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Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

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Chapter 21: Confused

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:40 am

So Eun can’t believe that it’s them. F4 – The Famous F4 is her knights were the one who helped her and right now standing in front of her. Then she saw him – Kim Bum – her obsession rushed once again. She then stared at them, they too stared at her. She found it awkward so she bends her head down and stared at her twist ankle. She is experiencing state of shock right now.

So Eun: I-I’m okay.
F4: Huh?
So Eun: I-I think its okay. I-I think I can move, I mean walk.
Hyun Joong: But you just twist your ankle.
Min Ho: I’m going inside to-
So Eun cut him out: I’m really okay. Don’t worry. Thank you!

So Eun stands up, gave them a half genuine and half fake smile then bowed and left. Her feet hurts but she ignores it and continue to walk inside the house.

So Eun’s POV
‘I’m so clumsy’

‘Ouch! It hurts.’

‘I should just waited for them’

‘Wait. Why are they here?’

‘I guess I should return to our room. I should also fix my ankle and change. Gosh I’m so dirty-looking.’

End of So Eun’s POV

F4 still in the place where So Eun left them. They were confused all of a sudden. They tried to help a girl and she refused and gave them an unusual smile.

Min Ho: What was that?
Joon: I don’t know.
Bum: I think she’s just shock.
Joon: What seeing F4?
Min Ho: I can agree on that.
Joon: We being F4?
Bum: No one can resist us.
Min Ho: Right.
Hyun Joong: She’s weird. There’s something wrong about her. I don’t think she’s shock to see all of us.
Bum: What do you mean?
Hyun Joong: Yes she’s shock, but I think she’s shock to see one of us.
Joon: One of us?
Min Ho: Meaning one of us made her leave us here confuse?
Hyun Joong nodded.

As F4 discuss stuff Manager Bak come out and call them. He ordered them to come inside. F4 went in still confuse but let it slide as Manager Bak announced them something.

Manager Bak: I have twin girls.
F4: Congrats!
Manager Bak: They’re sleeping right now.
F4: Oh.
Min Ho: Then we’ll see them later.
Hyun Joong: Yeah. When they’re awake.
Manager Bak: Okay. Do you want to see my beautiful wife?
F4: Okay.
Manager Bak: Honey come here.

Soo Jin walked in towards them.

Soo Jin: Hello! Welcome to Japan.
F4: Hello! Nice to see you again! (Bowed)
Soo Jin: Breakfast is ready. Please go to the dining room. And wait for the others. (Pointing where)
Min Ho: Wow. Manager Bak is so lucky.
Hyun Joong: He sure is.
Soo Jin: Why?
Joon: Because he has you.
Bum: And he also now has babies.
Soo Jin: Thanks.
Manager Bak: We’ll go now honey. (Kissed his wife to her forehead)

F4 together with Manager Bak goes to the dining room.



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Chapter 22: What will I do?

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:42 am

So Eun was back in their room thinking what should she do. She was thinking deep that she didn’t heard that there’s someone knocking on the door. The door open, it was Risa.

Risa: Yah, Kim So Eun!?

So Eun thinking really deep what to do didn’t answer. Risa was worried what had happen and goes to sit beside her friend then hit her in the head.

So Eun: Yah!! That hurts!
Risa: Oh I that you were a statue.
So Eun pouting: What makes you say that?
Risa: Because I’m knocking on the door for like three times and you didn’t answer. So I went in I called you and you again didn’t answer. So there. That’s what the hit on your head is for.
So Eun: Sorry. I was thinking about something.
Risa: Well, that something is really deep.
So Eun smiled to her friend: It’s actually about HIM.
Risa shocked: By him – you mean?
So Eun: Kim Bum of F4.
Risa: Okaaaay. Weird. You haven’t said his name for the past six years and you banned me to even say that. Why are you talking about him? Even say his name?
So Eun: Well you know. Every once in a while I think of him. By the way I twist my ankle.
Risa: Why are you so clumsy? I’m going to put bandage. Wait here.
So Eun: Okay. But first I’m going to change I’m dirty because I fell.
Risa: Okay.

Risa holding a bandage in her hand waits for So Eun.

Risa’s POV:
‘What was that? She mention him’
‘Is she still obsessed with him?’
‘I think she’s playing tricks on me, because I ask her about him.’
‘Okay. I think I should prank her about stuff. She’s thinking way deep.’
‘Hahah, this will be fun. I’ll include her children and my family.’
End of Risa’s POV
So Eun’s POV:
‘She thinks I’m playing tricks on her.’
‘But why So Eun? Why did you speak of his name?’
‘And to think that I changed the topic by saying I have twist my ankle.’
‘She actually let it go.’
End of So Eun’s POV



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Chapter 23: Prank

Post by davinci486 on 7/28/2009, 6:43 am

So Eun enter the closet and dress herself again. She is now wearing a lime green sleeveless baby dress and black leggings up to her knees and paired it with white doll shoes. Her hair was in a bun with some hair loose and she puts a light make-up.

So Eun came out looking like in her teens again. Risa find it adorable starts to tease her.

Risa: WOW! Is that you Kim So Eun?
So Eun pouting: Why?
Risa: You look like you age backwards. Hahahah.
So Eun: Oh stop it. Please put the bandage on my ankle and please put this ointment so that the pain will decrease.
Risa: Okay.
Risa put the ointment and bandage: There!
So Eun: Thanks. Let’s go.
Risa: Oh you go first. I’ll go to my room first.
So Eun: Why?
Risa: Because you’re dressed up. It’s unfair. I want to change too.
So Eun: Okay. Bye. See you there.

So Eun left and went to the dining room. Little did So Eun know Risa is going to play a prank on her. Risa changed her outfit to a mother-theme like outfit. Wearing a white polo ¾ sleeves and a high-waist black skirt and a black pumps and her hair is ponytailed. Risa looked at herself in the mirror reviewing her outfit.

Risa: I looked too strict like a disciplinarian. Oh well, I look like a mom going to my office as well.

Risa goes to the kitchen and found her god-children and family their. She was smiling when she enter.

Risa: Everyone I have an announcement to make and please cooperate with me.
Risa’s Stepmom: What is it dear?
Risa: I need you to play an act with me.
Risa’s dad: What dear?

Risa explained all the details and everyone agrees with her. Especially her god-children.

Meanwhile So Eun entered the dining room. As she expected F4 was there and she notice another man also seating with them. It was Mr. Bak, Soo Jin’s husband.

So Eun: Hello! (Bowed at Mr. Bak)
Manager Bak: Oh it’s you. Hello!

So Eun looked at F4 and F4 was shocked to see her. Then So Eun finds a sit opposite to them – actually opposite to him. Then she smiled to Manager Bak and kept her head down.

Then Jin Young and Ga Eul enter the dining room with their cute smiles in their face. So Eun find it cute but there was something fishy about those smiles.



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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 7/28/2009, 1:26 pm

Thanks for updating Very Happy This fic is getting good!! Can't wait to see what Risa has come up with and what Bum will do once he finds out the children are his!!


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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:15 am

Thanks Yukie23 for commenting all the way. I appreciate it very much! Smile


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Chapter 24: It Shoudn't Have Turned Out This Way

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:19 am

Ga Eul cries hard while Risa tries to stop her from crying.


Jin Young and Ga Eul walked in the dining room from the kitchen smiling. So Eun finds it cute that her little angels are smiling brightly but also find it fishy.

So Eun: Hello there little angels!
Jin Young & Ga Eul: Hello aunty!
So Eun raised her left eyebrows thinking 'Aunty?'
F4 and Manager Bak, who don't know what's happening, looked at So Eun and the two children.

F4's POV

Bum: 'So cute little people'
Hyun Joong: 'She looks like them and' he suddenly looks at Kim Bum.
Min Ho: 'Hey! Isn't she the girl earlier?'
Joon: 'Aunty? So they're not hers? But something’s fishy. They look like her a little.'

End of F4's POV

Manager Bak: Aw. Cute kids. Where's your mom?

Jin Young and Ga Eul look behind them and there is a woman walking towards them. It's Risa with a very mother-looking outfit.

Manager Bak surprise: What! You're their mother? But I thought that you're-?
Risa: Yes, I am single, so what cousin-in-law?

So Eun was listening to their conversation and looked at her kids. 'What's this all about?' she thinks very deeply.

F4 just adoring the two kids. Hence, listening to Risa and Manager Bak's conversation. Hyun Joong and Joon not only looked at the two kids but also are observing the lady, who is So Eun, they met this morning.

The others came in and join them, not long after that, the food came in as if everything is normal. So Eun tries to eye contact Risa but failed.

So Eun POV
'What's happening?'

'Risa why are you acting like this? And more importantly, my kids are in her side.'


'Wait. Risa has poor eye sight. Maybe she hasn't seen them (F4)?'

'Better play along.'

End of POV

Everyone except So Eun is busy eating and chit-chatting, suddenly Jin Young starts to chock. Risa quickly panicked.

Risa: Oh no! There's a mushroom! Why is mushroom here? My son is allergic to mushroom.

So Eun who's in silence turned panicked she, as well, knows that Jin Young is allergic to any kind of mushroom -- why? Because she is their Real mother, of course she knows.

So Eun: OMG! Why is there mushroom here? I had checked that no mushroom will be cooked with any food. Jin Young you're going to be okay, I promise you that!

So Eun remembered that not only Jin Young is allergic to any kind of mushroom but also Ga Eul, so she checks her baby girl. So Eun turned her head and saw her baby girl there -- Ga Eul's head is resting in the table and she's not moving. So Eun starts to panicked more but this time she has teary eyes.

So Eun's POV

'Why is this happening now?'

'Why didn't I check the food again?'

'Jin Young'

'Ga Eul'

'My angels'

End So Eun's of POV

So Eun now cries hard. F4 don't know what to do.

F4's POV

Min Ho: 'What should we do?'

Hyun Joong: 'We're still bachelors, wee don't have kids..' then looks to Bum ‘I don’t know what to do.’

Joon: 'No. What's happening? Good thing I'm not a father yet.' then looks at Bum

Bum: 'I have no idea what will do? Should I help her?'

As F4: 'Wait. Why is she the one more panicking?'

End of F4's POV

So Eun's mind is block, she soon hear no one she could only think of her little angels, she continues to cry. Suddenly Jin Young tapped So Eun's shoulder, So Eun turn around and found that Jin Young is now okay.

Jin Young: Aunty I'm okay now. I just chocked a bit.
So Eun: But Risa said that there was a mushroom and you're allergic to that.
Ji Young: Oh, mom mistaken the tofu for a mushroom.
So Eun: But Ga Eul? (Looks at Ga Eul, who'se okay as well)
Ga Eul: I'm okay. (Smiling)
Risa: Wow. You were panicking BIG TIME.
So Eun: How could I be not?!
Risa: Well, I'm THEIR MOTHER, remember?

So Eun annoyed that her friend is using the words "their mother" and looks at her kids their smiling and playing along. So Eun could not take it no more.

So Eun glared at her friend with puffy eyes: Right! They're NOT MINE.

So Eun looks at her kids once again: That's why I'm sleeping every night alone from NOW ON.

Jin Young thought that his mother is over-reacting to their little prank.

Ga Eul who is unable to understand all the happening thinks about her Real mother's words.

Ga Eul's POV

'Mommy said NOT MINE'



End of Ga Eul's POV

Ga Eul realizing some of what's happening around her and starts to cry.

End Flashback

Back to present, Ga Eul cries hard while Risa tries to stop her from crying.

Risa looked at So Eun is sitting with F4. Risa starts to eye contact So Eun although she can't really see her completely -- it was blurry but she was sure that is her.

Risa 'What are you sitting there?-look'

So eun 'What! They're NOT MINE-look'

Risa 'Come on-look'

Ga Eul starts to shouts.

Ga Eul shouting: Mommy! Mommy!

Risa: I'm here.


Jin Young tried to stop his little sister, tries to comfort and stop her, but he failed. He then turns to Risa.

Jin Young whispering: Aunty I think we should stop now. Mom is acting weird now.

Risa: I already finish it. Your mom is just over-reacting.

While that was happening, So Eun after observing them excused herself F4 and Manager Bak nodded as if agreeing -- they think that she can't handle kids; the others are silent feeling guilty that their little prank on her turned out this way.

Ga Eul looks from left to right to find So Eun. Ga Eul sees her real mom leaving and she starts to run towards her. She shouts “MOMMY! MOMMY! I’m SORRY. REALL, REALLY SORRY.”

Risa POV

‘What a prank Risa!’

‘You made your god-daughter cry’

‘Geez. It shouldn't have turned out this way’
End of POV

Neutral Is it confusing?


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Chapter 25: WHAT!?

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:22 am

So Eun stared at her friend smiling (teasing her like she won their little prank) then bent to her daughter.

So Eun: Ga Eul-ah. Don’t you do stuff like this ever again, okay? Don’t worry mommy is not mad. (Path her daughter’s head)
Ga Eul: Yes mommy. I’m really sorry.
So Eun: Jin Young do you want to say anything?
Jin Young walked towards them.
Jin Young: I’m sorry too mommy. I’m not blaming aunty Risa for anything, I’m at fault too. (Teary eyes)
So Eun: Jin Young. Don’t you do stuff like this ever again, promise me like your sister did, okay?
Jin Young: Okay.

While the mother-son-daughter moment is happening Risa notice that she didn’t knew the four men who are with his cousin-in-law and she noticed that they are shock of what’s happening but at the same time awed.

Risa: You guys looked shocked.
Manager Bak: How could we not?
Min Ho: What’s happening, exactly?
Hyun Joong: They’re not yours?
Bum: We’re shock and surprise.
Joon: Yeah. Can you explain it?
Risa: Whoa! Too many questions. But all I can say is..

F4 and Manager Bak stares at her.

Risa: She's not mine. She's actually hers. (Pointing Ga Eul and So Eun)
F4 and Manager Bak looked at the two again: "WHAT!?"
Risa: Oh and the boy is not mine too. Hers again.
F4 and Manager Bak could only say “WHAT!?” they were so shocked that there brain doesn’t function well.
Min Ho: But you said-
Hyun Joong: I thought you-
Bum: Well yeah they look like her but also you-
Joon: And now what?
Manager Bak: Who else know about this? (Looks at everyone)

Everyone (meaning The Park Family) looks very guilty. So Eun just finish talking with her kids, she looked at Risa.

So Eun: Risa do you see me up to here? Or is it blurry? (She is approximately 35 feet away from her)
Risa: It’s blurry but I can say it’s you. Why?
So Eun: So you don’t see the faces of the four men with Mr. Bak? And Mr. Bak as well? (They are 25 feet away from her)
Risa: Yes, but I can tell that he’s my cousin-in-law because I met him twice when I was visiting you in Korea.

Hearing Risa, F4 being gentle man wants to introduce themselves so they said it to Manager Bak.

Manager Bak: So Risa you have poor eyes?
Risa: Yes, I actually have eye glasses but it’s temporarily broken.
Min Ho: Then we want to introduce ourselves. Starting from me. Hi! My name is Lee Min Ho!
Hyun Joong: My turn Kim Hyun Joong.
Bum: I’m yours truly, Kim Bum.
Joon: And of course last but especially not the least, Kim Joon.
F4: Nice meeting you!

Risa after hearing their name one by one starts to widen her eyes. She is realizes that the four guys with Manager Bak is the-oh-so-famous-handsome-F4.

Risa: WHAT!?
So Eun: So have you had your answer? To why I’m acting weird when we were in our room?

F4 and Manager Bak looks at the two of them while they are having their conversation. First to So Eun then to Risa and so on. They were amused of stuff they were chuckling while everything is happening.

F4's POV
This must be the charm of being a member of F4.
End of F4's POV

Manager Bak: I’m still in shock.
Min Ho: Not only you.
Hyun Joong: Could anyone explain much further.
Bum: Yup, we’re still confused.
Joon: I think she’s more shock. (Points at Risa)

Mr. Park steps out from his family and starts the talk.

Mr: Park: I’ll explain to you guys what’s happening please take your seats on the living room.



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Chapter 26: So Eun's Past

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:25 am

Mr: Park: I’ll explain to you guys what’s happening please take your seats on the living room.

F4 and Manager Bak follow Mr. Park to the living room with Mrs. Park and Soo Jin

While Risa is so shocked that she drag So Eun to her room, and command Rika and Rio to play with Jin Young and Ga Eul while they’re gone.

Mr. Park: So what do you want to know?
Manager Bak: What’s that all about?
Min Ho: He means what just happened?
F3 nodded.

Mr. Park: Well, So Eun, she is a single mother.
F4 and Manager Bak with wide eyes.
Mr Park continuing: I know it’s not my place to tell you guys about her story, but I think I should share it with trustable guys like you.

Little did F4, Manager Bak and Soo Jin (who’s with them) know Mr. Park knew who Jin Young and Ga Eul’s father were.

Risa calling from Korea to Japan: Dad! I’m going home with So Eun. It’s urgent. I’ll tell you when we get there.

Risa hanged up. Mr. Park who didn’t knew by that time what’s happening. So he waited. After 4 hours of waiting Risa and So Eun arrived.

Risa: Dad we’re so sorry. I know it’s late but-
Mr. Park: What actually happened? (Looking at So Eun who kept her head down)
So Eun: I’m so sorry uncle for the disturbance I made tonight. I promised that by tomorrow morning I will leave as soon as possible.
Risa: No! You’ll be staying here.
Mr. Park: Yes.
Risa and So Eun: Huh?
Mr. Park: I mean. Yes, you’re staying here. But, tell me what happened first.

Risa explained what happened, which was: So Eun brought the news to Risa that Kim Bum of F4 finally agreed that his sperm cell will be bought by her with conditions of course. It’s been 3 months after inserting the sperm on So Eun and a bump is starting to show up. Then unexpectedly So Eun’s mother shows up. She came for a visit then only to find out that her daughter is pregnant. So Eun refuse to tell about her doings to her mother then her mother left with no choice but to disown her. After her mother left, So Eun kept crying then Risa found her and then called her father.

Back with Mr. Park: Oh. So you are telling me now that, you Kim So Eun is pregnant with one of the whoever F4 is?
So Eun nodded.
Mr. Park: And you, you lady (Risa), are helping her to what?
Risa: I want to raise her child too... I mean its confidential dad. No one knew except me, So Eun and now, you. And maybe Kim Bum and F3, but they don’t actually knew about So Eun.
Mr. Park: Okay. Okay. I get it now.
So Eun and Risa starred at him.
Mr. Park: Fine. I will adopt you but no change of name, okay?
So Eun and Risa smiled.
End of Flashback

Mr Park: Starts with it’s about six years now, I think. (Then he told them everything except who the father is and the sperm thing, he insist that the father left So Eun alone)

F4, Manager Bak and Soo Jin were shocked to hear So Eun’s story. They were too shocked that they feel sorry for her.

Mr Park: Please don't dare to feel sorry for that kid (So Eun). She is way better that I expect her to be, for the last 6 years.



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Chapter 27: Girl Talk

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:30 am

Risa dragged So Eun to her room and command Rika and Rio to play with Jin Young and Ga Eul while they’re gone.

In Risa’s room...

Risa: OMG! It’s F4. The famous F4 are here!
So Eun: So?
Risa: What do you mean by so? They are F4; Kim Bum is part of them. FYI he’s like “The Father” of your children.
So Eun:I know. But why are you the one who’s in shock right now?
Risa: Yah! Kim So Eun, what if he finds out?
So Eun: He will not!
Risa: What makes you so sure? (Raised her one eyebrow)
Risa: Why are you looking at me like that?
So Eun: Nothing really.
Risa: Fine. Whatever. So what’s your plan?
So Eun: Plan? What plan? (Questioned face)
Risa: Plan, like avoid your kids talking to him. Or go back to Korea so that you know.
So Eun: Know what?
Risa: Yah! Why are you not reacting on this? This like a MAJOR PROBLEM! (Almost shouting)
So Eun: Keep your voice down, will you? First of all, I already reacted of this. Second, he has the rights. Third, true that he’s the father but do you think he can feel that they’re his. Fourth, this is the first time we met. Last but not the least, this your-so-called-major-problem is actually NOT.
Risa: Fine (normal voice).
So Eun smiled to her.
Risa: But, you said you already reacted to this matter? Wait, have you met them already?
So Eun: Yes, I was looking for you earlier but I trip, then four men approached me. Surprisingly, it’s them – F4. I was so shocked that when they offer a help I dodged it. I mean the opportunity.
Risa: Okay. Yeah, I think you reacted quite well. Now, explain the others.
So Eun: Oh, okay. He has the rights, because they’re part of him – I mean it’s his sperm and my egg. Even though that he’s the father he doesn’t know them – I mean, yes, he supports them but he haven’t actually seen them. He doesn’t know me so he’ll not have a clue. Last, it’s not that major because WE ARE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS EVER AGAIN.
So Eun: Meaning, once we step out of this room. We are not going to speak about this. UNDERSTAND?
Risa: OKAY!
So Eun: Good. My plan by the way is to avoid only Kim Bum.
Risa: Why?
So Eun: What do you mean by why?
Risa: Why only him?
So Eun: Because F3 doesn’t involve.
Risa: Okay.
So Eun looked at her like she’s not convinced.
Risa: What if- no, know what?
So Eun: What?
Risa: I’ll just go with your flow.
So Eun: Okay (Still with the face that she’s not convinced).

Evil or Very Mad


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Chapter 28: Avoiding (Part 1)

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:32 am

It’s been a week after Kim So Eun, Jin Young, Ga Eul, F4 and Manager Bak arrived and met. And well, let’s just say a lot has happened.


1st day (A day after they arrived and met)
So Eun and Risa didn’t talk anything about their conversation after they stepped out of the room. Then morning came, So Eun true to her words allowed Jin Young and Ga Eul meet F4 and play with them. But, also as much as possible try to hide the fact that she’s avoiding Kim Bum and being friends with F3. Risa, on the other hand, just go with the flow – hoping that her friend’s plan will work.

F4, in return to Mr. Park in giving such information about So Eun who they’ve just met, didn’t feel sorry for her instead they feel or rather think she’s an awesome person because she’s strong.

2nd day
So Eun looks at her kids, who’s by the way, is playing with F4. She smiles to herself looking at them especially Kim Bum is playing with them; she really never thought that one day this will happen.

So Eun’s POV:
‘Jin Young looks or rather his eyes looks like his as Risa always tells me’
‘Ga Eul, on the other hand, has his smile’
End of POV

Hyun Joong, Min Ho and Joon noticed that their friend Bum is enjoying his time playing with So Eun’s kids. They felt like he wants to have a family on his on now; they also feel like Bum has a feeling towards the girl from 6 years ago and his kids even though he actually never met the girl and seen his kids.

F3 Conversation:
Min Ho: Look at them they look like they’re having fun. (Pointing to Bum, Ga Eul & Jin Young)
Hyun Joong: Is it just me or they look (Ga Eul & Jin Young) like him? (Referring to Bum)
Joon: Well, I thought that I was the only one but now that you mention it, yeah they kinda do look like him.

F3 just stared at Bum, Ga Eul & Jin Young. Then looked at So Eun, who they notice, smiling to herself. They thought it was cute but there is something suspicious behind that cute smile. Min Ho & Joon let it pass but Hyun Joong kept thinking about it.

3rd day
So Eun is in the kitchen preparing snacks for Jin Young, Ga Eul, Risa, Rika and Rio, who are playing in the garden, then F4 came in the kitchen to grab food. F4 noticed her doings and Ji Hoo was first to offer his help, then Min Ho. Joon and Bum just stare at them they guess the two is enough to help So Eun. So Eun smiled at them and agreed. She offers, in return, to cook for F4.

Risa playing with her stepsiblings and godchildren notice five figures walking towards them. She noticed that one of them is a lady figure, as they get nearer Risa now could tell who they are.

Risa: Oh my! Let me help you with that.
So Eun: No need. They already helped me. (Referring to the F2)
Hyun Joong: Here you go.
Min Ho: Eat well! (Looking at the kids)
Jin Young, Ga Eul, Rika and Rio: Yes!
Jin Young & Ga Eul: Thank you for helping our mom!

So Eun just smiled, she bowed to the four of them then look at her kids. F4 was about to leave when Joon remembered something. He looked back.

Joon: I know that I didn’t help, but I hope you keep your promise. (Looking at So Eun)
F3 looked at him puzzled.
Risa: What promise? (Looking at him and then to So Eun)
So Eun without looking: Of course don’t worry ‘bout it! (Smiled a little)
Joon: Okay, then thanks!

F4 then went back to the kitchen. Then Risa curious what the promise is asked her friend.

Risa: Come on! What’s that promise he’s talking about? I’m not going to tease you or anything. Please tell me. (With puppy eyes pleading)
So Eun: You look like shit! (Teased her friend with such a look on her face) *hahah*
Risa: TELL ME!
So Eun: Fine. I said that in return of helping me I’ll cooked for them – as in THEM.
So Eun: Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?
Risa: Nothing. I just want to say it.



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Chapter 29: Avoiding (Part 2)

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:34 am

4th day:
F4 is in the Living room, then Risa walked in holding papers noticed them but didn’t even bother to say hello. Joon disturbed by her doings start asking questions to Risa. Risa, on the other hand, is so annoyed.

Joon: Where is So Eun?
Ria: I don’t know. I’m sorry.
Joon: Then can you ask her where she is?
Risa: What?
Joon: Text her.
Risa: Why would I do that?
Joon: Because you have her number, right?
Risa: Yeah. But I’m not going to text her. And please I’m not my best friend’s keeper so go away.
Joon: Whoa! Stop right there young miss. I’m not going to rape you or anything so you don’t need to tell me to go away. I’m just asking for your friend.

F3 amused of what they are watching. Risa, on the other hand, was about to explode when someone came. So Eun. Risa notices her friend unfortunately Joon & F3 didn’t.

Risa: Fine. Whatever. Please use your eyes if you’re looking for someone. Bye. (Not looking at Joon and walked away)

Joon make faces when she left. And So Eun noticed that.

So Eun: Yah! I saw that!
Joon shocked: You scared the hell out of me!
So Eun: Did I? Sorry. Hahah.
Joon: Hey don’t laugh!
So Eun: I didn’t know that one of F4 is a scardie-cat. Okay, change topic, I saw what you making faces behind my best friends backed.
Joon: Oh. That. It’s her damn fault. I’m asking where you are and started to shout and stuff. Well, now that you’re here …………..when are you going to cook for us?
So Eun: Um..
Joon: Well, it’s not that we want it now. I’m just assuring that you will cook for us.
So Eun: Okay. Tomorrow morning, breakfast.
Joon: Okay! Breakfast it is!
So Eun: Is it for all four of you?
Joon: Deh.
So Eun: Can I ask something?
Hyun Joong: You’re already asking.
So Eun gave an annoyed look on Hyun Joong.
Hyun Joong smiled: Sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.
Min Ho: Well, go ahead. With your question, I mean.
So Eun: I just notice that Joon-sunbae here is pretty much excited about the cooking topic.
Bum: So you’re going to ask ‘why is that?’
So Eun nodded.
Bum: Well, it’s because no one has cooked for us except our Manager.
Min Ho: Let me rephrase that. Our Manager is the only one knows how to cook and most of the time he’s the only one who can cook for us.
Hyun Joong: No. That’s not it.
So Eun: Huh?
Hyun Joong: Well yes true. Our Manager is the one who only cooks for us. Sometimes it’s store bought type. But what really excites Joon – no, rather US – is that for the first time a girl will cook for us. (Then he smile genuinely)
So Eun just blush.
Joon: Well a pretty young lady. Not a girl!
So Eun just blushed more. As red as tomato.
5th day
So Eun woke up early. As early as 6:00 in the morning, so she can prepare F4’s breakfast. So Eun headed on the kitchen.

So Eun: Now that I think about it, I didn’t ask what they want for breakfast. Oh well, it’s a surprise then!

So Eun prepared flour, eggs, butter, milk, fruits especially strawberries, chocolates and bread. She mixed all the necessary ingredients and cooked her specialty, which is the favorite food of everyone in the Park family and her two kids. She made F4’s food a little special since they said it’s their first time and made some for others.

Breakfast is ready and everyone is on their seats except So Eun. Then, So Eun steps out from the kitchen smiling.

So Eun: Go ahead. Look what is on your plates. I made it. (Their breakfast are covered with sliver thing to keep it warm and for flies not to touch it)

Jin Young & Ga Eul is the first to open theirs. And it put a smiling marked on their faces.
Jin Young: Wow! French toast with orange and peaches, my favorite!
Ga Eul: Wow! Crepe with strawberry and chocolate and whip cream, my favorite!

As soon as everyone except for Manager Bak and F4 heard that it’s French toast and Crepe they were so excited.

F4 and Manager Bak looked at each other.

So Eun: Just open it. You’ll be amazed. And I promise you that you won’t get wrong with this. (Smiled)

Manager Bak: Okay! I trust you on this.
F4: Okay! Us too.

Then they found that theirs are French toast and Crepe with fruits on the side and whip cream and syrups and stuffs.

So Eun: Well, I don’t know what in particular you guys want (*Well of course she do, she’s obsessed with them remember but to it not to be obvious she didn’t do it*) so there I put everything.

6th & 7th day

Well, just like I said she’s still avoiding them. Until, Risa talked to her.



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Chapter 30: Too Obvious

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:36 am

Risa and So Eun are in Risa’s room arguing.

Risa: Dude! You’re freakin’ obvious.
So Eun: Who are you calling ‘DUDE!’? And I’m not! I cooked for them remember?
Risa: Yah! Once!
So Eun: So?
Risa: So it doesn’t prove anything.
So Eun: Wait I thought we’re not going to talk about this anymore?
Risa: Yes, I thought that too. But, look at you!
So Eun: What’s wrong with me? Huh?
Risa: You pretty much look desperate!
So Eun: I’M SO NOT!
Risa: Oh come on.
So Eun: What!?
Risa: Now you look desperate and sound paranoid.
So Eun: I can’t believe you’re my friend. You should be on my side!
Risa: FYI I’m your friend, your best friend and I’m in your side.
So Eun: Well, if that’s true why are we arguing to this?
Risa: Here we go again. Because you’re obviously avoiding Kim Bum and I think I’m not the only one noticing that.
So Eun: I told you my plan, that’s why you know.
Risa: Yup. But now that I know and I observed. I now know that I’m not the only one who knows.
So Eun: Who do you think, huh?
Risa: I think Manager Bak and-
So Eun: You mean there are two of them?
Risa: As of now I just think it’s them.
So Eun: And who?
Risa: Kim Hyun Joong…
So Eun was in silent.
Risa: Now what?
So Eun: What? Well do you expect me to do things involving them?
Risa just looked and listened to So Eun.
So Eun: Like go to the club and have some time with them and stuff?
Risa smiled and her eyes are just glowing.
So Eun: I don’t want to. No. Never.

Risa just smiled and well take So Eun’s word seriously.



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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 7/29/2009, 1:08 pm

Update yes!!! Your welcome for commenting, I just like to talk a lot and encourage others Very Happy Anyway, I'm on the edge of my seat!! Bum's kids are right in front of him and he doen't even notice! Oh, and the breakfast So Eun made sounds delicious!! ^^


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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by azngurlz093 on 7/29/2009, 5:59 pm

i just found out about your fanfic by searching it on google and i'm glad i found it because it is soo good Smile

i registered to to add a comment
please continue to update Smile

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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 8:10 am

azngurlz093: do you happen to have an account in youtube? *I'm just wondering* Smile Thanks 4 your wonderful comment, really you just search in google and it popped out? cool! Shocked

Yukie23: Then thank you for encouraging me, I mean without your comments I probably stopped. Smile

I'll update right now, after this reply. Smile


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Chapter 31: To the Bar

Post by davinci486 on 7/30/2009, 8:14 am

So Eun: Me and my stupid mouth!
Risa: Don’t say that. (Smiling & laughing at the same time)

Risa take So Eun’s word seriously. She is now dressing So Eun and putting make up on her face.
So Eun: Yah! Park Risa!
Risa: What? You look pretty by the way.
So Eun: Enough of this, please? I wasn’t serious when I said that.
Risa: Well I was.
So Eun pouted.
Risa: Besides after we talk the talk. I invited them already.
So Eun: For what?
Risa: To go clubbing, of course!

FLASH BACK (after the talk):
Risa searched for F4. And she found Hyun Joong at the library reading a book with F3.

Risa: Hi! (In a loud voice)
Min Ho: Shh.
Bum: You don’t want to disturb him.
Risa: Why? (Whispering)
Bum: Because it’s his so-called-peace-time. (Smiled)
Risa: Oh!
Joon: This is a library, first and foremost to that. (In a annoyed mad voice but still whispering) Stupid!
Risa: Uh!? I’m not going to follow on that, I’ll just waste my time.
Min Ho & Bum smirks.
Hyun Joong: So why are you here? (Normal voice)
Risa: Oh is it okay now?
Hyun Joong: Yeah. Sure. Please in a normal voice.
Risa: Okay. Well, So Eun and I are planning to go clubbing.
Joon: You want us to come?
Risa: Yes. Including you. (Rolling eyes)
Min Ho: But isn’t she a mother?
Risa: Yes. Why?
Bum: She has kids.
Risa: Yes, here how it goes – So Eun is a mother but technically she’s not married yet. Meaning?
Hyun Joong: She’s 100% single.
Risa: BINGO!
F4 looked at each other and nod.
Hyun Joong: It’s okay with us. But is it okay with her? (Looks on Bum)
Risa noticing his gestures: Of course, it’s actually her idea.
F4: OKAY! We’re in.
Risa: So it’s 4:23 in my watch now. See you downstairs at 6:30 pm sharp. Okay?
F4: YES.

So Eun: Nice one. (Sarcastic tone)
Risa: I know! (Sarcastic tone)
So Eun is now dressed wearing black leather leggings and silver mini dress with a seductive touch of being backless. Her hair is braided all the way with a curly touch for softness. Her make up is in a Goth meets Glam kind of way with a black & silver smoky eyes, a little touch of pink for her cheeks (so she would not look pale) and a nude color for her lips. She is wearing a 3-inches gladiator sandal, in color black.
Risa is almost wearing the same exact thing but in a more Goth type. Meaning, all-black with a touch of red. (*Just imagine So Eun wearing Silvery & Black while Risa is wearing Black attire, Red 3-inches gladiator sandal and a big red belt & Black & Red make up. Not to mention she is wearing a red luscious lipstick*)

So Eun: All I can say is. We are so NOT prepared! (Sarcastic tone)
Risa: HAHAHAH (*Imagine the laugh of Cruela devil*)
So Eun: To the bar it is!
Risa: Yes to the bar!

F4 saw the two and their jaw-dropped. LITERALLY.

BTW, I update first on winglin.net



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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by azngurlz093 on 7/30/2009, 9:45 am

yepp!! Smile i do have a youtube by the same name too
and i did search on google i searched Kim So Eun and Kim Bum fanfic and your fanfic was on the second page

yayy another update
you update on wingin first but when i went on winglin i couldnt find your story nevermind i found it Smile

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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 7/30/2009, 1:05 pm

Update!!! So fast!! You're working hard!!! Do I see something going on between Joon and Risa??? Hmmmm....by the way, I'm so glad you didn't stop this fic, it's awesome!!! ^^


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Chapter 32: Incident or Accident?

Post by davinci486 on 8/1/2009, 6:41 am

“Holy Crap!” Hyun Joong said starring at two couple as well as dropping his drink on the floor.
“Holy Shit!” Min Ho said starring at two couple as well. His jaw-dropped starring at the most unbelievable couple.
F4 along with So Eun and Risa goes to Shoto-Club, one of the most top clubs in Japan. Everyone is silent inside the car (*Forgot to mention Risa or rather the Park family is a wealthy family*) until So Eun breaks the awkwardness.

So Eun: So why did you agreed to this?
Hyun Joong: I’m sorry to say this but it feels like the mansion is a bit something.
Risa: Something?
Min Ho: Yeah, that something feeling.
Bum: The one that you can’t describe in words.
So Eun and Risa nodded and giggled.
F4 find it cute.

Driver: Ma’am we’re here.
Risa: Thanks!
So Eun whispered: So no backing out now?
Risa: You should ask that before you open your mouth awhile ago. (Sarcastic Tone)
So Eun look at Risa irritated and rolled her eyes. She kept on regretting her words.

F4, So Eun and Risa go inside the bar. As they walked in you can really feel the beautiful, cozy ambiance and the place is so great you can make it your 2nd home. Everyone in the Shoto-club is drinking, dancing and having fun. They sat down first and feel everything.

F4, So Eun and Risa gave a big sighed and laughed after that.

Joon: Hahah, what was that for? We’re in a club for crying out loud. Come on let’s have some fun!
Risa: Yup. For once I agree with you!
Joon: That’s a good thing, right? (Sarcastic Tone)
Risa: Maybe. Now let’s go to the alcohol/bar stand (*I don’t know what it is called, I never been on a club actually, so I’m sorry*) whatever you call it.

Risa dragged Joon to the bar stand. F3 and So Eun smiled.

So Eun smiling: You know, they look good as a couple.
Min Ho: Wah! You can actually smile.
So Eun: Huh?
Hyun Joong: What he means you looked cute smiling, rather than a serious face that you always put.
Bum: You should smile more often.
So Eun could only smile and blush.

So Eun: But, don’t you agree with me? About those two?
Min Ho: Well, they always fight.
Bum: Not to mention some sarcastic insult paired up with sarcastic tone.
Hyun Joong: I agree with you.
So Eun: Really? You agree? Why?
Hyun Joong: What do you mean ‘WHY?’
So Eun: Nothing. Don’t mind me. I kinda have my own little world. Hahah!

F3 stared at her curious. So Eun couldn’t take the stare so she join the two in the bar stand.

Hyun Joong: She’s a little-
Min Ho: Weird?
Bum: Hahah!

F3 joined the three in the bar stand. They were drinking and having fun, and then it happened. Next thing you know Joon and Risa are drunk that they started kissing passionately. After a few minutes So Eun and Bum are drunk but a little sober and started kissing each other too, it was light though.
End of Flashback

“Holy Crap!” Hyun Joong said starring at two couple as well as dropping his drink on the floor.
“Holy Shit!” Min Ho said starring at two couple as well. His jaw-dropped starring at the most unbelievable couple.

After awhile So Eun snapped and pulled herself from Bum and immediately excused herself to go to the powder room. Bum, on the other hand, stared at Hyun Joong and Min Ho. Then Bum looked at Risa and Joon, who are still kissing.

Bum: Whoa!
Hyun Joong and Min Ho unison: Yah, whoa! (Then they looked at each other)



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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by azngurlz093 on 8/1/2009, 11:15 am

Whoa for real
i can't believe it
wonder what would happen after that when So Eun gets back

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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 8/1/2009, 12:14 pm

Yeah, WHOA!!!! I knew something was gonna happen between Joon and Risa!! So Eun and Bum (fangirl scream)!! Thanxs for updating ^^


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Chapter 33: Time to Go Home

Post by davinci486 on 8/23/2009, 12:34 am

The time reads 12:03 am; So Eun is already home and getting ready to go.

FLASHBACK (Time: about 10:30 pm)
“Excuse me.” So Eun excused herself after that intimate kiss.
In the powder room, So Eun locked the door then washed her face and mumbles.
“What the hell happened?” So Eun said and continued “and what are you doing Kim So Eun!?” “I’m still sober yet why did that happen?” she paused for a while then looked at herself in the mirror and touched her lips with her fingers “What was that kiss for? Did it mean something?” she finally said it.

The kiss made So Eun feel uncomfortable like having butterflies inside your stomach and she’s feeling a little dizzy after what had happen. She decided to not go back and go home. She can’t be in Japan anymore or as long as F4 or just Kim Bum is in Japan, no she can’t be in the same place with him he must be far from her – away from her. So Eun went outside to talk to the driver.

Driver: Ma’am, are you going home?
So Eun: Yes, but alone so I’m going to take a cab.
Driver: But ma’am it’s dangerous.
So Eun: It’s okay. I know Mu’ay Thai.
Driver gave up: Okay ma’am.
So Eun: Mister, if they ask you where am I – tell them I already got home but only if they ask you. Okay?
Driver: Yes ma’am. So they don’t that you are already leaving?
So Eun: Yes. By the way mister what time is it?
Driver: It’s 10:49 pm.
So Eun: Okay it’s been 10 minutes since I left them and it wouldn’t take long before they realized that I’m gone. Goodbye mister.
Driver: Be careful ma’am.
So Eun: Thanks I will.

Back to present, the time reads 11:23 pm; So Eun now entering their room. As soon as she saw her two angels, she fell on her knees she became weak and cried to herself.

So Eun’s POV
‘I’m so sorry my little angels’
‘I’m such a bad mother because I never said anything about your father’
‘Then again technically he’s not your father; he just donated you guys’
‘Do you even think who he is?’
‘This vacation should not involve him and neither in the future’
‘Shit. I mess this one up’
‘What should I do now?’
End of POV

While So Eun was crying Jin Young slowly woke up as he heard that someone is crying, to his shock its no other than his mother. After a while Ga Eul also waken up. The two got out of bed and comfort their mother.

Jin Young: Mom!
Ga Eul: Why are you crying?
So Eun: Oh! I’m sorry did I wake you guys up? Mommy is not crying. No need to worry.
Jin Young: But you are crying.
Ga Eul: Mommy, you sad?
So Eun smiled genuinely: No because you are here to comfort me.

But even after saying that, So Eun can’t help but to cry more. The room was so sad by her crying and it made her two children cry with her. After a minute or two, So Eun’s crying became laughing. Her two angels looked at her confused.

Ga Eul & Jin Young: Mom? Are you okay?
So Eun: Guys, do you want to go back to Korea now?
Jin Young: Oh ow.
Ga Eul: Meaning 30 minutes?
So Eun: Oh ow? 30 minutes? What are you talking?
Jin Young: Mom, remember when you said that ‘now’ is 30 minutes after you say?
So Eun smile: Oh, so that’s what you mean? Yes. Do you want to?
Ga Eul: Why?
Jin Young: What for?
So Eun: Because as your mother, I want to spend my time with only both of you since it’s my vacation.

Jin Young & Ga Eul nodded and rushed to get ready. So Eun then went to see Mr. & Mrs. Park who are in the garden taking care of there bonsai.

Mr. Park: Why so sudden?
Mrs. Park: Aren’t you with Risa?
So Eun: Yes, I was with Risa but I want to spend my free time with my children and it’s only 2 more weeks left. So I decided to leave her with the famous F4. I think she can manage plus, I think she’s going to have a BF soon. And please allow us to go, I know you understand me.
Mr. & Mrs. Park unison: Okay.
Mrs. Park Just take care.

Back in the club, time 10:56 pm. Hyun Joong took notice of So Eun’s absence. It’s been 20 minutes.

Hyun Joong: We’re missing something.
Bum: Beside these two being cozy (Woo Bin & Risa). What else could there be?
Min Ho: You mean someone. So Eun that is.
Bum: Oh yeah! I forgot about her.

F3 search the whole club but nothing then Woo Bin & Risa starts to vomit everywhere and they needed to get out of the club before it’s too late. F3 helped Woo Bin & Risa to get to the car and ask the driver if he saw So Eun.

Driver: Sir. Ma’am So Eun already left about 20 minutes ago. She said that if you go ask about her that is the only time I will tell you. I’m sorry.
F3: It’s okay. But we need to get home fast and do you have a bucket at least for them. See that. (Pointing at Woo Bin & Risa puking in the streets)
Driver: Yes sir I have. Please hop on.

It is now 12:10 am. The car that F4 is riding smells like vomit, actually it is vomit, inside that all windows are open, Woo Bin & Risa didn’t really fail to impress F3 after hooking up and now this. As they’re approaching the mansion a cab was on the other side is leaving. They didn’t know that they cross-path with So Eun, who is inside the cab along with her kids leaving Japan.



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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by Guest on 8/23/2009, 4:44 pm

Awww...no!!!! So Eun is leaving!!!! Lol@ Risa and Woo Bin. Thanks for the update though ^^


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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

Post by azngurlz093 on 8/27/2009, 4:50 pm

run to the airport kim bum go go go

don't leave so eun

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Post by satinsta on 10/8/2009, 2:36 am

Hey where is the story continuation? Please continue! Laughing


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Re: Obsessed (Main Characters: Kim So Eun and Kim Bum)

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