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You Belong To Me {YuSu/ YunJae}Yaoi

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You Belong To Me {YuSu/ YunJae}Yaoi Empty You Belong To Me {YuSu/ YunJae}Yaoi

Post by HanSun on 7/26/2009, 7:31 am

You Belong To Me {YuSu/ YunJae}Yaoi Youbelongtome


Park Yuchun, Kim Jaejung, Jung Yunho, and Shim Changmin are famous Asian singers in a group called Dong Bang Shin Gi and long time best friends. Yuchun visits a orphan charity even and meets 21 year old Kim Junsu who is an orphan, in which the charity people tell him that Junsu is very different from the other orphans, and that he had been with them since he was 5, in other words he had been an orphan since age 5. He cries all the time even though he is 21; hardly ever eats, explains why he looks like a skeleton; hardly talks, only talks when he sings, and no one ever hears him only once a staff member did and rumored that he sounds like an angel; plays a little guitar and piano; always sad and alone. Yuchun starts to get interested in him, so he decides that he wants to take care of Junsu, and takes him in. And little did Kim Junsu know that Park Yuchun would change his life.

Ratings: R and NC:17
Genre: angst, romance, smut

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You Belong To Me {YuSu/ YunJae}Yaoi Empty Chapter 1: I'm Park Yuchun

Post by HanSun on 7/29/2009, 7:34 pm

Jaejung, Changmin, Yuchun and Yunho were all looking into the room in which Yuchun gave to the angelic boy to stay in. He was lying on the new bed of his, crying his poor little heart out.

Yuchun was having a hard time deciding on how to interact with the angel he picked up from the orphan.

“He looks lonely but I don’t know what to say to him. Help me Jae hyung,” Yuchun pleaded.

“Well we could go in the room and introduce ourselves. You took him in and yet you didn’t even introduce yourself yet.”

Yuchun nodded, “Well…I guess your right.

Smile, “of course I’m right, when it comes to these kinds of things, like bonding and stuff. I’ll go first. How’s that sound?” Jaejung patted Yuchun’s shoulder.

“Umm…Okay,” Yuchun was still nervous.

Junsu hadn’t seen or heard them talking so he got up from the bed, wiping his tears away with the back of his hands, sniffing, and walked to the large black polished Yamaha grand piano. It caught his eyes, so he decided that it wouldn’t hurt to try and feel it. He looked around there was no one to be seen or heard so he sat on the piano bench and lifted the cover from off the shiny keys, gliding his cute small fingers over it. Then there was a noise, and Junsu saw four people coming to the room, through the glass room doors. Quickly he jumped off the bench and sat in the corner.

Little did he know that they saw everything he had done. Jaejung eyed Yuchun and giggled. Junsu is 21 and yet he acts like a shy 10 year old.

Yuchun called Junsu’s name but Junsu didn’t move, he just hid himself behind his small and bony arms.

Jaejung bent down so he was at the same height as the angelic boy, “Junsu? I’m Kim Jaejung. These are my friends.

No movement.

“Uh, Jung Yunho here.”

“Not like that hyung, Jung Yunho here,” Changmin mimicked Yunho’s voice to mock him and started laughing, his smile crooked and one of his eyes squinting. Yunho, Jaejung, and Yuchun were focused on Changmin for the moment that is until they heard the cutest giggle, and turned to see Junsu giggling with his hand over his mouth. He stopped when he saw that they were looking at him with awestruck expressions on their faces, quickly hiding his face in his hands in embarrassment. Changmin decided to break the awkward silence, “I’m Changmin, Shim Changmin, by the way.”

In unison the rest of the members looked at Yuchun who was still looking at Junsu, mesmerized.

“Arghm!” Yunho faked a cough and Yuchun turned to look at them.

“I’ll talk to him later when you guys leave,” Yuchun mouthed and they nodded, getting up to leave.

“It was nice meeting you Junsu ssi,” they said in sync, all except Yuchun. He would have all the time in the world to talk to Junsu.

Yuchun walked his friends to the door just after closing Junsu’s room door.

Changmin and Jaejung wouldn’t stop talking about the way Junsu reacted to Changmin’s own laugh and silliness. “It could be a break through!” they squealed. Yuchun and Yunho shook their heads.


Yuchun headed up the large flight of stairs, about to go to his room and rest for the night but he stopped as he was passing Junsu’s room door. There were sniffs and quiet wails coming from behind the door. Yuchun sighed, knowing that he signed up for this so he better be ready for what he will be putting himself through.

“Junsu?” Yuchun called and the sniffs and wailing stopped. The sound of ruffling material told Yuchun that Junsu quickly tucked himself in the bed. He turned the light on dim and went to Junsu’s side.

The blanket was shaking, “Is Junsu shivering?” Yuchun thought. “Junsu, Yuchun called softly. It’s…I’m Yuchun, Park Yuchun, the one that brought you to live with me. Are you awake? There was no movement but the blanket was still shaking so Yuchun decided to uncover him. Junsu’s eyes widened and he slid back away from Yuchun. I’m not going to hurt you, I just want to talk.” Junsu shook his head frantically.

“I don’t want…” he mumbled.

“You don’t want what?” Yuchun asked and Junsu didn’t answer, still shaking his head. Yuchun decided to make a move; he pulled Junsu into his arms and hugged him tight. Junsu tried to fight Yuchun, pushing his chest and trying to get out of the tight hold, but it was no use so he just let Yuchun hug him while he sobbed. Hot tears stained Yuchun’s white wife beater but he didn’t pay mind to it, somehow seeing Junsu cry like this caused Yuchun’s heart to chip. It was very saddening to him. Soon enough, Junsu fell asleep in Yuchun’s arms, his eyes puffy and his cheeks red. He laid Junsu onto the bed and covered him up.

“Huh…dolphin,” Yuchun sighed and flopped onto the bed next to Junsu, falling asleep himself.

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