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Life isn't easy, hun.

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Life isn't easy, hun. Empty Life isn't easy, hun.

Post by iPandaa on 11/29/2011, 1:42 am

Main Characters: Ahn Jina, Kim Sunggyu, Ahn Daniel
Minor Characters: Infinite, Teen Top, After School

I've been an orphan with my older brother(by a year), Daniel for my entire life. I work in a small cafe on the streets of Seoul. Sure, it's Seoul. It should be buzzing with people. Not this little cafe. Don't get me wrong, it has business, but it's not very popular. I think it's getting popular.. Or not. Eh, whatever. I'm seventeen, in my third year of high school. I live with my older brother in a decently sized apartment. We make a living, he's a gangster and I'm a waitress and barista at a cafe, as I stated oh-so-bluntly before. Oh, freaking out cause my big brother is a gangster? Yeah, he and his buddies are called Teen Top. They kick ass, I must say. But damn, life is hard. It's a big fat B-word actually. It's hard juggling work, school, the stuck up queenkas, and these new kingkas that have suddenly popped up in my life. Not only do they friggin cling to me, but to make things worse, the queenkas are targeting me! Ack, I just hope my big brother doesn't find out about these new boys that think of me as their bestfriend. He'll literately kill them. Oh god, why me?

Hi! I'm new here ~ this is my first story on this site, please be easy and don't bash please? thankies <3 Oh, i'm iPandaa by the way ^^

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