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I remember High School

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I remember High School Empty I remember High School

Post by Autumn85 on 1/1/2013, 10:51 pm

This is a fan fiction I've been writing about Joey Ramone(Jeff) as a high school student. For those of you who don't know, Joey Ramone is the lead singer of the band, the Ramones

I remember High School
Chapter One

It was fall in the year 1966, and Jeff, born Jeffry Ross Hyman was getting ready for his first day of high school at Forest Hills High School. He had just finished combing his longish dark brown, almost black hair and was already dressed. He says bye to his younger brother, Mitch as he heads out the door. Mitch is three years younger than Jeff. Jeff was very nervous about going to school. He had been tormented enough throughout junior high school, as well as nearly the rest of his childhood due to his looks and lack of athletic ability. He was almost certain it would get worse once he reached high school. “So, big brother, are you ready for high school?” Mitch enthusiastically asks Jeff. Jeff has a worried look in his eyes, as he answers “No. Not really. I don’t even wanna go. I’ll just go and as soon as school’s over get home as quick as I can.” Mitch shakes his head as he replies “Man! You’re no fun.” “Neither is school. Especially not for me. High school’s gonna be awful I can already tell.” “I know you don’t wanna go man, but look at the time. You’re totally gonna be late.” “Shit!’ Jeff exclaims. He heads out the door and says “I am NOT gonna like this! I guess I don’t really have a choice though.” Jeff finally leaves for school. Though he was certain it would feel more like hell to him.

Jeff has finally arrived at Forest Hills High School. He immediately notices all the different cliques. He also notices that it doesn’t look like he would fit into any of them. There’s still a few minutes before the bell rings, and school starts. Jeff walks over to a bench where one boy with blonde hair, who looks rather short for his age is also sitting down. The blonde haired boy looks up at Jeff admiringly. Probably due to his height. Jeff had always been rather tall for his age, and Alex, that was the boy’s name had always been short for his. “Is it your first day here too?” Jeff looks around first, just to make sure the boy was indeed talking to him and shyly answers “Yeah.” “Cool. You’re really tall man. Are you gonna try out for any sports, like basketball?” “No. I hate sports.” Jeff replies. Jeff’s face and mood both brighten up, simultaneously as he begins to talk about his one true passion, music. “I’m more of a musician, actually.” “Oh yeah?” the boy asks “Do you play any instruments?” “Yeah. I play the drums.” Jeff answers, smiling. “You like rock and roll? Like the Beatles, or the Stones?” “Yeah, they’re cool. I like the Beach boys, and the Who a lot too.” “My name’s Alex by the way.” The boy says, introducing himself.” “Cool. I’m Jeff.” The bell suddenly rings, and both boys get up from the bench, to look for their first period classrooms. “Later, Jeff. Maybe I’ll see you at lunch.” “Ok” Jeff replies “See you later.”

Jeff is in such a hurry to find his first class, that due to not paying close enough attention to where he was going, he accidentally bumped into another student. Or was it an accident? Maybe it was fate. What other explanation could there have been for him running into this girl. He almost couldn’t believe his eyes, she was the prettiest girl he’d ever seen. She was taller than most of the other girls, thing, had light brown hair that she wore in flip hairstyle, similar to Jackie O’s, and her eyes…She had the most stunning big green eyes. “I, I’m so sorry” Jeff says “It’s ok” the girl replies with a slight chuckle. It wasn’t a big deal, so he bumped into her, so what? At least he was polite enough to apologize. It didn’t hurt that he was kinda cute, too, the girl thought as Jeff continues to apologize “I really didn’t mean to do that” “Like I said, it’s ok dude. Seriously.” she replies with a smile then continues on her way to her class. She smiled at him, she actually smiled at him. Jeff was shocked that someone as pretty as her would ever even notice him. Not that she had much of a choice in the matter though, with him being his usual clumsy self and bumping into her like that. Now all Jeff could think about was that smile, that captivating smile of hers.

I remember High School
Chapter Two

Jeff was now in his first period class of the day, Glee club. This also happened to be the homeroom period. Jeff is pleasantly surprised to see the very same girl with the stunning green eyes, and captivating smile that he had literally run into just moments ago on the way to class, was also in this class with him. There was a few minutes before the bell rang, indicating class had started. Jeff really wanted to go talk to the girl, and ask her name, but didn’t have the courage. He had always been painfully shy. The teacher takes first roll call. “Jeffry Hyman?” “Here” Jeff says just loud enough for the teacher to hear him. “Julia Di Gregorio?” “Here”. Now Jeff knew the mystery girl’s name. Of course he thought her name was just as beautiful as she was. Jeff is sitting in the third row, Julia in the second. He is directly two chairs behind her. He watches and is mesmerized by every move she makes. The way she moves is so graceful, unlike him who was a total klutz. Jeff wishes desperately that he will have at least one more class with Julia. The school day was almost over now. It hadn’t been nearly as bad as Jeff was hoping it would be either. He had made a new friend, Alex. Plus, he and Julia were in at least one class together.

Only sixth period was left, Science. Jeff hadn’t been paying much attention to any of his classes, all he could think about was Julia.

Jeff enters the classroom, and notices Julia is there. This day just kept getting better and better he thought. He notices she’s sitting alone. This was it! This was his chance. Could he do it though? He really really wanted to talk to her, or even just sit next to her. He slowly walks over to the table where Julia is sitting alone and takes his seat next to her. He pauses a moment before finally gathering up enough courage to talk to her. “Hi Julia. So I guess we have two classes together. That’s pretty cool” he says nervously. “Oh hi again!” Julia says with a big smile. Science wasn’t exactly her favorite subject, but sitting next to this cutie may make it easier to endure, she thought. “I’m so sorry, but I totally forgot your name” Julia says, slightly blushing. “It’s cool. My name’s Jeffry. Call me Jeff though. So do you umm think it’d be cool, if I walk with you once school is over?” Julia blushes even more when he asks her this, but quickly replies “Sure. That’d be neat. Though I think my Mom’s picking me up.” It would have been great to have Jeff walk her home, but nooo her Mom insisted on driving her home. “If by some miracle, I mean umm tragedy though, she doesn’t show up then I guess you can walk me home.” Jeff was thrilled that she didn’t say no.

The teacher tells the class the assignment for the following day. “Ok class, for tomorrow’s assignment you will be dissecting a frog. So I suggest, you pick your partners for the assignment, now.” “Gross!” Julia whines “That sounds terrible.” “You wanna be my partner?” Jeff asks her “Sure.” Julia answers with a smile.

School was finally over. Jeff and Julia walk out of the classroom together. Julia immediately spots her Mom’s car she sighs as she says “While there’s my ride. Bye Jeff “ “Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jeff says, as he watches Julia walk away. “Jeff! Hey, Jeff!” Alex calls out running towards Jeff. “Oh, hey Alex. How’s it going man?” “This wasn’t that bad for a first day. I didn’t get bullied anyway. What about you?” “No. No bullies. I met a girl, who’s pretty nice though. Her name’s Julia.”

“Too bad we don’t have any classes together.” Alex says. Jeff agrees that it would be nice if he and Alex had a class together and tells him “Maybe it’s not too late. You should try and transfer to one of my periods, like glee. I have that for first period.” The two continue talking as they walk home from school. “Yeah that sounds a hell of a lot cooler than woodshop. There are like no girls in woodshop at all.”
Jeff finally reaches his house. “Well, this is where I live” he tells Alex. “Yeah, my house is like one more block away. I’ll see you at school tomorrow, Jeff.” “See you tomorrow, Alex.”

Jeff, Mitch, and their mother Charlotte were all at the table eating dinner, and talking amongst themselves. “So how was your first day of high school, dear?” Charlotte asks Jeff. “It was ok. Not as bad as I thought as it was gonna be anyway.” Mitch laughs as he interrupts Jeff “He’s only saying that because he has a girlfriend, now!” Jeff has an embarrassed look and begins to blush as he replies “Shut up, Mitch!” Charlotte smiles as as she tells Jeff “You’ve always been so girl crazy. So, tell me about this girl.”
Jeff smiles as he tells his mother about Julia “She’s really pretty, Mom. Plus, she’s nice to me too. We’re gonna be partners for the frog dissection tomorrow too. I can’t stop thinking about her.” “Well, that’s fine. As long as she doesn’t get in the way of your schoolwork. She sounds like a very nice girl.”

It was nighttime now. Jeff and Mitch are in their room. Each one of them is laying in their own bed talking. “I wanna be in a rock band.” Jeff confesses to his little brother. ‘Oh yeah? Like as a drummer, right?’ “Well yeah. I kinda wanna sing too though. Ya know, to impress the girls” Jeff says with a laugh, “Keep dreaming big brother. You can’t sing.” Jeff decides to prove Mitch wrong and starts singing “Today I met the girl I’m gonna marry” Mitch is shocked to learn that Jeff actually sounds pretty good. “That’s a lame song” he tells Jeff. “Go to sleep Mitch.” Jeff replies.

I remember High School
Chapter Three

At Julia’s house it’s almost time to leave for school. Julia and her sister Janet, are fixing their hair and make up. Janet is a senior at Forest Hills High, and is the head cheerleader on the cheerleading squad, and is extremely popular. Julia wishes she could be as popular as her older sister. “So, I saw you walking with a really tall boy, yesterday. Who was that?” Julia’s face lights up as she thinks of Jeff, she can’t wait to see him at school today. “Oh, his name’s Jeff. Isn’t he cute?!” Janet laughs as she answers “Oh my god! Cute? He looks like a total geek. You don’t seriously like him, do you, Julia?” “Gee, Janet. Do you have to be so mean? He’s really nice. We’re gonna be partners for the science project today too.” “What project is that?” Janet asks. “We have to dissect a frog.” “Eww” Janet shrieks “I had to do that when I was in tenth grade too. I swear, I almost fainted. The smell of formaldehyde is sooo strong. It was really gross.” “So, you actually fainted?” “No. A few other girls did though.” Julia started thinking that if she fainted during the project, maybe, just maybe Jeff could catch her. Oh, how she’d love to fall into his arms. “You know, Julia” Janet says “You should totally try out for the Junior varsity cheerleading squad. I could probably put in a good word for you, if you do try out. “

Julia’s Mom drove Janet and Julia to school that day. Of course, Julia was hoping for once her mother would just let her walk, because then she might see Jeff on the way there. As Julia and Janet exit the car Julia immediately starts looking around to see if she can spot Jeff anywhere. Janet asks Julia “You’re looking for Jeff aren’t you?” Julia is too embarrassed to tell her sister the truth, especially after she was so mean when Julia had mentioned she liked him earlier. “No. He’s in my first class. I’m just looking for Monica and Cindy.” “Ok” Janet replies “Well, I’ll see you after school.” This would be the last time Janet and Julia spoke to each other until school was over, since, Julia was only in tenth grade and Janet in twelfth. It would damage Janet’s reputation to be seen talking to an underclassman, even if it was her own sister. Julia’s two closest friends, Monica and Cindy whom, Julia had known since kindergarten come walking up to her. They were both cheerleaders on the junior varsity cheer leading squad. Julia was also considering joining the squad. Not because she genuinely wanted to be a cheerleader, but because she wanted to fit in.

All three girls rush to make their way to their homeroom class, which they all shared and was due to start any minute now. They talk amongst themselves as they walk, hurriedly. “So, did you all see the tall kid in glee, yesterday?” Cindy laughs “I call him the ‘yo-yo’. “Hey” Julia says “What’s wrong with tall people? I’m tall.” “Yeah” Monica replies “But you’re not a geek. I mean this guy is seriously pathetic looking.” Julia couldn’t believe she was actually friends with these girls. They didn’t even know Jeff, and yet here they were making fun of him behind his back. She wanted to tell them to shut up, and that she liked Jeff, but she didn’t.

The girls finally reach their classroom. Once they’re inside, Julia immediately notices, Jeff is already inside sitting next to a new kid. Julia smiles at Jeff. Jeff sheepishly smiles back. “Hi Jeff” Julia says as she approaches him. “Hi. This is my friend, Alex.” “Great!” Monica whispers to Cindy” Another nerd!” Cindy laughs. The class finally settles down, as the teacher talks.

“Ok class, today I’m going to find out your voice ranges. You’re going to be put in groups of three, and I will hear all of you sing.”

“Shit! I don’t know what song to sing.” Jeff tells Alex “How about a Beach boys song? Or the Beatles?” “We still need a third member for our group too. Maybe Julia will join our group, let me ask.” “Good luck, man” Alex tells Jeff. “Julia, do you wanna sing with Alex and me?” Jeff shyly asks. “I really want to, but I can’t. I’m already in a group with my friends. Sorry, Jeff. Besides, you need another boy, not a girl.” Alex asks the boy sitting next to him, but he’s already in a group. The teacher notices Jeff and Alex and asks them “What seems to be the problem?” “We cant find a third person for our group, Ma’am.” Jeff answers, just loud enough for the teacher to hear. “It’s alright. It’ll just be you and Alex then. It’s actually better that way, so I can hear you clearly.” “Have you picked a song yet?” Jeff asks Alex “No. I know lots of songs, but I don’t know all of the lyrics to any of them.” “It’s ok. I know a song. We’ll sing ‘Baby I love you’. “Damn! Why do you have to pick a girl’s song?” Alex whines. “It’s a good song. Just follow my lead.” Jeff reassures Alex.

Julia, Monica, and Cindy sing first. They sing “Leader of the pack”. Jeff can’t help but notice that Julia sounds a bit like Ronnie Spector. She really was the perfect girl, Jeff thought. Not only was she pretty, but she could sing too. Jeff lets his mind wander, and he begins to daydream. He imagines himself wearing a leather jacket, riding a motorcycle, as the leader of the pack. Just like in the song his crush is singing.

It was now time for Alex and Jeff to sing. They get up in front of the class, and the entire class starts laughing. Except Julia, she wasn’t as shallow as her friends. The two were certainly an odd couple, with their extreme height differences.

“Hush now, class.” The teacher says, attempting to quiet everyone down. “Go ahead and sing boys.”

Jeff and Alex start singing “Baby I love you.” At first Jeff is nervous to have the whole class watching him, but begins to relax as the song progresses. Julia watches and listens with her hand placed under her chin and has a dreamy look in her eyes. She already thought he was cute. Julia begins to imagine Jeff is singing only to her. Monica and Cindy can’t believe their friend is actually falling for who, in their mind is probably the biggest geek in class, if not the entire school. The teacher enjoyed Jeff and Alex’s performance so much that she let them sing the entire song. “Good job, boys. You’re both tenors. Jeff, you probably have the best voice in the whole class.” The teacher tells them. Julia forgets there’s really no need to clap, and does so anyway. “What are you doing?” Monica asks. Julia is a bit embarrassed as she answers “Well, it’s just they were good. You have to admit they can sing really well. Especially Jeff.” Monica and Cindy both simultaneously reply “They’re alright.” Of course they wouldn’t admit that these nerds were actually talented. It was bad enough, that their friend seemingly had a crush on one of them.

After third period, it was time for lunch. Jeff and Alex sat and ate lunch together. They saw the three girls sitting together and chatting, and decided to join them. Julia scoots closer to Jeff as she tells him “I really like your voice, Jeff. You’re a great singer.” Jeff blushes as he replies “Thanks. You’re a good singer too. You kinda sound like Ronnie Spector.” Julia smiles as she says “Thanks.” “So, you guys know the class is gonna do ‘West side story‘, right? Monica says. “Oh yeah.” Cindy says “I hope I get the part of Maria.” “Cindy, you’re too blonde for that role. Maria is Puerto Rican.” “Yeah, well you’re a read head, Monica.” Cindy replies “I’ll wear a wig.” Monica says. Jeff speaks up saying “I think Julia should play Maria.” “I’ll second that.” Alex agrees. ‘You’d be great as Tony too, Jeff” Alex adds. “Oh my god!” You’re not serious! He’s way too tall!” Monica says “And way too lame!” Cindy adds. Both Monica and Cindy laugh. Jeff hangs his head down, and stares at the ground as the two girls laugh at him “Will you guys shut up?! I can’t believe I’m friends with you!” “Ok ok, Julia. We’re sorry” Cindy says. “Hey, you see those guys over there?” Cindy says, pointing to a group of jocks. Monica says “Oh yeah, they’re soooo groovy looking. Within a few weeks, they’ll be our boyfriends. Isn’t that right, Julia?” “I’m really not interested in any of them. Jeff’s heart sinks as he begins to realize that maybe he and Julia weren’t meant to be.

It’s now sixth period. Jeff hurries to his classroom, to see Julia. Meanwhile, in science class, Julia is already there and waiting for Jeff to arrive. A new kid with a greaser style haircut and a leather jacket approaches Julia and is about to sit in Jeff’s seat. “I’m sorry, but someone already sits here.” Julia politely tells the new kid. “Well, I don’t see anyone sitting here now.” the new kid tells Julia. “You can’t sit here. That’s him over there.” she says pointing to Jeff who has just entered the classroom. Jeff is nervous as he approaches his seat, this new kid definitely looks like the bullying type. He’s reluctant to walk over to his seat, as he doesn’t wanna be embarrassed in front of Julia though. “Young man in the jacket, will you please take a seat already?!” the teacher sternly asks. “I’m trying to ma’am. She won’t let me sit here though.” “This is Jeff’s seat, ma’am. He’s been sitting here since yesterday.” “A few students transferred out of this class, so there should be plenty of other seats for you to choose from.” The new student leaves and takes a seat on the other side of the classroom. Jeff is finally able to take his seat next to Julia. He’s glad he didn’t have to endure a confrontation with the new student.

“You’re obviously new here, young man. What’s your name?” the teacher asks “It’s Oscar. Oscar Mayer.” The whole classroom erupts in laughter. Jeff cant help but mumble under his breath “What a wiener.” “You can call me the big O or Oz though.” “In this class, you’ll be called Oscar.” the teacher says. “Fine then, Susana.” Oscar boldly replies, “You will address me as Mrs. Stein.” “Fine by me” Oscar says “But call me Oz.” “Now I hope you all have partners for the frog dissection assignment.” Mrs. Stein says. “I don’t have a partner yet. Can I work with her?” Oscar asks, pointing to Julia. “I already have a partner, Mrs. Stein.” Julia says. Not wanting anymore trouble from Oscar, Mrs Stein says “ Oscar, you can work with Julia, and Jeff.” Neither Jeff nor Julia were looking forward to working with Oscar. They were both secretly hoping this project would give them the chance to get to know one another better.

School is over now. Jeff and Julia walk out of the classroom together, but Oz insists on following them. “I’m gonna walk with you.” he tells Julia “You never know what kind of creeps might be around.” “I’m fine. My Mom always picks me up. In fact, I see our car now. Bye Jeff.” Julia says with a smile. “Bye Julia.” Jeff replies, smiling back. Julia knew she should’ve given her Jeff her number before she got in the car. That’s ok though, she could always just do it the next day. As soon as Julia left, Oz left also. Alex comes running up to Jeff so they can walk home together. Alex recognizes Oscar immediately. “Hey Jeff, why are you hanging out with Oz?” “I’m not. I was trying to walk with Julia, but he kept following us.” “Well, he’s been bullying me since the third grade, always taking my lunch money and everything.” “Well, I guess we’ll just try and stay away from him.” Jeff says.

I remember High School
Chapter Four

It was now the second week of school. The school day was already over, and Jeff was at Julia’s house so they could rehearse and go over lines for “West side story” together. They would find out who got what parts in the play at the end of the week. Over the course of the first week of school, Jeff and Julia had gotten to know each other pretty well. Of course their feelings for one another had grown stronger as well. Jeff would have suggested that they rehearse their lines at his house, but his mother was there, not to mention, his little brother.

Jeff is entranced as he watches Julia play the piano. “I don’t know why, but I’m actually pretty nervous.” Jeff tells Julia. “It’s probably just because this isn’t my type of music. I’m more into rock and roll.” “I know, Jeff.” Julia says. Let’s just start with you singing the song ‘Maria’. “ “Ok.” Jeff says as he takes a deep breath to prepare himself. He was quite nervous about singing in front of Julia. Sure, she had heard him sing before, but that was in glee club, where he had to sing not only in front of her, but in front of the whole class. It was different now that it was just the two of them.

Julia plays “Maria” on the piano, as Jeff sings. “Come On! Put some more feeling into it.” Julia encourages Jeff “Don’t be so shy.” “Ok. I’ll try.” He says. “What if you get to play Tony?” Jeff smiles as he begins to think of how great it would it would be if he were Tony and Julia were Maria. Jeff is still nervous about being in Julia’s house. He had seen her sister, Janet earlier. It was clear that Janet didn’t like Jeff. “Ok” Julia says “Maybe we should sing ‘Somewhere’ instead. We’ll sing it as a duet.” “Ok” Jeff agrees. Singing the song with Julia gives it a new meaning to Jeff. Similar to how nobody wanted to Tony and Maria to be together, nobody seemed to want Jeff and Julia to be together either. Not Julia’s stuck up older sister, or her popular cheerleader, friends. Jeff noticed that Julia got so emotional singing the song, that she actually teared up a little. He takes his hand gently places it on her face, and wipes the tears away with his thumb. “I never knew how sad that song was. I guess, that’s because I never saw the movie. Have you seen it?” “I’ve seen it. It’s one of my favorites.” “Well, I think you’d be perfect for the part of Maria. You’ll have the whole audience in tears.” “Thanks” Julia says “If I do get the par of Maria, I want you to be my Tony.” Jeff chuckles nervously, as he is insecure and doesn’t think he’ll get the part. “I really don’t think I’ll get that part in the show, or any part. I’ll be lucky to just be in the chorus.”

Jeff finds himself constantly staring at Julia, but is unable to look her in the eyes. Julia pretends not to notice Jeff’s staring, but she does. Julia desperately wishes that Jeff wouldn’t be so shy around her. She really likes him and needs to know if he feels the same way about her. “You know, if I play Maria, there’s gonna be a kissing scene that I’ll have to do. I’m not sure if I can do it though. I never kissed anyone before.” Now Jeff was really nervous. He hadn’t kissed anyone before either. Of course it would be great, if Julia were his first kiss. He could feel his heart beating faster and faster by the second, and his palms were sweaty. He also hoped now more than ever, that he would get the part of ony. He was certain Julia would play Maria, how could she not get the part? She was perfect for it…Well, in Jeff’s mind, she was just perfect, period. He was also starting to get jealous, he didn’t know why he was jealous, other than the thought of someone kissing her, other than him. “But, umm…What if you don’t get the part?” Jeff nervously says “What if I do get the part? Then I’ll have to kiss whoever plays Tony…” Jeff couldn’t let this happen, he had to do something and quick. “Kiss me” “What?” Julia asks, surprised “Pretend I’m Tony.” Jeff explains. Julia smiles as she says “Ok. You might get the part of Tony, so yeah go ahead. Kiss me.”

Oh God! What had Jeff gotten himself into? Of course he wanted to kiss Julia. That’s all he could think about doing from the moment he ran into her, on the first day of school. Jeff gently places his hands on Julia’s shoulders, leans in and is about to kiss her, but as he leans in further his glasses bump Julia on the forehead. They both giggle as this happens. Jeff removes his glasses, and sets them on the coffee table, they’re standing next to. “Wanna try that again?” Julia asks with a smile. They gaze into each other’s eyes a moment before closing them. He finally kisses her. It’s quick and extremely awkward, both have butterflies in their stomachs once it’s over. Both are also extremely glad it happened. Jeff can’t hold it in anymore, he finally blurts it out. “I know this was only supposed to be practice for the play, but I really like you Julia!”


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I remember High School Empty Re: I remember High School

Post by Autumn85 on 1/7/2013, 4:14 am

I remember High School
Chapter Six

Jeff and Julia remain waiting in the waiting room, desperately hoping to hear news of their friend’s well being. As the two sit holding hands, both of them realize, that if anything, this near tragedy certainly brought them closer together. The doctor finally comes out to update Jeff and Julia on Alex’s condition.

“He has suffered a dislocated left shoulder, as well as a broken arm. Other than that, he’s just fine and ready to go home.”

“That’s great.” a relieved Jeff says.

“I guess I should probably call his parents and tell them to pick him up.”

Jeff makes a quick phone call, explaining the situation to Alex’s parents. They immediately arrive at the hospital, and give Julia, and Jeff a ride home. As they stop at Jeff’s house, the three teens talk a while before Jeff exit’s the vehicle.

Alex gives a sad sigh as he says “Well, I guess I won’t be playing Baby John, anymore.”

“The play doesn’t start until December. You should be out of that cast by then. So, don’t worry, you’ll still get to play him.” Jeff says, giving Alex a reassuring smile.

Later that night, Julia called Jeff on the phone.

“Hey, Jeff.”

“Hi Julia. What’s up?”

“I’ve decided that I am gonna go to that party, after all, but only if you go with me.”

“But I’m not invited.” Jeff reminds Julia

“Don’t worry about it. I am. You’re coming as my date. It’s not Monica’s party anyway, she can’t tell me who to bring.”

“Ok. Neat!” Jeff happily replies. “See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” Julia says “Bye.”

“Bye.” Jeff says, hanging up the phone.

It was now seven pm, Saturday night. Matt’s party would be starting soon, eight o’ clock to be exact. As Julia stands in front of the mirror brushing her hair she hopes that Jeff will show up soon. She was glad she had decided to take Jeff as her date. Who was Monica to tell her who she could date, anyway? She wonders if this will be a bad move, bringing Jeff to the party. To hell with it though, she eventually decides. Her friends as well as everyone else would just have to accept her boyfriend, the same way they accepted her. Julia sincerely hoped this night turned out well, but if it didn’t go so great at least she’d be there with Jeff.

Just as Julia finishes brushing her hair, she hears Janet call her name from the other room.

“Julia! Your geek…oops I mean date is here!” Janet teases.

Janet’s constant mocking of Jeff was getting old fast. It wasn’t as bad as her two closest friends Monica, and Cindy belittling him every chance they got though.

“Ha ha! Very funny! Tell him I’ll be there in a minute.” Julia shouts back.

Julia stands in front of the mirror a few moments longer, before going to greet her boyfriend. She has to make sure she looks absolutely perfect, not for the party, but for Jeff. In her mind, his was the only opinion that mattered.

Just then Julia had a thought. She had been kinda mean to him earlier. Pretending that they weren’t a couple, and all. There was at least a half an hour before they needed to leave for the party. Maybe she could make it up to him now?

Julia walks out into the living room, and greets Jeff who is sitting on the couch, waiting for her.

“Hi!” Julia says with a huge smile.

‘Hey.” Jeff quietly replies, also smiling.

“Sooo,. We have time before we have to leave for the party…” Julia says as she sits down next to Jeff on the couch.

“Do you think I got here too early?” Jeff nervously asks.

“I’m sorry.”

“No. It’s fine.” Julia answers, laughing.

Scooting closer to Jeff, Julia says “In fact, I’m glad you showed up early.”

“Really? Why?” Jeff obliviously asks.

Julia smiles at Jeff as she takes his glasses off and places them down beside him. She then pulls him on top of her, placing her hand on the back of his neck, and they begin to kiss, passionately. This was nothing like the other “pecks” they had shared, while going over lines for the play.

It was a good thing that Julia’s parents were out of town, or she wouldn’t have been brave enough to make out with her boyfriend, right there in the living room. Both of her parents were in Long Island, for a family member’s wedding. They would be gone for at least two days. Still kissing, Julia grabs Jeff’s hand and just when she’s about to let him get to second base, Julia hears Janet calling for her yet again. The couple choose to ignore this, as they’d much rather make out, then do…well anything else at this moment in time. Their lips finally part, as they stop kissing, only to catch a breath of air. They gaze into each other’s eyes, and are about to continue making out, when Janet reenters the room.

“Hey! Mom and Dad said I have to drive you wherever you need to go. So come on! Let’s get moving, if you wanna go to this party. Don’t call me for a ride or anything. I’m gonna be here with Dean, alone. We don’t need any distractions.”

“So, when you will you pick us up?” Julia asks.

“I’ll get there when I get there. Dean and I havent seen each other in a long time. So please, don’t rush us ok?”

“Fine.” Julia says.

Dean was Janet’s boyfriend of two years. She’d been dating him since she was Julia’s age. Of course he was a few years older than her, and was already in his second year of college.

“Ok. We’re here, this is the place.” Julia says as Janet parks the car in front of Matt O’Brien’s house.

“I’ll be here to pick you two up, by midnight” Janet tells Jeff and Julia.

“What If we wanna leave early?” Julia asks.

“I said I’ll be here by midnight. Like I said, I’m gonna be with Dean, and I don’t wanna be bothered.” Janet insists.

Jeff and Julia exit the car together, and Janet drives away. Julia is slightly hesitant to enter the party, or even to go and knock on Matt’s door. She knows her friends will give her a hard tie about bringing Jeff, as her date. Even though, they now knew Jeff and Julia were a couple, they still didn’t like him. Too bad, because Julia brought him anyway.

Jeff looks at his wrist watch and says “Well, we have four hours until your sister comes to pick us up.”

“Yep.” Julia replies.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine. This is actually the first party I’ve gone to without chaperones. Let’s try and have some fun, ok?” Julia says smiling.

“I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fun. After all, I get to spend four hours with you.”

Julia kisses Jeff on the cheek and grabs his hand. Holding hands, the pair walk up to the front door of Matt’s house, and Julia knocks.

Matt opens the door. He is tall, but quite as tall as Jeff. He is muscular, but not overly so, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Julia can understand why Monica and Cindy found him so attractive, and wanted her to go steady with him. However she still sincerely wishes they would understand how much she likes Jeff. Monica is standing right beside Matt, as he opens the door.

“I cant believe you, Julia!” Monica says the moment she sees Jeff.

“You were supposed to come alone. You weren’t supposed to bring a date, especially not him!” Monica says, with an annoyed sigh.

Julia wasn’t gonna just stand around and let her friends, or anyone else for that matter insult Jeff, not anymore. He was her boyfriend, and if they truly cared about her, they would accept that.

“Look. Either you let him in, or you go ahead and make him leave, and I’ll just go with him.”

Monica says “Fine. Let’s go and mingle, then. Ok?”

By this point Matt had already left, to let talk Julia and Monica talk amongst themselves. As Julia and Jeff enter the party together, still holding hands, Monica leaves to go and talk to Matt.

Monica approaches Matt, who is in the kitchen grabbing a beer from the refrigerator.

Monica tells Matt “I’m sorry. I tried to tell her not to, but Julia brought Jeff, the geek anyway.”

Matt asks “Well, why’d she bring him, anyway? Are they a couple?”

“No. They’re totally just friends.” Monica lies.

Cindy walks into the kitchen, and joins Matt and Monica’s conversation.

“Hey guys! Great party. They’re smoking weed in the other room, I tried it too for the first time right now. I feel soooo great!” Cindy says laughing loudly.

Monica taps Cindy on the shoulder, and points to Jeff saying “Cindy, look who Julia brought.”

“Oh! Wonderful! She brought the damn geek. I guess she really likes him.” Cindy says, noticing the couple holding hands.

“I told you, she wouldn’t bring him if they weren’t together.” Matt tells Monica.

“No way.” Monica says, sticking with her lie “He’s a total nerd. You can’t give up on her. You guys would make a great couple!”

Matt has a mischievous grin as he says “I got an idea. Let’s go offer him one of these sugar cubes. It’s laced with LSD.”

“Should be interesting enough.” Monica says.

“I just gotta make a quick announcement first.” Matt says, as he walks into the living room.

“Is everybody having a good time?!” Matt shouts.

“Yeah!” The crowd shouts back.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do.” Matt continues with his announcement.

“We’re gonna dim the lights, and all you boys will choose a girl, or if you already have a girl start making out with her. Trust me, this’ll be fun.”

Now Jeff is feeling nervous. Of course, he wanted to make out with Julia, he always wanted to make out with her. Hell, he always wanted to just be near her. He just couldn't get over how beautiful she was. He also couldn't quite get over the fact that she was actually his girlfriend. He was genuinely happy that she was his girlfriend though. He had never felt this strongly about any other girl before.

Julia stands before Jeff, awaiting a kiss to begin the make out session, they were instructed to partake in. Not that she needed to be instructed to do that. She was still slightly disappointed that their previous make out session ended so abruptly, due to her sister’s interruption.

Jeff adjusts his glasses, before awkwardly placing his hands on Julia's waist, and pulling her closer to him. Julia giggles, as Jeff does this. He leans closer to her, and with his hand, brushes her hair behind her ear.

"You look really pretty tonight." Jeff smiles, as he tells Julia

"Thanks." Julia replies, with a smile of her own.

Jeff leans even closer to Julia, they stand with their foreheads touching one another, gazing lovingly into each others eyes. Julia is getting anxious for Jeff to kiss her already. He takes his time though, as he's extremely shy and insecure. When their lips finally do meet, it feels amazing, enchanting, even. With their lips softly pressing against one another. Julia opens her mouth further, to deepen the kiss. She feels a feeling of complete bliss, and enjoyment as she she and Jeff continue sharing in the a kiss, that‘s worthy of leaving Julia speechless. She welcomes his tongue into her mouth to meet hers. They continue kissing for what seemed like an eternity, and what each of them hoped was an eternity. Their lips parting only briefly, to catch a breath of air, and then continuing their embrace, which leaves both, Jeff and Julia with butterflies in their stomach and causes to their hearts to beat rapidly faster and faster by the second.

Jeff and Julia had been making out for an hour straight. Jeff was sure of this, because he checked the time on his wrist watch. Not that either of them considered that a bad thing. This party was turning out to be more fun, than Julia had expected it to be. She only really came, to let her friends know that Jeff was her boyfriend, and that they couldn’t tell her who to date. That was the point of bringing him, as well as to have a good time with her boyfriend on their first official date, of course.

“Ok! Light’s on!” Matt says, turning the lights back on.

Nobody, including Jeff, or Julia was ready for this fun game to end. The immediate response Matt received when he switched the lights back on was a loud sounding response that consisted mainly of “Boo!” That along, with plenty of disappointed grunts and sighs. Jeff really hoped all the games and activities at this party would be similar to that one.


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I remember High School Empty Re: I remember High School

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So, what's next? Please continue the story. I love your writing!


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I remember High School Empty Re: I remember High School

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