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Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Sachie on 6/28/2009, 1:30 pm

Tammy wrote:
Sachie wrote:
Tammy wrote:
Sachie wrote:I'm glad that Yunho still likes her.
Why's Yunho's mother so evil???
I hope Yunho would get out soon.
keep updating~

thnx for the encouragement!
you dont have to wait here you know
you can go read it in winglin
Thanks, I'll go read it now.

just with my latest update
the people were a bit sad...
the drama comes along now...
dun dun dun!
I just finished reading and I love this story.
JJ is so kind and caring...
and yeah, there was drama, but Drama is needed.
keep updating~

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Chapter 21 [The Truth]

Post by Tammy on 7/13/2009, 7:59 am

Yunho was still anxious about you and JaeJoong walking together 2 days ago, God knows what you've been up to. You stared at her picture again and cried, 'why did I do that to you?!' he questioned himself, then the door quietly opened and his mother came and saw Yunho looking at your picture again, she snatched the picture away from him and ripped it up into little pieces
“Yah! Umma! Why did you do that?!” Yunho asked angrily
“I told you to stop this nonsense! Forget about her!” she shouted back at him
“I CAN’T UMMA I LOVE HER!” Yunho finally let it out; he loved her…so much
“You Can’t!”
“And WHY NOT?!”
“BECAUSE SHE’S YOU SISTER!” his mother let it out, the grief that she kept planted inside her heart was finally let out.
“What?” was all Yunho could mutter right at this moment. He didn’t understand… how can she be his sister?
“Let me explain” his mother offered and took you to sit down next to her
“Her father was… my lover before. He was my boyfriend, we loved each other so dearly that we wanted to live our own lives and make a family. But when I introduced him to my parents, they didn’t approve of him. And as a matter of fact, one of the reasons they didn’t approve because they had already set me up with someone else…someone I don’t know… someone I don’t love… so I ran away with her father… but my parents hunted me down again… by that time I was already pregnant with twins…and they threatened me that they would kill him if I don’t break up with him…my parents let me have the twins after nine months then do their wishes… so I did, I did not dare make his life at risk because of me, well… because I loved him too much… one day I just decided to leave him without notice, I know it was harsh but it was the only way… If I left a call or a letter, he would try and fight it off. But I knew what my parents were capable of. Then I left him the only memory he would have left of me: our daughter _______; you were the twins Yunho… You and ________ are twins! You can’t love her more than that!” his mother explained everything with tears
“So… that’s why dad is so cold to me? I was so angry at him for bringing home his son from another woman now I find out that I’m a son from another man?! AND THE WORST PART IS I LOVE MY SO-CALLED-TWIN!” Yunho shouted at her mother and ran outside while brushing past SeungHyun.
“Yah!” SeungHyun shouted to Yunho but then just shrugged it off. He heard everything about the truth. He just decided to visit his mother again in the hospital.


You were laid in bed with sweat around your forehead and clammy hands after your 4 time of throwing up. You moaned and groaned in the uncomfortableness. (
“What’s happening to me?!” you asked the ceiling and was completely annoyed when it didn’t give you an answer. You threw a pillow at but it just ended up landing on your face. “Oomph”
“Oh! There it is again! *gags*” you ran to the sink again and let out a pile of stinky bile. (that rhymes!)
Thing was getting worse, you were eating but your stomach won’t let you, you took your pills to have appetite was also that was thrown out. ‘What am I going to do now?!’
JaeJoong was out all day due to a family thing, and can’t get out of it, unluckily. The next day, there were more throwing up but not as much as the day before. You started to calm down and think that it was just food poisoning so you just shrugged it off. You hated going to hospitals.
“_________ah! I’m back!” JaeJoong shouted from downstairs, he basically lives in your house now, your dad is mostly at work so you’re always alone and he will take any chance he could get to spend alone time with you.
“Oppa! I’m up here!”You shouted sluggishly as you were very tired, JaeJoong ran upstairs and found you laid on the bed all bundled up inside the duvet
“_________ah! Are you okay?” he asked coming closer to you
“I’m f-fine” you replied
“No you’re not… have you eaten?” he asked
“uuhh…” you thought about whether to lie or let him the truth
“Aaww..._______, come, I’ve got us food. Eat.” He shoved the food into your nose, you sat up from the bed and JaeJoong started to open the taper wares with delicious smelly food. Except for one, one had the sourly chicken smell which made you sick. Your stomach was empty but where was it getting all these bile from?! You ran again to the sink and threw up.
“________ah! What’s happening?” JaeJoong stood beside you stroking your back
“N-nothing… just food poisoning” you replied while brushing your teeth
“Food poisoning?! You haven’t even eaten yet!” he pointed out, it was true, you have not eaten yet. Even if you tried
“It was the food I had yesterday I bet” you replied again while gargling water in your throat and spat it back out
“Are you sure?” he asked concerned
“Yes sir!” you mocked him and he chuckled at your cute military man pose.
“come on! Lets eat!” he held your hand and dragged you out. But you stop just 5 meters away form the sourly chicken smell.
“What’s the matter?” JaeJoong asked
“Take that stinky smell away! That’s the one that made me sick!” you complained and JaeJoong gladly took it away for you
You sat on the bad again and ate with JaeJoong, it was so sweet! You fed him and he fed you, when a sauce fell on your face… he’d kiss it off…more likely lick it off.
“Ugh. I’m full” you whined
“Okay” he replied and took away the pile of food and washed them. He went back upstairs and lay next to you.
“Oppa… sing for me again.” You ordered him
“What do you want me to sing?” he whispered in your ear
“Okay…” when JaeJoong was about to start a song your phone rang and it was Yunho calling.
"Ugh!” you groaned and threw the phone on the floor.
Then after a few minutes, Yunho called JaeJoong.
“I’ll take this and make him go away okay?” JaeJoong replied

*phone convo*

JJ: Hello?
YH: JaeJoong ah… I need to take to ______...give her the phone
JJ: NO! If you’re calling to apologize then—
YH: Please! I’ve got something to tell her!
JJ: what that you love her?!
YH: NO! Just give her the phone!
JJ: not until you give a reason!
JJ: what have you got to say to her?
JJ: …
You: hello?
YH:___________ah.. We need to talk…
You: I don’t think so…
YH: please!
You: okay fine! Tomorrow…
YH: I’ll be waiting in the park
You: whatever

*end phone convo*

JaeJoong was still dumbstruck at what he heard, was Yunho telling the truth? Were they siblings?
“I’m meeting Yunho tomorrow…”you sighed
“Want me to come with you?” JaeJoong offered
“no, I’ll be fine…” you reassured and the both of you went to sleep.


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 7/13/2009, 8:00 am

Throughout the whole night JaeJoong could not get himself to fall asleep. He kept on thinking about what Yunho has exclaimed on his unprepared brain. “SHE’S MY SISTER GODDAMN IT!” Yunho’s voice hit the replay button inside JaeJoong’s head and JaeJoong could not find the stop button. It was getting to him even though it really was nothing. It should be good, that means that he has no more rivals with you. But, what he was really worried about was how you’re going to react, you were always full of surprises and that what scares everyone.

‘Just leave it JaeJoong…this is between them…relatives…” JaeJoong thought


“Mmmppphhh!” you ran towards the toilet startling the snoring JaeJoong beside you. You barfed and barfed on the sick until you felt that there was nothing more to let out. But you were absolutely wrong. A few minutes more of this and you thought that you were going to die!

“What’s wrong cupcake?”JaeJoong asked you standing by the door rubbing his half open eyes mixed with a saliva stain by his chin. ‘Ew.’ You thought and barfed again

“You see what happens when you call me cupcake?” you finally uttered and got a hold of your toothbrush and barbarically tortured your teeth. By the time you were finished, the toothbrush was torn apart.

“Hey hey… what’s the matter?” JaeJoong came over to you a little bit more sober

“Nothing… food poisoning.” You declared

“Again? But we ate the same food! How come your throwing up and I’m not?” he wondered

“I don’t know, my stomach is just more sensitive than yours” you replied washing your face and getting ready for your meeting with Yunho.

“Are you sure you want to go on your own?” he asked draping his arms around your waist and nuzzling his face within your hair…and immediately pulled back.

“Why?” you asked looking at his disgusted face and smelled your hair.

“Oh my God!” you cursed yourself and ran to the bathroom to wash your hair and JaeJoong chuckled.


JaeJoong dropped you to the park and went to work. As you were waiting, you sucked on a lollipop and were listening to your iPod, and looked at your watch from time to time.

Yunho now spotted you and was running over,

“_____________!” he called but you couldn’t hear because of the full blast of the headphones. You were listening to JaeJoong’s solo Keyword. Yunho nudged you and then you noticed him…you rolled your eyes.

“What do you want?” you asked while standing up and taking off the headphones from your ears.

“I-I’ve got to tell you something…” Yunho said looking away from you

‘I can’t believe that she’s my sister…’ he thought

“Speak” you coldly replied

“Yunho…” someone called from behind him, a woman

“Umma?” Yunho turned around to meet eyes with his Umma.

“I figured you would tell her…so I followed you… I think it’s better if I explain…” His Umma, JinAe answered with full concern.

“Okay? What is going on here?!” you asked very confused and kind of frustrated. JinAe turned to see you, she creepily stood in front of you and examined you front head to toe. Your eyes were the exact replica of your father, along with your lips. But the nose was similar to hers.

“Oh!” she burst into tears and hugged you, which made you even more confused and creeped out.

You tapped JinAe’s back and gave Yunho a deathly confused glare. “What is going on?!”

“I’m sorry*sniff*…let’s walk and talk…” she said and grabbed your arm to follow her and Yunho followed with his head down.

“________ah… I’ve really missed you!” JinAe said

“I’m sorry ma’am but do I know you?” you asked then she paused

“I-I-I am your…Mother ________ dear” she cooed and interlocked her gaze on yours,

“I’m sorry ma’am but my mother is dead… maybe you’ve mistaken me for someone else” you replied and looked away

“NO! She’s not dead! I am here…In front of you…wait” JinAe exclaimed and was getting something out of her bag…after a few seconds, she held out a picture frame and faced it in front of your face

It was a picture of her, your father and 2 little babies.

“See? There’s me…your dad…Yunho and…you” she explained pointing at every single figure in the picture…sure enough it was your father in there with her, and you and Yunho?

“What is this?! This can’t be...I don’t understand…she’s dead” you cried with confusion, your brows furrowed deeply and Yunho just sighed and tried to calm you down.

“I am not dead… maybe that’s what he thought… or wanted to tell you, to be honest I am not a very good mother. Me and you father were lovers…” JinAe continued on with the story of your family. Turns out that Yunho was your lost twin, she was your mother and your father was in the midst of death. You were absolutely speechless on what she had just been bestowed upon you. It was all way too much to take in but you decided to swallow it anyway. The person you hate the most was your brother and than your mother that you have not seen almost all your life suddenly appears and tells you all of this.

Little did you know that JinAe’s husband followed her and Yunho all the way to the park where you were having that confidential conversation, he listened intently to what she was saying and realised that it was you… you were her daughter. He didn’t like you already so he called JinAe’s parents to inform them about the contact she had with you… as expected and the result he wanted happened, they were very angry and was ready to have your father killed as soon as possible.


You walked away from them to cool your nerves down a little, then the more you think about it, you started to feel dizzy and had to hold on to a tree for support. You thought it was the heat but just to be sure, you went to the doctors.

As you got in there, Dr. Byun, your old doctor saw you

“_________! Long time no see! How are you? Ankle doing better?” he asked cheerfully but when you took a glance at him, you were seeing double, the room spun around and your nose started bleeding. You noticed this and wiped it off (you can get nosebleeds from pregnancy, my mom had it)

“Ah! ______ You’re having a nose bleed! Come on, follow me to my office” he offered but you could not walk and just fainted on the spot.

“Hey! Help me here!” Mr. Byun shouted to one of his nurses and the all carried you to his office.

-After 20 minutes-

You woke up from a plastic gray bed and your eyes squinted at the sight of the bright lights. Mr Byun ran towards you with a happy face.

“__________ah! Congratulations!” he exclaimed at your face

“For what?” you asked sitting up

“You’re PREGNANT !” he cheered but you could not decipher what you were feeling. All of those information just got shoved in your head and now this? Are you ready to be a parent? What would other people say? You’re still in college. But you were still happy because you were carrying JaeJoong child.

“I hope you don’t mind, I secretly took some tests and you were a positive” he explained

“Oh, it’s fine.” You said

“You better take better care of yourself okay? And tell the child father to cherish this chance, it’s very special.” He warned and you smiled as a reply

“Thank you” and you walked out of his office


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 7/13/2009, 8:02 am

Your POV

I’m pregnant, Not very hard to understand right? There was a living thing growing inside my womb and I was not going to do anything to stop it. But, there are other things out there that need explaining. Like my father, JaeJoong and…my Mother. Speaking of my father? Where is he? He hasn’t come home since yesterday. I remembered when I heard a faint door opening and closing last night. And I’m sure it was him.

But this morning he left early and it is now 1.30 am. I have been waiting here for him all day; I just rested and took the day off. It was the weekend anyway. I could not hold it anymore and my eyes weighed like a ton and they dropped down drowsily.



The next morning, JaeJoong came early to your house and brought you pancakes for breakfast

*ding dong* he pressed the bell but there was no response from you as you were sleeping heavily on the sofa. Instead, he peeked in the window to see anyone around. Then, he saw your dead-like-body laid on the bed. But he noticed something weird… you didn’t sleep on your belly this time, usually, you always sleep on your belly.

He got worried and got the emergency key and opened your door.

“_________!” he shook you violently making you snap awake, which you don’t usually do either. Your eyes opened themselves widely and looked at JaeJoong with a smile; you sniffed something that smelt delicious.

“PANCAKES!” you squealed and sat up, you grabbed the Styrofoam container, opened it and gobbled it all up, not leaving anything -even little crumbs- for JaeJoong.

“Oppa! I want more!” you shouted in need of much attention

“What? That was supposed to be for the 2 of us!” he exclaimed making you frown and pout, you were absolutely craving for more pancakes, no matter how much you’ve already eaten.

“Ok fine! I’ll go buy some more!” he gave in because of your puppy eyes… a little thing that he could never refuse. When he went on to buy more, you scrambled into the fridge to look for more to eat.

It was really weird to you that you were really hungry, maybe because you were eating for two people this time. Milk! You spotted the white liquid in a bottle and engulfed it all up. But it was also not enough. Where was it all going?

The door opened and JaeJoong entered with a whole new bunch of pancakes and you were on your second bottle of milk.

“I skipped through the line just…for---you” he stuttered at the sight of you, gulping the start of the third bottle of milk. (small bottles by the way) JaeJoong stared at the 2 bottles beside you then at you and the bottle being harassed by you.

“Oppa! Your back! PANCAKES!” you wiped your mouth off of milk and grabbed the Styrofoam container full of pancakes again. The both of you sat on the dinner table while he watches you eat the pancakes with delight and glistening eyes while pouring the syrup. He was way beyond lost, why were you acting this way?

“Baby?” he called you by your nickname, your head snapped up and you started to choke on your food.

“Calm down, eat slowly…are you okay?” JaeJoong asked handing her the half finished milk bottle.

“Baby?” you asked a little shocked; you didn’t plan on telling him yet, so how did he know?

“Yes?” JaeJoong, as oblivious as he was, answered as he thought that you were calling him by him nickname

“How did you know?!” you asked a little panicked, gripping the fork and the knife in your palms

“Know what? Baby?” JaeJoong was definitely confused now

“Yes!” you answered with a full mouth

“Yes what?” JaeJoong quizzed you

“What baby?” you replied irritated. What was he going on about?

“Ok, you’re not making any sense…seriously, what’s wrong with you?” JaeJoong asked more seriously now, ‘maybe it’s about Yunho being her brother’ he thought

You did not want to tell him about your little kid, so you babbled about something that you already gotten over with.

“It’s the shock Oppa…Yunho’s my brother…” you replied to him with a down face, but you didn’t stop eating.

“I knew it… It will be okay _________” he cooed attempting to comfort you, but you found this hysterical. The way that he’s acting all lovey dovey and cheesy to something that wasn’t even a big to you anymore. Sure enough, it was a shock, but you know have found the missing piece inside of you and you were happy about that.

You just stuffed you face again to prevent yourself from laughing.

*tulululululululululut* the phone rang and you ran over to pick it up.

“Hello?” you greeted the person on the other line

“Sweetheart, it’s Appa, I’m on the way to my meeting and business project in the countryside ok? It will last for 2 weeks so I’m going to need you to take care of yourself… I’m so sorry, this was just a quick call, I’ve got to go, Bye …I love you honey” your father said and hung up without even knowing what your opinion is. Surely, his clothes were less and one luggage was gone.

“Who was that?” JaeJoong asked

“Dad. He’ll be away for two weeks…” you confirmed JaeJoong who smiled. A big smile!

“So that means…you’re all alone for 2 weeks?” he said

“Yeah…” you smiled back at him and he hugged you

“I will definitely stay with you…” he cooed which made you giggle

‘Should I tell him? Or not?’ you asked yourself

“So, what do you want to do today?” he asked

“Park?” you said

“Sure! Let’s go!” he insisted and dragged you out

When you got there, you were probably the sweetest couple. You ate ice cream, chased each other, and fed each other. Either way…you two were very cheesy. Then a sudden topic got brought up by your curiosity. JaeJoong and you were sat under a tree, he was leaning his back on the bark and you were between his legs, playing with some daisies.

“Oppa... what do you think of kids?” you asked and he stiffened

“Why __________ ah? Do you want one now?” he teased

“I don’t know… how about you?” you were hoping that he would give you a positive answer as nothing was going to change your mind about keeping the baby.

“If it’s with you… I would love to have one, but I don’t think were ready though” he stated

“Why?” you asked a little disheartened

“Well, because I’m still a student, we both are. When we have a child, I want us to have our own house; I’ve taken over my father’s company, and I just want everything the best for our baby” he explained and you cannot helped by be touched by this thought.

“Thank you JaeJoong.” You uttered

“For what?” he asked

“For always being there for me… for loving me” you turned around to face him and smoothed his face with your thumbs while looking intently in his eyes

He smiled at you and leaned in to kiss you, happily, you kissed him back. He hugged you closer to him and made the kiss deeper, his tongue carefully tapped the entrance of your mouth and you gladly parted them and your tongues battled. There was a wonderful breeze flowing delicately around you with leaves. That day went on and you watched the sun set together.


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 7/13/2009, 8:04 am

Yunho was still devastated about this information shoved in his brain in the last couple of days, he tried to adjust and keep up with the idea that you were his sister. But one bad apple made it worse for him.

“Oh my god! I cannot believe that ________ is your sister!” SeungHyun exclaimed right at Yunho’s ear in the table eating breakfast

“SeungHyun, That’s enough…” Yunho’s mother, JinAe, stopped him before Yunho could burst. It was hard enough thinking about it, let alone speaking about it.

“Thanks Umma, I’m full up. I’ll go to school now” Yunho sadly said and left the table.

As Yunho got into his car, all he could think about whether to avoid you or not. He started having flashbacks of you and him in his car, doing silly stuff. He drove off into a foggy road into school, as in really foggy road. It was completely covered up in clouds that Yunho could hardly see anything.

“What is this? I can’t see anything!” he muttered while trying to decipher the road, then… *THUD* Yunho hit something.

“Oh Shit!” he exclaimed and got out of the car while it was stopped in the middle of the road, looking to see what he hit. Unfortunately, he saw a body lying on the cold concrete floor groaning

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! I am so sorry!” Yunho reached out to help the poor…lady?

“PABO YAH! LOOK WHERE YOU’RE GOING!” She screamed in a province dialect. Yunho loocked at her and she was attractive, and innocent…and cute? It was obvious that she was not been

“I’M SORRY!” Yunho grunted frustrated

“God… People these days” she muttered this time trying to get up from the floor.


“NOTHING!” she screamed again getting Yunho even more frustrated, Yunho breathed deeply to keep himself from hurting the girl.

“Well, can I take you to the hospital…Miss…?” Yunho asked more politely this time

“Lynn.” She answered dully

“Well, can I take out to the hospital Miss Lynn?”

“No thanks Mister…?” Lynn asked


“No Thanks Mister Yunho…I’m good” she said in a sweet province dialect which made Yunho chuckle

“What’s so funny?” Lynn asked

“No-*chuckle*-thing” Yunho replied which annoyed Lynn

“Aya…” Lynn stormed off to the other side of the road and left Yunho there on his own with a line of beeping horns

“Yah! Get out of the way! *beep*beep*” an angry and super late stranger beeped his horn at him and Yunho drove off.

At School, everything was back to normal. He was still the jock; girls were back surrounding him along with his friends. But when you walked around the corner, hand in hand with JaeJoong, he twitched in whether to say a simple greeting: ‘HI’

“Yunho Oppa!” you called him

Yunho heard the call and uncomfortably ran up to you,

“H-hey… Dongseang” Yunho sadly muttered to you but you smiled thinking that it was probably better off this way.

“What?! D-Do-Dongseang?!” one of Yunho’s friends, Junsu, overheard what he said and was startled

“Junsu ah!” Yunho exclaimed to make him shut up and to go away

“Explanation 411 is ago.” Junsu said, crossed his arms and walked away swaying his super cute duck butt.

“Oppa, how’s Umma?” you asked

“She’s good.”Yunho replied dully

“Ok… well, we’ve got class so… bye Oppa” you moved away from his mob and strolled along with JaeJoong

Yunho replayed the word he said to you in his head “Dongseang” his heart sank, but he hid it form the human eye.

When he turned back he bumped into someone making them fall in the floor, when a grunt and a soft moan were released, gasps and anger whines followed. Yunho felt warmness along with softness on his lips; he slowly opened his eyes to see a familiar looking girl. She pulled away and screamed to the top of her lungs

“*SCREAM* YOU STOLE MY FIRST KISS!” the familiar girl: Lynn screamed with her dialect and got off of Yunho, she was awkward being on top of him.

“Lynn? You go to this school?” Yunho asked surprised to see the annoying stranger he ran over just minutes ago. Yunho also wiped his lips and made a disgusted face, the fan girls stropped off somewhere and his friends muttered things like “Yunho is such a killer! He’s gotten into the new girl already!”

Lynn slapped him on his right cheek and started to tear up, Yunho stayed frozen at his spot staring at her and Junsu, the gentleman that he was… Chatted her up and welcome her to the school

“Hello there, I’m Junsu” he introduced himself to the new girl


Junsu did not understand a word she said as it was too fast and with a weird dialect, so he assumed it was English and replied like an idiot completely losing his charm.

“That’s good?” He asked in his broken English

Lynn furiously stormed away into her first class while Junsu was still trying to figure out something to say

“OK! Thank you!” he lastly shouted to her, Lynn turned around and looked at him like he was a creep. Junsu was absolutely stricken by your disgusted face and a bead of sweat dropped down his forehead.

“Uuhh… Junsu, you got rejected!” Changmin booed Junsu while taking a bite of his milk chocolate that he just received from a fan girl.

“Shut up Min! And you eating again?!” Junsu snapped at him

“Hey hey hey! This chocolate is Fair trade! It’s good for the world!” Changmin replied shoving more chocolate in his mouth, chocolate was not Changmin would share to anyone.


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 7/13/2009, 8:10 am

Two weeks had passed and the tension between Lynn and Yunho was still on fire, they were competing against everything, Lynn was not the person you would want to see lose; she always has to win, Even if she has to cheat. Just like in Yunho’s house yesterday, they played for the whole day in his X-box, when Yunho got hungry and took a pause, Lynn continued on without telling him so that she could have a head start. They would have bets almost every day.

They have gone quite closer from these two weeks; Yunho has now got a nickname for her: Lynnie. They know about each other’s personality, likes and dislikes. Even ethnicity, he just recently found out that Lynn was half American half Korean, her American father who was in the army had left her mother and brought her up on her own. Junsu on the other side of the story was having a hard time communicating with her.

On the contrary, you and JaeJoong were still lovey dovey with each other like you usually are. It was getting to him in how much you would eat pancakes everyday and you gaining weight, he has also noticed on your breasts, they were getting bigger too! But that’s just normal for a pregnant woman right? The problem was that you still couldn’t tell JaeJoong about your baby. You were planning to tell both of the guys in your family at the same time, so you were waiting for your father arrival. Will it turn out perfectly according to plan or will something abrupt your determination?

At one in the afternoon, you were preparing secretly for your 2:00 check up with the nurse. So to pass time, you opened the television.

Anchorman: today’s news, a man named ____ _____ aged 46 was found murdered in the room 708 in GwangJu hotel. He was in for a business trip for a new building being set up in the countryside and this morning at 11:00, he was discovered by the housekeeper lying dead on the bed. There were no traces or wounds in the victim so the killer has thought out every single procedure….

The news engulfed your mind and when you saw your father’s picture on the news; his face was pale and had no mark what-so-ever. It was obvious that someone had murmured him. You stared at the television with frantically streaming tears falling from your eyes. You phone rang so many times that the battery ran out and killed itself, it was mostly Yunho and her mother calling you, but when the news had just reached to you, you could not move one limb. Angry, sad, and frustrated, you stormed out the door and ran until you could not breathe anymore, you reached the park when some people recognized you.

“Hey! Aren’t you this guy’s daughter?” a lady said pointing to the headline in the newspaper, which had your dad’s picture on it. Dead.

You ran even more not minding anyone around you, until… *screech* a car broke itself when you just realised that you were in the middle of the road. In a millisecond, the car hit you. HARD! And your body flew for another 5 more metres, the driver stepped out of the car panicked

“__-______ah?!” the driver muttered and drove away not even calling the ambulance for you; your blood was flowing everywhere, coming from everywhere. Your head, your legs…your stomach. Just by coincidence, SeungHyun was walking along the park and saw everything that had happened, he ran up to you and called the ambulance. They came in five minutes with paramedics. SeungHyun was covered in blood but did not even care about it, he was more concerned about your condition. When she was taken to the hospital, SeungHyun stayed behind and called his family to go over the hospital.


“Yeoboseo?” JaeJoong greeted the person on the other side of the line

“Mr Kim JaeJoong! Hurry up here in Seoul Hospital, Miss ______ has just been admitted!” Mr Byun, your doctor shouted form the other line

“What?!” Jae shouted back

“NO TIME TO EXPLAIN! JUST GET HERE!” he concluded and ended to phone call

“I got to go!” JaeJoong exclaimed to his Appa and ran out his office towards the hospital

When he got to the hospital, everyone was running around frantically, and it was making him dizzy

“JaeJoong ah!” Mr Byun shouted form the other side of the room

“Mr Byun!” JaeJoong ran up to him and grabbed his shoulders

“WHAT HAPPENED TO _______?!”

“________ ah has been run over just this morning. It was a hit and run, it is now very critical for her!” he yelled and walked towards the operation room. Mr Byun entered but JaeJoong had to stay outside, by the swinging doors, he just had a small glimpse of you with metal things probing your body. He was distraught and sat down on the bench. It was all too fast, your father was dead?! And now you’re in critical condition! What is happening to the world?!

“___________!!!” you mother JinAe shouted running towards the doors of the operating room. Yunho and SeungHyun followed

“What happened JaeJoong?!” Yunho asked him panicked

“Her—your fathers dead… and she got hit and run” JaeJoong simply stated

“WHAT?!” hit and run?!” they all said in unison

“YES! Maybe it’s because of the shock she didn’t know where she was going…” JaeJoong reasoned with tears flowing from his eyes. JinAe was also crying now and paced all along the corridor waiting for the doctor to come out with your results. 3 hours later Mr Byun came out all bloody which made SeungHyun cringe a little.

“Doctor! How is she?” they all asked him at once

“She’s still in critical condition as of now, she has lost a lot of blood and will need a donation as much as she can, if we don’t get donors soon, she might die!” Mr Byun explained

“Doctor! I’m her mother! Let me donate! As much as needed! Just save her!” JinAe exclaimed

“Me too doctor, I’ll donate…I’m-her brother…”Yunho said volunteering himself.

“Okay! That’s great! Follow the nurse and she will collect your donations… “He explained again and walked inside the operating room once more.

JaeJoong was just sitting there with SeungHyun dumbstruck, the woman that she loves is in the risk of dying and he can’t even do anything but wait.

After a few minutes, JinAe and Yunho came back around to them with pale faces and lollipops in their lips. JinAe was shaking and crying while Yunho comforts her.

*2more hours later*

Mr Byun came out the room and wiped himself of blood ready to inform them of what the results are.

“Doctor! How was it? Was the blood enough?” JinAe asked

“Yes, Thanks for that…we are able to save her life and she is now stable…” they all sighed in relief

“But…” their panicked faces came back again

“I am sorry that we couldn’t save the baby, it was only a foetus and the bleeding from the crash had killed it at an instant.” He apologized and all eyes gazed on JaeJoong who was confused about the information given.

“Baby?” JaeJoong asked wiping his tears

“Didn’t you know? Miss ________ was already 2 weeks into pregnancy. I am sorry” he said and walked away.

“Why…WHY?! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE PREGNANT _________!!!” JaeJoong shouted and punched the wall. SeungHyun and Yunho pulled him away outside to calm him down while JinAe was the first one to visit you.

While being dragged outside, JaeJoong started having flashbacks of you puking every morning, eating a load of pancakes and milk, talking about what he think s of babies…

“JaeJoong ah! We’re all shocked! Calm down!” Yunho yelled

“BUT IT WAS MINE! MY CHILD THAT SHE WAS CARRIYING!” JaeJoong shouted back at him, his eyes throbbing from so much crying, he felt like he just swallowed a big pill without drinking water, his heart thumped so fast it was like humming.

“She asked me on what I think about kids…and…and I said that I wasn’t ready…I said I wasn’t ready….This is all my fault!” JaeJoong blamed himself and kneeled on the grass. He buried his face in his hands and cried more.

“No! its not! She chose not to tell you!” SeungHyun argued

“I should’ve been there with her…when her father died…but I wasn’t!” he cried more

Yunho and SeungHyun did not know what to do with JaeJoong anymore so he just left him alone mourning for the death of his child and the near death experience of his beloved.

‘I swear I will get whoever has done this to you, your father and our child…I promise!” he cursed inside his breath and it unlocked the bad side of him. It was now a new start.


“__________...your fathers gone, so I’m here okay? I’m just here as your mother! I promise I will be the mother you never had…” JinAe cried while holding your hand tight.

SeungHyun Yunho and JaeJoong now entered the room and glanced at your limp body. JinAe moved away for JaeJoong, he gladly took the seat by you, held your hand and kissed it.

“Baby…why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant? *sniff* I would’ve taken care of you… I wouldn’t gone to work… and leave you on your own*sniff*” JaeJoong teared up.

Yunho could not take the drama and walked outside to call Lynn

“Hello?” Lynn answered

“Lynnie ah! *sniff* c-can you come here in Seoul Hospital?” Yunho asked wiping the tears

“What? Why? Has something happened?” she asked

“My dad’s dead Lynn… and my sister got hit and run…she’s in a coma right now” Yunho cried once more

“Alright! Wait for me outside… I’m coming!” she said and hung up. Yunho did what he was told and waited for her, when she came; they both stared at each other with sympathy. Yunho all of a sudden pulled her into a tight hug, Lynn was shocked by this but liked it, and she knew that all he needs now is some company and a shoulder to lean on. She was NOT going to let that pass onto someone else so Lynn hugged him back and stroked his back ever so gently.

“Let it out Yunho ssi… Cry…Shout!” she exclaimed while Yunho cried even more.

Everyone was mourning for you and your father (and Michael Jackson). Everyone’s time was now rested upon your awakening.


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 7/13/2009, 8:13 am

JaeJoong, for the past 2 weeks, stayed right by your side, told you stories along with JinAe, Yunho, Lynn and SeungHyun. Sometimes he didn’t go home in the hopes that you will wake up in the middle of the night. But, there was still nothing from you, not a sound, not a shuffle, not even a loud breath.

“JaeJoong ah, were going now… are you sleeping here again?” JinAe asked

“Yeah…” he courteously replied.

“Okay, come on SeungHyun… Yunho- send Lynn Home!” she warned

“Alright Umma… Come on babe” Yunho called

“Okay…Let’s go?” Lynn cooed while his fingers interlaced with hers. They were together now, who would’ve thought right? The mortal enemies became lovers.

“Take Care” they all said to JaeJoong who fixed your blanket. He sat down next to your bed just like he did before when you fell down the stairs. He asked himself all these questions

“Why does this happen to you? You’ve done nothing wrong… why are you being punished like this? It’s not fair… I should’ve been with you all the time” he blamed himself looking at your limp half dead body, with all those tubes and bandages covering you

As time passed, it was already midnight and he found himself sleeping next to you on your hospital bed.

With one deep breathe a finger silently twitched, after a few seconds… another finger twitched with the other one then the others followed. With the senses coming back to your body, your eyes slowly opened themselves and frantically looked around the room.

“Where am I?” you asked and nudged JaeJoong while sleeping, but he didn’t notice. You were attracted to his face and got closer to it. Your beady cute brown eyes examined his face slowly, until you yelped when JaeJoong flipped his eyes open.


“________? You’re awake?” JaeJoong joyfully asked even though he knew and can see the answer right in front of him

“W-Who are you?” you asked scared,

“’s me…JaeJoong.” He replied

“I-I don’t k-know you…Go away!” you pushed his body away from you, which was moving in slowly inch by inch

“ what happened?!” he asked frustrated

“DOCTOR!” he shouted which made you cringe in your bed. You didn’t like loud sounds at this time; you really didn’t know what was happening. You were absolutely clueless about the things and the person beside you.

“What’s the matter Mr. Kim? Di--” Mr Byun rushed inside your room and was shocked when he saw you awake.

“________ah! I’m glad you’re awake!” he cheered, but you just cringed even more and hid your face under the blanket

“What’s the matter with her?” Mr. Byun asked

“I would like to ask you the same question doctor…how come she doesn’t remember me?” JaeJoong asked with his voice full of seriousness.

“Let me check up on her” he offered and got closer to you. You sat up on the bed and Mr Byun held out a pen light.

“Okay ________, I’m going to need you to follow the light okay?” He said and you nodded

The doctor, moved the light criss cross way and everything was normal, but when the light hit your pupil horizontal way

“AAAHHH!” you screamed and hid your face on the pillows, you just had a flashback of a red sports car hitting you.

“No Stop! Stop!” JaeJoong hissed at Mr. Byun and walked over to you

“What’s happening to her?!” he continued

“She’s going through TBI I suspect” the doctor stated

“TBI? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Traumatic Brain Injury. The car crash must’ve affected her brain… TBI can cause emotional and behavioural effects and can either lead to complete recovery, permanent disability or death. Let’s pray for the best” He explained leaving JaeJoong speechless.

How can he make you feel better? How can he cure you? He needed you to remember him… but how? When you don’t know a thing at the moment.

“What’s the best thing to do?” JaeJoong asked

“The best would probably treat her same, and hope that she remembers and recovers well.”

JaeJoong looked down and prayed that this challenge won’t be as hard on you as it is for him. Mr. Byun left the two of you alone and you started to talk

“Who are you?” you asked

“I told you…JaeJoong” he cooed gently combing your hair through his fingers

“Jae-Joong?... I can call you Oppa neh?” you smiled

“Yeah… Oppa is good.” He smiled back

“Oppa… how come I don’t know you? Oppa… I’m hungry…” you groaned

“I’ll get you something” JaeJoong let go of you and went out of your room; he leant on the wall and sobbed. He furrowed his brows and the tears kept on flowing. You were in the brink of death, you can’t remember him, and there was chance that you’ll have a disability. It was all too hard for him to already handle.


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Almost Escape

Post by Tammy on 7/18/2009, 5:56 am

“AAAHHH!” you screamed and sat up from the bed rapidly, you could feel your heartbeat beating so fast, your wounds throbbing and this feeling stirring inside you. Something was something…Missing from you, or rather inside of you.

“__________! Gwenchana?!” JaeJoong got to your side in a flash with a worried look planted in his face.

“Anyo Oppa… I-I had a nightmare!” you cried and clutched your stomach like it was in pain. JaeJoong’s expression softened but stiffened again when he saw your hand grasping your abdomen.

“What’s wrong with your stomach? Does it hurt?” he asked again and gripped your hands

“O-Oppa, I feel like…my tummy…” you stammered while trying to remember what was in your dream. But you couldn’t, all you could decipher was voices and shadows. “Baby” “I Love…” you whispered the words that came up to you and JaeJoong’s heart ached in pain. He remembered about your miscarried baby. With that, he also remembered the promised he made with himself to catch the culprit who did this to you and the killer of your father, the problem was that he did not know where to start.

“Its okay _______, it will come back in time… go back to sleep, it’s 4 in the morning.” JaeJoong cooed then placed your head on top of the just-plumped pillow and slided the covers back on top of you. He went in for a kiss but you quickly flinched and avoided on whatever was coming to you.

JaeJoong and you went back to your slumbers… well, you did but he didn’t. He was hurt by the way you avoided his kisses, his hugs. But the only priority that was on his mind was you getting better, remembering him again and start over. It was also a good thing that your attitude towards healing was positive. Soon, the morning came and you awoke again, JaeJoong laid on his belly on the sofa right next to yours, and you slightly chuckled at his cute expression. Then—

“OUCH!” you yelped, your head started to ache and little voices and shadows took over your head again. “Oppa… Thank you for…” “You look like a girl…” “Oppa, I’m preg--”

“AAHH!” the stinging pain got even worse, you couldn’t take it anymore, and you were clueless about everything around you…the images and voices made you confused. You didn’t even know who you were except that your name was _______. You wanted to get out of there so badly, right at that second.

“What-what’s happening? ________ are you okay?!” JaeJoong quickly sat up

“GET ME OUT OF HERE! I HATE THIS…LET ME GO!” you exclaimed and started fidgeting around your bed; you pulled off the needles inside your body along with the tubes. Then you flipped the blanket off and tried to sit by the edge of the bed ready to run out of there, but JaeJoong held you back with one of his strong bear hugs.

“Calm down ________! Calm down! Doctor!” JaeJoong chanted

“LET GO OF ME! I WANT TO GET OUT HERE! PLEASE!” you cried and struggled out of his embrace, then Mr Byun stormed in with a needle in his hand. The nurses brutally held you tight and held out your arm; Mr Byun pierced the sharp needle into your fragile arm and injected a medicine. Your cries and screams became softer and you started to breathe heavily and eventually fell unconscious, JaeJoong helped Mr Byun to lay you back on the bed and put back the needles you dangerously removed.

“Why is she being like this doctor?” JaeJoong frustratingly asked

“She’s probably confused, the memory that she lost is coming back slowly, sometimes not in order of the way it happened. It’s very common so no need to worry” he explained and walked out of the room with the nurses.

JaeJoong called JinAe to inform her of what happened…

“WHAT?!” she shouted

“What is it Umma?” both SeungHyun and Yunho chorused

“It’s ________!” JinAe exclaimed and all of them instantly ran out of the mansion to visit you.


“I see, well JaeJoong ah, how much sleep have you had?” JinAe asked after JaeJoong had explained everything to her

“3-4 hours” JaeJoong exhaustingly replied

“Oh my goodness, you must be so tired. Go home…Either SeungHyun or Yunho can stay with her tonight” she suggested


“No buts!”

“Yeah JaeJoong, I can even call my friends over to take care of her, she’ll be safe…don’t worry” Yunho offered

“Uhuh, and when Yunho hyung get’s busy with Lynn, I can come over, you don’t have to take all of the responsibility with her, she does have a family you know” SeungHyun pointed out and Yunho slapped the back of his head.

“Okay, I guess I have no choice, Bye Yunho, SeungHyun… Bye Omonee” JaeJoong went home defeated

“I’ll take of her tonight and SeungHyun can do it tomorrow. Let JaeJoong catch up with his college work.” Yunho said

“Okay, I’ll be going now, Come on SeungHyun.” JinAe replied

“Appa…Appa…my Appa” you murmured in your sleep, and your fingers twisted the sheets tightly

“Ssh my daughter…Ssh” JinAe walked over to your bed and smoothed your hair to calm you down, and it worked.

“Okay…Let’s go, I’m late for work my sons, when she wakes up, tell her that I’m sorry” JinAe concluded and walked out with SeungHyun

Yunho sat on the couch and picked up his phone while quietly staring at your fragile body. Lynn answered on the other line

“Oppa!” Lynn greeted

“Lynn, can you accompany me here in the hospital? It’s my turn to look after _______” he explained

“Sure! See you in 10” Lynn hang up and Yunho sighed


“Hey Oppa” Lynn hugged him as she entered your room. He led her towards the sofa and relaxed

“Look at her, she’s so broken… I can’t bear to see her like this, and JaeJoong…even more broken than she is.” Yunho grimaced

“I know I feel bad for them as well. If that ever happened to me… I wouldn’t know what to do either” Lynn sympathized

“Oppa… If me and _______ were drowning in the ocean, which one of us would you rescue first?” she asked

“What- That’s just…I can’t--” Yunho stuttered looking at her wide eyed

“Psshh… I’m just kidding, I Love You Oppa” Lynn cooed and placed her head on his broad chest and hugged him comfortably

“You scared me for a moment there…and I love you too…”he replied and lifted her chin up to face his. He kissed her gently slowly turning more and more passionate, she leaned back and he leaned forward until they he was on top of her, still kissing

“Yo! Oops, my bad” Junsu greeted when he opened the door to your door, he quickly turned back when he saw Yunho and Lynn ‘groping’ each other on the sofa. Soon after, the rest followed and saw everything, Lynn pushed Yunho away roughly and he looked at Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin by the door, each one of them with different looks. Junsu had a more ‘I’m enjoying this’ look, Yoochun had no expression… a poker face that no one can look through. Changmin on the other hand a ‘what do you think you’re doing?’ look.

“You’re supposed to look after your sister hyung, not to have sex on the sofa, in a hospital at 11.30 in the morning.” Changmin pointed out which made Junsu burst out in laughter and Lynn flush crimson. He just calmly took out a chocolate bar from his pocket and ate it.

“Why you--” Yunho started

*gasp* “W-Who are you?!” you asked


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by daesungvip on 7/24/2009, 8:56 pm

man Tammy, you better update EVERYTHING.

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Post by Tammy on 7/28/2009, 4:11 pm

Yunho quickly glanced at your scared body on the bed; you were gripping the bed sheets until your knuckles were turning white.

“It’s me _________ ah… Yunho, your big brother.” He tried to grab your hand but you rapidly pulled it back and stared at him with teary eyes. ‘Who is he? What is he trying to do?!’ you thought

“I-I don’t…” you stuttered

“Its okay honey… rest a little bit more.” Lynn said

“Let’s go, I think she needs some space, I mean people just barged in here…it’s all too much for her right now, It needs some time.” Lynn explained and nudged Yunho

“I guess you’re right. Oh No! I forgot! I’m supposed to pass in my assignment to Professor Hyo tonight! I’ll call SeungHyun instead…” Yunho turned around and called SeungHyun who was only just around the corner.

“He agreed. Let’s go” Yunho, Lynn and the rest went outside her room. You were nothing but confused at that very moment, you don’t know who they were…if he was really your big brother. Then 3 little knocks were head on your door. You hesitantly walked over to it and opened the door.

“Hello…” SeungHyun smiled a charming smile

“H-Hello” you stammered in reply. Were you supposed to know this guy to?

“I’m SeungHyun… but you can call me Seungie.” He tapped your nose and you smiled. The very first smile you ever made since you’ve lost your memories. You wondered ‘Why does that name ring-a bell?’ He walked in and you closed the door behind him.

“How are you little princess?” he asked cheerfully

“P-Princess? I’m…okay, I guess” you blew up your cheeks and sat at the edge of your bed.

“Seems like the princess is locked in here… do you want to go outside? The garden has really pretty flowers! Perfect for a very pretty girl like you” he commented with a smile. You couldn’t help it but giggle at his response.

"Sure..." You tell SeungHyun who grins at you and helps you to get into your little flip flops.

"Are you sure you don't remember anything, ______?" SeungHyun asks

"I don't know. It's still weird for me." You shrugged skipped throughout the halls, SeungHyun catched up with you and took a hold of your hard. You were a little bit surprised and were confused on what he was doing, but you let it pass and held onto his warm firm hands.

Mr Byun saw the both of you pass by and wondered…

The both of you reached the hospital garden and you ran around the bushes of really colourful flowers and took in a deep breath of fresh air.

SeungHyun stares at you, an unreadable smile plays on his face. You look at him, a little scared that his deep seductive eyes are staring into you

"Oppa?" You ask with voice a little unsteady "What's wrong?"

SeungHyun shook his head, the smile still remaining on his face "_____ ah, you're really pretty."

You blush, unsure of what to say next "Thanks…?"

“Let’s go play!” he offered and you cheered. You seem to like him better than JaeJoong; he treats you like a normal person not like an invalid not being able to do anything. You’re free around SeungHyun.

“Okay… I give up! Where are you hiding?” he asked pretending to be tired

You crept up behind him and shouted “BOO!” SeungHyun turned around and pretended that he was scared so that you would laugh…and he was successful. He picked you up by your waist and spun you around, the wind blowing away your hair and your smile was as radiant as the sun. Then suddenly, you felt a sharp pain in the pit of your stomach.

“Aahhww” you complained

“What’s the matter? Tired?” he asked and you nodded, you didn’t want to tell him about the pain. The both of you went back into your room and had a little drink and a rest. SeungHyun glanced at the DVD’s by the T.V and had a good idea.

“Princess?” he called out to you

“Hm...” you smiled

“Let’s go watch a movie…” he grinned and inserted the disc inside the DVD player and it played, you sat next to him and crossed your legs.

“What movie is this?” you asked

“Do Re Mi Fa So La Si Do” he answered (Great film! I cried like a baby!)

The movie went on and your neck was getting a little ache, SeungHyun pulled your head gently and had it lean on his strong broad shoulder. As you were watching, you were wondering what the girl and the boy was doing under the umbrella, their lips were together. You thought that you haven’t done that before and wanted to try it.

“Oppa! Look! Their…” you paused looking for the right word


“Yeah Kissing!” you cheered.

“What’s kissing?” you continued and SeungHyun chuckled

“Kissing is what a girl and a boy do when they are in love…or happy.” He explained

“Happy…” you whispered, you felt something inside, your heart started to beat furiously and heat crept up your cheeks. You were happy with Seungie today; does that mean you get to do what those people were doing on T.V?

The film finished and you were sleepy and tired from the long day you’ve had. But still couldn’t help but think of a kiss.

“Seungie… I was happy today…with you…do we get to do the kiss?” you asked so innocent, like a kiss was only a simple greeting. Seungie looked at you with alarm but passion in his eyes. He wanted to, he really did. But he didn’t want any problems, especially with JaeJoong. Instead of answering, he smiled instead. The biggest mistake he could ever make. You took the smile that he exhibited from his lips as a ‘Yes’ so you puckered your lips and leaned in closer to him. SeungHyun was surprised at you, ‘She really doesn’t remember anything…I might as well’ he thought and leaned in closer

Your lips gently brushed against his…but something was off. It didn’t feel right, maybe because it wasn’t as passionate as the one in the movie. So you made the kiss deeper and he complied, your arms dangled on the side of your body while his were cupping your cheeks.

“Babe! I--” JaeJoong walked in your room and saw everything. SeungHyun pulled away and turned his head to look at JaeJoong who was fuming with anger.


Credit daesungvip for a help with my fic
I’m sorry for not updating..
But from now on, I will update as soon as I can…

Love you guys


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by WhyItsME on 7/29/2009, 7:45 pm

I read this one Winglin !
So that basically means I was one of your silent readers ..

I feel bad now -___-"


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by daesungvip on 7/30/2009, 4:19 am


being seduced by Seunghyun is hell omfg.

-takes a deep breath-



-tales another deep breath-



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Post by Tammy on 7/31/2009, 3:51 pm

“What do you think you’re doing?!” JaeJoong shouted

“Jae-JaeJoong?” you asked all naïve. Again, you were absolutely clueless.

“I JUST LEFT FOR A FEW HOURS THEN THIS HAPPENS?! I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE LEFT YOU!” he screamed at you then glares at SeungHyun. You got scared of his tone and cried.

“Look what you did! She was just smiling earlier!” SeungHyun groaned

“She’s smiled…?”

“Yeah, when she was with me. Face it JaeJoong, maybe God did this for a reason, maybe you were better off…Maybe things are meant to be forgotten--” SeungHyun explained in an annoyed tone but nonetheless, JaeJoong was way more annoyed than he was. JaeJoong grabbed his collar and dragged him outside; you followed the both of them outside. SeungHyun struggled but Jae was stubborn, finally the garden was near and *doosh* JaeJoong punched SeungHyun in his stomach. He fell onto the grass groaning in pain. Your eyes widened at what he just done to your friend.

“Seungie Oppa!” you called out with a whimpery voice. JaeJoong was shocked at you reaction, why were you on his side? You ran over to SeungHyun and helped him sit up.

“Princess, it’s better if you just stay away…okay?” SeungHyun warned and JaeJoong watched in anger. ‘Princess?! Who does he think he is?!’ he thought. You walked away and hid in the bushes, a nurse found you and took you back inside your room.

“Who-are-you-to-call-her-princess?!” JaeJoong shouted in frustration punctuating every word with a punch.

“JaeJoong! That’s enough!” SeungHyun cringed, he just put up his arms protecting himself from JaeJoong’s angry punches, and he refused to fight back. He could understand what he must be feeling right now, you really meant so much to him.

“I’m sorry!” SeungHyun apologized but JaeJoong was relentless. Mr Byun saw what was happening and grabbed JaeJoong off of Seungie. JaeJoong struggled and groaned.

“Nurse! Get this young man into the clinic and clean him up” Mr Byun ordered one of his nurses. SeungHyun’s face was covered in bruises and cuts. Mr Byun dropped JaeJoong on to the grass and lectured him.

“WHAT ARE YOU THINKING JAEJOONG?! Instead of beating him up, you should be next to ________! Do you have any idea what SHE must be feeling now?! Her mind is like a 10 years old kid right now… If you carry on like this she might not co-operate! She might not want to remember her past. And right now, from what I saw…I think that’s probably a good thing.”

JaeJoong was dumbfounded at the words slapped on him. What if you didn’t want to remember?

He walked into your room and

“AAAAHHHHH!!” you screamed


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Its All Coming Back To Me Now

Post by Tammy on 7/31/2009, 3:52 pm

JaeJoong ran towards your room where one nurse is waiting outside the toilet door. He tried to get in but the nurse stopped him

“No sir, you cannot go in there.”

“No, but that’s my girlfriend in there, what’s happening?” JaeJoong managed to ask in a calm manner

“It’s just a little--”

Just before the nurse could finish her sentence, you came out of the toilet with red puffy eyes followed by another nurse. You wanted to run to JaeJoong for some reason but the image of him shouting at you earlier prevented you from doing so. Instead you walked past him and sniffled towards your bed.

“Babe, what’s the matter?” he asked

“hhmmm” you whimpered watching the nurses leave.

“____________, I’m sorry about shouting at you earlier. It won’t happen again…please talk to me” he pleaded

“O-Oppa…” you looked at him calming down a little bit

“Yes? What happened? Why did you scream? Did they hurt you?” he quizzed

“When the nurse brought me here, my stomach started to hurt. Then blood oozed—blood went down my legs… then the nurses brought me in the toilet and they got out a long cotton thingy and then they asked me to open my legs and then I said no and then-and then they said please open your legs so I did and then they pushed the little cottony thingy inside my pee-pee and then they wiped the blood of my legs and then they said to pull it out if it’s full.” You explained like a little 10 year old absolutely clueless about the world.

JaeJoong chuckled thinking ‘she’s on her period’

When you heard him chuckle, your face started to flush red. You hid your face behind your hands and started stomping your feet. JaeJoong saw how cute you were and chuckled even more. You decided to just lie on your bed with the blanket over you. JaeJoong walked over

“Its okay babe, you were just so cute” he complimented; you slowly pulled away the blanket from your face and looked at him.

“I’m cute?” you asked

“Yes, very.” He smiled and you smiled back.

“Oppa, why did you get angry with Seungie?”

“Because, he shouldn’t be kissing you. I should be kissing you, not him” his face grimaced


“Because, I Love You”

You looked down and thought of the meaning of the words he just said, it was the same words that the actors used in the movie you watched. So, JaeJoong was the one you’re supposed to be kissing, because he loved you.

JaeJoong’s face unconsciously came closer to yours, normally, you would push or avoid him but there was something… that thwarted you actions and let him close up on you. Your eyes automatically closed and your head tilting sideward’s, his lips pushed against yours. Then, you could feel and electric static coming up your spine and into your head. It started to ache. Voices and images became clearer now, it was all quickly whizzing through your brain. Your memories slowly coming back.

“AAAHHH!” you clutched you head after you pulled away from him, it was all too painful but your memories were somewhat more important.

“What’s happening? _________! Babe! DOCTOR!” JaeJoong started panicking. The doctor came in injected the sleeping medicine inside you again and you fell into a deep sleep.


The next morning you woke up with the sight of JaeJoong on the sofa once again. For some reason, you felt normal…like nothing happened. You looked around at where you were…a hospital?

“Where am I?” you asked and JaeJoong woke up from the sound of your voice

“What?” he asked still half asleep

“I’m wondering where the hell am I. Did I just give birth or something?” you asked again…but more of the 18 year old you really are. You now remember that you were having a child, that you were pregnant. You also can remember about JaeJoong but not how you got there. JaeJoong was just speechless at your tone.

“Are you okay ________?” he asked scratching his head.

“Yes, but what happened? What am I doing here? The last thing I remember was…I was planning on telling you something…and then a newspaper headline… then a red Porsche… a loud beep, and then…” you explained

“Oh my God!! You remember now babe? Thank god!” he cheered but his happy face soon fell after seeing your confused clueless face.

“What?” you questioned

“Babe, you were in an accident, a car accident. The police concluded that you were so shocked about the news about your father that you ran towards the road without looking and got yourself run over. Your father is dead.” He explained with sympathetic eyes, somehow, you decided not to fool yourself and say that it was all lies because it was all coming back to you now.


I’m sorry for another short update
And I’m also so sorry its pretty crap
I’m just not myself lately…
I just found out this news that DBSK might disband; JaeJoong, YooChun and Junsu are filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment. And there is a possibility that they might disband, just like H.O.T. I certainly hope not, please all loyal Cassiopeia’s out there. Let’s pray for a positive outcome. DBSK is loved.


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Justice -final-

Post by Tammy on 8/4/2009, 4:36 pm

JinAe, Yunho, Lynn, JaeJoong and SeungHyun with his busted lip sat around you.

“Umma, I’m thankful that you’re always there, especially now that Appa’s gone.” You cried gripping her hand in yours.

“It’s okay honey… It’s my job and I love you…” she sobbed along with you, both because of happiness that you can remember everything now and the sad reminder of your father’s death.

“The doctor said that it’s really great that you’ve recovered that well and that you can go home in a week! Isn’t that great?” JaeJoong cheered while smoothing your cheeks but instead of being happy, you felt something was still missing from you.

“JaeJoong, I still think I haven’t remembered EVERYTHING… something is still… I don’t know. It’s just that I feel that something’s still—incomplete about me.” You stated. JaeJoong thought about your baby, the baby that you didn’t have a chance to hold, to hug…to kiss.

“Honey… I guess it’s time for you to know.” JinAe suggested and looked at JaeJoong with stern eyes.

“About what?” you asked

“The words shouldn’t come out form my mouth sweetheart” she replied. You looked at SeungHyun then to Yunho and lastly, to JaeJoong who was avoiding your eye contact.


“Omonee…” he mumbled

“It’s okay JaeJoong, we’re here.” JinAe comforted him

“What’s wrong?” you asked worriedly looking from your mother to JaeJoong.

“___________ah, don’t freak out okay? You were pregnant. With our child…but the car accident…k—killed it.” JaeJoong’s tears fell at every single word he muttered.

“W-what? My b-baby was –k-k-killed?” you trembled and more warm liquid flowed from your lids.

“Babe…” JaeJoong hugged you and you buried your head on his neck while sobbing.

“By who?! Did you know who did this?! Tell me!” you demanded pulling away from his embrace. You were expecting that the person who ran your over would be in jail or if not, his/her conscience would be eating her up by now.

“We…Don’t know” he replied and looked down, the other three also stayed quiet.

“You don’t know?! JaeJoong that was our baby! Our baby was killed and you don’t know who did it? Did you even try to find it? What were you doing all this time?!” you shouted at him.

“_________...calm down…” Yunho cooed


“Don’t blame JaeJoong!” SeungHyun exclaimed out of the blue. “He did everything he can… don’t—don’t be angry at him, please”

“Seungie?” you questioned, what’s he got to do with this?

“He did everything… he stayed with you all day and night, he would stay up and think about what’s going to happen tomorrow or now. He was also heartbroken about your baby; he didn’t even know about your child until it was dead! When were you going to tell him? When you were going to give birth? You have no idea what he went through, he looked even broken than you did--”

“SeungHyun, that’s enough” Yunho interrupted, now you realised what really happened. You realised how unfair you were to JaeJoong. You glanced at him and SeungHyun was right, he looked dead. The colours from his face vanished and he has lost a ton of weight.

“JaeJoong? Is this true?” you asked him

“SeungHyun, why did you have to say those words to her?” JaeJoong asked Seungie

“Because… It’s my way of apologizing to you JaeJoong. I know what I did was shocking… and from what you’ve went through I just made it worse. I’m sorry.” He said

“Apology accepted” JaeJoong replied while Yunho, You and JinAe were looking at the curiously

“And yes ________, all of those were true. But I never regretted any of it, I would do a lot more….just for you” he confessed liking into your eyes with sincerity.

“JaeJoong ah… I’m so sorry” you apologized and bit your bottom lip.

“It’s okay...” he replied with a smile


While JaeJoong stayed behind with you again, Yunho, SeungHyun and Yunho headed home. They entered the cold empty house and headed for their beds.

“I’m glad that my baby sister’s okay. But I just can’t help but wonder… SeungHyun, what exactly did you do? Why did you apologize to JaeJoong?” Yunho asked

“I kissed _______” he confessed, Yunho was dumbfounded. He stared at him wide eyed.


“I KNOW! That’s why I apologized.” He coolly replied…

“SeungHyun… face me for a second.” Yunho ordered, he did what he was told and *doosh* Yunho punched SeungHyun’s face.


“Yeah, but JaeJoong did it out of anger. I did it to teach you to think twice before doing something stupid. You see? I’m such a good big brother.” He chuckled and the both entered their rooms. JinAe was still in the kitchen getting a glass of water. When she heard light footsteps coming towards where she was. She didn’t know what to do so she just hid herself from the stranger.

“Yes Omonee… Thanks for your help again, he has been dead for a long time now, I would think that the investigators would have given up by now.” JinAe’s husband muttered on the phone while pacing along the kitchen. Her eyes widened at this information? ‘Are they talking about _______ah’ father?’ she thought

“Yes ma’am. I just found out today that his daughter was also hospitalized. Unfortunately she didn’t die, I would’ve loved it we got rid of her too, and then all of his filthy family is gone.” He muttered again with a little chuckle. Heat crept up inside JinAe’s body and could not hold it in anymore.

“HOW DARE YOU?!” she shouted meeting eyes with a shocked husband.

“How long have you been there JinAe?!” he exclaimed quickly shutting the phone.

“Long enough” she replied coldly, her knuckles were turning white because of the ball of fist she had formed. SeungHyun and Yunho heard the commotion and went out of their bedrooms. As they didn’t know what was happening, they just decided to watch.

“So what?” he said

“YOU KILLED MY DAUGHTER’S FATHER?! YOU MONSTER!” JinAe shouted once more walking towards him, the two boys standing by their doors was shocked. Yunho’s real father was killed by his fake father.

“Technically, a hit man killed him…paid by your mother.” He corrected her.

SLAP, his face turned from the force of her palm hitting his face.

“My mother was in this?!”

“Yeah. She was the mastermind” he chuckled

“How could you?” she asked crying

“Because I love You JinAe! I thought when you married me, you would forget about that garbage! After all these years I thought you can learn to love me, but I was wrong… I saw the picture of him in your drawer. And I also saw that you met up with your long lost daughter! How touching? Truth to tell, he was in the way…so what do you do with distractions? You get rid of them. You’re lucky I took care of Yunho! Otherwise, he would also be dead in heaven with his father right now.” He hissed through his teeth. Yunho’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets. It was bad enough that he wasn’t his real father but he could’ve killed him if he wanted to, because like his real father, he was nothing but a distraction.

“You bastard! You fucking bastard!” she cried, her knees felt so weak and they gave in, she fell onto the cold tiled floor.

“Umma!” Yunho rushed towards his mother

“Oh… a family reunion! Wait… someone’s missing, I wonder where he is” he said sarcastically

“SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!” Yunho lost it and charged towards him. He planted punches onto his face “Don’t you dare call my dad garbage!”

“Yunho…” your mother called and he got off of his fake father.

“You know, he was the only man I loved, and I forever will. You can’t do anything about that!” she exclaimed towards her husband


Next morning

JinAe rushed towards you to tell you the news. And as expected, you were shocked. JinAe had already filed a case against him and he would be heading to jail as soon as possible.

“NO! DON’T ARREST ME! I CAN PAY YOU ANY MONEY! JUST DON’T PUT ME TO JAIL! MY BUSINESS! IT WOULD ALL GO AWAY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed the lunatic man struggling and pleading for forgiveness.


1 week later

“Welcome back to college _______!” Lynn hugged you tightly

“I’m glad to be back… Okay, I’ll see you later I got to go to class!” you excitedly skipped through the hallway towards JaeJoong who was waiting for you by the classroom door. Lynn walked to her locker and got her gym clothes out while the bitches walked through the hallways skipping classes.

“She’s back… are you going to be okay EunMi?” one of the girls asked quietly thinking that there was no one around.

“Yeah, w-why wouldn’t I be?” she stuttered

“Uuhh... because you like ran her over with your brand new car! And then like you ran away!” the dumb one said it a little too loud. Lynn hid behind a door while listening to their conversation.

“SSHH! Be quiet!” EunMi hissed

“What actually happened?” the normal one asked

“Well, I was just driving my car, and then someone called me and said that they saw MY Yunho with that-that-that Lynn girl! Heading for his house! So I got angry and dropped my phone, I searched for it then BAM! I hit someone. I got out of the car and checked it out and it was ________... then I saw SeungHyun, Yunho’s brother. So I had to be out of there! I don’t want to have any gossip about me.” She explained and played with her hair. Lynn was astonished. She crept out from behind the door and met eyes with the three girls.

“Skipping gym again?” Lynn asked

“How long have you been there?” EunMi asked nervously

“Oh...Not for long… just long enough for me to hear your interesting little conversation…2 she said sarcastically which made EunMi loose her temper. She ran up towards Lynn, grabbed her hair and pulled it brutally making her scream in pain.

“Let go of me!” she shouted making the students peep out of their classrooms, including Yunho’s.

“If you tell anyone about what you just heard I swear to god I’ll--”

“You’ll what? Run me over like you did to ________?!” Lynn yelled and a faint gasp could be heard within the students.

“LET GO OF HER EUNMI!” Yunho called and pushed her to the floor.

“Oppa!” she groaned

“Don’t you dare call him Oppa! That’s only applicable to ME! Stupid bitch!” Lynn slapped her face “EVERYONE! WE ALL KNOW ABOUT ___________ BEING HIT AND RUN RIGHT? GUESS WHO THE CRIMINAL IS… NONE OTHER THAN QUEEN EUNMI OF BITCHYNESS!” she announced making her cringe in shame. You walked over to them and sighed deeply

“EunMi… did you know what you caused?” you asked calmly but she didn’t answer


“No… but I can pay for it! Anything! Just please…don’t put me in jail” she murmured

“You just lost me my child! My BABY!” you bellowed. Bigger gasps and whispers surrounded the atmosphere

“CAN YOU PAY FOR THAT?! YOU KILLED MY BABY! YOU MADE ME HAVE MEMORY LOSS AND YOU HAD NO I DEA WHAT I WENT THOUGH! AND I DO NOT THINK THAT MONEY IS GOING TO CUT IT!” you roared with tears, Lynn calmed you down and patted you back. JaeJoong followed and hugged you from behind.

“EunMi… go to the headmistress’s office… the five of you go too! The rest of you! Get back to class!”


There, it was all sorted.

The criminals in your life were illuminated and you were free to love JaeJoong. JinAe got all the money that her husband worked for and the business as well. You were living with her now along with your brother Yunho and SeungHyun. SeungHyun also suffered a loss. His mother died not long after you left the hospital. Lynn and Yunho were passionately in love and were getting married after college. As for you and JaeJoong, you were sure that you’re going to spend your life with him forever and start anew.

Even though you’re father wasn’t there, you still felt complete.



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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Kyn on 8/8/2009, 11:24 pm

this story has been moved to the finished fanfic section


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by daesungvip on 8/11/2009, 3:44 am



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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by nomadic on 10/7/2009, 6:53 pm

I cried. AGAIN.
Stories of Tammy really makes me cry.

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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by pinayrevolution on 12/27/2009, 2:25 am

mann this is insanee
but crazy good.. study
the mom is kinda creepy
poor "me" my beloved yunho cant visit me lol!


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 12/27/2009, 8:52 am

aawww. thank you! ^^


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by pinayrevolution on 12/28/2009, 11:57 pm

lol its funny how " I " say hero is so cute & he's right next to me


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 12/29/2009, 8:48 am

I know!
thanks for reading!!!
please also consider my other one. permanent devotion
it stars you and jae too!


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by pinayrevolution on 12/31/2009, 1:46 am

great job tammy
~i loved it Very Happy

i cant believe you're only fourteen


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

Post by Tammy on 12/31/2009, 4:58 am

thank you ^^
more of those ideas where it came from.


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Re: Something Is Missing {You+ JaeJoong + Yunho} -completed-

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