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Super Junior Story (2019)

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 2:10 am

Super Junior Story (2019) Sillym10
hi..its my first story(fan fic)that will be posted here..
this is not YAIO even though SJ couple will still be said
for time to time but wont be point out much.sorry if this
is not the story for u.but anticipate though.

the story goes like this...

Jan. 16, 2019.(10 years from now) eventually all SJ
members are married having kids on their own. January 17th
will be kang-in's 34th birthday and that's tomorrow... SJ
members found a way to celebrate kang-in's birthday as a
reunion as well after such busy personal schedule(not
being SJ anymore). that day they decided to talk about how
they ended up marrying their wives and that will shock
each of them of how their stories are related way way way
before they got married. the day that they will finally
say to the other members every detail that happend even
they are still SJ. explains this and that.

-=All stories really happened year 2011 to 2015=-

So far, the format is, a member will tell a story of their
lovestory and then the next according to marriage technically, this is like a collection of oneshots (a little longer than oneshots) for every members.

-SJ members (only 13)
-Fictional Wives

FT island esp HONgKI for Heechul story

Hope to hear you reading....

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 2:20 am

Chapter 1

Kang-in's Birthday (Hangkyung)

NOTE:READERS, this is the edited chapter. If you dont like
the very first part of this chapter..plzz. give it a chance to finish even this whole chapter and see for yourself if you like it or not.
This is a series of short stories of every member before they got married. And every stories relates to another members exciting to know what's what! XD..please just read through out Hangkyung story.Chapters 1- 5. thanks!!! and continue if you like it.

Date: January 16, 2019 (9 years from now)
(1 day before kang-in’s birthday)
Setting: Ryeowook’s beach house (ilsan


Super Junior Story (2019) 28010

Super junior started their career successfully and
ended it with a bang. They made history next to DBSK who
as well ended their career as DBSK and happily settled
now. Each super junior had career either on entertainment
or family business.

Now, we found way to spend time with each other
once again for my birthday together with our wives and
kids for a night.

Right, we are all married and have kids. Well, not really…
but next month, Kyuhyun’s wife will give birth to their

Leeteuk, Sungmin and I are talking in the terrace that
afternoon overseeing our wives and kids playing by the

“Can’t believe we all got married now.” Leeteuk said after
a long silence. I can see he is so happy now.

“Yah. Look at them…” He said looking at his daughter and
wife and smiled to himself. He suddenly said. “..ow ow ow…
Kang-in hyung, I really salute your genes.” He laughed.

Me, who’s busy sipping my drink asked him without looking outside. “why?! Is she bullying Leeteuk’s son?!”

When I saw his daughter poked leeteuk’s son, I grinned. “God, your son is such a lame b— ”


Ouch….That really hurts.

“Zip it, you dork! Just watch how my son would drive your daughter crazy later on when they both get older.” He threaten me.

“I should tell my daughter to marry hangkyung or donghae’s son instead of yours.” I told him…of course, Me, kangin won’t let my daughter marry his son.

“Wait… Eunhyuk and I planned to get our kids marry each
other. And getting your daughter marry hangkyung’s son is
not a good idea either. Heechul and hangkyung’s wives
planned already as well. They are great fans of HanChul
couple before, you know. I planned to have EunHae too.
Besides KangTeuk is not bad idea. You see…” Donghae said.
I didn’t noticed him in the terrace before. He must have
been eavesdropping again.

“ Aish…Donghae, you talk too much. I rather set my
daughter marry Yunho’s daughter.” Leeteuk said boldly.

“That’s hopeless. Even though Yunho’s first child is a
girl, Yunho will, you know, TRY to have a son for Jae’s
daughter or the other way around..” I said.

It’s true. Yunho told me last time.

“ei..I heard Jae planned to get his daughter marry Hyung Joong’s son.” Leeteuk disagreed. I don’t know where he got that but I guess it somewhat true too.

“what?! Both dads are 4th dimensional. I would just wish they won’t get it from their dads though.” I suddenly blurt out.

“Some girls are attracted to 4th dimensional guys now a day. I wished I am.” Donghae simply said.

”that’s why I want my son to marry them.” He smiled.

“You are all insane. You can’t fix your kids future
lovers. That is theirs to choose even though I want my
daughter to marry DBSK’s and SS501’s sons. No Super Junior
if they got their personality from their dads. Well, I
have enough of SJ bullying-thingy. NO THANKS.” Sungmin
said laughing. After that he left the scene.

Donghae, Leeteuk, I were left wide- eyed.

“What did hyung said?” Donghae asked the two of us.

“I don’t care. Mine’s a girl.” I anwered and took another
sip of beer.

Donghae and Leeteuk both sigh and said in unison “…but
your daughter acts more like a man.”

“What’s that?” I stared at them. I know my daughter is
very tough outside. The Kang-in’s girl version as they
say. She got all her features from her mother though.

Ryeowook shouted from the second floor sitting
room. “Hyungs, Lee Soo Man-nim sent clips from SM town
Concert ‘19 in Seoul. Come here.”

I should have wanted to torture Donghae and Leeteuk more
but I wanted to see whatever Ryewook is telling about.

Donghae and Leeteuk said beside me. “Be there.”

The three of us followed Ryeowook and found the rest of SJ
members sitting there watching the concert.

Heechul commented, “I miss this concert.”

“ We’re too old to dance “don’t Don” anymore. “ Hangkyung
said as he laugh. We just give a short amusing laugh by
the thought of it.

“Look.” Yesung said as pointing the TV screen which S.O.N,
SM new debuted Male group doing special stage dance
performance of random DBSK and Super Junior Songs that
gives everyone nice memories.

“O!!” Eunhyuk said when he noticed something from S.O.N on
TV “I keep on telling JC (lead dancer) to put a feeling of
palm-rubbing in Sorry, sorry. What a brat! Ayshh! If he’s
like that Lee Soo Man will fire me. Gotta scold him when I
get back to Seoul.”

Eunhyuk continued his career doing choreography for SM new
Artist and was respected out of it.

“I don’t wonder why they suddenly became popular.”
Shindong said.

“Xiah is their personal voice teacher. And Micky writes
their songs. What more could you get?!” Ryeowook uttered.

“Lucky bastards.” I said grinning.

I always bully S.O.N’s member everytime I see them in S.M building.

“Yay. They’ll be going on my show this Wednesday. I’ll make them cry.” Then Heechul suddenly said. Grinning by the idea.

“I didn’t hear of that… okay we’ll make them cry.” Leeteuk agreed.

Leeteuk, Sungmin, Heechul is the main MC of one program in SBS and other Shows. They are still well supported by lots of ELF.

Me, Shindong, Yesung continued being DJs and guest in some shows.

Donghae, Hangkung, Eunhyuk who are their first love is
dancing have their job under SM entertainment.

KRY are still popular in singing.

Siwon and Kibum continued as actors and made lots of
movies already though Siwon was just randomly appeared due
to his Dad request to take over their family business.

All members are still hot in public and in entertainment
so they are still being invited to some shows for time to

Out of the blue Kibum said.

“ Heechul hyung, what did you do to NaHae noona?!” Kibumasked Heechul.


I’m pretty surprised myself when Heechul said he’s getting
married last two years.

Evryeone looked at Heechul.

“We are all surprised when you said you’re getting married
2 years ago.” Siwon said.

“ I’ll tell you if Leeteuk tell his story first.” Heechul
answered back trying to get away.

“NO fair. I’m not the first one who got married.” As
expected Leeteuk will say that.

“Is it me?!” I asked when I remembered the We Got Married
incident (2008-2009)

“Too bad Yunjin and you broke up. Well anyways, that Chinese man over there got married first.” Eunhyuk said.

WRONG! I wasn’t sorry at all cause I found Lee YeonHye, the woman I married for real.

“Do I have a choice?!” Hangkyung asked.

Everyone else motioned their lips with “NO”.

I chuckled. They got Hangkyung cornered.

“Okay. It happens years ago after we released our 4th Album.” Hangkyung started.

“Seven years ago?” Kyuhyun clarified.

He nodded and starts telling his story which started it
all. Him and with his wife, Xiao Lu.

HANGKYUNG’s Point of View

[/quote]Super Junior Story (2019) 5010

Year 2011

“Hangkyung-ah. If you go out….can you drop and buy fresh
milk for me. We’re running out of stock. And you know what
else to get. Okay?!” Heechul said over his shoulder when
he noticed me leaving.

“Why me?! I’m—”

-----------BACK TO THE PRESENT---------

HANGKYUNG’s POV until the next 5 chapters.

“Cut here!!!Wait. Hangkyung ah~ that wasn’t your reply.
You will always say ‘arasso’. You don’t know how to
say ‘no’ anyway, right?!” Heechul disagreed.

I laughed. He noticed that right away. Oh well, I couldn’t

“arasso.” I admitted.

Everyone laughed.

------BACK TO THE STORY-------

After going to the schedule for that day together with
other member, donghae, Kyuhyun, Kibum and Sungmin I then
went to the convenience store alone to get what heechul
asked him to. Just after I went inside the shop somebody’s
arguing. I saw someone that looks like a store manager and
somebody with hoody’s on.

“I don’t speak Korean, you stupid Korean.” A person with
the hoody is saying in mandarin.

“Why are you shop-lifting huh?! Where are your parents?!”
The store owner barked at the shop-lifter in Korean.

I worried. Two people talking in two different languages
is chaos. They couldn’t even understand each other.

“I can’t understand you. You’re so annoying. What the hell
are you talking about? Jerk!” The Chinese shop-lifter went

Me, who’s standing one or two meters away overheard the
two people and understands both of them as well.

I don’t have other choice approached them.

“What’s going on here hyung?” I asked.

“Hangkyung of Super Junior?!” He asked. Nobody couldn’t
know super junior now a days.

“yeah.” I simply confessed.

“This Chinese Fella here tried to shop-lift.” Points at the kid.

I faced the shop-lifter then speak Mandarin “Is it true?”

The shoplifter looked the other way “What is it to you?”

I sighed and faced the manager. “ I’ll buy the stuff he shop-lift instead, hyung. Double the price if you must. I’ll talk to him.”

I gave the manager enough cost and grabbed the shop-lifter by the arm.

“Now say sorry to the manager. ‘sorry’(in Korean) is easy enough to say.” I convince him.

“Sorry, you stupid store owner. If it wasn’t for this stupid person I was in jail right now which I would prefer. Annyeonghi kaseyo.” The shop-lifter said in korean and left.

I’m surprised he said it all in fluent Korean. Is this kid kidding us?

I was embarrassed so I just bowed my head to apologize on the kid’s behalf. I Went out and tried to catch up with the kid.

“What’s with that?!” I asked him in Korean when I caught
up with the kid.

“What is it to you?” He answered back.

I can believe what I’m hearing so I yelled at him. “If you
didn’t realize yet then let me tell you. YOU’RE BRINGING

“Oh. I’m sorry. IT brings shame to you instead.” He
answered back in a sarcastic way.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing.

“What the?!”

The hooded person started to walk away but I was
so pissed off and grabbed the person’s arm that made the
hood drop off. Revealing a long haired fella. A very
unique pretty Chinese face.
I am all wide-eyed from shock and couldn’t speak. Just

“Will you get off me?” She battled for me to release her.


“Hyung, don’t tell me it’s Xiao Lu.” Ryeowook asked

“ Xiao Lu is surely the shop-lifter?!” Kang-in asked.
Shocked all written in his face.


“Did I hear ‘shop-lifter’?” Xiao Lu my wife suddenly
showed up.

I as well as everyone fell silent and tense.

Xiao Lu laughed so hard said, “Is hangkyung’s telling you
our first meeting. Pretty sick, huh?!”

MiYan, sungmin’s wife who just came in said, “That sounds
fun. Can I join?!”

All super junior disagreed and chorused. “It’s all man’s

“Something tells me this isn’t going to be great.”
HyeMin, Leeteuk’s wife said doubtingly.

Everyone laughed.

Xiao Lu, Miyan and HyeMin left leaving the guys have time
to talk. But YSIA (eunhyuk wife) and SAMANTHA (donghae’s
wife) followed by two kids, Yuri (eunhyuk’s daughter, 2 ½
yr. old) and Donghae Jr. (donghae’s son, 3 yr. old.) came

“ What’s happening here?! And what happened to those three
(Xiao Lu, Miyan and HyeMin). All laughing their ass out?!”
Ysia said.

“Nothing…what brings you here?!” Eunhyuk anwered her
wife….smoothly. afraid to sound the opposite way.

“What’s with that question?! What?! All Super Junior went
back to being single?! Samantha said, eye brow up. Then
smiled right away, Donghae and Yuri will go home now.”

“Dad’s downstairs.” Ysia said pointing her fingers

“really?!” Eunhyuk preparing to stand up now.

“No, that’s okay. You continue with whatever you guys
doing.” Ysia stopped her husband.

“YSIA, will you tell your dad thanks for taking care of my
little donghae for tonight?!” Donghae told Ysia.

“ei…that’s okay. He keeps telling he wants to take care of
his future grandson-in-law.” Ysia said jokingly.

She laughed everyone joined as well.

Donghae’s son said in English “Daddy, I’ll see you
tomorrow with mommy, okay? Don’t forget to pick me up
tomorrow and take care of mommy, ok?” He then kissed
Donghae and waved to everyone then left.

I don’t really understand what the kid said. I chuckled,
I’m not alone.Half of the meber didn’t too.

“Wow…your son sure can speak English well, huh?!” Kibum
told Donghae.

“ yah…pretty amazing. Seems like I’m the one learning
English from my son. You know Filipino people. Learning
English is a MUST so Samantha wants to teach little
Donghae English as much as possible and it worries me that
donghae won’t learn Korean at all. But good thing he has a
quick mind, he spoke almost 3 languages. More fluently in
English though.” Donghae said proudly.

“You married a Filipino woman that’s why. But all our kids
should learn English as well from our wife that is.” Siwon

“And Samantha keeps on reminding me of FULL HOUSE. Of how
ignorant we can be and turn everything in chaos if we
don’t speak even little English. Don’t get me wrong,
Samantha fell in-love with SJ in full house.” Donghae

“You are so GORGEOUS!” Super Junior chorused.

“I don’t easy!” Kang-in yelled after that.

“Nice weather.” Heechul blurted.

And everyone burst laughing and randomly said some notable
English phrase from FULL HOUSE show before.

"A that’s a quite a laugh there huh?! Hangkyung
hyung…continue with your story." Kyuhyun said, out of breathe. He laughed the most
over our stupidness because he wasnt Super Junior that time yet.

Still, it is so hilarious thinking about it....


[quote]comments are appreciated. my first fanfic so comment now
and be easy on Neutral

It's not tiring because I'm just tranferring this fic from winglin.. starting to like his site!
thanks!!!! Very Happy

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 2:36 am

What Is It To You?!


Super Junior Story (2019) 5010

----------Back to the story-------

I let go of the girl, quite mesmerized, just followed the
girl walking away, my gaze is still on her.

My phone rang. Kibum’s calling me.

I don’t want to answer him but I guess I need too.

“Hyung, where are you?!” Kibum asked over the phone.

“ ohhh me?! Well, ahm.” I’m still tongue-tied. So I
lied, “Getting fresh air.”

‘Promse, I’ll explain later.’ I wanted to add.

“oh…”he replied.

“Is there something wrong?!” I asked curiously.

“Nothing at all.” Kibum said.

But I doubt it because I heard somebody….wrong…lots of
noises at the background in the other line.

“Ya! Why is it so noisy in there?”

Our dorm is usually quiet without of curse some noisy
members that wasn’t supposed to be in there.

“Aah..these guys came over he—“ Somebody interrupted him.

“Ya! Hangkyung ah~. We both won awards last week. Let’s go
to KTV.” I know it was Changmin.

“Weh?! DBSK got time to hang-out?!” I asked
disbelievingly. They have pact schedule like us, SJ.

“ ya! Come over here this instant.” I’m quiet surprise
it’s Jaejoong.

“You too?!” Iasked over the phone but someone else

“Yaa! Get your ass off here. Other SJ’s coming here too.
You don’t wanna be left out.”

OH no! Even Yoochun?!

“Seriously, guys, who am I talking here?” I said jokingly.

I can’t grasp what’s happening in our dorm right now but I
won’t let it go this girl. I keep on stalking her while
I’m on the phone.
I prayed that nobody could recognize me….hmmm.So far, so

“Hangkyung ah. Hyung joong imnida. I’m sorry you’re dorm
is in chaos here. Youngwoon, pick me up. DBSK’s drank.
HELP.” Kim hyung joong of SS501 said.

I froze. Seriously, what’s happening there?

Somebody take a hold of the other line.

“ eeiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Ni hao ma?!”

I almost laugh when I recognized the voice speaking in Chinese..
It’s Yunho with his drank accent voice.

“See you, hyung. Bye!” Kibum said.

They hang up. I smiled and still curious of what’s going
on in my dorm but the only thing I really cares right now

“I’ll ask them later.” I told myself.

“Ya! Wait up!” I called after the girl.

“ leave me alone!” she said it in her very soft and cracked voice.

Woah! She’s an interesting girl.

I’m now only half-meter from behind ” what’s your name?!”
I asked instead.

‘What am I doing?’ I thought asking myself.

“What is it to you?!” She asked back.

I noticed she used the same expression all over again. In
fact, it’s the 3rd time she used it.

“ was it your favorite phrase?! ‘What is it to you?’” I asked her.

“What is it to you?!” She faced me.

Woah again. Indeed a very pretty face.

“ ok. I’ll take it as a ‘yes’. Do you want me to take you
home?! My car is in there.” I sounded like a player here
but no, it’s my first time to insist to a girl to take her
home. It’s weird.

“Are you hitting on me?!”

I laughed “No….uhm…it’s very dangerous to walk late at

She coughed for a while then said, “ what is it to you?!”

Oh no. That phrase again, she sounded cute though.

“okay… that’s a ‘no’.”

She raised her brow. “Actually…this is my address. Thanks.”

I personally can’t understand the girl, I stopped walking
and raised my brow as well but I sigh of
surrender. “okay..”

We went to my car.

Nobody talked until they reach the place.

“ya! We’re here.” I told her.

No answer.

“ ya! I told you, we’re here.”

I started to shake the girl’s shoulder then accidentally
touch her skin. HOT! And I then feel her neck and forehead
to check for fever. Positive.

Oh no.

I’m little worried and all decided to cover my face for
idol image protection from public. I checked the number
of room and carried her there. Thanks god the girl didn’t
lie to me for telling me her right place.

If she lied, I don’t know where else would I take her now,
in her condition like this.

I placed her on the bed then ventures my eyes to the room.
It’s actually an elegant room, a place to be exact. More
like a condo unit with single room.

“What am I doing?!’” I asked myself.

Acting on instinct, I went to the kitchen and started
cooking porridge from every ingredient that I can find in
there. While waiting, I then looked for a towel and
prepared cold water.

Out of respect I put the towel in her forehead but the
porridge is already cooked so I slowly woke her up.

The girl is shock but no strength to argue.

“aH”…I ordered her softly and the spoon is suspended in
the mid-air.

The girl is about to argue.

“Just let me. Now, ‘ah’.” I insisted.

The girl finished the porridge silently then I handed her
the medicine.

“Where did you get all of these?!” She said surprise.

“I’m sorry. I rudely lay a hand on things here. Now, go back to sleep.”

She lays down and I fixed her blanket over her. I don’t
know what’s wrong with me but it feels like we’ve been
doing this scene for years now. It feels natural.

“Thanks.” She smiled and went back to sleep.

---Tomorrow morning---

“ya! Hangkyung ah. Wake up.” I very soft voice said.

Ah… angel’s voice in my dream.

The angel in my dream said again, much louder now.

I open my eyes.

“what time is it?!” I sat up. I remember myself taking a
rest in the couch in the living room. Eventually, I must
have fallen asleep.

I stared at her who’s preparing the food for breakfast “
uhm. 9am.”

“ Shit!” I gasp.

“ You’re phone has been ringing all morning.” She pointed
at the phone.

I looked at his phone. 29 missed calls?

“I woke you up but you seem so tired you didn’t even
notice.” She sat on the table.

I dialed kibum’s number but to no avail. I Tried Heechul
but no answer as well as the other SJ members then lastly
to Siwon’s number. It rang.

“Ya! Where are you?!” Siwon yelled over the phone.

“What happened?!” I nervously asked.

“What happened?! 3 managers are shouting at me right now.
Hyung, 3 managers!” He souned between annoyance and
surrender. He sounded hopeless.

“ why?!” I curiously asked.

Hope it’s not that bad.

“ALL schedules today were pushed for Tuesday. ALL super
junior members are drank. Don’t forget DBSK too. I wasn’t
here last night.” HE said.

“ what?! That bad?!” I’m in shock.

“ yah. Lucky for DBSK because they don’t have schedule for
today… hays..chinja! Those sly ones. Where are you?!”

“What happened to Hyung Joong?” I obviously want to change

“He left early last night before he got drank. Ya! Why
wouldn’t you answer my question?!” He yelled at me again.

“Gotta go now, see you Siwon shii. And don’t tell manager
hyung that you talked to me. Arasso?!”

I hang up.

“What happened?!” The girl asked and waved me to eat.

“I’m hungry”. then I dig in for the food.

“uhm… hangkyung oppa..sorry for last night and thanks.”
She hesitantly said.

She looks cute.
But I’m more shocked because she suddenly went nice to me.

“ that’s okay. But you owe me something”. I said between eating.

The food is great.

“I’m sorry.” She said but…

“That wasn’t what I wanna hear”. I said.

She raised her eyebrow. “then what?”

“What’s your name?!” I asked.

She laughs. “Xiao Lu.”

“Why did you do that last night?!” I asked remembering
last night’s incident.

“I wanted to get caught.” She said.

“what?! Why?”

“What is it to you?!” Suddenly her voice sounded annoyed.

I looked at her, she looked at me.

Then we both laugh.

“Sorry. That’s my expression. My parents took me here in
Korea against my will.” Now she sounded sad and rebellious.

“So you wanted to get caught to show your parents that
they were wrong to send you here? Am I right?” I guessed.

“sort of.”

“What do you mean, sort of?!”

“Do I need to tell you everything?! Besides, after this we
won’t see each other again.” She continued eating.

“hmmm. Try me.” then I smiled to myself.

I stared at her. I can see that she hesitated at fist but
she start telling me anyway.

“Sort of’ because it’s my dad’s fault why I am here in
Korea right now. Mom’s up there!”

She pointing at the sky and smiled. “ Dad has another
family and he didn’t care much about me. When I say I want
to go here and there, that’s fine with him as long as I
won’t go on his way. My life is pretty easy.” She
She sounded so unhappy. Poor, Xiao Lu.

“Too much freedom. Are you happy with it?” I asked.

“hell yes!” she sid and I doubt it because it sounds like ‘no’.

“You don’t want here in Korea?!” I asked her instead.

“uhm…I don’t want here.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“why?” I asked further.

She chuckled. “You’re pretty annoying. You won’t let me
off that easily, would you?”

“Uhm…NOPE.” I shook my head and smiled at her.

She sighed. “What else would I expect?! Uhm….let see. It’s
the reason that nothing gives me motivation here. It’s
quite boring.”

And we chat for nobody knows how long about Super junior
members and other nonsense.

Out of nowhere. 4:40 pm

“Who’s your favorite SJ member?!” I asked then took a sip
of my coke.

“actually I’m Tripple S. I like KyuJoong.” She smiled at

My shoulder dropped.

“ei… KyuJoong has a girlfriend already.” Which is a lie,
of course. I don’t know but I wanted to say it.

She just stared at me and rolled her eyes. Seems like to
tell me, ’you’re so childish.’

“Uhm… SJ member…uhm. I like this guy…named..HEECHUL?!” She
suddenly said.

My shoulder fell. “ HEECHUL?! That guy?!”

Now, I sounded like I don’t know Heechul. Like I cursed him.

“Weh? He’s charming.” She said trying to read my

“ okay…I’ll set a blind date with you and him but promise
me to stay here in Korea.”

Yah…that would be a nice idea.

“Really?! Chinja chinja chinja?!!” She satred at me

“oppa swears to you.” I said hesitantly.

Oh no….I’m in trouble. No turning back now.

I have to break this chapter into two..LOL... "message is too big"

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 2:37 am

--------BACK TO THE PRESENT-------

“That’s strange. Hangkyung ah~. I didn’t meet Xiao Lu
before.” He said trying to remember anything.

“Hyung, sorry but she’s not yours.” I grinned at him.

“Ei…what kind of a friend are you?! I never thought you’ll
be this greedy.” He said, jokingly.

“ You must have forgotten. You met her before. And should
I tell Na Hae (heechul’s wife) that you—” I said to him

“Ae Ae Ae Ae… no no no…. hangkyung, I’m just kidding…

I chuckled. He fell for it…Honestly; I have nothing to
tell NaHae. Or is there?

------BACK TO THE STORY-----

“ Geng oppa, it’s getting late. You need to go home and
wake those drunkards.” Xiao Lu said and both laugh.

“Arasso. Call me anytime if you need oppa’s help. Okay?” I
got up where I sat.

“Got it. And oppa. Thanks very much.”She smiled at me.

What I nice scenery I got here.

“ Nothing at all.” I smiled.

Back to the dormitory. 8pm.

“Where did you sleep last night, huh?!” Heechul said.

Goodness.Heechul sounded like a wife nagging.

I said at him.“Haysss. Chinja… good thing you’re not a
girl or else your nagging would be doubled.”

“Seriously, hyung, where did you go?” Kibum asked while
still playing in his laptop.

“Just got time for myself.” I lied again. I’m good at
lying now. Then I noticed the dorm. “Woah! Did a typhoon
run over here? Gosh! What happened here….and there… who
broke that?!” I saw the vase an ELF gave 2 years ago.

“Ah…Hongki ah~ did.” Eunhyuk said who just came in to peek
who came..

“They’re here too?!”

Give me a break, even FT. Island?!

“ahhhys.. You won’t believe…around 30 artist went here
last night.” Shindong said, I can tell he still somekind
on hangover.

“Taemin, brought this last night….want some, hyung?
Kyuhyun said and showed me a galloon of ice cream.

“Even SHINee?… seriously, how much people could our dorm
can accommodate, huh?”

“They never stayed long. They just hopped in and out. You
missed half of your life.” He said while fixing his shirt.
He looks like he just woke up.

I unconsciously smiled to myself. “I will never regret.” I
said to myself. I keep on thinking about Xiao Lu, I must
have had a crush on her. Is miled at myself.

“What did you say, hyung?!” Donghae asked.

“Nothing. I asked, ‘Who’s the mastermind here last
night.’” I changed the topic.

“Dong Bang Shin Ki!” They answered in unison.

I was so surprised then laughed.

“You guys are nuts! I’m going to have a shower now guys…”
I excused myself.

I left them. Seriously, DBSK being the mastermind? Woah…
that’s a hit.

AFTER 2 weeks Super Junior are still suffering due to
missing their schedule for 2 days last two weeks. But for
me, it is worth. I found my interest that night and won’t
let go on her. For time to time I will make anything
possible to meet up with her.

I rang her.

“hello, oppa?!” She answered.

I think for an excuse. “I asked Heechul for blind date
with you. Are you okay this afternoon, 6pm?”

“Chinja?! Where?” She asked excitedly.

I thought of Kyuhyun who gave me Taemin’s ice-cream that
memorable day. “You know, Heechul loves sweet things.
There’s an ice-cream parlor near your place. You know

“Yay! Of course. Thanks oppa. Tell Heechul oppa, I’ll meet
him. Bye.”

Then she hangs up.

“eotteoke?!”I gasp. Now the reality hit me. “What am I
going to do with Heechul?”

6:30pm, I waited in my car near the said location of the
blind date.

My phone rang.

“What’s going on?! Oppa’s not here yet.” She asked.

I felt so guilty. “okay I’ll call Heechul. Wait there.

The truth here, I never told anybody about Xiao Lu
especially Heechul and SJ-M. I waited about 2 minutes then
rang Xiao Lu back.

“Xiao Lu, Heechul has a sudden schedule. He told me he
really wants to meet you and he’s really sorry.” I told
her…another lie again.

“owww! That’s okay oppa. I never expected too much from
him anyway.” She said. I know she’s somehow disappointed.

“Wait. This is my fault. Stay there. I’m on my way”.

“oppa, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. You’re just trying
to help.” She said, insisting me not to.

“stay there. I insist.” I felt guiltier.

About 5 minutes I got off the car and went inside the
shop, unrevealing much of my face.

She called up me, “Oppa!”

I sat down opposite her “Woah! That was quick” she smiled
at me..

I suddenly noticed Xiao Lu’s feminine appearance and
scent. Other than feeling guilty for lying I really liked
the way she dressed now. SO womanly, so feminine. “Xiao
Lu, how long did you wait?! I’m sorry.”

“hays. Chinja… that’s ok. Oppa, get me some ice-cream. I
deserved to be treated now.” She said childishly.

‘Of course, anything for my princess.’ I wanted to tell her.

I smiled at her instead “ yay. What do you want?! Choco, vanilla or –”

“CHOCOLATE!” She said excitedly.


AFTER 3 months. That relationship goes on smoothly. I
liked the way it is even though I wanted to get Xiao Lu as
my girlfriend and all I didn’t dared. Xiao Lu started to
take her studies seriously and told me she’s not too
boring anymore. I liked the way Xiao Lu won’t ask me to
meet up with other member. My secret is safe and I even
thought that it’s nice to hang-out with Triple S though of
course ELF is the best for me. I just wish she’s ELF.

Going to that ice-cream parlor became their hobby every
Saturday if I’m available.

Saturday, 4pm.

“I have something for you.” I said to her teasing her for a surprise.

“ What is it oppa?!” She asked.

“Here.” I took out one blue envelope.

“ Can I open it now?!” She asked eagerly and waited for me
to say yes so I nodded. “Woah! Super Junior Concert ’11,

“First seat ticket” I pointed.

“Are you sick?! Ow god! I mean, it’s great! Ahysss chinja.
Oppa, saranghaeyo!” She said like a kid.

I was surprise but suppress myself ‘cause knowing Xiao Lu
very well I know I can’t take it seriously.

“do you like it?!” I asked her instead.

“Are you serious?! Of course I like it. I can finally see
you perform and other members and Heechul.”

My shoulder dropped.

“thanks again.” And hugged me tightly.



Everyone’s is nervous and practicing for the last half
hour before performing on stage.

“ Hangkyung, is it twist to the right or le—” Yesund asked.

“left.” I answered automatically.

“What’s wrong with him?! He seems like day dreaming.”
Yesung asked Ryeowook.

“I noticed that too.” Ryeowook agreed and he face me
afterward, “Hangkyung hyung, left or right?!” He was
talking about our dance steps.

“right.” I answered abruptly.

The other two sighed and said “Let’s just ask Donghae and
Eunhyuk. We’re talking to NOBODY here.”

And so before the performance started, the rumors roamed
around the backstage and other members came rushing into

“Is it a girl, hyung?! A girl?!” Donghae suspected.

“AeAeAeAe! Someone’s inlove.” Eunhyuk teased.

“Is she here?!” Leeteuk joined.

I want them to stop so I told the, “I’ll treat you all to
dinner after this concert.”

“With soju?!” Kang-in popped out his head from the hair-dresser’s grip.

“And beer?!” Heechul joined in.

I nodded..

“It really is a girl.” They all said and sigh.

“See, Eunhyukie, Hangkyung is going to get married first.”
Donghae said to Eunhyuk as they left.

“Don’t marry just yet. You still need to go onstage.”
Their manager reminded him and face everyone, “HURRY.”

Everyone got up on stage and gave the crowd a great
performance and ended the concert at the same level.

After concert, I sent messages to Xiao Lu to go back
stage and meet me. I saw her at the front watching and
singing with the rest during the concert.

I hurriedly went to the dressing room and change and go
meet up with Xiao Lu right away. I planned to tell her
everything, of what I feel towards her and introduce her
to my SJ member.

OUTSIDE the dressing room.

I saw XiaoLu and to my shock Heechul are talking to each other.

“What do you mean?!” Heechul asked cluelessly to Xiao Lu.

“ Hangkyung didn’t tell you?! About the blind date?!” Xiao Lu asked.

OH boy, I’m in trouble.

“Oh that?!” Heechul said trying to remember
something. “No. Hangkyung never gave me blind dates before
nor did tell me. Why?!”

My dreams crushed all together.

Xiao Lu was really embarrassed and gaze somewhere off
heechul and landed on me who is still stunned on my feet.

I wanted to run to her but saw her eyes telling something
like ‘don’t-come-near-me’

Heechul who’s not sure what’s happening said, ‘ what is
she talking about?!”

Makes everything worse.

Xiao Lu then eyed me with those unbelieving eyes.

“Wow! I don’t know what to say. I thought I found a
friend. I thought you’re different. I thought I found the

XIAO Lu exited from back stage. I tried to catch up with
her but was blocked by SJ members.

“Ei… hangkyung ah~. Where are you going?! Where’s our

Kang-in asked and put his arms around my shoulder. Grabbed
me towards the VIP’s exit. They must have thought I’m
escaping my promise to treat them dinner.

“I’m hungry now.” Eunhyuk and Shindong both said.

I sighed in surrender. I have no mood for anything else
right now but I saw Heechul caught up with them

“Geng, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” He said.

“It’s okay. It’s not hyung’s fault. It’s mine.” I assured

“Heechul hyung, you saw her?!” Kyuhyun asked Heechul.

“Yah…and I think I blew it.”

“It’s okay it’s not your fault. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.
I’ll just give her time to think tonight.” I said and
sighed. “Now, let’s go and get our dinner.”

“Yay!” Super Junior yelled.

TOMORROW morning, 8am.

I’ve been calling her on the phone but no answers so I
decided to go to her place but nobody seems inside. So I
went downstairs and asks if Xiao Lu’s up there.

“NUMBER 313, OH. Miss Xiao Lu?! Well, she went back to
Shanghai last night.” The front desk said.

“What?! She was at the concert last night.”

“Well, she told me she’s going to watch Super Junior’s
concert so she pushed her flight schedule one hour after
the concert. I’d say she’s on China already.” She
explained. I can say, they are actually close.

“Do you know her address at China?!” I said, hoping.

“ Even if I know, it will be against the policy of this
place, sir. But sadly, I don’t really know.” She said

I started to walk away.

“Hangkyung, oppa. She did left something for you.” She
called out.

“When did she left it?!” I asked her.

“Before she went to concert, about 5:00 pm.” She simply

“Thanks and please—”

“Don’t worry. Our client’s personal lives are safe here
and so yours, Hangkyung oppa.” She assured me.

I bowed my head to thank her and proceeded to my car and
hurriedly open the box.

“Ow god!” I could only say.


I have to post (transfer) 38 more chapters...!!! Ajjjaaaa! hwaiting! Comments still appreciated... tongue

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 3

The flower Shop (Hangkyung)

The flower shop

========BACK TO THE PRESENT========

“ What’s inside the box, hyung?!” Ryeowook asked.

“Must be a suicidal letter.” Kibum asked while playing his PSP.

“Ei…according to the story. Xiao Lu left the box before coming to the concert. Meaning, she didn’t know what will happen after the concert.” Donghae said.

“Ayss. Good thinking.” Eunyuk agreed.

“So what’s in it?!” Siwon interrupted.

“I couldn’t tell you…”

“Weh?! You promise to tell us everything.” Sungmin said.

“I couldn’t.”

“Why?!” They all asked impatiently.

“I couldn’t .. I couldn’t open the box that time.” I smiled at them.

Everybody’s shoulder dropped in disappointment.

“Really?! So what’s that ‘ow…god’ for?!” Heechul raised his brow.

“You’re all hyper! This is what happened.” I continued.

======BACK TO THE STORY======

I TRIED to open the box covered with blue wrapper. Sapphire Blue to be exact. It’s sealed. I planned to ask the lady who gave me the box if she forgotten to give me the key. I turned it upside down hoping for any letter outside the box and I found it. A short one.

“Wait ‘til I come back. Let’s open the box together. Arasso, oppa?! take care. XD”
I wanted to hold on to what the note says but knowing what happened last night frustrates me. Xiao Lu trusted me, she never did before neither to a girl or a boy. She never tried to get close to anyone. And I gained her trust but I ruined it. I doubt if ever she will contact me ever again.

I went back to my dorm clutching the box in my arm.

“What’s that?!” Yesung asked when he saw the box.

“uhhh, this?! A fan sent me this.” I lied.

“Why is he the only one getting stuff like that?” He asked Kibum.

I proceeded to my room and found heechul there.

Heechul is still guilty asked me, “Have you talk to her?”

“She left.” I placed the box under my bed.

“What?!” Heechul who isn’t really great at expressing himself just said, “let’s drink?!”

“Buy me beer, hyung.” I agreed.

I badly needed to owe strength from alcohol now.

Heechul laughed. “Arasso. Let’s call kang-in. I can’t drink with you today. I have questing this 6pm.”

I stopped him. “Hyung, no. I need time for myself.”

“okay. Ays! W.O.M.A.N is a dangerous 5-letter word that I won’t venture.” He mumbled.

Heechul stayed their until 4:30 before going to work. He’s not a great help. Heechul, of all people when it comes to expressing feeling is a Rock. With big letter R.

ALONE in the dorm, other member is in their own schedule, it may be personally or work-related.

I stared at the box once again and say, “When are you coming back?!”

I then realize what’s my fault. I wasn’t that ready enough. If ever I said it to her, about my feeling, I would eventually hurt her. I’m very busy man, my career is another problem. I could give up anytime my career for her but it is Super Junior’s sake on the line. Maybe I wasn’t meant for her or maybe I didn’t lie to her at the first place.

“I’ll just hold on to fate. If I’ll try to look for her, I might hurt her more knowing I can’t put my own happiness in the first line. I can’t disappoint Super Junior.” I said to myself.

Suddenly I heard whispers behind me.

I saw Donghae, Eunhyuk, Shindong, and Sungmin grinning.

“Welcome to reality, man.”Sungmin grinned.

“ We’ve been standing here watching you for ages already.” Shindong added.

Eunhyuk concluded, “ I think he finally lost it.”

Is he talking about my sanity?!

‘No, I lost my heart. She took it.’ I wanted to add but I kept my mouth shut.

“hmmmm. Maybe not, maybe yes.” Donghae smirked.


“Honestly, you’re not aware that time that we are there?!” Shindong asked me laughing.

I nodded. “Wait, what are you four doing there anyway?!”

“As I remembered, Heechul called us telling you could use some of our time. Actually, to check you… you know, suicidal. It’s the first time you’re in that state. “ Sungmin answered.

I stared at Heechul ans smiled at him, “awwww. How sweet of you , chul ah~.”

“ See?! I’m a good friend. chingu, chingu, chingu.” He pointed himself and flash his usual smile.

========BACK TO THE STORY=======

FEBUARY 28, 2013 (after 3 years)
Zhang Liyin’s Birthday.

I enter a flower shop to buy flower for Zhang Li Yin’s birthday.

It’s been a while, it’s been three years since I last saw Xiao Lu. It’s been three years since I’ve been waiting. There’s time I would give and wanted to open the box which color is slowly fading.

I slowly approaching one of the staff.

“Ya! Jungso ah~ , don’t you dare!” She said to the person over the phone.

I stand there, waited from behind.

“ I don’t care. You made your choice. Don’t blame me.” She continue talking.

I counted the costumers there out of boredom, still waited.

“ Don’t explain yourself. Bye.” She said.

I sigh in relief. Finally.

I approached her. “Excuse me.”

She faced me.

“HyeMin noona?! Was that Leeteuk on the phone?!” I exclaimed. I’m so surprise to see her here.

She’s been the topic of Leeteuk hyung for a while now.

“Did he send you?” She asked.

“uhmmm. No… why?!” I answered truthfully.

HyeMin’s expression suddenly turned from furious to sadness.

“What brings you here?!” She asked instead.

“You own this place?! Nice!..” I surveyed the shop then continue, “I want to order flower.

“Thanks…Which one?” She asked.

“Uhm…. I trust your taste.” I don’t really know how to look at a flower.

She smiled but the phone rang. “Hays. I need to take this. If you’re in hurry then I could call my friend. She’s inside. She doesn’t work here but she has nice way of arranging flower.”

“That’s okay.” I assured her.

But she didn’t listen to me.

HyeMin called her friend then returned to pick the phone. I smiled, to the way it looked, it looks like Leeteuk’s annoying HyeMin again.

He just hope the two would marry sooner and Super Junior can breath easily.

I’m currently looking over those already set flower over the counter. When I noticed someone near me, I asked without looking.

“What flower is this?”

“That’s a wild Belladonna also called deadly nightshade. We don’t sell those because it may come to the point that those were poisonous. We just want to display that. Such a pity for it’s beauty, isn’t?!”

I, myself was intrigued by the person, raised my head.

Both shocked and can’t even opened our mouths to grasp any word. Just stare at each other for about a minute,

“ Xiao Lu” I finally said it but hoarsely.

She turns away.

“Xiao Lu…I…i….” I stammered.

She took a deep breathe and smiled at me. “ It’s been so long. How could I help you?!” she said formally. SO unlike her.

“ Xiao—“ I tried to speak.

‘Oh…come on man. You need to speak.’ I convinced myself.

“ Oppa, that’s okay. It’s been years…Who’s the flower for anyway.” She said it playfully.

“Ooh… for Zhang Li Yin. It’s her birthday today. When did you returned her?!” I asked.

XIAO LU: About 3 months ago. I have to take care one of our business here. So how are you, oppa?” She then keep herself busy by arranging flower for me.

“ You didn’t call me.” I said.

‘Hangkyung, are you stupid?! After what happened, are you still expecting her to call you?!’ I thought, scolding myself.

“It slips my mind. Here you go.” She simply said. Se handed me the finished flower then took her hand bag, said a short goodbye to HyeMin and went out.

I’m still frozen from where I was standing, don’t know whether I want to laugh or hit myself. It’s obvious she still hates me and won’t trust me ever again. But I like the fact that fate moves in strange way and gave me a chance. Now, I have to risk it.

Someone tap my shoulder.

“ What are you doing here?!” He asked me.

I faced him. “teukie teukie teukie… you’re an angel.”

Leeteuk is surprised. “Why did you call me ‘angel’ all of the sudden?” He asked me confusedly and faced HyeMin “What happened here? Where’s Xiao Lu?!”

I automatically faced him, “Leeteuk hyung, you know Xiao Lu?!”

“Yyeah….sort of. About 3 months ago already. Why?!” He said.

“teukie!” I smiled at him. My expression is as bright at the sun outside.

“Oh god. She’s the one you’re talking about?! At the concert three years ago?” Leeteuk said wide-eyed. “I shoul’ve known.”

“You bet. Yes, and you have to tell me where I can find her. Arasso?!” I crossed my fingers.

“Later.” He said and whispered to me. “I have work to do here.” And he points at HyeMin.

=========BACK TO THE PRESENT=========

Knocks at the door.

“Sorry to disturb you guys. Kids need to go home. It’s getting late and it’s a long way back to Seoul.” HyeMin said and followed by the rest of wives.

YeonHye(kang-in’s wife) added, “But you seems to enjoy story-telling. We won’t disturb you.” She smiled at us.

HyunAh( yesung’s) agreed, “I’ll drive them to Seoul. We’ll comeback before dinner.”

The planned was Super Junior and our wives will stay over night but our kids must go home or sleep over to the grandparents. Knowing Super junior together again is Chaos. Kids won’t be able to sleep at all. Supposedly, us dads will bring their kids and return but we seem to enjoy the time we have, wives took the responsibility instead.

Mine, Leeteuk’s, Siwon’s, Sungmin’s Shindong’s, kang-in and yesung’s kids need to go home. Eunhyuk’s and Donghae’s were picked up by Eunhyuk father in law earlier. SO they don’t need to worry. Kibum’s, Ryeowook’s, and Heechul’s kids are too young to go out of town so they left them instead. Kyuhyun’s baby is still unborn.

Han SooJin(kyu’s) just entered the room said, “Can I come with you, guys?” She asked HyeMin, YeonHye, Xiao Lu, HyunAh, Jaehee and EunRi.

Everyone looked at her.

“Honey, are you killing me?! You’re not advisable to travel that far. Besides, this is your 9th month.” Kyuhyun scold her wife cautiously.

“Relax. I’m just joking. I just want to ask you why everyone in Super Junior called you ‘King of NGs’.” She chuckled.

“You don’t know yet?!” Sungmin asked, wide-eyed.

Song SaHee(Ryeo’s) interrupted, “ I’ll show one of the DVD I have their at the visual room.” then they both left the room, giggling.

“They’re not talking about Super Junior Mini Drama DVD, are they?!” Kyuhyun asked us.

All of us, Super Junior shivered by the thought.

“Need to go now so we can go back early for dinner.” My wife said.

“I’ll go with you, guys. I’ll drive.” Sungmin said.

“It’s okay.” Miyan, his wife, disagreed.

“Trust me. I know the rest of Hangkyung’s story.” He smiled.

Kids said goodbye to their dads. Siwon’s, Leeteuk’s, Shindong’s, Hangkyung’s, Yesung’s and Kang-in’s wives left with their kids. They used two vans to get to Seoul.

“What did Sungmin hyung means?!” Donghae asked me.

“Sungmin ah~ I don’t know what he’s talking about.” I said.

Everyone then felt curious.

More?! Hope yes!! Crying or Very sad

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Devouring A Lover (Hangkyung)

=============TO THE STORY=============================

It’s been a week since I saw her but I couldn’t find
anyway to run off from this busy schedule. Leeteuk hyung
told me where to find her and her phone number. Yes, I’m
maybe stupid. I could call her anytime I want but it
really scared me that I might loose her again. My stupid
mistakes, damn it! I need extra precaution.

This year is the last year of Super Junior. No, we’re not
going for hiatus. This for good. Everything has an end.
And this is now. We’re not going to disband ‘cause some
one told us or public’s demand newer band. No. We got
E.L.F. It’s a personal choice, individual wants but
decided by the group. And so, everyone is busy for the
last concert which will be held on November 6, 2013. 8th
year of them being super junior.

I shook my head trying to shake off the idea of us
abandoning Super Junior but it’s decided. I couldn’t help
but be sad about it but there’s one thing that gives me

Xiao Lu.

‘Xiao Lu, I’m gonna make you mine.’ I thought.

I was on my way to Xiao Lu’s place. I know eavesdropping
is super wrong but it interests me when I saw Kang-in and
Lee YeonHye murmuring at the corner of the stairs.

‘Why are they squeezing there and aren’t they always
fighting like World War 2?!’ I wondered.

I jerked my head to pick. A little. But what I saw wasn’t
a good sight So, I started taking the stairs pretending
that I didn’t notice them.

I sighed when I got out from our dorm’s building and now
taking my way to Xiao Lu’s place.

When I reach the place and saw a 9 storey building in
front of me.

“Lau Limited.” I read the monstrous name on that building.

I hurriedly entered the building, wasting no time at all.
But what I saw is not what I expected. Xiao Lu’s there, as
shocked as I am, is staring at me as if she had seen a
ghost. I didn’t thought of meeting her immediately so I
was still tongue-tied. I took a deep breathe and gather
some strength.

“Can we talk?” I abruptly said before I’ll loose the

Considering the way she stared at me, I know I won’t get
what I want.

She suddenly changed her expression and smiled at
me. “Honestly, I had the sudden urge to eat ice-cream.”
She said and flash her sweet smile. I thought I forgotten
the way it feels every time she smiles at me like that but
the familiar feeling started to come rushing back. And I
like the way it feels.

We have arrived at the ice cream parlor, same shop that we
used to go 3 years ago. It didn’t change that much. In
fact, it is me who change and her. She, Xiao Lu, was the
babbling type of a person but I know now she was like out
of reach. So distant. So cold and quiet.

We finished eating just like and decided to take her home.

“Take care.” I said when we reach her room. I insisted to
take her all the way there.

“Thanks. It’s getting late so you need to go home now.” As
she tried to unlock the door.

“Xiao Lu..I…i’m so sorry for what I did before…”. I said
and when I saw the door opened, I slid myself in.

“Oppa, what are you doing? You need to go home now.” She
insisted. I didn’t care.

“I know it was wrong. I did mean to lie because I want you
to stay.And I realized I shouldn’t have to do that.” I’m
lost of what I’m saying. I never did know how to express
myself much but I’m not losing my hope.

I stared at her. She stared back at me. She dropped her
face and sigh.

“You never did change. You still that persistent Hangkyung
I once knew.” She said and turned her back away from me.
Opened the refrigerator and took two cans of beer. Tossed
one to me. “You want some?”

“I think I could make use of one can.” He agreed. Maybe I
need help from alcohol to speak out my feeling.

She opened the sliding door through the terrace clutching
some snacks. I followed her. This wasn’t I pictured to
happen but I need to venture anyway.

‘Nothing venture, nothing gain. Hwaiting!’ I thought
reminding myself.

They’re still silent after taking 3 cans of beer for each
of them. I wasn’t supposed to drink right now but due to
frustration I think I need more.

“There are still lots of beer inside. Help yourself.” As
if reading my mind, she said.

I hurriedly took 5 more cans of beer inside. And sat where
I was, overseeing the city, the beauty of midnight city.

“Why did you have to lie to me, oppa?!” She suddenly
asked. The alcohol might have kicked her already.

That makes me cough hard. Seems like the liquor I took in
went stuck on my lungs.

I didn’t expect that.

“Are you okay?!” Asked worriedly, she rubbed my back up
and down from where she sat.

“I’m okay.” I turned to her seriously worried that the
alcohol might have hit me too. I have a very slow beer

‘Hello, God. I need help here!’ I thought.

“Xiao Lu, I’m sorry for lying to you. I wished I didn’t.
You liked Heechul but Heechul’s my closest member. I know
how mean he can be. And…and…I’ve been selfish.” Thanks to
the 5th can of beer he drank continuously.

She stared at me and it scared me.

She smiled warmly. “Oppa, I need you to say sorry

“As you please, how?!” I asked curiously but when I saw
her mischievous smile. I know I dig my own grave.

“Please dance ‘sorry, sorry’.” She laughed. “Oops! Sing as

“Are you drunk?” I could only ask.

“Anio!” She said. I won’t believe it since she start babbling again.

“I don’t have a choice, do i?” I asked start standing up.

She nodded and smiled.

Knowing no restriction, I started to dance and sing anyway.

“Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naega naega meonjeo
Nege nege nege ppajyeo
Ppajyeo ppajyeo beoryeo baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
Nuni busyeo busyeo busyeo
Sumi makhyeo makhyeo makhyeo
Naega michyeo michyeo baby

Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttaranttan
Ttanttan ttanttada tta
Nege banhaebeoryeosseo baby
Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttaranttan
Ttanttan ttanttada tta ttarappappara”

After dancing I saw her rolling on the floor laughing. I
missed her laugh. I missed everything about her and I wont
gonna lost her. Ever again.

“oppa, you’re really a good dancer. I forgive you.”

“Chinja?!” Happiness struck me so I suddenly grabbed her
and hugged her tight. She didn’t wrestle away from me nor
hugged me back. She just stayed there, motionless. I
realized it’s wrong. Really wrong. I freed her.

She got up, “you want more beer?” She asked to break the
awkwardness. I looked at those scattered 11 empty cans of
beer next to him. 7 cans are my limit. But who cares? I’m

She went back with more beers in the tray she’s caring.

“What did you do when you went back to Shanghai?” I asked
while opening one of the beers and drank mouthful from it.

“Me? Uhm…I started to fix my life. I finished my
unfinished degree there and eventually I got graduated two
years ago. I took over some of our business in Shanghai
and now dad planned to sell this building because no one’s
taking care of it. I don’t want to. It’s my mom’s. This is
special to her and so to me.”

“You owned this building?” I asked, perplexed.

“No. My mom does. ‘Lau’s my mom’s maiden name.” she simply
said and sip beer.

“Oh, I see.” I commented silently.

“What’s going on with Super Junior anyways?” She obviously
changed the topic.

“They’re all getting in love.” I unconsciously said.

“Chinja?” She laughed and it tickles my heart.

“yeah,” It’s too late to take back what I said. “You
probably know about Leeteuk hyung. Kang-in’s and my other
three members…well, I think they met their match.” I

We both fell silence again. We just sit there while
drinking. Both minds seem far, wandering away.

“What about, oppa?!” She asked me then stared at me with
those curious, dazzling eyes that I once was attracted

“I…i….” I stammered.

“Are you in love?!” she asked again, impatiently.

“uhmmm.” I stared at her. “Me?! I am.” I said quickly.

“I see.” She said bowing her head.

I wanted to think she somehow hated to hear it.

“You want to know who?” I teased her.

She cleared her throat. “Okay.”

“Hey, what’s with that face?” I keep on teasing. I know, I
swear to Super Junior’s name that I have a chance.

“What is it to you?” She said and I burst laughing
remembering the past. She used to say those words if she
started to get annoyed.

She got up and went inside. Not in a proper way of walking
though. She must have been totally hit by the alcohol by

I followed her and secretly enjoying the fact that she
might like me too.

“Oppa, you should call one of your members to pick you up.
It’s not nice to drive under influence of an alcohol.”

I can’t take my smile off my face. Maybe I went retarded.

“Oppa.” She called my attention.

I stared at her standing next to the TV in the living
room. I approached her slowly and slowly. I knew she looks
like a goddess but I never knew she would be standing here
in front of me again, like a seductive woman. Am I dreaming?!

“Oppa?!” She asked again worriedly when I started to close
the gaps of our face.

She froze.

I keep on.

I touched her chin softly and raised it passionately.

“Won’t you ask me who?” I brushed my lips into hers
seductively. It surprised me as well. But anyway, I liked

“Hmmmm?” I asked again.

She still motionless but I can say she liked it.

“Xiao Lu, I’ve been selfish.” I started.

Xiao Lu looked at me with those pair questioning eyes.

“Xiao Lu, I want you to be mine, mine alone.” I whispered
to her ears that make her slightly giggle.


“Because I am yours alone too.” I continued.

He kissed her slowly and no response at all. SO I started
to part her lips between mine and demanded for a response
and she suddenly grabbed unto my shirt. The intimate kiss
I started became intensive. My tongue began to look for
hers. The sweetness of the kiss urges me to go on.

I pinned her down on the couch. My kisses wandered to her
cheek, to the back of her ears down to her neck.

I stared at her again, reading her face. I know what I’m
doing is a sin. I should stop when I still can.

I stared at her once again and her partly open lips caught
me and the senses that I still had flown out of me. Hey,
I’m just a man. A man who loves this person in front of me.

Goodbye, senses!

I hurriedly covered her lips with mine. I’m afraid I
became this monster who wants to devour the one I love.

The kiss deepened when she started to response to my
kisses and instinctively raised her hands that were once
just resting beside her. She holds on my nape so I
straighten my two hands for support in order not to crush
her down. I silently thanks that the couch is indeed big.

I kissed the tip of her nose, down to her cheek, down to
her neck again. She jerked her head for me to have a
better access to deepen the kiss.

She moaned, “Hangkyung…”

That encourages me more. I chuckled between kissing
beneath her soft skin, I began taking off her shirt and
unhooked her bra successfully without wasting any time.


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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 2:56 am

Chapter 5

The Power of 13?! (Hangkyung~ending)

NOTE: well, thanks to DaeShin.
I just want to clarify to all readers that yah. It’s kind
of AWKWARD to tell the other members descriptively about
what happened. What I mean is whatever in the story wasn’t
what Hangkyung is exactly telling the other members.(it so
solely for readers, such as yourself). If you point it
that way, January 16th noon to January 17th evening (as
planned) won’t really be enough just to tell all the
members story accurately.
Example: This is the way Hangkyung’s telling the others.
(Chapter 4.)

I saw her standing there at the hotel. She stared at me as
if I’m a ghost. I asked if we can talk and blah blah blah.

Really, I’m really drank that time after drinking 9 beers
on my own. You know me, my beer tolerance is weak and 7 is
my limit. She made me dance sorry, sorry as an official
apology for her. Crazy, isn’t it? She forgave me, I’m so
happy I hugged her. I know I shouldn’t. You don’t need to
tell me. We talked about stuff, some nonsense and suddenly
talked about SJ. I didn’t lie, I told her, that you’re all
in love. (Some disagreements from members.) It is true,
right?! But suddenly she asked if I was too. I was caught
unprepared so I stammered. I promised not to lie anymore
so, so I said yes. And according to her reaction, I knew
she likes me too. So, I tease her a little. Blab bla blah.

=About that scene.. uhm this is how he narrates it for the other members.

…we kissed. I didn’t have the response that I wanted at
first, (laugh from other members) but she gave in anyway.
I did try to resist, you may think I’m too perverted but
how could I stopped when its Xiao Lu I’m about to make
love. So, there you go. We made love.

=There, so simple ei?! Not time-consuming and not so
awkward. Just do it this way, put yourself in the
situation when you’re telling your friends somewhat like
romantic, you skipped lots of scenes but still in your
mind the actual scenes is playing, right?!

=Or just consider that the story is like we returned
completely at the past but Hangkyung is from the present
who just narrates things accordingly from what he only
remembers, not word by word.

Ok. I talk so much.. just enjoy the story… ^.^ down there

======================Chapter 5===================

I woke up with my phone’s ringing. Without opening my
eyes, I seek for it. Blindly, feeling everywhere for my
phone. I have a very nice dream last. Xiao Lu.

I gasped when I noticed something’s moving. And reality
just hit me. I began to open my eyes slowly.

I saw her. The girl of my dream, sleeping in my arms

I swallowed nothing.

“It isn’t a dream.” I whispered to myself. I stared at the
beauty in front of my eyes. Memories came rushing, of me
making love with the woman I ever wanted. To the woman I
ever love. My everlasting love.

I looked for my phone, now wide-eyed. I chuckled to myself
when I recognized that we’re not in the living room
anymore but in her room. I admit I didn’t remember how we
got there but most importantly, I made love him her.

The thought makes me excited but I silence myself.

I saw it ringing near the door which is still inside my
Jean’s pocket.
Honestly, I never wanted to move from where I was, knowing
I might wake and disturb her sleep. But the person calling
me is persistent. I slowly lifted her off me and lay her
down back to the bed. I fixed the blanket over her naked
body. I tried to look away to resist myself.

I picked the phone, it’s Siwon calling.

“Siwon shii. What’s up?” I asked light-headedly in a

“Where in the hell are you?!” He asked impatiently.

“Somewhere near. Why?” I asked curiously. I tried to
remember if I had a schedule for today but I can’t
remember anything. I know I’m all free this day.

“Hyung, Hyukjae ah~” Siwon in a cracked voice.

“What happened to Eunhyukie?”

“He got into an accident 10 minutes ago. He’s on the
hospital right now.” Siwon said hurriedly. I asked him the
address of the hospital and hang up the phone. I quickly
put on my clothes and about to go.

I turn to look at Xiao Lu, still peacefully sleeping in
the bed. I don’t wanna leave but I must.

I took some steps back and lean over her. I planted a kiss
to her soft lips and whisper, “I’ll be back, baby. Wait
for me. I love you.”

I headed to the door but I suddenly went back again to
give her a quick kiss. I really have to drag myself out
and to be able to close the door behind me.

========BACK TO THE PRESENT=========
NOTE: It’s still Hangeng’s point of view here.

Super Junior are all beaming and eyeing me teasingly. I
can feel myself all red from all those eyes.

I heard whisper. I looked for it, it’s not any of Super
Junior members. It’s from behind the door. I was from the
nearest so I could hear tiny bit of the noises.

“Who’s there?” I said as I opened the door. It revealed
two different person, Kibum’s and Heechul’s wives. They
are quite surprised and able to fake a smile to me and to
everyone especially to their husbands.

“What are you TWO doing here? You’re not allowed to…” I
questioned them.

“Oppa, it’s mean to leave a woman after doing it.” ShinHye
(kibum’s wife) reasoned. I can tell, they’ve been

“Weh?! How about Kibum?” Yesung asked.

She eyed Yesung then Kibum and continued talking to
me, “Oppa,” she lowered her voice. “I know my Kibummie is
MEANER. But it’s really not a good idea.” She said,
looking in Kibum’s way.

“Ya! ShinHye?! Since when I ever left you after…after,
just after!” Kibum said looking around. Everyone focused
on them.

“Everytime you say, ‘I got to go there for filming and

Kibum, cornered now, just sighed. “Of all people, you
should have been the first one to understand the life of
an artist.”

ShinHye is an actress for five years before she married
Kibum. They’ve in 3 different movies together. Their love
story is tragic as well.

“Why didn’t I do it the same as you do? Hmmm?” She

“Ya! You two, settle that issue somewhere else.” Kang-in
said loudly and laugh afterwards.

Shindong pushed them out of the room.

“NaHae, why did the two of you eavesdrop? It’s super duper
wrong.” Heechul told her wife, surprisingly smoothly.

I chuckled. I’d say, NaHae is the only woman Heechul
scared of. If it were other person, he might have yelled
at her already.

‘People do change! Even it’s Heechul.’ I commented.

“’Chul ah~. You’re wrong. In fact, it’s five of us
eavesdropping.” She slightly laugh.

“Hangkyung hyung, Xiao Lu’s here.” Kibum shouted from
outside the room. I’m shocked. I opened the door and
caught Xiao Lu, Samantha (donghae’s) and Ysia (Eunhyuk)
standing their both looks guilty.

Samantha and Eunhyuk awkwardly say hi and waved to
everyone in the room then stared to their husbands for
back up.

“I only heard, little. Little.” Samantha quickly said.

“How little?” I asked.

“Hey, have mercy to the magnae.” Donghae and the other
girls said to me. I never meant to bark at her. They were
just too protective of Samantha since she’s the youngest
inside this house.

Samantha beamed to donghae and motion her lips, ‘thank
you’. And donghae smiled. The fishy smile he always had.

I sigh. Nobody could harm the magnae, I know.

“Ei, I’m just curious since Hyukjae is in the story. Now,
I really felt guilty.” Ysia said frowning.

Everyone kept quiet. I know what’s in their minds. The
Eunhyuk’s accident which started Ysia and Eunhyuk love

“I thought you went to Seoul?” I asked my wife, my beloved
Xiao Lu.

“Sungmin told me that I should go back. I might be needed
here, he said. And he’s right!” She said and
furiously, “Your version is too UNFAIR! You make me look
like a lifeless and heartless person.”

She stormed at me. Ow no. Everyone laugh.

“Unnie, then let’s continue the story with you story
telling.” Samantha suggested.

Before both of us could answer and decide, the other four
women dived next to their husbands and ready to listen.

I smiled at my wife, encouraging her.

“Sometimes, in times like this, I really wished I’m with
my wife every second.” Kang-in commented seeing Donghae,
Eunhyuk, Heechul, Kibum and I with our wives.

Siwon agree with his hand-gesture.

‘Siwon is always the Mr. Gentleman with appropriate hand
gesture.’ I thought.


Xiao Lu’s Point of View

I felt like the bed shook a little. Am I dreaming? I felt
someone touch my face, kissed me on my lips and whispered
something, “I’ll be back, baby. Wait for me. I love you.”

It sounds like Hangkyung, the voice I would recognize
wherever I go. Am I really dreaming?! If yes, I don’t want
to wake at all. Suddenly, that person kissed me again. I
liked the feel of it so I waited for the third time but I
heard a door silently closed. I opened my eyes.

I saw myself naked lying on my bed. I try to grasp the
reality of what happened. I remembered someone kissed me
and whispered me those soothing words. Who was it? I tried
to sit up.

I flinched. My whole body hurts. My entire body. Did I,
did we do it?! Now, I even tried to think harder for what
happened last night but only gave me series of headaches.
I took one pillow and hugged it between my arms. I felt
someone is missing. I smelled the pillow.

It smelt like Hangkyung. My mouth went wide open. Things
came rushing back. I slapped my face, once. Still not
satisfied, I repeated it. I sighed, we did it. The thing
is, I never regretted doing it, especially to the first
man in my life. To him, I’m breaking all my rules.

I admitted I’ve been judgmental. I never shouldn’t have
walked out at him 3 years ago knowing that I’m acting
against my will. He taught me; life isn’t about the life I
used to live. Hatred ruled my world but he made me see the
other side of the world. The hopeful side and he’s my
angel. I was thankful to him, at the same time, letting
myself fall in love with him. I made a decision; I’ll
returned to China and fix my own life before it’s too late.

After the concert last 3 years I realized, angels do lie
too. Even an angel like Hangkyung makes things weirdly. I
don’t know what to feel, whether to shout at him or to
run. That crushed my hopes.

I returned home, talked to my dad, told him everything and
realized that dad wasn’t that bad, that dad never forgets
about my mom. It is me who turned my back to her. So I
fixed my life the way I planned it and as times passed. I
started to long for him. Hatred became longing. So, when I
heard dad’s going to sell one of our buildings in Korea, I
disagreed. I took the responsibility.

I wanted to see him badly but I insisted myself, it’s too
late. Convincing myself that he must have forgotten about
me, me a great example of person that may come and go.

But fates moves in weird way, when at times, I started to
realized I wasn’t for him, there he was facing me face to
face in my friends flower shop. HyeMin, Leeteuk’s love
interest. I envy them.

I panicked and don’t want to make fun of myself, so I left
without telling a single word to him. That’s a right

But yesterday, I saw him again. I asked God why He has to
torment me like this. I eventually accepted the facts that
are happening, I acted casually on him. Well, I tried to
but it’s really awkward after what happened.

So I was really thankful that he insisted himself to say
sorry to me. Seriously, he didn’t need to. I was just too
confused with myself why I can’t fully face him the way I
did before.

I thought I may need something to drink so I took out some
beer and give him as well. As for myself, really not use
of drinking, knows I’ll pass out anytime soon but I didn’t

Last night we talked about me and it’s too uncomfortable
to talk about me so I asked about the Super Junior.

It broke my heart when he said he is in love. The effect
is destructive. Drinking did really help me, I must have
cried already at that very moment if it wasn’t for the
Holy beer. I chuckled by the thought of calling cans of
beer a Holy ones.

The worst thing is; he keeps on teasing me and asking me
if I want to know. It irritates me but couldn’t afford to
yell at him. I simply couldn’t.

I was surprised when he began to seduce me by brushing his
lips on mine. I froze.

When he started to whisper words on my ears it makes me

“Xiao Lu, I want you to be mine, mine alone.”

“Because I am yours alone too.”

Those two sentences hit me. Damn! All my control went
wild. When he kissed me, I don’t know how to response
since I never kissed a man before. But when He parted my
lips, I knew I have to do something to make him go
further. I just acted out on my instinct.

The rest happened so fast.

I heave a sigh.

“Why didn’t he wake me up?” I asked myself.

3 days after, he didn’t show up. Instead, roses keep
flooding in my house. 13 roses a day. I know it’s too
exaggerating for him to do it just to please me. HyeMin, a
friend of mine, also the very owner of the shop keeps on
teasing me. I’m a little proud, myself.

Next day, at 7pm. someone knocked at the door. It might be
the 13th flower for the day. So I opened the door.

What I saw, really wasn’t I expected. It’s Leeteuk with
roses in his extended arms, smiling. It confused me.

“Hi! Oppa, come in.” I shyly said.

“That’s okay.” He handed me the roses.

“Is HyeMin ordered you to deliver this?” I asked. “HyeMin
unnie is really evil when it comes to you.” I continued.

“Anio!” He simply answered. “Xiao Lu, see you later. Bye.”
He said and smiled meaningfully and drifted away. Left me
puzzled again.

Again...I have to break this chapter into two... too long for one reply...

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 2:58 am

Continuation of Chapter 5

Next day again at 7pm. The door bell rang. The 13th flower
hasn’t arrived yet so I guessed it must be it. I opened,
and saw a man prettier that a rose itself in his hands. He
smiled his smile where I usually see only in tv where he
starred in.

“Heechul Oppa, come in.” I asked him.

“Hi! Nice to meet you. I really, really would like to come
in but I couldn’t. So, bye. See you later.”

Obviously it’s not the shops error now. It’s definitely
one of Hangyung’s drama. It’s really embarrassing for the
other members the way he do it.

Next day, I waited for the 13th roses for the day.

I expected one of the members will come with roses.
I heard knocking at the door. It is Yesung, smiling at her.

“Hi, Xiao Lu. Heard lots about you. You’re so beautiful.”

“Thanks.”Then he left.

Same thing happened the next day. This time, it’s the one I’m really scared of. Kim Young-woon or people usually call ‘Kang-in’.

“Xiao Lu, hello! No wonder why Hangeng’s like this. Bye.”
He smiled and left. Seriously, I can’t take. The happiness
as well as I know how busy the other members are.

I really want to see him. It’s been a week already but I
didn’t see him after that night. And I missed him badly.

Two next consecutive days passed and I met Shindong, a
way, way skinnier Shindong and and pretty Sungmin. They
made their remarks but never stayed for two minutes in her
apartment. They leave right away.

1Oth day of Hangkyung’s sweet lunacy is another shock for
me. It wasn’t a super junior. I’m curious to see myself in
the mirror if my shocked face really that horrible.
“What are you doing here?” I’m older that he is.

“Noona, I’m here in behalf of Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. He’s
still in hospital right now. Please accept this.” Xiah
Junsu of Dbsk handed me the flower. He’s too formal and I
wanted to laugh. What in the world happened to all these
people?! Like others, he left right a way.

I shook my head unbelievingly. And laugh at myself.

Next four consecutives days’ 13th flower we’re delivered
started by Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kibum…

I started to like the routine every night having delivered
by flowers by super junior. But it’s the magnae’s turn to
deliver this night.

It arrived so I opened the door to see the shy magnae.

“Hi…!” I said.

“Noona. You’re so beautiful. I’m sorry I’m a little late
but don’t tell hyung, noona…okay?” He said. Wow! I didn’t
expect that Kyuhyun can be that babbly. But same as the
others he left right away.

15th day of rose-swarming and it’s already 15th day of
Hangkyung being absent last night. I missed him badly and
why is he tormenting me like this?!

So I wondered what will happen tonight since the super
junior routine is already finished. Would he show up?!

Knocking at the door wake me up from the thought. 6:30 pm.
I saw from the wall clock. It’s quite early for any
surprises. She slowly opened the door with my heart is
thumping wildly.

And there I saw him, smiling widely back at me. Nobody
knows how much I missed him. Seeing him is like seeing
miracle face to face. I run into his arm and hugged him.

I heard him chuckled beneath my neck as we hugged each
other. “I missed you.” He said abruptly and planted couple
of quick kisses on my neck.

I withdraw from his arms. “Don’t start now, mister.” I
said smiling seductively.

“Ahhhh. You’re killing me.” He argued and pouts his lips.

I laughed, “You’re sick.”

He laughed and bends over to get something from the floor.
Handed me 13 roses and the second object surprised me. He
got inside and locked the door behind him then went seated
at the couch.

“Now, as you promised. Can we open it now?!” he said.

I stared at the box. My sight started to blur and my eyes
began to water and as seconds ticked my tears begun to

Hangkyung seated next to me, worried as his voice. “Baby,
why are you crying? Did I do something wrong? Does this
box bring back bad memories?! …then we could forget about
it.” He convinced me.

Like a child, I couldn’t stop crying.

Hangkyung, uneasy in his seat, stood up. Walking back and
forth in front of me. “You’re so stupid, hangkyung.” He’s
blaming himself.

Seeing him liked that, burdened, made me stop crying.

“Oppa.” I called him. I hate it when my voice became
croaked after crying.

He seated beside me. “What is it?”

“You really did wait this long?” I’m so touch that makes
my voice even cracked.

“Yeah. I waited and gave up many times but still it’s you
my heart seeks. I hold on to the note that you’ll come
back and we’ll open it together. The long wait is worth,
you know.” He smiled.

I smiled.

“I thought you already opened it.”

“Nope.” He childishly shook his head. “I pictured many
times in my mind the moment you and me open it. And it
felt so wrong without you doing it.”

My ever thumping heart thumps even wilder. I’m the
happiest woman in the world.

I took the box and tear off the note at the bottom of the
box revealing the four combination key. I rolled over to
get 0-9- 2-8 combination..

“The date of your birthday and mine.” I murmured. Feb. 09
for hangkyung and Jan 28 for me.

I took out lots of my baby pictures from the box, pictures
of me yearly. Some small objects.

“Oppa, everything’s in this box is my past. Happy memories
and bad memories. When I’ll returned from China as
planned, surely I’m a new me. Thanks to you I decided to
change. You never made me feel alone. For me, you’re my
guardian angel. So, before I went to china, I entrusted
you this box. Entrusted you the whole me. You might not
recognize before how I loved you. I went back to China
broken hearted, but I never hated you. I couldn’t afford
to hate you. Never.”

Hangkyung who is quiet from his seat just stared at me.
Laughed an unbelievable laugh.

“So we’re both wasted so much time. But I’d say, I liked
the way it is. Fate must have let us grow.”

“Oppa, I want to show you this.” I took something at the
very bottom of the box.

“E.L.F China Official Membership I.D…dated: January 02,
2007.” He carefully read the main title of the laminated
I.D I showed him. Over and over again.

“Oppa, no matter what you do. The words won’t chag—"

“I fell in love with an ELF.” He whispered to himself,

I smiled at him and said, “But I found SS501 still
adorably hot.”

Hangkyung eyed me, threaten me, “Don’t you ever say that
again, missy” And smiled a dangerous smile.

HE kissed me hungrily and everything in the box flown out
of the floor. I smiled between kisses and I just like the
way it felt. I felt so excited and started to unbutton
Hangkyung’s shirt. He’s now kissing my collar bone but
damn the door bell rang.

‘Who’s the hell is in the wrong side of the world
disturbing them now?!’ I thought.

Hangkyung’s annoyingly stood up and buttoned himself. I
fixed myself too.

I followed him towards the door.

He opened the door. Exposing 11 members of Super Junior
and I almost laugh when I saw Xiah uneasy in his place
with each red roses in their hands.

“What are they doing here?” I whispered when I saw them
entered my place. Leeteuk smiled at me. We’ve been close
since he’s dating my friend.

They started to form a line, and start singing.

[Donghae] Love oh baby my girl
Geudaen naui juhnbu nunbushige areumdawoon
Naui shinbu shini jushin suhnmul
[HEECHUL] Haengbokhangayo geudaeui ggaman nunesuh nunmuri heureujyo
Ggaman muhri pappuri dwel ddaeggajido
Naui sarang naui geudae saranghal guhseul na maengsehalgeyo

[SUNGMIN] Geudaereul saranghandaneun mal pyuhngsaeng maeil haejugo shipuh
[RYEOWOOK] Would you marry me? Nuhl saranghago akkimyuh saragago shipuh

[KANGIN] Geudaega jami deul ddaemada nae pare jaewuhjugo shipuh
[HEENIM] Would you marry me? Iruhn naui maeum huhrakhaejullae?

[KYUHYUN] Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I do) Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do)
[YESUNG] Nungwa biga wado akkyuhjumyuhnsuh (I do)
Nuhreul jikyuhjulge (My love)

[DONGHAE] Hayan dressreul ibeun geudae tuxedoreul ibeun naui moseup
Balguhreumeul matchumyuh guhdneun woori juh dalnimgwa byuhre
I swear guhjitmal shiruh uishimshiruh
Saranghaneun naui gongju Stay with me

[SIWON] Wooriga naireul muhguhdo wooseumyuh saragago shipuh
[LEETEUK] Would you marry me? Naui modeun nareul hamgge haejullae?

[RYEOWOOK] Himdeulgo uhryuhwuhdo (I do) Neul naega isseulgge (I do)
[YESUNG] Woori hamggehaneun manheun nal dongan (I do) Maeil gamsahalge (My love)

[KYUHYUN] Orae juhnbutuh nuhreul wihae junbihan
Nae sone bitnaneun banjireul badajwuh
[YESUNG] Oneulgwa gateun maeumeuro jigeumui yaksok giuhkhalge
Would you marry me?

[Xiah] Pyuhngsaeng gyuhte isseulge (I do) Nuhl saranghaneun guhl (I do)
Nungwa biga wado akkyuhjumyuhnsuh (I do) nuhreul jikyuhjulge (I do)

[ALL] Himdeulgo uhryuhwuhdo (I do) Neul naega isseulgge (I do)
Woori hamggehaneun manheun nal dongan (I do) Maeil gamsahalge (My love)

[Donghae] Naega geudae ege deuril guhseun sarangbakke uhbjyo
Geujuh geuppuninguhl bojalguhtuhbjyo
Suhtulluhboigo manhi bujokhaedo naui sarang
Naui geudae jikyuhjulgeyo
Hangajiman yaksokhaejullae? Museunil issuhdo
Woori suhro saranghagiro geuppuniya

”Nawa gyuhrhonhaejullae? I do”
hangkyung finished the song
singing Ryeowook’s part.

I’m stunned. I couldn’t breathe normally. Hangkyung,
slowly walking towards me, very slowly.

“What do you think noona will say?” Ryeowook asked Leeteuk.

“I don’t care as long as Hangkyung will promise he won’t
mess up with Xiao Lu or else HyeMin will break my neck.”
Leeteuk said making around him laugh.

“Woah! Hangkyung hyung is the man…wait… should I worry?”
Xiah asked Donghae.


“Yunho seems to act like Hangkyung’s lately.” He
innocently shook his head.

Everyone looked at each other.

“You should be thankful. When Leeteuk hyung started to act
like Hangkyung he became a true angel. He barely noticed
our mistakes.” Heechul whispered but everyone heard anyway.

Everyone laughed.

“Aishhh! If I’m not mistaking, all of you will fall in
love too like these two love birds here. And maybe will
act worse.” Leeteuk answered back and waved everyone to

Everyone left giving their remarks and congratulation-in-

“Hmmmm.. What do you think?” He asked me nervously once
we’re alone once again.

I smiled, “I do.”

He breathes out and hugged me and kissed wherever his lips
landed on my face.


“I’m sorry.” He chuckled. HE took out something out from
his pants pocket.

A ring, a very simply elegant ring he started to put on my
finger. I can’t believe I’m getting married.

I stared at Hangkyung, my fiancé. I put my hands around
her neck and tiptoed to kiss him.

“Now, you little woman, let’s finish what we started
earlier.” Hangkyung said warningly.

I released him and jokingly said, “I never ate my dinner
yet. Have mercy on me.”

But Hangkyung didn’t listen and lift me up and easily took
me to my bed.

“Oppa, you make me wait for 16 days. No! Not now. You need
to wait 16 days too.” I pout my lips. I saw here stunned
on top of me.

I laughed so hard about the way he looked now. I grabbed
him down and initiate the kiss… “I’m just joking, oppa.” I
said naughtily.

Hangkyung smiled. “You’re really, really a bad woman. You
know that?!”

And my laughter echoed the room.



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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

Post by sillyme09 on 6/12/2009, 3:03 am

Chapter 6

Love at first sight?! I don't get it. (leeteuk)

NOTE: I hoped you liked Hangkyung’s story…(I personally
fell in love with HK there.)
So now…it’s time for our LEADER to shine…It’s angel teukie
teukie turn to shine!

If you find slight mistakes, I'm sorry.I'm in hurry and
never checked for errors. Let me off this time. I'll edit
LEETEUK’s POINT OF VIEWSuper Junior Story (2019) 1_270310


“Ei…I missed that fun.” Hyukjae said after Xiao Lu
finished the story. I looked at her. I know Hangkyung
really loves Xiao Lu but even so, HyeMin did nearly break
my neck.

‘What an unpredictable woman I married.” I thought.

“You shut up, Hyukjae.” Ysia stared at her husband. “Don’t
you know that I have to dose you to sleep just to make you
shut up that day, huh?!”

“Ysia,” Hangkyung called her. “You called Xiah to do
Eunhyuk’s part, didn’t you?! Thanks.” He continued.

“Yah, and I have to blackmail that guy just to do it.” She
smiled naughtily. What’s she’s thinking is I don’t know.
All I know is Hyukjae, Xiah and Ysia are childhood friends
and went to the same school.

‘Ei .how could Ysia choose Hyukjae over Xiah?’ I curiously

“It’s Teukies oppas turn.” Xiao Lu teased. “Though I know
some of it, I still want to know.”

“We know when it started.” Super Junior chorused.

“Hyung, it’s that night a fan girl sneak to our dorm,
right?” Kyuhyun guessed.

I smiled. They really know when it started. I sighed,
preparing to tell my story and checked those 16 pair of
impatient eyes staring me.

======TO THE STORY======

YEAR 2012
Flowers Are Nothing Compared To You

I’m so tired. I stared at my members; same as me…are all
tired. It’s already 2 in the morning. We are busy
practicing for our dance routine. We change some steps for
our dance. (best example: )

“This is enough for today. Lets stop there.” I said,
consoling them. They all smile apologetically to me. They
know, we shouldn’t stop right there. But I know we should
stop, or our body needs to.

I’m old. I chuckled. Yeah, I’m indeed old to become an
idol. 28 years old now.

WE arrived at our dorm. Super Junior live in two different
dorms but just a floor away. In short, we live in the same
building now.

We opened the dorm. I then proceeded to the bathroom to
clean myself. I hardly walk at all.

I heard commotion in the living room so I suddenly go and
check on it.

“What happened?” I asked Kyuhyun.

“There’s a girl there lying in the couch.” Kyuhyun
answered, still shock, made a big yawn.

My forehead wrinkled. Who would it be in times like this?

I checked. Yeah, indeed there’s a girl sleeping in the
couch. How this girl could entered our room.

Fan girl… they’re out of control.

“What would we do, hyung? Wake her up?” Donghae asked me
with those wary eyes.

I checked the clock on the wall. It’s 2:20 am already,
it’s not nice to send this girls home.

I took an exhausted breath. “Let her sleep there and we’ll
ask her tomorrow instead.” I decided.

“But that’s my couch, hyung.” Hyukjae contradicted.

I looked at him apologically.

He sighed. “Oh well. Then maybe I should sleep in my room
tonight.” And left. Hyukjae always sleep in the couch and
never uses his bed but then he has no choice.

I told them to go now and sleep. Being the leader and
hyung of all, is really a hard job. I need to sacrifice my
own happiness for their sake. But authority is the best my
position could offer, I just keep that in mind
as ‘consuelo de bobo’.

I’m about to go to my room and sleep cause I have to wake
up at 8:20 am later but the girl’s phone is vibrating over
the table.

I stared at it whether to take it or leave it. The ringing
stopped. In a few seconds. It rang again.

I took it.


“Who….who…who are you?” The person on the phone said.

“Are you a friend of the phone-owner?” I asked.

“I’m her aunt. What did you do to her?” She asked.

‘Me do what?’ I thought.

“I’m super junior Leeteuk. I found your niece sleeping
here in our dorm. I don’t really know how she got here.” I
told her.


“Yoboseyo?” I called to the person on the phone.

“Uhmmmm. I understand.” She paused and continues. “I’m
really sorry in behalf of my niece. Could I pick her up now?”

‘I just wanted to sleep.’ I want to tell her but I didn’t.

“Uhm….sure.” I told her the address of our dorm, wishing
she’ll get here before I pass out.

“Great! I’m 5 minutes away from there.” She said, warily.

I returned the phone in the table and went to the kitchen
to get water to drink. I’m really sleepy to death but I
have to wait here.

I don’t know what did I do deserve this? I took some
blanket for the girl. Her aunt might be late.

After exactly 5 minutes… someone knocked at the door. I
hurriedly went to open cause wanted to sleep.

I didn’t see it coming. I expected an ajummah but it isn’t.

I was stunned. I just stayed there and look at her.

“Hi…” She said smoothly and shyly.

As soon as I heard her speak, I wasn’t so sleepy now. In
fact, I’m wide awake.

“Come in.” I said. Grateful that I didn’t stammered.

I took her to her niece. How could she be an aunt in such a young age?

She looked at her, her furious stare turn to pity. She
sighed and slightly pats her niece to wake up.

“SaHee ya…” She said softly while kneeling in the floor next to SaHee.

SaHee didn’t wake up. The girl looked up at me with the
sorry eyes.

She tried again and failed again.

“It’s okay if you don’t wake her up yet.” I said abruptly.
I’m a little surprised at myself. I wished I’m sleeping
right now but I changed. I don’t feel so sleepy now.

She stood up. “I’m so sorry.” She apologized.

I can see that she’s tired and sleepy too. Of course it’s
3 in the morning.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Me?...Song HyeMin imnida….she’s my sister’s daughter, SaHee.”

“Park Jungsu.” I said. We fell silent afterwards.

“Why did she go here?” I asked her.

She eyed me surprised. “Woah. SaHee is one of Super Junior fan girl.”

“Who’s her favorite then?” I asked curiously.

“Ahhhmmm. I’m not really sure.” Then she looked at some of
Super Junior poster on the wall. “Ah..this.” She point at


“Uhmmmm yah… I saw lots of his solo picture in her room.”

“What about yours?” I asked.

“I’m Cassiopeia.” She simply said and smiled.

Being a leader of Super Junior, though DBSK and SJ are
bestfriends, it’s still something I don’t want to hear. My
shoulder dropped and felt a little annoyed.

“But I bought all your CDs too.” She said as if to console me.

I smiled. Of course…there’s no Cassiopeia that would hate
super junior or the other way around.

“IS SaHee really your niece?” I asked. I’m really curious
because it seems like their age gap is just less than 5

“Weh?” She stared at me.

“You looked young.”

She’s about to laugh. “I’m 27. SaHee there is 21. Her mom,
my sister, gave birth to her at the age of 17. My sister
is 10 years older than me.”

That explains everything.

“Who’s your favorite from DBSK?” I asked him, I don’t want
to but I did anyway.

She looked at me, checking if I really need to know. So I
smiled at her.

“That would be Jaejoong.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course. Jaejoong is indeed a pretty boy.

She laughed at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. Her cute laugh keeps echoing in my mind.

“Nothing. I never thought SJ’s leader could be this
childish.” She uttered.

“What do you mean?” I then noticed her mannerism (means
constantly used gesture anxiously). The way she tilts her
head and smile to think.

‘Aren’t she aware how cute she could be while doing that?’
I thought.

“ Aishhh! I don’t really know. You looked like childish to
me.” She said and slightly laughed.

I looked at her surprised. I don’t really know what she
means. HyeMin is 3- inches shorter than me with a curvy

She turned and made a yawn. I forgot its dawn already. I
didn’t sleep. I didn’t care.

“I should wake her up now. You need to sleep now.” She
said and hurriedly wakes SaHee.

“SaHee. Wake up.” She said for about 5 times then SaHee
woke up.

SaHee’s quite surprise to see HyeMin in front of her.

“SaHee ah. Don’t do this ever again…okay?” She said
smoothly and carefully.

I’m surprised because in some circumstances like this, if
I’m HyeMin, I could have yelled at SaHee already.

“How did you find me here? I don’t need you. Go away.”
SaHee sat up and left the room.

I’m surprised and saw HyeMin dropped her shoulder sadly.
She stood up and said thank you to me. She followed her.

I was left alone.

I stood at the same place for ten minutes.

“What was that?” I asked myself confused.

There’s definitely something wrong with those two people.
I wanted to help. But how?

I prepared myself to sleep but my mind is still wide
awake. I couldn’t sleep.

Me, Park Jungsoo don’t believe in love-at-first-sight. But
what was happening to me. What happened while ago kept
replaying in my mind.

‘I should have asked for her phone number or address.’ I
told myself. I thought of many ‘should have’ thingy in my

‘when are we going to meet again?’ I stared at the ceiling

I don’t know WHEN I fell asleep.

========BACK TO THE PRESENT=======

“Uncle Jungsoo ah~,” SaHee called. I didn’t notice her
coming in the room. “You should thank me million times.”
She beamed.

“SaHee ya~,” I laughed at her. “If it wasn’t for me,
Ryeowook and you won’t get married.” I answered back.

She pouted, “Uncle Jungsoo, You’re a mean guy.”

The doorbell rang downstairs.

“Oh…that must be the pizza.” Han Soojin (kyuhyun’s wife)
said from the door. She’s about to get it.

“I got it…it’s dangerous for you to go downstairs.”
Samantha presented herself and went out the room.

“It’s quite nice that pizza delivery went this far here.”
Kang-in said.

“Anio! They don’t deliver here. It’s too far.” Ryeowook disagreed.

“Then, who’s there?” Kyuhyun asked her wife.

Soojin smiled at Donghae. “My brother.” She guiltily answered.

Everyone looked at Donghae who’s not smiling anymore.
Donghae hurriedly left the room and went after Samantha.

“You’re really, really a bad girl.” Kyuhyun carefully scold her wife.

“I didn’t expect Samantha will get the door and I forgot.
I called my oppa to get some pizza for me. I feel like
eating pizza.” She said.

“I hope the two of them are okay.” Xiao Lu sighed.

“They are okay. I never heard Donghae and Samantha fought
after getting married. And it is Donghae Samantha married.
Not my brother.” SooJin reminded everyone.

“After a big fight that is.” She continued.

“Leeteuk oppa, what happened next?” ShinHye asked me.
Everyone looked at me to continue.

“You’re not worried of what’s happening downstairs?” I
asked trying to get away.

“Nah….they’re okay.” Eunhyuk said.


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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 7

What Happend on Darkness?! (Leeteuk)

========TO THE PRESENT=======

“You’re not worried of what’s happening downstairs?” I asked trying to get away.

“Nah….they’re okay.” Eunhyuk said.

Okay. I have no choice but to continue. Besides, Samantha
and Donghae issues about SooJin’s is way over.

======BACK TO THE STORY======

“Leeteuk Hyung,” Donghae came running towards me. We’re in the middle of rehearsal.


“I’m hungry/”Donghae shyly declared.

“The hell? How old are you?” I yelled at him

Seriously, he’s old enough to get his own food.

“25 years old.” He mumbled rubbing his nape.

“Then go and get your own food.” I stormed at him.

“Oh, chinja? Thank you, hyung. Saranghaeyo!” And then he left the room.

Later did I know he’s going to have lunch out of the
building. I sigh. Once again, I was tricked.

I sat at the floor next the mirror to rest.

“Hyung,” Somebody tapped me. “hyung.” And again.

I opened my eyes.
I can tell, I fell asleep.

“Ae! What happened ? Why did you fall asleep?’’ Yesung asked.

I didn’t answered. Just stared at him.

“Hyung, what happened to the girl last week?” Kyuhyun sat beside me and asked.

Right. It’s been a week since a week since I last saw
her...Hyemin. And I can’t sleep regularly since then.

I dropped my shoulder with a sigh. ‘That maybe our first
and last meeting.’ I thought.

“Hyung,” kyuhyun shook my shoulder.


“I Just asked, what happened to the girl last week. The
fan girl in the couch.” He asked curiously.

“Ah…Her aunt fetch her around 3:00am.”

“Ahhhhh…” They both nodded as if they are already
expecting for it.

They started to ggo but Kyuhyun face me, “Hyung, she
doesn’t look like an my opinion.”

I raisedmy head to face him.

Did he saw her?!

“You saw her?” I asked excitedly. I wasn’t alone.

“Yah…”He said and turn his head away.

“Wait…How?” I stopped him. I didn’t know how I quickly
stand. And everything went black. I closed my eyes for 10
seconds and everything went normal again.

“Hmmmm. When I’m about to go to the toilet and I saw both
of you talking that morning. I didn’t thought she’s the
girl’s aunt though.” He said, grinning at me.

“Yah…she’s dazzling…” I thought.

“What?!” Kyunhyun exclaimed.

How could he hear what I thought?!

Silly me, I must have said it aloud.

I looked at him and about to say ‘leave me alone.’ But I
chose to be quiet. Not good in my image. The whole world
would know. Kyuhyun’s ELF will rebel.

“What’s her name, hyung?” He asked again.

Seriously, Kyuhyun looks like detective now. It creeps me out.

“Hyung, what’s her name?” Ryeowook repeated. I never
noticed he came.

I stared at Kyuhyun then to Ryeowook. Kyuhyun must have
told the other members already.

“Ryeowook, you saw her too?” I asked curiously.

“Anio! Kyuhyun told us.”


The magnae has a loose-mouth nowadays. I think it goes
when we age.

I sigh. NO choice.

“It’s HyeMin….and the girl sleeping is SaHee.”

“Ryeowook,” I called him. I remembered something. “Her
niece, Sa Hee likes you.”

“Oh…” He nods absent-mindedly and left.

What’s wrong with him? I mean…what’s wrong with everyone?!

Kangin, Yesung, Shindong and Sungmin are more secretive
now. They don’t join the fun.

I sigh.

Maybe they are too affected with the ending of projects of
Super Junior next year.

I am too.

But as a leader, I shouldn’t let them know…I’m hurting.

We thought of it for a long and we decided to end this,
everyone has their own reasons.

But no one said, they want to go solo or wanted to join
other boybands, I know them well, they wont do that but we
encourage them to.

“Leeteuk, hyung.” sungmin entered the room.


“How could you prove to a woman that you’re straight?” He
asked abruptly.

I looked at him. God, my members gone weird.

“How in the world did you turn up with that question?”

“Oh…” He looked around. “Have you seen Kangin, hyung?
Maybe he can help me.”

Another problem. Kangin shii always missed their schedule.

No kidding here, what happened to all hyungs of SJ?!

“Well?” Sungmin patiently asked me.

“Uhmmm. Kiss her…if she’s not satisfied, bring her to
bed.” I absent-mindedly answered and left the room.

Woah…I should get out here before I’ll contain their virus
of retardation… Wait!!!!!! Are they all in love?!

“No!!!!…Love insanity is contagious…please…don’t let me
get sick!” I prayed. But to think of me having a restless
night thinking of her. I must have contain it already. But
for me, it s to no avail….hopeless.

“Hyung,”Smn ab me.”, thank you. Saranghaeyo.” And he ran
off to the hallway.

I sigh…Hmmm… Super Junior is lovable today.

I opened the door of our dressing room to pack up and go
straight home.

I sit there for a while, analyzing what’s happening to the
other members.

I heard something fell from the corner. I stared at the
place. My body started to shiver. I know I was alone.
Everybody left an hour ago.

“Who’s there?” I stand up.

No answer.

I grabbed my bags, if ever it’s a ghost then I can run
anytime soon.

“Who’s there?” I asked again.

I fell to the floor when the figure started to surface.

“Don’t scare me like that!” I yelled.

“Sorry, oppa.” She said apologetically.

In times like this, I should have yelled at her harshly.
But it’s SaHee.

I smiled… “That’s okay. How did you—”

“The door was opened.” She said pointing at the door.

“SaHee ah~…you know that what you’re doing is wrong,
right?” I sat down from where I sat before and waved at
her to sit too.

“I know, oppa. I can’t find Ryeowook shii.” She said,
sitting down.

“How much do you like Ryeowook shii?” I asked her.

“Wrong, oppa. You should have asked, ‘How much do you
love?’.” She corrected me.

I sigh… ‘Kids, they don’t know they’re talking.’ I thought.

“How much do you love him then?” I asked her.

“The total of ELF in the world.” She cutely spread her arm.

I chuckled. I can see HyeMin in her. Wait…How could I
forget?! HyeMin.

“Where’s your aunt?” I asked, not thinking.

She looked at me furiously. “ What?! You planned to
surrender me again to that wicked witch? She’s not my

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“She’s the most worthless aunt in the world. Don’t need

I looked at her. Poor her. I want to help her. No ELF
deserves to feel this way.

I hate to think this, but maybe HyeMin is in the wrong
side here.

“Would you mind if you tell me where I can find her?” I
cautiously asked.

“Why do you need to?” She asked, almost yelling at me.

“ I..I…” I stammered. I need to think of something. “Here,
if you tell me… You could go to our concert, FREE!” I

“I’m rich, oppa. I can buy my own front seat ticket in
every super junior concert.” She said, head up.

I chuckled. “Then, I could meet you up with Ryewookie.”

She looked at me, reading my face as if I’m telling a lie.

“I’m the leader, you know.” I assured her.

“Fine…here.” She gave me every address related to her aunt.


3 days after that, 4pm.

I stepped out from my convertible car and looked at the
shop in front of me.

It’s an elegant flower shop and I’m sure I saw this shop’s
name somewhere else before, maybe its branch.

I lowered my sunglasses down my nose. I checked the shop
inside, surveying if I can find HyeMin there.

There! She’s gorgeously arranging the flower from its
bouquet. I know, flowers are beautiful, but seeing the
person holding them I could say, flowers are nothing
compared to her.

She must have feel someone’s looking at her, she looked
around. She’s surprise to see me there.

She approached me. “Leeteuk shii?” She asked, confirming.

I nodded, “Nice shop you got here.”

“thanks.” She stared at me. “Let me guess, SaHee pissed
you out again, didn’t she?”


“You’re really curious, aren’t you. She must have said,
I’m wicked witch?”

I nodded.

“Leeteuk shii…I’m used to it. I gave up on her. Come
inside…let’s have a tea.”

I followed her. We sat there. I felt so awkward having tea
in the middle of Orchidarium she got from the back of the
shop. Orchids everywhere.

“Why SaHee cursed you like that?” I asked.

“Are you really that curious?”

I nodded.

“Hmmm…My sister died when SaHee is like about 10 years
old. Her father who wasn’t married to my sister, took
custody after that. Since, I was like 16 then. She lived
in L.A for 5 more years. But I heard she wasn’t that great
there so I took the responsibility instead when I was
stable enough. That’s five years ago. I thought I could
make a good sister and friend to her, everything went to
the opposite. It’s too awkward. Me, being a friend to her.
She felt, it’s too ridiculous. She started to rebel on me,
saying I was too busy myself. I keep on trying but she
won’t just open her heart to me.” She paused and took a

“And then she started to live in this fantasy about what
Super Junior’s saying on shows. Expecting, you all really
mean it.”

I froze.

“What kind of thing?” I asked.

“Uhmmm. ‘Oppa, loves you.’ ‘oppa is always at your side.’
Hmmmm… and some empty promises.” She eyed me.

I stared at her. I was caught off guard. Of course, Other
fan girls will take it seriously but we really mean it if
we can. But we’re only human.

“You shouldn’t have said those things.”

“It’s about showmanship—”

“I know, and I hate it that SaHee is one of the girls who
will hold on to that promise. Stupid of her for dreaming
and stupid of me for blaming you. Sorry.” She stared at
her tea.

She looks so helpless, seeing her like that makes me ache
inside. I want to comfort her.

It’s too impulsive but I decided, I would protect and love
this woman for eternity.

Woah! I never thought love will this be easy to be decided
to but anyway I’m on it.

Saturday, 6pm.

“Tada!” I happily said walking towards HyeMin. The shop is
closing up that time.

“ohh. What are you doing here?”

I just grinned back at her.

“Uhm… you have lots of free time lately…I don’t want to be
in the news, okay” she laughed. The sweetest thing I ever

“Nope…The paparazzi won’t get this scope.” I answered back.

“Honestly, why are you here?”

“Like you said, I have lots of time.” I assured her which
is a lie. As always, I have a pact schedule.

“weh? Is super junior disbanding?” She joked.

She hit it. I fell silent.

She looked at me, curiously.

“Oh..Teukie…I’m sorry…I didn’t know. But I wonder, Super
Junior is still one in the TOP.” She said.

I smiled at her and told her why.
COntinuation and the next reply!!!!

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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FROM time to time, I would make time to visit her in her
shop. She’s busy too as well as I am.

I must admit, I don’t know how to show my feelings so it
turned out I was just annoying her. Stealing her the time
of her rest time… I just want to show her that I’m just

Sunday, 2pm. (1 month later)

“HyeMin, coffee latte please.” I said as soon as I arrived at the shop.

“What the hell are you doing here again, huh?” She said,
arms on her waist. “And this is not a restaurant.”

I chuckle. She’s always hyper every time she sees me. I
can’t blame her. I always annoy her, my way of love.

“I got free time.” I smirked at her.

She rolled her eyes in disbelief.

“Unie, I like this flower more.” Somebody popped up behind her.

I looked at her. She looked at me, curiously and
surprisingly. I thought it was SaHee at first but it isn’t.

“Oh…She’s Xiao Lu, my friend from China.” HyeMin introduced her.

‘Chinese…I should tell Hangkyung about her…she’s cute.’ I thought.

“Hi…oppa!” She smiled at me and I saw HyeMin glaring at me
like, don-t you-dare.

I chuckled. ‘Is she jealous?’ I asked myself.

“Nice meeting you.” I smiled back at her and checked
HyeMin’s expression. She’s half way through the door now,

I’m so satisfied seeing her like that.

“Is she always like that?” I asked Xiao Lu.

“Unie?!...Hmmmm. I don’t know. It’s my first time she acts
like that. Weh?”

I smiled at myself.

“Nothing.” I murmured.

I saw Xiao Lu gave me a knowing look. Smiled at me and
left. HyeMin then went back with coffe.

Monday, January 2, 2012. 4pm.

“HyeMin yah.” I called over her on the phone.

“What is it this time?” HyeMin sounded annoyed.

“I’ll pick you up there at 7pm. Arasso?” I asked her.

“Weh?! It’s Monday. We’re busy.” And suddenly talk to somebody.

She is indeed busy.

“It’s Sungmin’s Birthday celebration.”

“Oh… Chinja?! Okay, then.” She suddenly agreed.

Sungmin has became her loyal costumers and also some SJ

“And will you bring SaHee?” I asked.

“Chinja?! She will be so happy. Thanks.” She said. She
will do anything to please SaHee. Too bad, SaHee is still
the same. She won’t just listen to her.

7pm and I picked her up in her house. I saw her locking the gate.

I told her the party is formal and it’s true so she got
herself a red long gown. I smiled seeing her coming near
his car. What a nice scene.

“Where’s SaHee?” I asked her once she got on the car.

She frowned. “She said that she will go on her own.”

“Arasso. Are you ready?”

She nodded.

We got there at 7:30 and other members are there too. I
even invited Xiao Lu but she refused.

NO cameras everywhere. Well, at least those who belong to
media aren’t there. Just personal camera of guest which
just composed of Super Junior, friends, staff, other SM
artist and well, other Korean artist. The birthday was
held in a hotel’s recreation area.

Nice party, indeed.

I brought her near the Super Junior’s table.

“Hyung.” Sungmin said. “You’re late”

He eyed me, sulking but when she saw HyeMin, his eyes brighten.

“HyeMin noona. You came. How’s the party?”

“Cool!” She said and handed Sungmin a gift. Sungmin then happily left us.

Other members seem like to see HyeMin more than me.

“HyeMin noona, sit here.” They all chorused.

I smiled, HyeMin already captured their hearts. Then, I
shouldn’t worry much to explain that I’m going to marry
this girl in front of them. I giggled at the thought.

They ate together. We both saw SaHee at the opposite
table, not taking her eyes from Ryeowook who is 7 seats
away from her.

I stared at HyeMin. I thought she was just staring at
SaHee but when I traced where she’s really staring at…my
heart aches.

‘Kim Jaejoong!’ I cursed. I’m really sorry for what I
said. But I felt really annoyed.

Jaejoong saw me looking at him, so, he waved his hand to
me and continued talking to Yunho and Changmin while
drinking wine.

“Isn’t he a cutie?” HyeMin sigh.

Ouch! That’s a hit.

I didn’t answer her. I just sit beside her and sulk there.

“Hey…Leeteuk shii.” She stared at me. I looked a way.

“Ae…you’re so childish.” She said… and eyed Jae again.

“You know, you couldn’t blame me. A cassie like I am, seeing Jae and the rest of DBSK is like—you know… jjang!.” She said.

“Then go!” I mocked at her.

She laughed so hard.

“Hayyyyyyzzzz. I never thought you’d be this cute.”

I stared at her about to smile but when I saw jae and
Yoochun are coming, I dropped my shoulder.

“Hyung!” Jae raised his hand for high-five.

“What do we got here?” Yoochun asked, teasing.

I surveyed HyeMin, she doesn’t know where to look first.
To Yoochun or Jae.

I sigh… ‘It’s hard to compete with DBSK.’

“I don’t need you two here.” I said abruptly.

The two DBSK just laughed back.

Jae and Yoochun smiled at HyeMin.

“Hi…noona!” They said in harmony.

HyeMin don’t know how to face them. She just gave them a
short smile and sipped wine.

Jae looked at me, meaningfully. Then he stared at HyeMin.

He waved at me to follow him. I stood up and follow.

“Ya,” he stared at me seriously. “She’s a cassie, eh?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Ya..hyung! Don’t give me that look. You’re hitting on our
Cassiopeia.” He slightly tapped my chest.

I looked at him furiously and he apologized right away.

“But seriously hyung, be gentle on her and love her the
way we did.”

I laughed at him. “Don’t be a drama king.”

He stared at me warningly.

I sigh. “Arasso!’

He smirked and followed Yoochun away.

“What happened?” She asked right after I sat next to her.

“Uhmmmm. Nothing.”

She didn’t ask more information.

10 minutes pass and nobody talked, the both of them just
sipped their wine while looking at the people doing their
own business.

Suddenly, the everything went totally black. Every lights
went out.

Surprised guest are all screaming. I felt HyeMin’s grabbed
my shirt. I hold her hands which are trembling. I
automatically pulled her into my arms.

“Oppa, don’t leave me.” Her voice sounded like she’s about
to cry. I hugged her tight.

“It’s just a sudden black out.” I convinced her.

“Leeteuk shii?” I heard someone called. “HyeMin, unie?”
It’s SaHee.

“Here!” I saw her holding her phone lights towards our direction.

“Where’s unie?” She asked curiously.

“Here. DO you know what’s happening?” I asked her.

“I don’t know either. It must be just an emergency black
out. But I hope it’ll return soon. HyeMin unie has an
Achluophobia. She’s scared of darkness.”

I can feel HyeMin tighten her grip.

I Looked at SaHee in her worried face. I was satisfied to
see her worry even a little to her aunt. I can see
somehow, SaHee loves HyeMin too.

Something deep down in my heart that I was happy but I
just can’t take my mind at ease. HyeMin is very terrified
here. I’m really pissed off who caused the black out.

Everyone’s now is quiet, all phone’s on for the source of
light. HyeMin’s is slowly claming now too. She sat erect
but she’s still holding my hands.

Another 10 minutes passed and the lights are back on.
Everyone laughed in relief and continued the party as if
nothing’s happened.

Sungmin said sorry for inconvenience. HyeMin sat there
quietly. I want to comfort here but I don’t know how.

I saw the managers went inside followed by Super Junior
one by one.

Something’s up or something’s happened.

I told SaHee to stay with HyeMin and I went inside.

I saw half of super junior there, four DBSK and 4 managers

“What happened?” I asked Kangin.

“They couldn’t find Jaejoong after the black out.” He
answererd and tilted his head confusingly.

“Who saw Jaejoong last?” DBSk’s manager asked.

“I talked to him half an hour ago with Yoochun. That’s 10
minutes before the black-out.” I said.

“I talked to him later than that.” Changmin answered.

“He must have left in his own will.” Sungmin guessed.

“Nope. Jaejoong won’t leave without telling one of us.” Yunho said.

“Ei…meaning, the black-out is planned?” Changmin asked curiously.

Everyone shivered.

“Find out if it’s Jae’s only one missing, okay?” The
managers said.

“And don’t leak this out” They continued.
We all nodded.


“I remembered that part…So horrible. Honestly.” NaHae said.

“You’re there?” Heechul asked his wife.

NaHae just stared back at him. “Of course, I’m good
journalist but unfortunately, I didn’t get that scope.”

“Because of what happened Jaejoong is really happy now.” I

Everyone laughed.


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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 8

One Rainy Night (Leeteuk)


I woke up with my phone ringing, “Yoboseyo?”

“Leeteuk shii.” I recognized the voice. It’s HyeMin.

Well, that’s new. She never called me first before. Only now.

“Weh?” I yawn.

“oh…did I wake you up?” She asked.

“Anio. Why?”

“Uhmmmmmm….” She paused.

“Hmmm?” I asked excitedly.

“I want to go somewhere. Do you have time?” She said, hurriedly.

I sat up immediately. I didn’t expect this. Is she
initiating a date here?


“Somewhere!” She said.

“What time?” I asked.

“11am.” She paused then continued, “ Are you free?”

“I’m fine that time.”

“Thanks. I’ll pick you up there. I’ll use my car.” Then
she hanged up.

I sat at my bed for a long time then dialed Kang-in’s number.

“Kang-in shii. Can you do my part today?” I asked Kang-in.

“weh? Why so sudden?” He asked.

“Please,” I faked a cough. “I caught a cold.”

“Arasso, arasso.” He said.

I smiled, “You’re the main MC now. Just explain to the managers. Thanks.”

At 11am, she arrived and I hopped in on her car.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Hmmmmm.” She didn’t take her eyes away from the
road. “Promise that you wouldn’t laugh at me?”

I stared at her, “Is there something to laugh out?”

She nodded. “Most people would if they’ll hear it.”

“What is it?” I asked curiously.

“I’m going to an orphanage.” She said after long time of hesitation.

I looked at her, surprised.

“Why?” I asked her.

“Hmmmm. I want to get my own son?”

“You’re son?” I asked wide- eyed.

She chuckled. “Oh no. Don’t me wrong. I want to get myself
a son. I’m planning to adopt one.” She cleared out.

I sigh in relief.

“Why are you adopting?”

“Hmmmm. I don’t want to get married.” She said.

Ouch! ‘What about me?’ I wanted to ask her but I refrain myself.

“Why... I mean, being married is great.” I convinced her.

“Come on. The idea of being married is great. But living
in marriage must be so horrible.” She said turning the
wheel to the right.

“Why would you say that?” I asked her, little by little,
my dreams crashes down.

“I don’t know.” She said. She quickly stared at me, “what
about you? Do you believe in marriage?” She asked me.

I stiffen. “Of course. I’ll make it work.”

She laughed at me ridiculously.

“Why are you laughing at me like that?” I asked her

“Haha. Your future wife would be very lucky.” She said
then focused on the road again.

‘Hope it is you, then I’ll be luckier.’ I thought.

“Leeteuk shii. What do you want?! A son or daughter.”

“Hmmmm. A junior.” I wittingly answered her.

“Hmmmm. Me too.” She agreed.

“Why don’t you want to have your own? Why adopt?!” I
asked, that question keeps bugging me.

She stared at me. The car stopped before the stop light
that says RED.

“I’m scared.” She chuckled.

“Scared of what?”

“Scared of giving birth.” She admitted.

“You’re husband will be there.” I assured her.

“What if there’s no husband?” She asked.

“Why no husband?” I asked her back.

“I don’t like a husband.”

“Then, you like a wife instead?! I didn’t know you’re a
lesbo.” I asked jokingly.

“Shut up.” She laughed. “I mean, it’s kinda hard to find one.”

“I’m here!”

She just rolled her eyes. “I’m serious here, Leeteuk shii.”

‘I’m serious here too.’ I almost said it.

“Fine…then let’s get you a son.’

We inquired for a boy around age 5-8 year-old. That’s what
she wants. But there’s only one kid that suits her and
they said, someone else inquired for him already.

I felt bad, it sounds like these kids are like dogs that
being booked and if the owner would decide that they don’t
want them, then they would just say no.

On the way home.

“It’s okay. They said that they will call you if the
person decide they don’t want him, then he’s yours.” I
looked at her. I’m the one driving now cause she’s so

She didn’t answer.

“You really want to have a kid?” I asked.

“Leeteuk shii. I don’t want to be alone when I grow old.”
She said.

“I’ll visit you.” I said.

“Leeteuk shii, don’t joke around.” She screamed at me.

FEBUARY 27, 2013.

I rang her. “HyeMin ah~. What happened?”

“They say I can see him now.” She told me excitedly.

“That’s great.”

“But, Leeteuk shii. I can’t go out now. Can we visit him
tomorrow instead?” She asked me.

“Sure.” I said. Hope there’s no pop up schedule tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning. February 28, 2013.

“Hyung,” Heechul caught up with me. “Mianhe! Can you come
to this place today?”


“This is really important. Please, hyung.” Heechul asked.

He told me his personal reasons and I can’t disappoint him
so I called Hyemin.

I told her, something came up.

“Ya! Jungso ah~ , don’t you dare!” She said from the other line.

“This is really important.”

“ I don’t care. You made your choice. Don’t blame me.” She
continued talking.

“HyeMin ah~ Mianhe. I just—”

“ Don’t explain yourself. Bye.” She hang up.

I stared at my phone.

“IS she having a PMS?” I asked myself.

Heechul popped up his head and smiled at me. “Hyung, it’s
okay. I’ll make Kibum do it instead. Go before you loose

I smiled at him apologetically.

I rang her, right away while I’m on my way to the shop.
The shop is 10 minutes away from our dorm.

“Ya~ Why are you calling me?” She said.

“I’m on my way.” I said.

“Good gracious! Hangkyung’s here and hurry, Xiao Lu’s
about to leave.” She said.

“How come Hangkyung’s there?” I asked.

“He ordered flower for Zhang Li Yin’s birthday.”

“Arasso.” I hang up.

I creep on the shop when I got there. I saw Hangkyung there standing, head down.

I tapped his shoulder.

“ What are you doing here?!” I asked him.

He faced me. “teukie teukie teukie… you’re an angel.”

I’m surprised. “Why did you call me ‘angel’ all of the
sudden?” I asked him confusedly and faced HyeMin “What
happened here? Where’s Xiao Lu?!”

He automatically faced me, “Leeteuk hyung, you know Xiao Lu?!”

“Yyeah….sort of. About 3 months ago already. Why?!” I

Something’s fishy.

“teukie!” He smiled at me. His expression is as bright at
the sun outside.

“Oh god. She’s the one you’re talking about?! At the
concert three years ago?” I gasp. “I shoul’ve known.”

What a fate! This monkey must be very happy now.

“You bet. Yes, and you have to tell me where I can find
her. Arasso?!” He said and I saw his fingers crossed.

“Later.” I said and whispered to him. “I have work to do
here.” And I pointed at HyeMin. “Now go!”

He then left.

“What’s that?” HyeMin questioned.

“Upta.” I changed the topic. “You know about Xiao LU and

“Weh?” She eyed me.

And I told her what happened at the concert.

“Hmmmm. I think Xiao LU mentioned that..” She
paused. “Wait, I remembered now. you mean?! It’s
Hangkyung’s the guy my friend fell in love with?!” She

“She’s in love with him too?” I asked her disbelievingly.

WE laughed.

“I envy them.” She suddenly said. “Now, lets go.”

She took her bag and we left.



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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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“I’m so excited.” She said from her seat next to me.

We are waiting from the office.

I stared at her, “Are you really sure about this?”

She smiled at me. Satisfaction all written in her face.

“Okay.” I encouraged her.

The door suddenly opened and the head of orphanage came in.

I saw HyeMin jumped on her feet and excitedly asked the man.

“HyeMin shii,” He looked at her. “This kid, Jaebom…I mean,
the first family called that they will take him. I’m so
sorry about it.”

She looked at him. Her mouth fell open.

I stood up, “What the—”

HyeMin grabbed my hands. “That’s okay, jung-soo.” She said.

“I’m sorry for the trouble.” He said again.

She smiled at him and left. I followed her.

She didn’t talk until I dropped her off her house.

“Do you wanna come in?” She asked.

I want to…but I can’t bare to see her like that.

I shook my head, “I think the other members need me.”

“Okay, then.” She smiled, an empty smile.

As soon as she entered her house, the rained poured down.
I stayed there, inside my car for two hours. I keep on
thinking if I should call her. The rain keeps on pouring,
thunders and lightings joined as well.

I really wanted to call her, to check her if she’s okay. I
can’t bring myself to drive home. I just stayed outside
her house. I stared at my phone.

I dialed her number.

“Yoboseyo?” I heard her.

“Are you okay?” I asked before I’ll loose the chance again.

“I’m okay.” She assured me.

I sighed. I started the engine. Ready to go home.

Just after I got off from the estate, the street lights went out.

“What now?” I exclaimed at myself. I stared outside to
look at the surrounding. Everything’s black even the

I remembered Sungmin’s birthday…of how HyeMin got terrified.

“Oh shit!” I made a U-turn right away and drive back to
HyeMin’s place.

When I got there, I dialed her phone.

No answer.

I dialed again, No answer again.

I’m so worried now.

I rang her doorbell, I remembered it is being run by
batteries. But nobody opened the gate.

I was now soaking wet from the rain.

I leaned to my car, praying she’s okay.

Suddenly, the gate started to open.

I saw her, standing holding the gate’s door.

I stared at her, “Nyeo paboya?” I scolded her, seeing her soaking wet too.

She looked at me, “Nyeo paboya?” She yelled back at me.

We both stayed where we are, never minding the rain. But
when the lightning and thunder went gushing nearby, she
yelped and grabbed me.

I hugged her tightly the way I hugged her before.

“Don’t try to be brave in front of me ever again.” I
whispered at her.

She’s still trembling beneath my arms. “Let’s go inside.”
I told her.

“It’s dark inside.” She disagreed.

“It’s dangerous and cold here.” I convinced her.

“There’s no safe place for me.” She mumbled and tightens
her grip.

“Listen,” I raised her chin. “You’ll be safe here.” I
pointed at my heart.

Before she could say anything, the lightning ad thunder
stroke again so she hid her face in my chest.

“Let’s go inside.” She surrendered.

I smiled, “Of course.”

We went inside; I started to look for a candle. I feel
like laughing or feeling terrible towards HyeMin. She
won’t let go of me.

“I have to get us some lights, okay? And you have to tell
me where I could find some candles.” I explained to her.

She nodded, “At the cupboard in the kitchen.”

I squeeze her hands, “Stay here.”

It’s not my first time to be in her house so I found
myself in the kitchen right away.

I saw her phone, vibrating besides a glass of wine. “She’s
been drinking...” I whispered to myself and picked the

“Yoboseyo?” I asked.

“Leeteuk shii?” She asked, it’s SaHee. “Thanks God, you’re
there. I tried to call you but I couldn’t reach you.” She

“Where are you?”

“I’m on my car outside my apartment. I’m about to go there
and check. All powers are down in Seoul.” She said and I
heard an engine started.

“SaHee ah~. I’ll take care of her. It’s dangerous to drive
in this weather. You stay there!” I said.

“Oh chinja?! Thank you oppa.” She paused. “And don’t tell
her I called. Bye.”

I smiled, ‘Sahee, why won’t you let HyeMin see that you love her too.’ I thought. It’s their business that I can’t
get into.

I hurriedly look for the candles and returned to where I
left her. She still in the same place, she looked at me as
if I was gone for so long.

I put the lighted candle in front of her.

“Jung-soo ah~” She called my real name. That’s what I like
about her too. She randomly calls me ‘Leeteuk’ or Jung-
soo, depends on her mood.

“Hmmmm?” I stared at her.

“You will visit me, right?”

“Visit. What?” I asked her. I can’t understand her.
She raised her head to look at me, “When I grow old,
alone, will you visit me?”

Now, I get it.

I nodded, “you won’t grow old alone.” I assured her.

She smiled, a lonely smile then she looked at my clothes.
She stood up. “‘Su, you’re wet.” She said, almost a

“HyeMin?!” I froze.

“You need to change.” She said, very close to me.

I tried to analyzed things. Her, the one I love is in
front of me, only the two of us with this candle lights.

Arghhhh! I’m going crazy.

I stared at her more closely, this is the first time I
stared at her when there’s light.

I now noticed she was on her night gown, she must have got
herself ready to sleep before the black out. It’s a bad idea to survey her in times like this. Especially, her body is so visible through her white night gown when the rain soaked it.

“’Su…” She called me again. ‘What’s wrong? Are you cold?” She asked.

‘Doesn’t she realize I’m in pain here, trying to resist her to take her right here this instant?’ I thought.

I looked away.

“’ Su?! Is there something wrong?” She asked again.

I tried to pull away but the lightning and thunder came crashing outside again, visible through some glass windows
in the living room.

She squeezed herself in my chest.

‘Oh no, HyeMin, that’s not a nice idea.’ I thought.

I touched her shoulder, she’s really trembling now. I want
to somehow comfort her, to say something nice for her to
calm her down.

“HyeMin…” I called her.

She looked up at me, “Hmmmm?”

“I…i…” Shit! I couldn’t say anything with her looking at me like that.

“Leete—” She eyed me, so confused.

But hell yes, I surrender. I’m indeed just man.

I closed the gap between our faces, slowly, trying to look
for any disapproval from her. When I saw nothing, I kissed
passionately. She pulled away.

“Jung-soo ah~ you’ll be sorry for this.” She whispered
between kisses.

I chuckled, “I won’t.”

She started to unbutton my shirt while I tried to pull her
nightgown off her head hurriedly.

I Knew it. She doesn’t have her bra on, it’s because of
her long hair that I didn’t notice earlier.

I lift her up to the couch. I chuckled by the thought of
making love with only candle lights on. That only added my
excitement so, I did what I have to do.


Next morning, I woke up. I lifted my head beneath a pillow.

I smiled when I saw her, sleeping so quietly, arms on my waist.

Last night is the most wonderful night ever, I won’t trade
for anything else.

I know, I have schedule at 1pm but I want to stay with
her. It’s already 9:00 in the morning. I stared at her for
a while.

But I really have to go, “Baby, wake up.” I whispered softly.

She moved and stayed still again. I chuckled. She must be
really tired. I run my fingers through the strands of her
hair and planted a kiss on top of her head.

She suddenly raised her head, I smiled at her. She looked
somehow shocked but said, “Do you have somewhere else to
go now?”

“Hmmmmm…yup. But if you don’t want me to, I’ll stay here.”
I said.

I fell silent.

“HyeMin ah~” I called her. “Why are you so afraid of the
dark?” I asked her instead.

“Do you need to know?” She asked smoothly while resting
her head on my left arm.


“Remembered the time when I told you, SaHee’s mother died
when I was about 16 years old?!” She asked.

I nodded.

“Well, it was a murder.”

I was so shocked, “You don’t need to continue…” I said.

“It’s okay.” She sighed. “It was the night same like last
night, rained so hard, lightning here, thunder there. I
can still picture that night. My sister has her own house
and I stayed there just for that night to play with SaHee
who’s only 10 years old. She was asleep when everything
happened. While me and my sister are playing poker at the
living room, we heard somebody broke down a window
downstairs. My sister went down to peek, when he saw who’s
coming, she then grab me and lock me to the closet. Told
me to keep quiet whatever happens. And… and…”

I saw her hands trembling. I took it.

“…And I saw everything happened so fast through designed
hole of the closet door. He killed her and left right
away. He didn’t expect that I was staying there that
night. He didn’t check for anybody else. I tried to go out
but my sister had blocked the door with a table. And
because of shock, I couldn’t push it. I have no more
strength left in me. I stayed there, sobbing whole night
in the darkness.”

I felt hot liquid runs down my arm. I lift her up to sit.
I hugged her, “Everything will be okay. I’m here.” I

She stopped crying, “eotteoke?” She looked at me.

I smiled back, “Actually, I want to do something.” I want
to lighten up the mood.

She looked at me, wide-eyed. “Oh no…I thought you’ll going

I chuckled, “Not before we do it.”

“Jung-soo ah~. You creeps me out.” She said, laughing.

PERVERT LEETEUK..jowwwwkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 9

My Sleepy Princess (Leeteuk~ending)

=======TO THE STORY======

“Hyung,” Hangkyung came rushing in front of
me. “eotteoke?” he asked me.

“What do you mean?” I asked him confusedly.

“Xiao Lu…uhmmm…how could you show you’re very serious?” He
asked me.

Seriously, I can’t understand him. Seems like his Korean
is slowly disapproving.

“How could you show your effort to Xiao Lu?” I rephrase
his questions.

He nodded.

I stared at him, “Puhahahah! Welcome to my club!” I raised
my right arm, anticipating for high five and he high five
me confusedly.

“Hyung,” He started again. “Help me.”

Why is he acting like this. I stared at him for so long…
really long, trying to read him

I gasp, “The two of you did it?!” It’s more like a
conclusion than a question.

He smiled at me ridiculously.

I sigh, “Call all the romantic guys you know…uhm…try
Yoochun or Donghae, ask them instead.” I left him.

“Hyung!” He followed me.

understand?” I yelled at him.

He’s all wide-eyed. “Ae…you should have told me earlier. I
would understand right away.” He smiled at me meaningfully
and left.

7pm the next day I went to HyeMin’s shop as usual.

“HyeMin ah~” I sneaked out from her back and kiss her
exposed neck.

She flinch and slap me softly but accidentally.

When she saw me, her expression turned to relief.

“Oh god. Don’t you ever do that again. Are you killing
me?” She looked at me. Softly rub my face where she slap
me before.

I stared at her and stole a quick kiss.

“You’re punishment.” I hurriedly said when she looked at
me bewilderedly.

“Haha.” She faked a laugh and went to the counter. “There,
that’s the last flower.” She said to herself, all

“What’s that?” I asked curiously.

“Your member went weird. Hangkyung requested me to deliver
flowers everyday for Xiao Lu.”

“How many flowers?” I asked.

“Thirteen flowers everyday.” She eyed me.

“That’s ridiculous.” I laughed.

“It’s super sweet though.” She added.

I stared at her, “You like flowers?” I asked her.

She rolled her eyes, “I’ve been living with flowers all my life.”

“What about me? Do you like me?” I asked her playfully.

“You’re such a flirt.” She shook her head. “Let’s go. I’m
closing the shop.”

I beamed at her.

3 days after, Hangkyung beg me to deliver the 13th flower
to Xiao Lu.

I don’t want to argue so I said yes…after 16 days he
proposed to her. I’m so insecure.

“How could I propose to her?” I asked myself one morning
while going to the rehearsal.

It’s been almost two months since the two of us started
dating… And I never got tired of her.

“Hmmmm…should I propose to her the day I first met her?!
Then it would be on the next month already!” I kept on
talking at myself.

Woah…time really flies fast.

I saw SHINee walked pass me, I picked on theme.

“Ya!” I called them, “How’s rehearsal?”

“Hmmmm…cool?” Onew answered.

I smiled at him, “Onew ah~ how would you propose to your girlfriend?”

“I don’t have girlfriend.” He chuckled.

“Ae…It’s only us here.” I teased.

“Hmmmmm…” Onew started to think.

He fell for it.

“Oh god…you really have a girlfriend.” I gasped.

Onew stared at me, warningly. “Hyung!” He started stomping
his feet on the floor.

Other members laughed at him too.

“Ya! Jungsoo hyung.” Someone tapped my shoulder.

I looked at him. It’s Yunho and Jaejoong.

“Don’t bully our dongsaeng.” Yunho said to me.

Then he went to Onew, “Ya!”

Onew stiffen.

He smiled, “You should introduce her to us…arasso?”

“Ya yunho ah~. You’re scaring the kid! And what’s wrong
with the two of you?! LEADERS!” Jaejoong said while keep
checking his phone.

“Since when did Jae became a party pooper?” I asked Yunho.

He stared at me, “GIRLS!”

I chuckled.

“Don’t be fooled by the girls…arasso?” We both told SHINee.

Then they left.

“Let’s go to this new opened bar tonight.” Yunho said.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked him. I noticed that he
often drink this pass few weeks.

“Ae…nothing. Well, see you, hyung!” He followed Jae.

I walk to this bar where Yunho told me to go. I saw Yunho,
Changmin, Jaejoong and HyunJoong there.

Something’s really wrong here.

But I never asked though. If they need me, then they could
ask anytime.

We all talk informally and drink.

At 11pm, my phone rang.

“’Su…” I heard HyeMin from the other line.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Where are you?” She asked.

“I’m in this bar…Together with Yunho.” I said immediately.


“Is there something wrong?” I asked her again.

“Upta…sorry I called you. Enjoy.” She said sweetly.

“Night!” I said.

She hang up.

“What’s that?” I asked myself. I’m about to call her back
when Jaejoong stood up and said that he’s going to go home

Calling her back slips my mind.

“Is he okay? I mean he’s so drunk.” I asked hyun Joong.

“Let’s just pray nobody will catch him driving under influence again.”


7pm the next day, I went to HyeMin’s flower shop to see her.

“Yoho!” I called.

“Leeteuk oppa…” The assistant approached me. “HyeMin unnie
didn’t go here today.”

That’s strange. HyeMin never failed to go to her
shop. “Maybe she’s in the other branch?” I asked her.

“No…I called there…she wasn’t there too.” The assistant disagreed.

I called her this morning but she never answered. I dialed
her number but I can’t reach her this time.

I decided to go visit her home but nobody opened the door
for me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked myself panicking.

I dialed SaHee and she said her aunt wasn’t there too.

One more person, Xiao Lu.

I rang Xiao Lu but no answer.
“Eotteoke?!” I asked myself again.

Hangkyung! I should call him.

“Hangkyung ah!” I almost yelled at him.

“Hyung! Weh?” He asked.

“Is Xiao Lu’s with you?” I asked him.

“Yup…uhmmm. HyeMin’s here too. Why?”

I sigh in relief. “Tell her I called her, arasso?”

And I hang up.


Tomorrow morning at 7am I proceeded to her house.

She was shock to see me there is that hour of the day but
she opened the door anyway.

“It’s too early.” She whined.

“It’s Sunday.” I said back.

She looked at me, “I’m still sleepy”

She made a big yawn and go back to her bed. I followed
her. I sat next to her.

“I called you yesterday.” I sulk.

“I’m sorry.” She said.

After a while, she fell asleep once more.

I chuckled; no girls have ever slept when I’m around. Only
her. I find it cute.

I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for her. “How
sweet of me? Leeteuk shii, you’re the man!” I complimented

It’s been one hour and a half since she’s been sleeping
but she never woke up again.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” I gently woke her up.

“What time is it?” She groaned.

“Quarter to nine…now, wake up.” I said pulling her hands up. She sat up.

“I’ve made breakfast for you.” I said excitedly to her.

She stared at me, “Am I dreaming?!”

“Haha…I’m a changed man, honey.” I said to her. “Where do
you want to eat?”

She just stared at me again.

“Okay… I’ll come back.”

I shook my head. She’s being lazy and baby now. Not that I
don’t like it…in fact I want the feeling that she needs me
and that she’s being dependent to me.

I put the food in the tray and went back to her room. She
wasn’t there. I checked on the toilet.

“You there?” I knocked the door.

No answer.

I slightly opened the door to peek.

There, I saw her sitting on the floor with her back on the
wall. I approached her.

“Honey…” I shook her shoulder.

She didn’t move.

I slowly slap her cheek but she didn’t flinch at all.
She’s breathing, I’m sure of it.

I lift her up and decided to rush her to the hospital
which is just 7 minutes away from there.

I’m on my panicked stage so I called all my members and
SaHee. One by one, they showed up.

“What’s going on here?” Eunhyuk said.

I forgot Eunhyuk is here in the same hospital. He was in
wheel chair with Ysia behind him.

“She pass out.” I told him.

“What really happened?” They all asked. So, I told them
what happened.

Xiao Lu and Hangkyung are the last to arrive but they are
the calmest of all.

“Where is she?” Xiao Lu asked.

I pointed at the door.

“The doctor never said anything yet?” Hangkyung asked me.

I shook my head, “Not yet.”

“I’m going crazy here.” Xiao Lu said then laughed so hard.

‘Why is she laughing in times like this?’ I thought.

“Xiao Lu,” Hangkyung grab her fiancée and they went to Eunhyuk instead.

Then the doctor went out. Everybody surrounded him.

“Mr. Park,” She called me. “She’s okay…she’s one month and
two weeks pregnant… chu ka hae!” She said then left.

I froze. Everyone did.

“I knew it!” Xia Lu told Hangkyung.

“Hey…Park Jungsoo,” SaHee tapped me. “What did you do to
that wicked witch? You have to marry her.” She said

“You don’t need to ask me too.” I replied and hugged all
Super Junior.

“I’m gonna be a daddy!” I yelled.

“Ah jinjja! I think I’m gonna be the first dad.” Hangkyung said.

“No marriage, no kids.” Xiao Lu said to Hangyung. He just sighed.

“Chu ka hae!” Others told me.

“Ae… The leader is always on the lead.” Kyuhyun said.

“Who’s next?” Donghae asked.

“I think it’s Kang-in.” Siwon said.

“Uhmmm. I think it’s Hangkyung.” Kibum guessed.

“Me!” Heechul said.

Everyone rolled their eyes, “Don’t joke around.”

“Weh?” Heechul whined.

I left them all and enter the room.

I saw her sitting on the hospital bed, back on the head board.

“I tried to tell you.” She said immediately when she saw
me coming.


“Uhmmmm. When I called you that night and you said you’re
in that bar with Yunho.”

“You should have told me right there.” I gently sulk at

“I just thought you never went out with your friends
lately so, I didn’t disturb you.” She said then smiled

I picked the topped of his nose, “silly.”

She fell silent.

“Don’t sleep on me again.” I said.

She smiled at me.

“You don’t need to adopt anymore.” I suddenly said.

She nodded.

“Don’t be scared. I’ll be there when you give birth to our
baby.” I assured her.

Her tears suddenly poured down her beautiful face. I heard
pregnant woman became more emotional.

I chuckled, “Ya… don’t cry.”

She smiled. “I prayed to god that our baby will acquire
your beautiful angelic smile…and that cute dimple.” She
said and touch my dimple.

“Am I too late?” Yesung bang the door.

I stared at him, “You’re little to early.”

“Oh…sorry.” He apologized. “Here.” He throw a small box at me.

Everybody entered…all smiles written on their faces.

“Noona!” Ryeowook said.

HyeMin smiled at him.

“Go go go go go….!” Kang- in whispered to me.

“Palle palle palle.” Shindong joined.

But I’m still stunned on my feet.

“Do you need us to propose for her?” Sungmin asked.

I shook my head, “I’ll do this.”

I took a deep breath.

“Will you marry me?”

HyeMin suddenly laughed and said, “What else I’m going to
do? I’m already pregnant.”

Everyone laughed. I can feel myself blushing.

“That’s good!” I said.

“11 left!” Ysia said.

“What do you mean?” Eunhyuk asked her.

“Two Sj is going married, eleven left.” She said.

“Are you planning to marry us?” Eunhyuk asked her.

“Nope…don’t include yourself,” She stared at the other
Super Junior. “Only them.”

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes. “I’m getting tired. I want to
sleep. Let’s go back to my room.”

“Bye!” Ysia waved.

“Super Junior, you never visit me often here. If I die, I
will haunt you all!” Eunhyuk said.

I saw Ysia poked Eunhyuk to shut up.

‘hmmm. What’s the story behind those two?’ I asked myself

“hyung, we all have guesting. See you!” Kang- in said.

=========BACK TO THE PRESENT=========

“Who wants pizza?” Samantha asked everyone.

“That’s mine!” SooJin yelled.

“Ae…Your oppa brought ten boxes of pizza.” She said to her.

“Where’s Donghae?” I asked her.

“Downstairs…” She simply answered.

“Are they fighting?” Kang- in asked her.

“Why would they fight?” She innocently asked.

We all looked at her.

“They’re friends. Past is past.” She answer and stared
at me, “What happened? You finish already?”

“Leeteuk oppa proposed in the hospital.” ShinHye answered her.

“Oh jinjja?” She gasped.

“Ya! Don’t pretend as if you don’t know.” I scold her.

She smiled at me ridiculously.

“Arasso…Whos next?” She asked.

Everyone looked at Siwon.

Siwon raised his hand to gesture, “Uhmmm. I married
next..but I guess, other member’s story started first.”

“Ae…we agreed according to marriage...” Kang- in said.

“Hyung,” Siwon stared at me for help.

“Go!” I told him.

He snarled his teeth but gave in anyway.

YEAH!!!!! SIWON'S NEXT!!! Our Hwangja!!!

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 10
My Father's Plea (Siwon)

Super Junior Story (2019) Siwon10

Siwon’s Story
Marriage For Eternity
November 06, 2013

======TO THE STORY=======

“…Reason is I’m alive!” Super Junior sang in chorus.

Today is our goodbye stage. The end of Super Junior
Projects. We thought of ending the goodbye concert with
our debuted song, ‘Twins (knock-out).

I stared at all my other members. They are all in tears.

“ELF…Saranghaeyo! Kamsadeurigayo!” They all randomly said.

While me, just standing in the middle of the stage. I
couldn’t figure out what am I going to do.

“Ya! Why aren’t you saying anything?” Kibum asked me, him
too was in tears.

I just shook my shoulder. “Ken cha na!”

“Uhmmmm. I have announcement to make.” Leeteuk said.

Everyone yelled. Everyone knows what he is going to say.

“I want to ask permission to all ELF.” He continued.

All audience screamed. Due to the goodbye concert, ELF are
already on tears and telling this now is not a good idea.

“Guys, mianhe…” Leeteuk is on his knees.

“Ken-cha-na-yo!” Everyone screamed.

I saw Leeteuk chuckled in relief.

“I’m getting married next month. Hope you all give your

I saw ELF cried and some smiled and give him blessing.

The screamings grow louder when Hangkyung kneeled next to

‘Oh no! This is too much for a night. Poor ELF!’ I thought.

Everyone understood what it means.

“ELF, you won’t be replace in our hearts!” The two of them said.

Every audience screamed in relief.

Then I saw, Heechul kneeled next to Hangkyung.

“Me too!” Heechul said.

Everyone laughed, “Ae!”

Audiences are all laughing now.

As usual, nobody won’t take Heechul seriously. I lift him
up from the floor.

The concert ended like that, actually that’s our 7th and
the last concert for the Goodbye Concert. We had concert
in America, Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines
and this time is in Seoul.

I changed my clothes in the dressing room…I’m about to go
meet the other member when I heard two people arguing. I
hid myself and peek. It’s Kang- in and Lee Yeon Hye.

“Ya! Jongwoon ah~…I hate you, I hate you. I HATE YOU!”
Yeon Hye yelled at Kang-in.

“Hays…Jinjja!” Kang- in shook his head from right to left
and sigh.

“I hate it when you do that and I saw you.” She yelled at
him and left.

Kang- in chuckled and grab Yeon Hye’s arm. She looked at
him, very annoyed now.

“I didn’t mean it.” Kang- in said.

“Wrong answer!” She said and punch him flat on the face.

She run off the hall.

I laughed so hard and approached Kang- in who’s still
stunned on his feet, fingers on the spot where Yeon Hye
hit him.

“Hyung, nice one!” I teased him.

He looked at me warningly.

“…or I’m living now.” I immediately walk away before his
wrath fall on me.

I bump into Leeteuk, “Hyung? Why are you in hurry?”

He just kept on walking, never minding me.

“SaHee called. HyeMin is on labor.” Donghae said and shivered.

I closed my eyes, “Shit, men greatest fear!”

I saw Jungmin and Hyung Joong of SS501 approaching.

“Nice concert!” Jungmin said and gave high five to me.

“You watched?” I asked surprisingly.

“Dang! One- fourth of the audiences are all artist. It’s a
pity though…Super Juniors living the face of K-pop…” Hyung
Joong added.

“Ahahahaha! Say that to yourself too. I heard you will
going to hold goodbye concert next year… after Dong Bang
Shin ki!” Heechul popped his head out from the door.

“We need too…” Youngsaeng said. I never noticed that he’s
here also.

“Hyung, chu ka hee!” 2pm and U-kiss flooded the place.

“Ae…If I know, all of you are happy that we are gone.”
Heechul murmured.

Everyone laughed.

“You’ll grow old too.” Sungmin said and the laughters
keep on going.

“Nobody’s going to the hospital?” Taemin asked when SHINee
joined in.

“Everyone is nervous!” MiYan said, the daughter of one of
their manager.

“Ya~ where have you been?” Sungmin said and she just
smiled at him.

I kept on laughing at them with their ridiculous stories.

Someone tapped me. “Siwon shii… you’re father wants to see
you.” One of my father’s body guard told me.

I sigh. This is another thing I want to avoid.

“See you all tomorrow.” I waved to them.

I entered our ancestral house. It’s 3 storey with only my
parents in it and some maids.

I rarely visit this house to avoid unnecessary arguments.

I sat at the living room. I chuckled at myself. This place
feels foreign to me. It makes me uneasy.

I saw my mom approaching me and my dad behind her.

“I’m so proud of you.” My mother said. He hugged me tightly.

“Great job!” My dad hugged me too but not as warmly as my mother.

We just had tea and my father got down to the discussion.

‘O please. I don’t wanna hear it!” I thought.

“Son,” He stared at me. “I’m getting old.”

Nice introduction. I looked at him warily.

“You need to focus on our business.”


“Siwon,” He stared at me fiercely. “I tolerated you when
you joined Super Junior…now…listen to my plea.”

I sighed.

“Dad, I can’t do it…business isn’t my line.” I tried to

“Come on, son. You’re not that dumb.” He point out.

My mother squeezed my hand, “Just do what he want.”

I sighed, “Arasso…but don’t blame me if all our business
will go to nothing.” I sneered.

“Son,” My mother called me, “When are you going to give us

I chocked my tea.

Couch, cough, cough.

Seriously, it’s the first time this discussion surfaced.
And the hell with grandkids? With ‘s’?!

“Ma?!” I whined.

“As your father said, where not getting any younger. What
about my friends’ daughters?” My mother said excitedly.

Her friends’ daughters?! Hell no! They are brats and not
really insulting but they are not presentable. ELF won’t
be happy if I marry one of my mother’s friends’ daughters.

Oh no! Anyone but not them.

“Yes?!” My mother asked eagerly.

“Ma, not them…In fact…” I think of an excuse. “I’m in love
with this girl.”

My parents looked at each other.

“Great! Then introduce her to us. Arasso?” My mother said

I sighed, ‘Damn! I’m in trouble.’ I thought.

“’Ma…give me one month to propose to her. I really love
her so I need extra precaution…’Ma, u understand me,

I smiled at her. “Nice thinking Siwon shiii!” I murmured to myself.

My parents thought about it, “arasso.”

“And son, next week your younger sister will be home and
teach you.” My father added.

I knew it. They planned it ahead of me.

“Arasso!” I said goodbye and went to my own house.

I picked a glass of wine from the wine cellar.

I then went to watch news from the TV.

I saw the recap of our goodbye stage and the highlight is
the announcement of Leeteuk and Hangkyung Wedding.

“Fantastic! Unbelievable!” Kang Hodong said on one of the
interview after the concert.

“Now that they are not doing Super Junior projects
anymore… variety shows MCs are panicking! Puhahahha!” Kang
Hodong added.

I can’t believe he’s there too.

“They ended with a bang!” Shindong Yup said.

“They are indeed a legendary band!” Lee Hyori said and
beamed to the camera.

“Leeteuk and hangkyung hyung…you two are the man!” Daesung
of Bigbang said.

I turned off the TV. Those kind of news makes me sad.

My phone rang.

“It’s a boy!” Leeteuk shouted from the other line.

I smiled, “Chu ka hee.”

“Ya… why aren’t you here?” He asked.

“Something came up.” I said, then my phone vibrates
again… “Tuekie, someone’s calling me…talk to you later.”

“Yoboseyo?” I asked.

“It’s a boy!” Hangkyung said.

“You’re too late. Leeteuk told me.”

“Well, that’s great. I just want to remind you…”

“Ya ya ya I know… that your wedding is on next three weeks
in China. See?” I interrupted him.

“Great! See you in China then.”

“cha ka man…” I said.

“Weh?” he asked.

“Your flight is today?!” I asked.

“Yah…lots of preparation.”

My shoulder dropped. “okay…take care and regards to Xiao Lu.”

For two weeks I was taught by my sister how to
handle our business.

Seriously, it’s little embarrassing that I was being
taught by my little sister and it wasn’t really that
difficult since I’m not too naïve in managing business.

What I liked about it is, I’m the boss.

I attended Hangkyung’s wedding in China which is
successful and I’ve got to see Henry and Zhou Mi again.

Now, I’m sipping my wine facing the rest of Super Junior
in Leeteuk’s wedding party.

“What’s wrong?” Heechul asked.

“Upta!” I denied.

“Ae…ipta!” He insist.

“Do you know a girl..uhmmm. how could I say this? My
parents wanted me to get married.” I said a little louder.

All Super Junior eyes are on me.

“Go on…” Yesung asked me the rest of the details. So I told them.

“…and it’s been a month already. They keep on annoying me
when they heard Leeteuk’s is going to marry today.” I said.

“Just tell them, you lied.” Eunhyuk said.

“Then they will marry me with those brats. ELF won’t be
proud of me. Unlike HyeMin and Xiao Lu…they are approved
by ELF.”

Everybody sighed.

“You just need somebody to pretend as your wife.” Shindong

That’s not a bad idea. “I don’t know a girl.” I said frankly.

“Actually, I remembered something like, a friend of our
wedding coordinator asked for a guy to pretend as her
husband.” Leeteuk said.

I stared at him, “Seriously?”

Leeteuk stared back at me and called HyeMin.

“Yup…I remembered that...about two weeks ago. A girl
rushed to the office…of our wedding coordinator and
demanded if they know a man who wants to be her husband.”

“That sounds crazy.” Heechul shivered.

“Woah… she’s a beauty. And I guess her and our wedding
coordinator are friends.” HyeMin assured.

I have to consider this option.

“Do you have contact?” I asked.

“Here,” She handed me her phone where the saved number
is. “That’s the number of our wedding coordinator, her
name is Samantha.”


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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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The next week I entered this place called, “Wedding For

I called Samantha and she told me to go this afternoon,
that’s why I’m here.

I knocked at the door.

“Uhm…Mr. Choi… Come in.” She waved and told me to
sit. “How can I help you?” She asked.

I looked at through her reading glass… I know she’s isn’t

“Are you Korean?” I asked her.

“Uhmmm. No. I’m Filipino. Now, Mr Choi…How could I help you?”

I told her about what HyeMin told me.

She stared at me, “Are you sure?”

I nodded.

“I know it’s crazy…”

“I understand…should I call her now?” She asked me.

I nodded, “Sure.”

She dialed a phone number. “Yoboseyo?”

“EunRi unie~…there’s a man here…remember what you came
here for last 2 weeks?” she asked.

I stared at Samantha, “oh…arasso!”

“What did she said?” I asked her when the call ended.

“Uhmmm. She’ll be here any minute.”

I’m surprised, “She didn’t ask who?”

“Nope. EunRi is in need of husband… same as you need a
wife…she would consider anyone right now.” She said and
went back to her business.

“Do you want coffee?” She asked.

I nodded and so she called and after 3 minutes the coffee
was delivered.

Someone knocked at the door after 30 minutes.

“That must be her.” Samantha said. “Come in.”

A girl entered in her black coat. She took off her cloak
and hat. I surveyed her while sipping my coffee.

She’s indeed a beauty and very familiar face. I wonder
where I saw her before.

“Unie, this is Mr. Choi.” Samantha pointed at me. I stood
up and shook hand with her.

“Isn’t he from Super Junior?” She asked Samantha.

Samantha nodded.

“Hi…I’m Kim EunRi.”

Someone opened the door, “Ae…what’s this?” A girl in curvy
hair entered.

She looked at me. “Wow! One of Super Junior is getting married?!”

Samantha looked at me, “She’s SooJin…one of the owner of Casa Shiena.”

“Nice to meet you. We often go to that bar. I didn’t know
the owner is a girl.” I said abruptly. I adored the place…
it’s really nice there. Yunho recommended the place and so
it became our favorite.

“Thanks. Uhmmm… EunRi…I saw you came in, how’s America?”
She asked EunRi.

EunRi rolled her eyes, “terrible.”

She then looked at me, “Can we discuss this somewhere

I nodded and we approached the door.

“Update us!” SooJin and Samantha yelled at EunRi.

“Arasso!” She yelled back.

We agreed on certain things; FREEDOM, DIVORCE AFTER A

After a week, in Casa Shiena. Kyuhyun told me to come here
and I saw Donghae, Heechul, Shindong and Yesung drinking

“What happened to your so called wife?” Donghae asked.

“Great…We agreed to introduce her to my parents this
Friday.” I said.

“What’s her name?” Shindong asked.

“Uhm… EunRi… Kim EunRi.” I said.

“Siwon shii?” I heard someone called. It’s SooJin.

“hey…”I smiled at her.

“EunRi’s here.” She said and point EunRi sitting in the
corner with Samantha.

I saw the others eyed her.

“Isn’t she from Lee Magazine?” Yesung asked.

“Weh…Isn’t her name is Ahn Arya?” Heechul aked.

“EunRi’s stage name is Ahn Arya. You must have heard about
her.” SooJin explained. “I should go now…Enjoy, oppa.”

So that’s why she’s very familiar. I remembered now.

“God must have love you…you’re so lucky to be married to
an international model.” Heechul teased me.

“Who’s her?” Kyuhyun asked me and points to SooJin.

“She’s SooJin…one of the owner of this bar.” I told him.

“Oh…that’s why I always see her here.” Kyuhyun said.

“What about her?” Donghae asked.

“Oh…that’s Samantha… She prepared Leeteuk’s wedding.” I told them.

He nodded.

I observed her the whole night until they went home. They
didn’t even emptied each soju they ordered. So I’m sure
they’re safe because they’re not drunk.

Friday, I picked her up. She was on her formal dress.

I tried to ask her why she wanted a husband and she wont
tell me…I didn’t ask her again because it is surely none
of my business.

“How do you want me to call you?” I asked her while
driving to my parents’ house.

“What do you mean?” She stared at me curiously.

“Ahn Arya or EunRi?” I asked her.

“You did research about me?” She asked. I can hear
annoyance in her voice. I got scared.

“No… I met SooJin in Casa Shiena and she told me about
your stage name.” I explained.

“Call me EunRi besides I won’t be Ahn Arya ever again.”
Then she looked away.

I was confused. She seems to hate something. “Here we
are!” I told her and I drove the car to the parking space
when the gate opened.

I can see that she’s a tough woman but when we entered my
place, I felt she became uneasy. “Relax.” I seek for her
hand. “Let’s go now.” I encouraged her.

We sat to the couch in the living room and waited for my

I just stared at her and observed her for a while. She’s
been humming a tune and seems like she’s in deep thought.

When I saw my parents coming, “They’re here.” I whispered.

She looked around and saw my parents and immediately
bowed. I followed her.

My mother smiled at me secretly.

I sigh in relief. ‘Thanks god she liked her.’ I thought.

But we can’t easily fool my father just yet.

I pray for a miracle.

========BACK TO THE PRESENT==========

“That’s scary.” ShinHye gasped.

“Ae… I never thought Donghae is there too…” Samantha said.

“They’re here!” Eunhyuk yelled. He’s at the terrace now.
NaHae joined him.

“That’s strange…I thought they used only two vans. Why is
three in there?” NaHae said.

I peeked as well. One by one they got out from the van.

I saw EunRi came down. HyeMin, JaeHee, HyunAh, Miyan and
her husband Sungmin also came down.

I got curious whose in the other van.

“Ya! HanJin!” ShinHye yelled at my side.

I saw other three girls followed HanJin. Kwon MinCha, kim
Jae- In and Park GaYen.

“Why DBSK’s wives here?” kang- in asked.

“Come up here…Palle palle palle!” Ysia shouted at them.

I’m so confused.

When we saw them entered the house, we went back in.

“Dong Bang Shin ki’s wives here.” Donghae said.

“We saw them.” I said.

Ysia, NaHae, Xiao Lu, ShinHye, Samantha and SaHee all gave them hugs.

EunRi went beside me and whispered, “I missed you.”

I chuckled. “Me too.”

“Ya! HanJin… did you run away again from Jaejoong?”
Leeteuk yelled jokingly to Hanjin.

HanJin just stick her tongue out. “Unie, Leeteuk’s being
bad again.” She whined to HyeMin.

“I called Yunho.” MinCha said voluntarily.

“Me too. Micky said yes.” Jae- In said.

Everyone looked at GaYen.

She smiled at us, “Don’t tell Xiah.”

Too late, Eunhyuk already ringing Xiah.

“Yeah…she’s here. And if you’ll go here… bring lots of
pillows. Arasso?” Eunhyuk said.

GaYen just sighed in surrender.

“What did he said?” I asked him.

“He said Yunho is already in his way to pick the three of them.” He said.

“It sounds fun here.” HanJin said.

“Where’s my cousin?” ShinHye asked MinChan.

ShinHye is Shin Saeng’s cousin. The girl Changmin married.

“Oh yeah! Changmin said that they’ll think about it if
they could come here or not. You know, Shin Saeng is in
her 9th month too.” MinChan answered and waved at SooJin.

“It’s getting crowded now that DBSK family is here.”
Ryeowook said excitely and told us to move out the couches
to the side. We then help him spread 30 mattresses on the
floor so we can either sit or lie on it. It’s actually a
nice idea.

“It’s our story’s turn.” I whispered EunRi.

She looked at me shockingly. “Already?! Which part?” She asked.

“Meeting my parents.”

“ohhhh no…The scary part.” She shivered by the thought.


Hope you like it…

For those confused to the new quest…here.

YUNHO- Kwon MinChan
YOOCHUN- kim Jae-In
CHANGMIN- Shin Saeng (not yet there)

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 11

"Please,Don't Creep Into My Heart as well."(Siwon)

======TO THE STORY======

NOTE: EunRi’s Point of View


“They’re here.” He whispered and whatever I’m thinking flew out.

I immediately stood up and bowed for Siwon’s parents.

Seriously, I’m really nervous now. Not that I can gain
from this but I’m really nervous.

I sigh. ‘No turning back.” I thought.

Siwon put his arms around my waist. I’d say this is the
most intimate gesture we ever done so far and imagining
what could happened next for this deal is so breathe-

Shook my head to cast away those thoughts.

He leads me out to the table in the terrace where his
parents already sitting ahead of us.

“Relax.” He whispered. Arms around me, very close to me.

‘How could I relax if you’re like this?’ I wanted to tell him.

We sat there.

“What’s your name, child?” Her mother asked me.

“EunRi…Kim EunRi.” I answered her.

“Are you in any way related to this Ahn Arya?” She asked.

I couldn’t breathe. How the hell did she know about her? About me. I abandoned that name before.

Siwon looked at me then her mom, “She’s Ahn Arya, ma.”

She smiled. “I knew it.” She then looked at her
husband. “I told you.”

“How do you know Ahn Arya, ma?” Siwon asked.

“I saw her from lots of advertisement before and from
magazines too.” She said.

“What happened to you, dear?” She asked.

I wanted to lie but I couldn’t.

“My mother died three years ago so I decided to leave the
advertising world.” I said.

“So what are you doing lately?” Siwon’s father suddenly

I almost run out of fear.

“I run our family business.” I said.

“What business your family have?” He asked.

He’s more interested with business so I guess this is the
way to his heart.

‘Indeed he is the Choi who owned one of the largest Market
Lines is Korea.’ I thought.

“Uhmmm. Have you heard of this restaurant, ‘Ninety-
Fifty’?!” I asked him.


“My mother started that before she met my father and
eventually the business is going great now.” I said.

“You run all the chains? I mean Ninety- Fifty is a big
restaurant.” He said, impressed.

I sighed in relief and we all talked about business and
Siwon was always left out.

Time passed so fast and it’s already night time.

“So, when is the wedding?” Her mom asked.

I looked at Siwon and saw him looking at me also.

‘Looking at Siwon is not really a good idea if you have to
think of something.’ I thought as I take note in my head.

“You haven’t talk for the date yet?” His father asked.

We both nodded.

“Uhm…what about next two months?” His mother suggested.

“Earlier would be better.” I suggested and I can feel
Siwon’s grip tightens on my side.

Sorry Siwon but I badly needed to get married before the
next two months.

“Well, that’s great then.”

NOBODY talked until we reach my house.

“Why so soon?” He asked me while stopping the car outside
my house.

“I needed to get married before the next two months.” I
said honestly.

‘Damn…told you not to look in his eyes.’ I scold myself.

“Weh?” He asked.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you now.” I said and started to open
the door.

“Okay then… see you.”


I shook my head while I stared at her opening the gate for

I waited for a while to be sure she entered her house then I drove off.

I’m really impress how she managed to catch my father’s
flavor. She guessed it right that my father’s interest is

I didn’t expect she will be good at it.

I’m really curious why is she in such a hurry about
getting married. Something’s fishy.

I shook the thought off.

The wedding isn’t going to be fake and everything else.
The only thing that we’ll going to fake is, our feelings.

‘Be still, my heart. don’t get in the way.’ I told myself
then chuckled.


Ring ring ring!!!!!

I woke up when my phone rang.

“Turn on your TV.” EunRi said on the phone.

I turned the TV to the news she instructed.

After watching it I was shocked.

“My mother must have been very excited.” I said to her.

“You…She did that?” She asked.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized.

“Well, it’s okay. It’s better this way so you wouldn’t
shock your fanbase and I’m shutting my mini hompy now.”

“Cha ka man, did ELF already swarmed your homepage?” I

“Ahahaha! You’re kidding me. I already got thousands of
messages from your ELF.”

“They’re not that bad.” I murmured.

“Actually, some gave blessings. Some cursed you for not
telling them right away…like Leeteuk and Hangkyung did.”
She said.

I’m so guilty.


I was entering now in “Wedding for Eternity” office.

EunRi wanted me to come to decide for the details for our
wedding next week.

“Are you two sure that you’re not going to honeymoon?”
Samantha asked.

She rolled her eyes, “You know damn what this marriage is

Samantha looked at me sheepishly, “What about you Siwon

“Uhmmmmm.” I shook my head.

“Okay then…So that’s how your wedding would be okay?”
Samantha said.

I liked all her idea even though she knows abut this
wedding she still gave her best.

I stood up and EunRi did too.

“Cha ka man yo.” Samantha called, “If one of Super Junior
wants to get married…please inform them about me okay?”

“Arasso!” I smiled at her.

“How old is she?” I asked EunRi.

“She’s turning 23 in our wedding day.” She said.

“Woah! She’s young.” I smirked.


January 26, 2014
Wedding day

I stayed still where I’m standing in front of the garden.

It’s a Garden Wedding because it seems like it’s a sin
from GOD to get married without love so I suggested to
make it as a Garden Wedding.

Leeteuk is the best man and SooJin is the maid of honor
because Samantha will be very busy.

“Don’t be nervous.” Leeteuk whispered.

“Isn’t she a little late?” I asked Leeteuk.

“Nope. You’re just too excited.” Leeteuk chuckled I my side.

I looked at him fiercely.

He fell silent.

I saw her walking on the carpeted aisle towards me and I

I never saw her as beautiful as this. I mean I was
attracted to her but I didn’t actually tolerated myself.
This is surely a marriage for convenience, we both know it.

I stared at her again and she just took my breath away so
I looked away instead and waited for her.

“Mr. Choi, I entrusted my daughter to you.” A firm remark
from her stepfather.

I just nodded and took EunRi’s hand away from him.


I nervously walked down the aisles. All I wished is to get
over this wedding as soon as possible.

I saw Siwon looking at me. It scares me and makes me feel
uncomfortable. Seeing him waiting form me in his black
suit and walking towards him is like walking for ages.
It’s like all slow motioned.

I stared at him, I saw him staring back at me but looked
away immediately.

I was somehow hurt because it’s clear that he doesn’t want
what he’s seeing.

I sighed.

“Mr. Choi, I entrusted my daughter to you.” My step father said.

I raised my head to look at my step father in front of me.

‘Yeah right, you jerk. I know that you’re the loneliest
man in the world right now.’ I thought.

I hate this man, the man I used to call ‘Dad’. I want him

I sighed.

Siwon took my hand from my father and somehow I forgot my hatred towards my step father.

Siwon is very supportive through out the ceremony. I guess
it added the fact that he’s an actor. He acts well.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband
and wife" The priest said.

Oh no. The next part…

“You may kiss each other.” The priest continued.

I took a deep breath, this part keeps on bugging me.

I looked at Siwon. He started to unveil me.

I took peek to all Super Junior who are looking excitedly.

I stared back at Siwon, ‘What is he thinking now?’ I asked my self.

He slowly bowed his head to meet mine and raised my chin.

“Just bear with me.” He whispered before kissing me.

Well, that somehow helps.



I stared at her. I can feel that she’s really uneasy now
after the exchange of vows.

“You may kiss each other.” The priest said.

I almost forgot about this part.

‘So that’s why she’s uneasy.’ I thought.

I found it cute and exciting.

I stared at her and pull her veil up. I saw her looking at
Super Junior who are beaming at me. Heechul also thumbs up.

I secretly chuckled at myself.

I looked at her, ‘Ahhh. My poor wife. Don’t worry. I’ll
make it easy for you.’ I thought.

I raised her chin for me to be able to kiss her, “Just
bear with me.” I whispered to her.

I kissed her but I didn’t expect the feeling that kiss
gives me. Seems like it electrifies me.

I initially planned to just kiss her quickly but I liked
the feeling so I kissed her the way I never kiss her a
woman before. Who cares?! She’s my wife.

I suddenly become proud as her husband.

I then noticed her pinch me at my waist so I stopped
kissing her.

She chuckled, “Can’t you wait?”

And everyone who heard laughed even the priest.

“I present to you the newly married couple, Kim EunRi and
John Choi Siwon.” The priest said after he managed to stop

The guests stand and applaud, as the two of us leads the
recessional out.


The party at night.

“Hey…why did you attack EunRi all the sudden?” Samantha
asked me.

I just stared by at her.

“It’s okay… you don’t need to answer. I understand.” She
said and grinned at me.

I just laughed back at her.

“10 Super Junior left.” She said.

“Don’t worry, they are not meant for you. They are bad
people.” I told him and she laughed.

“Ae… don’t misinform her, Siwon.” Donghae told me and grab
Samantha by the arm.

They then left the crowd.

“You want more wine?” EunRi asked when she saw me.

She was on her white casual dress.

She’s getting beautiful every time I see her.

“Did you have enough wine?” I asked her.

“Just a bit.” She said.

I stared at her, “You’re lying.”

“Fine, nothing that I can’t handle.” She said.

I saw Heechul and Hangkyung sign something and point at
the entrance of the reception.

“Damn… My parents.” I murmured.

“Oh…Great they’re here.” She said.

I stared at her unbelievingly. ‘When did she gain this
confidence?’ I thought.

“You’re not drinking that?” She points at the glass of
wine I’m holding.

I haven’t answered her but she took it and drank in one

I looked in awe, “Why did you drink it? It has 30% of
alcohol in it?”

“In that glass?” She asked, surprised.

I nodded, “Well, yeah.”

“Omo!” She gasped.

“You’ll be okay now. The effect will be after 2 hours.” I
assured her.

“Why do you drink that anyway?” She blamed me.

Yeah. Nice question. Why am I drinking that kind of wine.?
Well, I want to punish myself for my action in the
wedding. I shouldn’t act like that.

I automatically pulled her closer to me and put my arms
around her waist when I saw my mom approaching.

‘It feels right.’ I told myself.

“Hi, dear.” My mother said to EunRi.

EunRi smiled. “Did you enjoyed the party, Ma?” She asked my mom.

Mom wanted EunRi to call her ‘ma’ like I do.

“The party is great. How’s being my son’s wife?” My asked her.

I anticipated for her answer.

“Great! I won’t regret!” She said back to my mom.

In times like this, I should be happy but knowing it is
just for a show…I’m little frustrated.

“That’s great, dear. Now, I should go home now.” She
stared at me. “Be a good boy now.”

I rolled my eyes.

My mom looked at EunRi. “And give me lots of grand kids,

EunRi though shocked just laughed at the end.

“Arasso.” She agreed.

My mom then happily left.

Suddenly, she grabbed me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, concern.

“I think it’s slowly getting…me.” She murmured.

Woah! That was quick.

“Tell me honestly, did you drink lots of wine before you
took mine?” I asked her.

“Various of wines.” She said and looked at me apologetically.

“Are you killing yourself?! You took various of wines just
this night?” I gently scold her.

“Hubby, don’t yell at me.” And she buried her face in my

I liked the sounds of it. But damn… she’s drank.

I called my younger sister.

“Jiwon ah~, will you please take care of the guest. We’ll
go ahead. Arasso?”

She nodded, “Is unie okay?” She asked.

“She just accidentally drank the wine you brought from
U.S.” I told her.

“What?! Have a fun night then.” She grinned at me.

I sighed, ‘How much worst could happened next?’ I asked
myself and stared at my wife who’s lying motionless in my

The first woman who ever entered my bedroom. The first woman I let to enter my life.

I stared at her, “Please don’t creep into my heart as well, arasso?” I whispered to her stupidly.

I chuckled to the way I act.

I just stared at her to my hearts content.

n/a: La la la la! Haha… well…that’s sound greasy at the end….that is siwon shiii.

Hope you like this chapter…since two people are telling
the story.

Hangkyung-Xiao Lu
Leeteuk- KimHyemin
Siwon-Kim Eunri
Kangin- Yeonhye
Shindong Jaehee
Yesung- HyunAh
Ryeowok Sahee
Kibum- HinHye
Heechul- Nahae

YUNHO- Kwon MinChan
YOOCHUN- kim Jae-In
CHANGMIN- Shin Saeng

HyunJoong, Lin Jaewha
Jungmin- Shishae
Youngsaeng, choonyei
Kyujoong, lee DaeShik
Hyung Joon- Saemi

Hope that helps.

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 12

My Cheeky Mother (siwon)

==========TO THE STORY==============

EunRi's POV

My head aches so badly. I couldn’t bear it. I shook my
head but only added the headache I feel. I opened my eyes
knowing that I should.

Everything is blurry and I waited for a while for my eyes
to adjust. Now, everything’s back to normal.

The place isn’t familiar. The bedroom looks so manly.

I sat up.

I heard a click from a doorknob from a door that looks
like a toilet.

I stared at it.

My heart beats faster as I waited for the door to open.

“Siwon shiii?” I gasped when I recognized who the person is.

It seems like a movie, me, looking at the most beautiful
specie of the whole wide world.

I unconsciously stared at his wet hair, his bare-naked
chest down to his…HIS!

“You’re awake?” He saw me looking at him. He seems
surprised and went back to the toilet and return with a
bathrobe around his body…his perfect body.

I can’t believe what I just saw.

I shook my head to throw away the image from my mind and hated myself for having a photographic memory.

I shivered and it just occurred to me to check myself.


“What did you do to me?!” I asked him in the middle of my
hysteria. I just saw myself with only my two piece

He just stared back at me ridiculously.

I started to feel myself, ‘I’m seem fine.’ I thought.

“You wanna know?” He teased me.

“What happened?” I asked him annoyingly. I’m a bad morning person.

He sat down on the swinging-chair in front of the bed like
a prince. He took his time sipping his cup of coffee.

After what happened, I just couldn’t help to be mesmerized
by the beauty of the man I married.

“Listen.” He began.


‘My wife is really interesting.’ I thought seeing her in
my bed covering herself with the blanket.

I chuckled by the thought of last night.

*FLASHBACK (lastnight)*

She’s the first woman I ever let to enter my life, will she stay?

I stared at her, “Don’t creep into my heart as well,
arasso?” I whispered at her stupidly.

She couldn’t even hear me so I chuckled at myself. I’m
acting so stupid now. Very stupid, indeed.

It scares me that without knowing she’ll enter not just my
life but my heart as well.

“Please, not now.” I told myself.

I stared at her for so long and decided to go downstairs.
I might need to drink water now, so I did.

Suddenly, I heard crushing upstairs so I rushed up there.
I saw her sitting at the edge of the bed ready to stand. I
also saw the wireless phone on the floor. That must have
made the sound.

“Where are you going?” I asked her and went closer to her.

“Hot…” She murmured and stared at the glass of water I
took for myself downstairs. I just gave her that and she
gulped it all.

She stood up and grabbing me for support.

“Toilet…sink…palle.” She muttered.

I sighed at lead her to the sink.

I thought she’s going to throw up but she just turned on
the tap and washed her face and accidentally soak almost
of her dress.

“Siwon shii…” She muttered looking at my reflection
through the mirror.


“It’s still hot… it’s really killing me…my tummy…” She
keeps on muttering. She leaned on me.

I looked at her worriedly…she really looks pity now. The
effect of several wines she took really hit her this bad.

I took her back to the bed and wanted her to sit but she

She started to lift her dress up.

I froze. “What are you doing.”

“It’s killing me…”She argued.

I sighed in surrender and help her take her dress off her
leaving only her two piece underwear.

“Better?” I managed to ask her.

She nodded and took a deep breath, “ Don’t let me drink
that wine ever again, arasso?” She told me in her weakest

I stared at her and she stared back at me.

“How could I marry a handsome man?” She said touching my
face gently.

‘oh…GOD… Don’t let her do this.’ I thought praying to God.

“EunRi ah~” I called her gently.

“Hmmmmm?” She stared at me innocently.

“Don’t ever drink again.” I whispered.

“Arasso.” She nodded.

“Now, lie down.” I told her.

She did what I told her with my help.

I stood up but she grabbed my hand.

“Siwon shii.” She called me, almost a whisper.

I leaned over to hear her.

“Give your wife a goodnight kiss.” She said seriously.

I chuckled, “arasso.” In times like this, I don’t need to
be ask twice.

I leaned closer to kiss her.

It’s like déjà vu. What happened at the wedding earlier
this afternoon is happening again.

I know I should stop but I simply can’t.

She’s just irresistible from the way she reacts on my
kisses. She responds equally to the way I kiss her.

I rested my hands beside her and decided to go to the flow.

Suddenly, she stop responding.

I stared at her and chuckled at myself unbelievingly.

“How could she fall asleep just like that?” I asked myself.

She’s the strangest woman I ever met…the most interesting
of all. Unfortunately, the one my heart beats for.

I surveyed her.

My wife has a perfect body and it tortures me.

I took a deep breath and fix the blanket over her.

“Have a sweet dreams.” I whispered and planted a quick
kiss on her warm lips.

I left her unwillingly and go downstairs.

*end of flashback.*

I wanted to tell her everything but I refrain myself.

Instead I lied, “You just took your clothes off yourself.”
That part is half-true.

“Nothing else happened?” She asked me, I can see she’s

“What? Do you remember something?” I asked her.


“Then don’t worry. Trust me, nothing ILLEGAL happened.”

“Siwon shiii!” She screamed at me warningly.

‘My wife is a morning-person. I can’t joke around.’ I

“Arasso. But nothing really happened.” I assured her.

The 1st two weeks of our marriage is a crap. Even though I
know I shouldn’t expect much but I miss her. We barely see
each other even though we live in the same house.

She has to go to her office and I have to go to mine also.
It’s really ridiculous. I’m used to go to filming,
concerts, guest-ing and lots of idol schedule but now, to
my office. It’s rather insane.

Today is Sunday. A family day and I saw her cooking at the

“Good morning.” I greet her as I sat myself in the highchair.

She just smile at me sweetly.

‘EunRi…don’t be like that.’ I thought staring at her. ‘I’m
afraid I won’t let you go easily when I’ll get use with
your smile.” I added telling myself.

“Siwon oppa.” She said. The first time she calls me ‘oppa.’
She gave me a cup of coffee.

“Hmmmm?” I took a sip of coffee.

“I want to go to the zoo today.” She said excitedly.

I stared at her, surprise.

“It’s okay if you wouldn’t come. I’ll ask Samantha
instead.” She said brightly.

“I’ll come.” I assured her. Even though it’ll be chaos
because others will recognize me.

“It’s okay. You stay here and rest.” She insist.

“Ken-cha-na.” I said.

She beamed at me and took a sip to her coffee also.

“Hot! Hot! Hot!” She squeal and childishly blew her coffee.

I could watch her for the rest of my life.

The phone behind her rang.

“I got it!” She said and readied herself to stand but
accidentally bash her coffee and it soaked me.

She looked at me, sorry and horrified.

I stood up. The liquid is really hot and it’s burning my skin.

“Take off your shirt.” She said to me.

Continuation @next repz...

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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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“Take off your shirt.” She said to me.

She helped me take my shirt off me. Then she surveyed the
damage of the coffee it cause me.

“How was it?” I asked her, never minding the pain. She
tried to touch the place where everything is red and it’s
really painful. It makes me step a little backward.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered and stared at me apologetically.

I don’t know what to feel, the way she look at me is very
foreign to me. I couldn’t afford to be upset with her.

“The phone.” I said, breaking the awkwardness.

“The hell with the phone!” She yelled back at me. “Could
you be more worried to yourself?”

I froze.

“Mianhe.” She said lowering her voice

I liked the feeling that she worries about me.

“GO ahead upstairs, I’m going to check here if I brought
ointment.” She said.

Like a kid, I started drifting away from the kitchen.

“In your room!” She yelled for me to hear her.

She’s been using the room next to mine for the last two
weeks. That’s how we agreed on.

After a while, she came with ointment in her hands and
approached me.

“Let me see that again…” She said to me gently and grab my
hand to go near the window for clearer view.

I can see in her pretty face the guilt so I told her, “It
wasn’t that bad.”

She didn’t listen to me, she started to put the ointment
in the regions that are already red.

“Hope it’ll won’t leave a scar or else…” She murmured.

She was busy minding putting the ointment while I’m busy
staring at her. Hope it’ll go on forever.

“Siwon shii.” She raised her head to look at me and I
swear she saw me looking at her.

“Hmmmm?” I asked.

“Uhmmm. Do…Do you think you need to go to the clinic?” She
asked stammering while she let herself busy again, never
dared to look at me again.

I laughed gently, “It’s just a minor burn and you nurse me
well. I don’t need another.”

She chuckled, “Greasy.”

“It’s true.” I convinced her.

She smiled at me a fake smile and stroke the damaged
region harder.

“Ouch!” I missed my breath and I automatically stepped

“Siwon shii…” She smiled again. “Don’t be too greasy.
You’re a married man now.”

She left right away, leaving me open- mouth.


I shut the door behind me.

“Siwon shii…why are you like this?” I murmured to myself.

What happened a while ago is unbearable. It just makes my
heart beats faster and I know I shouldn’t be like this.
It’s really addictive.

“It’s all wrong.” I reminded myself.

I took a deep breath before I went downstairs.

After fixing everything at the kitchen is also the time
the phone rang again.

“Yoboseyo?” I asked.

“EunRi, it’s Hangkyung. Is siwon there?” Hankyung asked.

“Yeah. Wait.” I said.

My steps are heavy while approaching Siwon’s room. I’m not
ready to face him yet.

I took a deep breath, “Siwon, phone.” I told him.

He’s still half- nude. He said thanks and took the
wireless phone beside the bed. I wanted to eavesdrop but I
went off.

Minutes later, Siwon went down.

“Xiao Lu’s pregnant.” He informed me.

“Chinja?” I said, unbelievingly.

Xiao Lu is really nice to me and supportive. She always
call me to check things out. HyeMin and Ysia are always
sending ransom messages.

The phone rang again and Siwon took it.

“Chinja?” Siwon said, laughing.

He then nodded, “arasso.”

I wanted to ask but I wasn’t supposed to. It’s none of my

“It’s Kang- in.” He said.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I suddenly become happy that it wasn’t a girl.

“what did he said?” I asked casually.

“He is getting married later this February.” He said.

“Woah! That’s great.” I said grinning.

“Finally, Kang- in got some real bones.” He said under his

“Wait, Jaejoong’s getting married too, isn’t he?” I asked
him, HyeMin told me last week.

He nodded, “I wonder who’s next.” He then grinned.

We started eating lunch quietly and another ringing of the pone. I took it.

“Is Siwon there.” I can recognize that it’s Siwon’s mother.

“Yeah…I’ll give him the phone.” I said.

“Wait…don’t.” She said. So, I didn’t.

“What the matter?” I asked, eyeing Siwon to keep quiet and
he stopped eating.

“Nothing…tell him later that I want to sleep there
tonight. Arasso?” She said excitedly.

I froze.

“Why?” I don’t really know what to say.

“I missed my son and I’ll check how you two got on so
far.” She said.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. No choice. “Arasso.”

Then she gladly hang up after I agreed.

I told Siwon about it, “…mianhe.” I added.

He just nodded and said, “We should put all your stuff in
my room for now. My mom is very cheeky.”

‘Good thinking.’ I thought.

All afternoon we helped each other empty the room I used
before and put it all on Siwon’s room.

I laughed so hard after seeing Siwon’s room.

“Weh?” Siwon asked.

“Your room looks gay.” I said. Seeing his room with my girly stuff on it.

He looked around and laughed as well.

“Maybe I’ll get use to it then.” He said.

Those simple words made my heart jumping. I liked the
sound of it. I want it real.


MY mom stared at the both of us as we are having our
pretty late dinner.

“Ma?! Why are you here?” I asked her first before she
would blurt useless stuff.

“I missed my little boy.” She said smiling.

“Ma, I’m married man now.” I reminded her.

She rolled her eyes and looked at EunRi. “EunRi dear.”

“Yes MA?” EunRi asked.

“Are you pregnant?” She asked her.

I heard EunRi gasp slowly but composed herself right away.


“Ma,” I eyed my mom. “We’re only married for two weeks.”

“Come on?! It’s 21st century.” She reminded me.

I saw EunRi blushing and become uneasy in her seat. She
gulped her drink. Though I was really sorry for her, I
still liked the look of her like that.

“We’re trying.” I said and check for her expression. I saw
her spoon suspended in the mid-air. She looked at me

I chuckled.

“Maybe the two of you should try harder.” My mom said

I stared at EunRi who is all red now, drinks her water again.

She looked at me then to my mom, “Ma, you’re son is a
little slow.” She said to get even.

She checked on my expression. I just smiled unbelievingly.
She would never let herself lose.

My mom looked at me, “You disappoints me.”

EunRi laughed so hard and excused herself right away. I
looked at her fascinatingly.

I shook my head, “Ma, she’s always tired every night
that’s why I can’t.” I whispered to my mom but I let EunRI
hear it.

She stopped laughing and stared at me. I stared back at
her, challenging her.

“Actually—” She started to say but I interrupter her.

“Ma, let me show you to your room.” I said and helped my
mom stand.

I saw EunRi looked at me warningly. I just shook my head
and laughed at her.

I went closer to her and kiss her quickly. She looked at
me with those questioning eyes.

“My mom’s staring.” I whispered and left him on the
kitchen and followed my mom.

Truth is, my mom wasn’t even staring. I just feel like
kissing her.

“You could sleep in the bed—”

“Siwon shii. It’s okay. The bed is big.” She said, never minding anything else.

She made a big yawn and lay herself on the bed. I wanted
to argue but the door suddenly opened.

“Are you two sleeping already?” My mom asked.

I’m so glad that that’s the scene she saw. EunRi’s lying
on the bed and if she saw me in the couch then she’ll

EunRi sat up.

“What’s wrong, Ma?” I asked her.

“Nothing. Goodnight, you two.” She smiled and waited ‘till
I laid next to EunRi. She then turned off the lights and

“She still treats so like a baby.” EunRi said beside me.

I laughed. It’s so true.

“I miss my mom.” She said.

I faced her. She was facing the ceiling.

“I’m sorry.” I just said.

“Why are you saying sorry?! It’s not your fault why she
died. It’s Ahn Arya’s fault.” She said, I can hear guilt
and hate in her voice.

I’m so confused. How could it be Ahn Arya’s fault?! How
could it be HER fault?

“EunRi?!...” I called her calming her down.

“I’m so stupid.” She said to herself.

I fell silent, didn’t know what to do. I don’t know
anything about her.

“I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight!” She said.

It reminds me of something.

“Now, give your husband a good night kiss.” I said
jokingly but she reached for me and kiss me on my lips
quickly and smiled.

“Sweet dreams.” She muttered.

I stayed still. I was surprised to the way she acted.
She’s really unpredictable.

No matter what, I love her and I wasn’t supposed to.

I stared at her once again, she’s now silently asleep.

I moved closer to her, “Can I hug you for tonight?” I
asked her stupidly.

She moved closer to me also, her eyes are still close.

‘She must have thought she’s just dreaming.’ I thought as
I hugged her.

“Just don’t let me get use to it.” I whispered.


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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 13

Kissing her Becomes my Habit (siwon)



Usually when I woke up, I feel cold and alone but this
morning is not one of those mornings. I feel warm,
comforted and somehow contented.

I don’t know what makes me feel like that, my mind is half
awake, half asleep. I tried moving and I can’t freely. I
opened my eyes.

It occurred to me, I was in the same bed with Siwon.
Nothing’s wrong with it but the hell that I’ll get use to
it. I didn’t straggle to get free. ‘Maybe I can’t feel
this way again.’

I raised my face to stare at him, he’s a prince, my prince.

I heard knocking at the door and I carefully let loss from
his hugs.

“Stay…” He moaned.

That made my day.

I lean over to whisper. “Your mom’s here.”

“Let her wait.” He said without opening his eyes.


She grabbed me back to the bed.

I chuckled, “You’re gonna be late!”

“What time is it?” He said, face buried in the pillow.

“8:30am.” I said after seeing the wall clock.

“Too early.” He muttered.

“Hey mister. Let me remind you. You’re not Super Junior
anymore. You’re a business man.” I whispered.

“And a married man.” He added without looking at me.

I wanted to laugh with joy but it’s wrong. Siwon is such a

I stood up and yelled pleasantly. “Get up, sleepy head.”

He didn’t move. So I grabbed his long legs and pull it. He
looked at me warningly. It didn’t scare me and keep on
pulling him until he fell off the bed.

“You didn’t!” He said.

I was laughing so hard but when I saw him suddenly on his
feet now, that scares me.

He looked at me, smiling and ready to attack. Like predator to its prey.

“Mianhe!” I screamed and went for the toilet’s door and
locked myself.

Inside, I keep on laughing. The first time laughing, a real laugh after many years.

I sighed. “Ma, I’m sorry.” I murmured and the tears of joy
turned into tears of guilt.

I silently weep. After a while, I composed myself again, ready myself for a fake happy expression.



EunRi is sick but she still wanted to go to work so I just
drove her off to work.

“Can you really go to work?” I asked her. She’s been sick
later last night and I only realized this morning. Though
her face is naturally pinkish, I can still tell.

She just nodded.

I parked my car in Ninety-fifty restaurant. It’s a big
restaurant and has many branches. I just can’t believe how
she managed all this business.

“I’m off.” She said weakly.

“EunRi ah~” I called her gently.

She faced me and I grabbed her and kiss her passionately.
I can feel his hot skin due to being unwell.

I stopped right away as soon as I can. “Be careful.” I

She looked around and saw her step father in his own car.
She stared back at me, “You too. I love you.”

She then went to go inside the restaurant and his step
father followed her.

Her last words keep on replaying in my mind. Wish it’ll be

I kissed her because I feel like it, I didn’t noticed her
step father looking at us but I guess that’s what she
thought why I did that.

Seriously, kissing her become my habit and it's so

Her stepfather. Every time she sees him I know she hates

“Does it has something to do with the marriage?!” I asked
my self.

Instead of going to work, I went straight to Casa Shiena
and looked for SooJin.

The bar wasn’t opened yet because it’s still morning.

I found MinChan there. One of Casa Shiena’s owner.
Actually, there’s only two owner of Casa Shiena. SooJin
and MinChan.

“Have you seen SooJin?” I asked her politely.

She looked around, “Baby, can you find SooJin for me?” She
said to her daughter.

“Siwon shii. I just saw her here a while ago. Maybe she’s
inside.” She said.

I smiled at her. She’s a single mom and I idolized her.
Suddenly her daughter, SanJae returned and said, “She’ll
be here any minute, ma.”

She then smiled at me. I swear I saw that smile before.
Very often.

“Ma, is he that guy from the song with uncle Yunho?” She
asked her mom.

I looked at MinChan. MinChan and Yunho have a certain past.

“She’s not.” She said voluntarily to me understanding how
I looked at her.

I then kneel to talk to SanJae. “What song is it?” I asked

“I don’t know.” She said.

“Uhm…Show me your love.” Her mother answered for her.

I nodded. “Yes that was me.” I told her.

“It means, your famous too?” She asked me wide-eyed.


“Uncle Yunho said that he’s very famous. SO everyone
around him must be very famous. I can be famous if I’m
with him.” She explained innocently.

I crack a smile.

“Uncle Yunho is always here?” I asked her.

“Yeah. He always gives me toys and dress…this.” She points
at the shoes she’s wearing.

MinChan looked away.

‘Fishy…’ I thought.

“Siwon shii?!” SooJin yelled.

“Hey…I need to talk to you.” I said immediately.

“Something happened to EunRi?” She asked worriedly.


“Lets take our seat.” She lead me down to the empty bar.

“How’s EunRi?” She asked.

“Actually, she’s sick right now but not too serious but
I’m here uhmmmm.”

Is it right to ask her now…

“I know… been waiting for you to ask me and Samantha.” She

I wanted to ask why but I just keep quiet.

“You wanted to ask me why EunRi wanted to get married?!”

I nodded, “please don’t tell her.”

“EunRi has been a good daughter to her mother but she
wanted to be a model. That’s her childhood dream and she
became Ahn Arya. Her mom hated the idea though tolerated
her at the end. Everytime EunRi needs to work abroad being
a model, those also the episodes when her mom experience
mild stroke. Her step father keep it secret from her. And
later then she know it became worst. Knowing that it’s her
fault for making her mother feel that way. She blamed
herself, blame everyone for not telling her about it. Her
mom pass away last 3years and she abandoned Anh Arya in
the peak of success.”

She looked at me then continued, “Last three months, she
found out in the last will and testament that if she won’t
get married before her 28th birthday then her mother’s
fortune will be automatically go to her stepfather. Not
that she only wants the money but she wants to keep the
restaurant…her real dad and mom strive to make it
successful. She just can’t let it go away. She grown up
with that restaurant. She knows it well.”

I wanted to say something.

“Siwon shii, EunRi and her step father were very close
before. It hurts her knowing how her step father became a
scum. She was torn into hating him and hating herself for
falling on the tricks. He’s been a great father to her for
years and she’s really disappointed and…confused.”

I didn’t know she experience that kind of grief. She
always smiles at me every time she has a chance.

“Thanks.” I told Soojin.

“Hope that helps.” She said.



“Yoboseyo?” She asked.

“It’s Siwon shii… Come home early.” He said and hang up.

“What was that?” I asked myself and returned my phone to my bag.

I excitedly drove home.

I went straight to the kitchen when I arrived.

“Hi!” Siwon said while filling wine at the two glasses
besides lots of food.

I’m so surprised. I approached him and I feel his
head. “Are you sick?” I asked him.

He just laughed back at me.

“Now, take your seat.” He said.

Seeing all the food in front of me makes me feel hungry.

We just talk until we finished eating. The food is great.
I don’t feel really awkward to him anymore.

He’s really sweet and caring lately. I wonder if he’s just
really like this since I don’t really know him that well.

I really wanted it to be real. Damn. I hoping for a miracle.

“Hey… get off of that trance!” He said, laughing.

I shook my head to return to the reality.

“Who are you thinking?” He asked.

“You!” I unconsciously said.

“Me?” He points himself.

“Yeah… why are you like this lately?” I asked him
pretending that I don’t really care if he answers or not.

“I love to do this.” He said and stood up.

“I’ll do this… You can rest now.” I told him.

He didn’t argue.

“What is he thinking?” I asked myself when he’s gone.

After fixing the kitchen, I proceeded upstairs and took a
bath and ready myself to go to sleep.

I tried to fall asleep but I can’t. Siwon’s acting
strange. He seems very deep.

Before I knew it, I’m knocking to his door.

He looked at me confusedly. “Are you okay?” He asked

I nodded, “Can I come in?”

I wanted to ask if he’s okay.

He opened the door for we to go inside.

“You’ve been drinking…” I said after looking at empty
bottle of beers outside the terrace.

He didn’t reply.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked him worriedly. I never
saw him drinking beers to death before or as far as I know.


‘You… my problem is you.’ I wanted to tell her.

She turns my world upside down. I wanted to help her with
her grief but my feelings keep on getting on the way.
Telling her now isn’t a good idea. It’ll only makes her
more confused.

She sat next to me. “You know, I’m always here.” She said,
comforting me.

‘You will leave me soon afterwards.’ I wanted to add.

“Siwon shii?” She called me gently.


“Are you in love?” She asked.

I didn’t answer.

“Then we could break this marriage off… you can marry
her.” She said, looking away.

I froze. She’s that willing to let me go?! She’s that
willing to set me free and be happy while she loose all
the reason why she married me. She wasn’t 28th yet until
next year.

“EunRi ah~” I whispered.

She stayed still.

“Don’t think stupid things. Okay?” I added.

I heard her sob.

I looked at her, it’s my first time to see her crying.

“EunRi ah~”

“What?! What do you want me to do? Just look at you
feeling so stupid? I’m the reason why you can’t go after
her. What do you expect me to feel?” She said standing up
and left the room.


“Why am I like this?” I asked myself.

I’m acting stupid. We both agreed that this marriage is
nothing but a show.

I wipe away the tears that I can’t control. I’m really
hurt. I’m hopeless. I’m in love with my husband knowing I
shouldn’t and the hell, he’s in love with someone else.

There’s some things I just can’t get. One of those is

I heard him knock outside but I don’t have the face to
face him.

My phone rang, Samantha’s calling.

I composed myself, “Yeah?”

“EunRi unie, I’m here in hospital…you’re step father
here.” She told me.

“Let him die.” I said but somehow feel sorry for what I said.

“Unie, sorry. I just thought you need to know. I’ll take
care of him.”

She then hang up.

I froze.

“What did I do to deserve this?” I asked myself.

I got dress and went off to the hospital.

I saw Samantha, SooJin and MinChan at the hospital besides
my step father who are lying at the bed.

I don’t know what to feel now. But all the grudge I feel
towards my step father are gone seeing him, striving.

“EunRi ah~” He called me.

I moved closer.

“Mianhe…”He whispered.

“Appa…” I almost cried. I always see him very tough man
but now, he’s really helpless.

“I didn’t mean not to tell about your mother’s condition.
You’re mother told me not to, she’s really proud of you
and wanted to be successful.” He said in his weakest voice.

I just stared at him.

“I know about what you’re doing now EunRi. But I’m at
peace. Siwon shii is a nice man.” He said.

My tears keep on falling now.

“Appa… What are you saying?”

“I’m dying EunRi.” He said.

“Appa…stop talking now.” I wanted him to shut up.

“The will that I know you found out. We planned that, your
mother and I know I’m also dying and wanted to leave you
in good arms. She knows, your mother, knows you’re smart
but we never thought of you engaging in this marriage. I’d
say, I’m worried at first but seeing Siwon takes a good
care of you makes me feel content.”

“Appa…” I shook him.

“EunRi…” He closed his eyes. “We all love you and take care.”

I froze.

MinChan called for the doctor. Samantha and SooJin has to
drag me away from the bed for the doctor to check on him.

“I’m so stupid.” I cried on Samantha’s shoulder.

She never said anything. That’s what I like about her. She
won’t say anything unless you want her to.

Another minutes, I saw Siwon walking straight to me.

I closed my eyes, “Lord, take me as well.” I cried.

This is too much for a night. I can’t face him.

I can’t say sorry to my step dad anymore. All I did lately
was to curse him to death without knowing.

I’m so stupid. The most stupid person ever live. I’m such a kid.

I took a peek on Siwon and everything went dark.


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Super Junior Story (2019) Empty Re: Super Junior Story (2019)

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Chapter 14

Let's make it real! (Siwon~ending)

============TO THE STORY=====


I got a call from SooJin telling EunRi is in the hospital. Thanking myself I wasn’t drank yet.

I saw her there, crying over Samantha’s shoulder. She saw me while I approach her.

Seeing her like that really breaks my heart and I don’t want her to suffer.

She looked at me and she fainted. Luckily, I was close to
her and I immediately took her off Samantha who is
petrified on her feet.

I called an assistant from the hospital and they nurse her
right away.

The doctor said that she is fine, she just fainted.

Samantha and SooJin told me everything that had happened.

I looked at her motionless body, I took her hand. “EunRi,
mianhe.” I whispered apologetically for giving her extra
problem tonight.

Her step father passed away before I got here. Now, she
doesn’t have any family left.

“EunRi ah~ Would you let me be your family?” I whispered.

The funeral only took a week. A week of restless EunRi
too. She won’t talk to anyone about unnecessary things.
She’s become lifeless. All I can do is not leaving her


My life has become meaningless. My only family left also
left me. Worst, I haven’t apologized to him before he
died. I chose to doubt him over those times he took good
care of me.

How could I be such a git?! Such a kid!!!

I can’t forgive myself for believing the worst.

Now, my only problem is Siwon.

Though, he’s very supportive and never leaves from my
side. I just couldn’t be a selfish person here. Maybe
that’s the reason why I deserved what’s been happening
with my life.

I’m living my life selfishly.

I need to set him free. Though, I really, really love him.
He loves somebody else.

I think he would agree on breaking our marriage off. He’s
now free and he won’t be guilty. My step father’s last
will and testament clarified that all the fortune will be fixed on me. I cared less on those things. I just wanted to disappear.

“Siwon shii?” I called him gently.

“Hmmmm?” He turned his head to face me worriedly.

“We could break our marriage off now…” I said before I go coward again.

He just froze.

“Why?! It’s just half a year?!” He said, taking his seat.

I looked away, “You know the reasons.”

We both fell silence.

“Okay.” He mumbled.

Though I prepared for this answer, it’s still hurts.
Really hurts. And I just can’t stop myself from sobbing.

“Are you okay?” Siwon asked me, closer to me.

“Thanks for being my husband for a short while.” I said.

He took a deep breath and said, “Can I have a hug from my
wife for the last time?” He said.

I raised my head to look at him. He seems serious so I run
to his arm and enjoyed the warmth beneath it.

‘I will miss this.’ I thought.

“Siwon shii. I’ll see you in two weeks in the trial. Thanks.”

I said giving him a tighter hug and went out of his house,
out of his life.


The woman I loved finally walked out of my life. I want to
tell her to stay but I have no rights to make her stay.

I found myself calling my mom for comfort. I’m indeed a
mama’s boy.

She came right away. I told her what happened. Everything.

“Ma, I love her.” I said to her.

She poured wine on my glass and I gulped it all.

“I know.” She whispered.

I looked at her.

“I know what the two of you are doing. EunRi’s mother is
my best friend. That’s why I know EunRi well. EunRi didn’t
have a chance to meet me because she’s so young then.
EunRi is a very attractive girl, very smart and sweet.
Though I hated the fact that the two of you choose to fool
me, I still hoped that both of you will fall in love.” She explained.

“Ma, it’s an unrequited love.” I reminded her.

It’s true. It’s a one- sided love.

“I’d say the opposite.” She bet.

I looked at her.


“Siwon dear, I’m a woman too. I know how women think and
if I was on her shoes, I would feel and decide the same as
she did.” She said, smiling.

I smiled too.

“Go…” My mother encouraged me.

The next day afternoon, I called her but her phone is out of reach.

I went over to Samantha’s Office when I was passing
the ‘Marriage for Eternity’ building. Where everything

“Siwon oppa?” She seems surprised to see me.

“Mianhe, where’s EunRi?” I asked immediately.

“Unie…” She hesitated.

“Please tell me.” I plead.

“Arasso. Please credit me that I helped when you decided
to write your own story, okay?” She said, laughing.

“Arasso.” I chuckled.

“She’s in this place. Wait, Do you have time for the next
three days?” She asked.

“I will make time just for her.” I assured her.

“Then ready yourself for your visa to Philippines. We’re
leaving on Thursday.” She said excitedly.

Thursday, 5pm.

“Where are we going?” I asked Samantha when we boarded
ourselves in a mini-yacht. She said it is her own yacht.

“Us?! We’re in Caticlan Port. We’re going to Boracay!” She

I always wanted to go to Boracay but it isn’t the time.

“Weh?! You’re not excited?!” She asked. “Oppa, I have this
small beach house in Boracay… I used it when I want to
isolate myself. And I lend unie to use it.”

My face brighten.

I looked around. I can’t see as small house from where we
docked. In fact, it’s a great big, white Spanish house in
front of me. It’s really good for isolation. Nobody’s
everywhere and no other houses near.

“palle.” She said.

I followed her and she pushed me behind the bush. She
eyed me apologetically when she noticed that she pushed me
a little harder.

I just chuckled. She then pressed the doorbell.

I waited behind the bush and the door started to open.

I wanted to leap out from the bush to hug her, kiss her
when I saw her opening the door for Samantha.

Whoever said that a damsel in distress are more
irresistible then, damn, he’s right. She is so beautiful.

“You’re little early.” She said to Samantha.

“I have to…” Samantha said.

“Are the two of you okay?” She asked Samantha. Samantha
just nodded.

I don’t know Samantha’s problem but I’ll help her later on.


EunRi’s POV

Though I want to be alone, having Samantha around is

I stared at the sunset. I’ve been here for 3 days already
and the view still mesmerized me.

I stood up to get a nicer view.

I grabbed onto the barricade of the terrace where I stood
while looking for the sunset.

Suddenly I heard footsteps. I was afraid to look back.

“EunRi ah~” The person called.

I closed my eyes, “Am I dreaming?”

“Open your eyes.” A soothing voice told me.

Taking a deep breath, I opened them.

I can’t speak. I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is another
fragment of my dreams, not the reality.

“Don’t ever leave me again.”

“Siwon…shi…” I murmured.

“EunRi ah~ I missed you. I…” He took a deep breath.

“I missed kissing you, I missed hugging you,
I missed the days of you being around…I missed those
smiles.” He raised my chin.

“Siwon shi.”

“Let’s make it real…I love you… Can you be still be my
eternal wife?”

I can’t take it all at once since it’s too sudden. I
hugged him so tightly showing him that I won’t let
him go ever again

“Does this means, you’d stay?” He asked.

I nodded, “and I love you too. Actually I don’t wanna—”

“Don’t explain, the time passed. I want to kiss you now
when there’s still sun. I want the sun to be the witness.”
He said interrupting me.

I raised my face voluntarily.

He chuckled then covered my mouth with his. It’s not like
those kisses before. I can hold on to this kiss forever.
He’s mine now, I’m sure of it.

We kissed ‘till the Sun is still over the sea, witnessing
our love and as soon as the final ray of the sun
disappeared, he lift me up and pinned me down the bed.

“Now, our honeymoon.” He said naughtily.

I chuckled when his kisses started to travel down my neck,
down my collar bone… He hurriedly took my shirt of me.
Without me knowing, he already took my short and bra,
leaving only my panty. I covered my breast.

“Don’t…your beautiful.” He said. Looking with his awed

“Be gentle on me.” I reminded.

“I will, baby.” He chuckled.

He then chuckled and gave me a quick peck on my lips and
get down to his business.


This feels like a dream. I never left any part of her body
untouched. I want to let her know, I own her.

I positioned myself above her and I can feel she’s tense.
I leaned over to whisper, ‘Baby, relax. I wont hurt you.
I’ll be gentle.”

She stared at me shyly as she took a deep breath. She
suddenly become relax.

I entered her slowly as she tightens her grip on the bed
sheet. She’s tight and I looked at her. She looked at me
apologetically. I don’t know what to feel. I’m very proud
at myself.

I gently pushed harder and I heard her moaned in
pain. “Just bear with me.” I whispered like the first time
we kissed at the wedding.

She nodded obediently.

And after I felt like she became comfortable with my
wholeness, I pushed harder now with pleasure.

I heard her moaned my name as we went to the top together.
After a moment of bliss, I collapsed beside her and kissed
her gently. We are both panting.

She smiled at me.

“Thanks for having me your first.” I whispered a kissed
her forehead.

She just nestled her face on my chest as she breathes heavily.

So, this is what making love really means.’ I chuckled
for being foreign to the feeling.

Suddenly, we heard a doorbell rang. She stood up to peek
while the blanket around her.

She smiled when she saw who came.

“Who is it?” I asked her.

“Donghae shii.” She said smiling naughtily.

“What’s the story?” I asked her curiously.

She just stared back at me, “Me and Samantha are even now.”

Catching what she really meant, I laughed.

“Ah…you’re a naughty girl.” I said pulling her to bed again for round two.

=======BACK TO THE PRESENT=======

A/N: the xxx part is not really told word by word by Siwon
to the others in the present okay. Coz it would be too

“You two really considered to break off the wedding?” They
all asked the two of us.

We just smiled at them.

“Say thanks to me.” Samantha said.

“We’re even.” EunRi reminded Samantha. Samantha made a
face. Donghae smiled to EunRi remembering the past.


We all stared on the door way, seeing all five DBSK with
Changmin’s wife who is 9th month pregnant.

“Cousin, you came.” ShinHye hugged ShinSaeng.

“I can’t stop her.” Changmin shook his head.

And the room filled with laughter and noise. With 36
people in the room, what do I expect?


Opps…wrong. 36 plus 2 unborn kids on ShinSaeng and SooJin’s womb.

I grabbed my wife and steal a kiss from her.

“What about a quickie?” I whispered.

“Oh… shut up, kinky head.” She said warningly.

“Let’s have dinner.” One of them yelled and I can’t pin
point who.

“Yeah! Nice timing!” Changmin said when everyone is quiet
making everyone heard him clear.

ShinSaeng laughed after hearing his husband still crave
for food.

“Kang- in next!” Leeteuk shouted.

“Kang-in’s asleep.” Her wife, YeonHye said and slapped
Kang- in’s face slightly.

Kang-in flexed and about to hit whoever disturbed his
sleep but when he saw it’s his wife, he then smiled.

Everyone sighed in relief.

“Everybody has a weakness.” EunRi said beside me.

“You’re my weakness.” I added.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re still greasy as ever.”

We both laughed and everyone looked at us with questioning look.

I just can’t stop laughing.


I'll stop here today... but if you want to read more..this fic is also in winglin where
i finished most of the member's story... EXCEPT... Ryeowook, heechul and Kyuhyun...
so yeah..just check there.

so tiring tranferring but...yeah...still, fulfilling....

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