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Where One Kiss Leads

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Chapter One

Post by faye on 6/12/2009, 3:52 am


“Hebe, what do you thing of this?” A girl with pink bow tie head band and a blue delicate sundress on ask, pointing to a watch showed through the display window . Hebe, a girl who have silky shine smooth straight ear length hair and a Nike combination Puma brand sporty out fit on look at the watch that her friend is pointing at.

The two girls have been window shopping in the huge mall located in the center of Taipei for more than two hours, and now they are stopping in front of a jewelry store display glass window.

After giving the watch a few glimpse Hebe turn her attention back to her best friend. “ Gui, have ever seen Aaron wear watches?” Hebe ask her best friend with a questioning expression.

Gui Gui shake her head in disappointment and sigh, this is the 20th time that she had failed to choose the right present.

“ C’mon, lets go look at something else” Hebe suggested after noticing her friend’s another disappointment. Gui Gui and Hebe then start walking around the mall again.

“ Ahh... Hebe! What Am I going to do!” Gui Gui whine in frustration pouting at her best friend obviously yell for some great help.

Hebe look at her best friend and chuckle.... One thing the Hebe love about Gui Gui is that she holds a pure child heart. She is really naive but sometimes way to naive for her age.

“ I don’t really know” Hebe answer honestly turning away from her friend and take a few glances into stores while they are walking.

Gui Gui glares at Hebe suspiciously “ How can an ex-girlfriend not know her ex-boyfriend’s interests, likes, dislikes, and needs, ” Gui Gui stated “ unless someone don’t want to help at all” Gui Gui pretend to be mad, obviously she is joking but Hebe lacks to much humor to notice that joke.

“ Gui! You know that me and him is history. And all my focus are on track.” Hebe clear herself off immediately. Hebe just couldn’t stands the thought of Gui Gui, her best friend slash roommate be mad at her.

Gui Gui try to hold the urge to burst into laughters but she couldn’t, Hebe is too easy to trick... Hebe glare at Gui Gui who is laughing her heads off knowing that she fell for it again.

“WU YING JIE!” Hebe scream in anger at the laughing Gui Gui who is now running ahead to get away from her best friend’s super punishment. The two best friends were laughing and scream for quite a while that all the people that are passing by them look at the two girls with weird expression spread across their face immediately.

“ Excuse me miss, your loudness were disturbing publicity in the mall would you mind keeping it down?” A security guard came up to Hebe and Gui Gui and literally order them to quiet down.

Hebe and Gui Gui look at each other with their big round eyes and giggle “ We’re sorry for disturbing. We’ll keep it down” Hebe apologize the mature way holding on to her giggles. The security guard nodded and walk away. Gui Gui and Hebe swear they heard the security saying something criticizing, but they ignored it and got back to their goal today.

Hebe and Gui Gui went back to boring window shopping again this time didn’t even dare to get loud again. The securities in the mall are strict like the professors at their university.

“ Seriously, Hebs do you have any suggestions?” Gui Gui ask finally getting all her acts together. The two have passed about 20 stores by now and they still go nothing.

Hebe who is now squeezing every drop of her brain cells out to help her best friend think of something. “ Well, It’s you guy’s 1 year anniversary and you want to give him something specially right?” Hebe ask like a pro problem solver which apparently she is no where near the word “PRO”

Gui Gui nodded in response “ Well, what are you worst at? Better yet, what are you most terrified at?” Hebe continues with her question.

Gui Gui think for a minute but really couldn’t figure what she is most terrified at... until they pass a silverware store Gui Gui snap her finger and give an accurate answer “ Cooking!” Gui Gui said it in a detesting tone.

Hebe smiles broadly at Gui Gui... A sudden smile from Hebe usually means brilliant ideas but in terms its very difficult to accomplish. And Gui Gui have just the brief idea of what Hebe’s idea is going to be, and it better not be what Gui Gui think it is.

“ Cook something for him” Hebe said care freely which horrify Gui Gui immediately. Anything but that, the last time Gui Gui remembers about her cooking experience is having the microwave exploding burning the whole kitchen. And if she remember correctly Hebe was the one who brought her to the hospital.

“Hebe, can you think of something else... Remember one the first day when we first move in the dorm... I got our kitchen burned right off the second.” Gui Gui said really horrify by the idea of cooking.

Hebe gave Gui Gui the come on now look, clearly hebe don’t like people reject her ideas that she use so much brain cells to come up with.

“ Seriously! I don’t want the Dean to give me a lecture again. That one experience is enough for me to bring in my grave” Gui Gui try changing the subject.

Hebe smiles brightly at Gui Gui “ Who said you’re using out kitchen” Hebe stated, technically she is planning something... Gui Gui is destiny to cook this time, there is no escape for her, not ever under Hebe’s sharpness.

“But...” Gui Gui try to protest but heck! Before she even continue with her next word, she is already pull out of the mall by Hebe.


The sun had already set when Gui Gui and Hebe got back to their dorm. They were both starving and tired. Boy, they were beat!

“ Urgh! Next time when you need a shopping partner please cross me off your list” Hebe groan tiredly as she take off her shoe and walk in the room she and Gui Gui share. Gui Gui who is already kitchen counter gulping down a big bottle of water walks toward Hebe and then to the big comfy leather sofa they have. Both Gui Gui and Hebe slam themselves on the sofa and sigh in tiredness.

After a few silent of peace and resting Gui Gui finally response to Hebe’s previous request. “ You’re my best friend. So sorry, you will always be on the top of my list” Gui Gui smile cheekily while closing her eyes.

“And I’ll make sure to disappear when you look for me” Hebe laugh and throw a pillow at Gui Gui then run off to her room.

“ Good Night!” Gui Gui yells after Hebe. “ Back at cha!” Hebe yell from her room.

After Hebe went back to her room Gui Gui who is still sitting on the sofa hug the pillow and went into deep thoughts. “ What does Aaron like to eat? Should I make him something sweet? But does he like sweets? “ Gui Gui keep on trying to think of what Aaron likes to eat, but it seems like she hasn’t make any progress yet.

Gui Gui groan and throw the pillow on the sofa then walk off to kitchen for something to eat. In the kitchen Gui Gui found the last piece of strawberry short cake and smile, strawberry her favorite!

Gui Gui settle the piece of cake on the counter and start filling up her belly with the cake. After taking a bit of the cake an idea came to Gui Gui “ THAT IS IT! CAKE!” Gui Gui literally yelled in excitement.

“ GUI! SHUT UP!” Hebe complains from her room and immediately shut Gui Gui up, but Gui Gui giggles in happiness. Her problem is solved... half solved actually. Gui Gui quickly finish up her cake and gulp down a glass of milk then take a quick shower and take her beauty sleep. She to have enough rest for tomorrow’s game and for her boyfriend.


Just when Hebe is able to get back to sleep after Gui Gui’s disturbing yelling Hebe’s cell phone buzz again. Hebe groan and reach for her cell phone.

“ Speak!” Hebe greets who ever is on the other line. Hebe is surely not in a good mood, she is tired and she need to get some sleep, who ever that is better make it quick.

“ Some is in a bad mood” the voice on the other line mock. Hebe swears she can tell that the other person is smirking. “Aaron Yan, you really need a lesson of do not disturb don’t you” Hebe hiss, sitting up on her bed hugging a pillow. Getting ready for some long chat with her best friend slash ex-boyfriend.

“ Wow, chillax girl” Aaron laugh on the other side. “That guy never know when someone is piss does he?” Hebe thought in her head.

“ Yeah yeah, what do you want?” Hebe ask rolling her eyes.


Aaron who is in his room alone since his roommate who is out to party, is spinning on his office chair in front of his computer smiling uncontrollable. “ What do you think I should get Gui for our 1 year anniversary?” Aaron ask playing with his pen.

“ I am so not shock that you two are couple” Hebe said sarcastically on the other line.

Aaron’s put his pen down and stop spinning “Yeah I am not shock either” Aaron said without any interest, through the chilly air of the room Aaron’s expression flinched for a second.

“Hm... I don’t know actually...” Hebe reply honestly through the phone. Aaron smiles unknowingly, he can imagine Hebe punching a pillow right now out of frustration of thinking a way to help Aaron.

“ C’mon, you won’t help the poor guy who wants to make his girlfriend happy?” Aaron smirks widely, knowing Hebe’s weakness, this is the best way to bully her. “I see how it is. Way to call yourself a best friend” Aaron try make his tone sound as angry as possible.


Hebe on the other line is punching her poor beat up pillow worried and upset. Worried about Aaron being mad at her, upset that Aaron is doubting her as a good friend after all these years they’ve known each other.

“How dare he! Fine! Assume me as a bad friend all he wants, I’ll show him one!” Hebe declares in her head angrily. “ Yes I call myself a best friend and FYI this best friend of yours is your ex, so show some respect!” Hebe yell angrily at the phone then hang up on Aaron and pull the sheet over her head getting some restful sleep. Hebe is apoplectic with Aaron right now, and this will last for quite awhile. Hebe was never the kind of person to forgive and forget. She can hold a grudge at times.


Aaron pull the phone away from his poor ear drums and shut his eyes. He went over board this time. Great, now he has to think of a way to make Hebe not mad at him and think of something to give Gui Gui for their 1st year anniversary.

How much greater can life be, Aaron though and fall himself on the messy unmade bed from this morning. He has a long way to go tomorrow.

I didn't have time to read over it! I hope no grammar or spelling mistakes are made! >.<


date posted: 06.12.09


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Chapter Two

Post by faye on 6/12/2009, 3:54 am

• Chapter Two

The next day happens to be a bright sunny day, just perfect for some active sports.

A happy couple lock hands and walk happily toward the track field where the university’s track team is practicing. The couple is Gui Gui and Aaron, recognize as campus cutest couple by everyone.

Hebe who is having her 100 meter dash time is running on the fields. Is too focus on her running to notice that the couple is walking toward her way.

“ Wow, I never knew Hebe could go this fast” Aaron said in astonishment at the speed of Hebe in the tracks. Hebe dashes like the thunder fast and accurate. Aaron has always thought Hebe is just the same speed as him.

Gui Gui clings to Aaron’s arm and lean her head on his should as they walk and smile at her perfect boyfriend’s reaction. “ She is the star runner you idiot, of course she is fast” Gui Gui chuckle and look up at Aaron with dreamy eyes.

Aaron smile at Gui Gui and give her a quick kiss “ And I am your idiot” Aaron flirted which gets butterflies flying inside Gui Gui’s stomach. Gui Gui feels like she is the luckiest girl on earth to have a boyfriend like Aaron.

Gui Gui bear hug Aaron and smile happily “ Yes you’re my idiot, and I love my idiot” Gui Gui cheer happily. The couple stop walking and stand in one placing having a sweet moment in their own world. Hugging each other tightly and enjoying each other’s company which makes people who pass by them look in aww...

“ I see how it is, making out is more important than saying hi to you best friend” A voice suddenly break in and end the moment between Gui Gui and Aaron, causing the couple to look at the owner of the voice.

Gui Gui chuckle and then pouted at Hebe “ You just ruined our moment” Gui Gui complain wrapping her arms around Aaron’s giving the perfect couple image to Hebe who is holding a bottle of water in thirst from all the practice she just had.

Hebe uncapped her water and roll her eyes “ You can go back to your moment, just think of me as invisible” Hebe joke and take a big drink of water to cover her thirst and tiredness.

“ How can we go back to the moment when the mood is destroyed” Aaron narrow his eyes at Hebe like hinting a message of how dumb can you get! Hebe glare at Aaron and decided to ignore his comment, focusing back on Gui Gui.

“ Tell your ahem... criticizing boyfriend to shut up before I snap his head off” Hebe give Aaron a side glare and walks away. Leaving Gui Gui confused and look at Aaron for an answer.

“Did you step on her tail again?” Gui Gui asks raising an eye brow, already catching up with what basically happened.

Aaron widen shrug and put his hands up in surrender “ I was only joking last night! I didn’t know she can’t take a joke” Aaron clarify and then smile flirtatiously at Gui Gui “ unlike my sexy pranking girlfriend” Aaron smirk and lean closer to Gui Gui pulling her close to him by the waist

Gui Gui giggle and wrap her arms around Aaron’s neck and look him straight in the eyes, both eyes filled with desiring love for each other. “ And you’re my hot sweet talker “ Gui Gui whisper and share a passionate kiss with Aaron. As fast as they are, the couple are back in the “mood” again. Receiving many “aw...” from people surrounding them again.

Gui Gui and Aaron looks like they had been suck into their own dream land. Everything surrounding them including objects and life were all ignore. The atmosphere between the to love birds are like the earth have stopped rotation just for them; just to let the couple have their sweet moment last. Aaron and Gui Gui feel like they have been bond together forever, loving the presence of each other.

THe couple has been standing in the middle of the campus bond together for quite a while, under the shining sun that seem to lighten its sun rays just so the couple can stay with their sweet moment a little longer. Its like the environment is touched by the scene and wish it to last. The couple is perfect.


Hebe who left angrily at first is jogging around the neighborhood again. Her mind is all blank, not thinking about anything but running. Letting the hot air blow on her breathing in the smell of nature, relaxing her muscles and mind.

Hebe’s mind just went blank at first when she is witnessing the couple’s sweetness. They were meant for each other, they were perfect. And Hebe is just the best friend who help pull the strings between the two and help the couple be more in love with each other.

That is what she had and is still planning on doing... right...?

Hebe finally stop in at the bench in front of a park and sit down for a rest. Hebe lean her head back at the bench and close her eyes, focusing her mind for a second with the melodic chirping of the birds.

Hebe uncapped her water and finish the rest of her water. Hebe then recycled her water bottle and pull out a quarter out of her pocket. Looking at the coin for quite a while, Hebe walk over to a homeless that is sitting on the other bench and drop it at the bowl. After that Hebe start jogging home again. “ I am the very one that let it go. And I will have to take the consequences. “ through the whole way home Hebe keep on telling herself this.

When Hebe open the doors to her dorm room that she and Gui Gui shares, it seems like her dorm mate is out on a date today. Hebe sigh and walk to her room for a refreshing shower and getting the sweats off her. “What has gotten into me today?” Hebe mentally thought to herself.


“ Wow, Gui I never knew you’re scared of horror movies” Aaron commented trying not to laugh as him and Gui Gui walks out of the theater. Gui Gui cling onto Aaron’s arm tightly face as pale as a ghost just like her name.

Gui Gui stays speechless, she still hasn’t gotten over the terrifying scenes yet. Aaron noticed his girlfriend’s unusual behavior and stop walking taking a go look at her.

“ Gui is you all right?” Aaron ask gently yet worried at the same time. Gui Gui said nothing but look her boyfriend with her big round eyes that is filled with terror.

Aaron put his arm around Gui Gui’s shoulder and walk her over to a bench “ Here, lets site down first. “ Aaron seated Gui Gui and then bend down in front of Gui Gui look straight into her eyes searching for the problem.

“ Lun... what if the movie happens to us?” Gui Gui ask out of a sudden focusing to Aaron.

Aaron get up and site beside Gui Gui pulling Gui Gui close to him making Gui Gui lean on his shoulder. “ How is the movie going to effect us you silly?” Aaron reply gently with his melodic voice which sooth Gui Gui a little bit.

“ What if one day some random girl appear and steal you from me?” Gui Gui ask shutting her eyes, letting herself relax at the touch and presence of her boyfriend, who she loves deeply, too deeply that she herself does not know what she will do without him.

“ Why would I leave you for some random girl, you silly” Aaron smile, enjoying the moment he is having with Gui Gui “ You’re the one that I love most in my whole entire life” Aaron assure Gui Gui.

Gui Gui smiles at Aaron’s words “ I love you... a lot” Gui Gui murmur and wrap her arms around Aaron’s waist symbolizing that she will never let him go.

“ And I love you more than you love me” Aaron hug Gui Gui, making his promise to her.

“I hope your words today will stay true forever...” Gui Gui recite in her heart.

“Believe me... you’re my future... right?” Aaron hesitates in his heart and take a peck at Gui Gui who is still closing her eyes while leaning on his shoulder. Aaron could help but smile at Gui Gui’s cute peaceful face.

The date is not that long nor is it romantic and happy, but maybe to the couple today is the “promise day”, it probably mean a lot to one of the two. But which one?


Hebe walk out of the bathroom with a towel around her neck that she use to dry her damp hair. Hebe felt chills all over her body, maybe it’s the cause of the cold water, the answer is unknown.

Taking a glance out the living room Hebe can tell that Gui Gui is still not back yet. “ I guess I don’t have to wait at the doors for her...” Hebe mumbles to herself and head to her room with droplets of crystal clear water dropping down from her raven short hair.

Inside the room is dim and the night air is warm and chilly. Hebe felt alone, like she is the only living specie on earth... Hebe still hasn’t gotten use to the loneliness of the house without Gui Gui or that is what Hebe had told herself all these time.

Hebe sit beside the phone on place on the mattress with her knee close to her body ignoring the water dropping down from her hair.

Hebe take out the phone and start dialing her so call emergency number. After a few second or maybe minutes of ringing a voice finally came out from the other side.

“ Nuguseyo?” from the other side of the phone was a voice of one who has just woke up from sleep and is in a very unpleasant mood right now.

Hebe ignores the fact that she had disturb someone’s sleep “ Its me...” Hebe slowly let out her words in a lifeless tone.

The other person was silent for a second “ Hebe?” the other person ask, this time the voice is more awaken and energized.

“ Took you long enough” Hebe reach for her big white bear... the treasure of her life... and hug it tightly with one hand while the other one is holding the phone.

“ What do you expect? I can see through the phone because someone certain person did not say their name better yet, no hello or anything. “ The other line reply sarcastically “ You’re lucky that I know who you are. Or else I’ll hang on you” The other person continued.

“ I am all empty inside...” Hebe changed the subject out of no where. “ I can’t breathe... I am suffocating... I let it go... “ Hebe’s voice crack and slowly tears start to stray down from her flawless face.

There was a great silence again... It’s this subject again... “ Same old advice, follow your heart.” The other person suggested with a sigh...

“ And I always try to take the advice... “ Hebe bury her face on the bear letting the tears wet the snow white fluffy fur of the bear.

“ What should I do? What should I do...” Hebe literally yelled within her cries!

“ Hebs... This is the problem between you and him... or maybe it is your very own soul’s problem... I can’t help you at all but say [ Following where your heart leads] “ The other person on the phone speak professionally.

“ You’re no help!” Hebe complains pulling her face up from the bear and walk over to her laptop.

“ Pfft... I never said I can help you. You just called “ The other person retorted. From the tone of it that person must be rolling his eyes.

“ BYE!” Hebe scoff and hang up on the person.

The laptop started giving the dim room a slight bit of light. Hebe open up to her email, in her inbox she found 1 unread email from someone...

Hebe quickly retreated her hands back to herself hesitating on whether she should click on it or not. Hebe slowly reaches for the mouse, but just when she is about to touch it she retreat again... motion have repeated countless time.

Hebe’s heart is a mess, her brain is a mess, her soul has become a mess along with her life because of one mistake made. Hebe recites the sentence that was marked on her heart “ Follow where your heart leads you “

Hebe take a deep breathe and bring out her courage then reach the mouse to click on “read”

“I am going to the mall today.”

That is what the message simply stated. Just one simply sentence... But to Hebe, it gave Hebe millions of afterwards...

Hebe slowly close her laptop and put her head down on top of it. The pain is back again. Pain of trillion needles drilling through her heart, her brain, her whole body and soul. The pain that haunts her every now and then. The pain that she keep on trying to endure and over rule it, not letting it over rule herself.

One hurting is always better than three hurting. And Hebe is now sacrificing herself, letting the pain eat her... until it eats deep into her soul where there is no more to eat, no where to go... what will happen when that ending of the devouring comes? What is the further step that Hebe can take in front of her... where no steps are there to walk through...

“ Hebe Tian, what you are doing right now is for everyone’s own good. “ Hebe pull herself together and wipe her tears. “ Endure the pain, the feeling and feelings and keep the friendships. “ Hebe manage to convince herself once again.

Just then she heard the door unlock and Gui Gui’s voice echo through the hall to Hebe’s room. “ HEBE! I’m HOME! “

“ IN HERE! “ Hebe reply back with a scream. Hebe quickly wipe her face dry and force a few smiles on just in case.

Did not have time to read over this as well!
I hope if any mistakes are spotted, please endure it! >.<

Date posted: 06.12.09



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Re: Where One Kiss Leads

Post by guiwang_4ever on 2/22/2010, 5:33 pm

awesome! bebu<3


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Re: Where One Kiss Leads

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