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Dance With Me

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Dance With Me Empty Dance With Me

Post by Fairuzzy on 12/12/2010, 8:04 pm

Anyeong Yeorobeun!
This is my second time writing a fanfic! Very Happy But my very first time writing about 2PM members! javascript:emoticonp('Very Happy') The story is basically featuring 2PM and Yunho(TVXQ), but the leading lady here is fictional~~

There's no intro but I'm just going to dwelve into the story straight away! Please comment! Comments makes me write moreee and moreee~ Kya! Thanks! ♥️

Yunho was busy attending to the customers inside their small café when his sister comes in through the front door. She carries her bag over her shoulders and she walks up to him.
“ Oppa, anyeong!” she said with a bright smile. Yunho grins at her, “ How was school today?” “ Aigoo, so much homework!” she complains and dawdles to the kitchen door. He smiles quietly and continues to talk to his customers.

Yunho and his sister owns an apartment and a dance studio just above the restaurant. To get to the apartment, there is a special staircase leading directly to their apartment from the kitchen, near the storage room. When Yunho’s parents bought the apartment from their friend, they were told that the apartment was adjoined to a restaurant. The dance studio on the other hand was given to Yunho by his family to continue his passion ; dancing.

10 minutes later, Yuna bounces back into the restaurant, her school clothes changed to a more comfortable wear. Her jet-black hair tied back into a high ponytail. “ Oppa, I’ll take the orders now alright? Take a short break. Go and sit at the cashier arachi?” Yuna smiles at her brother. It’s her turn to work now since it is a family restaurant. Every alternate day after school hours, Yuna would hurry back home to help her brother out at the restaurant. At night, she would catch up on her studies while her brother spends his time at his dance studio with his friends.

“ Annyeong haseyo, ahjussi~ …… What can I get you?”

“ Deh, I will be back with your order!”

“ The food tastes good? Yeh~ Kamsahamnida! Take care!”

Yuna greeted all the customers with a smile, so that each and every one of them left the restaurant with a full stomach and a smile on their faces. At 5 o’clock, Yuna was completely exhausted after the last customer walked out the door.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

“ Yahh~ Yunnie did well today~ All the customers were so happy…” Yunho applauds his sister.

“ …… thanks-..”

“ … especially the guys.” Yunho smirks.

“ YAH!” an irritated Yuna glowers at her brother. “ … Well, I wasn’t the only one. Did you see Your row of admirers outside the shop? Oppa so handsome, oppa so fine... I felt like puking. By the way, I’ve got another one for you,” Yuna smiles mischievously and passes an all-too-familiar pink envelope to her brother. He groans. He takes the envelope from his sister and drops it into a sealed-white box.

The kitchen door opens and the three ladies who cooks for the restaurant walked out, carrying their handbags.

“ We’ll be going now ….”

“ Yehh, kamsahamnida! Walk safely home, we’ll see you tomorrow!” Yunho bows down in respect. Yuna gets up and bows down respectfully too. Yuna looks at the clock and she gasps, “ Ommo! It’s almost 6.30pm! Kyaaa~ I need to shower and start my homework!” With that, Yuna walks away hurriedly.

“ Yunnie ah, dinner!!” Yunho calls out after her.

“ Later!”
< At the dance studio>
Music is blaring out of the speakers and resonating all over the dance room. Yunho’s head is following the beat of the song. His hands drumming to the beat, a smile on his face as he concentrates.

“ Annyeong! Yunho hyung!!” a loud voice booms across the room. Yunho turns in that direction and laughs as he sees his friends walking over with their bags. Jihoo, Hyung Joon and Changmin , three of Yunho’s best friends since high school. The four of them will usually get together at night to catch up and practice some dance moves. Their dance studio is open to the public, and sometimes they would give lessons.

“ So, Jihoo ah, how was your first day at university?” Yunho asks Jihoo, the maknae of the four of them.

“ it was Daebak!” Jihoo smiles at all of them.

“ Aishh, hyung~ he’s just saying that because some pretty girl helped him out this morning…” Changmin laughed.

“ …… because...” excited, Changmin tries to finish his sentence but Jihoo tackles him down on the floor.


They roll over each other and Jihoo desperately tries to muffle Changmin’s mouth. Yunho and Hyung Joon stood up, looking down at their two friends with a bemused expression on their faces.

“… he got lost.” Changmin breathes out finally.

“ Lost? Our Jihoo?” Yunho exclaims. Yunho tries to keep a straight face. “ YAHH!! don’t laugh!!” Jihoo shouts. Yunho fails and bursts into laughter. Their maknae, the one who is always trying to act cool and macho… lost?!

Hyung Joon smirks and chuckles silently. Jihoo lies down flat on the ground, grumbling.

“ Mianhe Jihoo ah, I couldn’t keep that piece of news by myself you know…. Sharing is caring” Changmin pats Jihoo’s shoulders laughing.

“ What happened Changmin ah?” Hyung Joon asks.

So Changmin told the story of how poor Jihoo got lost. Jihoo woke up late again and was rushing to his campus. He left his campus map at home and he only realized it as he reached the campus area. So he wandered aimlessly around the media arts building when a girl stopped him because she thought he looked lost. Well, according to Jihoo, the girl was very pretty and even though he got the directions, he still went the wrong way again, so the girl had to help him out, again. Changmin actually saw the whole thing from afar.

“ YAHH! You actually let me look like a pabo?!” Jihoo glares at Changmin.

“ I was too far away anyway, and …. It got too entertaining,” Changmin chuckles.

Yunho, still chuckling, “ Alright, alright. Everyone, gather up. Let’s warm up!” he instructs all of them.

Their practice starts. All the boys dancing it out, strutting complicated but suave dance moves. Jihoo, Yunho, Hyung Joon and Changmin , they always dance together in a very coordinated manner. All the four of them loves to dance, and that is why they became great friends almost instantly. Yunho and Hyung Joon have been friends ever since they were kids and they became closer to Changmin and Jihoo in high school after performing together.



“ WOOOOOOOOOO,” screams Jihoo after the song ‘Heartbreaker’ ended.

The boys were sweating madly but all of them wore big smiles on their faces. “ Yahh, I need a drink! So thirsty~” Hyung Joon exclaims and rummages his bag for his water bottle. “ That was a good workout!” Yunho cheers. “ Yeah!!!” shouts Jihoo and Changmin exuberantly.

“ Same time tomorrow guys?”
“ Yeah…”
“ Sure …”
“ Anyeong!”


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Dance With Me Empty Re: Dance With Me

Post by Fairuzzy on 12/12/2010, 8:09 pm


7.00am, Saturday

“ Okay everyone, gather round!” Yunho calls the two girls and two guys who works part-time in the restaurant. “ Today is a going to be a long Saturday, which means we will have more customers! Let’s serve them well and have a good day okay! Hwaiting!” Yunho grins and smiles at them.

“ Dehh!!!” they cheered.

Right after that, Yuna enters the restaurant dressed again in casual clothes. Yunho is in a good mood and nods in approval, “ Ah, yunnie looks exceptionally pretty today..”

“ Yeh, oppa looks suddenly handsome today too..” Yuna laughs.

“ Yah! What do you mean suddenly??” Yunho laughs and ruffles his sister’s hair.

“ OPPA! Don’t mess up my hair!!!” Yuna shouts at her brother as she runs to a mirror to fix her hair.

Yunho laughs and goes to greet their very first customer of the day. “ Anyeong haseyo!” a group of girls greets Yunho giggling. He smiles politely at them and hears a muffled laugh behind him. He turns back to see his sister laughing away in a corner. He takes their order and smiles politely at them. As he passes his sister, he smacks her on the head lightly with his notebook and walks away. A winning smirk on his handsome face while she glares at her brother, but stops when she sees more customers coming in their shop.


“ So, how’s everything?” Yunho asks his sister in the afternoon when they were having a lunch break.

“ Okay I guess?” Yuna replies.

“ Hmm, I saw you with some extra papers in your order list just now,” Yunho tells her.
“ Ah, those….”

“ Mwo? …. Love letters?” Yunho prods his sister, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“ Not exactly … some guys thinking I’d give them my number..”

“ Did you?”

“ Aniyo! I don’t even know them….”

“ Aigoo, you’re a hard one Yunnie ah… How are you going to get a boyfriend like this?” Yunho laughs.

“ You’re a heartbreaker! How many have you rejected now?” he laughs.

Yuna just smiles at her brother and shakes her head. She glances at her wristwatch, “ Ommo! It’s already 1.00pm. I’ve got to go … study group! Oppa, I’ll see you tonight alright?” With that, Yuna runs off to get her bag. Yunho shouts after her, “ Yunnie, study hard! Fighting!”

8.00 pm.

“ Yunnie ah, you think you can watch the shop for abit? I’m going to go to the studio with the guys…” Yunho asked his sister who is sitting behind the cashier, studying. “ Mwo? Ah, yeh yeh, no problem oppa..” she smiles absent mindedly, her hand busy scribbling on her textbook.

“ Call me if anything turns up arachi?”

“ Mmmh”

Yunho nods to one of the waiter who was still there cleaning the tables and proceeds out the door. “Jaejin-shi, can you stay till oppa comes back?” Yuna asked him. Jaejin gives her a thumbs up and continues to clean the tables, whilst humming a song.

Yuna studied hard, but Jaejin fell asleep on one of the tables when suddenly four guys walked in. “ Jaejin-shi, wake up! Customers!” Yuna goes over to poke Jaejin. “ Anyeong haseyo~” Yuna greets them politely. One of them nodded, and the four guys sat at a table together. There weren’t many customers in the restaurant at that time, since it was late and all. The ahjumma’s who cooks, had already left.

Jaejin stumbles towards them, and runs a finger through his hair, making it look proper.

“ What can I get you?” Jaejin asks with a half-sleepy smile.

Apparently, the three of the four guys were well, guys. Noisy guys, but one of them seemed a bit older than the three guys.

“ uwaaaa~ Ottokeh! I don’t know what to eat~ Ommooo”

“ Yah, just close your eyes and pick something!”

“ Ani … ani …”

“ Aigoo, I don’t know how I managed all six of you,” the man grumbles.

“ Stop being such a girl! Pabo~ kimchi chigae juseyo..” one of them said.

“ ah! Me too!” the guy who couldn’t decide earlier said.

“ I’d like some spicy ramen ….” A calm voice said.

“ I’m fine …” the man said.

Jaejin repeats their order and passes it to Yuna. Yuna gets up from her chair behind the cashier, and reads the list. “ Kimchi Chigae and Spicy Ramen? …. Ah,cool.. Easy dishes!” she grinned and walks over to the kitchen.

10 minutes later, Yuna returns with their order. She brought out the kimchi chigae first, and walks over to their table. “ Annyeong! Kimchi Chigae?”

The three guys were startled when she came. When she came, one of them coughed suddenly. “ Umm, who ordered kinchi chigae?” Yuna asks again, smiling politely. The man answered for them, “ Aigoo, these boys… tongue-tied at the sight of a pretty girl again… There miss. The guy wearing the orange jacket and the one with the black hoodie…” Yuna walks over to them, and passes it to the two guys, bows politely and she goes back to the kitchen to get the spicy ramen.

She brings back the spicy ramen, and this time they guys were all smiles, their confidence back, etched on their faces.

“ Spicy ramen?”

“ Over here ….” Yuna walks over to the guy and gives it to him. He smiled, “ Kamsahamnida…”

Yuna smiles brightly at all of them and goes back to sit behind the counter, her head buried in her books again, Unaware of the stares she’s getting from the three guys.

“ Yahh~ Yippun ah~”

“ Hyung is quiet again … kekeke”


Just then, Yunho walks in with his friends into the restaurant. When he saw the customers, he bows down politely with a smile. The guys just nodded at him and Yunho walks over to his sister.

“ Yah, Yunnie ah~ Shouldn’t you stop now? You’ve been at this since this evening…” Yunho pats her head .

“ Is Yuna studying again??” Jihoo asks, bouncing towards the cashier. “ Yuna-shii anyeong!”

Hyung Joon walks over and peers over yunho’s shoulder. “ Yunnie,you look drained.”

Yuna smiles at all of them and shrugs. Yunho steps over to his sister’s side and packs her things. “ Aja, you have school tomorrow. I’ll clean up. Go.” He pulls her to her feet, and gently pushes her towards the kitchen door.

“ Aigoo~ Oppa!” Yuna complains, but Yunho’s face was determined so Yuna walks away grumbling
“ Yah! I swear she works way too hard sometimes…” Jihoo complains.

Hyung Joon whispers to Yunho, “ Yunho ah, doesn’t that guy look familiar? The one in the orange jacket… It looks like ….”

Yunho looks over to the guys, at the guy with the orange jacket. He shook his head. “ Isn’t he in one of those media company? What would he be doing here?” Hyung Joon shrugs.

Within a few minutes, the four guys stood up and the man paid Yunho for their meal.

“ The meal was daebak!” one of them smiles politely, and pulls his hoodie down. Yunho took a good look at the guy with the black hoodie.

“ Junsu?” Yunho asks the guy with the black hoodie, startled.

The guy with the black hoodie stopped short, and looks at Yunho. The other man walks back to him as Junsu pulls off his hoodie, “ ommo! Yunho hyung?”

Junsu looks at Hyung Joon and exclaimed, “ Yah! Hyung Joon-shi?” Junsu smiles happily,” Ommo! It’s been a long time hyung!”

Yunho laughs and gives Junsu a short hug and ruffles his hair, “ Yahh, look at you. All grown up. Kekeke. You’re a man! Who would’ve thought? Hyung Joon ah, do you see what I see?” The other guys laughed at the red-faced Junsu.

“ What are you doing here so late at night?” Hyung Joon asks Junsu.

“ Ahh, we were hungry, and we saw this restaurant still had their lights on, so we dropped by…” Junsu explains. One of the guys coughs and Junsu turns back, confused.

“ Omona! Mianhe guys! Yunho hyung, Hyung Joon-shi, these are my chingu’s…” Junsu introduced.

“ Um, the guy with the orange jacket, that’s Junho and the other one is Chansung. That ahjussi over there is our manager,” Junsu adds cheekily.

“ Yah, junsu ah. Im not that old!” their manager scolded.

“ Mwo? Arent you guys 2PM?” Jihoo asks.

“ Yeah, that’s us. Thank goodness nobody’s around though. Fans can get pretty scary!” Chansung laughs.

Their manager let the guys chat for a bit and then motioned them to get going. “ Hyung! We’ll be going ..Kamasahamnida… We’ll drop by again soon… Anyeong yeorobeun!” Junsu waved goodbye.

Finito! What do you think?


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