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Heartbreak One

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Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:51 am

Forwards and Author's Notes

Warning: Grammatical scenes and foul language and vulgar ideals. You have been advised.

The unbound and lost episode of the sniper who made his name as Heartbreak one. The story will be following the life of a sniper who lost everything and waged everything he had on the bullet in his rifle. Follow along his quest to find himself in the tides of war and the battlefield.

| Main Characters |

Darc Ivaland Serpent: Also known as Zero5, he is one of the best snipers to have ever joined Overkill. His beliefs and job has lead his life into confusion and now leaves him to walk to tides of war blind.

Raechel DuPont: She is a beautiful young female of white heritage who finds her way to be partners with Darc on their mission. Although she is clever and compassionate, her ability to think on her feet far exceeds that of Darc. With her cunning blue eyes and tamed blond hair, she stands besides our main character with all her love. (Zomg love?)


| Author's Notes |

I've been blessed, this is my 2nd story here (really third, fanfic lost one of my other stories). I hope with this story I can tell of the hardships of being an enlisted soldier who has lost all hope and will to live. I must apologize before hand, that I will be adding quite a heavy amount of foul language 'our' squad likes to toggle back and forth so that readers may get the idea of how the team works together. I also apologize for the many single awareness moments that some will encounter. Other than that, I would like to thank all my supporters and readers. I want you all to know I read every comment and always do my best to respond to you. Thanks and happy reading!

The original script of this story will always be uploaded first on Winglin (sorry). You can find it here: www.winglin.net/fanfic/templarhope I'm not the best at writing, but I do my best to entertain and keep you all interested. I'm also very open to criticism and check daily, as well as respond to everyone, so if I haven't replied, please don't despair, I will get to you. Thanks for your support and patience.

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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:53 am

Chapter 1: Zero Hour

12am. The dreaded time for all overkills, the time when you want to sleep-you needed to sleep; but instead, you have to go to a briefing.
Our scene starts in a dark room with the sound of footsteps encroaching. Lights are turned on and the room, decorated with only a semi circular desk oriented at the center with a dozen chairs begins to fill with men and women in uniform.

Small chatter is made while waiting the arrival of the woman in charge of the briefing. Talk about the latest rumors and chit chat litter the stage until a sergeant enters the room in a hurry. Eyes quickly find their way to the him, who is gasping for air.

"Officer on Deck!" In an instant the room is silent and everyone is at attention. An officer walks in, "At ease," she says. The crowd is cured of petrification and take their seats. The officer takes a look around the crowd and places her eyes on empty chairs. They each had a name engraved into the framework. Names of the ones who never returned.

In another room, our lead role slowly opens his locker with his head against the wall, placing his rifle into its holster. He slams the door, turns, looking at himself in the mirror for a brief second and continues off into a dark hall way.

After a few seconds of scanning the room, the officer finds a particular chair. It read Sergeant Darc Serpent, Specialist 1k8. The sergeant guarding the door looks at the officer and utters "Something the matter, Ma'am?" The officer opens her mouth as the door opens and our main character enters the scene. He is about five feet tall, 7 inches high, skin tanned with a slim in frame. His hair is grown mid-length and trimmed to spike. His face is scarred with a smile hard to fix. He glances at her, then takes his seat. (naturally rude)

Her blood tingles but she continues, "Please open the files you were given earlier tonight and open to the first page, I will be going over our situation as of O' nine hundred today...." Her voice trails off as our main character Darc begins to think. "what the hell is the point of all this. Day in, Day out, I die, you die. It's all the same." He closes his eyes and greets his face with the warm and delicate touch of his palm as scenes of "perfect shots" run through his mind.

In the background, the officer keeps on although she knows Darc is not listening. It wouldn't be the first time he's done this to her, just coming in late and then doin' his own thing. Whatever it was. "And that concludes the status as of tonight. That is all"

The crowd stands to attention and the officer begins to walk out. As she reaches the door, her eyes glance at Darc, who is at war with his mind. She leaves and the room is once again filled with small talk.

A group of soldiers make their way to Darc and begin a conversation. One soldier in long black hair smiles and says "So tomorrow the job's all about protecting that guy right? Some ambassador?" "Yeah, its escorting the ambassador of Cuba to meet with the leaders of the new forming nation of Osea. Darc, think you can find a place to watch over the assembly?"

The group turns to Darc who is quiet and finally utters: "We'll see." Again, small talk fills the room as a plan is laid out for the team. Darc's brother Loyal unrolls plans to a city as another, Tieng unrolls plans to the layout of the building the meeting was to take place.

Loyal: They'll most likely talk in this room, so the main team will be waiting outside for instructions should crap happen. We'll have two teams of observers watch over the building from two different angles. Leaguen and Faye will keep watch of the east window while Darc, you will watch the north side. Tieng, Tsang and myself will be outside waiting for orders. The supporting Team will be waiting in either cars or delivery trucks with equipment.

Darc: Hold a sec. If they'll hold the meeting at mid-day, wouldn't it be best to watch the meeting from the west?

Leaguen: What do ya mean?

Darc: If you wait on the eastern side, the sun will get in your eyes and even blur the windows.

Faye: Got it, we'll be on the west side of the room. Darc, you have the main window right? The one big one, with the round wall? You'll be radio man then, if anything happens, let us know.

Tieng: Are weapons allowed for any reason at all?

Loyal: Nah, we're best keeping them inside of the trucks, pistols only. Sniper teams are to hide their rifles. Don't wanna make it look like we're starting the fight. Anything else?

Leaguen: Yeah, where the hell's Osea? And what's the background on it?

Tieng: It's a small territory south west of Guane that overthrew the government and seeking aid to stay strong. The captain wants us to help them in a chance to push Democracy into Cuba.

Leaguen: Wouldn't that start a war?

Tieng: Pays for the cost of your living.

A small group laughter then silence again. The room is gradually losing numbers until finally Darc is the only one left. The lights are dimmed and a cold atmosphere fills the silence of the night. Again at war with his mind, Darc starts thinking, "Is something missing, or is it I'm just bored with life?" His eyes scan the room slowly, eyelids getting heavy until he finally closes them and leans towards an adjacent wall, sleeping in place.

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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:54 am

Chapter 2: The Goddess of the Immortal Queens

Warm drool and the morning breeze woke him. Daybreak, 05:00. Without making a sound, his eyelids slowly retract, dilating his pupils to the new light. A deep breath is taken and the body steps up, making his way to the door.
A beautiful summer sun lit up the day, the water of lake Vittoria glistened with delight. Palm trees littered the beach for miles around. In the background, rotors from massive transport choppers could be heard starting up. Around them, men and women were scurrying to prepare for the flight to Osea*. Darc stumbles to keep balance and makes his way to the dorms to get ready for the day.

After a sturdy moment, our main character opens the doors to his cabin and steps outside, dressed in covert armor. There is an uneasy feeling in his facial expression as he reaches in his locker for his rifle, checking for any errors. After a moment of thought and satisfied with his inspection, Darc makes his way towards one of the helicopters. As the last member gets on, the three choppers begin to take flight. Darc stares out the doorless entry and begins to wipe his rifle.

13:00 Menik, Osea

Silence in the air breaks as a chopper lands and our mercenaries are deployed. As they get off, the team is greeted by another team of mercenaries, the Immortal Queens. Their officer steps up to Loyal and begins to describe the situation as the helicopter picks up rotor speed again and lifts off. Darc strays from the group to sit under a tree, beginning to break his rifle down to fit the case.

After awhile of talking, the team breaks communication and heads off to their designated spots watching over the courthouse. Darc, who is alone, looks at his watch and sees he is still early for the meeting by at least an hour. Judging by this, he decides it is enough time to catch a quick nap. His eyes shut slowly as the world begins to fade away. It was not until he heard a little giggle when he opened his eyes again. A beautiful young blond girl with blue eyes was only a few inches away from his face. Her smile was warm as her eyes, so warm, that he had forgotten about time looking at her.

The awkward moment passed when he finally got hold of his body and pushed himself away from her. His mind was boggled from the sight of her as he forced his brain to put words in order. After what seemed like an eternity, he was able to utter: "Who are you?" The goddess with hair so bright of length was still smiling, making him feel tense yet awkwardly safe. Her smile opened wider as she said: "My name is Raechel DuPont of the 1496 Immortal Queens, I've been sent to assist you"

His heart was still pounding through his chest with an abnormal heartbeat the whole time. With his mind still mangled, all he could say was: "I'm Zero Five of Overkill's..." but before he could say anymore, she had cut him off, "504th Hell Hounds, also known as Darc Serpent" He could no longer think, something about her had thrown him into paralysis and now confusion. Another smile flashed from her face as she recovered a pair of binoculars. "Shall we get to work?"


Authors Notes:

Immortal Queens: The Overkill platoon made for all girls only, this group was first brought up in Thailand by Natnaree who is also the same officer who came up to greet the men.
Osea: (Pronounced Oh see uh)As stated, it is a new nation made from denouncing Cuba as its ruler. This name is a reference from Ace Combat, where Osea is one of the greatest forces.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:57 am

Chapter 3: Fate on the Battlefield

After fighting with his mind about who Raechel was, Darc finally got back to the mission. Back at the courthouse's doors, the greeting team (which consisted of Loyal, Tieng, T'sang and now three others from the Immortal Queens) had finished getting in formation and were beginning to take in cars. Representatives from Osea and Cuba both showed up in groups. Loyal taps his ear piece and begins: "Main stage to Red team cover situation?"
Leaguen: Red team here, all set and ready.
Loyal: Green team, whats your status?

Darc steals a glance at Raechel and taps his earpiece, "All set. How's the package?"

Loyal: The actors are all here, ready to raise the curtains

As the last representative entered the door into the house, the door is closed and bolt locked. Cameras from all angles watched over the house as the teams outside guarded any entrance. Observing teams kept close watch, making sure other snipers would not get an opportunity.

An hour into the meeting, the representatives grew angry and started a dispute over the land because it belonged to Cuba, the action was considered defection and therefore, can lead to war. Outside, both observing teams watched carefully in hopes that the arguments would settle peacefully, so they wouldn't have to use their rifles.

Back at base, (Lake Vittoria) a new spread of soldiers were charging through the halls. Armed. Their clothes were similar to those of overkill standard issues, however, they wore a black scarf tied around the left arm. They ran with precision and coordination. After each door, a two-man team was left behind, weapon at hand.

Most who were stationed at the base were on procedures and training besides the helicopters who were returning and the control tower for the landing bays. As the choppers were landing, it began.

Back in Osea, the disputes were slowly coming to an end. The meeting was to be a successful negotiation where Osea was given a five year contract to build itself into a strong trading nation, which would excel in sending Cuba's merchandise overseas, as well as importing U.S. goods. Darc, who had been watching the whole time, saw that everything was settling nicely, looked over at Raechel.

Darc: Walter Elementary, Ball Jr. High.

He had finally figured it out. She was his school mate, one who he would always see before school, in school, and after school. He would even walk her home, even though his home was in the opposite direction. They years they had known each other filled his days with joy and envious moments of laughter and chatter with her. For the first time in months, he was happy. A grin ran from his cheek to the other.

Raechel: Took you long enough.

A smile lid up on her face. He had also been thinking about her. Although her hair color had changed from dark brown to blonde, and her last name changed, she was still the same person he had gone to school with and, on special occasions, take her fishing.

Although happy to meet up with his long lost friend, Darc hit the issue with her name change. Then it hit him in the face.

Darc: So...You're married? I remember you were Rachel Winners

Raechel: You're still smart as always, Darc; but I'm not married. Just got a new name.

A glee fleet of butterflies fluttered in his chest. There was a chance! After coming into a realization, he smiled with her, and they began to talk about their past. Meanwhile, the meeting was coming to an end, the bolted doors unlocked, and out came the representatives. Even though the meeting ended peacefully, both sides still felt uneasy with the conditions they had to accept. They now tried to close deals and negotiations with small talk, as Darc's great plan of hitting on his old friend was interrupted by a cursed phone call for Raechel.


Author's notes: Walter elementary and Ball jr high were both schools in the area where I once lived. Can anyone figure where that is?


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 2:03 am

Chapter 4: SNAFU!!

A deep breath is exhaled as his chest lets out a sigh. Raechel says very few words on the phone besides the "uhuh"'s and "I understand"'s. After several seconds that lasted an eternity for Darc, she hangs up, and seeing him standing up, stood up next to him. He now saw how much more he had missed when only looking at her face. The young girl he used to chase after, now stands before him in elegant stature with a curved body of a whine glass. Small, warm, light hands held his as she opened her mouth.
Raechel: I've been called to meet up with the greeting team, I'll see you back at base alright?

More disappointment. He had made plans in his head to learn more about her from when they had lost communications. Apparently he needed to be grateful for seeing her again. Our main character hides a sigh under his nose breathing out as he responds: "It's fine, we can catch up anytime, I'll see you on the bounce"

She smiles at him, waves, and turns her body. With the sun to her side, it almost seemed as if her skin sparkled in the sun's light, her hair blown tight by the wind, lit the sapphire sky with a fiery yellow at length. As she began to take a few steps, Darc finally gets something about again. "You've grown into a beautiful woman, Ray." Ray had been his personal nickname for her, and she would always respond with her own way like she did.

Raechel turns, grinning with her whitened teeth showing, takes quick steps back to him, grab his shoulders, leans in so close he could feel her breath on his cheek and neck and whispers "And you've grown into a handsome man, Ivaland. My own, handsome man."

His heart tumbles into a somersault, his lungs collapse and his pupils dilate, but before he can turn to look at her, she intercepts with a swift peck to his cheeks and runs off into the horizon.

From the journal of Darc Serpent: "Her kiss, set me free. I could smell the kiss itself, as if she etched young roses into my skin."

Raechel runs down to the greeting team, solutes her officer Natnaree, and casually takes a swing on her head to look to the north side of the building. He smiles back and watches as the butterflies in his chest are doubling in numbers, ready to crush him internally to escape. As she turns her head back, she sees a representative and walks him to his car. Other cars were now packing their passengers and leaving one by one. As they approached the car, the earpieces ring and hell opens a crack in the ground.

"Lake Vit. under heavy attack, request.....immediate support...Vera."
The officers and soldiers look at each other with wide eyes, as the unthinkable happens. The car Raechel was walking to is blown up as the driver turns on the ignition. The representative is thrown back from the explosion, hitting the wall of the courthouse and the wall is decorated with a splat of red. Darc watches as Raechel is thrown back also, but with less impact because she was not as close to the car. Her body is hurreled like a rag doll into a nearby bush; her body bleeding heavily from scrap metal, one especially that gouged into her face, barely missing the eyes.

Loyal and Tieng run to see to the representative while T'sang and Natnaree recovered Raechel's body. She is dazed and in shock as they deliver blows to her heart to get her heart to start up again. Darc jumps from his position, abandons his rifle and thrashes through grass and men to get to her. He gets on the radio and calls for air medics, but his call is intercepted with. "Disignation Alpha 1 is already receiving three Rip lines (helicopters) for immediate pick up and half of troops are to retun to Lake Vittoria. Rest are to assist with Natnaree."

Darc turns towards the others, tells the information. Loyal, upon hearing the information, barks into the wind, then takes his team to the landing site. Darc is in a major dilemma. He runs up to Raechel, who is revived and breathing but still weak, laying down. He grabs hold of her right hand, with his other hand, he spreads his palm over her face with his thumb wiping away a tear of pain in her right eye. He wispers hard against the wind and fire, accompanied by an landing choppers.

"I'll be back by your side, wait for me"

Teams are divided and take different helicopters. Natnaree's helicopters fly in a different direction, heading towards Florida. Raechel, who is among the wounded, is on a helicopter following the helicopter returning to Lake Vittoria. As they fly, the pilot looks back at the group with Darc and his team and explains. "Situation SNAFU (situation normal, all f&*ked up), Lake Vittoria has been overrun. We will dock in Florida and then fly back to the base. You will all need your weapons."

Darc keeps his eyes on the medical transport as he grabs hold of his rifle, closes his eyes, and begins to load. The team begins to do the same. His final thoughts were "What in the hell could have made today so damned cursed?" when the choppers air out of Osea and start their journey.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 2:05 am

Chapter 5: The Two Sides of Darc

On such a beautiful sunny day, with a breeze that was so swift and cool, how in the world could the day go any worst? Darc stares at the second helicopter flying back with his. The rotations of the rotors and the button mashing in the pilot's seat boggled his mind now. He was confused and angry, all at once. "Who the hell has the time and audacity to attack a mercenary base?" he thought to himself over and over, until it finally hit him. A pilot from the front looks back and yells on the microphone: "Incoming transmission from the lake Vittoria base, I'll patch it in"
On screen, a man named Colonel Lee stood with an arrogant posture and pessimistic atmosphere. His left arm was tied with a black piece of cloth that read VERA. "We the Vera of the...." Darc scrambled to take his microphone off. Loyal looks at him with open eyes of question. In response, he yells "They've attacked us, that's all I need to know"

Vera had been a small part of Overkill since it was first established in Overkill Academy for basic training when the organization was first started, but had now declared civil war for the right of power. Colonel Lee, their leader, had taught all of the soldiers since they had came to the academy and bred his own breed of wardogs known as Vera. Back on the tv, things have taken a turn for the worst. The two soldiers stationed to communications was tied up and kneeling. To make his point come across that this was not a game or trick, Lee pulls out a pistol and executes them.

Our main character stands up and begins to check his gear, including a packet of parachute. Loyal, knowing he couldn't stop Darc, asks "You know who to shoot right?"

"Anyone wearing the white scarf dumb enough to get in my sight"

"alright that's good nuff"

Nearing a few clicks to the base, Darc is the first to jump out. The air resistance is strong as it pushes his hair back. The view was amazing, considering it was still a warm afternoon with nothing less than a perfect sunset by the lake. Nearing the lake, Darc pulls his parachute, and flares right before he lands in the water. The rest of the crew crash into the water near him as they come down as a group. Raechel's chopper enters ECS and becomes invisible although it is still close.

The team wades for a bit towards the mainland then split ways. Loyal and the main team would secure the breach with back up fire from Tieng and Darc. Our main character strays once again from the group as he craws into his spot, rifle at the ready. While the rest are getting into position, he fixes his scope and sets up his rifle. An unfortunate gate keeper to the base was standing in his sight. Wearing a white scarf that said Vera. Darc scans his teritory for anyone else near the gate keeper but no one is dumb enough to stand in the open. The main team begins to get close as Darc lays down more clips next to him, then takes a deep breath and looks into his scope.

"All teams in position, ready when peace keepers are"
"Go when the gatekeeper drops" Darc whispers into his intercom.

He takes another deep breath, then lays his eyes on the target, slowing his heartbeat. As he is almost ready, Darc inhales, then exhales, and finally a half inhale between his heartbeat and squeezes the trigger. The gate keeper never saw it coming and painted the wall behind him red before he fell to his feet as the greeting team ran in and began the raid. Another unlucky soul comes to look out the window as Darc points the rifle in his direction and squeezes the trigger. The body drops as another comes over to check it, and becomes another victim, this time, falling over the window and crashing into the ground.

Loyal, who is fighting, taps his earpiece "Kinda ruthless there, eh buddy?" The rest of the greeting team is about finished with the breach when another body crashes into the ground and the earpiece says "No rest for the damned."

Leaguen shrugs and continues the assault on the base. Night has won the fight and now the sun has fled into the horizon. A gloomy air fills the beach as blood soaks into the grass. Tieng who has yet to confirm a shot of his own, yells into his earpiece. "Shit man would it kill ya to chill?" Tieng looks to Darc's direction as he sees the sniper leap across him and further into the breach. Tieng spits into the ground and laughs a bit, remembering Darc's attitudes.

Darc runs faster then hits the ground, rolls to the side and another bullet finds its target. The ground is littered with corpses and the stench of death. Our lead role stands up after Leaguen explains that no one else is left, and the Vera have gone away. An uneasy atmosphere once again controls the field as Darc takes a look at one of the men he shot as the choppers land and take the wounded girl to the infirmary. Darc shuts his eyelids with a painful expression on his face then drops his rifle into the ground. All around him, troops are moving fast to reclaim the base and secure it of any threats. A sigh silences the night as Darc grabs his weapon and makes his way for the infirmary.

When he reaches the room with Raechel, a different side of Darc is seen as his facial expressions no longer shows hate nor anger. He's at peace with himself with the eyes of a saint as he quietly washes his hands and pulls a chair up to the bed. Raechel herself is at peace in slumber land when she is awoken by a warm and familiar touch to her cheeks.

She struggles to open her eyes, but when they open, hours have passed. The sun's rays claim the room in a bright, warm morning. She smiles with passion when she sees the grown man fallen asleep, watching over her bed. Unable to move, she moves her hands to his face and for the first time, rubs her delicate hands on his face lightly. A tear of happiness develops in the corner of her eyes and run down to her face as she smiles more and more until he blinks awake.

"You're up?" He whispers with a smile on his face. At her nod, he gets up to get some water for her, but is tugged back by her hand. He turns around querying her action, as she pulls him close.

"I just want you by my side right now. Is that alright?"

Trying to go along with the mood, he answers


She frowns and looks at him with curiosity when he seals his promise with a swift peck on her lips which makes her smile again.

"I want to stay by your side from now on. Can't let you leave me again"

She exhales and giggles and proceeds to tell him how corny he is. The couple shares a bit of small laughter then look at each other. Darc in his shy nature for romance looks away, then slowly looks back as their eyes meet. His hands on her cheeks, her hands on his face. Slowly they come closer as he leans in to her space, stopping inches away, keeping her eyes on her. Her eyes slowly close with his as they are about to do something.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 2:08 am

Chapter 6: War

Her eyes slowly close with his as they are about to do something.
Outside, Faye looks in awe against the wall at her boyfriend, Leaguen. "Why can't we have those moments?"

Tieng: Because you're with an idiot
T'sang: Because you guys are too optimistic

Faye looks over as the two shrug and share a kiss.

Faye: Damn it get a room!

As she looks back, Leaguen also leans in close to his girl and a giggle is loose before he goes for a romantic moment.

In the hall way, Loyal enters the scene, straight faced, holding a folder. As he passes the group, he utters: "Bastards..."

As Faye turns her head, she hears "the next room down is empty." The group chuckles as Loyal pulls them into the room and lays out his folder. As the group gets seated, Loyal yells out "Yo Darc! You commin'?"

In the other room, Darc is pouring a cup of water for Rae, who has gotten better. The scar on her face is fading, although her strength is still drained. She smiles when she hears Loyal yelling, as Darc holds her up to drink. After a couple sips, the cup is put down and she rests her head against his chest.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Loyal is counting. "One thousand one...One thousand two...One thousand three..." The group stares at him with perplexity until he gets to "One thousand ten"

Loyal: Alright he's not commin'. Alright listen up, new mission. Because of the last incident with Vera, Osea is now at a standstill with Cuba, so we have two choices. One: go off and hunt down the Vera group that killed our comrades, or two: go off and hunt the vera.

The group stares at him in silence again. "Exactly. That's what I thought. Gear up, plane leaves in 10"

Again, silence until Faye returns to her playful nature and gets up. Loyal packs his folder and leaves for his quarters.

Eight minutes later, a plane starts up its engine. The team of five are prepared and making their walk when Darc joins them.

Loyal: Thought you weren't coming? (making the whip sound)
Darc: (throws out a laugh) See if I get your back in the field. What's the op(eration)?
Loyal: Hunt down a Vera and bring him in for interrogation.
Darc: (looks around) With only five?
Tieng: Best damned five you'll find for miles

The group explodes in laughter as they board onto the plane. Loyal explains that they will be making a parachute drop into Northern Africa where Vera activity has been captured by satellite surveillance. Loyal opens a brief case and recovers a picture, then lays it on the table.

Loyal: This is Vera3. He's in charge of a satellite program in norther Africa for the Vera's push into global network. Our POA (priority of Advancement) is to drop in and wipe him out, along with his toys. Capture of Vera 3 is above the charts, so kill anyone or capture anyone in our way. Darc and Tieng: again, you're both on sniper duty. Take out anyone in your way.
Darc & Tieng: Roger that.
Loyal: The rest of us will be greet team, with the exception that this is not a chat-and-splat fight.
Faye: Right
Loyal: Remarks: Orders from Colonel Suong and Major Ward. Keep in mind, this is a war now. Anything to say, T'sang?

T'sang takes a deep breath and yells aloud: "Lock and load ladies!"
Faye: Anytime!
Tieng: Whenever
Leaguen: Wherever

Back at base, Rae is attending a mass. She is seen with her hands clasped together, her eyes shut and her facing glowing. The light from the chapel shines deep in her hair like gold in sparkling water. In the midst of prayer, she utters "Come back soon"


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 2:11 am

Chapter 7: The Hunt

Back on the plane, our team of five are ready for jump with weapons loaded. As they near their destination, two jets from Nairobi base joins them, armed with Air to Surface Missiles. The pilot of the transport plane turns around. On the mic, he yells "We have an AWACS* (air warning and control systems) in the area, Sergeant, they are requesting to talk to the lead of this operation." Loyal taps his ear piece and answers "Patch it to me!"
In an instant, his earpiece brings up a familiar voice.

Shu: This is two98 of the 1496th Immortal Queens. I have orders from Natnaree to join this operation in making sure that satellite tower goes down. Our jets will accompany your transport until the sortie is complete.

The team looks at Loyal, who is an old friend of Shu.

Loyal: Much appreciated, Shu, please bomb the target after we complete our job first though. I'd hate to bring a corpse in for interrogation.
Shu: Copy that, You're clear for jump, just let us know when you're done.

The pilot turns around again, yelling "We're ready for the jump Sergeant! Good luck!" He presses a button above his head, and the cargo door opens up. 300 feet above the ground and going at 90mph, the team leans to the door and each jumps out with their specific moto "Woohoo" and "Booyah".

Darc and Tieng wait a bit longer, then jump to scatter away from the greeting team. Although they jump last, they pull their parachute at the last second and flare it at the same time, hitting the ground first. Before the greet team can even hit the ground and roll, the sniper team has been assembled and two bodies have already dropped.

Inside of an old research facility, Vera3 hears a commotion and runs outside. As he opens the door, Leaguen kicks him in the face, yelling "Get your ass back in there".

The greet team have opened fire on the facility, taking out random Vera supporters who have joined a cause against Overkill. In all of the commotion, a machine gun nest opens fire on them, holding them down near the facility's entrance. Sirens are on red alert, jeeps and gunners roll into action to defend their site, as more machine gun nests are filled and suppressing fire is laid on the team.

Loyal taps his ear piece and yells "Greet team to Murder nest! getting mighty hot down here!"

Darc taps his ear piece, whispering "roger" as he squeezes the trigger on a machine gunner. The firing quiets down a bit more, as Tieng says "Very good, but can you do this?"

Tieng slows his heart beat and shoots another gunner in his arm, making him pull heavy on one side of the machine gun, shooting his allies.

Darc replies with a chuckle and says "Heh, try this, I hear its a killer"

He brings up his sights and aims at a tire of a jeep coming up to the facility, filled with men. He takes a second to fire, then squeezes the trigger. The bullet marks a tire, spinning the vehicle, throwing the passengers out, as Tieng takes out the driver, making the jeep run into another. A fire starts as the two laugh heavily.

Loyal and the greet team are hearing the conversation and look at each other. "It's war and those two are having fun taking things out like its nothing at all..."

Faye, the more compassionate person of the group, grabs a grenade from Leaguen's side, pulls the pin, and chucks it at the same group that were just flung from the jeep, saying "Aww, let them have their fun"

Leaguen taps his earpiece: "Sniper team, Vera3 is getting away, we'll need to follow him, can you cover our rear?
Tieng: Man I don't feel comfortable covering some guy's ass, how about I'll just shoot whoever's ugly?
T'sang: That'll do nicely

As the greet team is making a run into the facility, the sniper teams are starting to have trouble laying fire to the countless troops stationed with the tower. Darc squeezes his last clip and beings to reload when the roar of jets run in close to the ground and strafe the area with heave machine gun fire.

Tieng, seeing a use for the plane, taps his earpiece for the AWACS nearby: This is Zero1 of the ground forces,
Overkill unit request you patch me over to your fighter pilots!
Shu: It's done
Tieng: Zero1 two both talon's in the sky, Get your ass out of the area for awhile. Vera unit's are rolling Tripple A Batteries* up in this son-a-bitch! Wait until I give the order to come back, then you can bomb this place!
Red hawk: Roger that, Red hawk and blue Hawk Peelin' off

Satisfied, Tieng taps his earpiece again and yells at Loyal: We fixing a massacre up in this son-a-bitch, you folks almost done yet?

Loyal throws sucker punch as Vera3, smiles and taps his earpiece, backing off to let T'sang get a punch. "Yeah we're done here, but I'm not getting much communications in here, can you get the transport to pick us up via Ladder Chair*?
Tieng: Sure thing.

As word gets back to the plane, the frame work is dropped and the greet team reappears from the facility with Vera3. As Loyal takes him over to the group, Tieng gets his share of the punch while Darc gets seated. Tieng taps his earpiece one more time, then yells "Zero1 to both Talons, drop load on my twenty now!"
Blue Hawk: Roger that, approaching target in eta (Estimated time arrival) 30 seconds.

Tieng looks back at his crowd and yells: "We're standing on ground zero people! MOVE MOVE MOVE"

As the last person sits, the transport plane comes in with a score of hooks, latches on and pulls the frame out of the area. Jet engines roar into the field and missiles break into the air, burning fuel to the satellite. Two consecutive explosions are heard as the satellite tower is bombarded by more missiles to make sure it goes down. Loyal looks in anguish as the dish slowly falls to the ground and breaks from the force.

Back on the frame work, Darc holds his rifle in hand and looks at the captive.

"You are sooo fucked"


Notes: An AWACS is a plane with mighty radar and communications systems, it is used as an "eye in the sky" for planes in the area, usually on for its own team.
Ladder-Chair: A rarely used technique of picking up troopers from the ground without landing. The tactic is to have the transport plane drop a frame of seats to hold passengers, then pick them up with a hook. Theoretically speaking, its picking up a cargo packet with a string and hook.
Triple A Batteries: Commonly read as AAA, these are known as Anti-Aircraft Artillery.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 2:13 am

Chapter 8: Love Blossoms

Back at Lake Vittoria, a transport plane, two jets and an AWACS have landed. Inside a high clearance room, the head of a young man is slapped into the table.
Tieng: Abit of force there, T'sang?

T'sang turns around, smiles and slams Vera3's head into the desk again as Loyal pulls out a folder.

Loyal: Alright alright quit beatin' the shit outta him, I'll have to write some report if you keep that up. (the group chuckles with an evil scent of air) Alright...let's see..Vera 3, designated name is Bryan Lates...joined at age 16...eh what the hell

Loyal turns over, slapping the man in the face, then kicks him so hard the chair tips on its hind legs and falls over.

Loyal: Be happy for you're luck. If I were the only one interrogating your ass, you'd look like a my friend the communication specialist you guys executed on air right now.

Darc stands over the captive and helps him back up on the chair. Being the nice cop, all he says is "Why did you do what you did?"

The captive smiles, turns and spits in his face. Darc, with his short fuse, holds the captive by the chest shirt, and throws him face first into the wall. Faye shivers and leaves the room, only to come back with the Colonel in the other room to watch.

After hours of interrogation, a new soldier is set to keep watch over our captive. Holding his hand up to his chin, he tells Bryan: "The two you guys executed on T.V. were Zero6 and Zero7. Both were my good friends and never did anything against anyone. All I want to know, is what is the real reason for your war?"

After a moment of silence, the soldier on watch unties the captive and makes him stand against the wall in a stressful motion to reduce his stamina.

Meanwhile, in a more peaceful area, Shu has joined the group for lunch. Rae and Darc finish first and go for a stroll around the base. While the group shares small chatter, our main characters approach the beach front and take time together to watch the sun. After a moment, Raechel giggles. Darc turns to look at her as water splashes on their face.

Loyal watches from afar with the rest with open eyes as they think aloud. "Wow that's a different side of him.."

Loyal: Five bucks says they'll end up together.
Shu: Ten says we should mess with their fun.

An evil grin appears on the group's faces. They leap from their seats and join the two at the beach. After the day of wrestling in the sand and splashing water at each other, the couples find their own places to watch the sun set. Tieng and T'sang sit at the water front, Leaguen and Faye on the pier, Darc and Raechel under a tree. Loyal and Shu shrug then sit on the pier, joining Leaguen and Faye.

Raechel gets comfortable and lays against Darc's chest. Her uniform is ruined from sand, and wet from the water, although the cold wind, the warmth of Darc's body resonates through to her, keeping her warm. "I wish everyday were like this" she says.

Darc: What...You mean I catch someone, beat the living ugly out of him and spend the rest of the day with you?

She smiles and wraps his arms tighter around her waist, then close her eyes gently, letting her head against his chin. "Everyday, together, without a care in the world. Without this fighting."

He slides room between her, holding her in his arms, looking at her deep in her eyes, which sparkle with light. Knowing they passed the point of words, Darc smiles with his teeth for the first time, then holds her tight.

Our scene ends with the orange sun setting, and two lovers sharing a moment together.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 2:17 am

I promised my readers on winglin to upload another chapter tonight, so I must stop here for now. Thanks for reading! I will continue to upload more later.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:43 pm

Chapter 9: The Secret in the Orchard

While the team was out having a summer-fun night, the moon came to shine and wash away the blood of war from each soldier. Vera 3 was locked up in a cell furbished for a human, and even given food cooked by the chef of the base herself. In the moonlit water, our main man chases Raechel around the water's surface while the rest splash heavily at one another.
The night is young and dark. Beautiful. Calm water dances with the bright white orb in the sky, shimmering the element even more than the sun. A message from the Colonel ordered Vera 3 to be sent back to headquarters for deep investigation with the cause of the car's explosion back at Osea's capital. The team in charge of his capture was allowed a twenty-four hour RNR (Rest and Recreation).

Our group of couples had since the sunset grown hungry; deciding a bonfire was a necessity. While Leaguen and Faye had begun fishing from the pier, Tieng, Loyal, Shu, and T'sang were scavenging wood and coal from the base for a properly fire-lit night while our main couple, Darc and Rae, collected fruits from nearby trees.

Moving into the nearby growth, our couple finds themselves in an orchard of cherries, grapes and peaches. Rae walks up to a peach tree and picks a fruit, placing it up to her nose, breathing in deep. Darc follows from behind, pushing branches and leaves out of his way. Slowly the fruit basket fills with a number of assortments. Darc, trying to stay masculine yet romantic reaches for his machete and cuts down a flower from a nearby plant; slowly handing it to Rae, who smiles and places it between her ear and hair.

They are about to return with a basketful, when Darc notices a house nearby. "Do you think they own these trees?" Rae asks. "Probably..." He answers. Feeling bad, Rae pleads hers knight to return the fruits. Darc satisfies her by taking a bill from his wallet and stamping it into a prominent tree.

The girl bursts into a giggle, her dimples amplified in the moonlit night. Happy to know she was also happy, darc notices the dimples. "You..." He tries to say something, but his mind fights him. Knowing he's fighting with himself to tell her something, Rae shows her curious face and answers him with a "hmm?" while smiling. "look...gorgeous...when you smile" he finally says

Playing with him, she gets mad and asks, "oh, so I'm ugly when I don't smile?" Darc, unable to hear what she said in her frenzy, answers with his eyes darting: "Uhhh....yes?" Knowing he was confused, she decided to continue with her joke. "Oh! So you're saying I'm not pretty-Hmph!" Rae turns and starts stomping away when Darc finally understands what is happening and chases after her, accidentally stepping on her heels, tripping her.

The girl falls forwards, about to land in the ground when the knight catches her from behind, turning her body towards his, holding her in his arms, bringing their faces to close proximity. Their eyes lock, and neither dares to breathe. Although they were close and knew they cared for each other, neither had ever though of this moment, and being alone like this The kisses before were now nothing compared to what they were put on. Rae's eyes are bright and sparkling, he notices every detail in this split moment-the bangs, the eye brows, her eye lashes and even the trembling of her pupils.

Everything in her mind at this moment is wiped as she stares up into the eyes of her knight. The beating of his heart, the warmth of his body penetrates into her space, making a strange feeling spike through her back. The two are petrified into stone but her heart is racing faster and beating harder and harder until she can hear her own heartbeat in her head. Finally her heart gives in and she exhales, freeing both from their stone-like curse.. Darc regains control of himself again and aids in her standing up.

Rae takes a moment to calm down and steady her heartbeat, brushing dirt off her body. Darc, still believing Rae is mad, spurts out "uhm, Rae, I didn't mean anything besides the fact that you're beautiful...I really do...think so.." She looks up at him, winks, and says "I was just kidding...alright? with her hand on his face. A smile breaks on his face followed by "Alright, let's head back"


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:44 pm

Chapter 10: Confrontation

Returning to the bonfire made by the group, Darc and Rae finds themselves the last to return. Crates are set up around the fire like benches, one on each of its four sides. The fruits are divided and each couple sits together, side by side. Small chatter is made about old times, including a bet on if Loyal and Shu would go out, since they were the last couple of the group.
Loyal shrugs, trying to change the subject. While the group continues to laugh and share stories and dreams, a quiet girl hides her hand between herself and Darc, then finally reaches for his hand. Darc, who is in the middle of telling a drunk story, stops mid sentence with his eyes darting. Since no one else could see what happened, the girl holding his hand looks over and says "well, what else happened? Did something make you as surprised and happy as you are now, or were you disappointed?"

Rae asked this under the influence as a story to explain her feelings for him. Darc, now wiped of his story, stutters and without thinking answers her personal question, saying "Yes yes I was happy as I am now. It's something I really like"

Now, although the two understood what was going on, the rest of our party only heard Darc's story as:

Darc: "You think that was stupid, this one time I was out with Loyal at the bar getting wasted when he left me for the tab. So then I had to throw up because the guy had slipped something in my drink, and in the bathroom, I was throwing up when I found out I was in the girl's restroom-"

Rae: "So what else happened? Did something make you as surprised and happy as you are now, or were you disappointed?""

Darc: ""Yes yes I was happy as I am now. It's something I really like"

Our party of six stares open-eyed at Darc from horror until T'sang breaks the silence with laughter and the group moves on.

On another note, our late couple, Loyal and Shu, have still not decided on feelings. They sit quiet, eating and listening in on the stories. As the energy dies down, the fire is allowed to die slowly, while the couples migrate to the pier to wait for the sunrise.


0420 Hours

Three plane leaves from an undisclosed airstrip, headed for Lake Vittoria, loaded with soldiers wearing a VERA badge on their shoulders. In the cockpit of the lead plane, one soldier stands out with the number 02 next to his badge.

He is a young man, honed and passionate about-well he's gonna die anyways....so...moving on! (but just in case you really want to know, He's tall, Caucasian, bright yellow hair that's long to his ears. His eyes are protected with brown glasses and blue pupils marks his trait.)

One of the pilots looks at the man with the number two and says: "ETA(estimated time arrival) 30 minutes sir, we'll cut engines when we're close and drop the strikers* in the distance to flank (attack from side or behind) the target.

Vera2: Make sure that the planes find a good place to park while we get V3, I don't want any excuses.

Vera2 walks out as the pilot salutes him, then sits back in his seat. Looking at his copilot, he says: "Sergeant Fredrick doesn't look like he's playing around, we'll land over there." Pointing at the side of the lake closer to the airstrip.

Back at the group, Loyal and Shu are sharing interests when engines from overhead planes are heard. Shu's expression is serious. She turns to Loyal and whispers "those aren't out planes. I need to check it out" She gets up, turns, as Loyal's hand makes contact with hers. She turns, answered by "I'll go with you." The two make for the base as the engine noise dies.

Shu screams "Enemy planes!" and sprints for the communications tower. Loyal reaches for his rifle and fires at the side of the communication tower to alert the base. Red lights are shot and the entire base mobilizes. Within minutes, Nairobi base is filled with soldiers bearing arms, jets pilots ready to scramble.

Meanwhile, our party at the pier notices something different takes refuge under the water as a scout team passes by. Tieng ambushes one in the head with his elbow as the other two are knocked out by Leaguen and Darc.

Upon inspection of the bodies, Leaguen says, "Scout elements, Vera unit, looks like they're supposed to mark the spot for an airdrop"

Tieng: Take the lights and mark the drop for right here. If they're planing an attack, we might be overrun. I heard most of the squadron had left last night on training."

An eerie feeling strikes our team as a plane passes overhead. To the west, two planes have landed and a total of twelve strikers (jeeps with rockets) disperse, ready to attack the base. The last plane still in the air sees Leaguen's signaling lights and opens the door for a jump, not known they are off course. A stream of parachutes fill the sky as loyal returns with weaponry and Kevlar armor. A fearful omen cracks as the waves change attitudes and begin to crush the sandy beach.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:46 pm

Chapter 11: A Line in the Sand

Shu's lungs burn as she reaches the base tower, her staff awaiting her in the radio tower. Without a second to catch her breath, she exclaims: "Send out distress signal to the fleet, get them to turn around. Reach Natnaree, she'll know what to do!" The staff yells 'Roger' and gets to work to call for the fleet. Shu, still exhausted from her sprint, grabs her comsat* and calls Loyal.
Meanwhile: Troops are still being deployed as Loyal and the others are getting to work, planing their defense when Shu reaches him.

Loyal: Same teams, Murder nest get a high location closer to the base. keep range of the greet team for back up. Pick off jumpers as long as you can. Greet team stays here. We need to buy time for the Shu to reach the fleet.
All: Roger!
Shu: Loyal this is Main stage, we're trying to contact the fleet but there's no response. How long do you think you can hold position?
Loyal: I'd give you all the time in the world but my buddies don't seem to want to wait.
Shu: Roger we'll be sending a team out there to help you.
Faye: No need, just fortify the base, we'll be joining you soon enough.
Shu: Right, we still have artillery standing by if you need. Out

Loyal looks at his team and yells out, "Incoming!" firing into the air as parachutes begin to land, seeing the team. About 16 have landed, and a couple more still in the sky. Our murder nest is still picking off paratroopers who fall to the ground like rag dolls. Our team is doing well, thanks to the ambush but something is missing, Loyal thinks to himself. That's when it hit him. The beach began to rumble with jeeps from the distance closing in.

Leaguen sees the problem and yells to the team "Oh damn it I knew it was all too good. (taps his comsat) Greet team request immediate support fire to grid-coordinates Echo Golf 1-3-8-9-9-2!" Looking back at the squad, he yells "Shells rollin' in! Move back!"

The squad moves further back, getting closer to the base as the jeeps from the other planes join the scene. Shells fall from the skies and rain down on the jeeps like cannon balls, exploding into shrapnel that tears even holes into the jeeps. The beach that was once a peaceful sand box is now a battlefield grid, lighted by lines of bullets finding metal and flesh. One after another shells crash into the ground, destroying anything in its path and creating fox holes.

Leaguen is yelling on his comsat for constant artillery fire when he hears the fabled "Sir, our cannons are fried, we need time to cool them off!" Leaguen lets out a loud curse for damnation as he chucks a grenade into the distance as more and more jeeps come to accompany the paratroopers while another groups of jeeps arrives from the flank, cutting off our group's retreat and any hopes of getting support from the infantry at the base.

Tsang: *looking at her team* Crap, whaddo we do now?
Darc: Go out like troopers! *shoots a driver of the closest jeep, maknig the vehicle spin out of control and flip* But until then we give these bastards hell! Everybody over to that jeep!

The team races to the jeep for cover as the rest of the Vera striker jeeps pull in closer. Loyal explains his situation to Shu and takes command of the squad, telling them to push closer to the shores. Shu is overwhelmed by frustration, running down the tower, the base is not yet under attack, but she is not able to send troops to help our squad, and the fleet has yet to respond. Finally, in a desprate move, she assembles her AWACS team and speeds down the runway in an attempt for long range communications to any nearby squadron.

Back to our squad, heavy fire is raining down on their jeep. While everyone is moving closer and closer to each other, Darc is keeping careful watch over Rae. In a flash, a bullet finds flesh, blood is splattered onto the jeep. It's Rae's. The bullet had hit her arm, not a lethal shot, but without medical help, she would soon be in shock. Faye throws aside her weapon, rips a part of her undershirt, wrapping it around the wound. Wounded and hurt Rae continues her effort to help the team, manning her gun and firing back.

Not knowing what took over him, Darc stands up and begins to take lethal shots, but the ammunition is beginning to slow down. Leaguen calls to Shu, letting her know they're low on ammunition, but the hail is not answered. Darc squats down, throws his rifle to the ground, picking up Raechel's rifle. All hope seems lost as they see Shu's AWACs in the sky.

T'sang smiles and yells "Don't give up yet-She won't let us down! Hold this line and keep them from continuing to the base! Come on you women!" From her motivational yell, the team hollars "Ho!" and begins to find inspiration to fire back. T'sang, happy with the squad, yells out "Hah! And I almost thought my team was full of a bunch of worthless hunks! Give 'em hell!" Our scene ends with Rae in Faye's arms, and Shu's AWACs in the air.


Comsat: A mini-screen with information and a user interface connected to the earpiece for easy and quick communication and filled with combat uses such as aim, zoom and a series of lighting details.


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Re: Heartbreak One

Post by templarhope on 8/5/2009, 1:46 pm

Chapter 12: Tides of War

While the situation is getting worst, our squad is holding out, giving everything they've got to pull more time for the base. Some jeeps begin to stray from their group towards te base, and those are quick to meet resistance from the base. Shu grows desprate to save troops and friends below, she opens a line and begins to yell, "This is Two98 of 1496 if there are any Overkill units in the area please respond!" Her hails become repetitions, her hands growing tired of continually holding and releasing the radio. To make the situation worst, ground infantry are now teasing her by firing at her plane.
Below, Loyal and his team are digging in, trying to buy time now for themselves. The situation is getting worst as the Vera unit is closing in, almost face to face now. Darc makes the best of his last clip by making sure his shots doesn't kill. He uses his aim to make sure the shot is painful and the least lethal. From the sky, Shu sees a circle of jeeps closing on on our squad, and an even more desperate action is taken. The AWACs falls out of the sky towards the squad, veering off at the last second, dropping a box of supplies near the squad.

Striker jeeps take their aim off our squad for a second and begin to place fire on the AWACs. Our squad takes advantage of this to recover the supplies and fight back. Leaguen calls in for even more artillery as the tide of the fight is changing. T'sang, seeing a change in the flow, tells her team to begin clearing a path towards the base. The power of focus fire takes out a few more jeeps and our squad is now able to make a run back to the base, except for the fact that Rae is still unconscious. Darc, desperate to get Raechel to safety, tells his squad: "Leaguen you go first, T'sang and Faye, you guys grab Rae, Loyal and Tieng, you get the rear, I'll cover you're evac." His idea is quickly shot down but he insists.

Leaguen: Sometimes I wish I had what you smoke man.
Faye: We can't leave you behind, we've never left anyone behind!
Tieng: No way in hell you go home before I do.
Darc: Just do it, when you get there, make sure you put her in the infirmary for me. I'll be there shortly.
T'sang: But Darc!
Darc: Just go! Before they close up the circle again! Rae's losing alot of blood as it is!

At his plea, the squad gives in. For the first time, they would be leaving behind one of their own. Loyal loads a grenade launcher onto his rifle and fires a few rounds into the distance then makes a run for the base behind his group. Jeeps begin to mobilize and try to follow after them, but Darc intercepts one. He sprints against the wind and fires at the passengers. As he closes in, Darc grabs a knife from his vest and leaps onboard, slashing the driver's throat and throwing him overboard.

Taking command of the jeep, he mans the machine gun on the jeep and holds off the remaining force. Two more jeeps are headed his way, with a whole battalion behind them. Out of options, Darc begins to drive the jeep towards the base, picking up the squad on the way.

Leaguen: Funny how things work out!
Faye: Definitely!

T'sang takes the wheel with Faye in the shotgun with Raechel while the others man the gun post. Loyal taps his comsat and warns the base "Main stage this is Echo team, lines are broken, expect a large Vera force coming from the East! Battalion strength!" Their jeep is speeding along when a rocket hits their right side, throwing the crew into the sky and overboard.

Darc and Raechel are thrown into the same area, badly wounded. Time seems to stop during this moment. Elements of the Vera battalion are moving closer inland, but nothing seems to matter, not the first rays of the sun from the east, not the screams of the sirens at the base. His body is listing pain all over, probably almost in shock. Out of the corner of his eyes he sees his maiden, unconscious, her wounds reopening. In the distance, his team is slowly pulling themselves together, grabbing their rifles and fighting back. Gathering all his strength, Darc releases his kevlar armor that is stained with blood, revealing metal lodged in his lower ribs, barely missing his heart.

With the last of his energy, Darc rips off his armor and craws over to Raechel. Dirt and metal gash deeper into his skin and wound, stinging him with every move. A tear overcomes him, racing down his cheeks as he comes to realize she might be in shock and about to die. With this thought, he pushes himself on faster, until he's over her body.

It must have been the worst week of his life, yet it might have also been the best week also. Her face, shining with the sun rise's first rays shows her face content. She is not in pain nor agony, and neither is he now. He sits with her in his lap, taking out a small pistol, firing back to the on coming troops. It seems the end for our couple. With every shot he fires, time seems to elapse longer and longer. Finally, the last shot is fired, and his pistol drops the clip. The strength he had is long gone, the adrenaline had died down long ago. Darc drops his pistol and places his hands on Raechel's face, a droplet of tear splashes on her face as the end nears. He takes this time to clean off her face, wiping away the dirt. He had never feared death, but this was different, he had so many things to do now, so much unfinished business to take care of.

The ground shakes as the battalion of jeeps closes in to the base. Darc bites his lower lip, hanging on to the memories of of the orchard, when a loud thunder strikes the ground before him. Darc quickly looks up, seeing angels gush by with an audible crack in the air as bombs blow up the lead jeeps. The training fleet had returned. T'sang appears before him, yelling something inaudible. She pulls out a flashlight and checks his eyes. Darc is irresponsive. He is still able to see everything happening, but his brain is beginning to fade. Faye enters the scene and slaps him in the face, waking him up. "We need to get out of here!!" T'sang orders him. The rest of the crew pulls him closer to the base as Leaguen and Loyal enters the scene as well, holding laser guiding scopes to mark targets for the fleet. His last moments conscious were quickly fading as he blacks out seeing his brother marks the playground.

Tieng pulls Darc back to base, greeting a medical team, who takes them in. On the field, Shu and Loyal are marking targets for a gryphon gunship that is approaching while Leaguen marks areas for the F-18's to bombard.

Shu: A72 Gryphon Gunship eta 20 seconds, mark with the laser and the ship will give you air support, Loyal!
Loyal: Roger that! Request spray on laser locations!

Loyal beams a laser over the Vera battalion, now accompanied by tanks. In the air, a sluggish plane rides the air current. Following his laser guidance, the ship opens it's gun cannons and lays down shells, taking out a platoon full. Vera2 sees this failure and leaves the area, abandoning his men, telling them to continue pushing in. The remaining forces are taken out by a combination of gryphon gun cannons and Air-to-Surface missiles and bombs. The once cool and sandy beach is now littered with junk cars, the burning of body and fuel, with the stench of death plaguing the land. It seems our squad lives another day on the front.


Gryphon Gunship: A larger airplane that acts as air support, it shoots massive rounds into the ground where ever laser coordinates are given, taking out even the toughest of tank armor and lining. You might have seen this gunship on Transformers 2 the movie.

Question: I'd love to add in names of the people reading this story as characters, of course I wouldn't make you a villain or a vera, but if you'd like please comment and let me know. Other than that, I'm headed to Missouri, so take care all! Uploading when I get back


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Re: Heartbreak One

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