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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/3/2010, 10:54 am

-This is my first fanfic featuring the DBSK-

Main Cast:

Jae Joong
Kim Junsu/Xiah
Jung Yunho/U-know
Shim Changmin/Max
Park Yoochun/Micky
Cho Kyuhun


Jaejoong was living a pretty normal life. That changed the day he was dunked into a drainage after an attempt to save a classmate from a gang of bullies. Instead of just getting a good soaking, he's sucked in. The next thing he knows, he's in a world that resembles medieval times. If that's not odd enough, he's told that he is to be the next Agma wang/ Demon King, who are coexisting not-so-peacefully with the humans in this world. Much to his subjects' dismay, he's totally different from the rulers they're accustomed to. He's kind, considerate, a believer in justice, and not willing to use violence to solve conflicts. Not exactly someone they thought running a country on the very brink of war. Now, Jaejoong has to deal with trying to become a good Agma Wang, while at the same time attempting to adapt to this lands' culture,where the tension between the humans and agma gyeongju/ demon race is reaching its peak.

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 1

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/4/2010, 9:53 am

Chapter 1: Sucked to Another world


“yes! Dismissal time” a boy said

“hey, Jaejoong Let’s play computer games before going home” he invited

“I passed” Jaejoong said
He’s now riding on his bicycle to go home when he saw a group of guys bullying someone. He stopped to look…

“oh.. It’s Cho Kyuhun” he recognized
“he was my classmate during middle school but we hardly talk to each other”
“If I just pretend that I was just passing by then” his thoughts were distracted when Kyuhun’s eyes met his.

“Oi, what are doing over there” He said while dismounting on his bicycle

“Jaejoong” Kyuhun said

The gang leader twisted “huh? Oh if it isn’t Jaejoong” he said

“I don’t suppose you’re doing community service” Jaejoong said

“why? Are you in any case are friends?” the gang Leader asked

“Not really” he thought

“Perfect! Why don’t you contribute on our group as well? Just give us your…” the leader was interrupted when Kyuhun ran away.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Jaejoong said silently

“hey! Thanks to you our prey got away” the leader

“what are you going to do now?” the leader said while getting closer to Jaejoong

They hold his both hands and went to the drainage near them

“hey, what are you doing?” jae joong asked
“it’s disgusting” he added

“For your information this happens when people got in our way” the leader said while he dunked Jaejoong head in the drainage.
“STOP!” he screamed

“you’ve got to be kidding me, why there is a black hole in the drainage”
“or are the drainage nowadays have extra sucking power?”
“could it be? I’m going to die here”
“ummm…. What happened to me?” he asked as he woke up
“where am I?”

He sits down and observed the place. Then a lady came wearing medieval style clothing.

“eh? Is this a costume play? He thought then he stood up to go to the lady

“excuse me, where is this place?’ he asked

The lady was so scared and started to scream.

“hey, I’m not a suspicious person” he explained

“ghsdfgeryhcbvjdfgh” the lady said while screaming

“you can’t understand Korean?” he asked

Then the lady quickly ran away and a group of people came.

“oh are they extras on this costume play?” He thought then the people started to throw stones at him.

“is it because I didn’t pay for the ticket?” he said while running to avoid the stones

Then a guy with yellow hair riding a horse came and persuades the people to stop.

“are you the one in charge here? Thank you for stopping them.” he gratefully said

“dfhgsdjkhgjdbhgndbgher” the guy said

He can’t understand what the guy is saying so he just looked at him blankly.

Then the guy dismounted and holds his head.

“hey what are you doing, my head is not a ball” he said

“ouch…ouch” he complained

And when the guy release his head he got down because of the pain

“just our luck that he appeared here. Let’s get rid of him now” the people said

“so how was it? Can you understand us now?” the guy asked

“wow.. feels weird to see a foreigner to speak Korean fluently” jaejoong said
“but it’s not a bad thing ofcourse” he added with a big smile
“so anyway I somehow ended here, where is this place?”

“geez! Just when I thought that this one looks worthy, the next Agma Wang is just an idiot” The guy laughed


He stood up then “Yah! How can you call someone you just met an idiot? Huh?” he angrily said

“the monster got back up?” one of the people said
“Take the children inside the house”
“It’s no use. This village will soon be burned down”
“wait. He’s unarmed. And just look at his hair and eyes. They are like those powerful people”
“let’s kill him now’

“what are they talking about? But in any case this looks bad..really bad” Jaejoong thought while looking to the armed people.

“Now, calm down” the guy said to the people
“this kid doesn’t know anything yet” he added
“if we can persuade him here and now….” He was interrupted when

“Jaejoong” the guy with brown hair wearing a brown medieval soldier style clothing, riding a horse came rushing towards him.

“Could it be the Knight, here to save me?” he thought

“Don’t draw your swords against the villagers, they aren’t soldiers” the guy with brown hair said to his men

“Get away from Jaejoong, Lee Dong Hae” The guy with brown hair said to the guy with a yellow hair.

“I’ll retreat for now, kid just wait for me. I’m going to save you” Lee Dong hae said to jaejoong

“Save me? Just which side is trying to take me?” he asked

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 2

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/4/2010, 10:38 am

Chapter 2: Wait! I’m a what?

Jaejoong went with Xiah, the guy with a brown hair. And when they reach the village Xiah asked him to dismount on the horse.

Then a guy with long silver hair came out of the house and

“Your Majesty” he called

“your majesty? Are you talking about me?" Jaejoong asked

“Your Majesty, I’m relieved to know that you are safe, I, Max have been waiting patiently for this day” he said while he bowed

“Max, Lee Dong Hae beat me to him” Xiah informed

“what? Lee Dong Hae?” Max said

“your Majesty , did anything happen to you?”Max asked

“well, they did surround me and threw rocks at me” jaejoong said

“How awful” Max Said
“oh, Your Majesty, How can you understand us?” he added

“What are you talking about? You’re Korean is perfect” Jaejoong smilingly said
“where are you from?” he added

“I’m from here” Max said

“You were born here in Korea?” Jaejoong asked

“Your Majesty, This place isn’t Korea” Xiah said

“Then why are you speaking Korean?” Jaejoong curiously asked

“we’re not”

“What do you mean, Xiah?” he asked while looking at him
“wait, have we met before?” he added

“No, Your Majesty”
They went inside the house.

“your majesty, you wear black everyday? That’s brilliant!” Max said

“Only those who are born in Royalty wears black, as much as you do. Those brilliant black eyes and hair, you truly are our Majesty” he added

“well, This is just my school uniform” Jaejoong explained
“and in Korea, black hair and eyes were common.” He added

“oh, I get it. This is how it works. This is really an interesting play” he said

“this isn’t a play” It’s Xiah

“even if you say that, I still won’t believe it” he loudly said

“it’s either a costume play or a dream” jaejoong said
“now tell me, I hope it’s the second one” he added

“Please calm down Your Majesty, I’ll explain it?” Max said

Jaejoong sit again. He took a deep breath to calm down his self.

“okay. Okay. I’ll listen”

“twenty years ago, Your Majesty’s spirit was supposed to be born here. There’s a war that time, and there’s a feeling that your life will be in danger, so The Great King decided to send your spirit to different world. Thus your spirit ended up in the world called earth. There your current parents created your body and raised you. But there was an emergency that requires to summon you back here” Max explained

“alright I get it now” Jaejoong said

“But, Am I the one you’re really searching for?” Jaejoong asked
“I’m only of average intelligence and I don’t have weird birthmarks” He added

Max sits infront of him.

“On the contrary, I knew it when I first saw you. Your noble black hair, your brilliant black eyes, above all your pure black clothing” Max said while blushing

“and lastly your ability to understand our language though Lee Dong hae did it for you, but Gracious as he was, he called your ability from your spirit” he continued

“In any case, this is a situation where I have to complete a certain mission then I can go back, right?” Jaejoong smilingly asked

“I’ll do it!” he decided

“Do I have to save a princess? Or slay a dragon?” he asked

“Dragons? Not at all. Dragons are being protected here.” Max Said

“Oh, so what am I supposed to defeat?” Jaejoong curiously asked

“Humans” It’s Xiah

“Humans? Who? where?” Jaejoong asked

Max stood up and “You need to wipe out all the humans that oppose our kingdom”? Max said

“For that purpose, you will need the royal power of the Agma Wang” he added

“wait! What did you say? Wipe out the humans? And what did you call me?” Jae joong asked

“You are the shining star of the agma gyeoungju/ demon race” Max said

Max bowed and “Your Majesty, You are the 27th Agma Wang/ Demon king” he announced

“Your majesty from now on you are the Demon King” he added

“eh! You said Demon King” Jaejoong fainted
Jaejoong went outside. He’s staring blankly at the sky.

“your Majesty”

He was startled

“can you please stop calling me Your majesty” he begged

“Let’s go inside. If you get a cold, Max will surely scold me” Xiah said instead

“Demon King. Eh? I wonder how I got myself into this” he sighed

“But this is your world” Xiah Said

“welcome back, Your Majesty” he added
The next morning, Max and Xiah together with the other soldier packed up and getting ready to go back to their kingdom. They’re now on their way. They rode horses. Jaejoong seated at the back of Xiah.

“You’re a demon race right? Can you just use magic?” Jaejoong asked

“magic? You mean Masul.. Unfortunately Masul isn’t that convenient” Max said
“Masul only comes in handy during battles” he added

“as for me, I don’t have any magical items” Xiah said

“I see” jaejoong said

Then a little girl came running, carrying a bowl of water.

“Your Majesty” she called while giving the water

“woah water. Perfect timing I’m getting thirsty” Jaejoong said

“wait, your majesty” It’s Max

Xiah took the water and drink it first to assure that it will not harm Jaejoong. After that he gave it to Jaejoong.

“Thank you. It was delicious” he said while giving back the bowl.

The little girl smiled and run without a word.

“Your majesty, please don’t consume anything that we do not give you personally” Max said

“It didn’t taste irregular, so I’m sure it’s fine” Xiah answered

“Xiah, you are too lax in your service” Max said

“If we, the royal knights would not assist him, who will?” Xiah said
“Ofcourse I would sacrifice myself to help Your Majesty” he added while looking at Jae joong

“you don’t have to sacrifice your life” jaejoong said

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by Guest on 3/5/2010, 5:16 pm

Ohh...this story seems interesting so far....Jaejoong as a demon king, nice!! ^^


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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 3

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/5/2010, 11:31 pm

Chapter 3: Engagement

“do I need to enter by myself?” Jaejoong asked

They’re now going inside the kingdom. They let him rode a horse on his own.

“Yes, you have to display your Excellency to your people” It’s Max

As they enter the kingdom, the people, demon race were cheering. Every child gave him a bouquet of flower as a welcome to him. Then he noticed an old man.

“Who’s he?” he asked Xiah

“He’s Jung Chan, he’s the older brother of the Former Agma Wang” He explained

“He took control of the nation while you were gone” It’s Max
“The former Agma Wang resigned and caused quite a panic” Max added
“He endears himself to the next Agma Wang. I won’t let him do what he pleases anymore.” Max angrily said
“I’m sure U-know and Micky feels the same way” he added

“Did something happen? Jaejoong asked

Then a bee came to the flowers he’s holding that makes his horse gone wild. The Horse run faster then a guy with dark green soldier style clothes makes the horse stops in front of the castle.
Jaejoong fell down.

“who are you?” Jaejoong asked the guy who stopped the horse but the guy ignored him

“Your Majesty” Xiah and Max Came rushing.

“are you hurt somewhere, your majesty?” Xiah asked

“Your Majesty?” the guy repeated
“This is?”he added

“what do you mean “this”?” Jaejoong irritatingly asked

The guy looked at him with a sharp eye

“Well, sure you have a point” Jaejoong said

“is that the next Agma Wang?” the guy with yellow hair and wearing a blue soldier clothing came out of the castle

“woah! A pretty boy” Jaejoong commented
They’re having a dinner party for the new Agma Wang. The guy with green clothing, the pretty boy and Xiah was seated on a round table together with Jaejoong while Max is standing at the back of Jaejoong.

“It’s more a like a war council than a dinner party” Jaejoong commented
“Good evening” he greeted

The guy with the green clothing smiled devilishly.

Jaejoong feel scared.

“Your Majesty, this is my older brother Micky” Xiah said while pointing the guy with a green clothes

“and this is my younger brother, U-know” he added while pointing to the pretty boy

“Don’t touch me” U-know said to Xiah
“I already said that I don’t want to be touched by humans” he added

“okay, okay” xiah said

“I’ve already told you that we have different fathers. My father was not even on a noble blood. His only worth was his respect. He was a human” Xiah explained to Jaejoong

“and a very fine man” a beautiful and sexy lady who looks like a teenager added

“Mother” Micky, U-know and Xiah said in chorus

“even though I was gone for a while, you’re beginning to look just like your father” Cecille said

“You are beautiful as well, mother” Xiah complimented

“Yah! You don’t need to say that. Everyone says the same thing right” Cecille said with a big smile

“Is this a conversation between a mother and son?” Jaejoong thought

“Micky, your forehead is wrinkling again, you’re not going to get a girl if you’re always like that” She said

“U-know! You still look just like me. I bet men are all over you” she said while hugging him

“Mother stop! I’m not please of being embraced in aplace like this” U-know said

“what a weird mother-child combination” Jaejoong thought

Then Cecille noticed Jaejoong. She runs towards him.and embraced him

“You are the new Agma Wang right?” she asked

“Yes, I am.”
I’ve been constantly thinking how wonderful it may be if you become the Agma Wang” she said

“Do you have anyone you like?” she said trying to seduce him

Then Max makes them apart.

“That’s enough. Please don’t fall in love with the next Agma Wang, ex-Agma Wang” Max said

“Really Max, you look like a jealous lover” she said

“Hold on! You are the former Agma Wang?” Jaejoong asked

“Welcome to agmaui segye, King Jaejoong”
“I am your predecessor, Cecille,” she smilingly introduced herself

“Nice to meet you” jaejoong said
They’re eating silently when Cecille break the silence

“You came from very far place right? I’m so happy you came.”

“You must been have confused hearing that you are the Demon King, but don’t think too much, my brother and sons will assist you” She said

“Mother, I don’t plan to be used by this man” U-Know said
“We don’t even know for sure, If he’s really the Agma Wang or not” He added while pointing to Jaejoong

“But you Know what will happen If you disobey The Great King, right?” Cecille said

“Hey, Xiah” Jaejoong called
“Does the Great King will Get angry if he’s not being obeyed?” he asked

“Yes, ofcourse, That includes you too” Xiah answered

“eh! What's with that? I never asked or wanted to be king’ Jaejoong said

“Just as I thought” It’s Micky
“You never had the intention of fulfilling the responsibilities of the king” he added

“well, yeah” Jaejoong said

“The King is still confused. You’re opinion is Ill-mannered, sir micky” Xiah Said

“Just what proof do you have?” U-know angrily asked
“You can’t convince me of his ability to speak and understand our language or of the color of his hair and eyes. This is just some low-life that was born and raised among those humans” U-know added

“U-know this is about his spirit, not his upbringing. But if you still insist on disagreeing I’ll tell you, his father was a servant of this world under the former Agma Wang”” Xiah answered and explained

‘Even so, his mother is still a human” U-know said
“she’s probably just some insensitive, immoral nobody” he added

Jaejoong got mad of what he heard. He stood up and slapped U-know on his face.

“Your Majesty Take it back” Xiah said

“As if I would,he said something he shouln’t have. I don’t care how much you badmouthed me. But who the hell do you think you are, insulting someone else’s mother”He angrily said

“Your majesty” Max called

“I won’t take it back” Jaejoong decided

Then Cecille stood up and “you’re not really going to take it back?” she said seriously

“you definitely won’t retract it?” she added


“That’s wonderful” She happily said

Jaejoong was shocked

“The proposal is official” She announced

“see U-know, just what I told you, even men are all over you” she said to U-know
“Wait a minute, could you tell me what’s going on?” Jaejoong asked Max

“In accordance of old custom of this Nation, you just proposed to him” Max answered

“for proposal you mean?..”

“You just asked his hand for marriage” Max sadly answered
“When a noble strikes another across his or her left cheek, it is a proposal” Max explained

“you must be joking, I mean we’re both guys” Jaejoong loudly said

‘It’s not a rare thing” Max sadly said

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by Guest on 3/6/2010, 1:44 pm

Lol, Jaejoong!! He just proposed to Yunho!!! That was so unexpected, I love it ^^ Thansk for the update!!


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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 4

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/7/2010, 6:58 am

Chapter 4: Duel with the Pretty Boy

“you must be joking, I mean we’re both guys” Jaejoong loudly said

‘It’s not a rare thing” Max sadly said

U-know is so mad that he pulled off the table cloth that made the eating utensils fell. Never before in his life that he’s being humiliated like that.

“Hey, what were you doing? It’s so messy” Jaejoong said while picking up the knife

“Wait, your Majesty, please don’t pick it u…?” Max Didn’t finished what he’s talking about because Jaejoong already picked it up.

“You picked it up” U-Know said with a devilish smile.


“U-know to think that you’d be this serious” Micky commented

“Man, I can’t believe that dropping and picking a knife is an agreement for a duel” Jaejoong said to Xiah while holding a sword.

It’s already late but He still needs to practice for the duel between him and U-Know tomorrow.

“Who the heck thought that one up?” he asked

“If it’s too heavy, just tell me I’ll pick the lightest one” Xiah said. He’s talking about the sword

“I’m fine. The grip is like a baseball bat anyway. Although the weight is like the one that the pros use” Jaejoong smilingly said

Jaejoong was a former baseball player. He gave it up because of some reason but he still loves it.

“It feels nostalgic” he smilingly said while holding the sword like a bat

“Why did you quit baseball?” Xiah asked

“eh? You know about baseball” Jaejoong curiously asked

“Let’s take it slowly?” Xiah said while holding a baseball gloves and a ball. And they start to play.

“Why did you quit baseball?” Xiah asked again

“I daydreamed too often and got thrown off the team by the coach” Jaejoong said

‘That’s why you quit the team, I’m asking why you quit playing baseball?” Xiah said

“I don’t know why. I can’t explain it myself” he confessed

“Then maybe you haven’t quit yet” Xiah commented

“fan of Boston Red Sox? Wow place here have similar name with ours” Jaejoong Said

“Wait Boston is a place name right?” jaejoong asked

“Yes, it’s a city located in Massachusetts, a state in America” Xiah answered

“Then.. how?’ he curiously asked

‘because I’ve been there” Xiah said

“Wait who went where?” it’s jaejoong

“I went to Boston” Xiah said
“seventeen years ago, while protecting His Majesty’s spirit, I ended up where you were born, in United States of America, and I returned here after I observed the birth of the new Agma Wang. Your Majesty’s mother is so strong, even though she’s about to give birth she still complaining to the taxi driver” Xiah explained

“eh? Could it be that you’re the passenger that gave my name?” Jaejoong said loudly

“I didn’t think that she would use the name I gave you” Xiah said

‘I’ve been waiting for the day that I would meet your majesty” Xiah said

“Stop calling me “Your Majesty” you’re the one who named me” Jaejoong said

Xiah was surprised

Jaejoong smiled and “Am I wrong? This is the name you gave me” he said

“It’s so blue, it’s bluer than the sky itself” Jaejoong commented on the necklace that Xiah gave him.
‘Now then, we will commence the duel between U-Know and King Jaejoong” Max announced
“The weapons to be used are decided by King Jaejoong, who accepted the duel” he added

“Your majesty, U-know, both of you do your best” Cecille called while waving. Micky, Xiah and Max are behind her.

“I’ve imagined what would you look like, begging for mercy on your knees” U-Know said
“thoughts like that can keep me occupied for a while” he added

“your majesty, I’ve been thinking all night but I could not think of a way on how to stop this’ Max sadly thought

Jaejoong looked at him and smiled as if he heard what Max just thought.

“What’s with the symbol on the ground?” U-know asked, he’s talking about the circle drawn on the ground that will serve as their ring.

Jaejoong decided to fight with sumo wrestling because he doesn’t want a fight that will involve blood.

They were so worried especially Max. Jaejoong pushed U-Know out of the ring and he won the duel.

U-Know was shocked

“Your Majesty, that was a marvelous battle” Max said while walking closer to Jaejoong
“This duel that sheds no blood yet is filled with honor and spirit. Stories of this match will be told in the future” he added

“or rather it will be a laughing stock for the years to come” jaejoong said

“but a victory is a victory” he proudly said to U-Know and he twisted back

“wait” It’s U-Know

“Your majesty, take this’ Xiah called then he throw the sword to Jaejoong

Jaejoong catch it

“You intend to be this country’s king, didn’t you?” U-know said while pulling his sword
“Then fight as one would in this country” he added angrily

“You’re kidding” Jaejoong was scared

U-know strikes his sword to Jaejoong but he can avoid it.

“what’s wrong? Your face is pinched with fear” U-know mocked

“Xiah, at this rate” Max worriedly said

“just wait” Xiah said

“Listen up. Swing across your body. Even if you swings down, the ball goes forward’ the baseball coach said

‘I can’t let the ball pass” Jaejoong said

“what did you say? What are you talking about” U-know confusingly said

“If I were the coach, I would make you learn the basics again, The timing of your pitch never changes” Jaejoong said

“oh…” Xiah smiled

“stop mocking me” U-Know said then he’s going to strike again but Jaejoong beat his sword as if it’s a ball. U-Know’s sword fall down on the ground

And again Jaejoong won.

Jaejoong is all worn out so he sit on the ground.

“Can’t we take a break?” he asked while gasping
“If you want, we can call it a draw for…” Jaejoong didn’t finished what he was saying because U-know use his fire magic

“I haven’t lost yet” U Know said

“Then we can call it a draw”

“No draws either” U-Know was so angry, his eyes is full of fire

“U-Know! His Majesty has yet to learn of the art of Masul” Max shouted
“To use your abilities against him that’s..”

Micky interfere him

“why?” Max asked Micky

“This is a good chance to test his true self” Micky said

“But his majesty has yet to have a contract of the Masul” Max said

“Magical power is based on the person’s spirit, If that’s the True Agma Wang, then he can summon masul even without making a contract.’ Micky said

“All the beings that make up the element of fire, obey this brave demon race who summons you” U-Know prayed then he attack Jaejoong

Jaejoong dodged it.

“You dodged them well, but how about this” he create another ball of fire, but now a very big one”

“That? I’ll be killed” he was terrified

And again he dodged it, but the maid of the castle stricken instead.

“is this what you call a duel?” he angrily said while looking at the maid you is lying on the floor.

Then he twisted back to look at U-know

“involving an innocent girl? Is this?” he shouted

Then the sky was covered with dark clouds, there is lightning and thunderstorm and it started to rain.

U-know started to become nervous

“Your Majesty” Xiah whispered

“Without admitting defeat, you rampage and break the royal rules, you involve a harmless girl. Do you crave for victory that much? Is that what you call a duel” Jaejoong said. His voice becomes manlier; his hair becomes longer and has now demon eyes.

“hey” U-know was scared

“I do not intend to shed blood, but I have no choice” Jaejoong said
“I will kill you” Jaejoong angrily said

“Punishment” he shouted while stretching his both hands, and then water came out on his palms and formed a dragons.

The water dragons surround U-know that made him not to breath.

“Let me go” he pleaded

“I see, so the spirit is authentic” Micky smilingly said

“The one named U-Know, you shall repent for your sins, God is Forgiving" Jaejoong said then he fainted and at the same time the water dragons vanished.

“Your Majesty” Max called while running towards him.
“I see, so I was asleep for three days” Jaejoong said while sitting on his bed. Max is in front of him.

“I have been very worried” Max said

“oh yeah! How about that girl?” he asked

“you mean the maid? Her life was not in danger”

“Thank goodness”

“Micky had protected her with a barrier” Max explained

“Micky did?” he asked then his eyes become sharp when he noticed U-Know was standing beside the window of his room.

U-Know snob him.

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by Guest on 3/7/2010, 4:57 pm

From love to a duel, least now he's proven that he's the Agma Wang.


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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/7/2010, 10:33 pm

Yukie23 wrote:From love to a duel, least now he's proven that he's the Agma Wang.

Yes, though he can't remember what happened..

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 5

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/8/2010, 12:20 am

Chapter 5: Jaejoong! I’m the Agma Wang

“It’s in the middle of the night, Jaejoong noticed that Xiah is nowhere to find, so he asked U-Know.

“He went to the village run by humans who chooses to be with the demon race, there have been conflicts there, and he went with Micky to suppress them” U-know said

“Conflicts? It’s not serious enough that people have to die, right?”

“I have never heard of a battle that there are no casualties” U-Know said

They’re riding a horse; jaejoong rode at the back of U-know

“Hold on tight, seriously, how pathetic you are, not being able to ride a horse”

“Don’t call me pathetic!”

“hey, are you sure it’s alright not to tell Max?”

“Do you think he will let you go near a skirmish?”

“you’re right but leaving without saying has it’s consequences”
“Your Majesty! Your Majesty!” Max called, he’s looking all over the castle for Jaejoong

“Lord U-know isn’t here either’ one of the maid said
‘Perhaps they eloped” the pther one said

“It’s the villasge, it’s really on fire” U-know said

“Even though my brother is here for a while, it’s still bad”

“naïve as ever, I see, do you think your brother can do anything?” a guy with two soldiers behind him

“I think your name is Lee Dong Hae” Jaejoong said

“My, you have a good memory; I thought you’re just an idiot” Lee Dong Hae said

“well, Im sorry if you thought that” Jaejoong said

Then he noticed that U-know is covered with sweat and not moving.

“What’s wrong?” he worriedly said

“It’s a shame U-know, that you are trapped in the magic barrier” Lee Donghae mock
“you should have atleast one soldier that dispels magic” he added

“did you do something to him?” Jaejoong angrily asked

“pretty Much, but why are you riding with him? How did you get him to let you ride behind, when he only responds to his brother and mother” Dong Hae said

“It’s not like that” Jaejoong said while looking at U-Know who still not moving
“wait, how did you know his brother and mother, and you’re acquainted with Xiah too” Jaejoong said

“are you a demon race too?”

“I used to be”

“Then why do you interfere us?” Jaejoong asked

“Because I hate them, that’s why I came to rescue you, suddenly being sent to a different world and pressured to become the Agma Wang, which is the enemy of the humans, do you think it’s cruel to expose you to that kind of situation” Dong Hae said while going closer to Jaejoong

“you’re a normal human that’s why the magic seal don’t affect you” he added

Jaejoong was confused

“Don’t listen to him, he betrayed us” U-Know said with pain

“Does it hurt? If it’s hard, don’t talk” Jaejoong worriedly said

“That’s right, youngest boy. Do you know who set up the fire? It’s the humans you hate” Dong hae said while pointing his sword to U-Know

“Humans? This village runs by humans too, why they do that?” Jaejoong asked

“They’re not humans anymore because they already submitted themselves to the demon race”

Jaejoong dismount the horse then he kicked the horse, the horse run faster with U-know

“u-Know did choose someone who can resist magic” jaejoong smilingly said while looking at U-Know

“and that would be you?”

“I guess so, I decided to stick with them until the end of this demon play, but I have no business with you” jaejoong said

“Then it means I can’t persuade you anymore’ Dong hae said while pointing his sword to jaejoong
But before he can strike his sword Xiah came together with U-Know and his personal guards

“Does this look familiar?” Dong Hae said while mounting his horse again then run away

“are you okay, your majesty?” Xiah asked

“Yes, U-know are you alright now?” Jaejoong asked

‘You don’t have to worry about me” U-know said
The village is still on fire, many are injured. Jaejoong helped to put medicine to those who are wounded.

“Why are they fighting each other? They’re both humans” jaejoong sadly said

“Then your saying that there are no conflicts on earth?” Xiah asked

Then Micky came with a human who set up the fire

“this man was incited by Dong hae” Micky said
“By the way, is he going to watch the whole thing ?” he added while looking at Jaejoong

‘What do you mean?” Jaejoong asked

“or are you going to bless us with your elemental water to stop this ever-spreading fire?” Micky said


“Brother, it seems that he doesn’t remember” U-know said
“Let’s just say that it’s a miracle that he do during his unconsciousness” he added

“Eh? Miracle? I did?” Jaejoong confusingly said

“If you can’t help us, atleast stay out of our way?” Micky said

“what are we going to him?” Xiah is talking about the human

“Ofcourse, we’ll kill him” Micky said

“Wait! He must be the culprit, but how killing him solve anything” Jaejoong angrily said
“First of all, don’t you think there’s more something important to do? Why don’t you put off the fire?” he added

“a fire was caused by magic can not be put out easily,Micky, a earth user thought we can build a barricade around the fire using dirt in order to do that, most of the forest might become a sacrifice. We have to wait who can manipulate water” Xiah explained

U_know is talking to Micky on about how they will punish the human who set up the fire. They ignored Jaejoong

“Xiah!” Jaejoong called

“Yes your Majesty?”

“you asked me if there’s conflict on earth? There are, but theres always someone who try to stop itand how about you guys, just wait until you can declare it a war?” Jaejoong angrily said

“Hold your toungue, outsider’ Micky said
“If you don’t intend to run our country, then stop talking, I don’t know about your country but we, the demon race have our own way on dealing things” he added

“Then I’ll change it! I’ll change the way of The Demon race” Jaejoong angrily said
“I’ll become the Agma Wang” he proudly added

Xiah smiled.

They were distracted when a fire continued to spread, and that’s the time the culprit got the chance to hostage jaejoong

“To think that he will be the Agma wang, and he came unarmed” the culprit said

Then a little boy attacked the culprit, that’s the time Xiah get the culprit and asked his soldiers to take care of him.

Jaejoong go quickly to the little boy who are injured.

“your majesty’ the boy said

“you don’t have to call me that” jaejoong said

“but you are the king?, you’re going to save us right?’ the boy said

“yes!” he said while his tears starting to flow then he screamed.

Then the rain started and the fire was put out.
All the soldiers are line up. Xiah and Max are behind him. It’s his coronation.

“you don’t have to be nervous, you just have to put your hand in the water fall” Cecille said

He put his hand then “something’s grabbing me!” he said

Xiah and Max tried to pull him out of the water but it’s too late.
“Jaejoong wake up!”

“Cho Kyuhun?” he said

He was back to Earth

“didn’t you run away?” he asked

“I can’t leave behind who saved me” Kyuhun said

“Was that all a dream?” he sighed

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by Guest on 3/10/2010, 4:49 pm

Oh...was it a dream??! Ah..and right as his coronation too!!


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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 6

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/11/2010, 9:49 am

Chapter 6: The Powerful Weapon

It’s been two days since he was sucked back to Earth. He continued to play baseball again.

“I guess that really wasn’t a dream” he said to himself while staring at the blue necklace that Xiah gave to him then he put it on.

“Sucked to a different world, not to mention that I am the Agma Wang” he added

His thoughts were distracted when his mom called him.

“Breakfast is ready” his mom called

“Okay mom” he answered

“good morning” he greeted his mom
“where’s dad?” he asked

“He went to a business outing”
“your brother is still sleeping” she added

“a demon race on a business outing” he thought
“hmm.. I can’t do it” he sighed while looking at his mom
“One wouldn’t normally asked if their father is a demon race, and no matter how you look at it, we look like a normal Korean family” he thought


He was startled

“what?” he asked

“I have something to discuss, I’m not trying to nag on the things that you do, you know that I’m letting you do what you want, but explain why your school uniform last day was so dirty, tell me are you playing in the drainage, Jaejoong you know you’re not a child anymore”

“That’s not it, it’s just” he was interrupted when the doorbell rung

“The temporary Manager Cho Kyuhun, is here to pick up his captain”

“it’s Kyuhun, im going” he quickly said while going towards the door

“Jaejoong, I’m not finish” his mom said
“Later mom”

“Let’s go!” he said to Kyuhun

“Wait. Shouldn’t I greet your mother?” Kyuhun said

“No need! Let’s go” Jaejoong said while running

“That Jaejoong, can a childish like that really hold an important role as an Agma Wang” his mom whispered

“ It’s already twenty years, time goes so fast” she added

“Jung Chan, this is Sir Xiah, my guest” a middle aged man wearing sunglasses said while pointing to a handsome guy

“Nice to meet you, I’m Kim Jung Chan, and this is my wife, Kim Sung Ryung”

“He is a demon race from a different world, We came here to protect the Agma Wang’s spirit” the man wearing sunglasses said

“Is it about your successor?” Jung Chan asked

“No, this isn’t about earth; this spirit will be Sir Xiah’s master. So I decided that this spirit will be planted in your son’s body”

“Taxi” Sung Ryung called, she was going to give birth.

Then a taxi stopped in front of her

“here, you can share this taxi with me”

“Sir Xiah”

“You know, HERO in our world means JAEJOONG”

“I wonder why he turned out to be a dirty baseball player” his mom thought
Jaejoong sneezed

“someone’s talking about me” he thought

Their practice game is ended. Jaejoong and Kyuhun decided to take a hot bath.

“hey, thanks for accepting to be our manager” he said

“It’s nothing, I can’t say no to the person who save me” Kyuhun answered while getting off the bath tub.

The water in the tub begun to swirl and he was sucked again

“Not again” he said while standing up. It’s a bath tub also. Then he noticed a three long hair guys. He mistook them as girls, so he apologized but the guys just came running to him and hugging him except for the one with orange hair color.

Max and Xiah came to rescue him from the two guys

“Welcome back, your majesty” Max and Xiah said in chorus.

Xiah gave him clothes that look exactly like his school uniform
“This place is different from before” Jaejoong noticed

“Yes, this is Park Yoochun’s Castle” Max informed

“It’s Micky’s Castle” Xiah added
“Your majesty, this is too sudden but there is an important issue that we have to discuss” Max seriously said

“The Humans are getting restless. Fighting is inevitable. Please think about preparing for battle” Max said

“battle? You mean war? I told you I won’t resort to war” Jaejoong loudly said
“When I become the Agma Wang, That’s what I decided” he added

Then Micky came in

“The enemy has begun to hire those who can cast spell” he said
“The humans need spell casters if they intend to match us in battle” he added

“Jaejoong” U-Know called while running towards him
“How could you disappear during the inauguration ceremony” he shouted

“My, U-Know, you seems energetic” Jaejoong said
“It’s Hillaire” Micky informed while pointing the country who wants to attack them
“We should make a move” Max said

“you two! Isn’t your duty to report this to your King first?” It’s Xiah
“I Think the kids have their own stuff” Micky’s talking about U-Know and Jaejoong

“You know, even if you’re talking seriously, I won’t allow a war” jaejoong said

“Then, what do you propose to do, Your Majesty” Micky mocked

“Talk it over first, this must be a misunderstanding” he proudly said

“Xiah, take his Majesty to his room he seems tired” Micky said
“looks like a war is really coming” Jaejoong sadly said to Xiah. They were alone in a big study room.

“Well, I relly can’t do anything” he force to smile

“but, I really don’t want it” he added

“Your majesty, I believe in you” Xiah said
They went to Micky’s study room, U-Know and Max is already there.

“I want your opinion of what we can do, other than a war” Jaejoong asked Micky

“Are you asking as the Agma Wang?” Micky asked

“Yes, I know you want to protect this country, as much as I do” Jaejoong said

“I have a plan” Micky Said

“really” Jaejoong smiled

“let’s just make the humans not want to attack us” Micky said

“Max!” Micky called

“There is a legendary weapon held by the demon race that only the Agma Wang can use. It’s a powerful weapon that can destroy this world. It’s name is “agmaui kal”. It was used by eight Agma Wang. No one knows it’s location but, we already found where it is.” Max explained

“that’s good” it’s Jaejoong

“I see. If the powerful weapon is returned to the Agma Wang, the other nation will think twice before attacking us” U-Know said

“so, where it is? Let’s hurry and find that weapon” Jaejoong excitedly asked
“Far away, across the ocean, on an island called Sprague” Max said
“But to take his majesty to that place..” max added

“But, Agmaui Kal can only be handled by the Agma Wang” Xiah said

“but” It’s Max

“Let’s go, I’ve decided” Jaejoong said

“so, is that Agmaui Kal a sword? Like the Ragnarok and Escalibur, a holy sword that you need to defeat the last boss?” Jaejoong excitedly asked

“a holy sword?” U-Know shouted

“am I wrong?”

“Again, you speak such non sense, your majesty” Max said

“Your Majesty, It’s a sword that the Agma Wang wields” Xiah smilingly said

“Ofcourse, it’s a demon sword” Micky sighed

“eh! A demon sword” Jaejoong shouted

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by Guest on 3/12/2010, 6:33 pm

Ohh...ddemon sword, that sound cool. So is Jaejoong going in between the two worlds regularly now?


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Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/13/2010, 12:17 am

Yukie23 wrote:Ohh...ddemon sword, that sound cool. So is Jaejoong going in between the two worlds regularly now?

yES, everytime he will come in contact with water...C=

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King- chapter 7

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/13/2010, 11:57 am

Chapter 7: The Journey

Max couldn’t calm down, he keeps calling Jaejoong’s name. He knows that going to Sprague was a dangerous decision, but he had no choice but to agree, because retrieving the demon sword is the only way to stop the upcoming war. He’s so worried to Jaejoong that he destroys every thing that he thinks a bad omen.

“Yah! Are you going to destroy my castle?” Micky said

“will His Majesty be alright?” he worriedly asked

Micky didn’t answered him, instead he asked why he can’t see U-Know

“Now that you said it, I don’t see him for a while now” Max said

“That Selfish brat” he added

“Selfish brat?” Micky irritatingly said
“I thought the same way too” He smiled
U-Know secretly went with Xiah and Jaejoong. He’s lying on the bed, He doesn’t feel well, because he’s seasick.

“Okay, here I go” Xiah said

“Don’t Make it hurt” Jaejoong said

“It’ll be fine, leave it to me” Xiah said

“Yah! What are you doing” U-know shouted. He thinks that Xiah is doing something indecent to Jaejoong

“There, putting your contacts is completed. And your wig is okay too. This way no matter who sees you, you’ll look human” Xiah said

“my eyes feel irritated” Jaejoong said

“eh? What is it U-know?” Xiah Late reacted
“Your seasickness is worsened since last night, this is your punishment for deciding to travel in secret” he added

“Now then, Let’s go get breakfast”

“Don’t talk about food in front of me” U-Know said

“But you need to eat even just a little” jaejoong said

“Just go out and have your breakfast” U-know said

“U-Know secretly follow us, and then Max picked a high classed passenger ship, what a mess” Xiah commented as they’re walking.

“But to think that u-know is weak on ships” Jaejoong worriedly said

Then he noticed an old man and a little girl walking towards them

“Hello” Jaejoong smilingly greeted

“Good morning” the old man greeted while turning around three times

“eh?” jaejoong was curious why he did that

“Excuse my young master, he’s not used to Hillaire’s form of greetings” Xiah apologized

“That’s a form of greeting” Jaejoong said

“It’s okay. He’s a cute one. I heard his fiancé secretly follows him” the old man said

“it has become a rumor” Jaejoong whispered

“Let me introduce myself, I’m Mishna, and this is my daughter Mishie” the old man said while pointing to the little girl

“I’m…” Jaejoong was interrupted when Xiah spoke

“My young master’s name is Mitsu” Xiah lied
There’s a party in the ship that night, they were invited.

“woah! What a cutie” the girl with orange hair who looks like a man said to jaejoong

“woah! You have wonderful biceps” Jaejoong commented

Then all the girls are going to Jaejoong and asking him for a dance, but he refused.

Then Mishna came and asking him if he can dance with his daughter, Jaejoong accepted

“Hey, your green eyes doesn’t match your brown hair” Mishie said while dancing

“oh, that’s” Jaejoong forgot that he’s wearing contacts that he rub his eyes, and the contacts fell. He runs so Mishie couldn’t see his black eyes.

While running he bumps a boy working on the ship as an apprentice, they both look for the contacts. After an hour, the boy saw a shining object on Jaejoong’s clothes, and that’s the contacts.
“You cheater” U-Know angrily said while throwing the pillow to Jaejoong

“what the heck? What do you mean by cheater?” Jaejoong asked

“Of all the people, you danced with a woman” U-know said with jealousy

“Listen, it’s true that you’re good looking, but no matter how cute you are, without virtue..” U-know was interrupted when Xiah came in

“Both of you,hide.” Xiah said

“what do you mean?” Jaejoong asked

“Listen. This ship is under attack by pirates, so just hide in here” Xiah said

“and how about you?” Jaejoong asked

“At times like this, I’ll be here” Xiah said while pulling his swords

“I’ll go with you” U-know said

“No stay with His Majesty” Xiah ordered
The pirates searched every room of the ship, and they found U-know and Jaejoong. U-know tried to fight with them, but Jaejoong stopped him.

“what? I can do it” U-know said

“No, they’re too many, you’ll just have killed” Jaejoong said

U-know aborted his sword. They were brought out. Xiah also arrested.
“all women this way, you are all working in my ship” the pirate leader said

“Kids, this way. Don’t worry, you kids have been loved by your parents so we can sell you for high prices” he added

“how awful” Jaejoong silently commented

“and for the men, I don’t need them, so just disposed them and burn the ship” The leader said

“hey! Technically speaking, thieves take the money then leave” Jaejoong shuted

“we’re no thieves, we’re pirates” the leader said

“that’s not what I’m saying” Jaejoong shouted

“stop it Jaejoong, calm down” U-know said

“Let me go” Mishie said while crying

“Mishie” Mishna called


Jaejoong was so mad.


All the pirates that surrounded him were thrown off. The ship was shaken.

“what the hell?” Leader said

“you board a powerless passenger ship, Destroying and stealing are evil deeds. You bastards aren’t human!” Jaejoong angrily said. His voice becomes manlier again; his hair becomes longer and has now demon eyes.

“who the hell are you? Men! Get him” the leader ordered

And the pirates surrounded him

“jaejoong” U-know whispered

“he has finally arrived” Xiah said

“but this is a human territory, the probability of successful Masul is extremely low” U-know said

“yeah, I’m concern about that too” Xiah said

“it’s not my nature to kill, but I will show no mercy this time, I will send you all to hell” Jaejoong angrily said. Then the bones of the food a while ago flew and form a big skeleton.

All the people were frightened

“punishment” he shouted

Then the skeleton attacked the pirates, some jump off the ship.

Then Jaejoong Fainted
“what happened?” Jaejoong asked as he woke up

“you don’t remember?” U-know asked


“This is Tralia’s ship, all the passengers are safe, you have cast a extremely powerful spell that punished the pirates” Xiah explained


“and so the Tralia’s ship captured the pirates, and Your Majesty have been sleeping in this prison cell for two days” Xiah added

“prison cell?” Jaejoong asked

“it’s because they found out that you’re a demon race, Tralia is not a place where the demon race can enjoy their travel” xiah said

“what do you mean?’ jaejoong asked

“do you understand now, right? This is the human’s way” U-know said

Then the door of the prison cell opened

“tada! I came to pick you up your Majesty” The guy with orange hair said

“who are you?” jaejoong asked

“how cold. Look” The orange haired guy said while portraying like a girl

“oh.. miss biceps” Jaejoong remembered the girl who looks like a man during the party


“he’s Sungmin, your majesty” Xiah introduced

“but why are you a man now?” Jaejoong asked

“that’s my disguise. Requirement for my job” Sungmin said
“In case of emergency, he’s here to support us. He’s the guard who’s been following us the entire time” Xiah said

“Nice to meet you, but the truth is, we have met naked” Sungmin said

“could it be? the man at the bath tub?” Jaejoong said

“Jaejoong, you secretly got into a bath with a man” U-know angrily said

“I didn’t go in of my own will” jaejoong explained

“okay! The lover’s quarrel needs to end here” Sungmin said

Jaejoong and U-know blushed

“Let’s get out of here” he added

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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty Re: nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King

Post by Guest on 3/17/2010, 4:24 pm

Ok, thanks for explaining the water to me ^^. Lol, I love how Jaejoong and U-Know just argue. Who knew U-Know was the jealous type? =]


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nan agma wang-ida/ I am the demon King Empty another version??

Post by benniot_91 on 6/17/2010, 2:02 pm


kyo kara maoh...but of course, your own version^^ I love you

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