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Fanfiction Hall Of Fame Rules

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Fanfiction Hall Of Fame Rules Empty Fanfiction Hall Of Fame Rules

Post by ckreme15 on 12/21/2009, 3:05 pm

Fanfictions Hall Of Frame Rules:

I. General Posting
  • General Rules apply

II. New topic
  • One recommandation limited for one topic, if you have more than one recommandation, start a new topic.

III. Credits
  • If you're going to recommend a story that's not written by you, be sure to let people who who wrote it!

Have you ever loved like this?
Endlessly waiting and wanting for one person
A love like romance movie
Babo, Kim Jaejoong!!! >.<

A Precious person with no replacement, No one can be your substitute, my Precious you, you can believe in this, Kim Jaejoong

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