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Shinigami's joining a normal school - rated PG - Ongoing

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Shinigami's joining a normal school - rated PG - Ongoing Empty Shinigami's joining a normal school - rated PG - Ongoing

Post by gaetzan on 1/10/2012, 12:29 pm

Story Title:Shinigami's joining a normal school
Story Rating:PG
Cast:Ra Nakamura, Kratos Michio, Tachibana Kanade, Yuri Nakamura, Hideki Hinata, Yuzuru Otonashi
Story Status:Ongoing

Disclaimer: Angel Beats! and all characters/settings are property of the original creator P.A. Works and Aniplex . This is a work of fan created fiction based off of these characters. All rights reserved.

*Ding dong the school bells ring and everyone starts to walk to the classroom. Today's a special day for class 4B because today the two students from the military academy will join their school. To see if shinigami's can join the normal schools.*

Teacher- ''All right everyone sit down so that the new students can introduce themselves.'

*2 Minutes later the class is silent and the two students enter the room. The first one who enters is a girl with black hair which reaches to her shoulders and has red eyes, the second student is a boy with spiky purple hair and purple eyes.*

Teacher- ''Why don't you two start introducing yourself.'

Girl student-''My name is Ra Nakamura....' ''And I don't see any empty desk where we can sit?'

Teacher-''well about that...' ''someone broke all the desks in the storage room last night. But we will make sure that you two have a desk by at least tomorrow.'

Male student-''Tch...' ''Well that's not something I expected.'

Ra-''Well it's not like any one would expect someone to break all the desks.'

Male student-''Yeah your right..' 'Then I'll start introducing myself I am Kratos .'

Ra-''So where will we sit without any desks?'

Teacher-''I'll get some cardboard boxes for you as soon as I set everyone to work.'

Ra-''Sure we'll be sitting at the back of the class.'

*Ding dong the school bells announce the begin of the first lunch break.*

Ra-''Aaah...[She stretches herself] 'Finally the lesson is over..By backs killing me.'

Kratos- *Sigh* ''The lessons always took long but now we also have to sit on the floor with cardboard boxes as desks which made it even longer since I couldn't sleep'

Ra-*Her stomach makes noise* ''Well I have bigger problems than not getting any sleep in school...'

Kratos-''Like finding someone that wants to share some of their lunch with you?'

Ra-''Exactly...' ''And I think that I'm going to start at that table.' [She points at a table with 4 people.-Two boys one with blue hair and has purple eyes. The other one has orange hair and brown eyes. And two girls. One with purple hair and green eyes. the Other girl has white hair and yellow eyes.]

Kratos-''Well good luck with that.'

Ra-''Thanks I could surely use some luck.' [She stands up and walks towards the four persons.
Which takes only a couple of steps]

Ra-[She pat the purple haired girl on her shoulder]''Hey could I....'
[She stops and starts to blush as soon as the purple haired girl looks at her]

Purple haired girl-''What is it?'

Ra-''eeeh......eehm....C-could I....What are your names?'

Purple haired girl-''My name is Yuri'

Blue haired boy-''My name is Hideki Hinata'

Orange haired boy-''I'm called Yuzuru Otonashi'

White haired girl-''I am Tachibana Kanade nice to meet you'

yuri-''What is it that you wanted?'

Ra-''Well...I wanted to ask if I could borrow some food....'

Hinata- ''huuh.... Why would you want to borrow some food?'

Ra-''Because I....' [She starts to blush again] ''Because my family is very poor..'

Kanade-''I don't mind if you take some food from me I can't eat it all anyway.
Ra-''Thank you.' [She says with a big smile.]

*Ra calls Kratos and waves for him to come.*

Kratos-''What is it?'

Ra-''Found someone that's willing to share her food.'

*They take some chairs and sit on them*

Otonashi-''You know I always thought that shinigami's were more...How should I put it...aggressive.'

Kratos-''Tch... That's just a prejudice that the angels made to get you normals to join their side.' [He says while suddenly looking at Kanade with a pretty angry face.]

Kanade-''How did you know that I'm an angel?' [She asks with a surprised face.]

Ra-''He comes from a family that used to keep angels outside of our city's.'

Kratos-''Just to let you know I hate angels so don't speak to me except if it's really important.'

Yuri-[Stands up very quickly knocking over her chair and furiously hits the table] ''How could you
hate her when you don't even know her!'

Kratos-''It's not that I only hate her I hate all angels.'

Yuri-''Oh your one of those idiots who just hates someone without even knowing them!'

Kratos-''Well that only appli...'

Ra-''Kratos that's enough.'


*Tachibana Otonashi Yuri and Hinata all look with a surprised face.*

Hinata-''Did you give him a order just now?'

Ra-''Yes I did.'

Tachibana-''Is he your slave?'

Ra-''Yes he is.' [she says with a devilish smile]

Otonashi-''Slave?.. what do you mean with that?'

Kratos-''It means that she chained our souls together and put some kind of bomb in me that she can trigger whenever she wants'

Hinata-''Shinigami's have such a power that they can chain their souls to others!?
Ra-''You know I think we're talking about a different kind of soul here..'

Yuri-''How do you mean different kind of soul?'

Kratos-[sigh] ''I'll explain it for you...' ''You see we shinigami's have some kind of extra organ that we call our soul it is the thing that makes us better and stronger than you normals.'
''But it's not only there to make us stronger we also need it to live. Just as much as we need our hearts.' ''but it also enables us to put it bluntly blow things up. Create special swords and much much more.'
*Ding dong just when he finished his sentence the school bell's began to ring*

Ra-[Sigh] ''Let's get back to our improvised desks shall we? See you later.'


Hinata-''See you later!'

Otonashi-''See you.'


*Ding dong as the last school bell rang everyone slowly began to leave the school.*

Ra-''Well that last lesson took awful long to finally end.'

Kratos-''And I didn't get any sleep this lesson either.'

Ra-''At least you don't have to go to a home where you're not wanted.'

Kratos-''No I have to go to a home where they ask to much of me.' [He says irritated]

Ra-''At least they love you.'


*they both head home without saying another word to another*

Ra-[She unlocks the door to her home and walks inside until she reaches the living room. Where her father is watching TV.
Her father is a middle aged man is bald and has red eyes. While her mother is cooking diner her mother wears a cloak and a mask so you can't see much of her.] ''I'm home.'

Father-''I could hear that, Now sit down at the table and be quiet. I am watching my favorite show'

Ra-[Sigh] ''Sure... You always do.' [She says with a depressed face.'

Father-''You have a problem with that?'

Ra-''I didn't mean it like that.' [She says frightened]

Father-''And after you've eaten dinner you're going to do your homework and then go to bed.'

Ra-''Yes father.'


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