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We Belong Together [R]

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We Belong Together [R] Empty We Belong Together [R]

Post by DBSKMine on 9/19/2009, 4:40 pm

We Belong Together [R] Belongposter

Title: We Belong Together [R]
Author: MickyMine (DBSKMine is here)
Link: We Belong Together
Genre: Comedy, Sad, Tradgey, Violence, Mature


This story is all about you and DBSK boys. Many things happen! You will find out.

Arrow P.S. You are Kim So Eun, but I do not put Kim So Eun in my fanfic. So I put "_________" as the reader or YOU! HOPE YOU WILL LIKE IT! Razz


We Belong Together [R] Photoshootmirotic-lei015


We Belong Together [R] 2aee24a6f15dd84d06fe12fa105e93291229723649_full

The voting is still on!

Main Characters:

YOU [The Reader]
*Has 1 brother, Nichkhun who are married to Yoona
*Her parents are in overseas
*Cousins: Changmin, Yuri and Sunny
*Wants to be a doctor or a star

Kim Jaejoong
*Coldhearted, but warm and kind
*Ex-friend or Enemy: Yunho
*Used to like BoA
*Falling in love with you and wants you
*His father owned a company, Kim Co.™️ and a club, Mirotic Club

Jung Yunho
*Cold-hearted, but friendly and hurt
*Ex-friend or Enemy: Jaejoong
*Ex-boyfriend of BoA
*Used to love BoA
*Falling In Love With You

Kwon BoA (Coming soon)
*Ex-girlfriend of Yunho
*Like Yunho, Jaejoong and Jun Ki, but she can’t choose one
*Went overseas for study and forget about Yunho and Jaejoong
*Comeback – She wants Yunho and Jaejoong back
*Attacked you
*Enemy: You



Your friends:

Yunho's friends:
*G-Dragon aka Jiyong

Jaejoong's friends:
*Junsu (2PM)
*Junho (2PM)

BoA's friends:
*Bom (2NE1)
*Dara (2NE1)
*Lee Jun Ki
*Kim Tae Hee
*Park Heebon

Your Family:

We Belong Together [R] F_35eae124beem_2270da6

We Belong Together [R] 9c7155de6a1900_full

We Belong Together [R] Khun3

We Belong Together [R] F_yoona45m_24f0d2a

We Belong Together [R] Changmin1We Belong Together [R] Sunny2
We Belong Together [R] 6a00e398a4a3ca0003011017b626f3860e-500pi

Preview Chapters:

Chapter One

You got your luggage and your bag on the trolley and looked for your brother outside the check-ups and then you found him waving to you. You waved back to him and hugged him tightly.
You squealed, “Long time no see! I miss you, oppa!”
Nichkhun chuckled, “Aww…my sister misses me so much! Haha! Are you exciting to see my fiancé?”
You nodded and ready to go home – Nichkhun’s house. Nichkun’s house is your home! Lucky you!
You saw Yoona standing in front of me, smiling at me and said sweetly, “Hello. I’m Im Yoona. Nice to meet you.”
I smiled, “Nice to meet you, unnie! I’m happy to be your sister-in-law.”
Yoona nodded and Nichkhun appeared, you both saw him breathless and carried your luggage. You laughed and Nichkhun said, “How many things did you put inside your luggage?! This is so heavy!”
You pouted.

“FINE! We will find out…and then you’ll better keep away from me, my family and my company.”
“Whatever. I don’t care about you and your family. I only care about my family and my company and my club. Keep your fucking shit away. I won’t see you again.”
“Well well…we’ll see.”

Yunho walked out and he got stopped by Jaejoong. Jaejoong smirked, “Congratulations, captain. I would say I don’t like you as a captain.”
“Oh really? You must be so jealous. I knew you want to be a captain of basketball team. So what?” Yunho replied.
“You’re right. But you stole my crush.”
“No, I didn’t! That was you!”
“Why me?”
“She likes you, she likes me, you like her, I like her. So what? She can’t choose one of us. Remember the day; you confessed your feelings to my ex-girlfriend? You stole my precious ex-girlfriend! I love her! You fucking bastard!”
“Haha…so one day, if she comes back, what do you think she will choose? What if you are falling in love with someone else and forget about her? Then I have her!”
“You fucking bastard! I won’t give her to you. She is mine. I won’t love anyone, anybody but her. Get that?”
As they glared at each other and then they walked away.

Chapter Two

You exhaled slowly, you knock the door and you heard the voice, “Yes, please come in.”
You open the door and saw a man typing something on the computer. You close the door, sit down and said politely, “Hello. My name is ________.”
The principal nodded and said, “Welcome aboard. Hope you will enjoy.”
“Yes, Mr Kim.”
“Let’s go, Ms ________. I’m going to show you to your class.”
You nodded without saying anything. You got up, walked with him and got into your class. Before you and Mr Kim came in, the sound of people chattering were very noisy and loud, and stopped when you both came in. Mr Kim cleared his throat and said, “Boys and girls. This is your new classmate, Ms ____________. Please introduce yourself, Miss.”
You said meekly, “Hi…hii guys. My name is ________ and I’ll be your friend and hang out with you. Thanks.”
A cute looking boy asked, “Where are you from?”
“Um…America, but I was born in here.”
He nodded as he opened his mouth ‘O’. Your teacher said sweetly to you, “Hello _________. My name is Ms Lee.”
You nodded slowly and Ms Lee continued, “Nice to meet you. So your seat is next to Yunho. Please raise your hand, Yunho!”
You looked at him and you were like ‘Oh My GOSH! He is so handsome…but I can feel him feeling sad and lonely. Hmmm’

Chapter Three

Ms Lee looked up, saw Changmin eating his lunch and sighed, “Shim Changmin, why are you eating here? This is not an eating room, or lunchtime!”
Changmin gulped, “Yes, Ms Lee. But….I’m still hungry.”
“Then wait for the interval or lunchtime.”
Changmin pouted, “Ms Lee is so mean!”
As Ms Lee looked up at Shindong, Shindong is licking an ice cream. Ms Lee groaned, “Why why why?? Are you hungry?”
“Yup. I love ice cream!”
“Do you want me to tell you like I did to Changmin?”
“Then no ice cream in my room!”
“Yes, Ms Lee!”

Ms Lee shushed them, “Alright…alright…alright! Shhh…shhhh….be quiet. We are going to Vancouver Island, around California, and finally Hawaii! There are some activities like skiing, snowboarding, swimming, parties, et cetera.”
Sunny squealed, “OMG! Can’t believe it!!”
“Yes, Sunny. It’s on 29th June. Yes, it’s on next week. Ok, any questions?”
Jaejoong raised his hand up and said, “How long?”
“I think two or three months.”

When you go upstairs, meet Sunny and Yuri and smiled, “Hi, unnies.”
Sunny gasped, “Hi! You looks so sexy and wow…beautiful.”
You giggled, “Thank you, Sunny.”
Yuri said, “Hi! How was your old school?”
“Well…too many boys were chasing after me.”
“Ooooh…you got a fan club. Laugh Out Loud.”
“Haha. What about you? Can you show me around this school?”
“Sure, no problem. Um…I’m having fun because you know I love my school! We have parties, trips and anything.”
Sunny added, “Yeah. We love learning!”
You opened your mouth in ‘O’ and nodded, “Oh I see. Do you know Changmin’s friends? I’m so curious?”
“Well…Changmin’s friends are Jaejoong, Shindong, Jaebum, Jonghyun, Minho, Kibum, Kimbum, Taecyeon and Sungmin. They are so popular, well you know kingkas.”
Yuri added, “Yup, well…Changmin is a pig!”
You laughed, “Uh? A pig?”
“Yeah…he eats a lot! A BIG appetizer.”
“So anyways, let’s introduce my friends to you! This is Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sohee and Sunye. Guys, meet my cousin, ________”
Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sohee and Sunye chorused, “Hi!”
You replied with a smile, “Hi, guys!”
So you have so many girlfriends!!! Not like you are gay, biased or lesbian. Ewww…I know!

Chapter Four

Changmin went to Jaejoong’s table, Jaejoong looked up at him and asked, “Why are you with _________? I saw you there.”
“Uh…well actually…actually she is my…my co-”
Shindong yelled, “YO, Jaejoong! Oi…Heechul, keep your hands off me!!!”
Heechul replied, “Shut up Shindong! I’m trying to find that paper! It’s in your pocket, man!”
Shindong scoffed, “I don’t have that paper. I threw it out!”
“I threw it out! I don’t know what is in that paper!”
“Gosh…SHINDONG!! THAT PAPER IS A LOVE LETTER!!!! I have to give it to SUNGMIN!!!”
“Oops. Ask her to write it again.”
“Well…you go! I’m not going to ask her. You are going to be in DEEP TROUBLE!”
“So what did you say, Changmin?”
Changmin gulped, “Actually she…she-“
Jaebum cheered, “Sup, people!! Guess what??”
Jaejoong groaned, “Guys…I think I’ll kill you now!”
“Oi! What’s wrong with him?”
Sungmin whispered, “We are in a deep shit!”
Off they go, Jaejoong chased after them and told them to stop, but they couldn’t.

Donghae said, “Yeah. Yoochun’s right! We have to find the right girl. Oi…can’t be that girl?”
“What girl?”
“New girl. What is her name, Yoochun?”
“Uh? No way! She’s mine!”
“Uh? I thought you don’t have one, man.”
“Ok…I’m going to get her!”
“Yoochun, what about Yunho?”
“Shit…alright. Let him have her.”
“What is her name, Junsu?”
Junsu said meekly, “_______________”
“_____________, WHAT A CUTE NAME!”
“Yeah, you know? She is currently sitting with Yunho.”
“Awesome! First start!!”
“Dude, you know? We don’t like her. Well ____________ is perfect for you. She will change your life.”
“Donghae, no, I don’t like __________. I only love BoA, my love!”
“What the fucking is this? BoA is a bitch! She’s gone! How many times have I told you? She will never come back! It is stupid that you are waiting for her and...”
“DONGHAE! I’m not gonna lose her to Jaejoong. Get it?”
“I still don’t get it! Fine, you will regret it! Jaejoong might get ___________ soon, then you have BoA, heck no!”
“You know, I won’t regret it! You are just like Jaejoong, got it?”
“No. I’m going now. See ya, guys.”
Donghae left them behind, Yunho sighed and leaned back, “Gosh, what is wrong with me?”

Chapter Five

“Haha…before you go, let’s get prepare for my wedding! I don’t want you to miss out! Right?”
“Yeah…can I be your bridesmaid?”
“Yes, you are. I’m going to invite your aunties and uncles. Plus your cousins. Haha. It is very shame that your parents didn’t come to our wedding.”
“How come?”
“Sorry, __________. It is their businesses. Not ours.”
“Oh I see. Can we go now?”
“Yeah! Let’s go! Nichkhun is with his friends.”
“Ok. Thank you.”
“Your welcome.”
So you and Yoona both went to ‘Cinderella Shop’. You gasped, “That is so gorgeous!”

Next day, you yawned, “Oh, I’m so tired!”
Sunny giggled, “I’m so exciting! I can’t wait to go to your brother’s wedding!”
Sooyoung added, “Yeah! I want to get marry like Yoona unnie. She is very young! Younger than me! I can’t believe your brother want to marry her!”
You nodded, “Yeah…I think that they are the good couple!”
“Yeah…I wish I want to have a boyfriend. I like someone else.”
“Not telling!”
Sunny laughed, “Come on, Sooyoung! I don’t know who do you like. Come on, tell us! We promise we won’t tell anyone, right girls?”
We all nodded and Sooyoung sighed, “…It was…”
We all came closer and closer to Sooyoung and listening carefully, “…SECRET!!”
We all groaned. Sohee whined, “Why? Why? Why?”
Sooyoung pouted, “Sorry, girls. I can’t tell you.”
You scoffed, “Not fair!”
Sooyoung smirked.

Chapter Six

Jaejoong sighed and leaned back on his chair. He asked Changmin, “So, Changmin, any news?”
Changmin nodded, “Yeah…have you hear about Yoona and Nichkhun?”
“Yeah…they are too mushy…what about them?”
“Well, they are getting married…so we invited to their wedding. Have you heard about Nichkhun’s sister?”
“No…I’m wondering what does she looks like. Is she sexy?”
“Why are you asking?”
“Don’t know.”
“She is in our school now.”
“You will find out…I’m not telling who she is.”
“Have I met her before?”
”Is that one? She came here in two days ago…”
“You will find out!”
“Come on! Tell me…you are my buddy, man!”
“How about I give you a VIP voucher? For food! Anything you like!”
“Oh really?”
“Really? Really?”
“Yeah! Yeah!”
“Really?! REALLY!!!??!??!” As Changmin jumped off his seat and face to Jaejoong and glared at him.
Jaejoong whimpered, “Ye…eahh…Yea..a…h..ah..”

Changmin left him behind. As he left, Junho and Chaesung appeared and Junho said cheerily, “Yo!”
Chaesung chuckled, “Jaejoong, what’s wrong with you? Changmin hit you, right man?”
Jaejoong answered, “It was an accident.”
Chaesung and Junho looked at each other and burst laughed. Jaejoong groaned, “Shut up, man! Oi…do you know who is Nichkhun’s sister?”
Junho shrugged, “Why did you ask? I haven’t seen her for ages.”
“Uh? Did you meet her before?”
“Yeah…she was so beautiful and nice. I had a crush on her. She left here with her mother. Nichkhun was with his father. So, yeah…I haven’t seen her for ages. And I haven’t heard about her recently.”
“Oh…I see. Do you know what her name is?”
“Haha…did you know she is in your class, man?”
Chaesung scoffed, “Her name is _____________. Does Changmin told you before? Well…actually, Changmin, Sunny and Yuri are Nichkhun’s and ___________’s cousins.”
“Well, dude…you always hanging out with sluts more than hanging out with us.”

Chapter Seven

Jaejoong ran and looked for Changmin. He spotted Changmin standing beside a girl at the library. He decided to hide and keeps closer to him, he will definitely hear it. As he heard Changmin’s talking, “…I shouldn’t tell him. She is with her boyfriend now.”
“Well, actually…it is very shocking for you to hear it. She is getting married to someone.”
“She told me that. She’s in love with him.”
“But what about him?”
“She doesn’t love him. She likes him as a friend or a brother.”
“Okay, I see. I told you, I shouldn’t tell him. Because he might get hurt or get drunk someday.”
“Fine. Um…I got to go. My friends are waiting for me.”
A girl left him behind. Changmin sighed in frustration, “WHAT HAVE I DONE? Should I tell him or not?”
Jaejoong came out of hiding and cleared his throat, “Tell him what? Who is he?”
Changmin jumped off and gasped, “Jesus…you shouldn’t scare me away.”
“Sorry, buddy. Who are you talking about him?”
“Nothing, man. It’s private.”
“Okay…who’s that girl?”
“Don’t touch her. You know…you are going to be in a BIG TROUBLE!”
“I don’t care. So, anyways, why shouldn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Huh? What do you mean?”
“What about her?”
“She is your cousin. By the way, Junho and Chaesung told me that. I didn’t know that.”
“AHHH!!! I’M GOING TO GET YOU!!!” As Changmin ran into the building, find Junho and Chaesung.
“e…man. You shouldn’t run away.” Jaejoong sighed.

Yunho chuckled, “Well well…I’ve heard it. You like her?”
Jaejoong sneered, “Who?”
“No…I don’t like her. Maybe you are jealous.”
“Whatever. I don’t like her either.”
“Okay, you’ll better get rid of my love.”
“No…you do!”
“Fuck you!”
As Jaejoong raised his arm and was about to punch him, Heechul came there in nowhere. Heechul grabbed him and shouted, “Hyung! You shouldn’t do that!”
Yunho laughed, “Why…Kim Heechul. It seems you like him.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
KangIn sneered, “You are gay, Kim Heechul. Gay! Haha!”

Sunny said in an angry tone, “How many times did I tell you? You shouldn’t fight here! Otherwise, you’ll be in detention.”
Seungri scoffed as he walked toward Sunny and said in a sexy voice, “Babe…you shouldn’t do that. Wanna go out?”
Sunny scoffed, “Better keep your hands off me.”
Seungri laughed lightly, “Really? I know you want me, baby.”
Tiffany shouted, “SEUNGRI! Get away from Sunny!”
Sooyoung nodded, “Yeah! We don’t like bad guys like you.”
Yuri added, “We don’t like having sex with you!”
KangIn replied with a smile, “Oh really? It seems like you are all virgins. Wanna sleep tonight?”
Jessica said in a cold tone, “No thank you. We don’t like you. We like good guys.”
Eunhyuk laughed, “Good guys? They become bad…”
Taeyeon snapped him off, “No, we don’t like playboys like you!”
You were standing behind Sunny, you move forward and whispered to Sunny’s ear, “Sunny. Unnie, what’s going on?”
Sunny looked at me and looked back. Sunny cleared her throat, “Girls, let’s go. You know, we should tell ___________ about them. Yuri, find Changmin. Boys, you’ll better watch out!”
As they left them behind, Yunho grinned, “What a good show. Feisty girls, eh? Let’s go, buddy. Jaejoong, I think you like _________. If not, don’t regret it”
Yunho and his gang left Jaejoong and Heechul. Heechul released him and gasped, “Unbelievable! KangIn! That bastard! I will kill him!”
Jaejoong sighed, “Dude…you sound like a girl. Come on, Heechul! Be a man!”
“But…I don’t like it, man.”
“Ok…girls don’t like you and doesn’t like to be with you, either.”
“Let’s go, Heechul. Forget about it.”

Chapter Eight

Mr Mun is with Yunho’s enemy, Jaejoong. Mr Mun said, “I heard that you get detention from Ms Lee. So I told her I can take care of you. Jaejoong, I need you to come here so, you guys should practice together. Game is coming up.”
Jaejoong nodded and looked away from Yunho. Yunho nodded and caught the ball from Mr Mun. Mr Mun said, “Guys, I don’t want you two fighting. I know you two. No fighting. Keep focus on this game. I’m leaving. My wife is waiting for me to return home. See you guys.”
Mr Mun left them behind as Yunho bounced the ball and dribbled it. Yunho smirked, “So…”
Jaejoong scoffed, “What?”
“I guess…BoA doesn’t love you…she loves me.”
“What did you say?”
Yunho tossed the ball into the basket, he laughed, “Nothing.”
Jaejoong holds his hands tightly and grabbed the ball from Yunho. He dribbled the ball and he said, “Oh really? You’re wrong. I love her and she loves me. Not you. We belong together.”
Yunho glared and tried to take the ball, but Jaejoong got the ball and pushed him. Yunho fell down and looked up at him. He got up, grabbed Jaejoong’s collar and punched his face. Jaejoong dropped the ball and hold his right cheek. He sneered, “What the fuck?!”
Jaejoong punched his stomach as Yunho groaned. Yunho fights back again. They are FIGHTING!!!

They didn’t notice the door was opened. They felt the hands pulled them back apart. They looked up at….

You both pulled the boys apart from each other. You got Yunho, and Sunny got Jaejoong. Sunny yelled, “STOP IT!! STOP FIGHTING!”
Yunho and Jaejoong stopped and then you both released them. Sunny asked, “What is going on?”
Yunho groaned, “It was Jaejoong’s fault!”
Jaejoong protested, “No! It was his fault!”
You looked at Yunho’s face, his nose and his mouth were bleeding. You said, “Sunny, let’s go to the sick bay. Let us help them to clean those bleeding things.”
Sunny shook her head, “Sorry…the sick bay is closed already.”
You think hard and got an idea, “What about your place?”
Sunny dropped her jaw, “Are…are…are you kidd-ding me?”
“Come on!”

You went to the bathroom and looked for the first aid. You found the first aid in the mirror cupboard and walked back to Sunny’s room. You took out the wet cloth and cleaned his face. Yunho twitched, “Ouch!”
You said in a sweet voice, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Keep still.”
You slowly wipe his face as you did notice that Yunho is staring at you. You avoided him and continuing wipes his face.

Suddenly you and Yunho heard the noises from the living. You heard Sunny yelling, “KEEP STILL! OTHERWISE…YOUR FACE IS SO UGLY!! KEEP STILL!”
Jaejoong yelled back, “NO!!!! I DON’T WANT YOU!!!”

You sighed and you finished cleaning his face. Yunho kept staring at you and you asked him, “Is something wrong with my face?”
No answer…
No reply…
“Is something wrong with my face?”
“No no no…this is not what I mean.”
“Oh…I’ll better help Sunny.”
As you got up and was about falling back. Yunho grabbed you and pulled you onto the bed. Yunho is on top of you and stared at you. You opened your eyes and saw Yunho’s eyes. Yunho’s head slowly come down and kissed you. You felt his lip touching on your lip. Your eyes opened widely as saucers! It is your FIRST kiss!!!
Yunho kept kissing you and you kissed back. You close your eyes as Yunho’s hand travelled up to your neck, pulling you closer to him.

You pushed him off you and you ran away. Yunho fell off the bed and looked at you running out of Sunny’s room. Yunho touched his lip and licked it. He smirked.

Now you took the wet cloth and were about to wipe Jaejoong’s face. His hand grabbed your wrist away and he said, “DON’T DO THIS!”
You sighed, “Jaejoong…let me clean your face. It won’t take too long. Please?”
As you pouted, Jaejoong tried to avoid your face and he sighed, “FINE…do it quickly!”
You smiled at him and he smiled a little. You wiped his face slowly, hopefully you won’t hurt him. Jaejoong stared at you like Yunho did. You tried to avoid his eyes.

You were about to leave him, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you on his lap. He looked at you and kissed you passionately. You are SHOCKED! You tried to pull away, but Jaejoong pulled you closer to him. Jaejoong’s tongue begged to go in and you gave up, let his tongue in. You are KISSING back!

Suddenly, you both heard the footsteps approaching and someone grabbed you away from Jaejoong. It was Yunho. Yunho shouted, “WHAT THE FUCKING ARE YOU DOING?”
Jaejoong smirked, “I’m kissing her. Why did you pull her away from me?”
“I don’t want you to touch her!”
“Sorry…it was too late! BoA is yours. __________...” As Jaejoong pulled you and hold you tightly, close to him. “is mine.”

Sunny tried to push Yunho in his car, but his head got hit by the door. Yunho bended down and groaned, “Sunny!!!!”
Sunny gasped, pulled him up and moved him aside. She opened the door and pushed him in the car seat. Sunny pouted, “God bless me! Go home, Yunho!” As he left home.
Sunny pulled Jaejoong along and pushed him in his car. She shouted to his ear, “GOOOO HOMMMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”
Jaejoong pulled back and covered his ears. He yelled at her, “DONNN’TTT DOOOO THATTTT!!! I’M NOT DEAFFFFF!!!”
Jaejoong rolled his eyes over and pushed Sunny lightly. He started the engine and drove home. Sunny sighed in a relief, “Thank god! BOYS ARE GOING H-O-M-E!”




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We Belong Together [R] Empty Re: We Belong Together [R]

Post by DBSKMine on 9/21/2009, 3:24 am

Please read!


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We Belong Together [R] Empty Re: We Belong Together [R]

Post by guiwang_4ever on 2/21/2010, 5:20 pm

Yes, I'm Jaejoong's as Boa is yunho's!
lols. voting for jaejoong.
update soon! Smile


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We Belong Together [R] Empty Re: We Belong Together [R]

Post by jlynne28 on 6/24/2010, 9:01 pm

yeah this is a cut story.. in winglin is the full story. please update there i already finished reading it in winglin and im waiting for your update there.. pretty please please update there.. thanks!

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We Belong Together [R] Empty Re: We Belong Together [R]

Post by jlynne28 on 6/24/2010, 9:02 pm

and by the way i'm voting for JAEJOONG.. i think they look good together..

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We Belong Together [R] Empty Re: We Belong Together [R]

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