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Again & Again

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Again & Again Empty Again & Again

Post by daesungvip on 6/14/2009, 12:08 pm

Again & Again AgainAgainBanner
Again & Again featuring 2PM
©️ daesungvip @ winglin & fanfictional ; MidnightDream__x3 @ soompi ; Michelle @ bbsk & 2oneday


I listened to you.

… Again.

I fell for your lies.

… Again.

You left me.

… Again.

I waited endless nights for you.

… Again.

I hated you.

… Again.

I missed you.

… Again.

I love you.

… Again.

Can you please tell me when this cycle is going to end? I’m sick of it; sick of this game, this infatuated love. Loving you hurts, it hurts so much. Lusting after you, hoping that you’d come back; and then watch you walk away from me, and leaving me hopeless, until I see you again. Then it just repeats.

This painful game; I don’t want to play it anymore. I don’t wanna get lost in this game. This love game that goes on…

… Again and again and again and again.


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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

Post by JYCYB on 6/20/2009, 1:00 am

Sounds interesting:)

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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

Post by Kyn on 6/20/2009, 8:51 am

Yuup it definatly seems interesting and I really like the poster

Again & Again Mwtuut

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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

Post by Guest on 7/6/2009, 4:16 pm

Can't wait to read this, the poster is awesome!! Very Happy Haven't read a lot of 2PM fics, so I'll be waiting for this one!!


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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

Post by daesungvip on 8/19/2009, 9:40 pm

A/N: SPAZZ! didn't update this for a while, so i'll be nice & give you guys 2 chapters <3 thanks for the support! <3
Chapter 01:

“Oppa!” Dahjung whined to her older brother “Why do you drive so slowly? You driving a car is equivalent to me walking.”

Taecyeon took a left down the road “Because, I follow the speed limit; which is also the reason why umma and appa bought me a car and got you what?” He paused, and pretended to think “Oh yeah, a new cell phone.”

Dahjung pouted and started flipping channels on the radio, leaning against the passenger seat and making herself comfortable.

I smirked “God, Dahjung, you seem to be anxious to get back to school. I wonder why…”

“Because, spring break is over and Nichkhun came back from Korea, meaning, I get to see him again.” She grinned at the sound of his name.

I leaned back against the soft leather seat in the backseat and laughed, rolling my eyes “So, Ok Dahjung, are you going to tell him you like him?” I teased her, watching her turn a light shade of pink.

“Nah, it’s good.” Dahjung shook her head then turned over to Taecyeon “Taecyeon!” she whined “Drive faster!”

“Shut up, Dahjung.” Taecyeon muttered, reaching over and smacking his little sister’s head.

Dahjung whacked his hand away and glared at him “One day oppa, one day, I’m gonna get a car, and run you over.” She mumbled under her breath, sinking down into the seat and flipping around on her iPod.

I laughed at both of them “Why not, Dahjung?” I asked, bringing our conversation back to life “You know, prom’s gonna come up soon…” my voice trailed off, thoughtfully.

“Eh…” Dahjung shrugged it off “What about you, Lee Yehjin?” she turned around in the passenger seat and faced me “Why don’t you worry about who you will go to prom with?” she asked, completely turning the table around to me.

I stuck my tongue out at her “Me, myself and I.”

“Why?” Dahjung asked “Come’on Yehjin, it’s time you find yourself a boyfriend.” She smirked at me.

I blushed, and pushed her slightly so she turned around to the front “That’s my business.”

“I’m just being a friend...” Dahjung sang, as Taecyeon parked the car in front of a building, that we know as our school.

“Hi guys!” Park Jaebum walked over to the car, and leaned against the passenger door, sticking his head into the window and looking in the car.

Dahjung lightly smacked his cheek “Let me out.” She whined, trying to push Jaebum’s head out the window.

Jaebum shook his head and gave her a cheesy grin “Now, now, Dahjung, is this how you talk to your oppa?” he mocked in an annoyingly high pitched voice “What do we say to oppa?”

“Move, or I’m gonna kill you.” Dahjung threatened, kicking the car door open, causing Jaebum to fall backwards.

Taecyeon laughed “Hyung, you’re such a loser, and Dahjung, stop abusing my car.” He lectured, getting out of the car. Not that Dahjung took any notice; she was already walking into school.

I got out of the car and helped Jaebum up.
“Sheesh! Why is Dahjung so pissed today?” Jaebum asked, smoothing his pants out.

I rolled my eyes “She’s not pissed; she’s just in a rush to see Nichkhun.”

“Just like Nichkhun’s in a rush to see her?” Jaebum asked a little absentmindedly.

“Really?!” My eyes popped out at the news “Nichkhun likes her too?!”

Jaebum nodded “You didn’t know that?” he asked.

“No! What! Tell me!” I demanded.

“Oh, well, Nichkhun liked Dahjung for a while and he wants to ask her out, but he’s scared.” Jaebum thought for a minute “I think he’s going to ask her to the prom though.” He looked over my shoulder “I see Jisu; I’ll catch you later, Yehjin.”

Jaebum waved me goodbye and walked away to his girlfriend, Kim Jisu, sliding his arm around her waist, and leading her into the school building.

“Hey Yehjin.” Junsu said, sliding into the seat next to me “What’s up?”

“Hey Junsu, it’s too early to be going back to school.” I groaned, taking my books out for math class.

Junsu laughed “But everyone else is so excited about seeing everyone again!”

“Yeah, I know but like…” my voice trailed off as Hwang Chansung came walking in the classroom, with a very bad tan.

Junsu glanced over at where I was looking, then began laughing hysterically “Yah, maknae!” he snorted “The hyungs leave you alone for one week and this is what happened to you?” he snickered.

Chansung pouted “Hyung!” he whined “It really hurts.”

I laughed at him “Dang oppa, how in the world did you get that?”

“Err…” Chansung scratched his new cut hair “I fell asleep in the sun.” he mumbled under his breath.

That was enough to set Junsu off, holding onto his stomach as he doubled over laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Junsu’s girlfriend, Taeyoung came over, sliding into the seat next to Junsu. Junsu was laughing so hard he couldn’t even talk, instead he pointed over to Chansung, with his hands shaking uncontrollably from laughter.

Taeyoung glanced at Chansung and snickered “Damn oppa, what in the world happened to you? First Ae-Rin, and now you?”

Junsu finally caught his breath and wiped the tears from his small eyes “Ae-Rin too?! Now Chansung and Ae-Rin are a burnt couple?” he started laughing again “Oh my god, I can’t wait to see this.”

Taeyoung leaned back against her chair “So Yehjin,” she asked me “How was your break?”

I shrugged “Spent most of my time at Dahjung’s with her and Taecyeon and Jihee, except Jihee was usually busy with Taecyeon, so it was mainly me and Dahjung.” I ranted “So how was your trip to visit your grandparents in Maine?”

Taeyoung groaned “Killer. I hate old people.” She leaned against Junsu’s shoulder “Never say you’d babysit.”

I laughed “It couldn’t have been that bad.”

“Guys! I’m back!” A familiar voice shouted. We all looked up and saw Lee Junho standing by the doorway.

Junsu glanced at him “Well, at least we have someone who knows how to tan.” He snickered throwing tiny glances at Chansung who looked like he was in pain just from sitting down.

Junho sat down in the empty seat next to my left “So guys, how was spring break?”

“Could’ve been better.” Chansung grumbled from the seat behind him.

Junsu doubled over laughing “My break was fine thank you very much.” Then he slid his arm across the backside of Taeyoung’s chair. “Where’s Haemi?”

“Oh, she’s in class.” Junho replied “Anyway, are you two going to prom?”

Junsu nodded “Of course, are you and Haemi going?”

Junho nodded “So that covers that. And Jaebum hyung is gonna take Jisu, and Chansung and Ae-Rin are defiantly going together, so is Taecyeon and Jihee.”

Chansung butted in “Isn’t Nichkhun hyung going to ask Dahjung?”

“I think so.” Junsu said thoughtfully “I remember him saying he wanted to ask her out.” He shrugged “So yeah, I don’t know, we’ll find out eventually.”

Junho sat back and nodded “What about you, Yehjin?”

I turned a light shade of red. How awkward was it that all my friends had dates but I didn’t? Playing it off; I just stuck my tongue at him “I’ll stay home and watch dramas all night.”

Chansung patted my head “Don’t worry, something will work out.” He simply said.

“Oh yeah guys,” Junho suddenly sat up, thinking of something “My cousin’s coming to here, he’s registering in our school, he should be coming here soon.”

“Junho!” Another male voice shouted form the doorway of the classroom.

Junho stood up and smiled “Hyung! You’re here! Come over here.”

Junho’s cousin had an adorable smile, with small eyes. He walked over to us. “Ahnyounghaeseyo.” He respectfully said to us.

“Ahnyoung oppa.” Taeyoung and I both replied, while the guys gave him a warm smile.

Junho began introducing us “Guys, this is my cousin, Jang Wooyoung. Wooyoung, this is Yehjin, Taeyoung, Junsu and Chansung.” Wooyoung gave us a very mesmerizing smile while he nodded his head. “And later on, you’ll be meeting Dahjung and Taecyeon, they’re both siblings, and Jaebum, the oldest one of us, and Jisu, his girlfriend, Ae-Rin, Chansung’s girlfriend and you already met Haemi yesterday at my house.”

Wooyoung smiled at us “Nice meeting you all.” He shook each of our hands.

When he got to mine, he grabbed my hand, an adrenaline rush tingling all throughout my body. “Nice to meet you, Yehjin.”


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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

Post by daesungvip on 8/19/2009, 9:40 pm

Chapter 02:

“YEHJIN!” Dahjung yelled from across the school yard when the final bell rang.

I covered my ears with my hands, as my hysterically happy friend approached me, all bouncy and cheerful “God Dahjung,” I muttered “Why do you need to be so loud?!”

Dahjung waved it all away and giggled “Guess what, guess what?!” she excitedly shouted, jumping up and down with a death grip onto my left arm.

“You’re gonna stop screaming at me?” I asked while desperately trying to pull her off my arm, before she cut off my blood circulation.

“Nichkhun asked me to be his girlfriend!” she jumped up and down with joy. “Look! Look!” she pointed at her neck, which had a heart shaped pendant hanging off the silver necklace. “Isn’t it pretty?” she gushed “Nichkhun bought it from his trip back to Korea, and he said he was saving it for when it was prom, cause he planned on asking me, but he couldn’t wait, so, he asked me to be his girlfriend.” She gave me a huge smile and finally let go of my arm.

I moved my numbed hand trying to get the blood flowing again“That’s so sweet.” I sincerely told her.

“What’s all this commotion about?” Taecyeon asked, appearing out of nowhere with Jihee by his side.

“Hey guys.” Jihee grinned, giving us a big smiling, holding onto Taecyeon’s arm. “Why is Dahjung so flustered?”

“Well, Nichkhun asked her out.” Was all I got out of my mouth before Jihee’s jaw dropped opened and started squealing.

“OH MY GOD!” Jihee’s voice flowed through the air “ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WHEN?! FINALLY. OH MY GOD, NOW WE CAN DOUBLE DATE!”

Taecyeon’s eyes widen “DOUBLE DATE?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! AND GIVE DAHJUNG MORE CHANCES TO KILL MY CAR?! No way.” He shook his head, crossing his arms. “And as a big brother, you still don’t know if I approve of this relationship.”

I snickered under my breath “As if Dahjung would listen to you.”

“What’s going on guys?” Nichkhun asked, walking over to us.

Jihee jumped around him “Finally oppa! You finally asked her out! I was wondering when you were gonna do that!”

Nichkhun turned slightly red and slightly laughed. I think he was embarrassed. Jihee rolled her eyes at him “Well, oppa?! Don’t just stand there, TAKE HER OUT!”

Dahjung started hysterically laughing at Jihee’s outburst.

Taecyeon looked at Nichkhun “Hyung, I don’t care that you’re older than me, if you do anything to hurt my little sister, I will personally slit your throat open.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Dahjung rolled her eyes at Taecyeon, “Come’on Nichkhun, let’s go get ice cream.” Her hands slipped into Nichkhun’s intertwining their fingers.

“Taecyeon, let’s get ice cream too!” Jihee poked him “Double date! Later Yehjin!” Dahjung and Jihee both waved by to me dragging the guys over to Taecyeon’s car.

“Great guys…” I muttered to myself, but waved bye to them “Leave me alone, eh?” I sighed, typical, this is what the single life is.

“YEHJIN!” Someone shouted across the yard. I looked over to find the rest of my gang, Junsu, Taeyoung, Junho, Haemi, Jaebum, Jisu, Ae-Rin, Chansung, and Junho’s cousin, Wooyoung.

Jaebum gave me a smile “Where’s Dahjung, and her brother?”

“Dahjung and Nichkhun are going out.” I reported “Jihee and Taecyeon, along with the newest couple are out on a date.”

Haemi and Jisu’s eyes widen Ae-Rin just had a ‘I knew it look and oh my god this sun burn really hurts’ look on her face.

“REALLY?” Taeyoung squealed.

I covered my ears “NO MORE SCREAMING!” I yelled, tired from hearing squeals of the happy couples. As much as I’d hate to say this, I’m jealous.

Ae-Rin spoke up, her voice in pain “Guys, I’m gonna go home now, my burn is really killing me and I left my cooling cream at home.”

“I’ll go with you.” Chansung offered, both of them walking away.

Jisu looked at the reminder of us “What now?”

“Didn’t your mom want you home?” Jaebum asked her, “She said your grandma was coming to visit or something? And you were suppose to go out to dinner tonight?”

“Oh yeah.” Jisu gasped in realization “Sorry guys, I can’t hang out with you guys tonight either, bye!”
And she walked away hand in hand with Jaebum.

“Sorry guys,” Taeyoung spoke up “But I promised my mom I’d pick up my little sister afterschool today. Come’ on Junsu, let’s go.” Both of them also disappearing in sight, dang, school just started and everyone is already so wrapped up in their own worlds.

“So what do you wanna do now?” Junho asked, looking at Wooyoung, who just shrugged, with his killer smile on his face.

Haemi looked at me “Yehjin?” she asked questioningly.

“I don’t know.” I replied, “Where do you guys wanna go?”

Junho looked at Haemi, “Why don’t we take Wooyoung around? He’s new to this neighborhood, and I don’t think he’s ever been to California.” Junho glanced at Wooyoung who shook his head, ‘no’, as a sign that he never been here.

Haemi nodded and then looked at me “What about you, Yehjin? Do you wanna come?”

Before I could answer, Wooyoung already jumped in “Come, Yehjin, you should come, and you can talk to me while those two are too busy making out.”

Junho and Haemi turned slightly red. “Shut up, Wooyoung.” Junho laughed slightly, embarrassed. “So are you coming, Yehjin?”

I shrugged before nodding “Sure, why not?”

I could see what Wooyoung meant by Junho and Haemi making out.

In the car, while driving around, all Junho did was talk to Haemi and be all cuddly with her, even though he was driving. Kind of a depressing, but then again, amusing thing to watch. Depressing; because it makes me jealous, how can people be in love like that? Amusing because… well, I never seen either of them act like this; and I’ve known them for a pretty long time, you know.

“Wow,” Wooyoung said, mostly to me “California has so many things; I can’t wait to explore everything.” He grinned. There goes that amazing smile again.

I nodded in response “Yeah, but it gets pretty boring after a while.”

“Seems like you’ve explored every corner of California already.” He joked, eyes smiling at me.

I slightly laughed and shrugged “I grew up here, what can I say?”

“Haha, then maybe you should bring me around California.”

“Sure, just tell me when.”

“It’s a date.”

I looked at him, and he smiled back. I think my heart just stopped.


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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

Post by Guest on 8/20/2009, 12:34 pm

Aww...this sounds like a cute story ^^ I like how Taecyeon plays the role of protactive big brother whne he tells Nichkhun that's he'll slice his throat if he hurts his sister. Thanks for the update Very Happy


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Again & Again Empty Re: Again & Again

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