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B2ST Want 2PM’s Title

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B2ST Want 2PM’s Title

Post by ckreme15 on 9/2/2009, 6:16 pm

Despite the fact that B2ST has yet to debut, these boys are entering the kpop battlefield with their head high ready for action.

B2ST have their eyes set to be number one on the charts, but they have something else in mind as well...

Watch out 2PM because B2ST wants to claim your titles as the "beastly" idols. For now, I don't think 2PM has much to worry about. As currently, AJ's new group has yet to prove their worthiness of 2PM's masculinity that makes the fangirls weak at the knees, but B2ST wants to change all that. Right now is a good time for a boy group to enter, with DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, and SHINee being out the picture.

Rivalry will most definitely occur between the two as they're both boy groups and you know how the media LOVES to over-exaggerate stuff like that and pit one against the other. In an industry where male groups tend to reign supreme (with the recent exception), this will only bring a lot of fangirling and heated competition that kpop fans haven't seen since the days of S.E.S. and Fin.K.L... or more recently Big Bang vs DBSK. But, I'm thankful to both Cube Entertainment and JYP Entertainment right now because they both have added some much needed testosterone on the KPOP scene, since 2009 has been mainly been all about the girl groups.

Speaking of girl groups, gone are the days of SNSD / Girls' Generation vs. Wonder Girls. With the Wonder Girls concentrating on America and the rumors of the emergence of DSP Entertainment's 7 member girl group "Rainbow" sometime this year, perhaps SNSD will have a new group to keep their eyes on. It's just like the 90s all over again. Battle of the idol groups, bring it on!

Credit: allkpop

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Re: B2ST Want 2PM’s Title

Post by daesungvip on 9/3/2009, 3:46 am

oh geee..
too much drama


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