Vera, then Dee Dee. They are all nodding their heads and saying things like "Go on. These moments are precious and usually only happen once in a lifetime." I follow Joey onto the stage. I'm so nervous, and embarrassed from all of the attention that I almost trip as I make my way up the stairs and onto the stage. I don't think anyone noticed though. If they did, then at least they were polite and refrained from laughing. Now that we're both on stage Joey tells the audience "Everyone, this is Suzy. She's the reason I've been singing all these love songs tonight." Joey then gets down on one knee, and reaches into the pocket of his leather jacket. As he does this, the entire crowd is clapping and whistling. They all seemed to know exactly what Joey was about to do. I was still a bit clueless, due to being nervous and just slightly embarrassed, ok fine I was totally embarrassed but definitely in a good way. Joey then says "Suzy, I know you're still young, and have dreams of a career and everything. I promise I'll never get in the way of any of your hopes or dreams. But, I want you to be my wife. You're the only woman I'll ever love, and I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else. Will you marry me?" He finally pulls a small jewelry box out of his pocket. He opens it and I see the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. "I enthusiastically scream "Yes! Of course I'll marry you Joey!" he slips the ring on my ring finger and I leap into his arms. Joey spins me around for a brief moment and then sets me back on the ground. We share a tender and passionate kiss. The crowd begins to cheer even louder. Joey introduces the last song of the evening "This one's called "I wanna be your boyfriend". I stand by Joey's side as he sings the song, gazing into my eyes lovingly as he does so.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Fourteen

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Fourteen

Joey and I are now seated at the table nearest the stage, with Dee Dee, Vera, and Marie. Dee Dee says in completely child like manner "You know? I knew Joey was planning this the whole time! But no one would let me even say a word about it. But no. No one wants to listen to me. Whatever." Vera tells Dee Dee just as if she were talking to a child "Honey, this isn't really about you. Why were you trying to ruin the surprise anyway?" Dee Dee shrugs and replies "I don't know. I was bored" and he laughs. Marie asks me "Can I see your ring, Suzy?" I slip the ring off my finger and hand it to Marie. Marie and Vera both look at the ring. Vera holds out her hand and Marie hands it to her so Vera can get a closer look. Looking over the ring Vera says " It's a princess cut style ring with one fourth of a karat diamond with a fourteen karat white gold ring setting." Vera gives the ring to Joey, he slips it back on my ring finger and says "I hope you like it. I don't know much about engagement rings or anything myself, so Vera helped me pick this one out for you." Dee Dee has been chain smoking the whole night. He pulls his last cigarette out of his pack and lights it up. Vera looks at Dee Dee, sighs and says to him "Seriously that pack was at least half full when we got here, and that was only an hour ago. I'm bot gonna go buy you another pack. You'll just have to go get it yourself." Dee Dee smiles at Vera, pulls an unopened pack out of his jean pocket and says "You don't need to. See? I have another pack right here." Marie starts coughing due to all the smoke, though I'm sure she was exaggerating at least a little. 'You know you really shouldn't smoke so much" Marie says, still coughing. Dee Dee and Vera both give Marie an annoyed glare. Noticing the glare, Marie changes the subject. "That is such a beautiful ring, Suzy. Are you gonna wear it every day?" "I happily reply "Of course. It's a symbol of mine and Joey's love for one another. It also symbolizes the commitment we've made to each other." Marie warns "Ok. Just be careful." As we get ready to leave the restaurant, everyone congratulates Joey and I. Everyone hugs one another as we begin to part ways. Of course, Marie sees an opportunity and takes full advantage of it. She hugs Dee Dee, squeezing him tightly as she does so, also grabbing his butt. Apparently she had forgotten that his wife was standing right there. Vera says to Marie in a very stern tone of voice "Joey and Suzy are the ones getting married. Dee Dee is already married. So will you please take your hands off of his ass?!" Dee Dee pleads with Marie "You're squeezing too tight. I can't breathe!" Marie finally lets go of Dee Dee and tells Vera "I'm so sorry! It's just he's so tall, I thought I was hugging his waist."

It was the perfect evening to go to the beach, so that's exactly what Joey and I did. The air was warm, but not hot, considering it was already dark. Joey takes off his jacket and wraps it around my shoulders. "Here" he says "You need it more than I do" "Oh, I'm fine Joey. It's not even cold". Joey then asks "Then, why are you shivering?" "I'm just still pretty excited I guess. This summer has been incredible. It all sort of feels like a dream really" I confess. Joey insists I wear the jacket saying "Well, I want you wear it anyway. That way, when I put it on later, I'll be able to smell your perfume" I laugh as Joey says this. "What? You don't believe me?" "Oh, of course I believe you" I say smiling. Joey spots a bench for us to sit down at. We walk hand in hand over to the bench and sit down. Joey puts his arm around me and I lean my head against his chest. Joey asks me "So, where do you wanna live once we get married?" I think about Joey's question a moment before replying "Well, I haven't really thought about that yet. Where ever you want us to live, I guess. It doesn't matter as long as I'm with you." Joey points out that we have both pretty much lived in the same place our entire lives "I've always lived in New york. You've always lived in California. They're both very different places, ya know? Do you think you could live in New york? "Well...Yeah I think I could do that. Like I said, I don't care where I live, as long as I'm with you." Joey kisses me on the cheek and says "Ya know, California is a really beautiful place. Maybe I should start a new life here with you." I look at Joey and say "That's up to you." "We don't have to get married right away" Joey says. "I like this beach. We can rent a place near here. We'll live there while you're going to school." I say to Joey "That sounds like a great idea." We both stare up the starry night sky, and then into each others eyes. We share a kiss under the bright starry sky. The emotions I feel as Joey and I kiss are more amazing and more wonderful than the stars it took place under, or more beautiful than the engagement ring Joey had given me only a few hours ago on this very night. I feel, passion, desire, a sense of profound happiness as Joey and I continue to embrace one another.

Joey and I both get out of the taxi cab that had just arrived at my house. I wasn't ready for the night to end yet. It had all been completely breath taking. In fact, the entire summer that Joey and I had spent together had been utterly amazing. My head was still spinning from everything that had gone on earlier that night. It's not very often that you get to meet the person you idolize most in the world. Needless to say, it's even more rare to actually develop a romantic relationship with that very person. Yet this had all happened to me in the course of just a few months. Honestly though, I didn't care that Joey was famous at all, yeah at first it was exciting dating a rock star of course. Over the past couple of months we really got to know each other really well, and both of us had fallen completely in love. Joey walks me to my door, holding my hand as we walk. When we finally get to the door, I ring the doorbell after noticing the door is locked and I had accidentally left my keys inside. Joey grabs my other hand, leans closer and kisses me on the lips. I love the feeling of his soft lips pressed against mine as we share a warm, tender, and passionate kiss. We continue kissing with intense passion, that I wished would last an eternity. We finally pull away for a brief moment to catch a breath of air. Joey lets go of my hand and with his free hand, grabs me by the waist, pulling closer to him. I smile at Joey, as he leans closer towards me and we start to embrace one another once more. Just then, Marie opens the door. Great timing, huh?

We're both startled by Marie suddenly opening the door. She did take a little longer to do so than she normally did. She was probably woken by the doorbell, which makes sense that she would be sleeping, considering it was close to three in the morning. Joey greets Marie "Oh, hi Marie. How ya doin'?I know it's late, so I'm just dropping Suzy off." Marie sarcastically replies "She's all yours now Joey. Feel free to take her back to New york with you any time." Joey looks at me and says "Well good night sweetie." "Good night" I reply "I'll see you tomorrow." We share one last short but oh so sweet kiss on the lips, and Joey walks back to the cab gets in and heads back to the hotel.

I'm inside the house now, and Marie and I are in our bedroom. Marie says "You know who kinda worries me?" I dread learning the answer to this question. It had been such a wonderful night. I was completely stress free, and who doesn't love to be stress free? I braced myself to hear the possible bad news or whatever Marie had planned to tell me and replied "Who, Marie?" Though, I was certain I already knew the answer "Let me guess. Mike? I don't think he'll be a problem anymore though. At least I hope he won't be. Because... " Marie interrupts "No, not Mike. Johnny Ramone." I'm a bit confused by Marie's idea of Johnny being one to worry about and ask in a slightly confused fashion "What does he have to with anything, Marie?" "Well, he wasn't totally thrilled when Dee Dee married Vera. Because Dee Dee is kinda the heartthrob of the Ramones, and didn't wanna take him away from their female fans. So if Joey marries you..." What does she mean by "if" Joey marries me. Didn't she see the huge ring he had just put on my finger, or anything else that had happened in the last day? I interrupt Marie with "Ummm...You mean WHEN he marries me."


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I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Fifteen

It had been one week since Joey and I got engaged. My parents had called me a few days ago to tell me they were coming to visit me, and to meet Joey. Today was the day they were supposed to arrive, I was expecting them to show up any minute now. The doorbell rings. I walk over and answer it. Joey, who is sitting on the couch seems a bit nervous as he sees me do this. I open the door and of course it's my parents. "Hi Suzy!" my Mom exclaims as she hugs me. "How are you honey?" my Dad asks, also hugging me. "Come on in" I tell my parents "Dinner is ready. It's already set out on the table and everything." Joey comes over and greets both of my parents. "So babe, these are my parents" I tell Joey "James, and Julia Barnes". My father says "It's nice to meet you son" extends his hand, and he and Joey shake hands. My mother smiles at Joey and says "It really is nice to meet you, what was your name again?" Joey replies "Well, I go by Joey Ramone, that's my stage name. My real name is Jeff, Jeff Hymnan."

Joey, my parents and myself are all sitting at the dining room table now. This whole evening had a completely awkward feel to it. Kind of like when I was 12 and had my first date with Freddy White who went to the same school I did and had amazing blue eyes(total cutie). My dad must have asked the poor dude like a hundred questions. This particular night was also the least exciting night that Joey and I had spent together by far. All I can think about is that amazing night that Joey and I had spent together at "Tubs" or of course the following night when he officially proposed to me. But no, we had to have dinner with my parents who insisted on embarrassing me. Why were they even here? I had only told them that I was engaged. I had yet to give them any official wedding date, because there wasn't yet any official wedding date. "God I would rather be anywhere than here" I think to myself, as I keep waiting for my parents to come up with any excuse to leave early so Joey and I could be alone.

Everyone had already finished dinner, and I had already cleared the table. We were all still sitting at the table chatting though. My mom tells Joey "I hope, you like Suzy's cooking. I taught her everything she knows." I mumble "I would have learned to cook on my own eventually." "Oh non sense. Plus I've always told you the way to a man's heart is through his stomach". Of course my Mom embarrassing me wasn't enough, so my dad joins in telling both Joey and myself "I've been in love with Suzy's mother for quite some time now, but it has nothing to do with her cooking if you know what I mean" with a laugh. Now blushing and completely wishing I were some place, any place but here I say "Oh my God! Tell me he did NOT just say that". Joey says with a laugh "I loved you even before you cooked for me. Knowing you're a good cook just kinda seals the deal though. Ya know?"

Joey, my parents and I are in the living room. My parents are on one side of the living room, and Joey and I on the other sitting on the couch which is directly across from the one my parents are sitting at. Of course This night would not have been complete without poor Joey being interrogated by my father, or my mother for that matter "So, when exactly did you and Suzy meet and fall in love?" my Mom asks Joey "The first time I saw her really" Joey replies "There were thousands of girls in the audience. But I couldn't take my eyes off of your daughter. It's like every song I sang, I was singing it to her." Now my dad asks Joey a question of his own "Can you tell me exactly why you feel the need to get married so soon? What's the rush?" I decide to let Joey answer this question and he does "Well, we've both been taking this very seriously., And actually we're not rushing as much as you think we are sir. I want Suzy to finish her education just as much as you do." My Mom tells me "Well dear, your father and I are going to have to get going now. We have to go to bed early, so we can catch our flight back to Florida in the morning. We'd stay longer, but there's a bit of a situation at home." "So, where are you staying?" Joey asks my father answers "At the Holiday inn."

I walk my parents to the door and just as they're just about to exit the house and give Joey and I the alone time that we've desperately been needing my mother turns around and asks me "Oh, I almost forgot to ask. You're not pregnant are you dear? Why else would you two be in such a rush to get married?" I quickly reply "Of course not Mom!" my mother reassures me "Oh, calm down. I'm only teasing." Her and my father have finally leave.

Joey and I are on the couch now and have the TV on, not that either of us were paying any attention to it. From the moment we got on the couch, Joey couldn't keep his hands off of me. We share a hot and steamy kiss, and Joey runs his hand up my thigh. He begins to slowly lift up my skirt. We continue making out heavily but are interrupted when the phone rings.

I answer the cordless phone which is on the couch with Joey and I. The voice on the other line has a thick New york accent and is very familiar sounding. He asks for Joey. "Joey it's for you" I say, handing him the phone. "Hello?" Joey answers "How the hell did you get this number anyway? Yeah I am engaged. Why do you care?! Fuck you! I don't have time for this John." Joey hangs up the phone.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Sixteen

It's been two days since my parents had left for Florida again. It was the weekend, and Joey had pretty much had the house to ourselves the entire time. Marie comes in through the front door. She tells Joey and I "I'm just here to get some more clothes, and of course some make up. I'm really glad Herbert invited me to stay at his parents cabin." As soon as I hear Marie say the name Herbert I immediately start laughing unctrollably. "Oh my god! I thought you were joking when you told me you two had started going out. He is such a nerd!" Marie quickly defends her new man "He may be a nerd, but he's a sexy nerd." I laugh even harder as she says this."Go ahead and laugh all you want Suzy." I stop laughing(Out loud at least, but I'm definitely still laughing in my head) and reply "Ok, ok. I'm sorry Marie." Marie looks at Joey and noticing how quiet he was being, attempts to catch his attention says "Hello! Earth to Joey! You ok, dude?" I myself actually didn't notice how quiet Joey was being due to probably being far too entertained by the fact that Marie was dating the super nerd, Herbert. Ha! Even the name makes me laugh. Though he was actually a very nice guy. I tell Marie "Yeah, Johnny Ramone just called not that long ago. Apparently he's not too thrilled about our engagement. I guess he read about it in the newspaper. Joey says in obviously aggitated tone "I swear, he's a fucking control freak, and real asshole too. Ya know? Who the hell is he to tell me whether or not I can get married?! He tried to pull the same shit with Dee Dee and Vera too." Marie asks "Well, what's his problem with you two being engaged anyway? He was married before wasn't he?" Joey gives a stressful sigh and answers Marie "He thinks we'll be more popular with the female fans if we remain single." I look at Joey, put my hand on his shoulder "Aww, now I feel bad. It's like I'm taking you away from your female fans." Marie tells Joey and I "Well, if you guys are really in love, and it definitely seems like you are...Then there's nothing Johnny can do it about it. Us fan girls will just have to cope. I mean, sure I was upset when I first found Dee Dee got married. I got over it though, and now I'm really happy for him and Vera."

The doorbell rings. I'm sitting with Joey attempting to ease his nerves, as I hate seeing him this stressed and upset, so Marie answers the door. As soon as she opens the door, Marie screams "Oh my God! Johnny Ramone! I'm totally your biggest fan!" Johnny replies "I'm glad to meet you. So, I see Joey is here. May I come in?" Joey gets up and says "No. I don't think so. We'll talk outside. Joey and Johnny both go outside. Marie and both follow behind them to find out what's going on.

Joey looks at the rental car that Johnny had come in and recognizes the woman sitting in the passenger seat. Of course, it's none other than Joey's ex girlfriend andJohnny's current girlfriend, Linda. Joey asks Johnny "Seriously John, why did you have to bring her here?" John sarcastically replies " What can I say? She likes California." Linda gets out of the vehicle. I turn to Marie and say "What the hell is that bitch doing here?!" Marie reassures me "You've got nothing to worry about. She's with Johnny now." I know Marie's right, but it's more than just jealousy. This glorified groupie had completely broken Joey's heart. I could tell seeing her made him very upset. To be honest, seeing how upset he was by just seeing her, made me wonder if he did still have feelings for her. You don't get that upset over something that means nothing to you.

Linda walks over to Marie and I and asks "So, which one of you is Joey's girlfriend?' I quickly reply "I am, and I'm his fiancee acutally." "Oh yeah, that's right." Linda says in a very condescending tone "You looked a little young to be already be engaged." I notice Marie, being the good friend she always has been to me about to say something. I know this is my battle though. I tell Marie "It's cool, I can handle this." I walk closer to Linda and say with as much confidence as I can gather "Joey and I love each other very much. That's why we're engaged. It's as simple as that. You should really probably worry about your own love life though, because I don't see a ring on your finger from Johnny." Linda turns away from me and then starts talking to Joey "So Joey , are you gonna marry this girl to try and mend that broken heart of yours?" Answering Linda's question and introducing me to his ex, Joey says "Linda, this is Suzy. ..The love of my life. Not that I need to explain myself to you, but the reason we're getting married is because we're in love. I've never felt this way about any woman before, that's why I gave her that ring." Linda sighs and replies "Oh my god, Joey. You just don't get it. You can't ask a girl that you've barely known for a few months to marry you." I notice that the more he and Linda talk, the more agitated Joey becomes raising his voice he corrects Linda "No, it's you that doesnt get it. Ya think this is some sort of rebound? Well, it's not. Not everything is about you! Suzy and I have something special." Johnny interrupts saying "You're not getting married Joey!" Joey yells at Johnny "How the fuck is that your decision, John?! Besides we're not getting married right away. Not that I have to explain myself to you anyway!"

Just then a taxi cab pulls up, dropping off Dee Dee and Vera. Dee Dee tells Joey who is already pissed off at this point "I'm really sorry, Joey. We tried to get here before John and Linda." Joey asks Dee Dee "Did you give him Suzy's phone number and address?!" Dee Dee replies "I'm really sorry. I had to." I had walked back over towards Marie right after Joey had introduced me to Linda. Marie rambles on and on about how hot Dee Dee is "Look at that! Dee Dee in a tank top. He sure is buff." As Marie continues drooling over Dee Dee I remind her that she has a boyfriend, but not without laughing(blame his parents, they gave him the name) "I wonder what Herbert would think if he heard you say that, Marie?!" Marie relpies "Oh yeah, I almost forgot about him. Plus, I don't want Vera to kick my ass. he came pretty close the last time I saw her." I look at Joey and wonder how could ever put up with being in a relationship with Linda. "You know, Linda seems like a real bitch, doesn't she?" Marie agrees "You should go confront her. You and Joey are totally serious, and she's completely belittling your relationship." "You're right" I tell Marie, and walk back over to Joey.

Just then, Marky and his new girlfriend get out of the cab that Dee Dee and Vera arrived in. Marky greets everyone "Hey guys!" Vera tells Joey and I "He's the one that called us asking about Joey's engagement, and insisted on coming here." Joey asks Marky "Are you at least sober today?" Marky happily replies "Yep. I'm as a sober as a judge. By the way, this is my girlfriend, Lynne. She's from Scotland. We met at CBGB's two days ago. Isn't she beautiful? I'm absolutely crazy about her. I brought her to California, so we could go to Disneyland." Lynne says to everyone "It's so great to meet you all! I'm a huge Ramones fan." Dee Dee jokingly tells Marky "Wow! She's much better looking than the chicks you usually go for." Marky then asks Joey "So, I heard you're getting married. Who's the lucky girl?" Joey answers "Yeah, I am getting married. Probably sooner than I had originally planned now." Joey grabs my hand and continues speaking "I asked Suzy to marry me a few days ago, and she said yes." Johnny immediately jumps in, feeling the need to control the situation, as always "No you're not Joey. Not if I can help it." I can't stand all the tension and yell out "Yes, we're getting married whether any of you like it or not!" Linda then has the nerve to turn to me and say "The adults are talking now honey." I reply to Linda "Shut up! You had your chance with Joey, and you fucked it up. Now deal with it." Apparently the argument had served as inspiration to Marky. Marky says "All of this talk about marriage is making me wanna do it too now. Lynne, will you marry me?" Lynne joyfully replies "Aye, of course I will!" "Well, that settles it then." Marky says "Lynne and I are off to get married. Good luck finding a new drummer. Bye guys. Marky and Lynne see a taxi drving by that stops and picks them up, and off they went. Dee Dee tells Joey "Wow! Mark only knew her for two days, and he's getting married before you Joey." Johnny's pissed now and yells "What the fuck is wrong with everybody?! You're all fucking nuts!" Joey turns to me and says "That sounds like a good idea, huh babe? Let's outta here. Marie, would you mind driving us?" Marie answers "Of course not. Let's go." Linda worriedly asks "What?! Where are you going Joey?!" Joey answers "As far as my credit card will take me. Like I said, let's get the hell outta here."

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Seventeen

I couldn't believe it. Joey and I were actually married. Of course we had nth planned on longer engagement, but due to many difficult obstacles we decided to elope. Sure, it wasn't the weeding I had always dreamed of as a girl, but at least it was with the man of my dreams. It was a bit unsettling that we had to elope, but at least we did it. We had just checked into our honeymoon suite, at the Holiday inn, which has a bed covered in rose pedals, and the room itself is only lit by a few candles. It looks like one of those completely unrealistic love scenes you see in movies. Joey Carries me over to the bed. He sets me back down on the ground.

I look at my new husband and confess "I can't believe we actually did it. We're officially husband and wife now." Joey takes off his signature rose colored glasses, and sets them down on the nightstand next to the bed. I stare into his amazing brown eyes, as he says to me "Yeah we really did it. Now there's nothing Johnny or anyone can to try and keep us from getting married. Ya know?" I stare even deeper into Joey's eyes as he tells me in a soft whisper "I love you and I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you." Also in a low volume that matches his and an absolutely sincere and heartfelt tone I reply "I love you too Joey".

Joey begins slowly undressing me. I'm not wearing a wedding dress, due to having eloped and not actually having time to plan a big wedding or a buy a wedding dress. So instead I'm wearing a simple light blue dress with spaghetti straps(It's one of the few dresses I own). First he unzips the back of my dress, and eventually removes it completely. He then begins slowly kissing both of my shoulders, then my neck, and works his way up until our lips finally meet. As we kiss I feel so many emotions, that it's hard to name just one. I feel relieved, that Johnny didn't succeed in ruining our wedding. I also feel an extreme amount of happiness, just knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams. Joey and I continue to share a kiss, that grows more passionate and intense as it progresses. The longer I feel his lips pressed against mine, the more desire feel for him. I finally stop obsessing over the drama that had occurred recently. I begin to relax and focus only on the intense heat and passion that the moment held.

We had been making out almost endlessly, barely pulling away for a breath of air. As our lips finally part, I begin undressing Joey, first removing his jacket, then his shirt and his Jeans. His Jeans are rather tight, so Joey helps me take them off of him. He removes his underwear and tosses them on the ground with the rest of his clothing. We share one short but sweet kiss on the lips, before Joey picks me back up and places me gently on the bed covered in soft rose pedals. Joey tells me "I love you Suzy". I smile as I reply "I love you too."

Joey is laying on top of me, at first kissing me passionately on the lips. As I kiss him back, I'm totally lost in the moment. I love the feeling of his lips pressed against mine, and the taste of his tongue, as I open my mouth welcoming it to meet mine. He then stops kissing my lips, and and is now slowly letting his lips explore other areas of my body. He kisses my neck first, then my shoulders. Continuing at a slow and romantic pace, he reaches my breasts and starts kissing and licking my nipples . Continuing his romantic tour of my body he softy kisses my stomach, and I do my best to refrain from giggling. I'm quite ticklish, and don't want to ruin the mood. I still let out a small giggle, but all seems to be well. He grabs my hand and places it on the back of his neck, and rests his head between my legs. He kisses the inside of my thigh. Even before he starts giving me pleasure I let out a quiet sigh of a joy, just anticipating the orgasm that awaits me.

Joey looks up at me for a brief moment, noticing I still have my underwear on. I guess we were so anxious to make it you the bed, we forgot to make sure we were both thoroughly undressed. He asks "You wanna take those off? Or do ya want me to do it for ya?" I reply eagerly as I could really care less how or by whom they get removed, as long it gets done. "Well you are technically closer than I am right now. So, go ahead." He smiles and does just that, practically ripping them off me in the process and tosses them on the floor with the rest of our clothing. He starts kissing my clitoris just as if we were making out. I let out another delighted sigh, this one sightly louder than the first. As Joey continues intensely kissing and licking me, it's more pleasure than I can handle. My sigh turns into a soft moan that increases in volume as Joey continues to bring me to a new level of of orgasmic bliss. All I can think about is how I never want this feeling to end I run my fingers through Joey's long dark hair as he continues going down on me. He pauses for a moment and tells me "I've tasted every part of your body, and it all tastes so sweet and delicous to my tongue." He slowly begins exploring my body again, tenderly kissing nearly every inch of me. We eventually find ourselves gazing lovingly into each other's eyes once again. Joey says the words that I never tire of hearing "I love you Suzy." I smile as I say in a soft whisper "I love you too Joey." He passionately kisses me on the lips. As we continue to share a deeply passionate kiss, the likes of which I had only ever experienced with him, I feel all my worries and troubles start to fade away. Being with Joey always made me feel like I was living a dream. Joey finally enters me. He feels amazing inside me as he slowly goes in and out of me. Matching the speed at which we're making love, Joey and kiss each other softly and slowly, with an intense amount of passion fueled by the love and desire we both felt for one another. Joey goes faster and faster as our love making progresses. I had just finished expereinced an overwhelming orgasm, when Joey slows down and tells me "I...I'm gonna cum soon. I'm gonna pull out."

Joey and I are both out of breath, and panting heavily. He takes my hand and kisses it, before saying "Ya know, I should've bought you a ring with a bigger diamond to go on your beautiful hand. I just really love the story behind this ring though..." "And what's the story?" I ask. Joey continues "Well it happened way back in the fifties. There was this young couple, I think they were both around seventeen years old, and the guy gave this ring to his beloved, but they couldn't get married for at least another year or two." I sigh "Young love, how romantic!" "He didn't have enough money to pay for the ring, so to try and earn some, he entered a stock car race...and was killed." "Oh my god! That's soo tragic! I don't wanna hear anymore, I'm gonna cry." Joey laughs, then kisses me on the forehead. He reassures me "No, No, I'm just kidding. They got married, and had twelve kids. On their twenty fifth anniversary, they sold the ring and bought a better one. I won't wait that long to get you a better one though. Maybe I I'll get you a real pretty one, with a pink diamond." I reply "I don't want a different ring. This one is perfect." Joey kisses my ring, then we share a sweet and passionate kiss.

I wanna be your boyfriend

It had been a week since our honeymoon had ended and Joey and I were now back in California. Joey had also moved in with me. Marie was living with her boyfriend, Herbert(still cant say that name without laughing). I had just finishing preparing breakfast for Joey and I. When suddenly I hear a knock at the front door. I answer the door, and it’s Marie. She’s crying hysterically, I welcome my friend inside, the two of us walk into the kitchen and I ask “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Marie has a sad look on her face as she replies “Herbert the pervert dumped me!” I do my best to refrain from laughing as I ask “What did he do to get that nick name? Or do I even wanna know?” Marie pulls a tissue out of her purse, wipes her eyes with it and replies” He dumped me for Becky! She gave him a bunch of porn tapes. That’s how he got the nick name. He said they had a moment together too. Now supposedly they’re in love or whatever.” Marie picks up a waffle off of a plate that I had placed neatly on the table for Joey. I scold her “Hey, that’s Joey’s” “Sorry, but I need to eat something” Marie insists. “You know” I tell Marie “You can stay here until you find an apartment or whatever.“ “Thanks” Marie replies with a smile. Joey has just entered the kitchen now. He’s just gotten out out of the shower and is wearing nothing but a towel. “Damn! He’s hot” I think to myself as I stare at my new husband. I wasn’t the only one who noticed how hot Joey was. Marie was also staring at Joey, and practically drooling over him. I notice Joey standing there and say to him “Hey babe, we have a heart broken visitor. Marie and her boyfriend broke up, so I told her she could stay here for a while. Anyway, you go ahead and get dressed and we’ll talk more about this later.” Joey leaves to get dressed.

Everyone had finished with breakfast and I had just finished doing the dishes. Suddenly the phone rang, Joey went and answered the phone. I over hear a bit of Joey’s phone call. “Hey Monte! I’m doin’ great, I love married life. My wife’s gorgeous, a great cook, and great in bed” Joey laughs. Though, I do wish he hadn’t said that last part. “We got a new drummer? That’s great!” Joey exclaims. The tone of Joey’s voice changes from happy to distraught as he says “What?! No, it’s too soon for that. Who’s decision was it anyway? Ya know, I think I need some thime to think it over. Talk to ya later, bye.”

I walk over to Joey and ask “What’s wrong?” Joey replies “We got a new drummer.” Well, that’s good news, right?” I ask, confused as to why Joey seems so upset. He hesitates before telling me “We gotta move to New York. The rest of the band wants to start the tour as soon as possible.”

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Nineteen

Sure, Marie and I had talked about going to New York for a vacation and it seemed like a great idea. Actually moving there though? That was an idea that would certainly take some time to get used to. Of course I’d be moving there with Joey though, and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. Speaking of Marie, she was at Herbert’s place packing up her things, to bring them back to my place.

I hadn’t even had the chance to tell her about New York yet. To be honest, I was enjoying the time alone with my new husband and it totally slipped my mind. It felt great to be able to call him that too, my husband. Joey Ramone was actually my husband! How the hell did I get this lucky? I look over at Joey who is sitting on the couch beside me.

I can’t help but smile a little as I look at him. We were watching a new episode of “Cheers”. The episode had just ended actually. Joey notices me smiling at him, he smiles back and leans closer towards me. He takes his hand and softly strokes my cheek. Joey takes off his rose colored glasses, and sets them on the coffee table which is in front of us.

I stare into Joey’s amazing brown eyes for what seems like an eternity. He places his hand on my shoulder pulls me closer to him and we share a mesmerizing kiss. A kiss, that’s almost as enchanting as ur first. As we continue to kiss I lose myself in the moment. A moment full of intense desire and emotion. The kiss becomes more intense as I open my mouth wider and he sticks his tongue further into my mouth. “Should we do it just right on the couch?” I think to myself as I can tell that’s clearly where this kiss is headed.

Marie might be back any minute now. On the other hand, we were married now. Joey pulls my shirt off of me then unhooks my bra. I smile at him, then help him take his t shirt off. I pull him closer to me and we continue making out. I take both of his hands and place them on my breasts.

The feeling of his cold hands makes my nipples harden. As Joey gently massages my breasts, I let out a moan filled with pleasure. We stop kissing for a moment and smiling at Joey I say “I love you so much, Joey.” He smiles back as he says “I love you too Suzy.”

As our bodies are pressed against one another I cant help but notice how hard he is, I unbutton his jeans, he slips them along with his underwear and tosses them to the floor. Still kissing me, Joey slips his hand under my skirt and begins caressing me. He then slips a finger inside and starts playing with me. I quickly become wet. Joey finally removes my panties. He tosses the panties onto the floor with the rest of our clothing, and then licks his finger.

Joey tells me “You taste sooo good babe. Let me taste a little more, even if it’s only for a few seconds.” Of course I have no reason to object, so I don’t. Joey goes down on me, which makes my whole body tremble. I bite my bottom lip to refrain from screaming out in pure pleasure. He finishes giving me oral pleasure and I’m still trembling slightly from in the intense orgasm I had just experienced.

We gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment then we share a kiss. Joey pierces me, and the feeling of his throbbing erection inside me is overwhelming. He starts out going nice and slow, kissing me passionately on the lips as he does so. Then as we continue he goes faster and harder, which sends me nto a euphoric bliss and a state of ecstasy that I’d only dreamed about before. We both climax at the same time.

Still panting and out of breath Joey says to me “I don’t wanna leave California. This is where it all happened for me ya know? For us.” “What do you mean babe?” I ask. Joey answers “We’ll go to New York, stay for a few months, long enough to finish the album. Then, we’ll come back here, to our real home and continue with our new lives together.” I reply “If that’s what you want Joey. So, when do we leave?” Joey says “We’ll start packing tomorrow. Monte sounded like this had to be done right away. Marie can stay with us if she wants.” I tell Joey “Actually, she said she wants to stay at the Chelsea hotel.”

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty

We were finally in New York, we had actually just arrived at the Chelsea hotel to drop off Marie. I felt bad that we were just dropping her off, but I had to get settled into Joey’s apartment, I would explore and tour New York with Marie after that. I step out of the van, Marie does the same. I walk my friend into the lobby of the hotel. I tell Marie “Well, this is where we part ways for a bit. Don’t worry, well hang out soon and do all the annoying tourist things” Marie laughs and says “Sounds great.” We hug and part ways.

I’m back in the van now, sitting next to Joey. Joey had been acting strange for the entire trip. For example, he had just finished drinking a soda and he kept putting the empty cup in and out of the cup holder repeatedly. “Babe, what are you doing? You bored?” I ask. Joey looks at me, but then looks down at the ground as he answers “Nothing! Ok?” This was the first time he yelled at me, and I had no clue why. “Sorry. I guess I’ll leave you alone.” I quietly say to Joey, as I wonder what the hell he’s doing and why he didn’t want me to ask about it. For the remainder of the ride I was too upset and confused to even look out the window and enjoy seeing the beauty of New York and just be excited about being a in a new place. I’m not just upset because I was yelled at and have no idea why I’m also genuinely worried about my husband, I’d never seen him act this way before.

We were in Joey’s apartment now. It was a mess, but who was I to judge? My place wasn’t that much cleaner. I start picking up the front room. Joey sits down on the couch and grabs the remote and turns on the TV, but then turns it off again. He does this like one hundred times. Once I’m finished straightening up the front room, I walk over to Joey, who is on the couch. I start to ask Joey what’s wrong again, but hesitate as I do not wish to be yelled at again. I finally get the courage to speak and say “Seriously honey, what’s wrong?” He looks at me, then back the ground, but doesn’t say a word. “Fine” I reply with a bit of irritation. “Don’t talk to me. That’s fine with me.” Joey looks at me, sighs and finally speaks “Look, I really don’t know how to explain this, ya know? I hear voices that make me repeat things. It’s call Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD.” Seriously? He was just telling me this now? Why hadn’t I noticed it before? He seemed perfectly fine the rest of the time I had known him. “Really? I ask. “You seemed fine before…” Joey interrupts me “That’s ‘cause I was on medication for it, I ran out yesterday evening. I gotta make a doctor’s appointment and get a refill. I guess I’ll do that tomorrow. Sorry I didn’t tell you about this before. I just didn’t want you to think I was a freak.” “Oh my God, Joey!” I exclaim “I would never think that about you! I love you!”

Joey puts the remote down and says “I love you too.” I take off his glasses and set them on the end table/ I grab both of Joey’s hands and pull him up from the couch so he’s facing me(well actually I have to look up at him, because he’s so tall). He bends down a little, takes his hand and brushes my hair behind my ear. “I’m sorry I yelled at you earlier. I just don’t like talking about it, ya know?” “It’s ok” I reply. Joey starts to speak more, but I interrupt him saying “Shut up and kiss me already!” as I place my hand on his waist, pulling him closer to me. He smiles as he bends down further and our lips finally meet. Now I all I can think about is how much I love the feeling of his soft lips pressed against mine, and the taste of his tongue inside my mouth.

Our lips still locked we make our way into the kitchen, not knowingly though, that’s just where the moment took us. I remove all of my clothing in a hurry, Joey does the same. We toss our clothing onto the floor, creating another mess in the house. I notice a few things on the table so I sweep them off with my hand. Mostly crumbs, and an empty glass, didn’t mean to knock down the empty glass though. It breaks, The noise startles me at first but then, Joey and I both realize what a hurry we were to make love and giggle. Joey picks me up and sets me on the kitchen table. The table feels so cold to my naked skin, but that just excites me even more. Joey forcefully penetrates me. I place my hand on the back of his bead, and am playing with his long dark hair.. The longer we make love, the better it feels and the extreme sexual pleasure I’m feeling causes me to pull his hair a little bit. This excites Joey, causing him to go faster and harder, which results in one of the most intense and breathtaking orgasm I have ever had.

It was the next day, my second day in New York. Though I had not yet gotten the chance to to do any sight seeing. I don’t think I need to tell you why. I’ll just say that Joey and I were very “busy”. We had just finished eating breakfast together,(don’t worry, the table was thoroughly cleaned first) when the phone rang. I answer the phone and the man on the other end says “Hey, can you Buzz me in?” “Sure” I reply. “Joey, someone’s asking me to buzz them in, what number do I push?” “Zero” he shouts from the kitchen. I press zero, and hang up the phone. A few minutes later there is a knock at the door, Joey answers it. A man and woman walk in. “Hi Mom! Hey Mickey. This is my wife, Suzy.” I slowly walk over to them, because I’m nervous that they won’t like me. Not that either of them seem mean, but what if they don’t think I’m good enough for Joey? “Hi” I say shyly, with a slight smile. “Don’t be shy dear’ Joey’s mother tells me, as she gives me a warm hug.” Joey introduces me to his family “This is my Mom, Charlotte and my brother. Mickey.” “It’s great to meet you both” I say. “Welcome to the family” Mickey says with a smile on his face.


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I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty One

It was great to finally meet Joey's family. His mother seemed so nice, so did his brother. Joey takes my hand and says "I told you she was beautiful, Mom" Charlotte replies "She certainly is Joey." Joey kisses me softly on the cheek. "Since I wasn't invited to your wedding, which I'm not happy about by the way...I decided I just had to come over and meet my new daughter in law." I smile and say “It’s great to meet you both.” Charlotte looks down at her watch and says “Oh my gosh, look at the time! I’m sorry for coming this early sweetie. I had an appointment with a client, so I thought I would stop by and visit on my way there.” Mickey joins in the conversation saying “I promised Arlene I’d take her to the beach, so I better get going too.” Mickey and Charlotte hug Joey and I and leave.

As soon as they’re gone, Joey has a devilish grin on his face. He looks at me and says “So, ya wanna fool around?” Seriously? Like he needed to ask?! I eagerly reply “Sure. Don’t you have to be at the studio by nine though?” He replies “Trust me, they’ll wait for me. I’m the singer, remember?” We both head over to the couch, Joey sits down and pulls me onto his lap. He immediately starts kissing me all over. I take off my shirt in a hurry, and start to take off Joey’s shirt, and suddenly the phone rings. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” Joey complains. He answers the phone, the conversation is quick. Joey doesn’t actually say anything, just listens to whoever is on the other end. He hangs up the phone and comes back and sits down on the couch, far less happy then he was before he received the phone call. Wondering what had Joey so upset I ask “Was that Johnny?” Joey gives an annoyed sigh and answers “Yeah. We have a gig at CBGB’s tonight, so I gotta get down there as soon as possible for rehearsal.” “Oh! I’ve always wanted to go there. I’d love to watch you guys rehearse, you always look so sexy on stage.” “I wish you could too babe. I don’t want John to yell at you though. Because if he does that I’ll have to kick his ass.” Joey gives me a quick kiss goodbye and then leaves.

Once he heft, I called Marie, to see how she was doing. “Hey Marie!” “Hey!” she replies “What’s going on?” “Well, I met Joey’s Mom and brother this morning. His mother is sooo nice, his brother seems cool too. “That’s great!” Marie says “Guess what though?” “What?” “Joey and I did it on the kitchen table yesterday. Oh my god, it was sooo hot.” “It sounds like it! I’m totally jealous.” “Suzy, I think I saw a ghost, I‘m totally scared. The rumors about the Chelsea hotel might just be true. I saw Nancy Spungen’s ghost!” “Oh shut up! You did not! It’s just your imagination Marie.” “I did too see her ghost! Maybe, next I’ll see Sid. I bet he’s hot even as a ghost.” “Marie, Sid didn’t even die at the Chelsea like Nancy did. Anyway, the Ramones are gonna be playing at CBGB tonight. You and I have both always wanted to go there and now we can! I still can‘t believe Joey is my husband by the way. I keep wondering when I’m gonna wake up from this dream.” “Does this mean, we’ll get to meet the new drummer? Who is he anyway?” “His name’s Richie. That’s all I know.” “I hope he’s as good as Tommy, or at least Marky.” “Me too.”

Marie and I were at CBGB’s now. It was amazing, being at the place where punk rock was truly born. I spot Joey sitting at the bar. “I’m gonna go, I see Joey over there.” I tell Marie. “Ok” she says “I’m gonna go look for Dee Dee.” I walk over to Joey who is sitting at the bar. I take a seat next to him “Hey babe!” I say with a huge smile. “Hey! I missed you.” he replies. “I missed you too” I say, then we share a passionate kiss. Joey leans closer to me and whispers “Ya know, I heard Chris Stein and Debby Harry got caught doing it in the restroom here.” He has a smile on his face as he tells me this. Hearing this totally puts me in the mood. Hell, just seeing Joey in his leather jacket and ripped jeans put me in the mood. Damn! My husband was hot! “There’s like 30 minutes before the show starts” Joey says. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I ask Joey. He grabs my hand and we run off to the women’s restroom.

We head into an empty stall(all the stalls were empty at this moment luckily). Joey pins me against the wall, he starts kissing me on the lips intensely and with haste. I feel a forbidden sense of excitement and a total rush, just thinking we might get caught As our bodies are firmly pressed against one another, I can feel him becoming aroused, which excites me even more. He unzips his jeans and begins to lift up my skirt. Just as we’re about to make love. Someone pushes open the stall door(we stupidly forgot to lock it). It’s Linda(must this bitch ruin everything?!) Joey quickly zips his jeans back up and I fix my skirt. “I’m never gonna get laid” Joey mumbles. Linda has a sarcastic tone in her voice as she says “I was wondering why you were going to the women’s restroom, Joey.” Joey looks at Linda and says “This is true love, Linda. That’s something you and I never had. “ Linda rolls her eyes and says “Seriously Joey, you’re disgusting.” How dare she insult him! “No, YOU’RE disgusting!” I scream at her. “I mean, you actually came here to watch us?! That’s kinda creepy if you ask me. Are you jealous because Joey or Johnny never took you here?” Linda says “I’m a lady and you’re a tramp” I correct her saying “No. You’re a fucking groupie slut. That’s what you are!” Just as I was ready to kick this bitch’s ass Joey steps in between us and tells me “Come on babe, she’s not worth it. Let’s get out of here.” I head back to Marie who is next to the bar. Marie tells me “Oh my god! You will not believe what I saw, well heard actually.” “What?” I ask “Johnny was banging Linda in the bathroom stall. I was in the one next them because I had to pee really bad. Also, I never found Dee Dee, or Vera for that matter” “They stole mine and Joey’s stall!” “What are you talking about?” Marie asks I reply “I’ll tell you later.”

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty Two

The show was about to start. All the Ramones had taken their place on stage, Joey was the last one to take his position. He lifts his glasses briefly and winks at me as I blow him a kiss. I notice Johnny being an asshole as always is glaring evilly at Joey. You’d think he would be in a better mood, considering he just got laid. They start to play “Blitzkrieg bop”. Joey signals to the band to stop, leans over his microphone and says “Good evening, it’s great to be here. This one’s called I wanna be your boyfriend and I’d like to dedicate it to my beautiful new bride.” Joey walks off the stage and over to me. He stands there next to me and sings me the entire song. I have butterflies in my stomach now, and a huge smile on my face as I stare into Joey’s eyes as he serenades me. Hearing his amazing voice and knowing he’s singing to me, literally makes me melt. When the song is over, Joey walks back up on stage. Johnny throws down his guitar and says to Joey “What the fuck is wrong with you?! You stay up here on stage with the rest of us!” Joey replies “It was one time, John. Get over it!” The audience is eager for the show to continue instead of the seeing Johnny and Joey fight and start booing. The band continues with the show, the next song they do is “Do you remember rock ‘n roll radio?”. They also play “She’s the one” Joey blows me a kiss in the middle of the song, pissing off Johnny even more.

The show was over now and Marie and I are both concerned about Johnny and Joey. “Do you think it’s a good idea to go backstage” Marie asks. I answer “I don’t care if it’s a good idea or not. What can Johnny really do to me?” “Well I’ll go with you just in case” Marie reassures me.

We’re both backstage now, and I’m totally nervous because I feel responsible. After all, Joey was singing the song to me instead of the whole crowd…again. As we stood by the door contemplating whether or not to enter, we could hear Johnny and Joey arguing. A bouncer walks over to us and it appears as if he was about to tell us to leave. Just then Joey opens the door and invites us in and the bouncer backs off. I go in and sit down next to Joey. Marie walks over to Dee Dee and attempts to flirt, but is doing so very awkwardly. which makes me laugh a little inside my head. Dee Dee doesn’t seem to be resisting Marie’s advances either. I’m worried now, and hope my friend will do the right thing. As funny as it was watching her awkwardly flirt with her favorite Ramone I still knew it was wrong because he was a married man. I mean, I could totally understand how Vera must feel if she had been here to see this that is, because I myself was now married. Johnny as I imagined he would be is super pissed, seeing me. “Oh great! What’s she doing here?!” Johnny complains “Shut the hell up John. She’s my wife, she has a right to be here.” “You think I give a shit? It’s totally unprofessional, the way you acted tonight!” Johnny scolds. Linda who was sitting next to Johnny walks over to me and is pointing her finger at me says “You’re nothing but a trouble maker. You should really get lost.” I stand up and gather up as much courage as I can before saying to Linda “Are you gonna make me, you fucking groupie?!” Linda pulls me by the hair, attempting to make me fall to the ground and fails. I punch her in the mouth, she goes down instantly and starts crying. Johnny rushes to Linda’s side and helps her up. I was shocked to actually see him show any amount of kindness. Johnny starts to yell at me “What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously?!” “Leave her alone” Joey says defending me. Like I said, Suzy is my wife now. She has every right to be here. Stop being such a bitch Linda. I know you’re jealous that I married her, but you need to get over it already.” Once Linda has gotten up she says “She was just a rebound Joey. You married her, to try and get over me. Admit it.” “You’re ok with her saying that, John?” Joey asks. “Linda, forget about them. This isn’t about them or us. It’s about the Ramones. Am I the only one who realizes that?” Joey suddenly yells out something that I genuinely hope he doesn’t mean “That’s it I can’t take it anymore! I’m done with the Ramones. I don’t need this bullshit!”

Joey had ordered a limousine and we were on our way back to the apartment. Joey is clearly upset and his OCD is acting up again. He keeps rolling the window up and down. I scoot closer to him and try to comfort him by hugging him. He then asks “Are you ok baby? You didn’t get hurt did you? Please, I’m fine. It’s Linda you should be worried about.” Joey laughs, and then leans closer to me. I take off his glasses and set them down beside me. We gaze into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity before sharing in an amorous kiss. We continue kissing passionately, Stopping only only for a brief moment to catch a breath of of air. “I love you Joey” I confess “I love you too Suzy” Joey replies, then we continue making out.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty Three

I wake up the next morning in bed alone. Where was Joey? Why wasn’t he here? Did he have an early rehearsal? Did he finally realize I wasn’t good enough for him and leave me for good? I get up to see if he’s in the apartment at all and as soon as I get out of the bed, he comes in through the front door. He walks over to me and hands me a bouquet of a dozen red roses. I smile at Joey and say “Oh my god you are sooo sweet! Thank you, they’re beautiful.” I grab the roses and set them down on the table. “No. You’re beautiful” Joey tells me.

He grabs me by the waist, pulling me closer to him. He kisses me tenderly on the lips. He was a great kisser, every time our lips met, I got butterflies in my stomach. As we continue to share in a warm and loving embrace, I think to myself “I never knew I could be this deeply in love with someone.” We had really only known each other for a few months, and we probably got married way too soon according to some people. I knew Joey was my soul mate though.

The phone rings, I answer it. Richie Ramone had called and invited us to a part at his place.

Joey, myself and Marie had just arrived at the party. “Hey, Richie. This is my wife, Suzy, and her friend Marie” “Hey how you guys doin?” Richie politely asks. “I’m fine” I reply. “Hey Suzy” Marie tells me “I think I see Dee Dee by the pool. I’m gonna go say hi. I warn Marie “Fine. Just be careful, and remember he’s married!”

Marie walks over to Dee Dee and I notice something strange. Dee Dee is actually hitting on her, instead of her trying to rape him. I notice him whisper something to Marie, which makes her giggle. Dee Dee leans in and kisses her. It was a long and very passionate looking kiss, I’m in total disbelief as I watch this. Dee Dee grabs Marie by the hand and they attempt to walk inside the house, but Dee Dee stumbles and falls to the ground. It looked like he had been drinking a lot. Marie helps him back up and they make their way into the house.

Joey is standing next to me laughing, as we both watch Dee Dee and Marie. “Why are you laughing?” I ask “Dee Dee’s married! I can’t believe Marie is doing this!” Joey answers still laughing “Because if Vera finds out, she’ll kick his ass.” A few minutes later, Marie comes running back out of the house with Vera chasing after her. Vera’s extremely pissed and is yelling at Marie “You home wrecker!”. She catches up with Marie and tosses her in the pool. Normally, I would’ve gone and helped my friend, but honestly she deserved it. Dee has come out of the house now and is holding his head like he’s in pain. I guess Vera did kick his ass. He walks a few steps closer to Vera, I’m guessing to try and apologize but passes out on the ground. Joey is laughing uncontrollably. I’m disgusted with Marie at this point, I ask Joey to go get me a drink. I ask him for a rum and coke.

Joey goes and gets my drink and brings it back to me. By this time, Vera has helped Dee Dee back up and brought him inside the house to yell at him. As soon as Vera is gone Marie comes over to me. Joey doesn’t wanna get involved so he walks over to Richie and they start talking. “Marie” I say “I really don’t wanna talk to you right now, ” “Oh come on! Don’t be mad at me. You know how I feel about Dee Dee. He hit on me this time by the way!” “I don’t care. He’s a married man. Imagine how Vera must feel.” I drink my rum and coke quickly, hoping to get a good buzz. This had been a stressful day.

I walk over to Joey and Richie. Marie follows me saying “Suzy, you shouldn’t drink. You’re only 19” I retort back “Marie, you shouldn’t be chasing after Dee Dee. He’s married.”

Joey and I went home early that night, around eight ‘o clock actually. We’re both still buzzed and giggling over nothing. Joey looks at me and says “You remember the last time we drank together? It was the night that I proposed to you. The first time” I smile and say “Yeah. That was a fun night. I also remember you being too horny to wait until we got to our room.”

Joey smiles and then starts kissing me everywhere, from my lips to and my neck and shoulders. We make our way into the bedroon. We undress each other slowly, as we make out. “You know what would be fun?” I ask Joey “What?” he replies “You know, we’ve never showered together.” Joey grabs my hand and leads me to the restroom.

I turn on the hot water. And step in the shower, Joey follows me in. The heat from the steamy shower just excited us both more. We start kissing each other eagerly. As we continue kissing we start scrubbing each other sensually. Joey has a hard on now, so I first start massaging his hard on, then drop to my knees and pleasure him orally. Joey stokes my long silky, dark brown hair as I continue to pleasure him. Joey takes me by the hand and pulls me back up. It is now him who drops to his knees and starts pleasuring me. It’s so intense, and I’m in such a state of ecstasy that I almost scream out in pure sensual bliss. We then both slowly fall to the ground our bodies entangled together. Joey tells me “I love you” I reply “I love you too Joey. I seriously have never loved anyone this much. Then We slowly and warmly make love to each other.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty Four

The Ramones had just finished recording their new album, “Subterranean jungle” at Kindgdom sounds studio in Long Island. Myself, Vera, and Linda were all waiting at a popular bar and bowling alley combined, in Long Island called “The Long Island 300” for the boys to show up and celebrate the recording of the new album. I’m quite surprised that Linda and I were able to tolerate being in the same room with each other, to tell you the truth. The band had(Except for Johnny) finally arrived. As soon as Joey walks in the door Linda gives him a sort of leer and says in a flirty tone “Hey Joey!” To my surprise, Joey smiles back and replies “Hey, how ya doin?” Seriously? Did he just smile at her? What the fuck was going on? Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. Maybe, he still had feelings for her. Linda gets up from her seat and walks over to Joey. She hugs him and says “Congratulations on the new album” Joey hugs her back and says “Thanks”. Linda then kisses Joey right on the lips! I don’t know whether or not he kissed her back, I didn’t stay long enough to find out. I guess, I was finally waking up from my dream. I storm out of the place. If you’re thinking I stormed out of the place to try and get attention, you’re wrong. I’m not just angry, I’m also confused and hurt. I would’ve tried to leave and go somewhere far away, but I didn’t really know New York that well. I had only been here for a few days. I’m standing outside of the bowling alley against a wall near the entrance. Joey had followed me out but was opening and closing the door repeatedly. I watch him do this and think it’ll take forever for him to finally come outside. I decide to go and help him by opening the door for him, grabbing him by the hand and we both walk outside together. I didn’t know what to think of what I had just seen. Maybe I was overacting, but how was I supposed to react? “What the hell was that all about Joey?!” I ask He looks nervous as he responds “I don’t know. She kissed me. I swear, I didn’t kiss her back. ” I look into Joey’s eyes as he says this and immediately start to feel horrible about being mad at him. Seriously, how could I stay mad at him? He was such a sweetheart. I just couldn’t forget what Linda had said to Joey, when her and I had gotten into that fight, and now this bitch actually had the nerve to kiss him in right in front of me? She had said that Joey had only married me to try and get over her. Was that true? With the way Joey smiled at her, it just may have been true. I tell Joey “You know what? Let’s just go back inside. We’ll talk about this later.” “Ok” Joey replies. I still can’t stop thinking about what Linda said and wondering whether or not, there was any truth behind it. I wipe my tears away and Joey and I head back inside.

Vera sees us, and says “Good. You guys are back. ” Linda is drinking a martini and is already drunk. She pulls a locket out of her pocket and laughing, says “You remember this Joey? You bought this for me on our one year anniversary, three years ago.” I’ve had enough of this bitch by now. I walk over to Linda and punch her in the mouth. “Maybe that’ll get her to shut up” I think to myself.

Joey and were back at home now. Well, we were in his apartment anyway, which was really starting to feel like home to me. Joey attempts to calm me down by holding my hand, I jerk away from him though and walk to the other side of the room. “Suzy, calm down. Ok baby?” “Calm down? I should calm down? You kissed another woman!” “I told ya before, she kissed ME. I didn’t kiss her back, I swear!” “You should probably sleep on the couch tonight. Ok?” Joey tells me “Look, Linda got the worst of it anyway. You gave her a black eye the other day, now she’s probably gonna have a busted lip to go with it.” I immediately respond by asking “So, now you feel sorry for her?!” “I didn’t say that” Joey answers “Now let’s not fight ok baby? This is exactly what she wants. Ya know?” Joey was right. This was what Linda wanted, to turn Joey and I against one another and try and break us up. She had done so much to try and steal Joey away from me, yet here he was comforting me. “Come here baby“ Joey tells me. I start to walk over to him and ask “You do love me. Right?” “More than you’ll ever know. “ As sincere as he sounds, at this moment, I’m still having doubts. “How can I be sure? I know how much you loved Linda. It was easy to figure out once I saw the locket you gave her. Why does she even still have it by the way?” “I don’t know why she still has it” Joey answers “She’s just trying to piss you off. It’s working too.”

Joey and I are now standing, facing each other. He says to me “I think you need to cool off. Maybe this kiss will help with that.” He kisses my forehead, both cheeks, then eventually my lips. His lips feel so soft, pressed against mine. I’m no longer mad at my husband now, and start to remember how much I love him and how much he loves me. How can I be, when he’s this good of a kisser? I begin to relax and enjoy the moment, which is becoming more filled with romance and passion by the second. Then Joey grabs my breasts and squeezes them, firmly. He was a sweetheart, but he was still a guy, always thinking about sex. I won’t lie though, with as hot as things were getting, I had the same thing on my mind.

Joey takes me by the hand, and leads me into the bedroom. We’re both sitting down on the bed now. I pull Joey on top of me, and we start kissing passionately. We slowly undress each other. While we’re still kissing heavily, Joey runs his hand up my leg and inserts a finger in me. He fingers me hard and fast hitting my “G” spot perfectly. I have an orgasm so intense that I scream out from pure sexual pleasure.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty Five

It had been one week since the Ramones finished recording “Subterranean jungle”. It was morning time, and Joey and I were eating breakfast together.

“So, I was thinking that maybe you and I could go to Coney Island and spend the day together. What do ya think?” Joey asks “Yeah! That sounds totally fun!” I cheerfully reply. “We might go to Rockaway beach too” Joey says. “Oh my god!” I say “This is gonna be awesome. I’m gonna call Marie.” “Ok. I’m gonna invite Richie too, since has a car.” I start to think about what had happened the week before with Dee Dee and Marie. I was still disappointed in her for going after a married man, but I also felt bad about her being alone. “You know?” I tell Joey “Richie and Marie might make a cute couple.” Joey laughs and replies “If you think that’s a good idea, then you go ahead and try and play match maker.”

I’m now on the phone with Marie. “Hey! Guess what? You, me and Joey are going to Coney Island, and maybe even Rockaway Beach today. Sounds great huh?” “Definitely!” Marie exclaims. “Are Dee Dee and Vera gonna be there too?” she asks nervously. “No. Forget about Dee Dee, seriously. Richie’s coming though…” “Oh he’s kinda cute, I guess.” “Yeah, and single…”

We were finally at Coney Island, It was unbelievably amazing being at the same place that Joey sang about in one of my all time favorite songs, “Oh oh I love her so.” As Joey and I walk down the pier arm in arm, Richie and Marie walked behind us, at least an arm’s length apart from each other. In fact, they were barely even speaking to each other. Hooking these two up, was going to be a lot harder than I had expected.

I look at Joey and noticing that my plan didn’t seem to have even the slightest chance of working, I ask “So, what do you think babe? They look cute together, right?” He laughs and replies “I think the word you’re looking for is awkward.” I laugh and reply “Well it is their first date…Kind of. “ “Yeah, that’s true. I don’t think it’d be this weird for both of them if they liked each other though. Ya know?” “We gotta give them a chance though. Besides, I know Marie likes Richie at least a little bit. She said he’s cute.” “Hey I got an idea.” Joey tells me “What?” I ask. “Let’s ditch them for a little while, so they can have some privacy. That way we can be alone too.” Joey turns to Marie and Richie and says “Hey guys, why don’t we split up for a bit and we’ll all meet back here in two hours? I kinda wanna be alone with my wife.” Marie looks at Richie, smiling and says “How about it Richie? You wanna show me around?” “Yeah, why not? I know this place pretty well.” Joey and I head in one direction, and Marie and Richie in the other.

Even though Joey and I are finally alone, I cant stop worrying about Marie and Richie. I really wanted things to work out for the two of them. I knew that Marie had a tendency to come on too strong some of the time. Joey and I sit down at a near by bench. “This place is amazing.” I tell Joey. He looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his, and says “Not as amazing as you are.” He places his hand on my shoulder and gently pulls me closer to him. Joey gives me short but tender kiss on the lips. He then smiles at me and says “I love you”. “I love you too” I reply, still smiling. We then share a much longer and romantic kiss, that gives me butterflies in my stomach, and makes my heart beat fast, almost like I was a school girl with a crush . As we embrace one another, I’m reminded of my love for him, and also of how lucky I am to actually be married to in my opinion the most talented lead singer in the history of rock and roll. This had turned out to be the perfect day, so far.

I wanna be your boyfriend
Chapter Twenty Six

It was dark outside now, and it was time to meet up with Marie and Richie. As to be expected, since it was early December, the air was really cold. As Joey and I walk he has his arm around my shoulder and has also let me wear his leather jacket to keep warm. We had already gone on all the rides and everything, and were having a great time together. Like I said, it had been the perfect day. As we were walking over to the pier, where we had agreed to meet up with Richie and Marie, two girls approach Joey and I. One of the girls, a tall blonde(kinda reminded me of Becky, actually) screams out in an annoyingly high pitched voice, “Oh my god! Joey Ramone!” The other girl, also a blonde, but not as tall tells Joey “I love you Joey!” Both girls are trying to get as close to Joey as they can. He’s so tall, and completely easy to recognize that he didn’t even try to disguise him self because it would have been useless anyway. Suddenly, there are much more than just two girls trying to get to Joey, and we get separated from each other. One of the girls knocks me onto the ground as she tries to run up and hug him. I try to call for Joey, but my screams are not heard due to all the girls screaming “I love you Joey!” “Can I have your autograph?” and a whole bunch of noise in general. Joey tries to calm down the girls and tells them “Ok, ok. I’ll give you an autograph. Just let me find my wife! Seriously. Settle down! Please! Suzy? Where are you?” Joey eventually sees me and helps me up.

“Are you ok?” Joey asks me “I’m fine” I reply “Let’s just please get out of here. Ok?” The crowd had left, and Richie and Marie had finally shown up. “There you are!” Marie says as she walks over to me. “Richie and I went on the carousel and practically every other ride here. It was sooo fun” Marie says to me, and then turns to Richie and smiles flirtatiously. Marie then looks back at me and notices that I’ve got a few minor cuts and bruises and asks “Are you ok, Suzy? You look like a mess.” I reply “I’m fine. I just forgot how popular Joey was, especially here in New York. His female fans saw him and went fucking crazy.” Riche looks concerned as I’m saying all this and asks “Are you gonna be all right?” “Yeah, yeah. I’ll be fine” I answer. “Hey Richie” Joey says “Can you take us to the resort. I wanna rent a room there, so Suzy and I can unwind. This has been a really day stressful for her, and she really just needs to relax.” Joey kisses me on the cheek and says “I’m really sorry baby. I had no idea this would happen.” “It’s ok” I reply “I should probably get use to it. I’m sure this won’t be the only time something like this happens.” “Sometimes we forget about the fans I guess. I’m sure Joey will take great care of you though” Marie assures me.

The four of us are in the car now, on our way to the Coney Island hotel. “It was a great day” Joey says “Until, people recognized me.” Marie laughs and says “Yeah. You’re pretty difficult to find a good disguise for.” As Richie drives us he says “I actually had a really great time. Marie is really fun to hang out with.” I smile at Joey and whisper “See! I told you, they would hit it off.” “Do you guys want me to pick you up later? I think it’d be safer than the subway.” “I think Richie’s right. As much fun as it would be to ride the subway, I don’t wanna take any chances. Not after what happened tonight.” Joey answers saying “Yeah. Pick us up tomorrow afternoon. I’ll call you later.” ’Bye guys” Richie says “Have fun.”

Now in the hotel room, I’m extremely tired, so I immediately go and lay down on the bed. Joey goes into the restroom and comes back out with a bottle of lotion. “So do ya wanna get in the Jacuzzi?” Joey asks “Yeah, that sounds great right now.” “After that I’ll give you a full body massage.” Joey tells me I reply “That also sounds great.” Joey lays on top of me and starts kissing me everywhere, from my lips, my neck, shoulders. He stops kissing for a moment, and we both undress. Once undressed, we continue kissing passionately.

As much as I was enjoying making out with Joey, I was actually looking foeward to the Jacuzzi. I laugh as I say “Babe, I thought we were gonna get in the Jacuzzi…” “Oh yeah, that’s right.” Joey sweeps me off my feet, and carries me over to the Jacuzzi. We continue kissing as he carries me. The hot water in the Jacuzzi feels great and I finally begin to relax. Joey playfully tickles me. I giggle as I tell Joey “You know, I’m ticklish there. Stop it!” “Yeah I know you are” Joey says with a laugh. I start ticking him back “Now it’s my turn. Where you ticklish?’ “I’m not telling” Joey says, still laughing. “I love how warm the water in here is, it feels so nice, especially since it’s so cold outside. I hate cold weather.” “Well, ya better get used to it” Joey says “It should start snowing pretty soon, it is winter, We can build our first snowman together.” I smile as I reply “That sounds like a lot fun, Joey.”

We stayed in the Jacuzzi for about thirty minutes. When we get out, Joey picks me back up and starts carrying me over to the bed. I’m a little surprised by this, so I tell Joey “It’s ok babe. I can walk.” “I know. I’m just gonna take you over to the bed, and lay you down there. You’re so beautiful. I wanna kiss your naked body all over. Joey lays me down on the bed and stares at me. I’m still a little shy, so the staring makes me a bit nervous. I ask Joey “Do you like my body, Joey?” “Of course I do” Joey answers “I love your body and everything about it. Why else would I wanna kiss and lick you all over, and make love to you?” He grabs my breasts and starts slowing massaging and rubbing them, and playing with my nipples. He then starts kissing and sucking on my nipples. He continues kissing and licking, slowly working his way down from my breasts to my stomach. He softly kisses my belly button. I between kisses he asks me “How about me, Suzy? Which part of my body do you like the most?” I think for a moment before answering. “Well…All of them. I love everything about you, from your head to your toes.” I suck in my stomach, hinting that I want Joey to direct his kissing just a little farther down. He kisses and licks my belly tenderly, still gently massaging my breasts. Joey continues kissing and licking me all over. He lets go of my breasts, and places his hand on my leg. He runs his hand up my leg. He starts to rub me softly and slowly. It feels amazing, that I quickly become wet. He softly kisses my thigh. He looks up at me briefly, and says in soft whisper “I love you Suzy” I smile as I reply “I love you too, Joey.” I place my hand on the back of Joey’s head and start playing with his long dark hair as he rests his head between my legs and begins licking and sucking on me. He continues to give me intensely satisfying oral pleasure until I come close to climaxing. I take his hand and place it on my leg, and then move it up slowly. Joey knows exactly what I want and he gives it to me. He inserts a finger in me. He fingers me for a little while before asking “Do you want me to make love to you now?” I immediately reply “Yes. Make love to me Joey.” He kisses me desirously and romantically on the lips before penetrating me. He slowly goes in and out of me, kissing me passionately on the lips as we make love. “Oh Joey that feels so good! Oh my god! Yes! Yes!”


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

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I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Chapter 27

Joey and I were back at his apartment now. When Richie and Marie had dropped us off earlier, Marie had told me that Richie had taken her on another date since we last saw them. I was glad to see that my matchmaking was better than I thought. Joey and I were sitting on the couch, watching the evening news. I could tell that he had really wanted to tell me something all day, but was hesitating to do so. I ask him, “What’s wrong babe? You’ve been super quiet all evening.”

Joey answers “Well…Ya know we just got finished recording the album, and a few hours ago, while you were napping I got a phone call from Monte. He says the tour’s gonna start earlier than we thought.”

I sigh as I ask, “How much sooner?”

“In a week,” Joey replies. My mood quickly changes from cheerful, to slightly depressed. It was hard enough on me the last time he went on tour, and we barely even knew each other then. Our relationship had gotten stronger since then. I really wasn’t sure if I could stand to be apart from Joey for such a long period of time again.

“How long is the tour gonna be?’ I ask.

Joey has a worried look on his face as he answers me, “A year.”

“Are you serious? Great! That‘s just great!” I reply. I know I was probably overreacting. I should’ve expected this, marrying a rock star, right?

“Look, babe, it’s not as bad as it sounds,” Joey says, trying to comfort me. “We usually get to come home and take short breaks.”

I start to cry a little. This was a lot to take in. We had only been married for a few weeks, and hadn’t settled into our new lives together. Joey leans closer to me and hugs me, which leads to a passionate kiss. As we embrace, I think that maybe I could go with him on tour. I mean, we are married now. “What if I went with you?” I ask Joey.

“I don’t know, babe. I’ll have to ask Monte,” Joey says. I put my head down. I realize that this probably wasn’t going to happen. Joey sees how sad I look and reassures me “Don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll say yes. I sure hope so, anyway. I couldn’t bear to be away from you for that long.”

Joey is on the phone with Monte now, attempting to convince him to let him bring me on tour with the band. “Hi Monte, it’s Joey. I wanted to talk to you about the tour. Ok, yeah I can do that. I’ll see you later. Bye.” Joey hangs up the phone and tells me, “He says we’ll all meet up at Arturo’s loft, and talk about things there.”

I reply, “Does that mean I’m coming too?”

Joey kisses me tenderly on the forehead and says, “Of course it does. The whole meeting is pretty much about you. Like I said, I can’t bear to be separated from you for that long.”

Joey and I had just arrived at Arturo’s loft. Joey knocks on the door a few times, before Arturo answers it. “Hey Arty. This is my wife, Suzy. Has everyone else gotten here yet?” Joey says.

Arturo answers, “Dee Dee and Vera are already here. So is Monte. We’ve just been waiting for you two, and Johnny and Linda.” We walk in, and take seats on the couch, next to Dee Dee and Vera.

Johnny and Linda finally arrive. Monte is the first one to speak: “Ok, so to be fair about this, I say we take a vote, after a brief discussion. That is, if you all want to discuss this at all. You know the tour starts in one week, so hopefully this can be resolved by the end of this meeting.”

Joey says, “I really think we should take a vote to see if the no girlfriends or wives rule can be changed.”

Johnny jumps in saying “Oh, please! You’re only saying that now, because you’re married! You never had a problem with it before.”

“Well, I always thought it was a stupid rule. Vera should be able to come with me on tour, instead of having to stay at home,” Dee Dee adds.

“Clearly, I’m gonna be out voted here.” Johnny says “This means we can take girlfriends too, not just wives, right?”

Monte says, “Well, that sounds like everyone is in agreement. Wives and girlfriends can come on tour.”

Linda glares at me from across the room. She’s obviously still jealous of mine and Joey’s relationship. I’m sure she’s also annoyed, that I’m the reason this meeting even happened. I really was not looking forward to having to spend so much time with Linda, but it was gonna be worth it, to avoid being away from Joey.


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

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I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Chapter 28

WARNING: Strong Sexual Content

It's a been week since the meeting at Arturo's loft. Joey and I were both packed and ready for the tour. The bus would be arriving to pick us up soon. This was so exciting! I was actually going on the road with him! I really didn't think that the band or Monte would be willing to change the rule about no wives or girlfriends on tour. Of course, I was glad that they did.

Joey and I are sitting on the couch"Ya know, I'm really happy that you get to come with me," Joey tells me.

"Me too," I reply, with a smile. I look into Joey's beautiful brown eyes, and realize how miserable I would've been without him. It was a relief that I was coming on tour with the band, even if it meant having to put up with Linda. Joey leans closer toward me, and gently strokes my cheek. I climb onto his lap. I place both of my hands on his shoulders, and kiss him passionately and strongly on the lips. I notice Joey's completely aroused, so I begin undoing his pants.

"I hope that stupid bus doesn't get here any time soon," Joey gasps. I continue kissing him, but am interrupted by the sound of the bus's horn honking. "Dammit! Perfect timing!"

"Oh, great!" I say with an annoyed sigh.

We can hear Monte yelling from outside, "Joey! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!"

"WE'RE COMING!" Joey yells to Monte. I laugh a little as he says this. We quickly run down the stairs, and outside, and make our way onto the tour bus. We take a seat in the back, hoping we can continue what we started. Johnny yells from the front of the bus, "No hanky panky back there, you two!"

"Shut the hell up, John!" Joey replies.

"I mean it, Joey," Johnny says, glaring at Joey.

I whisper to Joey, "We really have no reason to be intimidated by Johnny. We're married now. He can't tell us what to do, babe."

"Yeah, you're right. So you wanna continue where we left off?' Joey whispers.

This sounded totally hot, but I was nervous because there were so many people around. There was the crew, the rest of the band, and Monte. "You mean here? On the bus?"

"Yeah. Why not? We'll be quiet. We won't disturb anyone," Joey says.

I giggle at the thought of fooling around on the Ramones tour bus, as it pulled away from the curb, with everyone just a few feet away. We settled into our seat and I pulled a blanket up over us. Joey slips his hand in my jeans. He begins rubbing and stroking me. Then he starts kissing me. It was such a rush, thinking we could get caught at any moment.

Just as things were heating up, Dee Dee wanders over to Joey and me. "Hey Joey, do you have any smokes? I'm out and Monte won't stop at the 7-11."

Joey is startled by Dee Dee, and attempts to remove his hand from my jeans. I stop him, though. He says to Dee Dee, "No man. Ya know I quit smoking years ago."

Dee Dee then turns to me and asks the same question. I could hardly focus on anything but Joey fondling me. Even though I did have a pack of cigarettes with me, I still shook my head no. Apparently Dee Dee knew what was going on and annoyed, says, "You're unbelievable." He walked away.

Joey is still fondling me, and it's getting more intense by the second. I bite my bottom lip, to keep from moaning too loudly. As my desire becomes more intense, all I can think of is how badly I want to feel him inside me. I realize that there is a bathroom on the tour bus and tell Joey, "Hey, let's go to the bathroom. We'd have more privacy there."

Joey looks at me. I can tell he is skeptical of my idea as he says, "Are you sure that's a good idea? If anyone sees us go in there together, they'll know what we're up to. Plus, what if someone needs to use it?"

I could tell he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him, and he wasn't that hard to convince. "Don't worry about it," I say. Then kiss him on the cheek. "I doubt anyone will have to use the restroom this early anyway. Monte made everyone go before they got on the bus. Besides, it's none of their business what we're doing."

We both get up from our seats slowly, as to not attract attention to ourselves. It didn't do us much good though, as soon as we got up, everyone started staring. Only one person had the nerve to say anything, though. "Are you two, um, going to the bathroom ... together?" Linda asked.

"Yeah," Joey replies. He and I walk over to the restroom. He opens the door for me, and I walk in first. Then he comes in and then shuts and locks the door. I can see the desire in Joey's eyes, and he can see it in mine as well. We start kissing passionately, and intensely, barely pulling away to catch a breath. We stop kissing and for a moment and quickly both undress. Joey pins me against the wall, which is a bit uncomfortable but still exciting. I wrap my legs around Joey, as he enters me with his throbbing manhood. His movements start out slow, which feels amazing. I moan. Loudly. I was so caught up in the moment, that I almost forgot we were on a tour bus with the rest of the band. I try to be more quiet as we continue.

We're barely finished when there was a frantic knock at the door. It was Dee Dee. We both quickly put our clothes back on. Dee Dee hollers, "Come on guys! Open the door! I really gotta piss." We open the door and see that most of the crew members are standing outside the bathroom door. Apparently they were listening the whole time. This was SO embarrassing. I feel my cheeks turn bright red, as I stare back at the crew members.

As we make our way back to our seats, Linda stops us. "Gee, I hope you two didn't mess up the bathroom," she taunts.

"Fuck you, Linda!" I reply.

"No, that's ok. You and Joey were just doing that anyway," Linda said.

As Joey and I head back our seats I flip Linda off. Then we sit down. I hear Linda say, "Seriously, doing it in the bathroom on a god damn tour bus. Some people have no class."

"How many times have you joined the Mile High Club?" I shout.

"Excuse me?" Linda shoots back.

Now I was angry. I yell, "Do you really wanna fight me again, Linda?! I kicked your ass once and I won't have no problem doing it again."

Joey tries to calm me down saying, "She's not worth it, babe." He was right, she really wasn't worth it. I calm down and grab my pack of smokes out of my pocket, and light up a cigarette.


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

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I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Chapter 29

It was now January, 1983. Throughout the month of December we had toured the entire east coast, and were now starting the tour of the west coast. It had been a completely surreal experience. Of course, I don't need to tell you how awesome it was that the lead singer of the band was my husband.

The tour bus had finally stopped at "Du Orleans," the hotel where the band and crew would be staying for the remainder of our time in New Orleans. As we get out of the bus, Dee Dee proposes, "Why don't we hit the French Quarter?"

Johnny replies, "Go ahead if you want, Dee Dee. Just don't show up to the concert fucked up or drunk."

"I'm SO tired," I tell Joey, yawning.

"Suzy and I are gonna head to our room," Joey tells the rest of the band.

Joey and I are now in our hotel room. I'm still exhausted from the constant touring. I start to wonder how Joey is able to put up with it on a regular basis. I go to the bed and collapse on it. Joey walks over to the bed and lays down next to me. He jokes, "I'm so tired, and I think I'm car sick. Actually, I'm bus sick." Joey takes off his rose colored glasses, and sets them down on the nightstand. As we cuddle, he tells me, "Ya know, one of our favorite restaurants is here in New Orleans. I'll take you there later."

"That sounds great. I heard that New Orleans had great food. I just wanna lay here and relax for a while before we go anywhere though." Then I laugh. "Sitting on that damn bus for so long, really hurt my ass."

Joey smiles as he says, "Maybe I can ease your pain with a special massage. This'll be a lot better if I take off your jeans."

"Go ahead" I smile, as Joey slowly removes my jeans. He gently massages my back.

"I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. I know you're not used to it. It must be hard being married to a musician," Joey says.

I reply, "I don't mind babe. As long as I'm with you, then it's all worth it. Plus these 'special massages' are an awesome bonus too."

Joey starts kissing my back tenderly. The evening was turning out to be a good one, and was on it's way to being great, when we were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Oh great" Joey sighs "I bet it's Dee Dee". I quickly cover myself with the blanket.

Joey goes to the door and opens it, to my surprise it's not Dee Dee, but Linda instead. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," Linda says, as she invites herself into our room.

"Well, you kinda are," Joey politely tells Linda.

"Seriously, you two should kind of give it a rest. Don't you think?" Linda said.

"We were resting Linda, until you showed up. Don't you have anything better to do?" I ask.

"Where's Johnny, anyway?" Joey asks.

"Taking a shower."

"So, what are you doing here?"

"Nothing, really," Linda casually replies. "It's just, we haven't really had a chance to talk in a while."

"There's not much to talk about, as long as we can all try to be cordial towards each other."

"Isn't it awkward for you seeing me with Johnny, Joey? I'm sure, you were still looking forward to the day I toured with you guys as your girlfriend."

"No, not at all. I have my wife now, and she makes me happy."

I'd listened to enough at this point "Ok, thanks for coming by. You can go back to Johnny now. Bye bye."

Linda is about to say something, but quickly changes her mind when she hears Johnny calling her from down the halls and leaves.

Joey closes and locks the door, then comes back over to the bed. "Good! She's gone. Now how about continuing that massage?" I say.

"I've got something better than a massage Joey says, giving me a playful smile. Joey begins stripping for me, first slowly removing his leather jacket.

I giggle a little as I yell, "Yeah! Take it off, baby! Take it all off!" Once all of his clothes are off, Joey climbs back into bed with me. I quickly remove the rest of my clothing, and Joey continues massaging my back, passionately and tenderly kissing my neck and shoulders as he does so. I turn over, so I'm laying on my back and pull Joey on top of me.

"I love you, Suzy," Joey says in a soft whisper.

I smile as I reply, "I love you too, Joey."

Placing my hands on the back of his neck, I gently pull him closer to me. He gives me a quick peck on the lips, then smiles at me. We kiss again, this one longer than the one before. Our lips are firmly pressed against one another, and the movements in sync with one another. I open my mouth to deepen it, welcoming his tongue to meet mine. I'm overcome with emotions. A kiss that was fueled not only by the lust and desire that I felt for Joey at this moment, the love of my life. Yet, also one that was as intense and as deep as the love that I felt for him and that I knew he felt for me. When we finally part, Joey looks me and says, "I know you've gotta be pretty tired, so if ya don't wanna ya know…Then we don't have too."

Joey was right. I was totally exhausted from being on the bus for so long. "Are you kidding me?" I laugh "I may be tired, but that little strip tease you did got me all fired up. Sleep is the last thing on my mind right now."

Joey laughs as he says, "Same here."

Joey kisses my neck softly, and then works his way back up until our lips meet again. We continue making out for what seemed like a blissful eternity, then Joey finally enters me. He makes love to me slowly. He whispers in my ear, "I love you". We continue until we both climax.

It's the next morning. Joey and I are both awake, but are still cuddling underneath the blanket, since it's cold outside. I look at the clock on the nightstand. It's already ten in the morning. Neither of us are ready to get up just yet. I would love to stay in bed all day, cuddling with my husband. "What a morning," Joey yawns.

"Then again, what a night too, huh?" I yawn as I say, "I'm SO not ready to get up yet. I wish we could just stay here underneath the warm blankets and make love all day."

"That'd be nice, huh?" Joey replies, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek. "Remember, I told you about that French café, that we usually eat at whenever we're here? Why don't head over there, and get some breakfast?"

Joey and I were now at Le Café Francais. Marie met us there. It was great to see her again. She and I really hadn't spent much time together, since Joey and I had gotten married. "Hey Suzy! Hey Joey!" Marie greets us with a smile.

I hug Marie as I reply, "Oh my god it's been too long."

"I know! So are you two just waking up? I am."

Marie pulls an object out of her shopping bag and says, "Oh, look what I bought at this cool voodoo shop."

I look at it and I reply "It's a doll. What's so cool about it?"

Joey takes the doll from Marie, to get a better look at it and says, "Actually, it's a voodoo doll. Ya know? The kind you stick needles in and stuff."


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Zoot2013 on 7/12/2013, 10:33 pm

I really love your story. Joey is one of my favorite singers too. Please continue on with your story.

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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 5/2/2015, 12:16 am

Thanks to everyone who's been reading this. I've been a huge Ramones fan since I was a teenager. It's always irritated me that a lot of people called Joey ugly. I'll stop ranting now lol. Anyway, I'm starting work on chapter 30 now. I'll post it as soon as it's ready.


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty I wanna be your boyfriend Chapter 30

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I wanna be your boyfriend

Chapter 30

Rolling my eyes, I grab the doll from Marie. One part of my brain is telling me that she's just trying to get a taste of the states culture. while the other half is completely freaked out by this weird "Voodoo doll". I know I shouldn't be so supersticious, but I can't help it.

"Hey! I have plans for that! Give it back." Marie whines.

"Plans?" I hesitantly ask. "And just who do you intend to use that thing on?"

Marie smiles wickedly, before opening her mouth. "Linda."

"I had to ask, didn't I?" "Are you kidding me? No. we are not using that thing on my husbands ex!"

"Fine! I won't use it on her."

"On anyone."

"On anyone." Marie sighs.

"Good. So with Joey doing a show right now, we finally have some time to spend together. What do you wanna do?"

"Shopping! What else?" Marie cheerfully shouts without missing a beat.

'That doesn't sound too bad I guess."

"Plus, Joey bought you that beautiful locket. Don't you think you ought to buy him something in return?"

"Sure. I just have no idea what."

As Marie and I windowshop at a jewelry store called "Couronne Jewels and Watches", Marie anxiously taps me on the shoulder.

Slightly irritated, I turn around and snap "What is it? I'm trying to pick out for something Joey!"

"Look at the blonde checking out the earrings."

"Yeah. What about her?"

"That's one of the girls from the 'Rock n Roll High School' video."

"I think you're right. It's not Vera. And it's definitely not Linda."

"Linda is definitely not that pretty." Marie laughs.

"So it has to be Roxy." I conclude.

"We gotta be sure."

"Oh come on! There's no reason to bother her, Marie. We could be completely wrong."

“And if we’re right, don’t you wanna know why she’s here?” Marie says, walking over to the blonde woman.

"No. not really." I mumble under my breath, as I watch my friend potentially make a fool out of herself.

"Hi. I'm so sorry for bothering you, but were you in the Ramones video 'Rock n Roll High School'?" Marie eagerly asks.

"Yes. That was me." Roxy smiles.

"My name is Marie. And that's my friend Suzy over there by the watches. She's married to Joey."

"Oh yeah. I heard that Joey got married recently. Congratulations." Roxy says waving to me.

"Thanks." I smile shyly and wave back.

"It was nice meeting you, Marie and Suzy, but I've really got to get going." Roxy says rushing out of the store.

"I can't believe I forgot to ask why she was here." Marie says, shaking her head in disbelief.

“It’s really none of our business anyway.”

“I really hope I run into her again.”

“Marie, we’re leaving in the morning.”

“I know. I know. Didn’t you mention something about Linda being overly suspicious, and thinking Johnny was cheating on her? You think he’s seeing Roxy behind Linda’s back?”

“I don’t know, and I really don’t care.”

After a long and fun day of shopping with my best friend, I was back relaxing at the hotel. I hadn’t been there for long when Joey showed up. Romantic as always, he enters the room with a dozen stunning roses in hand. I smile as i walk over to greet him. he hands me the roses, with his beautiful lips forming a smile. I flirtatiously smile back, and he leans forward. We kiss, slowly, passionately, and as always intimately. Forgetting about the roses, I grab Joey’s hand, placing it on my breasts, and the roses fall slowly to the ground.

Joey and I have now made our way over to the bed. Before I know it, he’s unbuttoning my blouse, and has a very noticeable erection. When he places his hand over mine and places it on the zipper of his tight, ripped, sexy blue jeans, I notice he has no watch on his wrist. This reminds me of the gift I picked out for him

“Wait. Stop.” I say, interrupting the beginning of a heated romantic activity, and head over to the dresser where I had placed the gift bag containing his gift.

“You gotta be kidding me, right?” Joey says, frustrated.

“Look, I got you a gift.” I hand Joey the gift bag.

Joey pulls a box out of the bag. He opens it to find a gold Rolex watch with the inscription “To the only man I’ll ever love.” His pale cheeks are now slightly rosey.

“I don’t know if I deserve this. I don’t know if I really even deserve you, Suzy.”

“Of course you do. You’re all I’ve ever wanted.” I say, placing his hand in mine.

“From now, and until the day I die, you are the only woman I’ll ever love, Suzy.”

An urgent sounding knock at the door, interrupts another beautiful mement for my husaband and I. And as you could have probably guessed, it was Linda.

Joey opens the door.

“What are you doing here, Linda? I’m spending time with my wife.”

“I really need to speak to you Joey. It’s urgent. Come out in the hallway with me, please.”

“There’s no secrets between Suzy and I.”

“But this is personal!” Linda pleads.

“Sorry. Just say what you gotta say.”

“ I was right! John is seeing Roxy again!” Linda cries hysterically.

Joey has a confused, yet sympathetic look on his face. Linda touches his arm, and he looks over at me. I shrug my shoulders. Joey pats Linda’s hand gently, before removing it from his arm.

“Sorry, but this is between you and John. Besides, he and I don’t even talk. He hates me. You’re on your own with this one.”

“I’m leaving him, Joey. And I really need you right now.”

I couldn’t stand by and watch this bitch manipulate my husband any longer. It was time I said something.

“What exactly do you need from Joey?”

“Just a friend. Why the hell are you so paranoid?” Linda looks at me, raising her eyebrows.

“Because I don’t trust you.”

“I’m hurting. Where’s my sympathy?” Linda screams over dramatically.

“I have no sympathy for users like you. I’m sorry.”

“Joey please. I just need a shoulder to cry on.”

“You and Vera are close. Go cry on her shoulder. It’s not my job to mend your broken heart.” Now if you don’t mind my wife and I are busy. Goodnight.”

I could tell Joey was still hurt by Linda. I was glad he stood up for himself though. If I’m being honest though, a part of me wondered if he still had feelings for her.

I really hoped I was just being paranoid, like Linda said.


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

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I wanna be your boyfriend

Chapter 31

It's now morning. Our stay in New Orleans had come to it's end. Everyone had just boarded the Ramones tour bus. I glance over to the front of the bus, where Johnny usually sits. I notice he's not with Linda. Maybe she wasn't lying about Johnny cheating on her. Not that I cared. Linda is sitting quietly in her seat, with her designer sunglasses on, looking snobby as always. John looks quite grumpy, but then he's always grumpy. All in all, it was a quiet normal drive back to California.

The moment we arrived back in California, Marie who had followed in her car, noticed that I was a bit moodier than usual.

"Is something bothereing you, Suzy? Something other than Linda?"

"No. that's pretty much it. I mean she totally ruined mine and Joey's evening. Whatever. I'm over it though. Kinda. Anyway, I'm totally starving."

"Didn't you eat?"

"Yeah. Just a bunch of snacks though."

"So you're sure your over the Linda thing?" Marie asks with a comforting smile.

"Yes. I just can't wait for her and John to go back to New York, and leave me and Joey alone."

Joey and I are back at our cozy little apartment in California. I'm on the phone with Marie.

"Hey Suzy. How are you feeling?"

"Very groggy. I just woke up."

"Seriously? It's already eleven AM. You're usually up by like six."

"I know. It's just to be honest, I feel awful today."

"I bet Joey's taking great care of you. You should feel better soon."

"No I'm not telling him. I don't want him to worry."

"Yeah. there's probably nothing to worry about anyway. It's probably just that time of the month." Marie laughs.

"Shut up. That's not it." I snap.

"Ooh! Touchy!" Marie teases.

"Anyway I gotta go." I say as I see Joey entering the room.

"Bye." Marie says, and we both hang up.

Joey walks over to me and gives me a tender kiss on the cheek.

"Hey. How's my girl doing?"

"Fine. I'm just tired. You must be starving. I'm so sorry I havent made anything to eat yet."

"It's ok. Don't worry about it. I'll just order some pizza from the italian restaurant down the street."

"Oh! And cannolis too!" I say as Joey dials the number to the restaurant.

I make my way over to the living room and throw myself onto the couch. Once Joey finishes ordering he makes his way over to the couch, sits down and puts his arm around me. Right as we're about to kiss the phone rings.

Joey goes back into the kitchen to answer the phone. The phone call was brief, but Joey looked nervous when he came back to the couch.

"So who called?"

Joey hesitates before answering.

"Linda. She left John. And she's decided to stay in California."

"Great. Please tell me she'll at least be far away from us."

"Umm...Not really. She's staying with a friend a few doors down."

"In the same apartment complex as us? You've gotta be kidding me Joey. I knew being married to you would be hard, but this is fucking ridiculous!" I yell, before storming out of the room.

I know it wasn't Joey's fault. He obviously had no control over where Linda stayed, and it really wasn't even him I was upset with. Hell, it wasn't even really her I was upset with. I'd just been feeling completely off for like the past week.

Being the sweetheart that he was, Joey immediately followed me into the bedroom to comfort me.

"Don't worry about it. I promise I'll try to keep my distance from her." Joey assures me while kissing me passionatey between words.

"Are you sure she won't be a problem?" I ask still crying.

"I'm sure." Joey reassures me.

"Good." I reply before Joey and I share a quick kiss.

"The pizzas here. Let's go eat."

"Great. I can't wait to try one of those cannolis."

"So what do you wanna do today?" Joey casually asks as we eat lunch.

"To tell you the truth, I'd be perfectly content just staying at home in bed all day."

"Me too. Touring really drains your energy. You know?"

"You look so hot eating pizza." Joey smiles.

"That has got to be the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me." I laugh.

"Plus you just look gorgeous right now. You know, you're kinda glowing."

It's now the middle of the day. I've just woken up from a nap. Joey is still sleeping. Now awake, I suddenly start to think when the last period I had was. The last one I can remember occured nearly six weeks ago. This is very odd, because whether or I'm looking forward to it or not, it's always right on time. I rush to the kitchen as fast as I can and quickly dial Marie's number as soon the phone is in my hands.

"Hello?" Marie answers.

"Hey. I think I might be pregnant."


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

Post by Autumn85 on 5/5/2015, 3:08 am

I wanna be your boyfriend

Chapter 32

It's Tuesday afternoon, and I'm home alone. Joey and the rest of the band are doing a TV interview. I'm waiting nervously for the clinic to call. Marie drove me down there earlier, and I'm waiting to get the results of the pregnancy test I took. Finally, the phone rings. This is it. I know it. I'm almost too nervous to answer, but at the same time, this is kind of like the moment I've waited for my whole life. I've always wanted to be a mother. And I just know Joey will make the perfect father. Luckily, I was already sitting next to the phone. I pick it up without hesitation.


"I need to speak to Joey. Now!"


"Are you gonna give Joey the phone or what?"

"I'm waiting for an extremely important call right now! Goodbye!"

"Well excuse me!" Linda slams the phone down so hard it leaves a ringing in my ears.

I pace back and forth in the kitchen for what feels like hours bui in actuality is only about five minutes, before the phone rings again.

"Hello. May I please speak with Mrs. Suzy Hyman?"


"I'm calling with your test results for the pregnancy test you took this morning. The results are positive."

"Oh my God! Thank you!"

"Congratulations, Ma'am."

I hang up the phone and immdediately begin crying tears of joy.

It's now evening time. Seven PM to be exact. Marie has been here with me for the past couple of hours, keeping me company. I didn't exactly tell her about the test results yet, but I think she already knew. A loud knock at the door startles both Marie and I. It was Joey, and he had brought Dee Dee with him. The minute Dee Dee entered the apartment, Marie was drooling over him, like a schoolgirl.

As happy as I was to see Dee Dee, I really kinda wished Joey came home alone. After all, I had verfy important news to deliver, and I wanted to do it in my own special way.

"Hey sweetie." Joey smiles, as he walks over to me. "I hope you don't mind, but I brought Dee Dee over to have dinner with us. He's feeling kinda heartbroken, and I thought he could use some company."

"Not to be rude, but I really didn't make enough for four people. Marie was just leaving anyway, so I really only made enough for the two of us." I politely tell Joey.

"Yeah. Thanks a lot, Joe. I really appreciate it. Vera has been saying she wants a trial seperation. I think she's in love with someone else. Anyway, if you need me to leave though, I will."

As soon as Dee Dee finished his sentence, a huge and mischevious smile took over Marie's face.

"So, does that mean you're both free to see other people?"

"Marie! This is not the time. Besides, technically he's still married." I scold.

"No. It's ok Suzy. I think she's right. If Vera can see other people, then why can't I?" Dee Dee asks over excitedly.

"Hey Marie."

"Yes?" Marie grins from ear to ear.

"I know a great french restaurant on the other side of town. Care to join me?"

"Let's go!" Marie answers.

"Oh my god. This is going to be a disaster!" I whisper to Joey.

I wasn't thrilled about my friend going out with a married man, but with this desperately needed alone time with Joey, I wasn't about to stop her. Marie and Dee Dee took off together, and I finally got to spend some time with my husband. I just hope she knew what she was getting herself into. For her sake, and for Dee Dee's.

Since Dee Dee and Marie left, I finally had time to set up for a romantic dinner for two.

"Eevrything looks great Suzy."

"Thanks. I've been looking forward to a romantic dinner with you all day long."

"Great. Let me go get a bottle of white wine." Joey says heading to the wine cabinet.

"I really don't think we'll be needing any wine tonight." I smile softly.

Joey and I had now finished our dinner. It was late, and it had started to rain.

"It's starting to really pour out there." Joey remarks, staring out the living room window.

"I know. It hasn't rained like this is quite a while."

"Are you sure you're not too cold. Do you kneed anything help keep you warm?"

"I'm fine. I'm just gonna go change real quick."

I immdeiately change into the sexiest lingerie I own. Joey can barely stop staring at me long enough to make his way over to me. He's now kissing my neck softly, while his arms are wrapped around my waist. As I turn around, and we're standing face to face, our lips touch but for a brief moment, before we're interrupted by the ring of the telephone. Just my luck, right?

"I swear to God Joey, if that's Linda, get rid of her. I don't care how you do it."

Joey rushes to the kitchen to answer the phone. I can't hear much of the phone call from the bedroom. Just enough to conclude that it's Linda, of course.

When Joey re enters the room, he doesn't even give me enough time to ask what the phone call was about, before he gently places me onto the bed. He begins to remove my nightgown, but I stop him. I still have to tell him the news.

"Joey. Stop for a moment. Please."

"What's the matter?" He asks, sitting up.

"Nothing. It's great news." i say, placing his hand in mine.

"I went to the doctor's office today. I'm pregnant."

"That's amazing, Suzy. I love you so much!"

"I love you Joey!"

Joey is knelt before me. He's kissing my thigh and slowly working his way up. When he finally reaches my stomach, he rises to his feet. He pulls my night gown up over my head. He gazes at me for a number of minutes, with both love and lust in his eyes, before coming closer to me. once he's close enough, he leans in to kiss me, I move back a little and lay my self down on the bed, grabbing his hand, and pulling him on top of me as i do so. We kiss heavily, while I remove his clothing, and then toss it to the floor in front of the bed. We kiss passionately until he's finally inside me.

"I love you so much." Joey softly whispers into my ear.

"I love you too." I whisper back breathing heavily.


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I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction) Empty Re: I wanna be your boyfriend(a Joey Ramone fan fiction)

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