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Design For Love

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Design For Love Empty Design For Love

Post by themorningshine on 7/26/2009, 4:24 am

Design For Love Shejia14

This is my first time writing fanfic, so...it is my 1st fanfic! HAHA! Don't know whether it will turn out to be nice a not. But I hope you will enjoy my stories. And I hope that I will continue to write more fanfic after finishing my first piece! Thanks for supporting my story!

Hebe, 22, is a blur girl who love designing clothes. With her talent in designing clothes, she went in a company to become a designer of a famous artiste, Aaron. She wish that her design can be seen to the world and one day could become a famous fashion designer. She is an optimistic girl, despite being an orphan. She has never experience love before, but after she went in to that company, her love's life will change when she meets the 2 guys.

Aaron, 27, is a famous artiste who is known as a "Hua Hua Gong Zi", but he is still being a "Bai Ma Wang Zi" in most women's heart. Many people interviewed to become his personal assistant is just to get close to him, and isn't serious in their work. Being flirt, Aaron is always having the news of having a love relationship with his personal assistant. Therefore, the GM of the comapany, also Aaron's cousin, tell him that his personal assistant cannot be a girl. What will Aaron do?

Wang ChuanYi, 30, is a GM of the singer's comapany who is serious and mature, no matter in work or in love. He had not recover from his love's scar as his financee, Selina, had passed away 3years ago due to the breakdown in an airplane where she was taking. He could not forgive Angela as it was Angela who forces his fiancee to leave him, and move to another country, hence, causing the accident to happen. But after meeting Hebe, smiles had been appearing on his face more often. What feelings had he grown for Hebe?

Angela Zhang, 26, same as Aaron and ChuanYi, being wealthy, who regretted forcing Selina to leave ChuanYi, and indirectly causing the death of Selina. She had do many things to wanting ChuanYi to forgive her, but she was still not forgiven. However, having an arrogant character, she is always using money and threats to ask for forgiveness. Also, because of this, her love for ChuanYi was not accepted. Will she be love and accepted by him?

What kind of love and relationship will happen when 4 different characters come together???


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Design For Love Empty The success often foretell the later suffering

Post by themorningshine on 7/26/2009, 8:15 am

It has come to an intense moment. Hebe is awaiting the announcing results for the competition.
"The winner is........", the host purposely pause for a second.

"Hebe Tien!"

Hebe was shocked and delighted. She is finally one step nearer to her dream. This is a fashion designing competition that the winner will get a chance to go to the famous singer's company to help Aaron Yan's, a famous artiste, design a shirt for his new album. With this, her deisign of shirts will be seen by the world. And she believes that one day, she will be a very famous designer that everyone will wear her clothes, like Selina Ren, a very famous designer that had unfortunately passed away 3years ago. Selina Ren is Hebe's idol, and she loves her design and her determined in completing her design. Hebe went home and prepare the materials for tomorrow first day of work at the singer's company.


The next day at the television station, Aaron Yan is publicizing his upcoming new album.

"Hi reporters and audience, I'm Aaron Yan YaLun, my new album is coming again. I had recorded finished most of the songs. And my this album is going to be very different from the previous. It's going to be abit rock and R&B. erm...after making this album, I am also going to take a role in a new show that is going to act with..."

Yet saying finish, the reporter interrupt, "Heard that you are dating with your new personal assistant, is that true?"

"Don't joke, my fans are watching at me. Haha" Aaron said it in a kidding manner.

"But there are people say that they see you hugging and was very intimate with your personal assistant. Please give your fans a clear explanation."

"I'm so sorry, but today is to publicize my upcoming album. Please be careful what question are you asking." Aaron smiles at the media and added a line, "This shall be the end of the publicize. Thanks."

He then drove his sports car back to his comapany. To his surprise, there is many reporters surrounding at the entrance, waiting for him to come. He panicked for a few seconds and then he thought of an idea when he saw a girl passing by him. He quickly pull the girl to the edge of the wall and covered her mouth as she wanted to scream.

For a second, Aaron got attracted to her eyes. After awaking, he then put his hand away from her mouth.

"It's me. I'm Aaron Yan. The artiste Aaron Yan."

"I'm not blind?" Hebe said in a anxious tone as she is going to be late for her 1st day of work.

"Can you do me a favour?" Aaron said in a flirting tone, facing going closer ans closer to Hebe.

"STOP! I have to go for my work. Bye." Hebe's heart did stop for a moment when his face was getting nearer.

Aaron pulled her back and said "Please do this favour."

"Let go of my hand. I'm going to be late!"

"I'm not going to let go unless you agree helping." Aaron said it with a stern look

"OK! I give up! What's the favour?"

Aaron then took out his jacket, cap and sunglasses to let her wear.

"You just shout my name, and when the reporters see you, then you try to run away from them. OK?" Aaron went to hide in a corner after giving her a wink.

Hebe really listen to his order and do what he said. When the reporters were changing her round and round the company building, Aaron took the chance to go in his company. When going back to his office, he meet the GM, Wang ChuanYi.

When seeing Aaron, the first thing the GM said "You had been flirting with your personal assistant and I had to keep changing for the sake of your reputation. So, I had decided, let Jiro be your personal assistant."

"What?! You mean the person who is as quiet as a mouse? NO WAY! I will be bored to death."

"Then it shall be Wu Chun."

"HUH?! The guy who keep eating?! I think he will eat me up one day. NO!" Aaron is just finding excuse for himself.

"This is not a choice. This is my order. I'm now going to help you handle the reporters." After saying, ChuanYi went out.

After running a few rounds the building, Hebe thinks that she is a fool as to follow his instruction. Suddenly, she banged into ChuanYi and was about to fall. Luckily, ChuanYi quickly get hold of her waist and save her from falling. Hebe look at him and her heart pump very fast. They look into each other eyes, and there is like a pause in the time...


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Design For Love Empty What?! Be your personal assistant?!

Post by themorningshine on 7/26/2009, 9:28 am

After a moment, they then quickly return to ther normal state and position.
"Mr. Aaron Yan, why do you have to run when seeing us? Are you admiting that you have relationship with your personal assistant?" One of the reporters says with exhausting tone after chasing so many rounds.

"All reporters, I think you had been deceived by a overly acted fan of Aaron." ChuanYi suddenly take off Hebe's cap an sunglasses.

Hearing this bad news, all the reporters went back, and also being furious at the same time.

Seeing all the reporters going away, ChuanYi then said to Hebe "Come to my office now."


When Aaron saw Hebe went into ChuanYi's office, he went to peep at the door.

"What do you think you are doing, little fan. Do you know that I can sue you for spoiling my singer's image?" ChuanYi said it with a calm and stern look.

"No, it's not like that. It was Aaron who told me to act like him and deceive the reporters." Hebe protest, feeling being accused.

"Yea. I had heard this reason from many fans. Do you think I will believe your words?" ChuanYi said it in a sarcastic tone.

"What I say is the truth! I'm actually here to report for my 1st day of work. I'm the new designer for the Aaron's upcoming album. Please see this." Hebe pass him her info and identification to prove that she is the new designer.

"Oh, so you are the new designer. Do you know what time is it?"

"I'm so sorry that I'm late. But it was because..."

Did not wait for Hebe to say finish her sentence, ChuanYi interrupt her "You are already 45minutes late. Do you even care about this job? Also, you do not even care about the image of my singer, how could you design a clothes for him. I don't think you deserve this job. You are fired."

Hebe felt accusing when she heard the words coming out from his mouth. Tears soon filled her eyes, but she force it back, not wanting it to flow down. "Sorry for disturbing you. Then I shall go first." Tears then dare to flow out after facing back from him. Hebe then slowly walk out of his office, fogetting to take her info back.

When Hebe walk out of his office, someone pull her hand and bring her to the staircase.

"You again?!" Hebe was furious when she see the culprit who had cause her to lose her job, AARON YAN!

"You are being fired by the GM?" Aaron still using a joking manner to talk to her.

Hebe slapped him and shouted "You can still joke when you cause my lost of job!"

Aaron was shocked and pause for a moment. After slapping him, Hebe walk away furiously.

"Do you want your job back? I can help you." Hebe stop walking when this words came out from Aaron.

"But I have a condition. You have to be my personal assistant, and you can't tell others that you are the designer." Aaron said this wothout forgetting putting his killer smile.

Hebe turn back to him and hold his hand, "Really?! I don't mind handling 2jobs at a time, but...why i can't say that I'm the designer?"

"Because you are going to be my MALE peronal assistant." Aaron looks into her watery eyes.

"Oh, a male per...WHAT?! A MALE personal assistant?!" Hebe was shocked, and accidentally hold his hand more tightly. "Why must it be a MALE personal assistant?"

"That's an order from the GM. It must be a...male...personal assistant."

"But how am I going to act like a male with this long hair?" Hebe was confused with his words.

"This is easy. I will help you change your looks."

"OK! For the sake of my dreams, i will sacrifice!" Hebe said in a confident manner, but she is actually worried is her heart.

"You must have control your love for me for very long. You hands are holding me so tightly." Aaron whispered to her ear, saying it in a teasing manner.

Hebe looks at her hand and quickly let go of him. Looking at his flirting look, Hebe did not forget to give him a kick at his stomach.

"Ouch" Aaron shouted in a soft tone.

"Serves you right." Hebe walk down the stairs after giving that kick.

Seeing Hebe walking down the stairs, he find it strange, "Eh, this is the 16th floor. Are you going to walk down to the 1st floor? Do you know there is something call the lift?"

"Then do you know there is something call excercise? I had always been the 1st in racing competition. I bet with you, I will reach down faster than you even if you take the lift." Hebe said it confidently.

"Oh, I will see how fast you can run. I accept your challenge. If I win, I shall get a kiss from you." Aaron said it with his eyes looking straight into hers'.

"OK! Set!" Hebe quickly run down as fast as she can, as she do not want to lose her first kiss to this flirtatious man.

Aaron also quickly ran quickly to the lift.


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Design For Love Empty The disadvantage in a winning bet

Post by themorningshine on 7/27/2009, 7:03 am

Aaron went into the same lift with ChuanYi.
"So who had you choose for your personal assistant? Jiro or Chun?" ChuanYi said in a serious tone.

"Oh, about that. I had chose other people to be. You do not need to worry, 'he' is a male." Aaron said it in a calm manner, but his is laughing in his heart.

"Ok, I don't mind, as long as she is not a girl. Oh, and your designer..."

"I had my own designer. You do not need to find for me."Aaron interrupt him.

"Oh, ok. But her design must be approve by me first before carrying on to do the shirt." ChuanYi said firmly.

"No problem." After Aaron says that, the door of the lift finally open.

When the lift's door opens, Hebe is already standing in front of them.

"I win!" Hebe's smile changes to frown when she see ChuanYi.

The 3 of them pause there for a while. After a few seconds, Aaron pull Hebe into the lift.

"We are going to the basement floor." Aaron say it with his hand still holding her's.

Silence takes place in the lift. The basement floor has reached but no one had spoken a word. Aaron pull Hebe out of the lift and walk towards his car.

"Did I really misunderstood her?" ChuanYi said in his heart, walking towards his own car.


Aaron brought Hebe to the haircut and then brought her to buy some big shirts and pants. After he had change her, she became like a small little boy, with her hair short, wearing a big T-shirt, a three quarter pants and a cap. But when she speak, her voice still can't deceive others. Aaron then teach her to speak in a low tone. After some practise, Hebe tends to be used to the way of speaking. After all these, Aaron drive Hebe back home.

"Thanks for giving me a chance to keep this job." Hebe says it sincerely with a smile, without changing her low tone as she was too used too it.

"I should be the who should be asking for your forgiveness. If it isn't me, you wouldn't lose your job and get accused by the GM." Aaron says it with his seducing eyes looking at her. "You are cute with this new look." he continue saying.

"Can't stand you." Hebe say it with a sigh. She then went out of his car.

When she was about to open the entrance gate, Aaron went out of his car and called her.

"Do you still remember our bet this afternoon?"

"Yup. I won. So I do not have to give you a kiss. Hehe." Hebe said it in a little proud tone and the low tone.

"Ok, I admit defeat. Today will be the last day of being Hebe. So can you change back to your normal tone?" Aaron's voice suddenly became gentle and serious.

Realising that she had been using the low tone, she quickly change back to her normal voice, "Ooops, I had got used to it. Thanks for..."

Haven't completing her sentence, Aaron suddenly kiss her on her lips. Hebe was shocked and could not react for a few seconds. Her heartbeat suddenly jump very fast. After awaking, Hebe kicked his stomach.

"What do you think you are doing!" Hebe shouted at him, with her busy hand, keep rubbing her lips.

"I'm just admitting defeat from the bet." Aaron said it with a little pain on his stomach.

"But didn't I won the bet?"

"Ya." Aaron responded it naturally.

"So I do not have to give you a kiss, isn't it?" Hebe was furious and confused at the same time.

"Ya. So I have to give you a kiss since I lost, isn't it?"

Hebe slapped him again, "Who do you think you are? Just because so many girls are crazy of you, you think that the whole world likes you. I hate people like you, do not care about people's feeling. Do you know that this is my...my..." Hebe stumbled.

"Your...first kiss?" Aaron helped her complete her sentence.

Hebe was loss at words and she quickly run back to her house.

"Remember tomorrow, 7.30am, at my company's office! Don't be late!" Aaron shouted to Hebe had gone far.

"In one day, being slapped twice, being kicked at the stomach twice, by the same person." Aaron said to himself. After rewinding the memories with Hebe, a small smile was shown on Aaron's face.


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Design For Love Empty Re: Design For Love

Post by Jaemin on 7/27/2009, 3:09 pm

How she kicks him and yeah, since it's Aaron... If i was her i would probably squeal and faint after the kiss lol... But i love how you made her caracter; cute, though...
But the Gm is really mean, she didn't even have time to explain D: Go Aaron! And Male version of Hebe!
can't wait for the next chappie !!!!

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Design For Love Empty I'm He...nry

Post by themorningshine on 7/28/2009, 1:41 am

The next day had arrived. With the new look, Hebe went to report at Aaron's company office. Hebe looks at her watch and mumbled to herself, " It's already 7.45am. Why is Aaron not here yet?"
Suddenly, Hebe heard the door open sound, "You are fina..." When she realised that it was the GM, she stopped talking.

ChuanYi: "You are..."

Hebe: "OH MY! Did he recognize me?!" she say in her heart, with her heart pumping faster and faster.

ChuanYi: "You are Aaron's new personal assistant?"

Hebe: "Oh, yea..yea..." Hebe felt relieved.

ChuanYi: "What's your name?"

Hebe: "Oh, I am He...", realising that she was about to break her disguise, she quickly changed what she was about to say. "he...ENRY. Ya, I am Henry Tien."

ChuanYi: looks at his watch and said to himself, "Looks like Aaron can't live without a personal assistant. Henry, this is your first assignment of the day. Call Aaron now, and tell him to come to work now."

Hebe: "Oh ok. Er, what is his number?"

ChuanYi: "You don't know his number? And he hire you?" he felt strange.

Hebe: "Err...cause...cause...I met him by coincidence...and then...I was hired." she said with a guilty look.

ChuanYi: "Huh, nevermind. His number is ********."

Hebe called Aaron's handphone, it takes a long time before he answered the phone.


Call in progress....

Aaron: "Hello?" he said in a sleepy tone.

Hebe: "Big star, do you know what time is it?" she said softly.

Aaron: "What time?" still hafl asleep.

Hebe: "It's 8am already! Faster come to the company!" she continue using the soft voice.

ChuanYi beside her, looks at 'him' carefully as he thinks that 'he' is very familiar.

End of call....


ChuanYi: "You are very close term with Aaron?" He keep staring at her.

Hebe: "Er...Not really." She gave a smile.

ChuanYi: "Ok, this are 5 things you need to take note of being his personal assistant. First, always give him a morning call at 7am. Second, remind him the schedule he have for that day. Third, responsible for all his meals in his work hours. Fourth, do what he order you to do. Last, there is not rest day, he work till what time, you will work till what time. Understand?"

Hebe: "Oh, ok." she responded him without dare to look at him.

ChuanYi: "This is his schedule. Take note of every date." he passed her the file that contains all his schedule.

When she takes the file from him, finally, Aaron came.

Arron: "Hi! You are all here!"

ChuanYi: "You are already late for half an hour. You are excused for today only. Don't be late for the recording of your last song."

When ChuanYi was about to leave, he heard Aaron call 'Hebe'. He was confused, so turn back and look at them.

Hebe: "My name is Henry." she whispered to Aaron.

Aaron: "Oh, Henry. Where do I need to go after my song recording?" he quickly mend his mistake.

Hebe quickly flipped the file to check the schedule. When she is still finding, ChuanYi save the time and say, "It will be the meeting discussing about your album's clothes designing. Do you need to tell your designer to come for the meeting?"

Aaron: "Oh, it's ok. I will tell her the details."

ChuanYi: "Suit you."


At the recording studio, when Aaron is recording the song, Hebe just seat at the side of the studio. Listening to how he song and looking at how he sing, Hebe's eyes suddenly couldn't move away from him.

Hebe: "He look so different when he is singing. Totally do not looks like a playboy, but a serious teenage." she whisper to herself. "What are you thinking, Hebe?! How can he not be a playboy!" she changes her thought.


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Design For Love Empty Re: Design For Love

Post by Jaemin on 7/28/2009, 3:33 pm

Lol Razz
Hope ChuanYi doesn't find out it's Hebe. It was close to telling him her true name O.O

Update soon Smile !

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Design For Love Empty The shadow of Selina

Post by themorningshine on 7/29/2009, 1:25 am

After Aaron's recording of the song, Hebe went to the company's eating store to buy his lunch for him.
Looking at what Hebe bought for him, he was a liitle furious and said, "Don't you know I don't like to eat fish?!"

Hebe: "You also never tell me you don't eat fish."

Aaron: "Nevermind. Anyway, I'm about to go for the meeting about my design of clothes. You also join the meeting later, so that it will be easier for you to have the idea of designing."

Hebe: "Oh, ok." she said while eating the food that Aaron don't want. "The fish is so delicious. Such a waste if it is thrown away." she whisper to herself.

Looking at how she eats, Aaron find that she is very cute. Wanting to tease her, he said, "Just now at the recording studio, I saw a person standing at a corner keep staring at me."

Hebe gave him a blank look for a second and started to explain, "It's not that. I like the person who created this song. This song has a nice melody and it is good written. It's not that I like you, ok." she look on the floor, wanting to avoid from his eyes.

Aaron: "So...you have fallen for me?" he brought his face closer to her.

Hebe: She lift her head up, "I already say..." Hebe stop what she wanted to say as their faces are only 1 inch apart, "I never like you." she finish her sentence.

Aaron: "Because...I'm the person who create this song." he whisper to her and gave her a wink.

Hebe was shocked and she accidentally cough her food out and the food got onto his face, "OH MY! I'm so sorry." she laugh in silence.

Aaron: "HEBE TIEN!" he shouted at her.

Hebe: "Sorry lah, it's difficult to believe that you can create songs." she took a tissue and help to wipe his face, at the same time, trying to control her laughter.

Aaron looks at her when she is wiping. He suddenly grab her hand that she used to wipe his face. Hebe looks at him and their expressions and positions paused for a moment.

Hebe: "Ahh! It's 1pm already. Have to go for meeting!" she tried to avoid the situation.


After the meeting, after hearing the type of style is the album, Hebe got an idea of what to design. Both of them went back to Aaron's office to discuss.

Hebe: "I got a design in my mind, I had drawn a similar design."

Aaron: "Then that's good, bring it to the next meeting."

Hebe: "But...the design is with GM. That time I went for my first day of work, then I passed him all my design works."

Aaron: "Then we shall 'take' back from him." he gave a sneaky smile.


At the same time, at ChuanYi's side, after the meeting, he went back to his own office. When he return to his office, he saw Hebe's info on the table and he recalls the happenings.


"What I say is the truth! I'm actually here to report for my 1st day of work. I'm the new designer for the Aaron's upcoming album. Please see this." Hebe pass him her info and identification to prove that she is the new designer.

"Oh, so you are the new designer. Do you know what time is it?"

"I'm so sorry that I'm late. But it was because..."

Did not wait for Hebe to say finish her sentence, ChuanYi interrupt her "You are already 45minutes late. Do you even care about this job? Also, you do not even care about the image of my singer, how could you design a clothes for him. I don't think you deserve this job. You are fired."

*End of flashback*

He then flipped open the file to find out more about her. When he saw her design of clothes, he finds it good, at the same time, her design makes him think of his fiancee that had passed away, Selina.

*The past*

Selina: "ChuanYi, do you think my design will win the competition?" she was sitting on ChuanYi's lap.

ChuanYi: "Any design drawn by your hand will sure win. But...the food that was cooked by your hand will sure taste bad." he said this teasingly while eating the porridge that she cook.

Selina: "Eh, if it is not because you are sick, I will don't want to cook for you. If you don't want to eat, then I will just throw it away." she tried to take the bowl from him.

ChuanYi: He take the bowl back, "I did not say i don't want. As long as it is cook by you, I will eat finish the whole thing. But if you feed me, maybe the food would taste sweetier."

Selina: "Want me to feed? Ok, open your mouth." she said with a grin. After he opened his mouth, she put the spoon in his mouth directly, without blowing.

ChuanYi: "Ah! It's hot. This is how you treat the patient. Put in slowly."

*End of recalling the past*

ChuanYi: "This girl's design is quite good and quite creative." he mumbled to himself. He then continue flipping the file and he saw the name of this girl, "Hebe?" he find it familiar.


ChuanYi: "You are already late for half an hour. You are excused for today only. Don't be late for the recording of your last song."

When ChuanYi was about to leave, he heard Aaron call 'Hebe'. He was confused, so turn back and look at them.

Hebe: "My name is Henry." she whispered to Aaron.

Aaron: "Oh, Henry. Where do I need to go after my song recording?" he quickly mend his mistake.

*End of flashback*


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Design For Love Empty The unforgiving love

Post by themorningshine on 7/31/2009, 11:06 pm

When ChuanYi is in deep thoughts, someone knock the door.
ChuanYi: "Come in."

Seeing that it was Aaron, ChuanYi put the file in his drawer, get up from his seat and walk towards him, "Aaron? Just right, I have something to ask you."

Aaron: "Ya?"

ChuanYi: "Hebe is your who?"

Aaron: Aaron was abit shocked, but he still calmly answered, "She is my friend. Why?"

ChuanYi: "Then why did you call Henry Hebe this morning?"

Aaron: He paused for a while and continue saying, "Er...actually, Henry is Hebe twin brother. Don't you think they look a like. Because they look too a like, that's why I accidentally call wrong name." he laughed with a little guilty.

ChuanYi: "Oh, so it's like this." he say to himself. He then take the coffee on his table and drink a sip, "So what brings you here?"

Aaron: "Oh, about the meeting just now..." he passed him the file that he wanted to consult and then the file 'accidentally' push his coffee cup. Eventually, the coffee spilled on ChuanYi. "Oh my, so sorry cousin."

ChuanYi: "Nevermind, it's ok. I go to washroom first."

After ChuanYi had left, Aaron bring Hebe in quickly and quietly. While Hebe is finding for her file, Aaron helped to look out for ChuanYi. After a few minutes, Hebe finally found her file. When they were about to go, ChuanYi is reaching his office. The both of them went frantic and decided to hide under the desk.

Hebe: "Eh? Why do you have to hide with me?" she whisper to him.

Aaron: "Oh, I forgot."

Hearing the footsteps getting nearer and nearer, their heart beats also went faster and faster. When ChuanYi is about to reach his desk, his phone came ringing. It is Angela.


Call in progress...

ChuanYi: "Miss Zhang, why must you keep pestering me? It had been 3years, can't you just get out from my life?!" he shouted on the phone.

Angela: "You also know it had been 3years after that incident, why can't you forgive me and accept my love?"

ChuanYi: "Dream on! I will never forgive you. If it is not you who force her to go, Selina will not die! With that, do you think the more I will accept your love?" he said it with a sacarstic tone.

Angela: "No matter what, I will not give up my love for you. I'm just downstair your company. You want to come down or I go up?"

End of call...


ChuanYi furiously throw the mobile onto the floor and went out of the office.

Hearing that ChuanYi had gone, they both felt relief. When they wanted to come out, their face suddenly turn to each other at the same time, and their lips are only 1cm apart. Hebe was shocked so she quickly move her head back, unfortunately, her head hit until the desk. "Ouch", she shouted.

After getting out from under the desk, Hebe asked Aaron about the Selina that ChuanYi had mention. Aaron then explained that Selina was ChuanYi's fiancee who was the most famous fashion designer 3years ago. Selina had met an accident when taking the plight and that ChuanYi blamed Angela for forcing Selina to leave him, causing Selina to meet the accident. After this explanation, Hebe then realised that her favourite idol was actually GM's fiancee.


ChuanYi: "Faster say what you want to say." he said it without looking at Angela.

Angela: "Tomorrow is Selina's death anniversary. We go and visit Selina's tomb tomorrow?" she said in a pleading manner.

ChuanYi: "Visit her? For celebration right." he said it with a sarcastic tone.

Angela: "Wang ChuanYi, stop it! In this 3years, I had already done so much to mend my mistake. When your company was in crisis, I had put in so much money to help you save back. What can I do then you will forgive me?!"

ChuanYi: "Now I tell you! There is nothing you can do to give me back Selina, so just dream that I will forgive you! And I'm giving you a warning, don't go and visit Selina's tomb tomorrow! I don't want so see you there!" after saying that he turn round and walk away, leaving Angela standing there alone.


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Design For Love Empty The another side of him

Post by themorningshine on 7/31/2009, 11:07 pm

After getting home, Hebe thinks of the clothes design for the album. Having a sudden of inspiration, Hebe could not stop drawing the design. Just like that, she burn the midnight oil and manage to complete the designs.
The next morning, Hebe gave a morning call to Aaron and told him the schedule for the whole day is the filming of drama called 'It's Love Cupid Fault'.


Hebe was late when she reached the filming site(at the beach).

Aaron: "Big personal assistant, so now it's your turn to be late." he said it teasingly.

Hebe: "Sorry, I can't find this place. Eh, but is not totally my fault, ok. This place is so remote." trying to find an excuse.

Aaron: "Oh, I see." he said in a sarcastic manner. "Woah, when did you make friends with the panda?", looking at her panda eyes.

Hebe: "Haha, you then make friends with the wolf(色狼)."

Aaron: "Is it the whole night missing your first kiss?" he said this in a joking manner, and face get closer to her.

Hebe: "Did you experience before no need to put make up, but face will automatic become red? Or did you experince before no need to eat for the whole day, but your stomach will not feel hungry?" she gave him an evil smile.

Aaron: He stepped back, "I had no experience on that. Even though I'm curious, but save that. Haha." he laughed dryly. "Oh ya, tomorrow is the deadline for the drawing of the design, have you think of what to design?"

Hebe: "Of course! I had completed the design already." she gave a wide smile.

Aaron: "Not bad. That's my Hebe."

Hebe: "Please take out the 'my'." she smile at him fake-ly. "ELLA!!!" she shouted when she saw Ella, "OH MY! You are going to act with Ella?!"

Aaron: "Ya, she will be female lead. She is going to act as..."

Yet to finish his sentence, Hebe excitedly ran towards Ella.

Hebe: "Hi Ella! I love to see you acting! Especially your previous drama, Hana Kimi!"

Ella: "Thanks for your supporting!"

Hebe: "Can I have your autograpgh?!" she took out a pen and a notebook.

Ella: "Sure!" she signed on her book.

Hebe: "I feel so pity for you to act with a flirt." she said to herself.

Ella: "Huh?" she seems to heard some words coming out from her.

Hebe: "Oh, nothing. Hehe."

Ella: "Oh ok. Er...why are you wearing like a boy?" she was puzzled.

OH NO! Just now Hebe was too excited that she forgot to change to low tone when talking to Ella.

Hebe: "Er...I'm a boy of course I wear like a boy. Ella, you are being humourous. Haha." she quickly change to the low tone.

Ella: "Oh, sorry for misunderstanding.", she seems to know something. "Are you new here? I never see you before in this production crew?"

Hebe: "Oh, I am not one of the crew. I'm the new personal assistant of Aaron."

Ella: "Oh really? Aaron is one of my good friend. He is a nice friend."

Hebe: "Nice? This word don't seems to fit him."

Ella: "You don't see he always flirt, always fool around, he actually treat people quite good. There were many times where he do not need to come for the filming, but he still came with food for us and he also helped with the crew. Maybe it's because of his parents leaving him when he was only 5, causing him to wear a mask every seconds. He may looks choosy in food cause he don't eat fish, but that's because he is scared of eating until the fishbone. This fear in him is cause by losing his parents at a young age."

Hebe: "You seems to know him very well."

Ella: She went closer to her ear, "Tell you truthfully, me and Aaron had a story before. Even knowing that it's because of his parents that leads to his behaviour, but I can't stand that I'm the only one that is holding the relationship and he is always flirting outside. So, I decided to breakup with him. This is a secret." she whisper to her. "Anyway, this is already 2years ago. Maybe I'm not one to open his heart."

Director: "Aaron and Ella, get ready!"

Ella: "Oh, I have to go film already. We shall chat again next time."

After hearing what Ella said, Hebe keep looking at Aaron when he is filming, trying to figure out what he really is. Many minutes had passed, her eyes still did not leave his. Slowly, a smile is shown at her face and she fall asleep.

Looking at Hebe who had fallen asleep, Aaron unconsciously put up a smile on his face and thinks that she is so cute. Ella, at the side, that saw both of their expressions as they look at each other, had feel that they had a little feelings for each other and of course had guess that Hebe is a girl!


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Design For Love Empty She will never blame you...

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Director: "Cut! Ok, very good! We shall continue the next scene after the lunch break!"
Aaron: Looking at Hebe that is asleep, he took a stone and threw at her head.

Hebe: "Ouch! Who is that?" she was awake by the stone.

Aaron: Walk towards her and said, "Comfortable? Sleeping during work hours?" he said it in a joking manner.

Hebe: "Eh, can't you pity a girl that need to handle two jobs at a time. Yesterday because of your album's shirt, I 3am then sleep ok." she said it with a yawn.

Aaron: He see her being so tired, his heart also hurts a bit. "Oh ya, today is Selina's death anniversary. My filming will end until very late, I would not have time to visit. Why don't you help me buy flowers and go and visit her grave. Then after that, you can go home already." He is trying to find a reason so that she can go home and rest early.

Hebe: "Oh ok."


Hebe went to Selina's tomb and put the flowers at the side.

Hebe: "You are so beautiful. No wonder GM love you so much. Selina, you must be also love GM a lot right, if not you will not choose to leave him. But because of losing you, GM's smile had also lost. You also don't wish to see him seal his heart to the whole world, and full of hatred with Angela right. You that are up above, I wish you can help him and bring someone to him so that he can open his heart." she said in front of her tomb. After she finished her sentence, it suddenly rain heavily. She quickly went to the shelter.

When she is at the shelter, she saw ChuanYi going to Selina's tomb despite of the heavy rain. So, she went back the her tomb as she wanted to call ChuanYi to go to the shelter.

ChuanYi: "Selina, how are you? You must be feeling bad right? If you did not meet me, you will not leave at this early age. If you did not meet me, your future will e bright." he said to her tomb, with tears dropping, merging with the rain.

Suddenly, Hebe shouted, "Correct! She must be feeling bad now. But it's not because of leaving at this early age, it's because she saw her love ones still could not let go of the accident and could not open his heart to anyone."

ChuanYi: He looks at her and said, "Why are you here?"

Hebe: "It's Aaron who told me to help him visit Selina."

ChuanYi: "It's none of your business, you can go now." he said it with a cold look.

Hebe: "Quick go to the shelter with me. You will fall ill if you continue to stay here." she tried to pull his hand.

ChuanYi: He swing her hand off and said, "I'm staying here to accompany Selina."

Hebe: "I am sure Selina also do not wish to see you in this state."

ChuanYi: "What do you know? You know nothing! It's because of me that she will die! She will not forgive me!" he said with more tears flowing out. Suddenly, he fall on the floor and sit on the floor, crying like a child.

Hebe then slowly squat down and help to wipe away his tears. ChuanYi's head suddenly leans against her shoulder. Many hours had passed and the sky had turn dark. ChuanYi woke up for his sleep, while Hebe is still asleep. Looking at Hebe, ChuanYi suddenly had different to her but he can't figure out what it is, adding on, he do not know that she's a girl. After a few minutes, Hebe had also wake up from her sleep.

Hebe: "What time is it now?" she said with a pale look.

ChuanYi: "It's already 8 plus. I think we better get going."

Hebe: She just gave a weak smile to him.

ChuanYi: "Thanks for just now and...sorry for being so rude to you."

Hebe: "You are welcome and...forgiven." she gave him another smile so that he will not feel so guilty.

ChuanYi: "Are you ok? You looks pale."

Hebe: "I'm alright. Go home rest and it will be fine." she continue to hold her smile.

After both of them stand up, Hebe suddenly fainted. And when she is about to fall onto the ground, ChuanYi get hold of her waist, preventing her from falling. When they are at this position, ChuanYi recall about the first time he met Hebe.


Suddenly, she banged into ChuanYi and was about to fall. Luckily, ChuanYi quickly get hold of her waist and save her from falling. Hebe look at him and her heart pump very fast. They look into each other eyes, and there is like a pause in the time...

*End of flashback*

ChuanYi: "Why will I had this feeling?"


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Design For Love Empty 'He' is a girl?!

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ChuanYi then bring Hebe to his house as he do not know where she stays, at the same time, he can take care of her. When he reached home, he put her on the bed. After he changed to a dry clothes, he wanted to help her change her wet clothes to a dry clothes, so that she will not fall more ill. But when he was about to, he saw a stripe at her shoulder. He was stunned, shocked and puzzled.
ChuanYi: "'He's' a girl?! So she is...Hebe Tien?", he say to himself. "What is her motive?", he added on. After minutes of thinking, he decided to keep this to himself, and see what is she going to do.

After putting a wet towel on her forehead and helping her to cover sheets of blankets, he then went to his sofa and sleep. Many hours had passed, it is 5am, Hebe suddenly wake up but still feeling weak.

Hebe: "Where is this place? Woah, so big and grand.", she get up from the bed. When she walk to the living room, she saw ChuanYi sleeping on the sofa. Seeing that, she then realised that this is ChuanYi's house. She moves towards ChuanYi and see that he is shivering as ChuanYi gave all the blankets to Hebe. Hebe then took the blanket from the room and help him cover. When she touched his forehead, it was a bit warm. So she decided to cook porridge for him, even knewing that her cooking skills is a LITTLE bad. When she was about to leave, she leaved a note and also helped him adjust the alarm clock, so that he will not be late for work.

When ChuanYi woke up, he saw the note that wrote: You are having a slight fever, eat the porridge before you go. And...thanks for taking care of me. Henry.

ChuanYi: When ChuanYi saw the note, he smiled and and said to himself, "When will a man leave small notes?" When he tried the porridge, one tear flow out from his eye, then he commented, "This is awful." as it reminds him of Selina.


When she reached the company, she quickly hand her designs to Aaron.

Aaron: "Not bad! Very creative and diffenrent." When he looked at Hebe, his expression change, "Hebe. I thought I let you off early yesterday? Why do you look more tired compared to yesterday?"

Hebe told him what had happened yesterday. When Aaron heard this, his eyes suddenly went big, "You went to my cousin's house?! How can you go the a man's house when you are alone?"

Hebe: "Eh, it's not what you think ok. We did not do anything. And anyway, he also do not know that I'm a girl." she said with a weak voice.

Aaron: After hearing what she said, Aaron still feel abit sour in his heart. "Aaron, why are feeling this way? Don't tell me you are serious to her?" he said in heart. "Eh, are you alright? Why do you still come for work when you are unwell?"

Hebe: "If I don't come then you how?" After she blurt that sentence out, their eyes looks into each other's eyes for a moment. Then Hebe tried to explain, "I mean if I don't come then I will not meet the deadline for submission the designs. Then if I don't meet the deadline, you will have difficulty explaining to GM." the more she explained, the more she make it more worse. "What am I talking about?" she said in her heart. "Er, sorry. I think my sickness is making me..."

Aaron: Haven't yet to complete her sentence, Aaron suddenly hug her. "Don't say anything. Just let me be in this position for 1 minute."

Now, Hebe's heart is beating faster and faster, her temperature is like also going higher and higher. The strange thing is, Hebe did not push him away, or giving him a tight slap, or even a kick on his stomach. She just stay there, face went more and more red. Is it because she was to ill to move or?

Aaron: After the minute had passed, Aaron slowly let go of her. "Why is your face so red?" He touched her forehead, "Your forehead is so hot. Luckily today I only have this meeting. After the meeting, I fetch you back home, don't reject me."

Hebe did not say anything but just look away from his eyes.


In the meeting, ChuanYi see the designs of the clothes. When ChuanYi saw the designs, he knew that the designer that Aaron find is Hebe. Even knowing that, he still approved the designs as he can't deny that the designs are great. ChuanYi told Aaron that the clothes must be done by 3days later, so that they can produce the album 1 week later. With all the announcement, the meeting had ended.


After the meeting ended, Aaron fetch Hebe home. Aaron follow her to her doorstep, so that he will feel at ease. When he is about to leave, Hebe suddenly faint and landed on the floor. Aaron was shocked and worried, he quickly ran and squat beside her, and shouted, "Hebe! Hebe! Hebe!..."


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Design For Love Empty Their stories...

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Aaron then put Hebe on her bed, and help her cover with a blanket as her house only have a blanket. He search all over her house for the first aid box and finally her dound it, however, her house became very messy. He feed her with a panodol with warm water. However, when Aaron feed her with warm after putting the panadol into her mouth, Hebe just spilled the water out from her mouth as she don't have any consciousness. Aaron is feeling anxious and he suddenly said, "This is the only way." He then drink the water and his lips touched hers' to passed the water to her. Finally, Hebe then swallow the panadol and the water. Aaron do not bear to leave her lips, but don't know because of what reason, he don't want to offend her and so he slowly leave her lips.
Aaron had been staring at Hebe for the whole afternoon, suddenly, it started to rain heavily outside, an the house became very cold.

Hebe: "Cold...cold..." she said with unconsciousness.

Aaron: He quickly hold her hands up and rub it together, "Hold my hands and you will not be cold anymore."

Just like that, their hands were tightly hold together. When the rain stops, Aaron decided to go back, however, Hebe hold his hand more tightly and said, "Brother, don't let go of my hand. Don't leave me alone here." she said it without waking up.

Aaron: "You have a brother?" he said it in his heart.


The morning rises, their hands are still holding tightly together. Slowly, Hebe open up her eyes and she check the time. "It's 7am! I need to call Aaron wake up!" she shouted. When she wanted to reach for her handphone, she realises that somebody is holding her hand. She slowly turns her head and was shocked when she saw Aaron.

Hebe: "Aaron...Aaron..." she call his name continuously while shaking him.

Aaron: He suddenly wake up and shouted, "Morning, My Hebe!"

Hebe: "Trying to scare me to death ah!"

Aaron: "You then scare me to death! Suddenly fainted!" he looks at her with a serious look.

Hebe: "So you stay here the whole night to look after me?"

Aaron: "Bingo! You are so lucky to have a big star to accompany you." he gave her his killer smile.

Hebe: She gave him a dry smile and asked, "Then why must you hold my hand?"

Aaron: "When I was about to leave yesterday, suddenly someone hold my and say 'Aaron, don't let go of my hand. Don't leave alone here.'" he was laughing in his heart.

Hebe: Her face suddenly turns very red and she face her head down.

Aaron: "You are blushing. Don't tell me you had fallen in love with me?" he grinned.

Hebe: "I then never like you!" She lift up her head and got attracted my his electric eyes.

They paused for a moment and Aaron's face slowly came nearer towards her. Hebe also slowly close her eyes. Aaron's forehead then lean towards her forehead to check whether is she still having fever.

Aaron: "Finally, you are not having a fever."

Hebe: She quickly open her eyes and response "Oh."

Aaron: "You still say you have not fallen in love with me. Then why just now you closed your eyes? What do you expect me to do?"

Hebe: "Er...haha...you think too much. I just now close my eyes is because...I suddenly feel very sleepy." she said with a guilty look.

Aaron: "Oh, so I misunderstood." he said it in a sarcastic way. "Oh ya, you have a brother?"

Hebe: "How do you know?"

Aaron: "You keep calling brother when you are unconscious."

Hebe: "Ya, I have a brother. He should be around the same age as you now."

Aaron: "Then why didn't I saw him here?" he was confused.

Hebe: "Both of us were send to an orphanage after our parents met an accident. That time I was only 3 and my brother is 8. After 2 years staying there, the orphanage suddenly were on fire and many run for their life. Me and brother lost each other at the fire. Luckily, there is a kind woman pity me and adopt me as her child. Hope that my brother is at somewhere, living happily."

Aaron: "Then where is your mother who adopt you?"

Hebe: "She died from cancer 5 years ago."

Aaron: "Oh, sorry."

Hebe: "It's ok. I'm sure she is living happily up above." she gave a smile on her face.

Aaron: "Hebe, you are so strong, unlike me."

Hebe: "I'm sure you can overcome your fears too! Are you willing to share your story with me." she look straight into his eyes. Seeing Aaron's hesitation, Hebe added on "If you don't want to say then never..."

Aaron: He cut her sentence and say, "When I was 5, I was being kidnapped by a few people who uses me to blackmail my parents. That time was locked in a very dark room, awaiting for my parents to save me. When my parents came, I finally got out of that scary room. However, after they got the money, they shot my parents. I saw my parents lying on the floor not moving, with lots of blood on them. Then, they wanted to kill me too, but fortunately the police arrived, and they were caught. If it is not because of me, they wouldn't die." after saying finished, a tear flows down from his eyes.

Hebe: "It is not your fault." she lift her hand up and wipe his tears.

Their eyes suddenly get attracted by each other and the atmosphere is being weird. Then Hebe broke the silence, "OH NO! We are late for work!" She wanted to get off the bed, however, she realised that he is still holding her hand and she get pulled back.

Aaron: "I like you use the word 'we'." he smile at her.

Hebe: "I think you miss my fist, right?" she gave him a fake smile.

Aaron: He quickly let go of her hand and said, "You don't need to go to work for these 2days. Concentrate on making your clothes. You will not be able to finish making your clothes if you are with me. And, your body cannot take it too."

Hebe: "Are you showing concern to me? So you are the one had fallen for me." she was happy as she finally got a chance to make fun of him.

Aaron: "Very funny." he suddenly blushed.

Hebe: "OMG! Aaron Yan is blushing. It's so cute." she finally got a chance to revenge.

Aaron faster take his things and went out of his house. After he went, Hebe was laughing like mad. But after she got up of the bed and saw the mess, she stop her laughter and shouted, "AARON YAN!!!"


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Design For Love Empty The denied feeling...

Post by themorningshine on 10/6/2009, 3:59 am

When Aaron reach the location for the the film, he was already 15minutes late.
Ella: "Mr Aaron Yan, big star, you are early." she said in a joking manner.

Aaron: "Hey, don't like that say. No matter what I'm still your ex-boyfriend, right." he gave her a smile.

Ella: "Don't give that killer smile. Be careful, later I will in love with you again." she said it jokingly.

Aaron: "Well, my charm is unresistable."

Ella: "You are being ego again. Eh, where is your personal assistant?" she just realised she did not come with him.

Aaron: "Oh, you mean Henry. He is sick. He will not be coming for these 2 days."

Ella: "Wah, when did you become so nice? All your previous assistant, you will not approve to give them a break. Seems that this assistant is being special to you." Her sentence seems to hide another meaning.

Aaron: His heart skip a bit and continue saying, "Er...that is because my previous assistant is all girl, of course I don't wish to lose any time with them. Henry is a male, I also not a gay."

Ella: "Stop acting. I already know that she is a girl. Don't forget I'm the the female lead in Hana Kimi."

Aaron: "So you already know?!"

Ella: "Ya, I not only know that she's a girl. I also know that you like her."

Aaron: "Huh? Don't know are you talking about." he try to avoid her eyes.

Ella: She sighed and said, "It's fine if you don't admit. I just want you to remember. Precious things always fly away easily."

Ella's word keep spinning in his head when he was filming and many NGs were caused by him.


After buying the materials that needed for the clothes, Hebe return home and started doing her design. However, she realises that she don't know Aaron's size. So she called Aaron to come to her house after his is done with him filming. Therefore, before Aaron's arrival, she could only do the minor cutting of the cloth.


When Aaron come, it is already 5pm.

Aaron: "Miss Hebe, so who is the boss now? Why I should come to your place?"

Hebe: "Mr Aaron, your house got so many times reporters. What will they write if they I go to your house?"

Aaron: "Rest assure, they don't know that you are a girl."

Hebe: "Oh, I forgot."

Aaron: "So you agree to come to my house?" he smirked.

Hebe: "Ha-Ha-" she gave him a cold smile.

Aaron: "Luckily your house is quite remote, no reporters will follow here. So shall we start?"

Hebe: "Ok."

She took the measuring tool and her hands went around his waist to measure his waist. Aaron's heart suddenly beat very fast.

Hebe: She heard his heart beat as her head was at his chest, "Wah, why is your heart beating so fast?" she get closer to his chest to hear clearer.

Aaron get more nervous when Hebe get nearer to him. He couldn't stand the speeding heart beat so he decided to step back a step. However, he forget that Hebe is still measuring. So when he move that step back, Hebe also get pulled by him. Thus, causing Hebe to fall on him. That moment, their face will only 1 inch apart. They stare at each other for a very long time with a special feeling. Aaron's head then slowly lift up and get nearer to Hebe's face. Hebe then slowly close her eyes as she see Aaron's lips coming closer. When their lips are only 1 cm apart, someone's handphone rang. They quickly get up from their position and Hebe answered the call.


Call in progress...

Hebe: "Hello?" she said it with face still blushing.

ChuanYi: "Henry?" he said in his heart.

Aaron: "Hebe Tien! That is my phone!" he whispered to her.

Hebe was shocked and she faster pass the phone to Aaron.

Aaron: "Yes?"

ChuanYi: "Aaron, where are you? Who is that girl?"

Aaron: "Er...I'm at my designer's place. That was my designer."

ChuanYi: "So...Hebe is actually same as Aaron's previous women." he say in his heart. Then he continue saying to Aaron, "Okay...did you forget about the meeting today about the places to go for your album's promotion?"

Aaron: "Oh really?! I'll be there in 30mins."

End of call...


Aaron: "Hebe Tien! You didn't tell me i had a meeting today."

Hebe: "Oops! I forgot!" she gave a sorry smile.

Aaron secretly smile as he can't stand her blur character.


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Design For Love Empty The taste of the fish

Post by themorningshine on 10/6/2009, 4:06 am

After 2 days of hardwork, Hebe finally finished making the clothes. She went for work and passed the clothes to Aaron. Aaron wore it to the meeting and let the GM and others see. Everybody is very sastified with the design and approve it. After the meeting, ChuanYi called Hebe to go to his office.
Hebe: "GM, why did you call me in for?"

ChuanYi: "I think that the design is very nice and creative. Can you arrange a time to let me visit the designer?"

Hebe: "Er...GM, the designer is Aaron who found it. You should be asking him, he should know clearer." she said is with a guilty look.

ChuanYi: "I already know that the design is created by your sister, Hebe. I see before her info, the design is a little similar to hers'."

Hebe: "Sorry GM, I did not want to lie to you."

ChuanYi: "Nevermind, it's fine. I just want to visit her and maybe ask her if she want to be sign a contract with our company, to become our official designer."

Hebe: "Really?! My sister is free at any time!" she was so happy and show a big smile on her face.

ChuanYi: Looking at her smile, ChuanYi accidentally put a smile on his face too. "Ok, meet me at this place at 7pm tomorrow." he passed her the paper that wrote the address of the location.

Hebe: "Wah, GM! This is the first time I see you smile. Why do you always give a serious look when you are so handsome when you smile?"

ChuanYi: Knowing that he is wearing a smile, he quickly take away the smile.

Hebe: "You should smile more often! If you can't smile, just close your eyes and think about the things that will make you happy!"

ChuanYi: "Ok, you can go back to your work now."

Hebe: "Oh, ok."

When Hebe leaves, ChuanYi closes his eyes and wanting to think of the memories that will make him happy. But when he closes his eyes, the scene that appear in his head is the times with Hebe. When this memories will playing in his head, his face slowly appear a smile.


The next day morning he went with Aaron for the filming. Aaron and Ella are filming some intimate scenes, excluding kissing. Hebe suddenly had a sour feeling in her heart. When it was their lunch break, Hebe approached Ella.

Hebe: "Hi, Ella! Do you remember me?"

Ella: "Oh, yea! Aaron's personal assistant, Henry!"

Hebe: "You will acting so good just now!"

Ella: "Haha! Thanks!"

Hebe: "Are you all going to have kissing scene in this drama?"

Ella: "Of course!" she was laughing in her heart. Seeing Hebe's a little sad reaction, she continue saying "If you want, I can tell the director to let be my substitute for the back view of that scene."

Hebe: "Ella, you really know how to say jokes! Why would I want to kiss a man?! Haha!" she gave a fake laugh.

Ella: "I already know your true gender, there is no need to hide it from me. I will help you keep this secret."

Hebe: "Huh?! Is that so easy to get exposed?" she was shocked.

Ella: "You keep it quite well! You should ask me for more advice! I also act like a male before, right?"

Hebe: "Oh, ya!" They both laugh together.

Suddenly, there was a bang. It was Aaron. Someone knock onto Aaron who was preparing to eat, thus, causing his food to drop on the floor. Only his food is meat, while others is fish. Therefore, he just lost his food for lunch. When Hebe saw this scene, she quickly take her food and carefully take out all the bones in the fish. After that, she passed the food to Aaron.

Aaron: "Did you forget that I don't eat fish?"

Hebe: She lift his hand and put the food box on his hand and said, "Rest assure, I already take out the fish bone. You can eat it without any worries."

Aaron: He felt a little touch and a little happy, "What about you?"

Hebe: "There are still a few packets there." she gave him a warm smile.

Aaron eat the fish with tears dare not to flow out. This is the first time he is eating fish, and it tasted so nice for him. Is it because of the fish itself? Or is it because of the touch she added, the unknowing love? He was confused.


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Design For Love Empty The hurtful kiss...

Post by themorningshine on 1/9/2010, 7:26 am

After her work, Hebe went home to prepare herself to meet ChuanYi. She wear a wig that is same as her normal hairstyle and also wear back her original shirt. When she was ready, she went to the place to meet ChuanYi. When she reached, she said, "Eh, isn't this GM's house?"
Hebe: After she was invited in his house, she asked him "GM, why do you have to give me the address? If you tell me it is your house, I would have know how to go."

ChuanYi: "How do you know how to come to my house? You come before?" she look at her seriously.

Hebe: "Er...it is because...my brother came before." she said with eyes did not dare to look at him.

ChuanYi: "Oh, I see. Miss Hebe Tien, I had seen through your design and the design that you had design for Aaron is awesome. Would you like to come to our company to work?"

Hebe: "Really?! Can I?! I wouldn't be chase out by you again?"

ChuanYi: He smiled and said, "I apologize for what I had said to you when we first met." He then passed her a paper, "This is the 3years contract with our company, please sign it."

When Hebe was about to sign the contract, ChuanYi suddenly pressed his lips on hers'. Hebe was shocked and he quickly pushed him away.

Hebe: "What are you doing?!"

ChuanYi: "Isn't this the procedure to become Aaron's designer without interview?" he said in a sarcastic tone.

Hebe: "I don't understand what are you saying?" She is moving backwards and backwards as ChuanYi is moving closer and closer to her.

ChuanYi: "Stop acting, Henry Tien! What twin siblings?! Oh yea, one working in the company, one working in the house."

Hebe: She was shocked, "You already know?"

ChuanYi: "Know what? Are you referring that I know you are a girl? Or are you referring that you are a loose women?" He went nearer to her.

Hebe: She was about to cry but she hold back her tears, "Me and Aaron are innocent. I'm sorry that I had lied to you, but I promised Aaron not to tell anyone." She continued to move backwards.

ChuanYi: When he heard the name Aaron, he became more furious, "Aaron? So is it Aaron who told you to act in front of me when you visit Selina's tomb? What else did you promise him? Oh, I had forgotten the most important procedure." He grab her hands and bring him to his room. He then lock the door and pin her on the bed. When his lips are about to crashed onto hers', Hebe spoke up.

Hebe: "What I had say at Selina's tomb was really out from my heart. No matter I'm Hebe or Henry, I'm not putting an act on that day." After saying, a tear came flowing out.

ChuanYi: He then slowly loosen his hands that had been grabbing on her hands tightly.

Hebe: She quickly get off the bed and before she leave, she said "Please do not mix me with Aaron's women. Aaron just gave me this job because he cause me to lose the job." After saying, she then ran off with tears flowing continuously.

ChuanYi: "Wang ChuanYi, what did you just did?!" he mumbled to himself with regretting tone.


When she reached home, she saw Aaron at her door step.

Aaron: Seeing Hebe, he said "Hebe Tien, where did you go? I was wanting to ask you out to celebrate for..." When he saw that there were tears on her face, he was worried "What happened?"

Hebe: She did not say anything and suddenly hug Aaron tightly, crying even louder.

Aaron: He did not want to ask her what had happened, but just pat on her head lightly.


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Design For Love Empty The love's proof

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After that incident, Hebe did not say anything to Aaron, and Aaron did not want to ask her. However, the next afternoon, Hebe uses the lunch break to go to ChuanYi's office and pass him a letter. It is the resign letter.
ChuanYi: When ChuanYi receive her letter, he said "Resign letter?" He then look at her, "Why do you want to resign?"

When Hebe is about to answer, ChuanYi's handphone rang.


Call in progress...

ChuanYi: "Hello?"

Angela: "ChuanYi, do you want to eat lunch together later?" she said in a exciting tone.

ChuanYi: "Miss Angela Zhang, you don't seems to understand my words." he was a bit irritated by her.

Angela: "I'm at the carpark now. I meet you there!" she tried to ignored his harsh words.

ChuanYi: "I don't have the mood to argue with you. Bye." he did not waited for her response and he hung the phone.

Angela: "Hello? ChuanYi?!"

End of call...


ChuanYi: "Yes continue with what you want to say." he get back to Hebe.

Hebe: "GM, since you know my real identity, I had no face to stay here anymore." he answered him in a cold manner.

ChuanYi: "Knowing your real identity, the more I should hold you. Your designs are great. I can't afford to lose a talent."

Hebe: "GM, you seems to have forgotten what happened yesterday. I rather give up my dream than to spoil my reputation unreasonably." she did not want to look at him.

ChuanYi: "I was really sorry about yesterday. I'd realised that I misunderstood you. I'm at fault. Please forgive for my impulsive action." he bent 45 degree down.

Hebe: "I will forgive you, but I still think I am not suitable in this job."

ChuanYi: "By the way, you have to work for 1 more week before you leave as this is our company rule."

Hebe: "I know. Rest assure, after 1 week I will then leave." After she had say her part, she turn around and walk away.

ChuanYi: When she is about to leave the office, he grab hold of her arm.

When ChuanYi is about to say something, Angela suddenly came in without any warning.

ChuanYi: Seeing Angela, he was furious, "Who allow you to come here?!" he shouted at her.

Angela: "Why can't I? I'm one or the shareholder of this company. So...can we go and eat now?" she said with a bit proud tone.

ChuanYi: "Having part of my company doesn't mean having me too. Can't you just stop pestering me?"

Angela: "No! I won't give up! Unless you had fallen for someone, if not I will pester you for my whole life!" she said it arrogantly.

ChuanYi: "No need to wait for whole life. From this second, you can just give up. Cause...I already have someone im my heart." he said those words firmly.

Angela: "Stop lying! You had not let anybody to go in your heart after Selina's death."

ChuanYi: "No matter you believe it a not, every word I say it is the truth."

Angela: "Ok, since you say there is such person existing, then can you bring me to her. Let me see what ability she have to steal your heart." In her heart, she still does not believe that ChuanYi had fallen for someone.

Hebe: Looking at the awkward situation, she suggested "Er...I don't disturb you two."

ChuanYi: When Hebe was about to go, he suddenly say "She!" he pointed at her. "Hebe is the one that I had fallen for."

Hebe: She was stunned and turn back around. "Huh?"

Angela: "Huh?!" she looked at her with question marks above her head. "But he is a boy, isn't he?"

ChuanYi: "No, she is actually a girl."

Angela: "ChuanYi, you are becoming more and more ridiculous. Why will you give your heart to a boy-like girl?" she was laughing sarcastically.

ChuanYi: "It is your choice to believe."

Angela: "I will never believe in such a ridiculous thing. Unless you can prove it."

ChuanYi: After Angela had just finished her sentence, he walk towards Hebe and pushed her towards him; and pressed his lips onto hers'.

Hebe: She was shocked and could not react in a moment.

After seeing this scene, Angela angryily stomp out from his office. When she opened the door, she saw Aaron.

Aaron: "Angela?"

Angela did not reply him anything but just pushed him aside, so that it will not blocked her way of getting out.

Aaron was confused about Angela's expression. But when he walks one more step inner to ChuanYi's office, he saw ChuanYi and Hebe kissing. He was shocked and more of jealous.


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Design For Love Empty Re: Design For Love

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Design For Love Empty Re: Design For Love

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