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Eugene speaks about long-term exclusive contracts

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Eugene speaks about long-term exclusive contracts

Post by ckreme15 on 8/11/2009, 6:26 pm

Actress Eugene Kim spoke about the discord between TVXQ and SM Entertainment, "I ain't sure of the details, but I hope that both parties can solve this amicably."

Eugene was part of SM Entertainment's first girl group S.E.S back in 1997 together with Bada and Shoo which enjoyed a wide degree of sucess before disbanding in 2002. Eugene said, "It's undeniable that big companies like SM Entertainment has a good and well-planned system for trainees. There are many who have dreams of making it big as singers who would jump at any chance to join them, and sign long-term exclusive contracts with them. Logically, as singers grow and develop accordingly, there should be changes made to their contracts to reflect the changes. But that's not happening, resulting in unhappiness being accumulated before it erupts suddenly in future. It's just sad that management agencies are making use of this weakness in new singers."

Eugene concluded, "Many of my juniors are finding it hard to have any breathing space these days with their packed schedules. I hope that there will be changes made to the contracts of artistes in future, like salary, etc as they grow. There should be a balance so that artistes can find happiness in what they are do, and get paid fairly."

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Re: Eugene speaks about long-term exclusive contracts

Post by shawty_12 on 8/20/2009, 8:30 pm

she's right. (by the way, i love Eugene!Very Happy lolx...just gotta throw it out there.)
now that it'd been mentioned, it does appeared as if agencies are taking advantage of the young's ignorance. if my dream were to become something big, i'd jump at any chance i get too. however, i don't want that chance to come back and like, RUIN my dream at the same time.

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