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Falling Inlove

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Falling Inlove Empty Falling Inlove

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/2/2010, 8:00 am

Main Cast:

Park Shin Hye
Jang Geun Suk
Jung Yong Hwa

Extended Cast:

Lee Hong Ki
Bae Geu Rin


Park Shin Hye thinks that her life was so perfect until her boyfriend wanted to break up with her, what would she do if the reason, was because of the guy who stole her first kiss and whom she hates the most? but then what if this hate changed and grow into love? Will she continue to hate him or admit to herself that she's FALLING IN LOVE with him?

Falling Inlove 92g77108-1

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Falling Inlove Empty Falling Inlove-Chapter 1

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/3/2010, 10:32 am

Chapter 1: First Kiss

“Hey, it’s already one month since you started going out right?” Geu Rin excitedly asked. Geu Rin is her bestfriend, they both attend the prestigious school in Korea. She knows every happening about Shin Hye.

“Yes, I’m so excited” Shin Hye said happily

“yah, do it tomorrow with him” she commanded


“come on, don’t play innocent” Geu Rin said

“Kiss him” she added

Park shin Hye lives a perfect life; she’s rich, beautiful and intelligent. She was surrounded with people who love her. And not too long ago, she started to go out with Lee Hong Ki, a handsome guy who attends the same school with her.

Actually she was surprised of what her bestfriend just said a while ago. She’s now going home and she’s thinking of what she’s going to do tomorrow.

“I have to do it, besides we’re going out for a while now” she thought trying to comfort herself.

“But I’m so nervous, what am I going to do” she nervously thought

“No! I have to do it!” She decided.

Instead of going home, she decided to go to mall, to shop of what she’s going to wear for tomorrow. The place was noisy, a group of girls was screaming while chasing someone.
She paused to look at the guy who was being chased.

“What’s so good about that guy?” She thought then she start to walk again

“wait!” the guy said to the girls in a loud voice

“I already have a girlfriend, if you keep doing this, she’ll get upset” he explained

“Where is she’ the crowd asked

She was walking towards a clothing stall when someone grab her hand, then everyone gasped.

It was that guy

“What/” she asked the guy
“here she is, She’s my girlfriend” the guy introduced her

‘what? What are you talking about?” she asked but the guy was ignoring her

“then prove it” the girl who seems to be the leader dared.

She wasn’t able to open her mouth to ask because his lips is already there to seal hers

He kissed her.

She was shocked, she pushed him back away and then she slapped him.

“what are you doing? Babo!” she angrily said and walked away.

He just looked at her with shocked expression while touching his face.

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Falling Inlove Empty Falling Inlove-Chapter 2

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/13/2010, 6:36 pm

Chapter 2: The Culprit

"really? That's so fynny" Geu Rin laughed

'That's not funny" Shin hye said

She told everything that happened. Geu Rin can't help but to laughed

"of all the people there,why you?" Geu rin asked trying to control her laugh

'like I know" Shin Hye pouted

"Yah, how does he look? is he handsome?" Geu Rin asked

'not at all, Hongki is thousand times more handsome than him" she blushed

"Geez, you only care about Hongki"

They laughed
Shin hye makes herself more beautiful. It's the day she's been waiting for. Hongki called her last night and asked her out for a date.

"sorry. i'm late" she apologized

"it's alright" Hongki smiled
After they ate their dinner, Hongki go closer to her, he's trying to kiss her.

"this is it" Shin hye thought

and when their face became closer she pushed him back.


She didn't mean to, it;s just that before they seal each other's lips, the face of the guy yesterday popped up on her mind

"i'm sorry" she apologized

"it's okay" he smiled

She sighed

"what's that sigh for?" is it a sigh of relief?"


"shin hye, I don't want to continue this anymore, I'm breaking up with you" he said

"wait! what? why? is it because I pushed you? I'm not going to do it anymore. it's just that..." she was interrupted

"It's just that you're cheating on me" he continued as if he knows what she's trying to say

"what? where did you get that?" she's controlling her tears

"all the people in our school knows" he informed
"you're kissing with Jang Geun Suk and he already introduced you as his girlfriend" he said

"that's not true. I'm shocked myself"

"i'm sorry shin hye"

She's trying to stop him but he still left her. she doesn't know what to do and where to go, she can't even think properly. Her tears kept on flowing. She sits on a park benh and there she cried a lot. Then someone stand in front of her, offering hera handkerchief.

"what's wrong?" the guy asked

She looked up to see the guy

"you again?" she shouted

"you're asking me what's wrong? well, it's all wrong since I met you" she said then she walks away
"are you okay? I heard" Gue Rin said

"so it's Jang Geun suk" she added

"you know him?" shin hye said between crying

"ofcourse, everyone knows him, well except you, he's so popular and he attends the same school as us." Gueu Rin explained
"what's wrong? you look sick?" Choi Jong Hun asked geun suk
"It's because of her again?" he added

"i never see her like that. i don't want to see her like that anymore" Geun suk said

"what are you going to do now?" Jong hun asked

"I'm going to talk to Lee Hong Ki" Geun suk said

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Falling Inlove Empty Re: Falling Inlove

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