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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Chapter 16: Boyfriend? Boyfriend!

Post by dolce on 8/25/2009, 10:09 pm

Ga Eul sat stiffly in the middle of the beige couch in their living room. The person standing in front of her was looking at her like she's the ugliest organism in the planet. She observed as his eyebrows wiggled like the seesaw and when his full lips pursed in discontentment.
"I'll be charging you double." He told the guy beside who made a thumbs up sign. "She'll be my most difficult task to date."

"Yah! What are you talking about, huh?" Shim Changmin--Max to everyone's the best image builder and stylist in whole Seoul. And one of Jae Joong's close friends. One of the few people that knows about Jae Joong's real preference. She didn't particularly like the guy. He's too arrogant for her taste and he's not particularly tactful in saying she's ugly and she needs a make over--no, an overhaul. That's his exact term.

"I hired Max to give you a makeover a crash course in dating." Jae Joong declared and she almost threw up in apprehension.

"YOU WHAT?! I'll kill you Kim Jae Joong!"

"Will you stop yelling? Girls yell. Women don't. How old are you?" He just sat coolly in one of the armrests. "Look at you. Would you blame Jae Joong for hiring me when you're giving him all the reason to?" He waved away a lock stubborn bangs out of his face suavely.

"But I don't need a makeover! And why would I need a dating coach?" She looked at Jae Joong with fiery eyes.

"Didn't you just turn a proposal down just because you're not confident about your own skin?" Max answered for Jae Joong.

"And who told you that's the reason?" She asked. Max just gave Jae Joong a boring look and faked a yawn.

"If that is not the reason then what is?" Jae Joong crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"You know what, I don't think I can accept this job. People would kill just to be in my class and this pauper here don't deserve it at all."


"Max!" They said at the same time. Jae Joong caught Max's arm and guided him to sit again. "Just help her, okay? She needs you. She's just a little difficult now but she'll come around. You." He pointed at her. "Come with me." And he dragged her to his room.


"Would you tell us why you called us here or we'll have to guess?" Woo Bin slumped onto one of the shabby-chic ottomans scattered on the living room of Yi Jeong's penthouse. He was paying one of their largest casinos when he received a call from him. Ji Hoo arrived minutes later with same exact urgency he felt when one of his best friends called.

He paid enough attention to the bottles of expensive wines in the coffee table. Yi Jeong himself was drinking tequila straight from the bottle. Without any salt or lemon.

"Drink, drink." Yi Jeong caught Ji Hoo by the sleeve and forced him to occupy the ottoman beside him. Jun Pyo and Jan Di went straight to their European tour for the first leg of their honeymoon.

"I passed one important operation to one of my colleagues to go here. You better have a valid reason, Yi Jeong-ah." He picked one of the rock glasses and poured himself some whisky.

"Just drink and don't ask."

"It must be Ga Eul-sshi." Woo Bin concluded. Silent laughter was dancing in his eyes.

"I said don't ask." He snapped.

"I didn't ask. I stated." Woo Bin replied haughtily.

"Woo Bin-ah. I don't think it's the right time to joke around." Ji mused.

"It's high time he understands what to do." Woo Bin eyed Ji Hoo and focused his attention on Yi Jeong. You liked Ga Eul ever since Jan Di's first birthday party out of Shin Hwa." He accounted correctly.

"How did you know that?" Ji Hoo asked but was thinking about the same thing.

"It doesn't matter. True or not?" Woo Bin persisted. Yi Jeong scowled at him. "One piece of advice. Ga Eul's different from the girls you've dated before so the same old technique won't do."

"I thought Ga Eul-sshi has a boyfriend?" Ji Hoo asked. But he clearly remembered the look the man gave his sister. If he hadn't suppressed himself, he could have given him a good beating.

"That pale face? I can do something about him."

"Be it legal or not, I'm in." Ji Hoo chided and Yi Jeong left the two of them in the living room.


"Changmin-sshi, your three o'clock appointment's here." Max's secretary Ah Ra poked her head on the small opening. "Should I let her in?"

"Please do." Max placed a stack of paper aside in an attempt to clear his table from it's perennial clutter. He heard the door open and close again after a few seconds.

"Annyeong hasseyo." A voice, not his secretary's, greeted. And he looked up to the pair of the most gorgeous legs he had ever seen. Up the slim waist, slender arms and swan-like neck and lastly, his gaze fell onto the fresh face.

"A-annyeong--!" He found himself stuttering. "Please please sit down." He scrambled from his seat and guided the visitor to the couch. He certainly wouldn't entertain such a beauty with the large desk between them.

"Kamsahamnida. I am Yoon Eun Hye." She extended a hand that he shook nervously before occupying the seat that he offered. His widened after hearing the name. She can't be the Presidential Granddaughter, can she?

"So, Eun Hye-sshi, how can I help you today?"

"I want you to be my personal trainer, Mr. Shim. I want to to hire you for an exclusive finishing class." Eun Hye was not sure where she got the courage to do this. This must be love. Truth was, she's been avoiding finishing schools like a plague since she became a teenager. Her brother's even more refined that she was. All changed that day of Jan Di-sshi and Jun Pyo-sshi's wedding. "Can you do that?"

"Would you mind sharing the class with one person, Eun Hye-sshi?" There's no way he can handle two exclusive classes and all other engagements. As much as he wanted to, he can't disappoint Jae Joong.


"Why would I do that!?"

"'Cause I told you so." Jae Joong continued eating without looking at her. "Trust Max. He's good at what he does."

"Did you forget that I'm supposed to have a boyfriend?" She wanted to wring his neck.

"Will you stop day dreaming, Ga Eul-yang? RAIN. IS. NOT. YOUR. BOYFRIEND!" He's getting impatient every minute. He can see that Ga Eul likes Yi Jeong and even if he's insolent and overconfident, he's sure that he'll take good care of his friend.

"As much as I would like to! He's not my boyfriend but you are!" She yelled.

"E-excuse me?"

"Yi Jeong believes we are together! In his eyes, you are my boyfriend, remember?" She can't believe Jae Joong forgot THAT little detail!


A/N: I am so tired for writing nonstop today. I am off to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Chapter 17: Busy as a Bee

Post by dolce on 9/8/2009, 10:57 pm

"What are you waiting for? Take it." Jae Joong glared at her from reviewing the proposals sent by their account executives. He was just promoted Junior Director and was bombarded by a lot of work. And him hearing the incessant ringing of Ga Eul's phone (that she keeps ignoring, by the way), was not helping him at all. "I am throwing your phone out the window Chu Ga Eul," He breathed. "And I am not joking."
"I-I can't--! I just can't answer it, okay?" She raised a fearful pair of eyes at him. It was Yi Jeong on the other line.

"Then turn it off! I am trying to work here, you know?" He growled. They were in the living room, Jae Joong asserted claim of the couch and Ga Eul was sitting Indian style on the carpeted floor, chin on the coffee table.

"I don't wanna give him the idea that I don't wanna take his call. Let him think that I am busy."

"Busy my ass." He peered onto the laptop in front of her and he found nothing but a blank Word. "He picked the cellphone without warning and flipped it open. Ga Eul was too stunned to speak. "Yobosaeyo?"


". . .Can. . .I speak to Ga Eul please?" He gripped the phone tightly when he recognized Jae Joong's voice. He's been trying to reach Ga Eul for the whole day and her phone just rang and rang. And she with--arrgh!

=I am afraid she can't come to the phone right now, Yi Jeong-sshi. Can I take a message?= The voice was neutral and quite friendly, totally disregarding their last conversation. But he can't help but be doubtful. And jealous.

"No. . .I don't think so. Thanks anyway." He didn't even say goodbye. He's becoming rude these days.


"Oh. Sure." Pause. "I'll tell her." Pause. "Okay. Annyeong." Jae Joong talked to the busy tone. He's not a multi-awarded ad maker for nothing. He closed the phone shut and eyed Ga Eul. "He's inviting you for dinner."

"And you said you'll tell me! Look what you've done!"

"At least he would stop calling every after five minutes." That's an exaggeration but still. "And he's not really the one--" Ga Eul's phone rang again. "Oh God. Is he dumb or something?" He whacked his forehead in exasperation.

"It's not him!" It was Chung Ae.

"A brandnew phobia?" The sarcastic remark. "You want me to talk to that person again?" The voice heed warning.

"H-hello. . ?" Why would she call her in this hour?

=Ga Eul-yang. Am I disturbing you, sweetie?= Yi Jeong's mother was against her moving back to her apartment but she managed to convince her somehow with a promise that she'll visit often. A promise she's not able to fulfill.

"No. Not at all, Ahjumma. Is there a problem?"

=Omma. Didn't I tell you you should call me Omma?=

"Yes. Sorry. Did something happen?" Did Yi Jeong tell his mother?! She clutched her chest painfully in anticipation.

Chung Ae chuckled. =Aniyo. . .I just wanted to invite you for dinner tomorrow. I hope you could come.=

"What is the occasion?" She managed to ask while racking her brain for an appropriate alibi. She couldn't possibly face him at this time.

=Nothing big. It's just my birthday.=


"I hardly see you these days." Ji Hoo turned his laptop off and followed Eun Hye inside the house. He was purposely waiting for her when the driver reported her activities to him.

"It doesn't really bother you before." She didn't even look at him.

"I don't want you giving Haraboji any problems, Eun Hye-ah. Did you hear me?" They don't really get along well. They have different interests, set of friends and ways to entertain themselves. The only thing common to them would be their aloofness to people they hardly know.

"What did I do? I am not allowed to go shopping now? It's my own money." She worked for Real Barcelona, the Yoon family's soccer team as it's promoter before she returned to Seoul.

"You know damn well money's not the issue here." He placed a hand on the door jamb when she's about to shut the door onto his face.

"Then what is? Look, I am tired, okay? I wanna rest." She tried to close the door but her brother's hand was still there.

"Are you secretly dating?"

"Why the interest with my love life? Feeling protective all of a sudden?" She smirked. "Too late." She pulled the door wide open and banged the door that if Ji Hoo's not fast enough, he would be nursing broken fingers.


"I have a problem." She sat on one of the comfortable armchairs in Changmin's office. He cocked an eyebrow, not removing his eyes at the catalogue that he was reviewing. "I'll have to attend this dinner party and--"

"Sorry guys I am late!" A storm--no. A tall female dashed onto the room, looking sassy in her tattered jeans and knitted sweater. Her knee-high boots made her look taller that she already was. And Ga Eul thought she's familiar. The girl bowed at Changmin and looked at her direction.

"Annyeong! I am Yoon Eun--Ga Eul Unnie?" Her bright brown eyes widened as well as her lips in an accommodating smile. "Hi!" She hugged her and gave her a beso.

"Eun Hye-ah?" No wonder she didn't recognize her at first. She's a lot different from the Eun Hye that she met days ago at Jan Di and Jun Pyo's wedding.

"You know each other?" Changmin pointed out the obvious.

"Changmin-sshi. You didn't tell me I'll be sharing the class with Ga Eul Unnie. Of course I know her. She's the fiancee of a very close friend, So Yi Jeong."

"So Yi Jeong!?" Changmin parotted in a loud voice. Jae Joong didn't tell him that.


"Good evening Young Master." The butler bowed and he purposely ignored him. He wasn't in the mood but his mother wouldn't forgive him if he won't show up on her birthday. He was just glad Chung Ae opted to host an intimate dinner with the closest friends as Jan Di won't be around. He padded to the dining room silently and he could hear the clinking of glasses and the upbeat conversation. He stopped for a moment and plastered a smile on his face.

"Mianheyo. I am late." His eyes roamed around the formal dining room, looking for his mother. He was surprised to see Ga Eul seated between his mother and Geun Young. How did. .? His mouth streched onto a real smile this time. "Saengil chukka hamnida, Omma." He hugged his mother awkwardly kissed Ga Eul on the cheek as everybody in the room was expecting him to do just that.

"Gomawo. Sit down, Yi Jeong-ah. I really like the gift that you two got me. Thank you." It took him sometime to have it registered. Ga Eul look at him and silently urged him to play along.

"Oh. Yeah." He forgot to get Chung Ae a gift. "You're welcome. Glad you like it."

"Were you able to finish the design you're working on?" Chin Hae asked and he wanted to hurt Woo Bin who's been grinning beside him. Even Ji Hoo was giving him knowing glances.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Chapter 18: Sip of Victory

Post by dolce on 9/8/2009, 10:59 pm

"Komawoyo." Ga Eul shifted her attention from the waterworks to the person behind her. She's been staring at the man-made lagoon for quite sometime now after she excused herself from the Geum mansion's music room. The small crowd gathered there over luscious dessert and earl gray while Geun Young, who's just on vacation from Juilliard's, she heard, was playing the piano.
"For what?" She mananged to ask without meeting his eyes. She knew what Yi Jeong was talking about. She took the liberty to buy a gift for Chung Ae. A pagoda bird feeder in brass.

"For coming." He said instead and occupied the empty space beside her without an invitation. He removed her coat and placed it over her shoulders. "I know I came too fresh. I am sorry about that. I promise I won't mention it again." She sighed. In relief or in aggravation, she didn't know.

"If you're really sorry then can I trust you to let your mother know of the truth very soon?" She catechized.

"I will do that. But can you give me a day? There's just one thing that I want to show you."

"Are you asking me out?"

"If you want to put it that way then yes." He peered at her for the first time.

"Alright. Saturday." She shrugged out of his coat and padded into the house slowly.


Changmin examined the photos taken by the unethical hyenas who managed to sneak around a private engagement party held a month or so ago in the Songpa District. The very night So Yi Jeong's parents announced to the world that their only son's engaged to a lovely maiden, Chu Ga Eul.

Changmin didn't really like the most famous clique in Shin Hwa, the quartet of the richest boys in whole Seoul. So Yi Jeong in particular. They always had the pick of the best hangout places in school (Jun Pyo being the obnoxious son of the owner), throwing the regular students out whenever they fancy, legion of women kissing their feet and the amount of attention that seemed to get into their already collosal heads. But he had learned to ignore them until his last year in University.

Shim Hyun Seung, his father was a big wig in the construction business. And he opted to send him and his younger sister Young Sook to Shin Hwa Academy to validate his success. Most of their stay were insignificant until Young Sook set her goal into getting So Yi Jeong's attention. He didn't precisely take it lightly but he was confident enough that Yi Jeong won't pay attention to his sister. Hell, she haven't even developed her breasts yet! Then one day, she just refused to speak and built herself a world of her own but freaks out whenever she sees him wearing his school uniform. Doctors in Seoul were positive that Young Sook wasn't raped but was proven engaging in premarital sex. American specialist said the same thing after thorough examination. But nobody can deny the presence of an immense psychological trauma that destroyed her whole future. The reason, unknown to them up to present. They have an idea about what happened but those are just haunches and wouldn't hold in court. So his parents chose the easier and less painful way.

Young Sook's still in a mental facility in Arizona, a good mile or so away where his parents stayed. They sold everything they own in Seoul when Changmin expressed his non-desire to run the business and thread a path of his own. They've been trying to convince him to follow them in the US, saying that he can establish his career in Hollywood in no time. But he stayed for a reason and one reason alone. And the time he's been waiting for has come. He take one last look at the photo and crumpled it harshly.

"Changmin-sshi, they're waiting for you at the lecture room." His secretary announced earnestly and his lips stretched into a winning smile. He can almost taste the victory.


Ga Eul frowned at the sight on an unfamiliar car in front of her town house. She was expecting Yi Jeong but the old blue Lancer was definitely not his. And most certainly not him. One of the windows went down and she crouched automatically to see who's inside.

"Get in." Yi Jeong winked and she blinked twice to clear her head.

"New car." She muttered stupidly upon occupying the passenger seat.

Yi Jeong chuckled. "This is the first car that I bought from my own money." He said proudly. "It's very old but I can't find the heart to throw it away."

"My car's even older." She laughed. "So, where are we going?"

"You'll see." And he navigated away the gated compound.


Yi Jeong peered at the sleeping figure beside him before refocusing on the road. It felt some kind of a deja vu. Except they weren't heading for Cheju this time. He turned left on a dirt road and drove a couple of hundred meters more in glistening white sand. He turned the engine off before unburdening himself of the seatbelt. "Wake up Sleeping Beauty." He tapped Ga Eul's shoulder gently, fighting the urge to touch her more than necessary.

She opened and closed her eyes several times before regarding him with her sleepy gaze. "I slept on you again." She exclaimed, repentant. "Where are we?"

"Busan." She then looked outside the car and her eyes widened in disbelief. Ahn Mi Kyung appeared at the front porch seconds later, not looking a bit surprised of their arrival.

"Omma!" She didn't even wait for him to open the car door for her.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Chapter 19: Busan Point One

Post by dolce on 10/4/2009, 6:54 am

Ga Eul put a heaping serving of Tang Su Yuk on her rice bowl. "Eat, eat." She pushed the platter towards Yi Jeong who's watching her with unreadable expression on his face. "You don't want it?" Then whispered with her mouth full. "Omma will surely be pissed." She added when he didn't budge. The Sam Gyup Sal was smelling great and she's can't wait to get her teeth on them. How she missed her mother's cooking!
"I didn't know you could eat a lot." Yi Jeong finally picked his chopsticks and started to eat. He took a bite of Jang Jo Rim first.

"Well," She blushed, much to her chagrin. "I missed Omma's cooking. Here, try this. This is rare in Seoul." She lied. When was laver rare in Seoul? She proceeded to put lots of Mee Yuk in his bowl.

"It's delicious." He said sincerely.

"Thank you." Mi Kyung appeared from the kitchen and put down two large serving bowls down the table. One with Mae Un Tang and one with Koat Gae Tang.

"Koat Gae's omma's specialty." Ga Eul boasted and handed him the large bowl of spicy blue crab stew.

"I am afraid I won't be able to go home if you spoil me much, Ahjumma." He smiled at Mi Kyung. "I haven't tasted fresh seafood in such a long time."

"I buy that straight from the boat early in the morning and those are Ga Eul-yang's favorites. I am glad you're able to come here."

"I promised Ga Eul-sshi that we'll go to Busan to formally ask your permission to get married." He flashed her a look and she oughed from drinking her fish soup.

"Are you okay?" He dropped his spoon and patted her back. He handed her a glass of water. Mi Kyung was watching them in awe.

"He didn't know?" She asked Ga Eul.


*Of course I know!* He wanted to say but how would he admit that he was eavesdropping that night in their house? "What is it that I don't know?" He stuffed food in his mouth immediately to mask his embarrassment.

"Ah. Haha. Nothing!" Ga Eul waved her hands in front of her face frantically. "Nothing! Just eat. Eat w--"

"I know that the engagement's fake." Mi Kyung said in a nonchalant tone. He was caught off guard.

"You do?" Ga Eul's mother just nodded.

"Ga Eul told me everything the night of the engagement. I understand that you're tyring to protect your mother Yi Jeong-ah." She regarded him with her kind eyes. "But this has gone too far. Don't you have any plans of letting her know soon? Surely, you can't marry just because of a lie you started together?"

"I--W-we really are planning to tell my parents soon. I'm still looking for the right timing." He turned bright red.

"He promised me." Ga Eul said and suddenly, the sweet and sour pork tasted like paper in his mouth.

"Just making sure. People make mistakes but sad to say, some mistakes are too grave to leave such a mark in one's life." Mi Kyung dismissed and focused on eating. He pondered on what she just said the whole meal.

They were having the after-meal tea in the front porch when Mi Kyung left them for her afternoon nap. Silence dominated the atmosphere for a long while when he can't seem to take it anymore. . .

"The sun's not too hot. . .Would you mind taking a walk with me at the beach?" He asked her hopefully.

"S-sure." They padded through the house to the back door that leads to the beach. She kicked her flipflops off and walked barefoot on the white sand. He followed her lead.

"It is so peaceful here." He broke the silence. "I can stay here forever, you know."

"You're a city boy, how can you say that?" She demanded.

"But I am an artist too, remember? And it's so easy to find an inspiration in this kind of place." *Moreso if you're here with me.*

"I think that's true. The inn's usually full with people who wanted to find peace and quiet."

"Inn?" His forehead creased.

"Omma works in a local inn at the other side of town. But those people usually flock at the more sophisticated part of the beach."

"The life here is so simple."

"It is. Many times I wanted to go back but my work's in Seoul." She stopped and picked a unique-looking shell. "Here." She gave him the shell.

"What's this?"

"A shell, duh?" She rolled her eyes and laughed. "It's a thank you shell."


"Thank you for what?" But placed the shell in his pocket.

"For bringing me here. I missed this place so much." Her voice broke in the last word. She wiped a stray tear brusquely.

"You're welcome. But that's sort of a thank you, too, for making my mother happy. She really wanted to have a daughter-in-law." He shook his head and smiled. Her heartbeat raised.

"But she already has Jun Pyo-sunbae." She chuckled.

"I guess he can't drag Jun Pyo-sshi to the mall and shop the whole day, eh?" He joined her in her silly laughter.

"I guess not." She nodded and looked up. "He--" Yi Jeong's face crashed into hers and she was staring at his forehead with wide wild eyes. She felt real cold and stiff. Then she felt him nibbling her lower lip, urging her to respond. Warmed up, she threw away everything at that moment and closed her eyes. The next thing she knew, he was kissing her like there's no tomorrow and her stubborn arms snaked through Yi Jeong's neck involuntarily, deepening the kiss. Her very first kiss.

In her hometown.

With the beautiful beach as the background.

The wind blowing their hair gently.

So blissful!

And with Yi Jeong.

Yi Jeong?!

With that, she pushed him away.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Chapter 20: Busan Point Two

Post by dolce on 10/4/2009, 6:55 am

Yi Jeong's face crashed into hers and she was staring at his forehead with wide wild eyes. She felt real cold and stiff. Then she felt him nibbling her lower lip, urging her to respond. Warmed up, she threw away everything at that moment and closed her eyes. The next thing she knew, he was kissing her like there's no tomorrow and her stubborn arms snaked through Yi Jeong's neck involuntarily, deepening the kiss. Her very first kiss.
In her hometown.

With the beautiful beach as the background.

The wind blowing their hair gently.

So blissful!

And with Yi Jeong.

Yi Jeong?!

With that, she pushed him away.


Yi Jeong didn't realize what hit him until Ga Eul's hand fell onto her side. She slapped him. Slapped him hard. He won't be surprised if he'll go deaf because of it. She made an about face and ran towards the house.

"Ga Eul-yang!" He caught her by the arm as she purposely struggled away.

"I. . ." She was panting. "Want. . .you to. . .know. . .that I. . .don't kiss. . .just anyone! I hate you!" She struggled free but he won't let her. Damn him if he would.

"Ga Eul! Listen to me!" He shook her not-so-gently. "I love you! That's the only reason why I want to be engaged to you!"

"W-what did you say?" Her lips trembled a little and how he wanted to taste those lips again!

He sighed heavily. "Saranghae. I think I would take advantage of any chance to make you mine."

Her eyes sharpened. "Ahjumma was not sick?" Her tone dangerous. He fought the urge to squirm.

"She is." She looked relieved. "But you see, I've been keeping the truth from her 'cause somehow, I would like to think that you really are engaged to me and that someday, I can make you mine." He rubbed off a stubborn tear. He can't believe that he's crying!

"I. . .I don't know what to say." Ga Eul shook her head frantically. "I think it's better if you'll just leave." She walked away from him and he watch her back painfully.


Her mind was in haze. Yi Jeong's in love with her! At least that's what he told her. But how could she believe him? They've been foes ever since she can remember. Yi Jeong did everything to spite her and she did everything to avoid him. Even Jan Di failed to make them at least civil with each other. Could it be that he just treats her as a challenge 'cause everyone else does everything to please him?

She heard the sound of the car engine downstairs and she dragged herself beside her room's window and tried her best to hide behind the curtain. She saw him look upto her window for a long moment like he was seeing her before he got in the car and drove off.

She didn't know why she have to feel guilty about sending him away. He stole her first kiss for crying out loud! She's been dreaming for the right guy to come along to sweep her off her feet and then like a storm, he'll come and ruin everything.


"You are seriously a goner, Chu Ga Eul." Jae Joong huffed angrily after she told him what happened. She didn't just bother him to pick her up from Busan, she also ruined a possible date.

She sighed. "Mianheyo, Jae Joong-sshi."

"Don't Jae Joong-sshi me!" He swerved abruptly that if not for the seatbelt she will surely bump her head on the window.

"I didn't know that you and Ji Yong-sshi are--" Ji Yong's one of Jae Joong's colleague. She met him once she didn't have no idea the good looking guy sway that way.

"I am not mad about that, are you listening?!" He stepped on the breaks for the red light and faced her. It was the first time that she saw Jae Joong that mad and his gorgeous eyes were emitting fire. "You have chance at a relationship but you just let it go like that! What is wrong with you?!"

"W-what is wrong with me? Wait a minute," She was starting to get worked up too. He's supposed to be her friend. Not Yi Jeong's. Why was he so affected? "Why are you so affected?" She voiced the question.

"You don't really understand, do you?" His voice was hoarse, like he was fighting his tears. "Not all people are as lucky as you, you know?" He sniffed. "You can date anyone and be able to tell the whole world about it. Do you know that if the news broke out that Ji Yong and I are together, we will both lose our jobs, our families will disown us, and people will look down upon us? Do you know how hard it is? Do you have any idea?!" He banged the horn forcefully and muttered a curse when a car swerved in front of his. She really didn't know how to react at his sudden revelation.

"Jae-Joong-ah. . ." She started and bit her lip. She didn't know he was going through all that. He was to good in putting a happy facade.

"Just shut up for now, Ga Eul. Sorry if I took it out on you." It was the last thing that she heard from him until they pull up in front of their house. She was too distraught to even notice Jae Joong's gasp. She was about to unlock the front door when she noticed that he was still glued to where he was beside his car.

"Hey, it's cold. Come on in now."

"Ga Eul."


"Your car."

"My car what?"

"It's gone." She finally noticed that the parking garage was empty.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/8/2010, 1:56 am

aaarrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! please update it sooner! seriously it captivated me from the beginning until the end! want to know the ending. best work mate!

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by Coolmiley22 on 1/9/2011, 10:35 am

Please Finish it Smile

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by scumpyca on 10/23/2013, 4:21 am

will you finish it?


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by dolce on 10/24/2013, 5:01 pm

Hey dear find a more updated version of this story on http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/567/push-and-pull-of-love-and-hate-soeul thanks!


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) - Page 2 Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

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