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What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?!

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What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?! Empty What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?!

Post by Mellyphant on 7/25/2009, 3:15 pm

{Poster is HUGE so no poster here xP}

Title: What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?!
Author: Mellyphant
Genre: Comedy/Romance? (A bit? xD)

-SHINee {aka Romeos}
-Choi JiCha, Song Eunkyo, Yoo Chayun, Lee Sungjin, Hwang Jaemin {aka Juliettes}
-Melly {aka MC}
-Whoever I want to add later

What happens when you put five girls with five pretty idol boys? Throw in some romance, some challenges, and a crazy young host and you get the wonderful world of...WTHHTMR?! (Long abbreviation...)

Hey! Steady the camera stupid! We have to catch their faces clearly. Oh yeah watch out for that—“

“I told you to watch where you walk. You know how dangerous the set is. Haven’t you been listening to the news?” {A/N: *cough* MuBank *cough*}

A young teenage girl navigated her way through the crowded set of the music show and tried to locate her targets. In the distance she sees their distinct colorful clothing and ran up to them, dragging the camera man with her.

“HEY!” She yelled informally. She was still getting used to the Korean courtesies and she still fails at it.

The five young faces turned around in surprise to being yelled at and their face went from surprised to confused.

“You guys are gonna be our new contestants on this show I’m hosting. I cleared everything out with your manager so please introduce yourselves to this here camera.” She smiled in excitement, finally her dream come true.

“Hello, we are shining SHINee!”
-insert some sort of sound effects fangirls and fade out-

Chapters: 1 2
Being originally a winglin user I got a magical comment and I came here to follow it and post my stories here as well. Hopefully people enjoy it. This is actually my first fanfic ever so comments would be a slap in the face saying: GOD! HURRY UP AND WRITE! ^^

Hopefully me using small font is fine...I like small font. xDD Also enjoy my many Author's Notes through out the story. I like putting in commentary when I write. xP

PS. My chapters range from short to long (like 18 pages long). Most likely my chapter count here will be different then on winglin. Again, enjoy. ♥️

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What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?! Empty Re: What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?!

Post by Sachie on 7/25/2009, 3:20 pm

The idea seems interesting so far...I hope you post the first chapter soon.

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What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?! Empty Chapter One: Juliette?! Are you here yet?

Post by Mellyphant on 7/25/2009, 3:35 pm

{At the broadcasting station in private office}
Melly put her legs up onto the desk and heaved a satisfied sigh. “Hahaha! Finally, my dream to be an MC has come true!”

Ever since she was little, she watched all the exciting MC in Korean television and wanted to be there to befriend and tease all the famous people that came on. Once she got to Korea, she went through intensive Korean language and customs training, just to audition as an actor/entertainer. Many painful teachers and many hours as well have lead her to this.

“I can’t believe my first guest on this show is SHINee…I thought it’d be someone older. I feel bad for being the cause of their slight image change because they are so innocent and perfect.” She leaned back on her leather chair and started to twiddle her fingers when she heard a loud knock on her door. “Come in!!”

She quickly threw her feet of the desk and straightened herself up. Being only 15 and an MC was hard work. Everyone was older so she had to prove she could be like them but at the same time entertaining.

“We still need the girls for the show to be chosen.” A serious man with glasses and slicked over hair stood in the doorway with a pile of papers in his hands; imagine Ryeowook in the Pin-Up Boys movie except older…wow not a pretty picture.

“Great…more work. I thought you guys were in charge of that. I’m just a MC not a PD…” Melly scrunched up her face in disgust and walked towards the door to grab the papers and shut the door on nerd man’s face.

“Well we are running it differently for you. You are young and we need to run you through a trial period, especially since you were the one who made the idea and it’s your first show.

“Fine whatever…jerk. Now get out of my office. I’m still your boss and I could kick your butt straight out of this company and you wouldn’t know what hit you until it is too late!”

“I hope I can find the right girls soon…” She bit the bottom of her lips while she got ready for another long night of work.

{At SHINee Dorm 2:24 am}
“I’m so tired hyung~” Taemin shuffled over to the couch and laid down on it. His face was squished against the pillow so hard that you wondered if he could even breathe.

Key was at the edge of the couch and glared at Taemin. “Why did he have to be so cute and young…so much attention…He gets the innocent maknae image while I get the diva bitch image.” He thought. {A/N: Haha! I just wanted to do that. I think Key would be sort of like that, he cares but I’d think he’d be jealous. In my eyes, if Taemin wasn't the cute maknae, Key would get the cute image because Minho is charisma no matter how young he is. Or Onew would get it but he’s the leader…}

Minho popped in holding a bottle of banana milk and just stood there quietly. He resisted the urge to leave the rest of the members to sit around and be lazy in the living room to go and watch some football (soccer) games in the room. With the many Juliette promotions and school, he hasn’t had that much time to catch up on the many soccer games around the world. He slowly walked away from the crowd hoping no one would notice.

Jonghyun was at the kitchen counter jotting down some song ideas in his lyrics book. Without even look up he called Minho out. “Hey Minho-ah! You’re going to watch soccer games until early hours of the morning aren’t you?! Remember it’s a school night tomorrow!” He started laughing. It’s surprising how he knows…but he does like calling out people every once in awhile. {A/N: I’ve been watching some radio shows and he likes putting in his words in other people’s questions. xD It’s usually right though, except he makes it sound like obsessions like Taemin to the THJ script. We all know Minho is a soccer-fanboy though.}

Onew watched everyone worriedly. Even though he’s been the one with his health at risk from the clumsy fall from the dorm’s stairs to the fainting at Music Bank, he still worried about everyone else, obviously because he the only one that is an actual adult (other than the 2 managers who are already asleep.) In his mind all he thinks about is, ‘Minho needs to stop staying up so late, the videos aren’t going anywhere so just sleep. You are still in high school.’ ‘Taemin needs to sleep if he is tired. He’s still really young and he needs to go through that bullying. I wish I could go to school with him…’ ‘All of them need to sleep as soon as we get home, not stay up for another hour to play.’ {A/N: Worrying leader isn’t he?}

{Caption: It’s really quiet today in the teenage boys dorm. o_o}

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What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?! Empty Chapter 2: The Juliettes Appear!

Post by Mellyphant on 7/25/2009, 3:45 pm

{The next day, 9:00am}

“Hey everyone, it’s me Melly. Today is the day where we meet our mystery girls who signed up to be on this show. The thing they don’t know is that their families have been interviewed to see what idols they liked. Of course, they all said our mystery guests names (The part before at the dorm is the same episode so the viewers don’t know who the guests are either. ) Of course these girls don’t know that I am setting them up with one of their favorite groups.” Melly wore a black shirt with a floral design at the bottom right hand corner with some denim shorts that ended at the middle of her thigh. Put it together with some black and white star converse and you have an outfit.

Melly spoke into the mic quietly as she got closer and closer to the bus that holds the five mystery Juliettes. “I’ll have them wear these masks…” She held up five white masks in her hands, but unlike normal masks, the eyeholes are filled. {A/N: Imagine the Juliette in the Juliette MV. I liked her mask.}

“They will not be allowed to see where they are going. While they are being moved to the secret location I’ll be asking them questions about themselves…OK, time to go in!” She let out a small squeal before walking into the bus.

Leaning against the leather seat at the front of the bus, a girl with long black hair sat reading ‘The Hunger Games’ silently by herself while the rest of them talk amongst each other. {A/N: Yes it’s a normal school bus, not a blinged out fancy bus and the ‘The Hunger Games’ is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I command you to read it.}

In her ears were some white headphones that led to her checkered purse. Like a lot of people, she could not live without her music. She would most likely die of boredom if music wasn’t exist on the earth, but for some reason…no music was playing at all. {A/N: The headphones on for play. I do it all the time}

“I wonder who’s gonna be the idols? I hope they aren’t too old or too young…that’d be awkward wouldn’t it?” She thought. “I hope I can make friends with the rest of the girls…I don’t think I can stay quiet the whole entire time we do this show.” She stared at page 52 for almost 5 minutes now without turning the page. “What’s more important, I hope the guys like me at least…” She scrunched up her face and started whispering random words of the page of the book in different languages. “Ho davvero bisogno di voltare pagina!” She yelled out in Italian. {Trans: I really need to turn the page!}

“Hello Hello everyone!” A loud voice popped out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me. In front of me was a girl that was just about 5 ½ ft. carrying a bunch of masks and a mic. She looked around like a hungry animal waiting to find a target to attack. She turned her head and spotted me.

“What the h-“ I said back to Korean before the girl interrupted me.

“Annyeonghaseyo!~ I’m your MC, Melly. Please look at the camera and introduce yourself.” {A/N: I’m so loud. Lol}

“Um…” She lifted a shy hand up to wave. “I’m Lee Sungjin, please treat me well.” She mumbled.

“Nice. That was a great time to be quiet and not spazzy.” Sungjin thought while she gave herself a mental slap.

“Nice to meet you, Sungjin-sshi. Well, you are one of the chosen girls to do a home stay with an idol group that your parents said you liked. They most likely filled you in that they are a guy group and that you will enjoy this stay in its entirety. For now, please put on this mask and just sit back and relax. Listen to music, do whatever, but do not take off this mask until I say so.” Melly handed over a white mask and put the rest on her wrist. “Please enjoy this ride.”

I grabbed the mask and stared at her for a moment. When MC turned away, she put the white mask over her face and everything turned black. “I hope this is worth it…”

“Wow…that girl was shy, but I think she’ll be able to open up with the boys. They’re shy to aren’t they?” she said to the camera lens. “Let’s get the next girls to be introduced.” A bit in the middle were talking to each other casually while bursting out in laughter every once in awhile. “Oooh! Over there, hurry!”

Melly walked over to the two girls, but ended up tripping over someone’s bag. Landing right at their feet, Melly raised her head and rubbed her now red nose. “Ow…what was that doing in the aisle!” She yelled. She looked up at the two girls who looked concerned. “I better introduce myself so we won’t waste this roll of film…” she thought.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you okay?” I looked at the girl with great concern because her nose was turning a bright shade of red.

“Um, you two please introduce yourselves to the camera while I try to get the PD up at the front of the bus to stop laughing. Oh, by the way, I’m Melly, the MC.” The girl introduced herself as she got up. “Continue.” She said with a friendly face but something told me that I she wasn’t as innocent as she seemed.

“Annyeonghaseyo. I’m Yoo Chaeyun.” I stepped out of her seat and into the aisle and bowed but ended up hitting the camera with my head as I came back up, knocking over the camera man, the lights, and the other staff that stood in the aisle. “Oh I’m sorry!” I sat back in my seat before I caused more havoc. I started cracking my fingers nervously.

In the background, you hear a bunch of yelling outside of the bus. A lot of cursing, all from one voice…I think it’s the MC. Hope I don’t get yelled at…

-5 minutes later-

“Okay, let’s start over. Please re-introduce yourself to the camera.” Melly looked back to her calm self but I feel she was starting to get a bit annoyed.

“Um…I’m Yoo Chaeyun and I am as you see extremely clumsy. I like soccer, dancing, and old kungfu movies…um…” I start laughing nervously. “I’ll enjoy the time with everyone. Again, I’m sorry Mr. Camera Man for knocking you over!”

This is not going well…


I looked at the camera as soon as it turn to me with as much energy as if the camera man was one of my best friends.

“Hey! I’m Choi Ji-Cha, please to meet all of you. I am just what this show needs, a ball of energy ready to do anything. Please viewers watch out for whatever I do. I promise to keep you all entertained. Oh, staff, I better warn you…” My face went from a joyful one to one of seriousness. “I am maybe even clumsier than Chaeyun-ah here, so keep your equipment safe.” I start laughing and smile, making the staffs shoulders raise and they started laughing as well.

There, the atmosphere isn’t as down. Hopefully it’ll stay this way until we make it to wherever we’re going.


I ran up to the camera once one of the girls finished her introduction. I grabbed the camera and made it face me.

“Hello viewers. This is Song Eunkyo and I’ll be the MC for the show every single time the actual MC is on a rampage or is just off the set.” She smiled.

I was about to open my mouth to say more before a hand came and covered my lips.

“Please do not listen to the girl. I’m will be the MC no matter what and there will be no other.” Melly smiled and she nearly suffocated me. Who would’ve thought that this kid had this strength in such a small body. It doesn’t even look like she did any sports or training of any kind.

I moved the hand to the side and said a quick farewell to the viewers. “Watch out! We might steal the guys hearts!”

I smiled triumphantly while Melly glared at me for second when the camera was changing to a new roll of tape. I stuck out my tongue and sauntered away back to my seat.

Check and mate.

The people up there are loud aren’t they? I need to do something to get their attention. I grab my violin case from my seat and stood on top of the leather upholstery. I tune it as quickly as I can and get everything ready.

I take a deep breath and put the hairs on my bow to the metal of the strings. I begin to play, the whole entire bus went quiet, away from the chaos that was just there. Yes…this is just what I wanted.

The camera quickly turned to see where the violin music was coming from (me). I smiled and quickly cut the song. “Annyeonghaseyo~I am Jenny Phan, but my Korean name is Hwang Jaemin. Please to meet you.“ She bowed on the seat, not wanting to get down until here intro was over.

“I play the violin, sing, dance, love food and snacks, read and write, and love gaming. If you ever see me on screen just lounging around I’d either be doing these things, talking, or just sleeping. Just make sure to watch out for me as I will hopefully survive this show. Thanks and please take care of me.” She smiled brightly while everyone just stared.

“Oh and sorry if it seemed a bit too straight forward…” Her voice went from forward and strong to apologetic and quiet.

She sat back down and put her violin and bow away. The bus went back to the way it was as she looked out the window. ‘I can’t wait until we get there!!’ On the outside she looked out the window and thought deeply of what it might be that’s the surprise for this show.

“Okay…these are some interesting characters here. I better tell all of them to put on these masks before we take off.” Melly said to the camera.

“Everyone! Attention please. Everyone who did not get a mask please take them and put them on.” She threw the masks to Ji-Cha, Eunkyo, Jaemin, and Chaeyun.

“We will be on our way to your new home for the period of your stay. Please expect some boys there though, but don’t worry. They aren’t bad or perverted in anyway.” Hopefully I thought. I sort of didn’t want the girls to be put through that…but I wonder if any of the boys are like that….

As soon as all the girls put the masks on, she smiled and yelled. “Take us to the dorm and step on it!!”

Author's Notes:

I feel so bad because the rest of the girls got really short intros because I got extremely lazy and I’m sort of in a panic because my phone is gone (because I lost it in the airport…) I’m sorry if I don’t do your character any justice. I hopefully will in the chapters later. (I will hopefully post a new chapter tomorrow where the girls actually meet the boys…)

Some notes from me:
♪ Oh I made a pun…notes…music note lol (the nerd Melly is not funny)
♪ Jaemin played a certain song I was listening to as I wrote this. It’s called Shangri-La and I was listening to this Japanese violinist who is skilled. o-o here’s the link: clickhere

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What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?! Empty Re: What The Hell Happened To My Romeo?!

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