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I'm Taking Back My Love - Song-Fic (COMPLETED)

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I'm Taking Back My Love - Song-Fic (COMPLETED) Empty I'm Taking Back My Love - Song-Fic (COMPLETED)

Post by lerruh on 5/29/2010, 4:22 pm

I'm Taking Back My Love
(Written on 3/5/10)

I give it all up, but I'm taking back my love,
I'm taking back my love,
I'm taking back my love,
I've given you too much,
but I'm taking back my love,

Type: Song-Fic (I'm Taking Back My Love by Ciera and Enrique Iglesias)
Genre/s: Romance, Sad
Character/s: Jiro Wang (Da Dong), Aaron Yan, Calvin Chen, Wu Chun, OC


Go ahead
Just leave
Can’t hold you, you’re free
You take all these things
If they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams
'cause you meant the world

"Wei, earth to Jiro! Wei?" A hand was waving in front of his expressionless face, but he didn't seem to notice. He continued to stare at the space before him, thinking.

"Hey Aaron, what's up with Da Dong?" Calvin asked, giving up on trying to awaken him from his thoughts.
The boy named Aaron shrugged. "Wei, Da Dong, Ni hao ma? Are you okay?" He waited, still no response.

"Hmm, where's Chun?"

"I'm taking back my love," Jiro thought to himself, his face showing no sign of his real emotions. "Forget all the memories, all the times we spent together... I'll forget them all,"

So did I deserve to be left here hurt?
You think i don’t know
You’re out of control
I ended up finding all of this from my boys
Girl you’re stone cold
You say it ain't so
You already know I’m not attached to material,


Two days earlier...

"Da Dong, I have something to tell you," Chun said, catching up with his friend. He seemed on edge, unable to look Jiro in the eye.

Jiro smiled, he just finished filming and was looking forward to go home and rest. "Go ahead," he nodded.

"I just saw - ยจ

"Da Dong!" a cheerful voice shouted from behind Chun, he looked around and frowned.

"Da Dong, I finally caught up with you," the girl smiled, clinging to Jiro's arm like some kind of a caterpillar. "Oh, hey Chun," Chun just stared at her, with no expression.

He smiled. "Just finished, Ash you can go ahead; Chun and I have something to talk about. See ya' later?" The girl named Ash nodded her head and went off.

"Sorry, you were saying?" Chun shook his head, then took a deep breath. He didn't know how to break this to Jiro; he knew he loved Ash so much; they'd been going out for a few years now.

Jiro waited.

Chun took a deep breath. "IjustsawAshkissinganotherguy," he said in a rush, wanting to get it over and done with. Jiro tilted his head and frowned.

"Sorry didn't quite catch that,"

"I saw Ash kissing another guy," Chun said calmly.

"I'm sorry, what?" Jiro's cheerful voice changed into a deep serious one and he frowned.

"I saw-"

"Don't repeat it again, I heard you the second time! Look, it's none of your business what is happening between me and Ash, I know you don't like her in the first place but please don't make up-"

"I'm not making it up,"

"Well then prove it,"

Jiro stalked off, not wanting to Chun anymore. He knew the guy didn't like Ash, but why make up such a story; does he want them to break up that much? Ash was Jiro's first love, they've been friends since childhood, and he knew her more than he knew himself. Most of all - he loved the girl.

I give it all up, but I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love,
I've given you too much,
But I’m taking back my love,
I’m taking back my love, my love, my love, my love, my love

"Ash, sorry to keep you wai - " he stopped in his tracks, the sight before him was unbelievable. It took time for it to sink in. Ash was against the wall, an unknown guy pinning her against it, kissing her. Worst of all Ash wasn't resisting. In fact it looked like she was enjoying herself.

The girl opened her eyes and smiled, she didn't notice Jiro behind the shadows. His face murderous, he walked away, not wanting to see anymore, he had enough.

What did I do?
But give love to you
I’m just confused
As I stand here and look at you
From head to feet
All that's not me
Go ahead keep the keys
That's not what I need from you
You think that you know

Images of his childhood flashed across Jiro's eyes, their happy memories, but now that was all the past. A past that should be forgotten.

He continued to walk, unaware of his surroundings, not caring where he was going. But deep in his mind, he knew he have to snap out of it. He walked past Chun, who was still where Jiro left him, leaning against the wall with a humourless expression on his face. The moment he saw Jiro's face, he knew.

“I do”
You made yourself cold
”Oh yeah”
How could you believe them
Over me I'm your girl
You’re out of control
So what”
How could you let go
"Oh yeah”
Don't you know I'm not attached to material,

"Jiro-," Chun started to say, but Jiro was oblivious to those around him. He didn't feel like talking, he was surprised. He expected his heart to break, but all he felt was - numbness.
He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, it was Ash. He stared at the screen, finally turning it off.


Aaron and Calvin didn't know what to do, they watched Jiro just sit there, in the corner, staring into space. They suspected something had happened, but had no clue as to what it is.

Finally Chun walked in.

"Wei, Chun, help us, we don't know what happened to Da Dong,"

Chun paused, looked at the unsmiling Jiro at the corner, his eyes not seeing anything, He looked - dead. "He -," just then the phone rang, interrupting the eerie silence.

Calvin stood up and answered the phone. "Wei? Oh hi - yeah hang on," He handed the phone to Jiro. "It's Ash; she wants to talk to you," Jiro stared at the phone, then positioned it close to his ear.

"Jiro? Jiro, are you there?" Ash's voice floated through the phone.

"Yeah," Jiro answered weakly.

"What happened yesterday? Where did you go?" she asked gently over the phone.

A pause.


"How could you" he said quietly, his eyes on the floor.

"Dui bu qi, sorry, how could I what?"

"Chun told me and I didn't believe him, Jiro continued to say, next to him Aaron and Calvin exchanged glances, then looked over at Chun who sat silently at the table listening at the conversation.

"Wait, Chun told you what?!"

"He told me he saw you kiss another guy," Jiro said coldly. Aaron and Calvin mouthed 'what' to Chun, he ignored them.

"How could you believe them?" she asked, sounding hurt." - Over me, I'm your girl,"

"I saw it with my own eyes," was his last reply.

So all this love, I gave you take it away
You think material’s the reason I came
If I had nothing would u want me to stay?
You keep your money take it all away


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