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[ONGOING FIC] Love Generation

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[ONGOING FIC] Love Generation Empty [ONGOING FIC] Love Generation

Post by eskulla_bandit on 11/6/2010, 11:34 pm

annyeong ~
this is my FIRST fanfic being posted here Smile
this story is about a fictional character named
UMI Smile
she's paired to Jung Yunho of TVXQ ^^
some characters and scenes are coming from different JPOP/KPOP groups and artists and some animes Very Happy
well about the title,
i'm not sure of it though Neutral
but im still gonna change ^^



"Umi, I want you to be strong no matter what will happen. Don’t let others put you down. I love you my little sister.”

“Umi, you know that we love you so much. No matter what will happen today, promise me you’ll never change, happy birthday baby.”

“Umi, don’t let this event ruin your day. After all it’s your birthday. Don’t cry now my little Umi.”

“Don’t be afraid. We’re always here for you.”

With those words to serve as her strength and the reason why she survived the accident,

She’ll be facing a whole new world,

She’ll be handling a whole new power,

And she’ll be learning to love a whole new man

Who will change her life and the future generations that lies ahead of them.

CHORDAfic presents:
Love Generation..<3

Chapter One:

“It was the time when I thought everything would end.” She said to herself as flashback came across her mind. The day that she’s talking’ about is her very own 5th birthday. At that time, she’s still living in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Her name is Kumiko “Umi” Akimoto. She is a half Japanese and Filipino. On her birthday, her family decided to give her a special birthday in the midst of poverty. They decided to travel on the mountains and spend an adventurous birthday celebration. They were so happy singing happy songs, just like “The wheels on the bus goes round and round” and such songs. While they were singing, they didn’t notice the rain slowly dropping. Then on their way, a great thunder roared and it happened to hit a big tree that’s just standing near the road. Unfortunately, the tree fell into their car. Except for her, her whole family was hit and was suffering from endless pain. And because of that, she immediately called the City’s official hospital. It took how many hours for the ambulance to reach the place, so she saw everything that happened in those hours. She heard her elder brother saying, “Umi, I want you to be strong no matter what will happen. Don’t let others put you down. I love you my little sister.” She also heard her father saying, “Umi, you know that we love you so much. No matter what will happen today, promise me you’ll never change, happy birthday baby.” And she wept because of those words. She already knew what will happen to them. And then suddenly, she felt her mother’s soft arms around her while saying, “Umi, don’t let this event ruin your day. After all it’s your birthday. Don’t cry now my little Umi.” Her mother told these words to her even if she can barely talk. And then her mother sung her lullaby, “Sleep my darling baby sleep. Mama’s not going too far away, little angels guiding you along the way so sleep.” And then her mother whispered to her, “Don’t be afraid. We’re always here for you.” And that ended her mother and her whole family’s life. She continued weeping and then she realized and put in her mind and heart all that her family had told her. And then after how many hours, the ambulance arrived and upon seeing the pitiful Umi waiting inside the ruined car, they apologized to her because of their delayed arrival and took her inside and so with the bodies of her family. As a sign of sympathy towards her and her family, the government of Philippines took care of all the burial expenses. And then they contacted any of the relatives of Umi. Fortunately, the only generous relative of Umi was her auntie there across in Belgium. So what the government has done is that they helped Umi settle there in Belgium and brought her to her auntie safely.

When she arrived at her auntie’s house, she was hugged by her auntie tightly. And then the almost squeezed Umi said, “Auntie, nice seeing you. But before anything else, would you mind letting go of me?”. After what she said, her auntie realized that she was hugging her like HELL, so she directly let go of her and helped bring her luggage inside. She was introduced to her Uncle Frank and to her cousins. Her uncle Frank is a very kid loving uncle. While Jason is an almost the same age as her and was very talkative. He keeps on talking to her in a Dutch language. He said, “Hallo, ik ben Jason. Wat is je naam?” (Hi I’m Jason. What’s your name?) Everyone look at each other’s eyes and her auntie reminded Jason, “Jason, speak in English since she can’t understand Dutch.” But before Jason could reply to her mother, Umi replied to him with full confidence, “Ik ben Umi. Leuk je te ontmoeten neef. Houdt u er zorg voor mij.” (I'm Umi. Nice meeting you cousin. Please take care of me.) Everyone was very shocked. They didn’t expect young Umi to know such language. So the fascinated Uncle Frank asked her, “Hoe heb je Nederlands leren?” (How did you learn Dutch?) She replied, “Ik heb net toevallig deze taal te kennen. Is het een big deal oom?” (I just happen to know such language. Is it a big deal Uncle?) And because of great amazement, her uncle’s mouth opened. So before everyone could express their amazement, Auntie Gaga told everyone to stop the fuss, or amazement I daresay. She told everyone to help Umi bring her luggage upstairs and told Umi to have a rest since she had just arrived from a long and tiring journey.

The next morning, the school report card of Umi was delivered. And when her auntie and uncle saw her card, they found out that Umi is one of the living geniuses in Philippines. Though in the young age, Umi was already advance. She’s an accelerated student. She’s already a grade 3 at the age of five and was already a mature thinker. Her auntie and uncle was very surprised and because of this, they hurriedly get into the cab and asked the driver to take them to the most expensive and prestigious international school in Europe, the Shelspin University. Shelspin University is a boarding school. And also, they prioritize the Intelligence Quotient of a certain student. People with IQ above 250 are considered worldly renowned geniuses and because of it, they value such students so much. (Geniuses are also scholars of the school) That’s why they don’t easily let the genius students have a vacation or even go out of school. Geniuses are only allowed to have a vacation once they become the school’s top 1 and only 1 genius among geniuses of the school. On the other hand, people with IQ below 250 are considered potential students. They don’t call them like “normal or average” students because even if they didn’t pass the 250 IQ level, they are still part of God’s potential creations. The potentials are allowed to go out of school only a month after the school’s closing. So back to the story, her uncle and auntie hurriedly walked to the enrollment office of the school. The enrollment has a long process. It may take a day every student but in the case of Umi, she just ended up in a short time. First step of the process was showing of the card. The teachers and administrators were fascinated with her grades. So they directly asked Umi to answer the entrance exam. According to them, the entrance exam takes 5 hours but for Umi, she finished it for only 1 hour and a half. After that, they waited for about 30 minutes for the result. And they were very and ultimately shocked because she almost answered all of it correctly. She got 499 over 500 items. The only item that she didn’t answer correctly is, “What is the heat capacity of a sheep’s wool?” But that didn’t matter to Umi and her aunt and uncle but instead, they excitedly went to the final step, the enrollment proper. The school declared Umi as a genius so it’s equivalent to scholarship. After they have finished the enrollment, the school advised Umi to start bringing in her luggage in her room. (Her room is a big room designed only for genius transferees)

When they arrived at her auntie’s house, her auntie told her to start packing up. They had a somewhat like impromptu party for Umi. Her cousins, Jason and Ryan, played a very sweet and dear song. And then, at the end, they danced like there’s no tomorrow. They partied all night. No stopping. Then the next day, Umi was woken up by the luscious smell of her auntie’s masterpiece food, the chicken Adobo. Umi got so excited about the smell so she hurriedly took a bath, changed clothes and be ready for another parting.

As Umi ate the last piece of chicken, she felt like levitating up in the air as Hallelujah was being played. And because of the tasty breakfast, Umi almost forgot that it is her final day with her auntie since she’s going to a boarding school. Before she was sent to school, her aunt, uncle and cousins gave her a goodbye gift. That gift is a small sound box containing the sound box version of canon by Pachelbel.

Her auntie brought her to school and they bid their goodbyes. After that, Umi was led to her room. Her eyes glistened when she saw her room. Her room was as big as a standard house. It’s colored black because Umi loves black. She is somewhat like a “Goth.” Because of excitement, she directly unpacked her things and arranged it properly in the wardrobe. She didn’t notice that it’s already midnight so she dozed off to the carpeted floor. When she woke up, she excitedly went to the room sized bathroom and after taking a bath, she directly changed to her uniform. And then ate her break fast that was delivered to her room and excitedly went down to the main campus hallway. She walked as lively she could be, as if she completed the color of every thing that goes on her way. She continued walking and as always, every single thing in every step that she makes has awed her. Along the way, she bumped onto a woman which she thought her age was about 27. The woman glared at her.

------- End of part 1 Smile

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