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My Fanfiction : Would you be my Juliette,honey?

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My Fanfiction : Would you be my Juliette,honey? Empty My Fanfiction : Would you be my Juliette,honey?

Post by MissUknow on 7/11/2009, 12:10 pm

Title: Would you be my Juliette, honey?

Everything starts with an open beginning.
Two girls, named Yas(17) and Kitty (17) are from Germany.
On a holiday in Korea they met the famous Boygroup Super Junior.
After time they're very good friends and are visiting each other to keep in touch.
Leader Leeteuk fell inlove with the small beautiful lady Yas, who is also interested in music. She sings and dances to Hip Hop.
But something comes inbetween them two and is destroying their relationship...
Kitty is Yas's bestfriend and has a relationship with Kang in.
Both of them are very happy but the blond Kitty is very thoughtful about Yas and Leeteuks relationship and wants to help her bestfriend to be happy.
Yas and Kitty will meet another Boygroups and will go through many ups and downs.
Will everything be okay? New Couples and Boygroups will grow and appear ;]


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