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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by Kyn on 3/15/2010, 6:50 pm

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} LAFB2-1

You :

My existence isn’t as simple anymore. I used to be just another girl with parents who cared too much, crushes on the cutest guys, and someone who crumbled under the pressure of school. But now there is more to me than that, because I am his, he’s marked me with a crescent moon scar on my arm. You may think I’m branded like livestock, but my existence is more than that. I can’t just be his toy; I can’t be thrown away like a piece of food he’s gotten tired of. It was love at first bite. The terrible things he’s done to me, my family, and my friends doesn’t matter. With every bite the connection between us grows stronger and I know that this is where I’m meant to be.

Lee Joon :

To be human is to be weak. To be me is as close to Godliness as you can get. On a whim I can take or give life. Does it mean I’m going to be a saint? Of course not, life’s trivial; immortality is just as it sounds, definite and lasting. With an eternity to live why would I bother myself with virtuous duties? Life is a game, and I am the trump. I dissemble and they fall to my feet. Humans are here for my entertainment. There is a reason we are different, it’s because one has to lead while the other bows in submission.

Lee Onew
Love is simple. You find the person your meant to be with and you do it. You bind yourself to that one person because it is where you want to be. However mutual love is difficult. Just because you love someone it doesn’t mean they will feel the same way. You try to persuade them, show your merits, and hope that they see the goodness in you. You pray that they’ll realize that you’re both missing pieces to a puzzle called Life. My situation contains both. I know I love her, that’s simple; but I know she isn’t with me as well, that’s difficult. The way I see it my life is just simply difficult.

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by shawty_12 on 3/15/2010, 7:24 pm

I usually don't read stories with "YOU" or stories that features the reader, but... I'll let this story be an exception.
It sounds great already. I can't wait for the very first chapter.~

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by Kyn on 3/15/2010, 7:27 pm

aww shawty I can always count on you to be my faithful reader
and same for me too
I thought I'd try something new

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty The Mystery Geek

Post by Kyn on 3/15/2010, 7:28 pm

“Guess what?”
“You’re not really going to make me guess right?” ___ said into the phone.
“Are you really going to kill my fun?” Onew replied
“Fine, hmm, you’re –“
“Too slow. I’m coming back in a few weeks!” He said interrupting her.
“Seriously? My mom is going to be so excited!” she replied cheerfully.
“Your mom?” he said dubiously.
“And of course me too. Our moms were so close before you guys left. It was like she lost a sister.”
“You can’t tell Mrs. Baek.” Onew said
“Why not?”
“Because it’s supposed to be a surprise. They only people who know in Seoul are the real estate agents, you, and your neighbors.”
“So that means you’re moving into your old house? It’ll be just like the old days…minus the Barbie dolls. Why did you tell me though?”
“Because you’re going to throw our Welcome Back Party.” Onew said after some thought
“You’re mean. Here I was thinking it was because I was so special as your closest friend since ever.”
“That too.” He said laughing. “I bet when I come back you’ll always be clinging to me.”
“Excuse me?” ___ said bursting into laughter.
“Yup that’s right Baek ___, because you missed me so much.”
“True I missed you at first. But I don’t know, not anymore. It seems like you never left now. We’re always talking and even though your miles away it’s like you’re still here.”
“I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve said ever. Who knew you actually had a sweet side.”
“Aww –shut up. So are you serious about the party?”
“I’ll leave that to you to figure out. Just so you know I want lots of decorations, hundreds of people, gift bags with Swarovski Crystals, a private performer, tons of cute girls, and guys who aren’t as good looking as me.”
“Hmm the last part seems hard, you are pretty dorky looking.”
“Ha-ha you’re so funny.” he said sarcastically.
“So speaking of parties, I’ve got one to go to. Talk to you –no –see you later!”
“Stupid Onew” ___ muttered to herself with laughing.

___ quickly got ready for the party. She didn’t know who was throwing the party, just that it was someone who graduated two years before. She couldn’t understand why the person would throw the party and invite people who he barely knew. When she asked around the only responses she got were “I don’t care it’s a party.” Or “Who knows, but there’s going to be free alcohol.” The only reason she was going was to be with her friends, they practically forced her to go.

After coming out the shower she donned a plum strapless dress that stopped just above her knees. The top of the dress stuck close to her body, but not enough to make her appear easy. The skirt of the dress had a four tiered ruffled hem with black lace trimming. She lightly applied makeup to give herself a “natural” glow. Her hair was pulled back into a sloppy but cute bun with her bangs falling to the side to show off her baby face. ___ grabbed a black cardigan and a pair of Mary Jane heels then rushed downstairs; her friends would be there to pick her up 10 minutes ago. She had gotten so caught up in talking to Onew that she didn’t realize what time it was.

“What time are you coming home?” Mrs. Baek asked when she got downstairs.
“Around ten I think, might be earlier if the party doesn’t live up to its hype.”
“Be careful; don’t drink from a cup strangers give you okay.”
“Of course Mom, you know that not that stupid.”____ said as she slipped into her shoes.
“Isn’t it a little much for a party?” Mr. Baek asked as he looked over ___’s clothes.
“Apparently it’s a semi-formal kind of thing.” ___ laughed at the thought. The party was anything but formal. It was basically a tell all your friends to come kind of thing.

Just then the doorbell rang; her friends were here to pick her up. ___ pecked her mom and dad on the cheek before dashing out the door.

“Love Ya” she called over her shoulder to them.

In the car was Eun Jung, she was as close to a best friend that ___ had since Onew moved away four years before. In the front seat were Seo Hyun and her boyfriend Yong Hwa. The two were practically inseparable. Seo Hyun had a sweet yet quirky personality and Yong Hwa was cool but thoughtful. They had never really talked before he started going out with Seo Hyun, but he was now becoming a good friend.

“So where is this party?” ___ asked after they had been driving for 15 minutes
“Close to the edge of town. The guy’s family owns some vacation house there.” Yong Hwa said keeping his eyes on the road.”
“Seems kind of dopey to have a whole bunch of people you don’t know come and wreck your place.”
“I remember him when he used to go to our school. He was kind of geeky and didn’t have a lot of friends.”
“So you know this mystery person?” ___ asked leaning toward the front seat
“Not really. His name is Lee Jin or something like that and his parents are filthy rich. I never talked to him but he seemed nice enough.” He said shrugging off the topic

After driving for another 20 minutes they had arrived at the house. The last house they saw had been a five minute drive away. After crossing a bridge over a creek they drove down the winding gravel driveway. The house wasn’t overly large but had a grand feeling to it. The two floored house was painted a warm coffee color with exposed mocha boards. Ivy vines had started to grow up the front of the house. On a deck at the side of the house ___ could see the party had already started. The full moon shone brightly and illuminated the lake a few feet away from the house.

The four of them walked into the house, within a matter of minutes Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa had left to spend time together.

“I guess it's just me and you now.” Eun Jung said.
“Aren’t you glad I graced you with my presence tonight?” ___ said batting her eyes
“I believe the honor was mine.” She replied dramatically brushing her hair over her shoulder.
“Touché. Let’s go dance!” ___ said laughing as she dragged Eun Jung with her.

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by shawty_12 on 3/15/2010, 7:51 pm First chapter and the thrill is already ON!
Cracked me up on the first paragraph. Onew, Onew-aish! Lolx..
What an absolute GREAT friend he is. Very Happy
Mystery guy is here!! Whoo hoot! I find it strange, you know?'
That he'll invite so many people to his house when he's not "popular" with them.
Like whoever said:
“Seems kind of dopey to have a whole bunch of people you don’t know come and wreck your place.”
But then again, this is where all the excitement starts, huh?Very Happy
Thanks for the pm and yes, soon and I will become your fan!
A reader gotta love a good author.<3

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by Kyn on 3/18/2010, 4:31 pm

shawty_12 First chapter and the thrill is already ON!
Cracked me up on the first paragraph. Onew, Onew-aish! Lolx..
What an absolute GREAT friend he is. Very Happy
Mystery guy is here!! Whoo hoot! I find it strange, you know?'
That he'll invite so many people to his house when he's not "popular" with them.
Like whoever said:
“Seems kind of dopey to have a whole bunch of people you don’t know come and wreck your place.”
But then again, this is where all the excitement starts, huh?Very Happy
Thanks for the pm and yes, soon and I will become your fan!
A reader gotta love a good author.<3

it was ___ who said it
As the story continues you'll get to see how great of a friend Onew, Eun Jung, Seo Hyun, and Yong Hwa are
I love the Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa couple of WGM
But yeah the mystery guy has his reasons, ones you wont find out about until later later in the story
But my golden piece of advise when it comes to some of the characters in this story
Looks can be decieving

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Under the Night Sky

Post by Kyn on 3/18/2010, 4:31 pm

The party was in full throttle. More guests poured in by the minute and the dance floor was always filled with tons of people. The party seemed to fit everyone. The smokers could go outside by the lake and not bother everyone else, there was a lot of alcohol for people who wanted it, and regular drinks for those who didn’t, songs everyone loved were played continually, and despite it being a party there was also a laid back aspect making it comfortable enough to just hang out.

That’s exactly what ___ and Eun Jung were doing. They both sat on a plush red sofa and talked for a while. They had spent most of the evening dancing, completely forgetting about Seo Hyun and Yong Hwa. It was only eight but ___ was ready to leave.

“It’s getting a little boring now.” ___ said to Eun Jung. The latter was busy scanning the room for someone.
“It’s still pretty early though. Let’s stay a little more.” She replied still looking around.
“We don’t even know where the lovely couple went anyway.”
“That means no ride home.” Eun Jung said finally looking at ___.
“Who are you looking for anyway?”
“No one.” She said with slumped shoulders
“Am I honestly supposed to believe that? Stretch your neck anymore and you’ll be an ostrich.”
“A liar who isn’t here.”
“That liar probably has a name. Who’s the lucky guy?” ___ was really curious. Eun Jung didn’t fall for guys very easily.
“Dong Woon. He said he was coming so I came and now he’s not here.”
“Well then he’s stupid.”
“Maybe not.” She said with a smile as she looked across the room. ___ followed Eun Jung’s gaze and watched as a cute guy with a medium build and black hair scanned the room.
“He might turn into an ostrich too.” ___ said laughing.
“Let’s go say hi.”
“You go. Get to know each other, plan your wedding, and pick baby names.”
“I’m not going to ditch you.”
“I’m not some kind of loner, I’ll be fine.”
“You sure?” Eun Jung asked, doubting whether to leave.
“Go.” ___ nudging her in Dong Woon’s direction.

___ watched with a sense of satisfaction as they both started talking to each other. She noticed that Dong Woon had a very masculine charm, but when he smiled you could tell that it was coming all the way from the tip of his toes. Eun Jung gave him her megawatt smile and laughed at something he said. Before they walked out of the room Eun Jung looked over her shoulder and winked at ___.

A few minutes later ___ started to walk around; she didn’t know what to do. She told Eun Jung she’d be fine, but now she was extremely bored. She thought she’d recognize someone she knew from school, but she couldn’t tell where most of the people had come from. Finally she decided to take a walk around the lake.

The darkness made the lake appear like an inky black. The moonshine caressed the top of the water like a lover. ___ walked out to the dock and sat staring at the water. She slipped out of her shoes and tentatively dipped her feet in. The water was cool against her skin, it was only September. As she stared out into the water she felt the desire to jump in. It was almost as if the rippling water was casting a spell over her.

“Why don’t you go in, the water’s really nice.” A guy who appeared to be slightly older asked her. He had auburn brown hair and the body of an athlete. On his face he wore a mischievous smile, almost as if he something she didn’t. Like her he donned a black cardigan with festive designs, something she thought she’d find on a Mexican scarf. She noticed he wasn’t wearing skinny jeans, a trend she hated on guys. In her opinion he was drool worthy.
“I can’t swim. You’ve been swimming here before?”
“No, but I hope I get the chance before it gets too cold.” He said taking a seat next to ___
“Do you live around here?”
“Are you going to ask where I live before you find out my name? I guess you’re going to try to kiss me before you get to know my me then.” He said laughing.
“Oh I’m sorry! I’m Baek ___. You are?” she said choosing to ignore the last part of his comment.
“Lee Joon. And no, I don’t live here. I have an apartment in the city.”
“Did you get bored of the party?”
“That’s why you’re out here?”
“Yeah. I think the only person more bored than I am is the host.” ___ said staring into the water thoughtfully.
“Really? Why’s that?” he said suddenly interested in what she had to say.
“I came here with friends. I don’t think the host has any.”
“What do you mean, there are tons of people here.” He said leaning close to her.
“And not one of them can be sure of anything they know about this guy. I heard he was a geeky guy who didn’t really have many friends. The people in that house only came here to party. I feel kind of sorry for him.”
“Is that why you’re here?”
“My friends dragged me along.” She said suddenly realizing how close they were.
“And they’re not here either, seems like you’re lonely too.”
“I guess you’re right.” She said with a smile.
“You never know, he could be talking with a pretty girl.”
“What makes you say that?”
“I’m the geeky loner.”
“Oh my grass, I’m so sorry. Here I was calling you a geek, loner, and pitying you. Now you’re right here in front of me.” ___ words came out in a rush. “You don’t see like a geek though.”
“Thank I think. But you were right. I was bored.”
“So why the party, the question has been bothering me for a while.” ___ said taking the chance to get her questions answered.
“I just came back into the city and I wanted to see what things were like.”
“Anything changed?”
“Nope, but –“
“___ there you are.” Seo Hyun called out to her. “We’ve been looking for you; we’re ready to leave now. Are you staying?”
“You’re my ride home of course I’m coming.” ___ said before turning to face Joon. “Thanks for keeping me company. “
“Let me walk you to your car?” he said dusting off his pants.

Awkwardly the three of them walked to Yong Hwa’s car. Seo Hyun wanted to know who the guy was, but thought it would make things weird if she asked. ___ didn’t know what to expect from Joon. He had offered to walk her to the car; she didn’t know is he was being polite or trying to court her.

“Thanks.” She said avoiding his eyes when they got to the car.
“No problem. Goodnight ___.” He said as she got into the car next to Eun Jung.

When they were all in the car Yong Hwa tried to start the ignition, but for some reason the car kept sputtering.

“It weird I just had a check up a few days ago.” He said
“Maybe they missed something.” Seo Hyun offered

Yong Hwa walked out of the car and lifted the hood, smoke started to exit out from the car.

“I guess we’re going to have to hitch a ride.” He called out to them.
“I think Dong Woon might be able to take us.” Eun Jung said with a smile. It was just like her to look at the bright side of the situation.

After talking to Dong Woon they had come to the conclusion that Eun Jung and the “Lovely Couple” would ride with him. He could fit all four of them in his car. However, ___ had been luck that Joon was nearby and offered to carry her home.

“Are you sure it’s okay to be giving me a ride? You are leaving your own party.” She said as she got into the front seat of his car.
“Consider yourself lucky.”
“Oh how will I ever repay my knight in shining armor?” ___ said dramatically.
“That’s more like it.” He replied with his trademark grin.

Together they drove to ___’s house in comfortable silence. ___ thought there was something soothing about Joon. When they arrived at her house ___ made sure to leave her cardigan in the car. Together they walked to her doorstep. Like a gentleman Joon waited for her to open the door and go inside. Just before she crossed the threshold ___ quickly pecked Joon on the cheek and called out a hurried “Goodnight” before closing the door.

“I knew she’d kiss me before she got to know me.” Joon said laughing to himself as he walked back to the car

On the other side of the door ___ braced herself. “Don’t be an idiot and not give me my cardigan.” She said to herself.

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by shawty_12 on 3/25/2010, 3:31 pm

OMG...!! *heart attack* That was SO sweet!
Oh man, I'm smiling and spazzing in my seat like an idiot here.>< Lolx...
I LOVE JOON! What a charmer he is. <3
He got a good night kiss from ____ too! At this point, I'd be saying stuff like, "THEY'RE MOVING TOO FAST!" but....
In this case, THAT WAS AWESOME! ><
I was surprise too when I found out the "geeky guy" was actually Joon.
I'm thinking to myself, "You're kidding!" (What an embarrassment....)
___ took it better than I did though. ^___^ If it was me, I'd be sputtering and all by now.
Lolx... I love how you end chapter 2 though. It was definitely a good night.
It allowed me to "imagine" and "spazz" some more. Razz Something like stretching a rubber band to the point where it could break but didn't. (Like, the fast moving kiss on the cheek; however, you didn't stretch it to the point where it was too "cliche," you know?)<--- I probably made no sense.
Anyways, chapter 2 is definitely LUUUUVVV-uh!<3 Thank you for the pm too. I'm waiting for the next one.

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Like A Fool

Post by Kyn on 5/21/2010, 3:37 pm

“So are you going to tell me what happened Friday night or am I going to have to force it out of you?” Eun Jung said taking a seat next to you. You were both were physics, the last and most dreaded class of the day.

“Like I told you all weekend absolutely nothing.” It was the truth and it annoyed you every time Eun Jung or Seo Hyun questioned you about what happened. It wasn’t because they asked too much, but because you had nothing to tell them. If Joon wanted to talk to you he would, but he didn’t.

“I find it hard to believe that some guy you didn’t know would spend so much time with you and even offer to ride you –what am I saying? – Give you a ride home without something happening.” Eun Jung replied as she took out her lime green notebook.

“Me too” you said flopping down into your seat in frustration.

“See something did happen.” Seo Hyun said taking a seat on the other side of you.

“The problem is nothing happened. He gave me a ride home and we talked a little. When I left the care I purposely left my cardigan on the seat so he’d have a reason to come back. I even kissed him on the cheek!”

“Real subtle ___” Seo Hyun said sarcastically.

“Do you think I scared him away? It’s not like I tried to molest him. It was just a quick peck on the cheek. Like the ones I give you guys sometimes. Grass, what if he thinks I’m some kind of rapist!”

“Even if he doesn’t like you, he’ll probably give you back your clothes.” Typical Eun Jung: twisting things so they seemed okay again.

“I feel like such an idiot now, and I’m hungry.”

“Maybe my bun will make you feel better. Doesn’t it smell yummy?” Seo Hyun said as she brought the cute little bun close to your face. Slowly you lifted your head off the desk and tentatively sniffed the bun like a cat testing the water.

“Mmmm.” In a quick motion you bit at the bun shocking both Seo Hyun and Eun Jung. A bitter taste lay at the tip of your tongue. “What is that I couldn’t even bite a piece off!”

“Of course you couldn’t it’s my new key chain, now with a bite mark. Unique I guess?” Seo Hyun said looking down on her soft rubber bun. She smiled at the smile of the bun. “Smells and looks real right?”

“But tastes like poison.” You said making a sour face.

“She said it would make you feel better not less hungry ___.” Eun Jung said between laughs.

“Like I said before, I’m such an idiot!” Once again you flopped onto your desk.

You stayed like that for a few minutes trying to think of solutions to the Joon problem, but came up with nothing. The entire time you could hear Eun Jung laughing at you. At least someone’s day was going well.

“Let’s go get frozen yogurt or crepes.” You said as approaching the school exit.

“Maybe you’d prefer buns.” Seo Hyun said. Within seconds Eun Jung burst out into laughter while Yong Hwa stared confused.

“Inside joke?” he asked

“A very funny one.” Seo Hyun said smiling sweetly

“So did you pick up your car from Joon’s place?” You asked trying to get as much info as possible.

“Yeah on Saturday.”

“Anything happened?”

“No it was just me and my friend. The place seemed abandoned.”

“Hmm, interesting.”

“Is it really?” Yong Hwa asked getting more confused.

“Just to her.” Eun Jung responded now that she was finally finished laughing.

“But Joon did leave a message on the windshield; he said he’d take care of the cost, almost as if it was his fault.”

“Really? When are you meeting him? Are you meeting him or is this an over the phone thing? How is it his fault?”

“Calm down ___.” He replied laughing. Then whispered something into Seo Hyun’s ear, she nodded in response. “He said he’d meet me after school today. He has something to do in the area.”

As if on cue Joon had pulled up in front of the school just as they had reached the sidewalk. He walked up to them holding your cardigan in hand. Looking at him you wondered how he could ever have been a geek. The past few days he had been a constant thought on your mind. You had never gotten so caught up in anyone before; in the end you concluded that there was just something hypnotic about him.

“I think you left this in my car.” Joon said acting as if nothing had happened.

“Oh so that’s where I put it.” If Joon wanted to put up an act you would too. You had already made a fool of yourself, you were not going to break down because he didn’t act the way you wanted.

“I guess I’ll meet up with you guys in a little while.” Yong Hwa said before walking off with Joon to talk “business”, you along with Seo Hyun and Eun Jung walked over to a little bodega that a lot of people at your school frequented.

“That wasn’t awkward at all. Maybe he doesn’t think you’re a rapist.” Seo Hyun said.

“It’s like he forgot it ever happened.” You replied.

“Maybe it was all in your imagination. It happens to me all the time. I think I did something and it turns out a really didn’t.”

“Hopefully this is one of those situations.”

“Oh here comes Yong Hwa and Joon.” Seo Hyun’s boyfriend radar went off before the little bell on the door announced their entrance.

“I will not be awkward. I will not be awkward.” You chanted quietly to yourself like a sutra.

“So how was the party Joon?” Eun Jung said. “We left kind of early and it seemed like things were going to get interesting.

“I don’t really know I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Something else was on my mind.”

“Oh really…” Seo Hyun mumbled.

“Hyun~ if we leave now I think we can see that movie.” Yong Hwa said suddenly.

“Eh? What movie?”

“You probably forgot, let’s go now fast.” He said dragging her out the store.

“I don’t usually forget things…” he words were cut off as she left with Yong Hwa.

“Oh I forgot that you wanted to see the movie too Eun Jung.” Yong Hwa said coming back into the store without Seo Hyun at his tail. In a matter of seconds Eun Jung was gone too.

“That wasn’t as subtle as I imagined.” Joon admitted rubbing the back of his neck shyly.

“You mean this was a part of some mysterious plot you have?”

“Yup, now it’s just me and you Ahn ___.”

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by shawty_12 on 5/22/2010, 9:47 pm

“That wasn’t as subtle as I imagined.” Joon admitted rubbing the back of his neck shyly.

“You mean this was a part of some mysterious plot you have?”

“Yup, now it’s just me and you Ahn ___.”
ROFL... Can things get any more cheesy? By the way, thank you for the pm and I'M SO GLAD YOU UPDATED!!
Ah, this chapter was good. I got caught up in her downfall mood within seconds.
I'd honestly thought the night had been an epic failure too. I wasn't expecting anything soon.
Yet, there it goes again, another surprise that threw me off track.
I actually thought Yong Hwa was just being thoughtful and wanted to give the two of them some privacy.
I didn't think it was all part of Joon's plans. (Although I did find it quite... cute.)
Now though, her friends will REALLY be on her case. ^___^ Lolx....
Again, thanks for the pm and I'm waiting anxiously for the next one!

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Sangria

Post by Kyn on 5/24/2010, 9:17 pm

You had felt so worried about would happened that you let yourself get a little crazy over the Joon situation. You had always been the type of girl who would never start to panic if a guy didn’t call you right away, but with Joon you became disappointed when he hadn’t called you. But then you couldn’t blame him either considering you never gave him your phone number, and it would be weird for him to suddenly show up at your doorstep. When you saw that he had taken the initiative to get rid of everyone earlier that day you realized that maybe he did care, and that hopefully he was going crazy too because he couldn’t see you until then. When you realized that Joon had come to see you your heart stopped momentarily.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Joon asked

“Oh no, I’m looking at my cardigan, it’s my favorite one.” You replied before taking it from Joon.

“Is that why you rushed off before without taking it?”he graced you with his signature mischievous smile. You thought you might melt into a puddle on the ground.

“How come you’re still here?”

“I thought you already knew. It’s because I wanted to see you.”

“And why would you want to do that?”

“Why would you want to kiss me?”

“So I really did do that.” You mumbled to yourself.

“I don’t think your some kind of rapist.” He said leaning in close and whispering in your ear. It was supposed to make you feel better but instead it just made you more conscious of the fact that you were so close to him, and that he came to see you. Questions started going through your head. Did he know how you were starting to feel about him? Did he come because he felt that way too? Did he just think you were some girl who was willing to kiss anyone?

“So then what do you think of me?” you really wanted to know, for some reason it mattered what he thought.

“I don’t know, but I want to get to know you. Maybe we could go somewhere else?” You could tell Joon was beginning to feel a little shy. Maybe he was just as confused as you were.

“I’m craving Ice cream. Want to get some?”

“I didn’t before, but I think I want some now.” He replied.

You followed Joon to his car, a sleek silver Audi R8. Giving him directions as he drove, you both arrived to a small family owned dessert store you and Onew frequented, Mocha Mocha.

“Hello Aunty!” you exclaimed once you crossed the threshold of the store.

“Oh ___ you’re here today?” she said coming to hug you. Mrs. Kim was a woman in her early 50s with graying black hair that she usually tied in a loose braid down her back. Despite her age she was still strong and had a youthful enthusiasm about her. Together with her brother she ran the shop. “Who’s this? When I saw a guy behind you I half expected it to be Onew. How is he?”

“He’s doing as well as someone as idiotic as him can do.” You replied laughing. “And this is Lee Joon.”

“I should probably take you to your table. We can save the chit chat for next time.” Mrs. Kim said leading you toward a intimate table in the back of the store, separate from the din of the shop. When Joon’s back was turned she discreetly asked whether he was your boyfriend. Mrs. Kim was not as convert as she had expected, out of Mrs. Kim’s range, you could see a quick smirk take over Joon’s features momentarily.

“We’ll defiantly talk next time Aunty.”

“This is a nice little place. I probably would never have thought to come in here before.” Joon said once Mrs. Kim had left.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a kid; whenever I was upset or just really happy. Mrs. Kim has become like my real aunt.” As the words left your mouth you glanced around the shop in appreciation.

On the outside Mocha Mocha seemed very plain. It’s blue awning and wooden exterior matched with other restaurants in the neighborhood, yet on the inside the ambiance was like a chameleon, no matter how you were feeling, Mocha Mocha always became a place of comfort for you.

The wooden tables were a deep cherry color accompanied by mahogany stools with a plush navy cushion. In one corner of the shop there was a soft and fuzzy white rug with books scattered across its top, close by were cream colored sofas you could curl up in and read. A few feet away from you and Joon was the wishing tree. It’s light brown branches had always been bear, instead of leaves it was adorned by purple and green slips of paper, each carrying some of the deepest wishes of Mocha Mocha’s patrons.

“I guess that means you came here a lot…with Onew.” Joon said

“Yeah, he was the one to introduce me to this place. When he left I came here practically everyday for a few months, that’s when I really got close to Mrs. Kim.” You said without much thought

“He was really that important then.”

Realizing for the first time where the conversation was going you started to clear up the situation. “Onew was –no is my best friend. We made mud pies together, played house, went through the whole cootie phase together. He’s irreplaceable, like a brother.” You said searching for the right words. “Don’t you have someone like that?”

“I was the geek king remember?” he said laughing.

“I still can’t believe that.” You said. “I knew practically everyone in our school.”

“I knew you though, or more like I’d seen you before.”

“Really, I’m embarrassed now. Where you there when I had those hideous braces; oh what about my cast?”

“You were Taecyeon’s girlfriend; it was kind of hard not to notice you.”

“Let’s just forget that ever happened.” Leaning over the table to Joon, you placed your hands on his temples and closed your eyes for a moment. “Poof the memory is gone now okay!” With your hands on the side of his face, you could feel how smooth his skin was, and picture the contours of his face with your eyes closed. “It seems like you know so much about me, but I don’t really know anything about you.”

“I guess we have to fix that then. Ask me any three questions and I’ll answer them, even if it sends me to jail.”

“Really?” for the next few moments it was silent as you thought of questions to ask Joon. Your train of thought was broken when you heard him start to laugh.

“You look cute when you’re trying really hard.”

“I had so many questions, but when I finally got the chance to ask them they all disappeared.” You replied with a pout.

Just then Mrs. Kim came carrying a bowl of ice cream to your table. Seeing the ice cream you suddenly remembered why you came to Mocha Mocha with Joon.

“You didn’t order so I brought this for you on the house. Mint chocolate chip for ___ and you Mr. Joon look like the dark chocolate type.”

“Thanks Mrs. Kim.” Joon said

“Since ___ brought you, you can call me Aunty too.”

“Yes Aunty.” He called to the older woman as she walked away

“Mrs. Kim likes you.” You said

“How do you know that.”

“Because we think alike.”

Hastily kicking off your shoes you jumped into your bed and burrowed under the daisy printed quilt. Taking a deep breath you steadied yourself and then burst out into a fit of laughter, removing any sense of calm you achieved.

“There is something wrong with you Ahn __” you said to yourself, again you started to giggle in a girlish manner. You turned over to lie on your back and sighed in contentment. “Lee Joon” his name was sticky on your tongue and left a sweet taste in your mouth.

The sudden ring of your cell phone shook you from your reverie.

“Pho~”Onew said in a greasy way as he called you by your childhood nickname, one you hated. But you were floating on cloud nine and couldn’t be brought down by Onew.

“Yes Dubu?” you replied starching out your words.

“I’m bored entertain me.” Onew, or rather Dubu said deflated.

“Goodnight.” You said before hanging up the phone. Within seconds your phone was ringing again, you didn’t need to by psychic to know who was calling.

“Did you just hang up on me?”

“Hmm I think I did.”

“I’m hurt.” You could picture the pout on his face, or what you imagined it would look like on the older Onew’s face. You had both seen pictures of each other through the internet, but it couldn’t fully express all the changes that had happened to the both of you. A picture is worth a thousand words, but you figured that in this world there were at least a million.

“Dubu put up a picture of you pouting on your minihompy okay?”

“Then you put one up of you looking like a clown, and we’ve got a deal.”

“How’s the packing going?” you said changing the topic.

“I never knew I had so much stuff until I had to wrap each thing in newspaper. I might have wiped out an entire forest.”

“So I guess that means you’re really coming back.”

“Obviously, it’s not like I’m doing this for fun.”

“I know that but it’s going to be so different all over again. Before it was always you and me. Now it will be you, me, Joon, Eun Jung, and Seo Hyun.”

“Who’s Joon?”

“I didn’t tell you about him?”

“Since you didn’t I guess he’s not that important. So when I-“

“He is important; at least I think he is.”

“Really…so who is this Joon guy?”

“Well I’m not exactly sure, YET!” you said the last word loudly to quiet any complains that Onew might have. “But he’s fun, and nice, and I’m starting to crush on him. He’s like my own personal Orlando Bloom.”

“Yeah…that makes him sound real important. And don’t you like Johnny Depp better?”

“What I’m trying to say is that I want to get to know him, I want him to be important to me.” You said in a quiet voice, as you tried to give a voice to the confusion and bliss you felt.

“I feel sorry for any guy you’ll ever like.”

“And why is that?”

“I’m always going to be your first.”

“First what?”

“First in your heart.” The way Onew spoke so seriously only made his remarks funnier. “Yah don’t laugh __.” He said sensing you were about to crack at any moment.”

“Onew I don’t think I tell you how funny you are enough.”

“I love you as much as you love me.”

“Onew…” you said turning serious.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. We’ve known each other so long, you’re like family.”

“In that case, I love you too.”

“Talk to you later Pho, got more packing to do.”

Later that night you were just about to shut off the lights when your cell phone began to vibrate. “Check my minihompy” the text message from Onew read. Not really giving it much thought you opened up to Onew’s page and began to wonder what it was he wanted you to see, then you remembered your conversation from before. His profile picture was currently of him pouting for the camera with a note in his hands. “___ stole my smile.”

You began to think that Onew was right when he said he held a place in your heart, it may not be first, but he was a friend you would always hold close. While Joon was exciting, fun, mysterious, and you couldn’t help but to be draw to him. Onew was the complete opposite, he was like home.

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

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I'm here, I'm here!! No need for PM this time. ^___^
I'll be right back to read it. SPOT SAVE!!

WAAHHH!!! I feel like a craze fan girl right now, and all I want to do is scream at the top of my lung....! >__<
___ stole Onew's smile; Joon stole my heart!
(SIGH).... I think I'm in love~ LOLX.... And I think I "fell in love" more than 10x throughout the whole story this far.
I really can't believe it that Joon was the school's geek. His character right is definitely not geeky at all- or more like his complexion.
Everything about him screams "HOT HOT HOT!"
And man, I want some ice cream right now too....
Ahhh, I hope everything will be a-OKAY when Onew gets back. Judging from the current events, it seems like things will just keep on getting crazier.
But thanks for the update!!<3 It made my night. ^___^ I'm looking forward to more!


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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Sleepless Nights

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For the next few days you continued on with Joon like you did the first time. He was a constant figure at your side. After school he would pick up, and you’d escape to Mocha Mocha, the lake, or just anywhere you could talk. On the outside it seemed like your dates (if they could be called that) where filled with nothingness, but it left you oddly satisfied. You didn’t need to be kept active to not notice how boring the other person was, you were content with the “dullness”.

You were happy like this, until Eun Jung interfered. Stupid Ham Eun Jung you thought to yourself, she just had to ask questions. No you thought again, it was your fault you couldn’t answer her questions. It was only normal that she’d want to know something about Joon since you spent so much time with him. You had no idea what he did in the time he wasn’t with you. You didn’t know what he was studying (if he even went to school), you didn’t know where he worked (if he had a job to begin with), or even if he just played video games all day like Eun Jung suggested. You felt ashamed for not knowing, especially when you claimed to like him.

Thinking over it you wondered how it was possible. A large portion of your day was spent with him, but your conversations would probably go down the same way with another person. Aside from momentary comments, the only real things of sustenance came from you. You realized you’d have to know as much about Joon as he knew about you, but not today. Right now you probably would have been in his car as he drove around aimlessly; instead you where home tapping a pencil to paper. “Onew’s Party” the paper read, on the side there was a little dent from where you had tapped the pencil long and hard enough to mar the paper.

Onew would be back on Thursday, two days from now, and you wanted to throw him the party on Saturday. Drawing your attention back to Onew and not Joon you began scribbling names of people to invite: some of Onew’s friends before he left, his parents’ friends, your neighbors, some of your friends, and Joon. You couldn’t wait until the two of them met each other.

You began to wonder what the relationship between the two of them would be like. Onew was the type that everyone got along with. He had this subtle charisma that drew people in; he was a bit of a dork so you were always joking around with him. Joon had this mystical essence about him. With him you were always happy; it was like a blanket had covered the rest of the world, all that mattered were you two, all your worries were gone. You figured they would like each other, Onew’s down to earth personality matched with Joon’s chic persona. They would be two parts of a whole.

It was Thursday morning and you had woken up feeling chipper, well at least as chipper as anyone who had three hours of sleep could be. You weren’t sure exactly when but you new Onew would be back today. Seeing the rays of sunlight stream through your window you remembered all the time you and Onew had “sleepovers”. He would be in his room by his window while you mirrored his position in your bedroom. You talked all night on walkie-talkies and attempted to synchronize movies on your respective televisions. It was a bit unconventional but it still felt like he was beside you on those nights. For old times’ sake you rummaged through your drawers until you found the walkie-talkie and inserted a fresh set of batteries before heading into the kitchen downstairs.

“Hey did you know that the Kims moved away yesterday?” your mom asked sipping from her tea cup.

“You mean our neighbors?” you replied feigning ignorance while you grabbed some juice.

“Yeah, they stopped by yesterday for a little while and told us. They planned it out a while ago; I wish they would have said something sooner.” Mrs. Ahn said with a frown.


“So I could prepare myself mentally.”

“And ask them not to sell the house to anyone you might not like.” you replied filling in the blank spots your mom left out. “I’m sure the new neighbors will be wonderful, so don’t worry so much Mom. You’re too young to get wrinkles.”

“How much money do you need ___? It’s too early for flattery.” She said reaching for her wallet.

“Not a lot, I just need to buy some things.” You replied watching her take money out of her wallet. “A little more than that.” After getting money you grabbed your book bag and headed to the door.

“Don’t talk to strangers…” Mrs. Ahn called out from the kitchen.

“Or buy drugs from scary people, I know Mom!”

Walking out the house you took your time walking past what used to be the Kims’ home. The lights were out and there was stillness to the home. Mr. Kim would usually be driving to work now and Mrs. Kim would be blowing kisses from the driveway as she watched him set off. The garden was bear, but you were sure that would change when Onew moved back in. His mother loved to garden, soon there would be shrubs and in the spring flowers.

Walking to the bus stop you constantly turned back making sure no car had entered the driveway while your back was turned. And when you could no longer see the house you kept you eyes open for any moving trucks. You froze a bit every time someone said “Hey” around you, thinking maybe it was Onew trying to get your attention. It was only eight and the day had just begun, yet you were already anxious. You thought of having to sit through the next six hours of school while Onew might appear at any moment. You wanted to be there when your mom met the “new” neighbors.

“You look horrible.” Eun Jung said when you walked into the deli close to school.

“Good morning to you to Eun Jung!”

“Good morning, what a beautiful day it is, the birds are singing the sun’s shining.” She said in said in a bright tone, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. “Yet here you are looking like you got hit by a bus.”

“Wrong. I got hit by a train then I took a swim in the gutter, good try though.”

“That bad? Did we have some paper do today that I didn’t know about?” Eun Jung asked her mouth hanging open.

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Hmm thinking about a certain delicious person?” Eun Jung said wriggling her eyebrows.

“Only I get to call him delicious.” You said making a grab for her cheeks.

“Fine, I’ll settle for yummy.” You threw her a surprised look. “Hey you can’t deny the guy’s good looking.”

“If Joon is yummy what is Dong Woon?”

“He’s…delectable, but I won’t let him know that for now.”

“Are you still wagging your tail around him?”

“He’s about to crack I can feel it. I’m not going to ask him out. He’s going to come to me.” A look of determination was plastered on the girl’s face.

“What’s wrong with you asking him out? I thought you were a forward thinking woman. Isn’t that what you call yourself?”

“I know but it’s so weird. Plus I want to hear Don Woon’s proposal.”

“Are you expecting him to get on one knee with flowers in his hand while fireworks go on in the background?” you said laughing.

“I wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh my Buddha you’re a closet romantic aren’t you? You probably daydream about your wedding and kids all the time. I didn’t know you had it in you Eun Jung.”

“Okay, that’s a little crazy, even if you are sleep deprived. Let’s get you into school before you say something else crazy.”

There’s nothing like school work to get your mind off something. You managed to pass by the day without dwelling too much on Onew’s whereabouts thanks to your “lovely” teachers who were generous enough to divert your thoughts. After school you went shopping for things for Onew’s welcome back party with the money you got in the morning. As far as your parents knew you were inviting a few people over, they just didn’t know why. You were sure they would figure it out when they saw the neighbors.

The walk home seemed odd; usually this would be the time you spent with Joon. Before Joon walked into your life you would usually spend the time with Seo Hyun or Eun Jung. But now Eun Jung was with Dong Woon and Seo Hyun spent her time with Yong Hwa. It was odd how things could have changed so much in a matter of days. You had declined Joon’s invitation to watch a movie and you had never considered Seo Hyun or Eun Jung’s invitation to go out with them on their dates. All your thoughts were about what was going on at home, but when you arrived you were faced with disappointment. Onew had still not arrived. There was no bustle of feet across the front yard, boxes didn’t pile up in the driveway, and the house still had an empty feeling to it. Sourly you began to wonder if the Lees really were coming back today and regretted not going out with Joon.

“I’m home.” You said listlessly when you walked through the front door.

“I’m in the kitchen.” Your mom called back. “Help me carry these drinks into the living room there’s someone here to see you.”

“Ohn-“you began to say before your mom cut you off.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had such a cute boyfriend?”

“Joon’s here?” luckily you hadn’t actually said Onew’s name.

“So he is your boyfriend then?” Mrs. Ahn said smirking

“I’ll tell you about it later Mom.” Taking the tray of glasses from her you walked into the living room.”

“Since you couldn’t meet me I decided to come see you, I hope that’s okay.” Joon said when he saw you

“I was just mentally kicking myself for not meeting you today.”

“It might be too late to go to the movies, but we can always stay here.”

You took Joon up to your room and thanked god that you had just tidied up the day before. He followed you into your room wearing a secret smile.

“My room’s not that funny is it?”

“I like it, it seems just like you, it’s kind of cute.” He said ruffling your hair.

You weren’t sure about the cute part, but this room had been your haven forever. The walls were a tea green with a flower mural that your dad did to make up for the green walls. At the time you had complained because you wanted purple, you said green was a boy colour. Ironically green was now your favorite colour. There were glow in the dark stars scattered across the ceiling next. On the walls your Mom had marked off your height at different ages; you were kind of embarrassed because the most recent one had been done not too long ago. There were posters of different groups on your wall; you noticed that Lee Changsun from Mblaq and Shinee’s Lee Jinki had captured Joon’s interest. Your bed was right across from the window and placed between your book shelves.

You sat on the bed and turned on your tv while Joon took a seat at your study desk. You ended up watching King of Bakery. After a few minutes you noticed Joon shifting around in the seat.

“You can come on the bed. I think the reason I rarely study is because that seat is so uncomfortable.” You said laughing.

“That’s okay.”

“I’m not worried about you doing anything weird.” As true as that may have been, you felt an odd sensation once the words left your mouth.

“You may not be, but what if I am?” he said taking a seat beside you anyway.

You talked about random things while watching the tv, but Joon paid little attention to it, he seemed to think that you were more interesting to watch.

“Did you know that you make faces every time someone says something?”

“I do not!” you exclaimed, but you knew it was true. It didn’t matter if it was watching tv, reading a book, or listening to music your face always expressed your reactions. You were an open book.

“It’s cute.” You could feel the heat rising up to your cheeks, it didn’t help that Joon was only centimeters away.

“I love Yoon Shi Yoon’s voice.” You said trying to change the subject.

“What about mine?” he said whispering in your ear.

“It...It’s nice. Yoon Shi Yoon has this raspy voice but its unique.” The only response you got was an amused laugh from Joon.

“What do you think about me ___?”

“What do you mean Joon?” you knew exactly what he was trying to say. You finally understood what Eun Jung meant when she said it was weird. Laying yourself out for someone like that, even if they already knew it; it was defiantly weird.

“Dinner’s ready.” Mrs. Ahn called from downstairs.

“We should head down.” Joon said

When you got downstairs you were greeted by both of your parents.

“Joon you’re going to be staying for dinner right?” Mrs. Ahn asked.

“Thanks for the invitation, but I should probably be going. Sorry for coming unannounced today.”

“Please do it more often.” Your mom replied.

“I’ll go walk Joon out.” You said taking his hand

“Can we go out tomorrow?” he asked once you had reached his car.

“Defiantly.” You said reluctant to say goodbye.

“I’ll pick you up here then.” He said squeezing your hand gently. Joon then leaned in towards you. “I’ll get my answer tomorrow.” He whispered with a smile.

It was the middle of the night and you were in bed sleeping peacefully before being jostled awake by the sound of static. Feeling a bit annoyed you searched around the room in the dark for the source of the noise. Taking a deep breath you stilled yourself and listened intently. You walked toward your drawers and picked up the walkie-talkie.

“Hey there neighbor.” You said, drowsiness filling your voice

Onew was back.

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by shawty_12 on 8/12/2010, 5:17 pm

XD Onew's coming back made my night! Lolx...
I was SO looking forward to it. I love how you made him appeared at the end of the chapter.
I really wanted him to show up earlier- because I was expecting some dramas!-
but I love the way you made things turned out.
It gave them two lovey-dovey couple a moment together. ;P Lolx...
That walkie-talkie thing the two shared is a total l.o.v.e.
Such sweet childhood memories. Awww.... Smile
Anyways, thank you for the pm and sorry for the late reply. I'm looking forward to more!

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Black and White

Post by Kyn on 8/20/2010, 4:52 pm

I've decided to give the main character a name just becuase it helps with the flow. Say hello to Ahn Danbi

Two parts of a whole, two parts of a whole. You repeated the mantra over and over silently, but it did nothing to abate your annoyance. You were so sure they would fit in well together, that joined you would be the three musketeers; you were terribly wrong. Thinking back you realized how naïve you were, sure opposites attract but sometimes they just turn out completely wrong. Sweet and sour, that’s yummy. Black and white, it’s a classic. Joon and Onew, awkward as hell!

Each of them held on to one of your hands, determined to show you something in completely opposite directions. Staring down and your hands, you wondered how you ended up in this predicament and it became clear. Your mom had always said clean scheduling was as good as having a doctor for a husband. She couldn’t me more right.

You woke up that morning feeling energized and eager to start the day. At dinner your parents seemed to approve of Joon. In fact, your mom couldn’t stop gushing about how polite and handsome he was. You had a date with Joon today, and things might actually become official. Plus your longtime best friend was right next door after being gone for years. Today would be a good day.

After getting ready for school you walked over to the Lee’s house. Onew’s dad carried boxes across the yard while his mom bickered with the movers, convinced that everything in the boxes would break if they got distracted for a moment. When Mrs. Lee wasn’t giving orders to the movers she was gossiping with your mother; talking about who lived in which house and what their kids were like.

"Auntie it’s so good to see you." You said approaching the duo.

"Don’t tell me this is Danbi?" Auntie Lee asked your Mom. "She’s gotten so pretty and tall."

"Like I wasn’t already that way!" you joked around before hugging her.

"Why didn’t you tell me that they were coming back?" Your mom asked.

"Isn’t it more fun when it’s a surprise? Where’s Onew?" at your question a devilish smile appeared on Auntie Lee’s face.

"That lazy but is in his bed sleeping. Do me a favor and wake him up okay, he won’t listen when I ask him. I’ll help you set up a bucket of cold water."

"That’s too cruel Auntie, you just got back this morning, you should be passed out on the sofa or something. Let’s do it tomorrow okay?"

"Aww I missed you so much!" she replied pinching your cheeks.

"Since he’s sleeping I guess I’ll go to school now. You probably have a lot of work to do anyway. Bye!"

On your way to school you ran into Seo Hyun and Eun Jung.

"What’s up with that smile on your face?" Eun Jung asked

"Onew moved back last night." You replied.

"No wonder you’re so happy. You’re not going to ditch us just because your best friend is back right?" teased Seo Hyun.

"So Little Piggy came oinking back; it’s going to be so much fun picking on him again." Hearing Eun Jung’s nickname for Onew brought a smile to your face. Onew had been a little chubby in elementary school and was always constantly bickering with Eun Jung. They had dubbed each other Piggy and Beastie.

"Is he going to come to our school?"

"Probably." You said shrugging.

“So what’s this Little Piggy like?” Seo Hyun asked; she had never met Onew on account of having gone to another school.

“Yah Ham Eun Jung, you need to stay away from Seo Hyun, you’re corrupting her!”

“Welcome to the fun side Seo Hyun!” Eun Jung cheered.

After school you walked out the building with Seo Hyun, Eun Jung, and Yong Hwa as per normal. Things were still looking up at this point of the day. You hadn’t been completely lost in your physics class and you had a date with Joon. Recalling his last words the night before made you melt inside and from the look Eun Jung was giving you, you were probably melting on the outside too.

“Two words, Lee Joon.” She said looking distastefully at the dopy smile on your face

“Three words, Son Dong Woon.” You replied nudging her. Sure enough there was the Wonder Boy as you had begun to call him mentally. Dong Woon did well in school and was loved by the teachers who thought of him as a model student. He was in the student government, clubs, and on two sports teams plus he managed to do the impossible, make Eun Jung swoon. You wondered how he was still able to look pretty at the end of the day.

“Dong Woon’s got a track meet today so I’m going to cheer him on.” Eun Jung said.

“You’re going to watch boys run around in a circle?” you said dubiously. You tried picturing Eun Jung standing on the sidelines watching with hands clasped together as she prayed for Wonder Boy’s victory; every time you came close to making it happen the dream bubble popped.

“It’s actually more of an ellipse.” Seo Hyun chimed in.

“Same difference.”

“No, I’m going to watch Dong Woon run around in a circle and sleep the rest of the time.”

“It’s an ellipse.”

“Just give it up Hyun.” Yong Hwa said. “On their deathbeds they will still call in a circle.”

“On my deathbed I’m going to be feasting on ice cream with hot fudge.” Eun Jung said a smile of satisfaction lighting up her features as she thought about ice cream.

“Don’t forget tteokbokki.” You replied.

“And goguma!” Seo Hyun said.

“You do realize that Dong Woon is waiting right?”

“Right! I’ll see you guys later.” Eun Jung said as she started out toward Dong Woon.

“Yah Beastie are you leaving because you see me coming?” someone shouted from a distance.

From a distance you could see Onew running toward your group, one hand on his head as he tried to keep his fedora in place. He wore blue jeans of a deep hue, a white graphic tee, and black hooded sweater.

“Who is that?” Eun Jung said quietly to herself.

“Did you forget Little Piggy?” you asked.

“No she just wasn’t ready to face my awesomeness. “ Onew said a little out of breath.

“Please don’t flatter yourself, it’s a bit disgusting.” Eun Jung said with a scowl.

“Only a bit? You must have missed me Eun Jung.”

“You don’t look like a pig anymore.” She said simply. It was her way of saying sure I missed you; it’s nice to see you, let’s hang out sometime. “Anyways I’ve got to go, see you guys later.” She said with a smile. “Onew.” Eun Jung said as if she was dismissing him.

“Hi! I’m Onew.”

“This is Seo Hyun and her boyfriend Yong Hwa.” You said giving introductions.

Onew talked to the couple for a few minutes making customary small talk before he left the school with you. The first few minutes of your walk home was very quiet.

“Pho~” Onew called out a few times but received no response. “Are you alive?”

“Humph” was your only reply.

“Seems like I did something wrong, but since she won’t tell me what I did I can’t apologize. If I can’t apologize it’s going to be really awkward and I won’t be able to give her the present I bought.” Onew said acting as if he was talking to himself. He walked ahead of you with his hands in his pockets acting carefree.

“What present?” you asked

“Present, I don’t know anything about a present. But since you’re talking now want to tell me why I was being ignored?”

“I thought you came to see me at school today but I was ignored the whole time! ‘Beastie’ this ‘awesomeness’ that, oh and ‘Hi I’m Onew.’ I didn’t hear any ‘Danbi my closest dearest friend since forever I missed you it’s so nice to see you!’”

“Danbi!” Onew said taking hold of your shoulders. “My closest dearest friend since forever I missed you.” He said sincerely.

It was only in this moment that you were able to take a good look at Onew. He was no longer the little boy with chubby cheeks and chocolate stains on his hands anymore. His days of short cropped hair and squeaky toned responses were gone. In front of you was a man with the same bright eyes that shined with a hint of laughter. His face had slimmed down into a v-line his brown hair was spent over to the side of his face. He was tall with wide shoulders and large hand that were firmly grasped around your shoulders.

“Is that better?” he asked bring himself down to your eye level, when he received no response he quickly picked you up so you were cradled in his arms. “It’s no nice to see you!” he said loudly while prancing around with you as if you were feather light.

“Yah Onew put me down before you drop me! You’re going to fall! You’re too clumsy!” you shouted and wiggled. All Onew did was laugh like he was playing with a new toy.

“Promise you’ll forgive me and we’ll hang out today.”

“Fine I promise now let me down!” you exclaimed.

“No problem, I’ll let you down as soon as we get home” he said sticking his tongue out. And almost as if your words had been a jinx Onew proved that he was indeed clumsy by bumping into something very firm.

“Did you hit a tree?” you asked in a whisper, feeling dizzy from Onew’s prancing.

“Oh I’m so sorry.” Onew said releasing you out from his hold and bowed in apology. “Let’s go Pho.”

“Sorry.” You said when your head stopped spinning. Looking up to see who the tree was you were a bit shocked. It was none other than Lee Joon.

“What’s Pho?” Joon asked.

Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Mwtuut

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

Post by shawty_12 on 12/27/2010, 11:47 am

How LONG has it been!?! >____<
Omg, I am so, SO sorry. Fanfictional is so dead right now, it's been forever since I've been on. My reply is super, SUPER late too. I am so sorry....
Do you have this story posted up anywhere else? Somewhere more convenient for me?

Anyways, time to reply, I believe. Smile
I LOVE ONEW! (At the same time, I love Joon.) Lolx... I loved the childhood nicknames!
That was so cute right there. The way you described their 'meeting' at school was just....
Gosh, how I missed my childhood. If only I can have something like that happen to me, it'd be so awesome. Too bad they're all taken now! (Except for Onew.)
Joon and Danbi are on the verge of making it 'official' too. AHHHH!!!! What is going to happen NOW?!
"What's Pho?" LOLX.... I cannot believe Joon asked that. Moreover, I cannot believe they've ran into each other now of all times. No!!! Give Onew and Danbi some times to catch up on all those years first!! Sad
But it seems like that's not going to happen, is it? =___=" Lolx.... Well, thank you for the pm, and again I am REALLY sorry for the late reply. I am looking forward to more chapters/updates! <3

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Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon} Empty Re: Love at First Bite {You . Onew . Lee Joon}

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