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[One-Shot/PG] Wanna Be Your Superstar

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[One-Shot/PG] Wanna Be Your Superstar

Post by darkwingedangel on 1/6/2010, 6:21 pm

This is a oneshot written for my friend miss_anna_chan on mibba and the rating is PG. This is taken from my mibba account, where it was first posted. I hope you all enjoy reading it!

Anna's PoV

I stood by the wall, drink in hand, as I watched people dance. I was at a party my friend, Nikki, had begged me to go to. Well, not just any party. "Hello, hottie." I muttered under my breath as U-know, of DBSK, walked by. lIke I said before, not just any party. This was the New Years Bash, the biggest party of the year, hosted by the biggest Superstars from all of Asia. "Anna... I swear, I just saw JJ Lin!" Nikki squealed under her breath. I laughed a little before turning to look at her. "So, Nikki?" "Hm?" "How'd we get invited to this party anyway?" I asked, the question had been bugging me all week. "A friend invited me and told me I could bring a friend. So I brought you." She smiled. "And who's this friend of your's?" I asked. Before she could anwser, a voice rang out across the room. "Nikki, you made it! I'm glad you could come tonight. Is this your friend?" Nikki nodded as I checked out the guy talking to us. He was tall, with black hair. For some reason he looked familiar. "Hello, you must be Anna. I'm Hero. It's nice to meet you." He smiled. Then it clicked. He was Hero of DBSK. "It's nice to meet you as well. Thank you so much for inviting us. You know, Nikki didn't tell me much about you. She must've wanted to keep you all to herself." I replied.

"Haha, I have no issues with that. Anyway, do mind if I borrow Nikki for a while?" Hero asked politlely. "Not at all." He smiled at me, then turned to Nikki. "Would you like to dance?" He held out his hand, blushing slightly. Nikki ,blushing as well, accepted it without a word and went to dance. Her friend? I don't think so. He seemed more like her boyfriend to me. "Hello." A voice said in my ear, causing me to jump and drop my drink. I turned to face the cause as someone cleared away my glass. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I'll get you a new drink." He apologized quickly, grabbed a glass of the table, and handed it to me. "I'm Tae Goon." He smiled. " I know who you are. Your music is quite popular. I'm Anna, it's nice to meet you." I replied. "Nice name. So, do you like any of my songs?" He asked. " Call Me, Superstar, and a few others." "Which one is your favorite?" Tae Goon asked. "Superstar." I said and smiled. "You know, Anna... you're really pretty." I blushed slightly. "You're pretty good-looking yourself, Tae Goon." He smiled and held out his hand. "May I escort you to the window?" "Why?" I asked. Hey, I had to be careful. "It's time for the countdown." "Oh. Then, yes you may." I took his hand and walked over to the windows. "Make a wish when we get to two." He whispered. I nodded in response. "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two..." I made my wish. "One, Happy New Year!"
"Did you make a wish?" Tae Goon asked. " Yeah, did you?" "Yes." He replied. "What did you wish for?" I asked curiously. "I wished... to be your superstar." He said and blushed. 'Is that you way of asking me to be your girl?" He nodded and I smiled."Tae Goon, you can be my superstar as long as you'd like." I was Tae Goon's girl. Could this year get any better? I'll just have to wait and see.

Wanna be your superstar... *

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Re: [One-Shot/PG] Wanna Be Your Superstar

Post by Kyn on 1/6/2010, 10:47 pm

The forum rules have been recently updated
In the future please look at them before posting a story, the title has already been edited by me to match the new rules.


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