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Sky Of Memories |short story|

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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Sky Of Memories |short story|

Post by yurayang on 8/25/2009, 9:10 pm

Sky Of Memories |short story| Dscf3704p62477iy2


[center]Authors note:
hey this is my 6th fanfiction....yes this is another one..^^ I'll try to finish the other
one too!! Smile Hope you like it....and silent readers are welcome but leave a
comment once a while!! ^^ thank you! :] This is not like the movie Sky of love, it's
much more different from it...but thanks again for clicking onto this topic!! :]

Memories Soundtrack! :Tears drop from the sky :serenas-piano :Sad Theme :Piano- Saint Seiya :Samurai - X - Piano

000 :Tears drop from the sky/ click on it to listen to the song while reading!! :]

What do you think when you look at the blue sky?

Here I lay ontop of the hill looking at the blue sky.......

The wind blow firecely as I lay here. My hand under my head....

I look at the light blue sky as the cloud pass by...

Memories were create here at this place, at this spot.....

But memories don't last forever if you don't have the person
by your side.......

Including just seem fading away each day.......

Tears form in my eyes as I thought about the happy memories....

The girl whom I use to love....The memories just begin to fade away slowly
each day......One tear slide down as I blink, into the blue sky.....

"Cindy, I can't believe you left me like that...." I chuckle and sat up...

I miss the smell of her hair, the touch of her skin. The smile on her face.

And especially the love that she gave me.....

I look up into the blue sky and as cloud pass by slowly, one tear slide down on my cheeks....

Wind blow firecely, causing my hair to move around.....I smile and got up...I wiped my tears....

I put my hand in my pocket and begin to walk away.....

I walk away from the spot that me and her created memories....

I walk away from that place that I first met her....

I walk away from the light into the darkness..........


so how is the prologue?? boring??

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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Re: Sky Of Memories |short story|

Post by Guest on 8/30/2009, 5:39 pm

No not boring at all, actually pretty interesting ^^ Seems like it will be a very nice romance story and I really like how you put the link to the music, appraciate you alot for that Very Happy


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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Re: Sky Of Memories |short story|

Post by yurayang on 8/30/2009, 8:20 pm

001 serenas-piano/click to listen while reading!!

I saw a girl at the hill that I always go to, to see cloud passing by....

I didn't exactly get the chance
to see how she look like because was turning her head away......

But she wore a pink medium length skirt and wore a white blouse, she also
let her hair down which maded her look very beautiful from this view...

And while the wind was blowing against her. This was a feeling I don't
normally get, when I'm around a girl......

"Sky come here!" she shouted.

I started running but as soon as I got to the top of the hill she disappear with the wind.

I look around if I could find her but I couldn't......

But how did she know my name??

"Sky!!" I followed where the voice, leads me.....

Ahead of me was trees and grasses.....

Song end here!!!

"Sky!" I follow the voice and saw a girl in a beautiful white gown.....

"How do you know my name?" I ask....coming closer to her....

"Why wouldn't I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I open my eyes and saw my umma standing next to me with a spatula in her hand.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I scream and pull the blanket over my head.

"GET UP!! YOU DIDN'T DELIVER THE NEWSPAPER!! You over slept so no breakfast." She said and went out the

"Nae, umma." I said lazily and got up. I notice that the time is 8:30 already, damn the neighbor is going
to b.tch at me....

"It was just a dream??" I ask myself while getting dress.

I went to the bathroom but when I turn the door knob it wouldn't open.

huh? lock?

"Umma!! I told you to change the door knob!!!" I shouted and try opening it again but
it wouldn't open.


"Umma! the bathroom door is lock!" I shouted and push the door.

"Try kicking it!!!" She shout back.

" goes nothing.. HIYA!!!" I kick with all I got and the door knock down open.

I found my little brother sitting on the toilet seat.....sleeping!!?

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" I brust out laughter and my umma quickly came running
like some thief had crash into the house.

"WAHH!! you broke me door!!" umma shouted.

"But you said~"

"No butts. Butts are gross." She said and walk away.

fsdklfjsdlfjklsdfjsdklfjsdlfjskfj! she said kick it and now it's broken and she said butts are gross??

"YAH!! why are you in here?" my brother woke up and notice the door is broken, "and why is the door broken?" he ask.

"No time to explain! gotta run!!" I shout and grab my shoes and put the pack of newspaper in my bag and carry it.

"Bye umma!!" I shout and went out the door. I close the door behind me and notice that they're some people
moving into the house next to ours.

"Hi there!!" A boy around eight shout.

"Hi!" I shout and smile. But then soon a girl appear behind the door.

She wore a nice pink t-shirt and a black short that show her nice white leg...OKAY WHAT WAS THAT??!!!

"Alex, why are you out here? You know umma and appa will scold at me." She said and glance at me.

I gave an uneasy smile, she took the little boy and he shout, "See you later hyung!"

I smile and wave at the little boy. She took him and they disappear inside the house.

I rode my bike, and thought, 'she look familiar.'

Hmm?..............Nah maybe I watch too many drama.

I begin my day by sending newspaper around my block.

Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Sky, 18 years old. I'm a country boy, so
don't hate!! >Neutral

Anyways I don't go to school, and I would love too.

The school fees over here are too much for my umma to handle.

My dongsaeng Tim is already enough for my umma to worry.

He fight's everyday, but try to cover so my umma doesn't find out.

My umma is already old, although before she act like a young women but noooooooooo wayyyy!! ^^

My appa past away, leaving us alone. He was the best father anyone would have. It's sad how my appa left my umma.....

I feel tears coming down my face as I think about it....DAMN!! Sky don't cry!! anyways back to my life...^^


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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Re: Sky Of Memories |short story|

Post by Guest on 8/31/2009, 11:19 am

Sky's funny, Lol. Thanks for the update ^^( The song was beautiful but the way Very Happy )


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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Re: Sky Of Memories |short story|

Post by yurayang on 8/31/2009, 12:01 pm

002 Sad Theme (click to play while reading!! ^^)

As I finish the work delievering newspaper, I just happen to pass by the hill that

I always go there when I'm sad, glad, happy, you know.

As I got there, I park my bike near a tree and climb up the hill.

When I soon to reach the top of the hill, I saw a girl wearing white..........I notice something too....

She looks like that girl in my dream......Her faces is pale white, her hair is sliky dark black......

Soon the wind started blowing. Her sliky black hair was blowing. I walk toward her more and more.

"Uhh hello?" I spoke nervously.

She turn and then I saw a couple tears on her cheeks.

"Hello." She managed to say. She wiped her tears away and smile.

Why does everyone said that is so true? A smile could fake almost everything.

Damn!!! Sky say something!!

"Are you okay?" I nervously said.

"Umm yeah...." she spoke.....

"Are you sure?" I ask again, sounding more nosy.

"Why?" she said.

"Because I just wanna know why a girl, come here and cry? You know this is my favorite place to go

whenever I'm happy, sad, mad, or even glad." I said and chuckle.

"Why?" she inquired.

"-sigh- It's a long story." I said and smile.

"I could keep up." She said, I look over and gave a are-you-sure expression and she gave a nodd.

I gave a nodd back.

"It was almost 10 years ago....." I said and look up in the sky.

*Flash Back*

"Cindy come quick!!" I shout.

Cindy ran quickly and spoke.

"What is it oppa?" I handed something in her hand.

It was getting dark and she open her hand.

"Wahh!! A fireflie!! Oppa!!!" She smile and free the fireflies....

"Cindy.." I said feeling my cheeks burning.

"Nae?" she spoke and look at me with her big eyes.

I quickly gave her a peck on the cheek and ran off.

"OPPA!!!" she shout and started chasing me.

It was the first kiss I ever gave to a girl. ^^

I was laughing and she...I bet she was shock..^^

When I started to slow down I notice that she's not shouting anymore. huh?

I look back and she was on the ground.

"Cindy!!!!" I shouted and ran back.

"Cindy!!" I panick, and held her.

[End of Sad Theme song]
Piano- Saint Seiya [click to play]

I saw some blood. She then choke out more blood.

"Cindy!!!" I keep on shouting.

"Oppa..." she managed to say.

"Yes, Cindy hold on!!" I shout.

I carry her on my back and ran as fast as I could to the nearst hospital. Which is at least 2-3 miles.

"Cindy?" I said.

"huh?" she managed to say in a big breathe.

"Don't close your eyes!!! You hear me!!" I shout and huff.

"Oppa what would you do if I'm not going to live until I'm 14?" I stop running as soon as I heard that.

One tear fell, as I thought of what she just said.

Then a smile form on my lip. "Babo you are going to live until your 14..With me!." I said and started walking.

"Oppa I won't survive until that age!" she said, and breathe hard on my back.

I then started running as fast as I could. I couldn't believe what she just told me.

She can't!!! She doesn't!! I don't believe it!!!

Me...Sky don't believe that Cindy is not going to live until 14!!

When we got to the hospital, I couldn't tell if I'm going to faint or I'm just tired.

"DOCTOR!!! I NEED HELP!!!" I shout.

The doctor's and nurse came immediatly and took Cindy away onto the bed.

Blood was on my hand.....It was Cindy blood.........Cindy....My beloved Cindy........

"Little boy, do you know what is the girl parents and phone?" a nurse came and spoke to me.

I nodd my head and told her the phone.

Soon Cindy parents came and including mine.

"SKY!!!! what happen!!!???" My umma shouted.

Tears form in my eyes, as Cindy mom brust out crying.

"Sky we are sorry we didn't tell you." Cindy mom spoke.

"What is it Mr. and Mrs. Lee?" I said.

"Cindy had a heart disease." Tears slide down on my cheeks as Mrs. Lee said. I thought of it tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Sky oh my son.." My mom comfort me.

"We're really sorry." Mrs. Lee cried more.


The doctor came out of the ER.

I ran up to the doctor.

"Doctor is she okay?" I ask.

He just look away sorrowfully.

"Doctor, is she okay?" My mom inquire.

"Doctor what happen?" Mrs. Lee ask.

"This hospital can't do anything about her condition...I'm sorry you have to go to a bigger hospital." the doctor said and walk away.

I collasped on the ground. WHY?

"But can we go see her?" I ask in hope

"Yes." he spoke and turn around.


End of Piano- Saint Seiya

____ Samurai - X - Piano [click to play]

I enter the room and medicine smell fill the air.

Cindy laid there, her eyes close. She's sleeping soft and sound.

I walk toward her. Tears form in my eyes.......One tears slide down as I replay the word Mrs. Lee had said.

'Cindy had a heart disease.'

I fake a smile and walk up to her.

"Cindy ah?" I managed to choke out.

She slowly open her eye and look at me. Tears form in her eyes, and slide down.

"Oppa I have cancer!" she squeak.

"Dummie you don't!!" I fake a smile and chuckle.

But I didn't know that it was going to be my last time seeing her......

Tommrow early in the morning while she's still sleeping they're going to take her to Seoul hospital.

Cindy sarang hae.....<3

*End Of Flash Back*

End of Samurai - X - Piano


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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Re: Sky Of Memories |short story|

Post by Guest on 8/31/2009, 5:35 pm sad!!! Especially, with the music....poor Sky and Cindy...thanks for the update ^^


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Sky Of Memories |short story| Empty Re: Sky Of Memories |short story|

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