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Hangover..Forbidden...Supa Luv [MBLAQ Joon x Mir]

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Hangover..Forbidden...Supa Luv [MBLAQ Joon x Mir] Empty Hangover..Forbidden...Supa Luv [MBLAQ Joon x Mir]

Post by Hanonj96 on 3/13/2011, 2:50 pm

Hangover..Forbidden...Supa Luv [MBLAQ Joon x Mir] Mirjoo11

Sorry for LITTLE immage...but the normal size was too large. This is my firts fanfiction in English...yes becouse i'm Italian! Smile. So ... I hope you'll forgive me if there are errors.
I love this couple..i love Mblaq...also other groups;). i stop talking... I hope you enjoy it.

Lee Joon decided that morning to visit his favorite Makane, Mir.
He came away shaking because of the snow flakes from heaven for one who had already laid candidly, bleaching everything.
"Joon-hyung are you doing here?" asked the little surprise.
Mir was still in his pajamas were in spite of the 11 in the morning.
He noticed his hyung shake and did not think twice to let him enter the house.

"Thanks, " said the other trying to self-heating.
"Hyung you would not have come!" scolded the little.
"I wanted to see you, " said Joon. Surprised the little that he looked down. But Joon Lee also saw the smile that appeared on the lips of the other.
"Mir ...." Joon called him. The other lifted his head slightly and was shocked, because his beloved had put his lips on hers. And he was shocked because he had dreamed, imagined, longed for this moment for months.

Mir drew her to him in reply that his hyung put his tongue into her mouth.
"Go upstairs I'll catch up soon, " he murmured close to the ear of Makane Mir.

"Do not open your eyes!" recommended him Joon
"D-d'accordo" Mir said clutching a strong strong eyes.
Was caught up, the shirt of his pajamas and jumped
"Trust me, "said Joon and then kissing each other.
Mir spreads felt something on my stomach. He was curious, he wanted to open my eyes, but he had to trust his hyung.
Then the nose recognized the odor of the substance that Joon was spreading about him.
It was delicious .. for Nutella.
"Mmm ... Nutella" uttered. Joon feebly laughed.

Mir kept his word. Even when he felt something 'wet' on her belly.
Lee Joon was now licking Nutella with making slow and sensual. Growing desire to Mir and not only that!
Lee Joon realized this and began to massage his pants over the excitement of Mir.
At Makane liked everything ... and how!
He felt the blush and pelvis moves favoring the hand of his beloved. Sighs and groans of pleasure protruding from his mouth.
His hyung was doing almost crazy to lose all sense of reality.
-But now stop it- thought the Makane.

He pulled up and joined their lips to those Joon. In a moment they were naked.
In this room the heat was awful ... there was not even the summer heat.
The pressures by Lee Joon it were intense and deep.
Mir seemed to burn under the control of the hyung.
Both were in unison. Joon with an orgasm most of the throat while Mir sharper.
The hyung, exhausted, rested his head on the breast of her beloved Makane. He could hear the beat sped up and his chest beneath him rose and fell rhythmically.
Joon look at Mir with a smirk.

"Do you like Nutella?" Mir said making laugh Joon
"Yes, but never as much as i like you " said Mir smile and exchanged a quick kiss.
"I think you should come and visit me more often, " he added Mir
"I solemnly promise that I will, " said the hyung and exchanged a kiss more passionate.

"So you always like me?" asked Mir and Joon nodded "I think it is better to specify a detail ... you're never alone I like to think so ... I love you" said Joon clutching the body of Makane his arms between
"I love you " he added shortly thereafter and then kiss the cheek of Mir.
At Makane heart skip a beat.
"I love you too, " he said and then give a kiss to his lips at Joon.
Then sealed with a kiss real


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