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What Is The Good In Goodbye? [one shot FT Kyuhyun from SUJU]

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What Is The Good In Goodbye? [one shot FT Kyuhyun from SUJU] Empty What Is The Good In Goodbye? [one shot FT Kyuhyun from SUJU]

Post by pinkyheart on 4/13/2011, 2:07 am

Soojin was looking at her wedding dress with dreaming eyes when her mom suddenly opened the door.

“Oh Soojin you’re not asleep yet, you need to relax for tomorrow” her mom said in soft voice.

“yes mom I was about to go to sleep but I just wanted to take a final look at my dress”

“okay then goodnight honey” her mom said and closed the door.

“goodnight for you too mom” Soojin replied in loud.

“Oh it’s Kyuhyun” she said looking at the shaking phone in front of her.

“Hello oppa” Soojin cheered happily.

“Hello my sweet heart, what’s up?” Kyuhyun asked softly.

“nothing really…..i’m just kinda…..”

“scared?” he interrupted her.

“I don’t know really, am I scared or excited or maybe nervous. I guess all of them”

“it’s okay honey, they’re all the normal feelings of a bride before her wedding day

“Yeah maybe, but I couldn’t sleep at all, I swear I tried to but It didn’t work out so maybe I can……”

“Wait” he interrupted her again “Meet me in the down town now”

“What?! Oppa I can’t go out it’s 10:30 PM now”

“Then put something on you I’ll come and get you”


“No buts, I’ll give you 5 minutes only” he teased

“no way, you’re dreaming I can’t….” before she continued he hang up the phone.

“he’s serious” she said, eyes wided.

She got up immediately and wore a simple white t-shirt with a short skirt and sneakers.

Knock knock knock.

Soojin opened the door.

“oppa” she cheered.

“hush, no more words, we’ll talk later” he put a finger on her lips. “by the way where’s your family?”.

“my brother is playing games and parents are asleep”

“very good, let’s go”

“wait” she pulled his hands “oppa we can stay here, my brother is going to sleep after 30 min”


The two got out and walked, Soojin looked around her “oppa, you didn’t bring your car with you?”

“No I wanted to walk with you” he smiled.

“Then how you gonna go back to your house?” she teased.

“I’ll take your car of course” he teased back.

“what?!..Oh, you’re so tricky” she punched hi cheeks softly, held his hands and took off.

“here, the place when we first met, 2 years ago” he said pointing at the café on the right side.

“yep, it was my birthday and I was partying with my friends and you were the singer”

“ yea, I had to work as a singer and a pianist at the same time in the café to earn money”

“You sang to me the birthday song at that time, I swear it was the best gift i’ve got in my whole life for my birthday even thought we didn’t know each other” she smiled and kissed him on cheeks and he kissed her back.

“oppa, how could you love me silently and secretly for a year without telling me?”

“what about you, I swear you melted from the first time you saw me in” he teased.

“okay okay, that’s true, enough” she said with a red face.

“Hey oppa look at that necklace” she cheered looking at the simple necklace that has a ‘S’ letter on it.

“liked it?” Kyuhyun asked looking at her

“Yeah a lot, but it’s expensive” she couldn’t keep her eyes away from it.

“It is” Kyuhyun sighed “let’s continue”


-An hour later-

“Soojin?” he cupped her face with his soft hands


“ Do you love me?” he whispered.

“Ya!, what’s that silly sudden question” she said in loud, confused.

“just tell me, I wanna hear it from you” he closed his face to hers.

“of course oppa then why I fought for our love and refused all the rich and good boys that purposed me” she looked at his eyes and continues smiling

“I love you Cho Kyuhyun, I love you so much” she kissed him gently on his lips.

“I can’t live without you, please don’t leave me” Soojin said with her eyes full of tears.

“ I won’t, I promise” he lifted her up bridal style and yelled “ We’re getting married tomorrow people,I love you Lee Soojin, I’m in love so deep with you and I will never ever leave you”

“oppa what are you doing? Look at those people staring at us….”

He kissed her on lips hushing her and still lifting her.

Their kiss lasted for a minute till Soojin broke it “oppa I gotta go home now it’s late”

20 min they got to Soojin’s house

“Soojin, can you sleep now?” Kyuhyun asked hugging her.

“Yes oppa, thanks”

“I love you”

“I love you too, oppa”

-The wedding day-

“Okay sir, I’ll come and get it tonight, but I’m going to pay now, please save it to me” Kyuhyun said to the seller.

“Don’t worry son, have a nice wedding” the old man smiled at Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun bowed down and got out of the jewellery store.

-6:00 PM in the church-

“Appa I’m so nervous” Soojin told her father getting out of the Limo.

“Haha, it’s okay dear, just think about what are you going to do with Kyuhyun tonight after the ceremony” he winked at her.

“appa!” she blushed.

The huge doors were opened and the bride got in with her father escorting her.

Claps and cheers filled the hall. Everyone was looking at the
beautiful bride approaching the impatient groom.
5minutes later it was the kiss time
Kyuhyun looked down at the shortie and beautiful Soojin, cupped her
face as usual, put his lips on hers and finally kissed her gently.
Everyone was looking at them, some were crying out of happiness, some
were smiling, others were just staring at them in delight.
After a short while, it was the ceremony time.
The new couple danced.
kyuhyun sang and played on the piano.
Everyone was happy and enjoyed their time.

2 hours later, the couple said 'bye' to the guests , got in the limo
and headed to their new house.
Kyuhyun lifted Soojin up bridal style and entered the house.

Soojin looked at the romantic scene that surrounded her.
Red candells, red roses on the floor and Jasmin smell.
"liked it?" kyuhyun asked Soojin smiling.
"like! Oppa I admire it, it's so romantic and beautiful" she cheered.
"oppa" she said softly.
" tell me that I'm not dreaming, punch me to know it's real" she
"no I'm not gonna punch my precious wife I will........." he kissed
her lips again
" I will kiss you instead" he continued after the kiss.

Then he led her to the bed room and sat her her gently on it.
She put her hands on his shirt and started to un button it.
" what are you doing baby?" kyuhyun asked innocently.
"aren't you ready to loose your virginity oppa?" she asked smirking
with a sexy voice.
"since when you became so naughty baby?" he asked lifting his left
eyebrow and smirking.
" since the first time I met you sexy kyuhyun" she kissed him
emotionally, he kissed her back even more emotional than she did.
"awwww girl you're so impatient" he said innocently but seemed like he
wanted more. "......Ah wait I'll be back in a short while" his whole
mode changed as he remembered something and stood up to go out.
"no oppa where are you going? I promise I'll be patient" she pulled
his formal jacket trying to sat him down again but he was stronger.
" I WILL BE BACK WAIT FOR ME" he whispered and kissed her on lips.
Kyuhyun got out of the house.
" I hope they haven't closed yet I need to get her that nicklace now.
I can't wait to see her reaction"

He was thinking about this night, what is he going to do with Soojin?,
what is she going to do with him, how is their life going to be like.
Many ideas came to his mind. He was confused but happy. He started to
laugh cause of the sexy evil plans he prepared for soojin but

15 minutes later, kyuhyun hasn't come back yet.

30 minutes later still no kyuhyun .
Soojin started to get worried. scary thoughts running in her mind but
something interrupted her.
She looked at the ringing cell phone, it was kyuhyun calling her.
With a shaking hand she held it.
"h-hello oppa where are you?" she stuttered
"oh thankgod you know kyuhyun then?" stranger voice came to her ear.
" who are you? Where's kyuhyun?" she yelled at the man on the other
" he's now............ Acci.... Beeeeeeb"
" hello..... Hello..... Sir....... Hello" Soojin said but no one
She hurried to the door, opened it and got out. She knew something bad
5 minutes of running she looked at the scene in front of her.
Smoke, sea of blood,the ambulance lights and lots of people were
watching and wondering.
Soojin pushed all of them and looked at the 'close to death' man.
She screamed" kyuhyun "
She held him between her hands, her dress was covered with blood, his
own blood.
"kyuhyun wake up you're not dead, wake up, I love you" she yelled
" dear......." he was pale
and breathless.
"I love you more, baby be strong....."
"g-good....bye Soojin......goodbye" he said and closed his eyes

She shook him many times,but he was lifeless.

"Kyuhyun.........why are you leaving me.....where's your promise to
me......why did you say goodbye?.....what is the good in gooodbye?"
she cried loudly with her eyes full of tears. She looked at his hand,
something was shining, she held it. It was the necklace she saw last
night he wanted it to be his wedding gift to her,but sadly it was his
last gift to her.


I'm really so SORRY about the sad ending, but i tried my best


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What Is The Good In Goodbye? [one shot FT Kyuhyun from SUJU] Empty :)

Post by alakswildflower on 8/8/2011, 10:23 pm

that was so depressing!!! Sad im all depressed now ... you should write a happy one Very Happy please ;D


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