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Dear Journey

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Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 1/30/2009, 9:45 pm

Here's my first solo story. Hope you guys like it.
*If you don't know, the title used to be "A New Journey", now it's "Dear Journey"
By the way, there's a special addition for each chapter/part; that way you can picture what I'm thinking.
For example, picture moment; those are always at the end of the chapter and contains the pictures of the whole chapter.
So yeah. Please enjoy!~


Lena: Mom, I'm at the airport already. Don't worry. I'll be fine.
Mom: You sure. I'll miss you honey. Call me when you get there. Ok?
Lena: Alright Mom. See ya.
-hung up-
I'm Lena, a graduate and new enterprenuer that's on a mission. I'm leaving to South Korea to start a new life.
Announcement: Flight 567 Boarding.
Lena: Here I go.
Hopefully this would be a good decision.

Opening Song::

Picture Moment::

^The airport^

^The outfit I'm wearing at the moment^

^My phone in the story only lol^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 1/30/2009, 9:46 pm

Chapter 1 - The trip

I have lots things in mind, lots of stress, and pressure.
My life is never easy.

Lena walks into the gate.
Flight attendant: Ticket and passport please.
Lena hands her ticket and passport to the flight attendant
Flight attendant: -checks and scans ticket through her computer- Thank you. Hope you'll have a safe and exciting trip.
Lena: Thank you. -takes back her papers and goes onto the plane-
When she came in, another flight attendant escorts her to her seat in the first class area.
Flight attendant: Hope you'll enjoy your flight.
Lena: Thank you.
She puts her stuff away and gets into her seat.
Immediately, she gets out her sketch book and ipod and starts listening to music and draws designs and jewerly samples.
Lena: -opens up her sketch folder and found a post-it note-
We will miss you very much. Keep up the good work. Be sure to come back and visit us.
~Christy, Rong, Shon, Carina

Lena: -smiles- Those girls are so sweet. I hope I can accomplish my plan and have many success.

As time passes by, Lena try to keep herself entertain on the plane; as well as resting.
After many hours on the plane, she finally arrived.
Announcement: Attention passagers, please go ahead and head back to your seats and buckle up. We'll be landing in 10 minutes.
Lena: -buckles up and cleans up around her-
When the plane landed, Lena goes out, got her luggage, and headed out the gates.
As Lena walks out, she saw a person with a sign with her name.
Lena: -mind- I didn't know anyone that'll be picking me up.
Lena approaches to the guy with the sign.
Guy: Annyounghashimnika, Miss Vuong.
Lena: Annyounghashimnika. Excuse me, but do I know you?
Guy: I believe not and same as well as myself.
Lena: Then...why are you here with a sign with my name on it?
Guy: My manager told me to come and pick you up.
Lena: Sorry, but who's your manager?
Guy: I'm sorry I can not tell you. She told me not to tell you. I guess that should be a hint.
Lena: -mind- Who can it be?
Guy: Oh. I forgot. My name is Park Dae Jung.
Lena: Nice to meet you.
Guy: Shall we go?
Lena: Sure, but where are we going?
Guy: My manager told me to let you meet her immediately once I picked you up.
Lena: Ok. That's fine with me.
The two walked out of the airport and headed to a 24-story building.
Lena: -mind- Whoa...who can this be? Are they mistaken someone else?
The two walked into the building, gone up the elavator to level 23.
Once they arrived there, Dae Jung insisted Lena to come inside an office.
DaeJung: She'll be right in.
Lena: Thank you.

Once he left, Lena waited for awhile until someone came in.
Lena turned back to see who is at the door and gave a shock of amazement.

Clazziquai - She Is

Picture Moment::

^The airplane seats^

^Flight attendants and Arrival area^

^Friend's Company^

^Car that I got picked up^

^Waiting office^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 1/30/2009, 9:46 pm

Chapter 2: Is that you?

Lena: Mimi? :?
Mimi: I guess you didn't forget me afterall.
Lena: Shocked Mimi? Mimi Hui? OMG! I can't believe this.
Mimi: Very Happy Well, it's Mimi Park now. Welcome to Korea!
Lena and Mimi rushed up to each other and gave a big hug.
Lena: What? What's with this? How do you know I'm coming to Korea?
Mimi: Well, I contacted some friends and found your number. When I call you, your mom told me that you weren't home and is leaving to Korea soon.
Lena: I see.
Mimi: Haha...So, why are you here in Korea?
Lena: Well, since I study Business & Finance, I'm planning to do something here with those skills.
Mimi: Great. So, you're planning to open a shop?
Lena: Yup. A few months ago, I did come to Korea to see around some shops and homes.
Mimi: And?
Lena: I found what I wanted and now, I'm here to begin my work.
Mimi: That's good.
Lena: How about you? This is sure a huge company.
Mimi: Well, I got married and now is part owner of this company.
Lena: Whoa... Very Happy Hehe...Congrats girl.
Mimi: It's sure been awhile since we seen each other huh?
Lena: Yeah.
Mimi: So, where are you staying right now?
Lena: I bought a house a few months ago when I came.
Mimi: Oh really? Hey. Why not stay over at my house for a few days? That won't hurt would it?
Lena: Not at all. If you don't mind though.
Mimi: Never.
Lena: Alright then.

The two ladies talked and discussed about their old memories then gone to Mimi's house.
Mimi: Go ahead and come in.
Lena: Shocked This is your house.
Mimi: Yeah.
Lena: Are you kidding me? It looks like a castle.
Mimi: -shakes her head and drags Lena in- Come on. Lets go.
Lena and Mimi goes into Mimi's house and Lena was shocked by how the house look.
Lena: You're so lucky to marry a rich guy.
Mimi: -goes into the kitchen and got Lena a drink- You never know. You might marry one too.
Lena: Rolling Eyes In my dreams.
Mimi: -gave Lena a drink- Hehe...don't be too down. Seriously, we sure need to talk about everything that we missed.
Lena: I agree.
Mimi: Lets go into my dinning room.
Lena: Sure. You're house is so pretty.
Mimi: Thanks. Anyway, what shop are you going to open?
Lena: I'm planning to open a Cafe.
Mimi: Cafe. Whoa...sounds great.
Lena: Yeah. I'm planning to have a mini bakery with the Cafe.
Mimi: Cool. Better give me some great deals.
Lena: Of course.
Mimi: Ok. Let me show you around my house.
Lena: Alright.
Lena and Mimi took a tour around the house, making Lena feels more confortable.

Alexia - Happy

Picture Moment::

^Mimi's house^

^Mimi's house: Kitchen^

^Mimi's house: Mini coffee table area^

^Mimi's house: Lena's Room^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 1/30/2009, 9:47 pm

Chapter 3 - My New Day

Diary entry 1~
I made it to Korea and met an old great friend, Mimi. It’s like a dream come true; being in Korea starting a new life. The past is gone and now are just new memories that must be kept. Hopefully my career would be successful; as well as my life.

After the tour around the house, they head back to Lena’s room.
Mimi: -sat down on Lena’s bed- So, what do you want to do today?
Lena: I don’t know. I’m planning maybe later on go see how’s the house and the shop.
Mimi: Ok. Have you tour around Korea, seeing the scenery yet?
Lena: No. Don’t mind giving me a tour?
Mimi: Sure. I was about to ask you that. How about you freshen up and then, we’ll leave when your done.
Lena: Alright.
Mimi: I’ll be downstairs if you need me.
Lena: Ok.
Before Lena took a shower, she calls her mom.
Mom: Hello?
Lena: Hi mom. I’m in Korea already.
Mom: Really? Great.
Lena: Guess who picked me up?
Mom: Who?
Lena: My friend, Mimi. My old friend from school.
Mom: Oh, really? That’s good. Glad you met her.
Lena: Well, I bet it’s late already. You should go to bed, Mom.
Mom: Alright. If you need anything, call me.
Lena: Don’t worry, Mom. Everything is going to be fine.
Mom: Ok. Talk to you later.
Lena: Bye bye. -hung up and go took a shower-
After Lena finished, she goes downstairs.
Mimi: Ready?
Lena: Yup.
Mimi: Ok. Lets go.

Diary Entry 1~ *contin.*
Today I’m going out with Mimi sighting seeing places around Korea. I’m really excited and took lots of pictures. Korea is just amazing with everything. So happy; sure is a new day. I also get to stop by my house and shop. Everything is so perfect right now. I hope I can keep this all.

Mimi and Lena finished their tour around Korea, heading to Lena’s shop.
Mimi: Want to buy coffee really quick?
Lena: You still love coffee don’t you?
Mimi: Of course. It’s a must-have.
Lena: Sure.
They came to Starbucks.
Mimi: I’ll have an American Caramel Latte? What are you getting Lena?
Lena: I’ll just get a Strawberry & Crème.
Mimi: No coffee?
Lena: Not in a mood; if I drink too much coffee, I have trouble breathing.
Mimi: Oh yeah. Right. I forgot.
Lena and Mimi got their drinks and heads over to the shop first.
Mimi: -look around the shop- So, what are you selling at your café?
Lena: I’m planning to have lots of pasteries, cakes, etc. and also a variety of drinks to choose from; like coffee, boba, tea, and smoothies. If possible, I’ll also planning to sell homemade ice cream.
Mimi: Whoa…I’m so interested already.
Lena: That’s a good thing to hear. The shop is done; just need to add some touch ups, prepare the pastries, and it‘ll be open. Everything is already in mind.
Mimi: I can’t wait how I’ll turn out.
Lena: Hopefully amazing. -smiles brightly-
Mimi: Of course. Of course. Oh. How about the name of the shop?
Lena: Madeleine.
Mimi: That’s done too?
Lena: Yup. I’m pretty prepared aren’t I?
Mimi: Yes, you are. Tonight, we should party for Madeleine.

Lena and Mimi chuckles and headed over to Lena’s house.

Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come *try to find the Las Vegas Version: it's awesome*

Picture Moment::

^Some places in Korea^



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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 1/31/2009, 12:41 am

Chapter 4 - Home Sweet Home

Lena and Mimi finally came to Lena’s Korean home.
Lena: So, what do you think?
Mimi: Whoa…how nice. This time you give me a tour.
Lena: Haha…ok. Lets go.
Lena and Mimi goes through the whole house and looks around.
Mimi: Seriously, your house is prepared with everything.
Lena: Please. Your house is more awesome.
Mimi: Whatever. Everything seems fine here.
Lena: Yeah. To me, it’s very convenient.
Mimi: You should do a party or something.
Lena: Good idea, but so far, I don’t know anyone in Korea.
Mimi: True.
Lena: Maybe a small dinner party.
Mimi: It’s up to you. Oh yeah. How are you going to transport around town? Have anything planned yet?
Lena: Of course. I got a car, but it’s in Vegas right now. It’s on its way here by boat. So, maybe a few more days I’ll receive it.
Mimi: I see. Well, no worries. I’ll be your driver for the next couple days. Is that ok with you?
Lena: If you don’t mind.
Mimi: Of course not. I love to hang around with my old friends and besides, we haven’t met for a long time. It’s worth it.
Lena: If you say so. Hey. Can we go to the market? I need to put stuff inside the fridge.
Mimi: Of course. We can. Next stop to the market.
Lena: -shakes her head- Same as before.

Mimi and Lena takes off and headed to the market.
Mimi: -got a phone call while driving- -puts her phone on speaker- Yobsayo? Who’s this?
Chris: Hey honey, where are you? Heard you met your friend.
Mimi: Yeah. She’s right here right now.
Chris: Oh really?
Mimi: Yeah. You’re on speaker, want to say hi?
Chris: Ye, annyounghaseyo.
Lena: Ye, annyounghashimnika.
Chris: Welcome to Korea.
Lena: Thanks.
Mimi: Oh yeah, Oppa, she’ll be staying over at our house for awhile ok? I want her to hang out around at our home.
Chris: Sure. I don’t mind. By the way, there’s a concert coming soon around here. There’s some VIP tickets. How many do you want to get?
Mimi: I don’t know. Lena, would you like to go?
Lena: Sure.
Mimi: Ok. Oppa, get three; one for you, me, and Lena.
Chris: Alrighty.
Lena: Kamsamhamnida, Oppa.
Chris: It’s nothing. See you two later?
Mimi: Araso. Bye honey.
Chris: Bye. Love you. -hung up-

Lena and Mimi goes to the market and bought many stuff for the house.
Mimi: Finally finish everything. Don’t you think this was a busy day or what?
Lena: I know.
Mimi: I wonder who’s going to be at the concert.
Lena: Haha…Korean singers?
Mimi: I guess that was obvious.
Lena: Hehe…
Mimi: Ooo…Lets go out for dinner today; Vietnamese food?
Lena: It’s up to you and your hubby. Anyway, I still haven’t ask you. Have you thought about your future yet?
Mimi: We both still have a lot of things to do; we barely have time to go out. Psh…stop talking about me. -gets a call- Hello?
Chris: Honey, get to the office quick. We have things to discuss for our company.
Mimi: Oh ok. I’ll be back soon. -hung up- Lena, sorry I have to go. Are you ok here or do you want to go over to my house?
Lena: It’s ok. I’ll be here. If there’s anything, just call me.
Mimi: Ok. Around 7PM, I’ll call you?
Lena: Araso. See you then.
Mimi: Ok. Bye bye. -hugs and leaves-
Lena: I guess I’ll be here cleaning up and get use to this new place.

Diary Entry 1~ *contin.*
It’s a busy busy day. I like it though. New environment, new air, and new life style. I have a feeling that it’ll be success, but also, I feel something is missing. I wonder what it could be.

Lena continues to clean up around her house. From downstairs to upstairs, she goes everywhere to prepare her space and everything is just getting started.

Fahrenheit & S.H.E - Xin Wo

Picture Moment::

^My house^

^My bedroom^

^Korean market area^

^The dress I wore when Mimi left back to the company^
^the dinning room^
^the kitchen^
^the living room^
^my graphics office^
^workout room^
^the main bathroom; pt. of my room^
^fashion and designing room^
^the guest bathroom^
^the guest bedroom^
^mini living room upstairs^
^my closet^
^main office^
^dance room^
^my home theatre^
^karaoke room^
^recording studio^
^stairs going downstairs^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 2/21/2009, 10:37 pm

Chapter 5 - Am I Ready For This?

As time passes by, Lena stayed home and enjoyed her home environment. She worked out, watched movies, start making her designing room more comfortable and more cozy, and also rested.

Diary Entry 1~ *continue*
This adventure so far is like a dream, but somehow it feels a bit weird. Something seems to be missing. Could it be…

Lena: -remembers her past and suddenly, got a phone call- Yobsayo? Who is this?
Mimi: It’s Mimi. Hey! Are you free right now? Lets go have dinner together and go over to my house.
Lena: Oh. Araso. When you’ll be over.
Mimi: In about 30 minutes?
Lena: Ok. I’ll see you then.
Mimi: Ok. Bye.
Lena: -hung up and got ready to go out-
Lena: -mind- Why can’t I forgot these? Whatever. Let it past and everything will be better.
In 30 minutes, Mimi came over with her husband, Chris.
Lena: -opens the door-
Mimi: Lena, this is my husband, Chris.
Lena: Nice to meet you, Chris.
Chris: Yes. It’s really nice to meet you too. Shall we go now?
Lena: Sure.
Mimi/Lena/Chris: -left to Joyful House Restaurant-
Mimi: Lena, go ahead and feel free to order anything. The food here is good.
Lena: -smiles- Araso. -notice how sweet Mimi and Chris are-
Mimi: -smiles and looks at Chris periodically-
Chris: -smiles back and looks at Mimi-
Lena: Ahem! If you guys are wondering, I’m still here.
Mimi: Sorry. It’s his fault.
Chris: You started.
Lena: Ok. Doesn’t matter anyway. Gosh. You two sound so mushy for a married couple.
Mimi/Chris/Lena: -has dinner and talked-
Mimi: Well, after I left, my family and I moved here since my uncle work in town. After awhile, I applied to work in his company. We both see each other often and he then ask me out. So, that’s why we ended up together like this.
Lena: Oh boy. Thank goodness that I wasn’t with you two at first. Or else I’ll be gagging my guts out on your mushiness being together.
After dinner, they headed home.
Chris: So, do you like Korea so far, Lena?
Lena: Yeah. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Thanks guys.
Mimi: What are friends for?!
They arrived home and prepares to go to bed.
Mimi: I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Ok?
Lena: Ok. Good night guys.
Chris: Good night.
Mimi: Sleep tight.
Everyone goes to bed, but before Lena goes to bed, she continues a bit more for her diary entry.

Diary Entry 1~ *continuing at the end*
Today was full of every single emotion. There’s something missing in me right now that I can’t explain. I’m glad Mimi and Chris is together and love each other very much. I bet it will never happen to me though.

Kevin Cheng - 鄭重聲明

Picture Moment::

^Outfit change to dinner^



^The Night View^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by admin on 2/25/2009, 8:34 pm

nice story, I like the pen so cute haha ^^


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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 2/25/2009, 9:16 pm

admin wrote:nice story, I like the pen so cute haha ^^
hopefully i can update the story as well as the others ones today
(after i finish biology hw)

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 6/16/2009, 3:14 pm

Chapter 6 - Cooking Fun!

The next morning, Mimi got up early and made breakfast for everyone.
Chris gone to work right after he‘s done.
Lena soon after woke up, freshen up, and gone downstairs.
Mimi: Woke up already?
Lena: Yeah. Smells good in here.
Mimi: Well, thank you. Hope you’ll like my cooking. -gives Lena a plate- Breakfast buffet today.
Lena: -chuckles- Nice. Never knew you cook before.
Mimi: After getting married, you must.
Lena: -smiles- True.
Mimi: Oh yeah. I have a question for you.
Lena: What is it?
Mimi: What’s our first activity that we’re doing today?
Lena: Well, I have to managed my Café today since it’s soon to be opening.
Mimi: So, we go there first?
Lena: Yeah. I guess so.
Mimi: -smiles- Whoa….I hope I was you. Having freedom and do everything you want. I have so many things in mind. Barely have time to actually have a fun life.
Lena: But at least, you have someone that cares for you. I’m just a single individual with no one.
Mimi: Do you have boyfriend? Or used to have one?
Lena: I used to have a boyfriend, but it’s the past. It’s done between us.
Mimi: Oh…..
Lena: Yeah.
Mimi: Anyway, about the concert, it’ll be tomorrow afternoon so, make sure you prepare concert spirit stuff.
Lena: Hahaha….Concert spirit huh? I don’t even know who’s going to be there.
Mimi: Well, I already ask Chris to find out today.
Lena: Fair enough.
Mimi: Ok. Lets eat before the food gets cold.
Lena: Oh.
Lena and Mimi finish their breakfast and heads over to Lena’s shop.

Lena opens up her Café.
Mimi notice people walking by and seeing the Café.
Mimi: Ooh….People are noticing the place already.
Lena: Really? Hopefully, they’ll be back when it opens.
Mimi: Most likely if everything goes well.
Lena: Yeah.
Lena goes around and clean up the place and construction workers came.
Lena: Annyounghasaeyo.
Worker: Ye. Annyounghasaeyo.
Lena: Yeah. Today the only thing that needs to be worked on is the cooking station in the front.
Worker: Ye. I’ll work on it.
The worker worked as Lena cleans up and place the items around the Café.
Mimi: Whoa….It’s seems like almost everything is done.
Lena: Yup. After the fixing is done, I’ll be working on the food immediately and place them out.
Mimi: Whoa…Do you think you can manage the whole place? Are you going to get workers?
Lena: I’m still thinking about it. Right now, I’m just planning to work by myself then, if I have enough profit, I’ll hire workers.
Mimi: That’s good. If you need help, just go ahead and ask me. I can help you around you know.
Lena: -smiles- Thanks.
Worker: -comes over- Alright. Everything is done.
Lena: Ye. -goes over and check everything is working and make sure she knows how to use it- Alright. Thank you so much. I guess everything is done.
Worker: Great. I guess I’ll be leaving now.
Lena: Ye. Thank you and be sure to come sometime.
Worker: Ye. Your place looks really nice. I’ll be sure to come.
Lena: Thank you. Have a nice day.
Worker: You too. -leaves-
Mimi: Huh….So, now what?
Lena: Ingredients shopping?
Mimi: Yes Ma’am. Lets go.

Lena and Mimi left to go buy ingredients and went back to the shop to work on the preparations of the food.
Mimi: May I help?
Lena: Sure. Make sure you don’t screw things up though.
Mimi: I promise.
Lena and Mimi had fun working and having fun around in the kitchen. The more they finished, the more customers comes in noticing the shop.

Diary Entry 2~
75% done with the shop. It’s going to be a really great experience. Hopefully business will go well. I wonder if this decision of coming to South Korea is a good idea or not. So far, it’s amazing. My past with my ex, Jason, hopefully is solve and erased. It’s a new start yet fun.

Trio666 - Cu Vui Len

Picture Moment::

^Morning pajamas^

^Breakfast buffet^

^New outfit^

^Bakery fridge^

^Front kitchen station of café^


^Chef hat^


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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 6/16/2009, 9:45 pm

Chapter 7 - 1 + 1 = 0

After Mimi and Lena finishes their work, they met up with Chris at a restaurant for dinner.
Lena/Mimi: -walks in-
Chris: Hi ladies.
Lena: Hey Chris.
Mimi: Hi honey. -kisses Chris-
Chris: -kisses back- So, how were your day?
Mimi: It was great. I didn’t know Lena had quite a skill with her work.
Lena: Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.
Chris: That sounds great. Lets see what we should get.
Waiter: -comes over- Are you ready to order?
Lena: I don’t know. Mimi?
Mimi: I guess we’ll have steak. How about you, honey?
Chris: I’ll have the same thing.
Mimi: Lena?
Lena: I’ll have pasta.
Waiter: Ok. The food would be right out. -walks away-
Lena: So, Chris, have you found out who’s going to be at the concert?
Chris: Yeah. I heard SG Wannabe, Lee Hyori, Davichi, Chae Yeon, and Super Junior is going to be there.
Lena: Oh….That’s good.
Mimi: -raised an eye brow and look at Lena- I know someone likes Super Junior here?
Lena: Psh….No more fan-girl for me alright?
Mimi: Haha…We’ll see.
The three talked and had dinner for the night.

After they finished, they went home.
Arrive at home.
Lena: Oh yeah. Tomorrow, I think I’m going to go back to my new home. Better get used to my new environment you know.
Mimi: -pouts- Why? Why not stay a few more days?
Lena: I’ll come once in awhile. I don’t like to bother.
Chris: It’s ok. Is there anything that’s uncomfortable for you? We don’t mind fix it.
Lena: Oh no. It’s ok. Seriously. There’s nothing wrong.
Mimi: Aww….You should stay and keep me company.
Lena: I know, but it’s ok. I need to start living at my own house. That’s why I bought it.
Mimi: -raised an eye brow- Are you sure?
Lena: Positive.
Mimi: -pouts- Alright
Chris: Just know that you’re always welcome to come over any time you like.
Lena: Thanks you guys.
Chris: Oh! That reminds me. -takes some tickets out of his pockets- Here’s the tickets. -hand them to the ladies-
Mimi: Lena, do you want to make the posters tomorrow morning then?
Lena: Sure.
Mimi: Yay!
Lena: Anyway, it’s getting late. I guess I’ll go to bed now.
Mimi: Ok. Good night.
Chris: Good night, Lena.
Lena: Night you two. -leaves to her room-

Lena changes into her clothes and got things ready to leave tomorrow.
She then sat on her bed with her laptop to read her emails.
Lena: -reading email notice- Oh! Great! My car arrived. I guess I’ll go pick that up tomorrow. -quick silence- Let see….Blah blah…random mail. Delete.
Lena: -sign off- I’ll read the rest tomorrow.

Diary Entry 2~ *continue*
Is it me or is time going by really fast? Tomorrow I’ll be going to a show with Chris and Mimi. I wonder how it’ll go. Hopefully fun as it was seen on TV. As I think about my life right now. I’m pretty satisfy, but will it be like that in the future? I don’t know and I don’t care. Chris and Mimi seems to be the greatest couples I’ve seen ever. No matter how much I like that, I know I wouldn’t have such a life like them. Anyway, just erase bad thoughts and absorb new happy thoughts. Lena Hwaiting!

Lena took her diary, place it into her bag and something suddenly fell on the floor.
She picked it up and read.

I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. Please forgive me. I love you.

Lena took the note, ripped it up and threw it away into the trash can.
Lena: Useless. Just useless now.

Minh Hang & Thanh Dai Sieu - Chia Doi Mot Trai Tim

Picture Moment::

^The restaurant we went to^

^Tickets to the show^

^SG Wannabe^

^Lee Hyori^



^Super Junior^

^Bedtime outfit change^

^Bedtime outfit: slippers^

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Re: Dear Journey

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Chapter 8 - The Happy. The Sad. The Moment.

The next morning, the three, Lena, Mimi, and Chris took Lena back home.
Mimi: Remember to come by often.
Lena: Of course. Don’t worry. I won’t leave my sister lonely.
Chris: Alright. Mimi and I have to go back to the company for a meeting. We’ll meet you for lunch later?
Lena: Sure.
Mimi: We’ll come to pick you up at 11AM?
Lena: Ok.
Chris: Alright. We’ll see you then.
Lena: Ok. Bye bye.
Chris and Mimi went to work.
Lena started to work around in her house.
Suddenly there was a door bell.
Lena: -checks the door- Who is it?
Delivery Man: Delivery.
Lena: Oh ok. -opens the door- Hi.
Delivery Man: Yes. Are you Miss Vuong?
Lena: Yes I am.
Delivery Man: I’m delivering your car. Could you sign here? -gives Lena the paper-
Lena: Sure. -signs the paper-
Delivery Man: Thank you. Your car is right outside.
Lena: Ok.
Lena received her car and continues her day.

At 11AM.
Mimi: -calls Lena-
Lena: Hello?
Mimi: Lena! I’m here. Come out so we can head over to lunch.
Lena: Alright. -hung up-
Lena got her things and went out to Mimi and Chris to went for lunch.
Mimi: Is that your car?
Lena: Yup. Just came.
Mimi: Nice.
Lena: Yeah.
Chris: Where do you ladies want to go for lunch?
Lena: Lets let Mimi decide.
Mimi: Uhm….How about Malibu’s Kitchen?
Lena: Ok.
Chris: Alrighty.
The three went to lunch and discussed about the concert that night.
Mimi: Lena.
Lena: Yeah?
Mimi: Are you excited about tonight?
Lena: Sort of. Why?
Mimi: Because all those artists are going to be there and you…..
Lena: Hahaha…fan-girl days are over for me. They somehow disappeared already.
Mimi: -smirk and raised her eye brow- Yeah right.
Lena: You seem like you’re still into the fan-girling days.
Mimi: Of course.
Lena: Hehe….
The three finishes lunch.
Chris: Now, where do you ladies like to go? I have to go back to work in thirty minutes.
Lena: I’ve prepared a few items for the posters and signs at home already. How about we work on the stuff at my house?
Mimi: Ok. So, honey, you can just dropped us off at Lena’s houseand pick us up later?
Lena: Or we could just meet at the stadium? Since I have my car now.
Mimi: You sure?
Lena: Yeah.
Mimi: Ok, Chris?
Chris: Alright. We’ll meet there then.
Chris drove the girls back to Lena’s home and went back to work.

Lena and Mimi making their posters and signs in the Designing Office and Graphics Office.
Lena took out her diary and wrote a quick note.

Diary Entry 3~
Tonight is the concert. Mimi and I are making the signs. I’m really excited yet not really in a mood. Jason’s note from last night that I’ve found, kept on making things more uneasy. He cheated on me for another person and he’s soon-to-be a father too. Forget it, Lena. Forget it. Keep your head up high and leave it behind.

Mimi: -comes over to take a peek- Whatcha writing?
Lena: -covers diary- For me to know and for you to discover.
Mimi: Psh….You’re lame. Always writing in your diary.
Lena: -locks her diary- Just to keep memories and moments.

TVXQ - Holding Back The Tears

Picture Moment::

^Outfit Change^


^My Car^

^Restaurant for lunch^

^Tools used to make the posters/signs^

^Sample of the posters^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 6/22/2009, 9:42 pm

Chapter 9 - The Concert Pt. 1

It’s was almost time to get to the concert.
Chris came to Lena’s house from work to pick up the ladies.
Chris: Ready?
Mimi: I am. How about you, Lena?
Lena: Yup.
Chris: -looks at the posters and signs- Whoa…so many.
Mimi: Fangirl better support them.
Lena: Yup.
Chris: Haha…Ok. Ok. Lets go before we’re late.
Mimi/Lena: Araso!
The three left to the concert hall, where there are already people crowding.
Lena: Oh boy. This is the one thing I don’t like about concerts.
Mimi: What?
Lena: Lots of people.
Chris: Well, that’s what the concert is like in Korea.
Mimi: Uh huh.

They walked into the line and escorted toward to their section.
Mimi: Tonight is going to be a crazy night. You can handle it right, Lena?
Lena: Of course. Remember before when we’re still in school?
Mimi: Oh yeah. Right. Hahaha….
Chris: What happened?
Mimi: She spent hours on the computer and didn’t go to sleep until 3AM.
Lena: And I still have that energy until now.
Everyone: Hahaha…..
After awhile, people starts to come in and the concert starts.

The opening song.
Lee Hyori - Hey Mr. Big
The three, Lena, Mimi, and Chris, and the fans starts cheering as Lee Hyori continues her second song.
Lee Hyori - U Go Girl
MC Jang Geun Suk came out and announce the next performer.
MC: That was our first two opening songs with Lee Hyori with her songs, “Hey Mr. Big” and “U Go Girl.”
MC: Annyonghasaeyo. I’m Jang Geun Suk.
Everyone cheered on.
MC: And now with our next performers, SG Wannabe.
SG Wannabe - Partner For Life
SG Wannabe: Ye. Kamsamhamnida. Now, with our next song, “As I’ve Live.” This song was also the OST for “Sad Love Story.” Hope you enjoy.
SG Wannabe - As I’ve Live
SG Wannabe: Kamsamhamnida. Hope you’ll have a great night. -went in-
Lena: Whoa….their voices are so amazing.
Mimi: Yeah I know right. Even better than on TV.
MC: Thank you SG Wannabe. Now to our next performers. The two beautiful ladies, Davichi.
Davichi - 8282
Davichi - Love and War
MC: Whoa…You’ve just heard “8282” and “Love and War.” Do you guys like it?
Audience: Yeah! -cheers on-
MC: Alright. Now our next singer. She has come back with her new song, “Skake.” Introducing, Chae Yeon.
Everyone: -cheers-
Chae Yeon - Shake
After her performance.
ChaeYeon: Thank you.
Audience still went crazy.
ChaeYeon: I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been back. Thank you for welcome me so sincerely. For the next song, I have two in mind, but doesn’t know which one to perform. Could you guys help me decided?
Everyone: Yeah!
ChaeYeon: Ok. You have the choice of either “My Love” or “Two of Us.”
The audience shouted out “My Love” and “Two of Us” non-stop.
ChaeYeon: Alright. Lets vote. If you like, “My Love,” please cheer as long as you can.
The audience yelled and cheered on.
ChaeYeon: Ok. How about “Two of Us?”
The audience went crazy and cheered louder.
ChaeYeon: I guess “Two of Us” it is. Please enjoy.
Chae Yeon - Two of Us

Picture Moment::

^Concert Layout^

^The audience^

^MC Jang Geun Suk^

^Lee Hyori^

^SG Wannabe^


^Chae Yeon^

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Re: Dear Journey

Post by LenaLuvU on 6/25/2009, 3:23 pm

Chapter 10 - Beyond Your Imagination…13

After Chae Yeon’s performance, the audience went even more wild.
MC: With out last performers that you‘ve been waiting for...
Fans: -starts waving the blue balloons and cheering-
MC: Super Junior!
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Remix
Audience: -yelled, screamed, and cheered-
SuperJunior: Annyonghasaeyo.
LeeTeuk: We are Super Juni-
SuperJunior: Or~
Everyone cheered on.
Mimi and Lena went crazy fan-girling.
Chris sat beside and can’t believe that those he know those two.
Suddenly, he leaned over to Mimi and yelled.
Chris: I’m going to be right back.
Mimi: -excitedly- Ok.
Lena: -saw Chris leaving- Mimi! Where’s he going?
Mimi: I don’t know he’ll be right back.
Lena: -nods-
The two continues being fan-girls.
Super Junior got ready and prepare their second performance.
Super Junior - It’s You
The audience continue being supportive.
After Super Junior’s peroformance, all the artists went out onto the stage.
MC: Thank you everyone for joining us for the concert today. Annyonghakasaeyo.

Everyone starts waves and starts leaving the concert.
Mimi and Lena tries to find Chris.
Mimi: Why isn’t he back yet? -looks around-
Lena: I don’t know. -looks around-
Lena: -suddenly found Chris- Hey! There he is. -points-
Mimi: -looks- Oppa!
Chris: -came over- Sorry ladies. I had to talk to a customer. Also, I got a surprise for you two.
Mimi/Lena: -exchange looks- Huh?
Chris: Just come with me.
Mimi/Lena: -hold onto their spirit items, posters, and link arms-
The two whisper while following Chris.
Mimi: The concert was so great.
Lena: I know.
Mimi: I love Super Junior’s performance.
Lena: Me too. -looks at Chris- Where is he taking us?
Mimi: I don’t know.
Chris took the two ladies out of the auditorium heading around to the side of the backstage area.
Lena/Mimi: -stopped and exchanged looks-
Lena: Shocked
Mimi: No way.
Chris: -stopped- Come on ladies. Lets go.
They went and got their backstage passes and went in.

Aly & AJ - Like Whoa

Picture Moment::

^The fans^

^Sapphire Blue glow sticks^

^Super Junior^

^Backstage passes^


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Re: Dear Journey

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