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The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

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The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

Post by horo on 7/26/2009, 1:42 pm


Hey ppl! Thats my first time writing fic .And english is not my first language.Sorry~

Pairing : YunJae, YooSu ,Min?
Raiting : N-17
Ganer : Homosexuality, Verbal Language, Sexual Activity, Violence (I think it will be) , Romance, Drama , Comedy for Hamu XD haha u know what I mean my friend. Lolz

Summary : What happened at the night before christmas?

Its about sad love between two boys.

I dont know what more to say.Just read it if u want and will see.

Chapter 1: I dont like your tears.

"Gotta fix that calendar I have
That's marked July 15th
Because since there's no more you
There's no more anniversary
I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you"

Jae was sitting in his dark room listening to the sad love songs on his MP3 player...he just breaked up with his boy friend Seungri.
All what was on his mind is the image of Seungri kissing his cherry lips,how genteel he was.All the little cute soft bears with hearts that
were saying "I LOVE U" and things... But today everything was different.


"Thanks for coming Kim JaeJoong" - seriously said Seungri.

''Hey,whats up with that face honey?'' - smiled Jae.

''Dont call me honey anymore u slut''

"Sorry...what?! Why u called me slut??''

''Were have you been yesterday bitch?''


''Fucking liar.......! '' -madly shouted Seungri.

''What?! I dont lie to you!! I love you Seungri!! '' - cried Jae.

"Shut the fuck up ! What u were doing in that night club with JungYunho??? ''

Seungri walked closer and slaped Jae on the face.Jae stared crying loudly.

"What the heck Seungri! I even dont know who is he! ''

''HA! U dont know?! I HATE U !!! FUCK OFF! DONT CALL ME ANYMORE!'' - he yelled like a psicho and leaved Jae all alone in the scary


''Shit.....who is that damn Jung Yunho...'' - with the shaky voice cried out Jae...

The song ended and he heared that the phone was ringing.He immediately stood up and grabed the phone.He wished it was Seungri.


'' I talking to Kim JaeJoong?'' - Male voice questioned.

"Yes.........'' - he replied annoyed.

"Thats nice then.Just wanted to say..... Die u fucking slut!Bitch! Go to hell!You damn dickhead!! ''

" W-what???'' - Jae started shaking.

"U are the most annoying person in my whole life! U- "

Jae hang up the phone and throw it in the wall.
He get his pillow and started to scream into it.His beautiful eyes were full of salty tears.
He knew it was Seungri's job.But Jae still loved him so much...

*The next day in the school*

"Hey Hyung! Were to?'' The dolphin voice made echo in the all school hall.

"Hi JunSu....Nowere..Just walking..."

"EEEEEEE??????? My hyung is not in the mood??? Whats up?! " - surprised screamed SuSu!

"Damn it JunSu! SHHHHH~~ Dont be so loud! Now everyone in the school will know that something has happened to me!Aish~~~~" Shished Jae.

'In the other side of hall.*

"YunHo heared that? I think our plan is going well." - devil smile showed up on TOP face.

"Yea I see. heh ''


"And that whats hapened? Oh my god..Poor Jae...dont cry" - SuSu feeled sorry for his hyung then he saw the tears floting up in his eyes.

"Ekchem...Kim JaeJoong?"

Everyone in the hall started looking at the band of the boys who were the best in all school,and at the the poor two guys who were looking at the cool ones.

"OH!" - the fear was in the JunSu's eyes.He was looking straight at Yunho .

"Shish, scared ?''

Jae didint want to show his face and his teary eyes, so he didint look at the person who was talking to him and SuSu.

"Yes I'm Kim JaeJoong.How can I help you? " - he replied straightly.

"Show me your face."

He grabed onto Jae face and turned it directly to his.

"Open your eyes" - He ordered him still holding on his face.

Jae slowly opened them.He saw the beautiful men infront of him.

"Listen to me carefuly bebe, today's night, at about 7 a clock I'm waiting for you in front of "Peter and Powil" church.
Dont think about not coming ,understood? Oh and by the way u can call me Jackson ,nice to meet ya, beauty king."

Yunho and other boys left JaeJoong in the akward position.

The school day runned really fast.Jae even didint noticed that the last lesson is over.
He told JunSu that he is feeling bad about everything what happend this days,and he wants go home first and rest a little.
But trully he was thinking about the handsome boy in the hall , he remembered his sexy eyes.

"Interesting.. what he want from me?"

He stoped. The cold november weather was chilling his blushing cheeks.He took his scarf into his hands and smelled it.
There still was perfume that used Seungri. He sighed and decided to meet up with Jackson boy.

When he was walking across the grey streets he heared someone shouting his name out loud.Jae turned around to see
who was it ,and saw the cool black bike with the hot guy on it.The guy weared helmet on,so Jae didint saw the face
of men with hot body.

"Sorry?We know each other?" - in the sexy way questioned Jae.

Guy stared taking off his helmet while talking.And silky hair showed up.

"Idiot.Its Jackson~"

"Oh !! It was you...sorry... I am..." confused Jae.

"You dont need to tell me a thing.I know where u were going " - Smirked Jackson.

Jae blushed ,and turned his face shyly.

"Oh god! Why are you blushing sweety? I made u feel akward or something again?

"Y-yes..." again shyly answered Joongie.


He grabed Jae's hand and puled him closer.

''Wanna ride?"

Jae started trembling ,becouse he was afraid of the cool guys hands,he was so strong.

"Come on.Sit with me!"

Finaly Jae agreed and sat in the back.

"What are you doing!You will fall! You have to hold on into on my waist strongly "

Jae did as Jackson requested.He pulled his arms around his manly waist.

They were riding in the night of Seul. The buildings that seemed to be ugly in the day time,but are so beautiful in night with all that
special lights that were on it.

They stoped somewere in the park.
Jackson grabed Jae's hand and took him to the place near beautiful river.
Becouse of moon light it was shining brightly.

"Why we are here? You wanna do something to me?Its Seungris job? Damn why I'm so stupid" - Jae shows the panic on his innocent face.

''Hey bebe ,I dont wanna hurt you.Just wanted to show you the beautiful tonights sky." - With this words he lied down on the ground.

"What are you doing Jackson?" interested JaeJoong.

"Do the same" - smiled.

"Oh okey as u wish." he didint want the boy to get mad or something.

Jae did it.They were resting on the nice cuted grass.Looking at the stars.

"Today they Are extrimely beautiful" - speaked Jackson.

"Can I ask you?"


"Why u call yourself Jackson,and why u r interested in me suddenly after.....- "

"Its because I like Michael Jackson. After ,what?"

''After I breaked up..." - Jae started crying.

"huh? U breaked up?Who is that unlucky person??"

"Its me in the sorrow..."

"Poor bebe...

"Oke I think u dont want to hear it...Sorry.."

Silenece was in the air for some moments,then the Jae's crying sound breaked it.

"Hey dont cry."

"I still love that person."

''Forget it and look here!" he pointed with his finger to the sky. "This one is called cassiopea.Beautiful one,isint it?"

"Yep its beautiful." smiled Jae.

Sudenlly Jackson rolled on the Jae.

"Hey JaeJoong." - he looked in to his charming eyes.

"w-what are you doing??" - Jae was shocked.He didint know what to do,so he just stayed in the same position.

"Your eyes...I dont need to look in to the sky with all this shining stars,your eyes are much pretier than them."

Jae started blushing like mad.He was all red.Jackson rolled back to his place in the grass.

"Even if now is kinda dark I still can see that you are blushing ,bebe.'' laughed Jackson." And dont cry anymore.I dont like your tears"


So thats the end of my first Chapter.I'm writing the fic in english first time so dont hate me bcs of some mistakes or stupid words.
Anyway my friend is helping me to correct them.Thank u Hamu~ <3
Oh And I think u know all who is that Jackson boy : D I think its realy easy to understend. I know I'm bad at it...ehh sorry~

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Re: The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

Post by horo on 7/26/2009, 1:47 pm

Chapter 2 : I feel so happy

All night long Jae couldint sleep because he was thinking about how Jackson looked at him.He replayed the feeling of Jackie on top of him.
He didint know whats up with him.Its cant be love.He just met him.And even if they were in same school he didint saw
Jackson in it.
JaeJoong looked at the clock.It was almost 5 in the morning.


*At the school*

Some clasmates were siting in their seats in the class.Talking to each other,lauthing around.Jae lied on the desk because he didint sleep much last night...

Doors suddenly opened and everyone shuted up.Jae thought that its he didint mind it.He keep on lieing.
He felt that someone grabed on his hand.

"Whata!?" he raised his head up and saw the boy from yesterday.

"Hey Jae" he smiled.

"oh ah! Hi Jackson!"

Everyone in the class were surprised after hearing the name.Jackson send the glares to all of them and they continued do what they were doing.

"So should we go out? Maybe to eat something?" suggested the cool boy.

"Oh but classes is not over yet "

"Shesh..Who cares!" he looked pissed."Anyway lets go.Everything will be okey."

"Oh I dont know...I-"

He draged Jae after him.Tehy were runnig through the school to the exit avoinding other people.

They runned out of school and Jae made Jackson stop.

"Hey LET ME GO!! I said I dont want to go nowhere!'' shouted Jae.



"Why are you shouting at me?

"Just because u are doing such things to me!"

"What things? I just wanted to give you this. YooChun bring it on to me! "

From god nows were showed up the boy with a pink box and gave it to Jackson.

"Here you go Jae.Thats for you." - he extended the pink surprise.

Jae sat on the bench and started to open the present.

Firstly he saw the little letter in it.

"Do you know what hurts the most?
Just Lets have dinner ?" Smile

With love ,Jackson <3 "

"Aww thats so cute ^__^ ! Thank you " Jae pouted happily.

He stood up and friendly hugged his friend.
After that he continued to look whats in the box.There were sweet candies that had banana taste.
He started opening the candy pack as there are no tommorow. He grabed on one sweet thing and put it in his mouth.

"OMO!!Such a taste!! Take one too Jackie!"

"Oh okey " he smiled brightly and took one with himself. "Hey its really good!Gonna buy more! " - laughed Jackson.

The time passed and the bell was calling for everyone to join the lessons.But Jae didint care about it anymore.He felt so
happy sitting here in the garden with Jackie in front of school.

"Hey lets miss the classes? " happily smiled and suggested JaeJoong. "Its better here!In the free world!"

"Oh of course !As u wish my friend."

They sat on Jacksons black bike and drived off to the place were are no damn teachers and annoying lessons!

"Hey Jae!!!!" - while driving shouted Jackson.


"wanna me to speed up a little? ! Its the great feeling!!!"

"Oh I dont know...!!!

"Trust me and hold tighter!!!" WOHOO!!!"

He speeded up a lot.The bike rided on the one wheel some moments.Jae was freaking scared he grabed Jackie that tight
that he havent power to breathe. So he slowed down.

"That was cool rigt??!" Smiled Jackson.

"WoW! Yes! But so scary! " laughed Joongie.

Jackson stoped in front of some good looking cafe.

"Wanna eat here ?"

"That would be nice I think" with wide opened eyes answered Jae.

The boys entered the expensive restaurant.All the waiters were very polite and good looking. The design of the place was gorgeous.

"Hey I like the colors here.So warm." smiled Jae.

"Ye I agree " Jackie smiled back.

"Whats your real name?"


"Maybe Jung YunHo ,hahaha" laughed Joong.

"Whats so funny?Its Jung YunHo."

''.............Sorry? Really? "

"And whats with that reaction?

"Just......... this Ex said that I was in some night club with you,doing some nasty things.But I was at home!

"Whata hell.Me with you?Cant be,lol."

"Because of that he left me..."

"He?Ohhhh so you are gay?"

"I-I......" - confused Jae.

"Thats okey.No need to explain ,bebe"

"So I can call you YunHo ?"

"Yep" smiled Yunnie. "Anyway maybe wanting to go to the club with me tonight?"

"Oh !Club? I never been there before" blushed Jae.

"Thats okey honey."

He winked to Joongie.Jae blushed again.

"Hey why you always blushing,bebe?" smirked YunHo.

"T-thats nothing..." he looked away.

The order that they gave to waiters was bring brought.Jae ate spaghetti,and YunHo's order was
chicken in sweet souce.
They ate long time,they didint talk to each other.
After few moment the handsome waiter came.

"Sorry,do u need something more?'' he looked at Jae like he was about to eat him up.

Jae looked up at him and noded.
''I want more water please" he smiled sweetly and continued to eat his meal.

Yunho saw it and send very scary glare at the waiter boy.

"And the bill ,pleeeease." he pointed out the last word.


After waiter left Jae looked at Yunho with the question eyes.

"Whats up?" asked Joongie.

"That son of the bitch was flirting with you!"

"Really? Cool " laughed Jae.

"Whats cool in that?!You are mine!"

"Y-yours? I dont understand." jae looked confused.


At the same moment as Yunho replied the waiter boy showed up with the bill.

It was the end of the school and Jae asked Yunho to to bring him home, because he promised to help his mother.

As soon as he entered the house, his mother stoped him with the strange questions.

"Jae,honey,do you have girlfriend?I think its normal to tell your mother,and bring her home,right?And you are almost 17.
And you are beautiful.You must have a girlfrien.!"

"Mum, why all of the sudden?Something is wrong?" - laughed Jae.

"Just I see only boys with you.Dont u think thats strange,honey?"


"Okey I see that you dont want to talk about it.Go change your clothes and come to help me in the garden."

"Okey, mummy!" He tiptoed to his mum and kissed her on the cheek.

"What a sweet boy" smiled mother.

About 3 hours he was helping out mother in the garden. He was tired as hell,he took the cold shower and fell on his
soft bed. he was about to fall asleep but suddenly the phone ringed.

"Ooooooooooohhhhh" he yelled nervously.


"Jae?Hi ,its Yunho."

"Eee?Yunho? From were did u get my phone number?

"Um, your friend JunSu gave it to me."

"I see.."

"So why I'm calling to you. Wanna go to club?"

"yes, but-"

"Okey I will come in about hour,prepare yourself!Bye"

He hanged up.

"Ohh... I even didint tell him the whole sentence... oh..Anyway.."

The whole hour Jae fished around in his closet.And the only one normal things he found were nice black jeans, and light green sweater with a V-cut.
He made a nice hair and put on the necklace with the blinging cross.
He came down to the first floor, and mother saw him.

"Jae?Why u look like that? Going somewere?"


"With who?"


"what about girlfriend?"

"Mum!! You again with that damn girls!Whats wrong with you?!"

"Why u said damn?U dont like girls??My son is gay?!" she started to cry loudly.

"Mum ahhhhrrr SHUT UP! I'm going out and dont bother me!OKEY?!"

With this words he left the flat and slamed the doors strongly. He was trully pissed.

He waited for Yunho.It was a little cold outside and he forget to get his coat with himself,he didint
want to return home.He was mad at mom.
Jae heared the loud and known sound of the bike and smiled.
The bike stoped just in front of JaeJoong.

"Jae! Are you waited a long time ,bebe?"

"Oh yes becau-"

"Sorry bebe!Dont be mad at me,oke?" he smiled sweetly.

"Oh okey,but thats not your fault."

"Oh then its just great! Lets go!"

Yunho didint saw how gorgeous and hot Jae was tonight because of the dark.


So if you want to know what will happend in club just read next chapee xD

Bcs we know our jelous YunHo and Sexy Jae right?

Bye everyone.

P.S. comment and tell me if I doin bad/good or smth.Okey? ^^ Thanks~

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Re: The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

Post by horo on 7/26/2009, 1:47 pm

Chapter 3 : I want you

They arrived to the club.In front of it standed some sluty girls who looked at both boys like at lollipops.
JaeJoong didint mind them,but Yunho....

"Hey girls" he winked.

"Hey Yuunieeee~ " screamed one girl.

"Come on give me a kiss" requested other one.

Yunho came closer and kissed her on the cheek.She wasnt that happy.

"When u will kiss me on my sweet lips,huh?"

"Never I think.Dont hate me,I love you." the killer smile was in action.

"Ohh you are so sweet! And who is that sexy boy with you?" she was looking at Jae with a smirk.

"Ah no one.Just some friend."

These words and the action of Yunho's was like a knife in the heart for JaeJoong.

"I see~ So he is nothing special to you? If I were a boy I would turn gay for him.hahaha" laughed drunken girl.

"haha very funny " said Yunho."I think we should go in,bye girls.See ya soon~"

Yunho huged both of them. Then he was talking to the female creatures he didnt turn around to look at Jae.
He payed to enter the club.He payed for both.Jae thanked Yunho but He still didint look at beauty and didint answer nothing to him,just the um,aha , hmm.MhM and so on.

"Why he is acting like that" thought Jae.

They entered the club.All people were extrimely hot dressed and all of them were dancing or flirting,kissing ,huging ,drinking and other.
Jae was scared that he haves to do the same...He always was a good boy.He even didint kiss until Seungri showed up.He didint have sex with anyone,even with Seung.

"So Jae I think we....-"

He felt speachless as he saw how hot Jae was tonight.

"Ohh SHIT!"

"HUh??Whats up YunHo?"

"N-no nothing.Lets dance its my favorite song." he smirked.

"Okey" smiled Jae.

It was "Ciara and Justin Timberlake-Love sex magic"

YunHo grabed Jae's hand and pulled him to the center of the dance floor.
Jae was to shy to dance.He even Didint know how to dance normaly!

"Hey come on.Dance!Show me some of your best moves!!!!" - shouted Yunho because the music was to loud.

"I dont know how to dance!!"

"Look ,bebe!!"

Yunho started to move.That was just OMG.All of his moves were special.All of them synchronized with music rhithm.
Jae was shocked as always.Yunho was so attractive while dancing.


"What?!Surprised?!!! Hahahah !! " - still dancing questioned YunHo.


"Dont stay in one poze like a lazy panda!Lets move!!! Do it like me!!"

Jae started to repeat the moves.He got the rhithm and started to move himself.
They were dancing a long time.As they felt tired a little Yunho dragged Jae with himself to have few drinks.

"Jae! You danced awesomely!'' - smiled YunHo.

"Oh ..come on..noo.." blushed Joongie.

"hey how long you will blush from my compliments!I want you to blush from something other!
Waiter! Two sex on the beatch cocktails!"

"Okey sir!!" the barmen smiled playfully.

After few moments cute waiter gave the cocktails.

"Here you go Yunnho Sshi!"

"Thanks " he winked.

It looked like Yunho and barmen know each other.

jae looked at the cocktail and he was thinking why people called it like that.

"That are you thinking about?Drink it."

"Just nothing... okey.." shyly answered Jae.

"After few drinks he wont be so shy ...hehe" thought Yunho.

As Jung boy planed they drinked up more and more of cocktails.
JaeJoong's face turned red a little bit. Surely he was drunk a little bit.

YunHo moved closer.And with a smirk he whispered to his ear.

"How do you feel Joongie?"

"I-I feel a little bit strange Yun.."

"I want you"


"Let me be your master tonight bebe"


"Ye, call me your tiger."

"My tiger"

"Thats right honey.Mmmm your voice is so hot now"

He placed his hand on Jae's slim waist.

"I wanna fuck you Joongie."

"Ye? Cool,hahah" laughed Jae.


"Hahahaha you are so funny Yunho.No one told me things like that before! Hahahaa" He started loling all the way.

Yunho looked like a dummy.He didint understand why he didint made Jae horny or something...
He felt pissed off.Leaned on his hand he was sitting at the bar not saying anything

After some time Jae felt that something is not good.

He leaned on Yunho.

"Whats up?"


"Oh okey then."

After few minutes Yunho turned his head were Jae sat.

''HUH?! Were is he??!"

He immediately stood up from comfortable bar chair.
He was looking around the club and suddenly he heared the screm not frat from him.He started to runfrom where the voice emanated.
Jae was pulled onto the wall and some boy was holding him.He was kissing his pure neck,with one hand he holded on his member place,with other
holding on his chocolate hair.

Yunho came near them and pushed the man away.

"What the fuck man!!!!???? Dont touch him!!!"

"HUH?! Who are you to tell me this shit??!"

"Why u care????!!!!"

Yunho punched his face.The man wanted to do the same,but he missed.Yunho kicked between his legs.

"Wohoo!!! Its balls crash!!!

The man who harassed JaeJoong fell on his knees.

"Okey...stop it man!!!! Thats enouth..sorry...."

Yunho grabed Jaejoongs hand and draged him from the main room to one where were no people.

"Jae what are you thinking about going alone somewhere?!!" Yelled Yunho.

"S-sorry... I...I... " he started crying and sat on some sofa.

"O damn Jae..I didint meant to make you cry...I ...I just was worried..."

Jae didint answer....

"Hey...Listen.. Sorry ...."

Jae stood up and huged Yunho.He started to cry harder on Yunhos chest.
Yunho started to caress his head.Playing with the beautiful hair.

"Hey Yunho...."


"Can I sleep over at your house tonight?"

"Oh? Of course you can" Yunho smiled."Why?"

"I'm in fight with my mom...."

"Oh thats okey then.."

Yunho huged him tigher.
JaeJoong didint want this moment to end...


Sorry it was short. Dont kill me!!!! *hide behind the bush*

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Re: The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

Post by horo on 7/26/2009, 1:49 pm

Chapter 4 : Difficulties

The sun shined on Yunhos head as he waked up.YunHo didint remember really good what happened after Jae asked
to sleep over.Because Yunho met his friends and they were dancing and drinking all night long.

"ohh head...." he curled up was holding his head.


"Oh!Jae good morning." He smiled but still was in the pain.

Jae was in the cute pyjama with bears.It was Yunho's.

"Whats up? Your head hurts?"

He moved closer and caressed his hurting head.

"Um?What are u doing Jae?" he looked at the sympathetic person.

"Just want you to feel better. I think it will help a little."

"Really?! Thats cool! Because I dont like taking the medicine!What can you do more?Oh and why u are in my old pyjama?" laughed

"The pyjama? Haha just found it in your closet ^^ .I can do relaxing masagge."

"HEY! Do it to me ,please!" begged Yunho.

"Hahaha,okey" giggled Jae.

Joongie requested Yunho to relax and lie down on the bed.He wanted yunho to lie on his stomach but Yunho refused.He wanted to
watch Joongies pretty face.

"Hey how can I do the back masagge if u are lieing in a bad apissition?''

"I dont care what you will massage.Just do it " laughed Yunho.

"Okey then."

JaeJoong sat on the bed and started to massage the end of the legs.Little by little going higher.
Jae's slim fingers did the great job. He sat on the legs, which he was working on , facing Yunho.

Time go on and ge was sitting on the place where Yunhos member was.He was massaging arms.
Yunho felt how his Yunnie junior rubed against JaeJoong's sweet ass.He felt how he was geting hard.

The doors sudennly opened and...

"Hyung sorry for not calling you but........whats is that hyung??? Oh shit!Come on I'm leaving.Sorry" shouted the young boy.

"Changmin-ah!!! Its not what u think!!! Come back!!" he trowed off JaeJoong from himself and runed after Changmin.

Jae fell on the floor.He got hurt.

"Changmin!!!!! WAIT!!!! !!"

He didint want to listen to Yunho.

"Stop please!!!!"

He stoped and turned around with a sweet smile on his face.


"Just joked!hahaa" - laughed Changmin.

"Oh damn....Stupid me...I should have know about your crazy humor bro. "

He moved closer and brotherly hugged Minnie.

"And what you saw its just nothing!Its not what u-"

"Thats okey bro,I dont care if u r gay or something,I still love you."

"Minnie,you are the best" smiled Yunho.

"Haha its because you are my brother Yun"

"haha~ I think we should go back to the flat." suggested Yunho.

"Okey." agreed the newcomer.

They both entered the room and Yunho asked Changmin to lock the door,While he will check on Jae.

"Jae sorry it was- Jae?Where are you?"


"Huh?" he went to the place where the voice came from.He saw JaeJoong lieing on the ground."Hey what are you doing?"

"Hm? Nothing...just thinking... And I got hurt a little bit, so just resting on the floor."

"You feel bad? Want me to help you to stand up? "

"No ....thats okey..I can do it by myself.."

Jae stood up and went to the bathroom in the slow speed.After a door slamed Changmin went to the room.

"Hey I see that I came not in the time bro?"

"Thats okey.But I first time see him like that...strange"

Changminas leaned on the wall and crossed his arms.

" I see.How long you know him?"

"Huh? I wanted him with myself for a long time,but I know him about 3 days ,haha,he is nothing special I dont feel anything
to him. Even if he were an ugly person,I would flirt with him." laughed Yunho.

"You talk kinda strange about it.... Its Seugri's foult?"

"Shish! He can hear it!Yes its about him.I wanna hurt his feelings."

"I see..." sighed Changmin."Be careful,dont go to far ,hyung."


Both boys left the room and went to the kitchen.At that moment Jae was in bathroom.

He changed his normal clothes...and after that...

"Y-yun...aahh...Yunho ah.....mmmm" he tried to hide his moans.

As he felt that he is gonna cum he grabed a piece of toilet paper and put it on the tip of his member.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh " he moaned as he cumed.

He cleaned the tip a little and throw it to the toilet.
"Shit...whats up with me... why I did this...its dirty....."
*At the kitchen*
Both brothers were sitting and drinking some coffee.
"Where is your friend, Yunho?"
"His name is JaeJoong, by the way.I dont know what he is doing in bathroom so long.Maybe I should call him"
He was about to stood up as Jae showed up in front of them.
"Hey!Why so long?!"
"I was thinking..."
"In the bathroom?" asked Changmin.
"Yes,have a problem with that?" he said impolitely.
"Hey dont pick up a figh now .Jae, its my younger brother Changmin" intterrupted Yunho.
"Nice to meet ya Changmin" Jae said madly.
"What the hell ,Jung Yunho?Whats with your friend?"
"He is not in the mood today ...I think..By the way Joongie."
"Huh?" he looked at Yunho with surprised eyes.
"Your zipper is a little bit ..." Yunho looked at Jae's unzipped trouzers.
"Damn!" he felt embrrassed and immidiately zipped it up.Jae blushed.
Yunho started to laugh,and Jae smiled a little bit.
Changmin was watching how great they feel together. Smiling to each other so sweetly.Maybe that wasnt Yunhos bad plan at all...
"Umm Sorry Changmin Sshi,Yunho ,I think I have to go" bowed Jae.
"Why?You can stay longer if you want." suggested Yunho.
"No really I have to go .My mum will be nervous.. bye " he bowed again and as fast as he can he leaved the flat.
"Good luck Yunho" whispered Changmin.
"Ow thanks."
"Can I take a shower and go to sleep? I'm tired from the fly"
"Okey no problem,bro."

Jae arrived home safely.As he opened the door mum runned to meet his son.
"Where have you been Jae?!And why you are not in the school?! " yelled mother.
"At friend's house.Who cares..."
"Its a boy?"
"Yes mom he is boy!Whats up with you these days !?
''I dont want my son to be a Homosexual !"
Jae turned around and went to his room.He onlyhad time to take off his coat,as mother called him.
"What again??!!"
"Friend came to you....."
That was Junsu with the happy smile on his face.
"Oh Junsu hi!" Jae smiled sweetly.
Both boys went to Joongies room.JunSu sat on the red sofa and the other on some chair.
"Jaeeeee!!You know YooChun?!"
"Ummm *He remembered how Yunho called boy named the same* I think I saw him."
"Thats great! So we will work on one project together!! And he is so polite and cute! I talked to him today at school!
By the way why you skiped the lessons today? "
"Thats great .And why are you not at school too?" laughed Jae.
"Um thats because of him...I wanted to talk to someone about it...Its the first time for me to meet such a cool boy...Sorry hyung.And why you are home?"
"Oh I just came home.I slept at Yunho's place." smiled.
"you mean Jung Yunho's????"
"You did... know... what people do at night ... so do you?"

"What? Aaaa you mean sex?"

"Y-yes" he noded.
"No we didint do it.I was just sleeping over."
"I see...But why u were at his place?You are friends or something?"
"Yep we are just friends.It was strange that we become them so fast. I know him only about 4 days."
"Woow Jae..."
"What?What are you thinking u little perv? hahaha"
"No no, just maybe its love from first sight?"
"Love? Hm no cant be... he is kinda cold for me.We are just like typical friends.But I..."
"I'm starting to feel something for him.Yep its was just 4 days..but he is kinda special...he is not like everyone.Maybe he is acting cool and agresive...but then u starting to know him a little bit better you see that he is cute." blushed and smiled Jae.
"Yep! Its loveee!!!!"
"Someone said love?" interrupted Jae's mother.
"O shit..." whispered Jae. '' Mom, what do you want?"
"Just heared how my son said that someone is cute! Who is she son?"
"Okey mom u pissed me off now!!!"
"What ??? How you talk to your mother you little crap!!"
"Do you want to know the true?!!!! Yes mom I like boys! I'm gay ,gay ,GAAAAAY!!! So now you hate me right??"
"I knew that!!! I knew! I dont wanna see you anymore! I dont want you to be a shame on our family!!! Go away from my house you fucking homo!!"
"Thats right Missis Kim! Go and fuck yourself if yo dont like it! I will live as I want! "
"How could you!!!! AAAAAAA!!! Go to hell!!! "

The both persons were yelling, screaming and shouting at each other as Junsu was sitting quetly and watching all this idiotism.
Jae grabed the school bag and put some stuff in.His mum was still yelling at him that he is loser,that he wont have money,respect and normal family.
But Jae didint care what mother said anymore,he called Junsu with himself and left the house immediately.

Jae and Junsu were walking very fast ,they crossed street by street. As Jae suddenly stoped and hugged Junsu.
"Jae?!Whats up?" Susu was shocked a little.
Joong started to cry.

"Junsu why she is such a bitch?? She is not my mother,right? Why she dont need me anymore....There are no rules for love ,right Susu?
" Of course not! Just some people maybe scared of that...and you are the only one child in the family...Maybe becau-"
"Is that a reason damn it?!If I'm the only one I cant love who I want? Whata fuck?!" He cried louder.
The people who were walking around glared at boys.
"Hyung, tell me were you will live now?I want you to live with my falimy,but my parents dont one anyone at home except family.. Sorry .hyung..."

"Thats nothing... I think I know where to go."


Jae stood in front of blue door. As it opened.
"Yunho, can I live in your house a little?"


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Re: The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

Post by horo on 7/28/2009, 10:50 am

Chapter 5 : Sure

Jae stood in front of blue door. As it opened.

"Yunho, can I live in your house a little?"

"Sure!Why not" - smiled Yunho.

"Thank you" he blushed.

Suddenly Yunho hugged Jae.

"Welcome home then"

"Thank you.... Yun..ho..."

"Ekchem...Yunho were is your milk you said?" smiled Changmin.

"Oh!" he let Jae go " I forget I dont have milk ... I will buy now for you bro!"

"Owww really?? Come on ! You dont need to do this" laughed Minnie.

"No no no ,anyway I have to do one thing "

"Okey then"

"Jae feel like at home.Changmin wont hurt you,right ?"

"ye ye ,hahaha" sweetly smiled Minnie.

The time passed minute by minute...Both boys waited for Yunho as Changmin braked the silence.

"Why you came here?"

"Because I dont have were to live now..."

"Family problems or?"

"Yes it is.."

"Oh ok..."

The sound of door was heared.

"Jae come here a little!" shouted Yunho from another room.


Jae walked to Yunho and saw a big bucket of red rosses. In one hand Yunho held the packed cake and in other the flowers.

"Your birthday is tomorrow ,right?Why you didint tell us !?" he smiled.

"OMO!! Thats for me??? Yunho !!!!"

The boy who was sitting in other room smiled brightly.
Jae runned to the room with the flowers and with the super happy smile on his face.

"Changmin Sshi! Look! '' shouted Jae.

"hahah I see, its very beutiful, JaeJoong." Changmin showed his best smile at Yunho as he entered the room.

"So maybe we should eat your cake now?" suggested Yunho.

"Ohh! The taste is???" Asked Minnie.

"its banana!"

"Awesomeeeeeeee~~ I love banana!!!" screamed Changmin.

"huh? You can be a crazy kid too?" wondered Jae.

They ate the cake,drinked tea and talked all the evenning.They learned a lot of new things about each other.

"Ahhh" yawned Changmin " I think we should go to sleep now...the school is for you two tomorrow.. "

"Oh right. We need to go to sleep." smiled Jae.

"Yea,but Jae were you will sleep now? Changmin in not living in Seul as u know,he will stay at my house."

"Oh I think it will be okey for me to sleep on this sofa"

"I wont suggest u to sleep here." silently said Yunho.


"You wont sleep normaly here. Its very bad..."

"I dont care."

"Okey as you wish. I'm going to shower now.Anyone will go after me?"

"No " the both boy's answer was the same.

"Okey then ~ I will go now.

That was the middle of the night.Everyone were at their places ..sleeping... but Jae just pretended to be asleep..

"Whata hell...Ahhh I cant fall asleep!! Its almost 3 in the morning.." - he wispered to himself.

He slowly stood up from the soffa. Jae walked to Yunhos sleeping room and slowly opened the door,he tried not to make any noises..
Jajoong was standing and looking in the dark room ,he saw Yunho's siluet who was lieing on the bed.Jae sighed silently.

"What are you doing here Jae?" said Yunho.

"Ehh?!" Jae scared." um nothing just...just cant sleep."

"I warned you before about it...u didint want to belive me."

"Sorry....can you help me?"

"Of course. Come in my bed"

"Huh?" Jae blushed.

"Come here until I'm still good, or you wont sleep all night long.."

Jae slowly made the first step in the dark room.Step by step he was much closer to Yunho's bed.

"A-are you sure?" asked Jae.

"Yep.Come here"

Jaejoong sat on the bed..

"Come on !Why are you sitting! Lie down! I want to sleep too " in annoyed voice said Yunho.

"O-ok I just-"

Suddenly Yunho grabed him and by force he made him lie under him.

"Just the other night
I thought I heard you cry
Asking me to come
And hold you in my arms" started to sing Yunho while looking into Jae's eyes.

"Huh?" Jae was blushing like mad.

"Michael Jackson's song...its very beautiful...I will show you it on the other day if you want me to." he rolled from Jae " and now I'm going to sleep.Good night"

"G-good night... Yunho.."

Jaejoong's heart was beatting so fast.Even in the normal bed he couldint sleep normaly because he knew that in the other side of bed was lieing the man in whom he started
to fall in love.

*The next day.Early in the morning*

"Jae...wake up" he heared the angelic voice which penetrated through his ears.Jae opened his eyes.


"Morning.Go to the bathroom the towel and new tooth brush is here. And be fast because we will late for school"

"Thank you..but I thought that you are cool and dont care about beeing late for school" wondered Jae.

"I dont want anyone notice that we are good friends or something...umm...and...and I dont want you to have problems with teachers.Oke go now!! " Yunho left the room.

Jae smiled shyly even if noone saw him.

*At the school*

"So maybe we should cut it off then?" suggested Yoochun in annoyed voice.

"Ok ok we can cut it off... I didint mean to annoy you..sorry Yoochun sshi..." nervously excused Junsu.

They were planing the project at the class.

"Thats okey. And one more thing.Call me just Yoochun.Ok?" he smiled.

"Sure" Susu blushed a little.

"Huh? Whats that?" laughed Yoochun.


"You are blushing!! CUTE!!!" widely smiled Yoochun.

At that time near the school***

As always the same black cool bike stopped in the school parking. The same hot boy on it... but this time he wasnt alone.

"Yunhoo...why everyone are looking at us like that?" whispered Jae.

"Now they are looking at you. Some of them want to kill you now, some of them thinks you are crazy,and some of them thinks whats up with me..."

"oh god...."

The boys entered the school and suddenly Jae bumbed into someone.

"Excuse me..." he raised his head.

"Ahhh Jae..."

It was Seungri.He was with the school was their school uniform.

"Seungri?What are you doing here?? The uniform!! Oh my...dont tell me..."

"Yep I will be student here now. I missed you Jae... you know ...sorry that I didint believed what you said..."

He wanted to hug Jae as Yunho interrupted.

"Sorry? What do you mean by that?"

"Thats not your business. Go away."

"Fuck you! JaeJoong is mine." said Yunho while pushing Jae closer to him by puting his arms around smaller man's waist.

Jae's heart started to beat faster again.

"He is not yours! He is mine!! And wait..I saw your ugly face somewhere.....Jung Yunho??"

"Yes I am,any problems"

"So what I heared wasnt a lie at all...... Jae you really lied to me... "

"No Seungri! I havent lied to you! Believe me..." Jae's eyes filled up with tears.

"What the hell is going on.... why I stay like this and do nothing with you Jung Yunho....I hate you so much... you stealled my lover from me..."

"So?" devil smile showed up on Yunho's face.

Yunho was so happy to see the pain on Seungri's was such a pleasure for him.

"Wait up Jung....I wont let it like that.... you son of the bitch..."

"Hahaha " Yunho playfuly showed him his tongue .

Everyone in the hall near them stood and looked at the coolest boy in the all school doing such things.


I think I'm updating kinda fast soo short chappies wont hurt you,right?

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Re: The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

Post by horo on 7/28/2009, 3:23 pm

Chapter 6 : And the war begins

After boys ended the horrible chat ,Yunho decited to go.

"Come on .You will be late Jae."

Yunho started to walk from the incident spot as he looked back. Jae still was there, looking deep into Seungri's eyes.

" I still love you Seungri" he said silently.

"I love you too Jae."

"*Shit thats not good*" thought Yunho.

Yunho was about to grab Jae with himself as...

"But...I didint like the thing that you told to me..." said Jae.

"I already said sorry Boo...please...forgive me..."

"Seungri , I -"

Yunho grabed Jae's hand and runned away with words " Bye loserrrrrr"

They runned into the classroom together, and saw that both boys classes are together.

"What the hell" said Yunho.

"You two werent at school when project started" shouted teacher. "And plus you guys are late! How many times I have to tell you to
come to my classes earlier! "

" We are sorry" bowed Jae.

But Yunho was standing with no emotions.JaeJoong pushed him a little.


Jae glared at him.

"Ok ok... Sorry teacher..." he bowed.

"Okey I forgive you, go sit at your places. And by the way you will work together as there are no other classmates."

They both smiled after hearing that and sat to their "new" places.

"Okey lets start todays lesson."

The boring lesson was so long and tiring...everyone slept in their seats! But some of the students no.
Yunho gave Jae piece of paper with something written on it.

"Happy Birthday! I have a little present for you !
Yunho. "

Jae smiled and writted back,and after giving it to Yunho readed it again.

" Pst" Jae made the sound and gave the little paper to Yunho.

"Thank You!!! ^___^ <3 By the way thank you for the beautiful flowers and tasty cake!
Your, Jaejoong."

Yunho started to write back, after he finished he gave it to Jae.

" Your, Jaejoong? Explain! Very Happy

Jae blushed a little as he gave back the answer.

"You said I'm yours days ago...So okey I want to be yours : )
Noone but yours , Jaejoong."

as Yunho readed it...he felt that something made him happy about it...maybe it was feeling to see Seungri in the loser's place.

The lesson is over. Some people runned from the class some of them runned to where Yunho and Jae sat.

"Yunho oppaa!!!!How are youuu!? " shouted the band of the girls.

"Jae! Happy birthday!" screamed Junsu .

"Thank you Susu " Jae smiled.

"Happy birthday JaeJoong sshi "

"Huh?" Wondered Jae.

"Its YooChun,my new friend.Do you remember I talked about him "

"aaaah yes! Thank you Yoochun sshi" brightly smiled Jae.

"Okey girls I have to go now!" Yunhho gave them the killer smile.

Girls screamed and runned out of class.

"Jae" Yunho stood up.


"The present!"

"Ahh!! Really!! Cant wait to see it !" happily smiled Jae and clapped with his hands.

"Its not here dummy."

"Oh? Really? Damn..."

"Its somewhere else. Come with me."

He gently took Jae's hand in his. After they walked out from the class,Yunho started to run like a crazy. He strongly holded Jae's hand.
And while running he always looked at Jae's flushed and blushing face.
They stoped in the place which was in the end of the school.

"Why are we here?" Asked Jae surprised.


Yunho looked deep at Jae's eyes....

"Joongie ...Happy Birthday "

He started to walk on to Jae. He was scared so made one step back and bumed onto wall.
Yunho put his hand on the wall near Jaes face,and started to move his face to the other boy.
Yunho closed his eyes ... he tenderly kissed Jae's plumpy lips.They stayd in the kiss position for some moments,
as Yunho hugged him tight. After few moments Jae did the same to Yunho....hugged him tight...

"How do you like your present, Jae?" whispered Yunho into Jae's ear still in the same hug pose.

Jae pushed Yunho away and slapped his face.

"W-why?" with the shaky voice asked Jae.

Yunho didint answered long time as he finaly did...

''Firstly answer me...why you slapped me...?"

"Because....because... I dont know why......." he started to cry as he fell on his knees.

"Jae dont cry its your birthday... "

Yunho sat on his knees and huged Jae.

"Y-yunho...Thank you... I'm happy... " Jae hugged his beloved one tight.

"Can I ask you?"


"Have you ever made love with someone? "

"Yes, I hugged and kissed with Seungri"

" Dummy... I mean sex."

" N-n-no.......Why asking??"

"No just wondering..."

* After a long day both boys at home.*

"Yunho..where is Changmin? "

"Oh he visiting some friend.I think he wont be back until sunrise,haha" laughed Yunho.

"I see" smiled Jae.

"Hey remember ,you wanted to hear the whole song."

"What song?"

"Michael Jackson's"

"Oh yes!Of course!"

"Okey lets use the computer then." said Yunho.

They sat in front of beautiful Changmin's had the LEMONed collor. (drools)

"Sooo I think we need the..em how it "said Yunho while pushing some of the bottons.

"Yey here it is!!! " happily shouted Yunho.

They started to listen to it... they sat saying nothing until Jae spoke.

"Wow its very beautiful... oh there is the place which you were singing"

"haha yes" smiled Yunho.

" Nice ,I think you have cute voice" praised Jae.

"Can I kiss you ,Jae?"


I'm not crazy MJ fan,but just after his death I started to like him...dont ask me why...just its always like that...

MJ R.I.P. !!! <3

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Re: The Night Before Christmas {YunJae}

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