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[MV] After School - Bang!

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[MV] After School - Bang! Empty [MV] After School - Bang!

Post by daesungvip on 3/25/2010, 5:31 pm

all the playgirlz in the place to be...

After School is back with their third single Bang! The girls are pulling of a marching band look and it's bangin' hot, I might say. I'm actually just really glad they're not following everyone with the "dark and sexy concept" frankly, it's annoying me, because After School's already DONE the dark and sexy concept during their first fan meeting performing their song Bad Guy.

I'm addicted to this song, it's so catchy. It honestly wasn't anything I expected from the teaser, but it's so addicting! The girls are way too pretty here. I can't wait for the live comeback! It's gonna be so hot!

Anyway, welcome to the Fourth Generation of After School. For the new fans, After School had Four Generations. The first generation was with five members, when they debuted during January 2009. Those five members consisted of Gahee, Jungah, Jooyeon, Soyoung and Becka, with their debut AH! In April 2009, they came back with a digital single, Diva with six members, adding UEE to the group. During November 2009, Soyoung withdraws, (or if you would say, graduated) from After School due to health and studying issues. At the end of the same month when Soyoung graduated, After School added two more members, Nana and Raina. And now with this come back of Bang! They've added their latest member, Lizzy.

Just for those of you who can't make out who Lizzy is, Lizzy is the one in the beginning twirling the baton with the two girls. She's a `92er (same as me!) and the makane of the group. She's good at singing and dancing, and her real name is Park Sooyoung.

The girls have practiced seven and more months for this comeback. They've learned how to play the drums for this, yes this is actually After School playing the drums. There's another track in their mini album called Let's Do It, and that's just them playing drums. I must say it's very amazing how they can practice so much, and it all pays off in the end anyway.



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[MV] After School - Bang! Empty Re: [MV] After School - Bang!

Post by BongChab2utySONE on 3/15/2012, 7:23 am


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