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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by dolce on 6/11/2009, 8:41 pm

I just love the So Yi Jeong-Chu Ga Eul tandem from Boys Over Flowers that I'll die if I won't get to write a fan fiction about them.

Main Characters:
Kim So Eun as Chu Ga Eul
Kim Saeng Bum as So Yi Jeong

Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo
Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin


I opted to use their names from Boys Over Flowers as we are more familiar with it. But this is not at all a spin off nor a sequel of the drama. You may see familiar places and I kind of borrowed some of their characters from the drama but that's just it. The story's a lot different.

I can't let you wait for the first chapter so I'll post it right after this. Thank you for reading!


Date posted: June 04, 2009
Date finished:


Other stories from the author:


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Push and Pull of Love and Hate Chapter 1 (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by dolce on 6/11/2009, 8:44 pm

A Pleasant Morning

"Ga Eul-sshi!" Ga Eul was stunned to see her best friend in the whole wide world standing outside her townhouse, looking so chic in her white embroidered tunic and tight fitting faded jeans. Her hair was double the length since the last time she saw her. Which was what, two years ago?
"Geum Jan Di! Is it really you?" She was literally gaping at her. She thought it was Jae Joong that was knocking. He has a habit of forgetting things, even the key so more often that not, he'll end up knocking instead of opening the door himself.

"Yes, it's me." Jan Di gave a ringing laughter. "Won't you give me a hug, best friend?" Without waiting for an answer, Jan Di gave Ga Eul a bone-crushing hug. She invited herself in inside the modest townhouse and took a cigarette from her silver case.

The ever obessessive compulsive Ga Eul followed her and offered a marble ash tray. She knew her best friend too well to know she'll use anything that looks like an ashtray to put off the fag. She rolled her eyes in disgust. Then Jan Di looked liked she remembered something and decided against smoking.

Jan Di raised an eyebrow when she saw cigarette butts on the ash tray that Ga Eul gave her. "Welcome to the club." She smiled smugly and settled on the sofa.

She was not able to throw it yet because she has a long day ahead of her. It was her rest day from the TV station and she was contemplating on cleaning the whole house. "That's not mine. That's Jae Joong's." She corrected, too late to realize that Jan Di's the nosiest person in HER planet. She saw her widen her smile, her most annoying smile.

"He?" She asked. Ga Eul didn't mention anything about living in with someone. So her conservative buddy was totally out of being the blushing virgin eh?

"He but she. Jae Joong's my roomate." Kim Jae Joong works as an account executive in McCann Ericsson and lives at the other end of Seoul which is very inconvenient. Without giving her any chance to decline, he admitted that he's gay. A decent, discreet gay. "Thing is, I can't really afford my rent now." Unlike you, she wanted to add but didn't. Jan Di's the only daughter of the owner of the largest textile company in South Korea and a famous fashion model. She met Jan Di when she trasferred to her college after being kicked out of Shin Hwa University after she was caught smoking in the girls' restroom. They became inseparable after entering the same sorority. She loved Jan Di because she was not like any other rich girl that she has met in the past. She might be spoiled and wild but she has a good heart.

"Oh. I thought you're shedding off your old personality and uhm, you know?" Jan Di let out a malicious laugh that she coughed. Jan Di laughed heartily again, the laugh that caught the attention of not a few members of the opposite sex. "So, you're still the same OLD Ga Eul." Emphasizing the 'old'.

"Geum Jan Di!" She yelled. "Why do you make it sound so bad, huh? And what brings you here anyway?" She glared at her. Jan Di, however simply dressed, looks out of place in her apartment. And usually, if she has anything to say, she'll contact her through phone or email as she's more often than not, out of the country. And she was getting suspisious by the minute.

"C'mon! Is that the way to welcome your best friend?" Jan Di taunted. Then and now, she loved teasing Ga Eul.

"I could've hired an orchestra but since you came unannounced and I am getting nervous about this surprise visit, I rather not take this sitting down." She said and walked to her small kitchen and fixed Jan Di breakfast. Jan Di followed suit. "Coffee?" She asked.

"Uhm, orange juice will do." She replied without looking at her. She raised another eyebrow. Jan Di saying no to coffee? But she let it pass and fixed her a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. "When did you arrive?"

"Last night. I was in Milan for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I brought you some of the latest designs. It's in the trunk." And she examined Ga Eul's appearance from head to toe that if only she's not Jan Di, she could have beaten her up to a pulp.

"There's nothing wrong with what I wear." She defended herself. She was wearing a sweatshirt and heart printed leggings, her usual sleepwear. Surely, she was not expecting her to wear a cocktail dress while sleeping. But on second thought, knowing her best friend, she might be.

"If you say so, whatever you say." Jan Di indulged her and rolled her eyes. "Well, I am here 'cause I need your help." She sat on one of the dining chairs and looked at her intently.

"That's why you brought some 'bribe'" She joked. Even if they don't see each other a lot, Jan Di would always send someone to bring her anything that she brought from her travels. Something as grand as swarovsky crusted wrist watch or as simple as a puka shell necklace.

"That hurt!" Jan Di retorted. "They want me to get married and I don't want to." Her demeanor was a lot different from before. Jan Di's seldom serious, one thing that she loved about her. Her difficult life becomes a lot more manageable because of her. Jan Di makes her dull life exciting and happy. And now that she's putting up a different aura, she's really getting worked up.

"Are you serious?!" She wanted to make sure. She's positive that the 'they' that she's referring to was her family. Even though they don't look like they're the type that would resort to arranged marriages. But then, she don't know them that well. And for someone with status in society as Jan Di, it's possible. "With Jun Pyo?" Jan Di nodded. It was not unknown to her that her parents want to pair her off to the heir of South Korea's largest enterprise, Shin Hwa Group. Not just because he's rich but he's also one of her brother's best friends.

"As serious as I am sitting here. Ga Eul-yang, please help me. I want to get away but I just said that I'll be staying here for pre-wedding pep talks." She was making puppy dog eyes that she knew Ga Eul can't resist.

"But you won't really be staying here so you just need me to lie to your parents and to that--" She wanted to say 'good-for-nothing brother of yours' but decided against it. So Yi Jeong was not exactly good-for-nothing. He's a world renowned potter actually. But there's something about him that irritates her to the core. Yi Jeong was Jan Di's older half-brother. Son of the national artist So Hyun Sub, Jan Di's mother's first husband. And she could safely say that Yi Jeong feels exactly the same way about her. She was thinking that he believes that she's nothing but a social climbing scrub that kisses up to Jan Di.

"No. I want you to talk to them and convince them to let me off the hook." She said it like she was asking her to let the garbage out.

"Come again?" Ga Eul eyes looked like they will fall out of its sockets any moment.

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Push and Pull of Love and Hate Chapter 2 (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by dolce on 6/11/2009, 8:45 pm


"Omma." He acknowledged after seeing their home phone number on the caller ID and placed the phone on speaker. He's getting ready for a business meeting and was fixing his white satin cravat in front of the dresser. He left the Geum household more than a year ago much to his mother's opposition. But he got his step father's support. Geum Chin Hae's his father for all intents and purposes and he loves him like his own. Maybe because Chin Hae treated him like his own son too after he took them in. His father died when he was barely an infant and his mother remarried a couple of years later.

=Yi Jeong-ah, eotteohke jinaeseyo?= Yi Jeong closed his eyes tight. He doesn't like it when his mother's asking how he is doing first. That's her usual dialogue when she's about to drop a bomb.

"Jaljinaeyo. And yourself?" He managed to ask. "Is there a problem?" She won't usually call him early in the morning just to ask him about something as trivial as him being 'fine'.

=Aniyo. . .I just wanted to invite you for dinner tonight. Can you?= She said but he was still doubtful. If it's not a problem then she's up to match-making him to one her friends' daughters again. He pushed the mute button for a moment and cursed under his breath.

"I am not sure, Omma. . ." He replied noncommitally. "I'm still lacking material for my next exhibit." He said.

=I really am not asking if you could come So Yi Jeong, I am ORDERING you to come. We have a major family crisis and I need you here tonight. Do you get me?=

Yi Jeong could not believe his ears. When was the last time his mother used that tone? High school? "What happened?" He asked worriedly. He picked the handset, setting the gel bottle aside.

=I can't tell you on the phone. If you're not here at 7pm, I'll burn that art gallery of yours, Yi Jeong. And I am not kidding.= Then the line got disconnected. He swallowed hard. This must be really serious. And he could only guess about the 'major family crisis'.

He can't blame his mother though for threatening him like that. He avoided being home like a plague eversince he bought his own house. His mother, being a spoiled housewife that she is, doesn't have anything to do at home but to dote on him and Jan Di, his sister. She meant well in everything she does but sometimes it becomes irritating. That's why when he found the 4000 sq ft penthouse near the gallery that he inherited from his late father, he expressed his utter desire to move out and fend for himself.

But still, his mother can find ways to keep him at bay. Just like today. He sighed.


"You're old enough. Why can't you decide for yourself?" She reasoned. Jan Di's been spporting herself since college, she may not be as rich as Yi Jeong or her parents but she's definitely well off even without Geum Textiles under her belt. "Just tell them your decision and stick with it." They were in an exclusive restaurant in Insadong and Ga Eul expressed her awkwardness about her suggestion that she talks to her family. Even if Chung Ae treats her like her own daughter, she can't meddle with family affairs, can she?

"My mother listens to you more than she does to me, remember?" Jan Di let out a bitter laugh. It was difficult that nobody in your family seems to give importance in whatever it was that you have to say.

Ga Eul sighed heavily. Jan Di started rebelling when she was in high school. Being compared to an overachieving and not to mention famous big brother was not something she was able to handle well. And since she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, people usually go out of their way to please Jan Di. And she loathes it. "Alright." She gave in. "But."

Jan Di's smile froze. "What?" She scratched her head. Ga Eul grinned. Nobody would think that the supermodel Geum Jan Di scratches her head in an unladylike manner when she's annoyed.

"Only if they come to me looking for you." She won't go to the Geum mansion just to receive belittling comments from Yi Jeong. Again.


"Annyeong hasseyo." Ga Eul jumped up in fright upon hearing that voice. She turned slowly and found a guy in a dark gray suit and she has never looked underdressed in her white mini dress and silver flats, the most appropriate dress that she could find in her closet. It was Jan Di's birthday and she was not expecting she lives in this over the top mansion in one of the exclusive villages in the Songpa district. She just realized that Jan Di IS the heiress to the Geum Textiles. At school, she talks and acts like she doesn't care at all.

She bowed slightly and didn't say anything. The butler left her in the great room to inform Jan Di of her arrival. And she started fidgeting the second she lost sight of him. And this one who just appeared from nowhere is no better. He was deliberately staring at her like she was some kind of a specimen under a microscope.

"Yi Jeong imnida, you are?" He asked, totally ignoring her uneasiness. His arms were crossed in front of his chest and there was a mocking but gorgeous smile on his face.

"I'm Ga Eul. Nice to meet you Yi Jeong-sunbae." She's sure this man's older than her.

"I see you've met my brother. Oppa, this is Chu Ga Eul, my best friend. Ga Eul-yang, this is Yi Jeong-oppa." Jan Di appeared from nowhere, looking so delectable in her little black dress and gold stilletos. Her face that's usually bare was subtly made up. She wished she has put some lipstick instead of lip gloss. She looked like a high schooler in her get up.

"B-brother?" He doesn't look like Jan Di at all.

"I know what you're thinking." Jan Di smiled knowingly. "He's my half-brother."

Ga Eul nodded absently. "Anyway, saengil chukha hamnida." And handed her a box. She's uncomfortable seeing her brother looking at her intently still. *It's rude to stare!* She wanted to say.

"I thought she's here to teach catechesis." He snorted and her face turned red instantly.

"As if your soul can be saved by it." Jan Di retorted. "She's my guest, don't mess with her." She warned and dragged her out of the great room.

The rest of the evening went fine and it turned out to be just a small gathering of people close to Jan Di. And she was surprised to see that she's the only friend that she invited and the three good looking guys that aren't family were Yi Jeong's friends.

Though Jan Di's parents weren't anything like the rich snobs often featured on TV, she can't help but feel the absolute difference in their social status. Everything that she laid her eyes on screamed luxury that she's not familiar of.

"So, Ga Eul-sshi, are you in the same school as Jan Di?" Chung Ae asked.

"Ne, Ahjumma. We do have different courses though." She answered politely. Jan Di was taking Economics while she's taking Mass Communication.

"Do you join her escapades in the restroom too?" It was her brother Yi Jeong who just earned a death glare from Jan Di. His friends laughed and her face reddened. If it's from embarrassment or annoyance, she didn't know. But just for Jan Di's birthday, she kept mum and just settled in gritting her teeth.

"Yi Jeong-ah!" Their mother in a reprimanding tone. "If only for you, I am glad that Jan Di got kicked out of Shin Hwa. This is the first time that she invited a friend over, you know." Chung Ae laughed daintily. She heard the one introduced as Jun Pyo clear his throat. She will learn later that he's the son of the owner of Shin Hwa Group.

The party continued and Jan Di had too many drinks to drive. Her family invited her to stay for the night but she declined. Her aunt would surely worry. Jan Di was about to ask one of their drivers to take her home when her insolent brother stepped up and offered her a ride.

"Let me take Ga Eul home." He said in firm tone.

"Shuuuure!" Jan Di readily agreed in a slurred voice. She even tapped her brother's cheek playfully. "Take good care of Ga Eul, araso?" And she winked at her that she wanted to protest.

They rode in silence and even if his Maserati Granturismo's really warm and stately, she can't really explain the discomfort that she felt. For a long moment, it's just the faint sound of the heating system that dominates the atmosphere.

"Let us grab a bite first, shall we?" He broke the silence.

"Why?" She asked in an indifferent tone. Truth was, she's really hungry. Even if there are more than enough food on the party, she wasn't able to eat well. But she would rather die than to admit that.

"Well, you look hungry." Her eyes widened in disbelief. She could swear he's the most despicable person she has ever met. In her peripheral vision, she saw him smiling. The nerve of this guy!

"Thanks, but no thanks. I am afraid that if you'll feed me, that'll give you more opportunity to make fun of me." She retorted. "This ride is enough favor." She added.

"I am not making fun of you." He denied but he was laughing fully.

"Yeah, right." She smirked. "Take exit 7A and left on business forty." She instructed when she saw that they're already approaching their village. After a few minutes, the car stopped into a halt in front of their tiny home. Her ribcage almost shattered because of the impact. If not for the seatbelt, she'll be nursing a bump in the head. She sighed heavily and counted from one to ten to calm herself. "Komawoyo." She managed to say even if she wanted to hit him with her clutch.

"Don't thank me. I did it for my sister. So that I'll know where she'll be when she stows away." He grinned and revved the engine of his sports car up that he almost woke their whole community.

"HEY!" Jan Di snapped her fingers in front of Ga Eul. "You are spacing out." She declared and that ended her trip down memory lane. Since then, whenever they bump into each other, she would just act indifferent or she'll end up as a means for his entertainment again.

"Sorry?" She blinked twice. "You were saying. . ?"

Jan Di sighed in exasperation. "I'll be leaving for Cheju tomorrow. I trust that you won't tell them where I am, right?" Her voice was unsure.

"Why don't you face them now instead of running away?" Her brows furrowed. Well, it won't really be running away 'cause as far as she can remember, Song Woo Bin, one of Yi Jeong friends, owns half of Cheju Island. It would be too easy for her family to know Jan Di's there.

"I am not running away." She corrected in a stern voice. "I just wanted to think things over and relax. Would you want to join me?" She asked.

"I hate to let you alone especially in times like this but you know that I have to work." She said and took a sip of her kiwi juice.

Jan Di rolled her eyes. "Why don't you look for another job? You're overworked and underpaid." She waved off any protests from Ga Eul. "Will you stay there until you're demented?" Ga Eul works as a staff writer for Korean dramas. She hates to know that those dramas makes a lot of money and they even export it all over Asia but Ga Eul's salary remains the same.

"I love my job." She said weakly.

"Uhuh. Tell me something I don't know." Was the sarcastic reply. "How many better offers you have to turned down just for that job?"

"It's just that I don't see myself in another job. Not right now, araso? Now, can we go back to the matter at hand? Aish!" She pouted.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Push and Pull of Love and Hate Chapter 3 (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by dolce on 6/11/2009, 8:47 pm

Comp and Coll

"BWOH?!" He can't believe what his mother just told him. "Omma, don't kid around." His face hardened and suddenly, he wanted to kill someone.
"I am not kidding! He was here the other day and he told me everything! And now she's gone! I can't believe this Yi Jeong-ah!" Chung Ae was hysterical. His hands were balled into fists. The Ming vase that was sitting on top of the bureau caught his attention and threw it on the wall while Chung Ae continued wailing.

"I'm going to kill him!" He grabbed his keys from the table and bolted out of the library. He ignored Chung Ae's calls from behind him.

His swerves were deliberate and the speed of his car would be enough cause for his death. He reached his destination half the usual travel time and didn't even acknowledge the help and that welcomed him when arrived. He opened a room and gave the surprised person on the bed an uppercut and a round house kick.


Ga Eul settled herself on the sofa and tried to breathe. Her stupid car just quit a few meters away from her garage. Her only choice was to push it in front of her unit if she doesn't want her next-door neighbor to petition her out of the compound. It took her half an hour and a pail of sweat to be able to push it in it's rightful place. She wanted to burn her father's fifteen year old car after that. She sighed heavily. She can't even afford herself a decent car. And she's twenty-five years old for crying out loud! She was about to drag herself up the stairs when she heard the doorbell rang.

"It must be Jae Joong." She muttered to herself. How would he park his car if hers was blocking the garage entrance? "Ugh!" She grunted in frustration. She walked up to the gate and she saw a familiar figure standing outside the low gate, his back facing her. But it was definitely not Jae Joong.

He must have heard her approaching and turned to face her. "Good evening, Ga Eul-yang." He greeted, his face quite dim.

She was half-expecting to see him sooner or later because of Jan Di but she was not expecting it to be tonight. Jan Di just left for Cheju this morning and give it to him to figure out where exactly to look for. She bowed and opened the gate for him. "Come in."

"Would it be okay to leave my car there?" He asked. She noticed a gleaming silver car across the street, parked outside the unit of an old couple. She nodded in response. She walked ahead of him and invited him in. His gaze roamed around the interiors of her apartment. She uttered a silent thank you for Jae Joong. Her house didn't look as cozy as it is until Jae Joong moved in and turned it upside down to suit his taste. Which is undoubtedly impeccable.

"Nice house." Yi Jeong commented and she smiled in return. She wanted to ask how he was able to find her new house. But it would be stupid. Of course he would know. Everything's one click away for the high and mighty So Yi Jeong.

"Let me get us some tea." And disappeared to the kitchen. All that she wanted to do at that moment was to sleep. She tried to finish the script she'd been working on for thirty-six hours nonstop. The only reason why her boss reluctantly allowed her to leave the studio. And now here's her mortal enemy. She was beginning to think that Jan Di's idea was nothing but preposterous. To make Yi Jeong listen to what she has to say would have to be like lifting a mountain.

She put the tea set down and filled two cups and handed one to Yi Jeong. He muttered a garbled 'thank you'. "What can I help you with?" She asked and took a sip of her tea.

"Judging your unsurprised demeanor when you saw me outside, you already have an idea, don't you?" He's back to his insolent self, she concluded.

"I think so. Can I ask you something then?" She narrowed her eyes. No wonder Jan Di's too afraid to stand on her ground.

"Fire away." He met her gaze.

"Why can't you just let her be? I mean, it's high time she decides for herself." Her voice raised a fraction and he raised an eyebrow. A familiar grin was hovering his lips. She thought her heart skipped a bit.

"You're still the same old Ga Eul aren't you?" Wait. She already heard that before!

"What do you mean?" She asked, counting from one to ten using her fingers behind her.


"You spoil Jan Di. Then and now." He crossed his arms in front of his chest. A sign that he's getting bored. But that was far from what he was feeling. Seeing her again after all these years entertained him, the person who stood up for Jan Di when she was being accused of using prohibited drugs. It was a rumour circulated by some girls from their rival sorority. Ga Eul challenged the dean to conduct an on-the-spot drug test when Jan Di's old record from Shin Hwa university turned up. And when Jan Di was cleared, she initiated the impeachment of the college dean for maligning her best friend. That's when he knew his sister found a real friend in Ga Eul. But they already started on the wrong foot that it was difficult to even strike a conversation with her. Who can blame him? Jan Di already befriended wrong group of people from her old school.

If only he was there for a different reason. His hand involuntarily balled into fists again.

"I resent that." She said calmly and breathed through her nose. "I just happen to understand her better. Better than her own brother in fact." She challenged him into a staring contest. He looked away first. He saw her smile stiffly, like congratulating herself. He shook his head.

"Did you know that they were dating for more than two years?" It was his turn to smirk. "Secretly?" He added. She just stared at him, mouth wide open. "That's what I thought." He nodded. "I thought you're the VERY best friend?" He asked mockingly.

"J-jun Pyo and Jan Di?" She asked in a bleak voice.

"No less." He smirked. "Now, give me a reason why should I listen to my sister's wails. You said it's high time she decides for herself. Hah! She don't even have the guts to tell me she's dating my best friend!"

Ga Eul looked like she's about to faint, her face was void of color. She slid to one of the cream-colored couches. "Are you alright?" He was about to attend to her when he heard a car engine from outside. Soon after, a tall guy appeared on the doorway. With dark hair and girlish features, he was balancing a briefcase and rolls of paper on his hands.

"Annyeong." He looked quite surprised to see him but then he noticed Ga Eul's pale frame. "God! What happened to you?" He dropped everything on the carpeted floor and approached her.

"I'm alright. Lack of sleep, I guess." She was trying to focus. "Jae Joong, this is So Yi Jeong, Jan Di's brother. Sunbae, this is Kim Jae Joong-sshi." She introduced. Is this her boyfriend?

"Nice to meet you." He extended a hand that he shook reluctantly. "I never thought I would be given the chance to meet the famous potter." He smiled. He can't bring himself to smile back.

"Nice to meet you too. I guess I better get going. We'll talk again, Ga Eul-yang." He didn't mean it to be a threat but he saw her forehead crease.

"Why don't you join us for dinner? It's my turn to cook." Jae Joong invited politely.

"Thank you but I really have to go. Annyeonghi gyeseyo." He nodded and went straight for the door. She didn't even send him off! So Ga Eul's now living in with someone. With a man far more fragile-looking than she is. With that thought in mind, his Aston Martin Vanquish sped the private driveway.


"The nerve! He really have to let everyone know he's driving a goddamn sportscar!" Ga Eul look in between slats of the old rose venetian blinds.

"So that Vanquish is his?" Jae Joong asked unbelievingly.

"Yes! Among other things. I'll kill Geum Jan Di for this!" Her bestfriend FORGOT the little detail that she's dating the heir of Shin Hwa group. To lose face in front of her biggest foe was really embarrassing. Is her best friend just playing around with Jun Pyo? For two years? Oh heavens!

"He's gorgeous honey." Jae Joong taunted and playfully hit her butt.

"Uhuh. And you're so transparent. I am surprised you didn't throw yourself at him." She glared.

"It's not my fault I have better-working eyes than someone I know." He said playfully and gathered his things on the floor and climbed the stairs.


A/N: I do apologize for all Jae Joong's fans. I hope you won't take it personally:)


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by ckreme15 on 6/12/2009, 12:40 pm

okay, I won't take it personally! lol

Welcome to the forum

I moved your topic into one thread already, why don't you check if there's mistake about the order

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by Kyn on 6/12/2009, 5:32 pm

I see that you've started to post your story here
Thank you for sharing your fanfic with everyone at Fanfictional
However, in the future please post future chapters of your story under one topic by replying to the original post
This is to make the site easier to navigate and more organized; it's also easier for everyone read your story, when its all under one topic
The management team will move your story under one topic soon

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 4: Operation Jan Di

Post by dolce on 6/13/2009, 10:12 pm

Chapter 4

Operation Jan Di

"Why don't you talk to Yi Jeong?" Ji Hoo asked calmly. He was trying to ignore the throbbing of his head as Jun Pyo walked back and forth in front of him and Woo Bin for the past hour.
"Dude, will you please sit down? Why don't we talk about this over coffee? What do you say, huh?" He looked at Ji Hoo to get his approval.

"How can I sit down when I don't even know where Jan Di is!" He yelled and Woo Bin let out an exasperated sigh.

"Would she return if you won't stop pacing?" He asked mockingly.

"I am not asking for your opinion!" Jun Pyo yelled again and winced because of his forceful speech. He's still nursing the bruises caused by Yi Jeong the other night.

"Our people are doing everything they can to look for Jan Di. We'll find her soon." Ji Hoo supplied and picked one of the magazines on top of the coffee table and started reading.

"I'll call Yi Jeong. Maybe Jan Di's home now for all we know." Woo Bin fished his phone out of his jacket's inner pocket and dialed a number. It went directly to voicemail. He just hoped that he's not avoiding them too.

Jun Pyo saw Woo Bin stuffing his phone back to his pocket. He slumped onto one of the comfortable couches inside his lavish bedroom, his head between his knees. Clearly, it's his fault. If he didn't allow Jan Di to have the upper hand in their relationship then Yi Jeong wouldn't have beaten him up. He was in love with his best friend's sister eversince he can remember. He was more than glad that their families are pairing them up but she didn't seem to care. It was not until more than two years ago that he found enough courage to confess.


Jan Di gathered him up from kneeling in front of her. She was smiling widely. "You've got yourself a girlfriend, Gu Jun Pyo." She declared and he thought he's the happiest person on earth. "But can I ask you a little favor?"

"Sure. What is it, Jagi?" He asked.

"I want to keep this a secret." She said and his jaw dropped. "For the meantime." She added.

"B-but why?" He wanted to announce to the world that he's dating the woman he loves more than life itself.

"You know my line of work, it's really complicated. But if you don't want it then maybe it's not a good idea that we--"

"No, no! Whatever you say. Please, don't say anything like that again, okay?" He shook her shoulder slightly.

"Thank you!" She tiptoed and kissed him lightly on the lips and all his doubts melted.

[end of flashback]

It went on for a couple of years. They managed to hide it from everyone else. She never ran out of excuses whenever he opens up the topic of going public. He was feeling guilty everytime he's with Yi Jeong. He treats him like his own brother and Chung Ae and Chin Hae treats him like their own son. It was like biting the hand that fed you. But what can he do? He loved Jan Di so much that he can't say no.

Then he thought it was time to settle down, he made every effort to make their date special. Or extra special for that matter. Then he proposed to her. And she hyperventilated. She left him at the middle of the skating rink with the five-carat diamond ring still untouched and that was the last time he saw her.

He knew he was being impulsive when he went confessing to Chung Ae about their relationship but he panicked when he can't contact Jan Di in everyway possible. And she didn't come home after her fashion show in Milan.

"Keep it cool, man." Woo Bin tapped his shoulder when he looked up.

"He will come around." Ji Hoo interjected. "At least we know that he's looking for Jan Di too."


People squealed their delight and started speaking in hushed voices. Ga Eul's brows furrowed. She's not sure why people in the studio weren't immune to celebrities when they practically deal with them everyday. She went straight to the huddle room where two of her underlings were waiting for her. She was appalled that they, too, caught the same 'fever'. She dropped her car keys on the table and the two jumped up in surprise.

"Miss." They chorused and opened the folder in front of them.

"So, what's up?" She asked. "Did Rain drop by?" She can't get enough of the singer-actor and she wouldn't mind screaming like a crazy fan girl if he appears on the studio. Sad thing was, he's connected with another network.

The faces of the two girls lit up and in unison, "No! This one's much better than Rain!" And they giggled.

How could anyone be better than Rain? "No way. Who is it?" She asked in an uncaring tone.

"Song Woo Bin!" The mention of the name was followed by a deafening scream that Ga Eul had to cover her ears.

"Song Woo--" What? What's happening to the world? Why was it suddenly, they are all around her? "Song Woo Bin as Il Shin Corporation?" She asked. What is Woo Bin doing in the studio?

"He's the new tourism ambassador." Eun Su informed her.

"And he's here for a one-on-one interview with Hae Jin-sunbae." Sang Mi's referring to one of the most admired media personalities in South Korea.

Ga Eul nodded in understanding. The Songs were already in real estate business even before Seoul was fullly developed. Now, they own most of the tourist attractions in Seoul and nearby provinces. There's no more appropriate person for the job. "Alright. Enough of Woo Bin-sunbae. We have a lot of things to do." She said absently and two looked at her in disbelief.

"Sunbae?" Eun Su croaked. "You know him?"

Ga Eul bit her lip. How could she be so careless? Now, they wouldn't stop asking about him! "He's a friend of a friend." She dismissed and changed the topic to the new drama that they'll be writing, starring Kwon Sang Woo.


"Ga Eul-yang." The headwriter was towering over her cubicle. "Byung Hoo's absent. Can you check if everything's ready for the interview?" He asked politely. They're getting ready for a special episode of the drama they're working on. The cast will gather for a light conversation about their filming experiences.

"Sure." She stood up. "Studio three, right?" Their floor director's frequently absent these past few days because of difficult pregnancy.

She brought a checklist of the things that they need for the episode and she was so absorbed in what she was doing that she didn't notice that someone approached her.

"Chu Ga Eul." She turned and was surprised to see the topic of whole network in front of her.

"Woo Bin-sunbae! Annyeong haseyo." She bowed slightly.

"Annyeong. Orenmanida." He beamed and she nodded. It really was a long time. Since Jan Di entered the modelling world years ago, she spent most of her time abroad, thus, not giving her a chance to see the people close to her as well. What would be the reason anyway?

"I heard that you're the new tourism ambassador. Chuka durimnida." She never thought that she'll see him there. Wasn't the taping of the interview this morning?

"Kamsahamnida. Your boss said you are here. We need your help, Ga Eul-yang." He said.

"Excuse me?" She might have misheard him.


"Yobosaeyo?" She took the call absently. She was giving the script a final review before she prints and reproduce them.

=Ga Eul-yang.= A deep voice greeted.

"Who's this?" She asked.

=Yi Jeong. You need to come with me. We already found Jan Di. I need you to convince her to come back to Seoul.= He said without preamble. =I'll pick you up at eight, araso?= Then the line went dead.

Whatdahell? Didn't she tell Woo Bin she won't do anything to betray Jan Di? And they already found Jan Di? Does that mean they're going to Prague? Jan Di just left her a message informing her that she'll be flying to Czech Republic and that she'll be back in a week. They must have found out and she made a change of plans. *Ugh!*


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 5: Guerra Mundial

Post by dolce on 6/20/2009, 6:42 pm

Chapter 5
Guerra Mundial

"Ga Eul-yang." Kimi, one of her Japanese colleagues called her. "I'll go ahead. Will you be fine here?" She hollered from across the room. She was turning her computer off and the overhead lights in her area.

"Sure thing! Komawoyo." She smiled a bit and got a little envious. She still have a couple of pages to go and the whole office's already deserted. She glanced at the table clock. It was twenty minutes after eight. She was feeling really tired. She was massaging her neck slowly when her direct line rang. "Hello."

=I am right. You're burrying yourself at work again.= Jae Joong snorted.

"Hmn. 'Zup?" She asked. She saw she last page coming out of the printer and she smiled to herself. She'll just request their production assistant to reproduce it for her tomorrow.

=Are you up for tonight? Opening of Yunho's bar, remember?= He was referring to his distant cousin. And Yun Ho's become her friend too over the year that Jae Joong's been living with her.

"Oh. Yeah, I forgot. Sure. Uhm, Jae Joong?" She called in a chirping voice.

=I know. I am on my way.= She snickered in delight. During her lunch break, she took her car into the nearest body shop. Jae Joong checked it last night but he said it would be best if a professional looks at it too. It turned out that there are a lot of things to fix and replace and she won't be able to get it until next week.

"Thanks a bunch! Call me when you're here, okay?" She said and replaced the receiver.


"Congratulations!" She said in a loud voice and kissed Yunho in the cheek. The music was a little loud for her taste but the bar's ambience excited her. When was the last time that she went out to really enjoy? She can't even remember. It was just nine in the evening but the place was jam-packed. "The place is awesome." She said sincerely. It was a huge bar and restaurant in Namsan. The whole place was sparsely decorated with tasteful modern furnitures and fixtures creating a lot of space to breathe and roam around. All in all, it was relaxing and homey.

"Kamsahamnida!" He looked pleased. "Jae Joong-sshi." He gave his cousin a manly hug and Jae Joong immediately got flustered. Thanks to the subdued lighting and mirror balls, it went unnoticed. "I've reserved a spot for you over there." Yunho pointed to the loft and gestured a waiter to come over. "Please lead them to their table." He said and looked at her. "You both enjoy the night, alright? I have to do something." He nodded at his cousin and disappeared through the crowd.

They decided that only Jae Joong would be drinking alcohol and that she'll be driving them home. She genuinely enjoyed the evening though. Yunho will be coming over to their table every now and then and would introduce some friends. One even asked for her phone number.

"That one's cute." Jae Joong whispered and she couldn't agree more. Yunho introduced the guy as Micky and he's also funny aside from being cute. "And look at those moves. Uh lala." Jae Joong laughed. Micky was attracting attention. He's a very good dancer. He asked her for a dance but she was too tired so she declined.

She just smiled at his silliness. He's becoming tipsy and some of his words were already slurred. "You're showing your true colors, Kim Jae Joong." She said a hushed voice. She looked at her wrist watch and was surprised to see that it was already past eleven. "Let's go home. I'll look for Yunho first." And she left him.


Jae Joong's been singing on their way home and she can't help but be infected by his happy mood. "Girl, two things!" He put up a peace sign in front of her face.

"Hey! I can't focus on the road." She reprimanded. "What two things?" She asked.

"Two things that you need. One, a new car and two, a new love life." He sniggered and he earned a whack from her.

"And what are you trying to imply?" She glared at him.

"Uh oh. I am not implying. I am telling you that you need a new car and a boyfriend so you don't end up riding with me all the time. The boys might think I am taken, you know." He said playfully.

"Alright. I can see the logic in the car but how about the boyfriend, huh?" She smirked. She turned to the street where they live. She noticed the silver car parked in Jae Joong's usual spot and she raised an eyebrow. She read the personalized plate. It says 'beau'. She honked three times and someone got out of the car. Her eyes widened. She totally forgot about him!

"Wow. You have to pray harder for the car. But you won't mind riding with your 'beau', would you?" Jae Joong taunted and got out of the car before she can hit him again. She closed her eyes tight. How could she forget? And seeing Yi Jeong's murderous expression, she could tell that it was getting out of hand. She sighed and readied herself for the third world war. She got out and she wanted to applaud Jae Joong for behaving like a real valiant in front of Yi Jeong. She found her roommate in a staring contest with Jan Di's brother.


"Sunbae." She greeted. He narrowed his eyes.

"What time is it? Didn't I tell you I'll pick you up at eight?" He can't believe she let him wait for more than four hours! He fell asleep waiting for her, worried sick that something bad happened to her.

"Did I tell you that I'll go with you?" She shot back. Her face reddened in anger and he realized that he made a mistake of raising his voice. "For your information Mr. So, I don't own the company where I work and I just can't leave whenever I fancy."

"Let us talk about this inside." Her boyfriend said in a formal tone and opened the gate. Ga Eul glared at him before letting him in.

"I am sorry. But I really need you to come with me, Ga Eul-yang. Omma was hysterical. She can't even eat. You know Jan Di won't listen to me so we need you to convince her to come home." He explained before anybody could speak. One of the care takers in their Cheju vacation home called their house to inform them that Jan Di arrived safely.

"Where is she?" She asked.

"Cheju." He replied. She looked surprised for a second and then nodded. She looked at her boyfriend and they looked like they were communicating through their eyes.

"Please take care of her. I'll let the authorities know if she's not back within twenty four hours." The guy crossed his arms in front of his chest and he wanted to strangle him.

"Rest assured that she will be back before the time allowed. I don't have any plans of extending our time together. I have better things to do." He said before he can restrain himself and she saw her eyeballs bulging out of its sockets.

"I'll take your word for it then." Jae Joong extended a hand and he shook it. He smelt alcohol. He fought the urge not to raise an eyebrow. She went drinking while mosquitoes feasted on him outside her apartment?

"Arrrggh!" She screamed in frustration and stomped her way upstairs.

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 6: Freaky Unfamiliarity

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Chapter 6
Freaky Unfamiliarity

Yi Jeong glanced briefly to his side where Ga Eul lay sleeping soundly before focusing his eyes on the road. She was even snoring lightly. He smiled. She's the only girl who slept on him. They arrived in Cheju after an hour flight and he rented a car to get them to their villa. The weather's not good and it was drizzling lightly that he had to turn the wipers on.

A few more minutes and he saw the exit where he had to turn. Before he could do that though, a car cut him off and swerved carelessly, missing their car by an inch, pushing him onto the other side of the road. He was panting when he pulled over. Ga Eul woke up from the sudden jerk. He was staring blankly onto the dark abyss in front of them. He was very close on hitting the guardrail and he can only guess what's on the other side.

"Are we there yet?" She asked, rubbing her eyes. "Hey, you're so pale." She mumbled and placed a hand on her forehead. Then she probably noticed that they were sitting on the side of the road. "What are we doing here in the freeway? Are you sick?" She asked frantically.

"N-no." He wasn't expecting her reaction. "I am alright. It's just that. . ." He shook his head. What if they really were hit? What if she's hurt? His heart was still pounding from adrenaline rush. "We're almost hit by. . .a drunk driver." He's sure the other had been drinking based on the way that he was driving. Her big brown eyes widened.

"Oh my god!" She slumped onto her seat and relief flooded across her face. "Do you want me to drive?" She asked and he shook his head. He swallowed hard.

"I am sorry I woke you." He mumbled.

"I shouldn't have slept on you in the first place." She said in an apologetic tone. He started the engine and made u-turn to get onto the exit again. He was extra careful in driving as the roads are all wet now. The drizzle became a full-blown rain. The awkward silence was defeaning him when she spoke.

"Who told you Jan Di's here in. . .in Cheju?" She asked.

"The one that looks after our vacation home. It was a good thing he called me and not Omma." He's sure Chung Ae will be alerting their jet and will be flying to Cheju without thinking any further. But knowing his sister, she wouldn't like it. She'll just insist on doing what she wants to do and won't listen. Sometimes, he was wondering what really she really is up to. When they were much younger, they were the best of friends. She even admitted having this huge crush on Ji Hoo when they were kids. But as they grew older, they just drifted apart. And his spending four years in Paris didn't help a bit in the growing distance between them. When he returned from his immersion in one of the most artist-friendly cities in the world, it seemed like he doesn't know her at all.

"So she's not hiding then, is she? If she knows you'll know where she'll be then. . ." She trailed off.

"Honestly, I don't know." He said in a low tone. "Maybe you're right. You know Jan Di better than I do." He sighed in frustration.

"From what I know, she wants to retreat to some place if she wants to reflect on something." Her encouraging tone was soothing his troubled soul. He got into a fight with one of his 'brothers' and now he's close to a confrontation with his dear sister. When will this ever end?


"Jan Di told me once that she hates how perfect you are." She continued. Her face scrunched up a bit, she remembered not agreeing with what she said. "That she can't keep up, you know? You're acing academics, sports, arts, etcetera. Then people around you will start comparing both of you. Jan Di may not be as brilliant as you but she's not dumb and you know that." Not a lot of people know but Jan Di loves to draw. According to her, Chin Hae wanted her to learn how to value money so she was not given excessive allowances that will lead her to the wrong side of the road again like when she was still in Shin Hwa University. Both of them took part time jobs at an independent manga maker when they were in college. She was an encoder and Jan Di was an illustrator. But she didn't tell her family about it. She was afraid that they will laugh at it. Especially that during that time, Yi Jeong was emerging as one of the best potters in Asia at a very young age.

"Did it ever occur to her that I owe it to her father?" He asked in a pained voice that she looked at him in surprise. "Appa treated me like his own son. In return, I wanted to be the best that I can be. That's the least that I can do. For taking care of Omma and me and for giving us Jan Di." He laughed an empty laugh. "She's lucky that she can do whatever she wants. At the end of the day, they will accept her 'cause she's their daughter. How about me? What will happen to me if he kicks me out of the house?"

She stared at him warily. Was he afraid to be left alone? He never pictured Yi Jeong to be such a little boy inside. But from she just heard. . .

"You might be laughing fully in your mind." He heard her say. She shook her head.

"No. . .I am sorry. I didn't know. . ." She's at a loss for words. Why did he confide to her? She, Chu Ga Eul, of all people! Weren't they enemies? She can deal with an overconfident and despotic So Yi Jeong. He's been like that for ever since she can remember. But this unfamiliar side of him was something she's not ready for.

"It's okay." He dismissed. He was back to his old cold self. "We're here." He declared and pulled in front of a high steel gate with intricate designs. He honked numerous times but nobody came out. They can see the yard from where they were but the large house was so dark and even the lamp posts were off.

"Could it be that. . .?" He went out of the car before she can finish her question. He didn't even bother to cover himself. She saw him push the doorbell several times in an impatient manner but to no avail. She pushed a button and the window on her side went down. "Hey! I think there's a black out! They won't hear you no matter how many times you press that! Do you have a key?!" She yelled through the rain.

"I don't! It's remote controlled!" He yelled back.

"Oh god!" She sighed in frustration. She's so tired and all that she wanted to do was sleep! "What shall we do now?" He got in the car soaking wet.

"I think I know where she is." He turned the engine on again and went straight to a private driveway beside the house.

"Where?" She asked in a tired voice. "I thought Jan Di's here. Do you have another house here in Cheju?" Before long, they were pulling beside a cottage in what seemed to be a private beach.


"While the rest of Cheju boasts white sand beaches, we have black sand here." He laughed. He keeps keys of the log cabin always handy 'cause this is where he retreats if he wants to relax. And Jan Di loves here too. He just didn't think that she'll be going to Cheju if she wants to go away. It would be too easy to guess. But how can he dare to predict Jan Di? He opened the door and called for his sister. "Jan Di-ah! Jan Di-ah! Yah! Geum Jan Di!" He called and called but nobody answered. He gritted his teeth. He's sure the place is empty before they came. He turned the lights on but Ga Eul was correct. There's a black out. He fished his phone out for a source of light. He motioned her in. "Sit down first. I'll look for some candles."

"If she's not here then where is she?" She asked in a bleak voice.

He stopped on his tracks. "I'll fire our caretaker first thing tomorrow." And went straight to the kitchen.

He was the one who wanted to keep the log cabin as simple as possible. Now, he wanted to regret he didn't install automatic emergency lights and a land phone. He was looking for some candles when,

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He heard her scream.

"Ga Eul!"


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 7: Caught in the Act

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Chapter 7
Caught in the Act

"Ga Eul!" He bumped onto the dining table and hurt his shin. "Ouch!" He hurried to the living room limping. "What happened?" Trying to find her in the dark and found her under a wooden console. He bent down to let her out. "What are you doing?"

"It's. . .it's. . ." Then the thunder roared again and she screamed at the top of her lungs that he thought he's gone deaf.

"Yah! Ga Eul-yang. You're afraid of the thunder?" He can't control his laughter.

"Who's not!" She snapped.

He caught her hand and pulled her out. "I'm here so don't be afraid, okay?" He assured her. Besides, it's just a sound. Don't we have the same in Seoul?" He asked, amused.

"I've exhausted all of my savings to have my house soundproofed because that." She sniffed. She really looked scared.

"That's ridiculous. What if you're out?" She didn't answer. Instead, she breathed in and out to calm herself. He let her recover her composure for a minute. "Yah! My phone's running out of battery, come with me to the kitchen while I look for some candles, okay?" And like it's the most natural thing to do, he held her hand and guided her towards the kitchen. He, too, was surprised by his actions. Her hand on his felt so good that he didn't want to let go. Unfortunately, he had to when he opened the cupboards. She was unusually silent and he almost jumped up when she spoke, her voice quavered a little.

"Jan Di left a message for me this afternoon." He found a candle and he dropped it in shock.

"What did you say?"

"Unless she's really being dishonest to me like she didn't tell that Jun Pyo's her boyfriend," She continued like he didn't ask. "She won't be in Cheju in any way. She's in Czech Republic." She said dazedly.

"Czech Republic?!" He exclaimed. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?!" He can't believe that it could have saved them the energy of going all the way to Cheju.

"I suppose I am not sure if she really is out of the country. And you said your people told you she's here. But how come she's not?" She asked in frantic tone. "Could it be that she. . .she got kidnapped or something?"
"We could have received the call by now if she was." He said in a dismissive tone. It was not the first time that she tried to run away. When she transferred to another college, she didn't stop until Chin Hae allowed her to move to the school's dormitory with Ga Eul even if their village was only few minutes away from it. Stubborn woman!


"But what if money is not the issue? Jan Di's a fashion model, stalkers are common in her world."

"Don't let your work as a script writer take over your logic." He smirked. He lighted the candle that he found. And she wanted to erase the grin on his face. *Another insult and I'm outta here*"Besides, Jan Di can protect herself. We are looking for her not because of anything but to let her explain to everyone her idiotic actions!" She heard him say.

"I am just thinking of the possibilities." She shot back. "Now, shall we go?"

"What do you mean shall we go? Are you insane? I am not driving in that kind of weather. Besides, no plane will be flying tonight." He walked towards the kitchen's doorway.

"Don't leave me here!" She yelled and she was instantly behind him. "Okay, then which room am I going to use?"

"The cabin only has one room." He declared and her eyes widened in disbelief.

"It can't be!" She exclaimed. No freakin' way that she's sharing a room with this self-centered guy!

"Technically, there's two. But the master's bedroom's locked. And it's not as if I am going to rape you." He snorted.

"It's not as if I am not going to kill you even before you can't think about it." She retorted.

"You can use the room. I'll sleep here at the couch." He gave in in a tired voice. He indicated the sofa then another thunder roared. It took her all her might not to scream again.

"Uhm. . .there's only one candle. I," She swallowed. "I can't sleep if it's dark." She lied. "You. . .maybe we can. . ." He smiled like cheshire cat. "What?"

"You look cute when you're running out of words." He snickered and she wanted to whack his head with the ash tray that she's playing with.

"Now, where IS that room so that we can go to sleep and end this conversation?" She asked in an acid tone.

"You're in such a hurry." He taunted.

"You--!" She let out an exasperated sigh.


Ga Eul heard voices. She tried to open her eyes but it felt like she just slept. How come they are trying to wake her up? It isn't morning yet, is it? Then can't they just shut up and let her sleep? Then the voices became distinct. She tried to grab the pillow beside her but someone seemed to be holding on to it tightly. Who could it be? Then her eyes pried open and before she can restrain herself, she let out a eardrum-shattering scream. Yi Jeong, naked from the waist up, sat up.

"Where's the fire?!" He was gaping at her.

"Ga Eul-yang?!" An indignant voice on from the door that made her freeze. Yi Jeong too, when she looked at him. "Yi Jeong-ah! Goodness!"

"Omma!" Yi Jeong exclaimed. She was just too shocked to move. Or to react. Escpecially when Chung Ae's not alone. Her girl friday was behind her too and based on the look on her face, she's thinking about the same thing as Yi Jeong's mother.

All that Ga Eul remembered was that she fell asleep right after she laid on the comfortable bed. The cabin was unusually warm for a rainy night in Cheju. Was it because of the comforters that were no doubt made of the finest material? She didn't really care. She heard Yi Jeong mumbling about taking a cold shower because he didn't want to catch a cold. But she was too tired and too sleepy to even bother.

"Oh god!" She heard Chung Ae say. "What is the meaning of this?"

Ga Eul looked at Yi Jeong from her peripheral vision saw that he was as shocked as ever. She nudged him with her elbow. "You better explain! You're the one naked!" She hissed in between her teeth.

"I can't believe this!" Chung Ae raised a hand on her forehead.

"Omma. . .truth is. . ." Yi Jeong looked at her. "We're getting married soon and we are about to tell you when we get back to Seoul."

"WHAT?!" Chung Ae fainted.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 8: Wedding. . .Alarm?

Post by dolce on 7/4/2009, 12:10 am

Chung Ae regained consciousness after a few minutes. But her shock returned just about the same time. She look horrified to have found her only son sleeping with a girl in their cottage. Ga Eul of all people! She looked sternly at Yi Jeong who's more appropriately dressed than before they came. Ga Eul, her daughter Jan Di's bestfriend for more than six years, was sitting in a corner, head bowed down. "I'll be at the house. Get dressed, follow me there and we'll talk." She ordered in a formal tone and let her assistant guide her to the waiting car.
She flew to Cheju in haste after calling Yi Jeong's house and learning that he left for the island the night before. In a bad weather. She knew that he'll be looking for his sister and she wanted to put some sense into her daughter's head. She came only to find their villa empty aside from the person that maintains it. A typhoon visited the island last night and the garden was all messed up. She knew Yi Jeong stays in the cottage instead of the mansion and she decided to look for him there. Only to find him in a compromising situation.


"Oh God! It's all your fault! Why did you have to lie! Why didn't you just tell her the truth?!" She was yelling as soon as she heard the car pulling out of the driveway.

"Would you rather have Omma think you're easy?" He shot back.

"Excuse me?" She narrowed her eyes. "If you weren't sleeping beside me naked--!" Well, he wasn't actually naked. He was wearing boxers under the covers but it didn't make any difference in Chung Ae's eyes.

"I didn't want to die, first and foremost. You know that my clothes were wet and where do you expect me to sleep when you've asserted claim on the covers even before I can take a shower?" He asked and she didn't know how to answer that. She was really sleepy and she didn't think about that. Only now that they're facing a rather difficult situation.

"I'll explain it to Ahjumma. She'll listen to m--" Her hands were up in the air, making frantic gestures.

"Let me do the explaining Ga Eul-yang." He said with finality. "I'll just change." He took the clothes hanging dry on the backrest of the wicker chair and went to the bathroom.

Alone, she could only admire the exquisite interiors of the cabin despite her present predicament. It was relatively small but it must be intended for napping while on the beach but not really for vacation as they do have the villa few minutes away. Aside from the two bedrooms, the Balinese inspired cabin has a living room, a small kitchen and a verandah that overlooks the magnificent private beach. A black sand beach complimented by giant waves perfect for surfing. She filled her lungs with sea breeze while leaning on the bamboo balusters. She suddenly missed Busan, her hometown. They lived close to the ocean and she grew up surfing with her father. It was against her wishes that she was sent to Seoul after her father died but her mother cannot support her studies anymore. And her Aunt Yong San volunteered to take her under her wing.

But Yong San isn't rich either and she could only do so much to help her. She still have to get odd jobs to make the ends meet and to support herself through college.

"Maybe we can go back sometime and surf. I know you love surfing." Yi Jeong's voice startled her. She was not aware that she was taking a rather short trip down memory lane.

"How did. . ? Don't answer that." Jan di could have told him. But why would the siblings talk about her? "I don't have any plans of going back here." She said flatly. After all that happened? She gave him a death glare and walked ahead towards the car.


Chung Ae was purposely waiting for them when they got to the villa. She can't even look at her in the eyes. Even if she looks distraught, she still looks regal. "Take your seat." She ordered and Ga Eul winced. She sounded like her preschool teacher. Surprisingly, Yi Jeong grabbed her hand and guided her towards the sofa. He sure was cooking up something and she hated being dragged into this mess. In her mind, she was strangling Jan Di.

"Ahjumma. . ."

"Omma. . ."

They spoke at the same time and Chung Ae cleared her throat. "I don't want to hear anymore explanations." She held out a hand to stop them from speaking. "I already called Yong San and she'll be waiting for us when we get back to Seoul." She looked at Ga Eul and her eyes widened in disbelief. *How in hell did she find my Aunt? Yong San is her legal guardian eversince she moved to the capital. But wait, she's twenty-five years old and she doesn't need Yong San's help to explain her side.

"That's better. We want to discuss our wedding in the presence of Ga Eul's mom but since she's in Busan, Ahjumma will do." Yi Jeong spoke in a determined voice.

"W-wedding?!" She can't even make a coherent reaction. What the hell was he talking about? Wasn't he suppossed to explain the real reason why they're in Cheju? And the truth behind what Chung Ae saw?

"Well in good." Chung Ae nodded in approval then she looked at her. She was forced to meet her gaze. "Ga Eul-yang, I didn't expect this. From you of all people. I can imagine my own daughter engaging in premarital sex but not you." She could feel bloodrush taking over her features in an ugly way by the mention of the sensitive topic. No. She's not frigid or anything. She's a romance drama writer for goodness sake! But how in hell could someone eat what she just said? Moreso, if you're not guilty! Worse, she can't even find her voice to defend herself. She just stared at her dead panned.


"Omma!" He was horrified to say the least. "How can you say that to Ga Eul?" He said in a reprimanding tone. He held Ga Eul's hand tightly and squeezed it. She was trembling as she was cold. He wanted to hit himself when he saw under his lashes that she's in the verge of breakdown. He saw her mother backtrack for a second.

"Mianhe." He could see his mother trying to fight her tears. "I'm just. . .I'm just overwhelmed!" She sniffed. "I am sorry Ga Eul-yang. You know I would love to be your mother-in-law. I didn't mean to hurt you. It's just that--" Ga Eul just nodded but looked too weak to say a word.

"Did you bring the jet, Omma?" He cut his mother's elaborate way of apologizing. He wanted to have an alone time with Ga Eul to let her into his plans.

"Yes. If you don't have anymore business here then we could all fly back to Seoul now." She said, composure recaptured.

"We'll see you at the airport then." He kissed his mother's cheeks. "We'll use the loaner." He said and dragged Ga Eul to the villa's garage.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by Peeps on 7/4/2009, 11:03 pm

Aye? Unnie? You're here too? It's me, Peeps, from Winglin. Hi hi!!


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by Peeps on 7/4/2009, 11:08 pm

Is it me, or do people here comment less? Or am I commenting in the wrong area?!?! Hello, first time here... I have no idea what I should do!


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by dolce on 7/4/2009, 11:38 pm

yup! it's me dongsaeng:) and yeah...I think people here comment less:) you posted your story here too?Smile


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by Peeps on 7/5/2009, 8:52 am

I don't really know. So far, I'm just gonna zip in, zip out and hang around a little. Get used to this website, you know? Mmm, someone asked me to post my story here, but, what the heck, I'll take my time. Goodluck with your story here! See you over at Winglin!


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 9: Wedding Monster

Post by dolce on 7/10/2009, 10:01 pm

Yi Jeong was stumped to see Ga Eul bawling shamesslessly. It was a loud, piercing cry like that of a three-year old yanked away the largest toy store in the world. It was so disturbing that he had to stop the car.

"Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" She blew her nose loudly on her handkerchief.

"Yah! Ga Eul-yang, listen to me, will you?" He shook her slightly.

"No! I won't listen to you, you imp! Liar!" She hit him with her handbag then she hit him with her fists. Numerous times. And he let her until she was making nothing more than a slight whimper. She was sobbing on his chest helplessly and he couldn't help but feel guilty.

"C-can you do this for Jan Di and Omma?" He asked awkwardly.

"You're so selfish, So Yi Jeong! You are the most selfish person I've ever met!" She shrugged out of his touch and glowered at him. "You didn't even think how my family would feel because of this. And what will people think of me after all this? That I've been dumped by His Royal Highness, Prince Yi Jeong of Korean Despotism? God, you didn't even ask me if I want to be part of your stupid plan! You really think you have power over the people around you? How dare you!" She hit him with her hand bag once again. He won't be surprised if he'll emerge black and blue out of this.

"Ga Eul-yang. . .I am so sorry. But Jan Di has left me no choice--"

"Jan Di, Jan Di, Jan Di! Now I understand why my best friend keeps running away from her family! You've never given her free reign on her life like the way she wanted to. You always think you're right, you always think the world revolves around you!" She yelled angrily.

"I am only doing this to distract Omma. Do you know that our mother's sick, Ga Eul-yang?"

Ga Eul was taken aback. Chung Ae looks anything but sick. But she remembered Yi Jeong's horrified expression when she lost consciousness awhile ago. "What?"

"She kept thinking about my sister that she needs diversion. Badly. And this staged wedding will monopolize her attention for the time being. Until I find Jan Di." He had a faraway expression on his face. Ga Eul didn't say anything. She was still fuming with rage.

Yi Jeong started the car and drove in silence for long minutes. She can already see the airport's entrance when he spoke again. "If you really don't want to do this then I'll just tell Omma the truth." He said in a calm voice. What Ga Eul said really hit home. Was he really that bad of a brother?

"What does she have?" She asked.

"Cardiac arrhythmia." He sighed heavily. Jan Di wasn't even aware. He not supposed to know too until he discovered what's inside a locked room in the Geum mansion. It was converted into an intensive care unit, complete with ECG machine, ventilators, breathing machine, syringe and infusion pumps and so on. "You see, that's a traitor disease. I don't want her to be thinking of anything stressful."

Ga Eul couldn't agree more. It was the exact same heart ailment that claimed her father's life immaturely. They were already walking towards the boarding gate when she called him.

"Sunbae." He looked at her with a blank expression on his face. "I'll do it." She said simply and walked ahead of him. A sad smile crept up his face because of that.


"Why don't you try to take a nap in the garden, Ga Eul-sshi?" Chung Ae asked. It was just the two of them having lunch in the long dining table. "I'll ask the maid to install the hammock under the shady tree.

"Thank you, Ahjumma." She smiled a bit. If she really is marrying Yi Jeong then she could be the happiest daughter-in-law in the world. His parents're really thoughtful. She heard the stories of her co-workers about their in-laws and it was not an exaggeration to say that some were really alarming.

Since they arrived from Cheju, Chung Ae thought it was only fitting that she lives in their house. She'd let her visit her house to get her clothes but she sent a driver to accompany her just to make sure she comes back. She wasn't even able to say goodbye to Jae Joong properly. She wanted to take her words back and leave Yi Jeong hanging but she's worried on how she'll take it. She would rather put up with him than be the reason of Chung Ae's heart attack.


Ga Eul can see that Yong San was in the verge of hitting her because of what she thought she did. And she can't blame her. Her aunt trusted her so much and she never gave him any problems when she was in school. Only now that she's twenty-five years old. Yong San was panting and pale when they arrived in the Geum mansion. True to her words, Chung Ae summoned Yong San to talk about 'their future'. She wanted the earth to swallow her alive.

"What are you planning to do?" She looked straight at Yi Jeong's eyes.
"I'll marry Ga Eul-yang, Ahjumma." He said and if she didn't know better, she couldn't tell that he was JUST acting. Determination in his voice mirrored those in his eyes.

"How can I trust you with my niece's life when it didn't even occur to you that you have to introduce yourself to her mother, to me. Excuse me," She looked at Chung Ae and Chin Hae who's been sitting silently in the adjacent couch. "But I don't even know your son. I may know Jan Di but--" Yong San was fighting her tears.

Chin Hae cleared his throat. "Ms. Chu, rest assured that my son will take the responsibility."

"He should." She said. "You have to pay a visit in Busan." She declared. "I am not telling Mee Kyong about this. YOU go there and let your mother know." Yong San glared at her.

[end of flashback]

"The coordinator that one of my friends recommended would arrive this afternoon. She was the one Kwon Sang Woo hired for his wedding last year." Ga Eul's jaw dropped. Until now, nobody in Korean show business can surpass the wedding of Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young. It was even featured as 'Wedding of the Century' in People magazine. "And don't you think it's more appropriate that you call me 'Omma'?"

She coughed from drinking the water because of her last statement. "Err. . .Don't you think it's too early to be planning about it? I mean, we still have to go to Busan--"

"What do you mean too early? Ga Eul-ah, six months isn't even enough to plan a beautiful wedding. And we can exhaust all of Yi Jeong's savings and it's still not enough!" She laughed. "But if you don't want to talk to the coordinator now then we can always reset the meeting."

Before she can react, the teak double doors to the dining area flew open. "I'm home!"


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 10: The Point of No Return

Post by dolce on 7/28/2009, 10:40 pm

Before she can react, the teak double doors to the dining area flew open. "I'm home!" Jan Di, in a canary yellow empire cut mini dress and lace-up sandals sauntered to where her mother was and kissed Chung Ae's cheeks. "Ga Eul-yang!" And she hugged her too. She didn't look surprised at all that she was in her own house, dining with her mother. She noticed that it took Chung Ae a few moments to recover from shock too.
"Yah! Jan Di-ah! Where have you been all this time?!" Chung Ae's hands were in her waist. Ga Eul thought she looked ten times older. And she's worried her heart might give in anytime.

"Omma. . .I just went on vacation. Why fuss over it" She replied nonchalantly and thanked the help that brought her the plates and utensils. "So. . .how's my sister-in-law?" She winked at her and she noticed that she didn't utter a single word since she arrived.

*She knew!* "Jan Di. . ?" She still can't believe that she's face-to-face with her now. The only thing that's playing in her mind right now was she's not needed there anymore. Jan Di's back and she can go back to her old life too and forget everything about the week that turned her life upside down.

"Honestly, when are you going to be responsible? You're going to be an aunt soon--"

"What?!" They chorused. Aunt? She didn't mean. . ?

"You're pregnant, Ga Eul-yang?" Jan Di voiced the question, looking at her wide-eyed.


"Not yet." A voice corrected. "Good morning." Yi Jeong kissed Ga Eul on the cheek and did the same to her mother and Jan Di. "Welcome back, Sis." He said before occupying the seat beside her. "I am sorry I woke up late. I had to finish some designs last night."

"So, when's the big day?" Jan Di asked, trying to navigate the conversation away from her while dodging furious glances from Yi Jeong and her mother.

Chung Ae's face lit up. "We were just talking about it when you arrived. Then next year, it would be yours and Jun Pyo's wedding." Jan Di coughed and the coffee that she was drinking spilled on her dress.

"Aish!" Yi Jeong handed her a linen napkin. "I'll just change, okay?" And she disappeared in a flash. Chung Ae just shook her head and Yi Jeong's jaws tightened.


"What are you doing?" She looked up from putting her things in the suitcase and gave Yi Jeong a blank stare. He entered her room uninvited and she wanted to send him out. But she had a lot of things in her mind that she let it pass.

"Packing my things?" Then went back to tossing her toiletries inside a drawstring bag. "I need to get back to work." She didn't know what he did but her boss called her the afternoon they arrived from Cheju and informed her that her leave of absence was approved and she can get back to work whenever she wants.

"You're on leave, aren't you?" He asked and there was something in his voice that she can't comprehend. Was it panic?

"I don't remember filing any leave of absence, Mr. So." She glared at him. How dare he make decisions for her! "And she's back now, isn't she?" She zipped the suitcase and placed it on the floor.

"But it's not over yet. I'm still looking for the right timing to tell Omma everything. And the house is big and it's nearer than--"

"But I have my own house! And every single day that I spend here, the quicksand of lies's pulling me down!" She yelled in frustration and slumped onto the bed. She covered her face with her hands.

"Let me talk to her." Jan Di was standing in the doorway. Yi Jeong looked at her briefly and exited the room wordlessly. Jan Di locked the door and didn't say anything for a full five minutes. She sighed heavily and walked towards the bed and sat beside her. "I am pregnant Ga Eul-yang."

"BWOH?!" She exclaimed when what she said registered. She heard the faint 'crrrk' that her neck made when she turned to her and winced. Then she remembered her deciding against smoking and saying no to coffee. Jan Di's a certifed coffee-holic.

"My mind's in shambles and I needed time to think things over. I love Jun Pyo but I don't know if I am ready to be his wife and be a mother yet." Her tone was calm and void of any emotion. "As you can see, even my own mother doesn't believe I am responsible enough." She looked up, trying to keep the tears from falling. "I am sorry I dragged you into this mess."

"Oh, Jan Di!" She hugged her friend.

"My brother meant well. You know it, right? You know what, I can't blame him for treating me like a kid. I've been nothing but a pain in the neck." She said bitterly.

"Jan Di. . .You have to tell Jun Pyo about your baby. He should know. And being a mother comes naturally, you know? My mother was seventeen when she had me." She carressed her back in an attempt to calm her. In her condition, she shouldn't be stressed in any way. Insecurities were eating her best friend.

"I don't know if he will still have me. Not after he proposed to me and I ran away from him." She sniffed.

"Of course he will have you! He almost went berserk looking for you when you were gone."

"I am so sorry I didn't tell you about us. It was childish of me." To inspite her family, whose been openly match-making them together, she kept the relationship hidden or they wouldn't have lasted two years. "I'll talk to him. I maybe undecided about a lot of things but I am sure I want to keep this baby." She placed a hand on her tummy.

"Congratulations! And goodluck." She hugged her again. Despite the circumstances, she's happy for her. "I'll go home with a happy heart."

"Can't you stay for a little bit longer? You agreed to this charade. You can't just let Oppa explain all by himself, can you?" She looked at her with pleading eyes.

"But Jan Di! We can't keep lying to your mother!"

"I know. I promise that I'll explain it to her. I owe it to both of you. But please give me enough time to do that, okay?" She unzipped the suitcase and took her clothes out. "I'll put these in the closet."

"No! I mean, let me do it." She got the clothes from Jan Di and rearranged everything in tthe walk-in closet. "But I have to go to the apartment. I haven't even talked to Jae Joong about this."

"Alright. Use my car. And kiss Jae Joong-sshi for me, will you?" She found Ga Eul's roommate very charming and cute. And he's an absolute loss to the female population. His looks will pass for a matinee idol.

"I will, thank you."


"Yi Jeong arrived a few minutes after seven in the Geum mansion. He was surprised to see rows and rows of cars outside. The whole yard was brightly lit. Nobody mentioned anything about a party. But knowing his mother, she can find a reason to throw one. He had no choice but to park his sports car a few yards from the gate and walked towards the house. The guard-on-duty greeted him with glee and he proceeded to the main house.

He changed into a clean suit and ambled his way to where the party's being held. His mother will definitely disown him if he won't appear. His eyes automatically looked for a familiar figure and she appeared a few meters away from him, awkwardness in her face. He approached her.

"Ga-Eul-yang." He offered his arm and nodded.

"I am not used to wearing this kind of dress." She obviously just arrived. "But I don't want Ahjumma to think that--" She was wearing a strapless champagne-colored dress in satin. He's almost sure it's Vera Wang. Chung Ae's good friends with the famous fashion designer. It accentuated Ga Eul's perfect tan and slim figure.

"You look great. Stop fidgeting." He beamed. He guided her to the poolside. They saw Chung Ae walked towards the sound system. The music stopped after a few moments and the spotlight was focused to his mother who held the microphone. Chin Hae was right behind her.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen!" Her voice reverberated through the speakers. "Since the stars of the evening are here, we want to tell you the reason why we invited you here tonight." She handed he microphone to Chin Hae.

"We want to formally announce the engagement of our only son, Yi Jeong, to Ms. Chu Ga Eul!" And if Yi Jeong was not holding Ga Eul at the moment, she could have slid to the well-tended lawn.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 11: Fictitious Event

Post by dolce on 7/28/2009, 10:46 pm

Yi Jeong had to drag Ga Eul up the makeshift stage as she was unusually heavy. And trembling and cold. Not because she was wearing a bareback dress but because of the sudden announcement. If Chung Ae wasn't his mother, he would have the same reaction. It's just that he knew her too well and her impulsiveness and her tendency to decide things on her own was legendary. And he really can't blame his sister for acting the same way.
"Welcome to the family, Ga Eul-yang." Chin Hae hugged Ga Eul briefly and shook his hand. "I am proud of you, son." He whispered when he hugged him too. And he felt the sudden urge to cry. He knew Chin Hae treated him as his own but to hear from him that he's proud of him was way way too much.

"Kamsahamnida, Appa." He mumbled in his constricting throat. Guilt rushed through him. He shouldn't be this lucky when he's been lying to everyone. Ga Eul swayed a little and that took his attention back to her. "Are you alright?"

"I'm bloody fine." She mimicked the famous Austin Powers line. "I'll really be indebted to you for the rest of my life if you'll get me out of here." She hissed. The cameras flashed once more and she blinked twice. For a moment there, he really thought she would faint. His mother was handing him the microphone for him to say something but he's more concerned with Ga Eul. Without thinking twice, he carried her bridal style before she losses her consciousness.

"Ga Eul-yang!" A figure was rushing to their direction. She has never seen the woman before but the worry etched on her face gave him the idea who she was. "Oh god! What happened to you?"

"Ma'am, let me just take her to where she can rest." He said and headed for the house. The woman was trailing frantically behind. He carried him up to her room and placed her carefully on the bed. He heaved out a sigh or relief when he saw Ji Hoo in the doorway. "Man, please take a look at Ga Eul."

He just nodded and immediately checked Ga Eul's vital signs. Ji Hoo's the most celebrated Cardiologist in whole Seoul. "There's nothing wrong with her. Must be the heat." He eyed the woman. "Or the sudden announcement." He added.

"Thank god!" The woman exclaimed.

"Is Ga Eul okay?" Chung Ae asked worriedly. He didn't even notice she's there.

"Are you trying to tell me my daughter didn't know you're holding her engagement party tonight?" Mi Kyung asked, an edge in her voice. "If she does, then she couldn't have fainted in there, right?" She purposely stared at Ji Hoo who avoided her piercing gaze.

"Oh, Mi Kyung, I am so sorry! We just wanted to surprise the both of them and I didn't know Ga Eul was a little jumpy."

*Jumpy?!* Yi Jeong thought. That's the understatement of the year.

"Ji Hoo-sshi, thank you." He said. "And Ma'am, I believe I wasn't introduced to you yet, I am So Yi Jeo--"

"I know who you are. You're the one who wanted to marry my daughter without telling me. If your father wasn't kind enough to pay me a visit in Busan to let me know I wouldn't have been here in the first place." She cut him off and he bit his lip. The Chus sure have something in common. "But do you know who I am?" She asked.

He nodded. "Ahn Mi Kyung. And Ma'am, this is one of my best friends, Dr. Yoon Ji Hoo."

"Aren't you the grandson of the former president?" Ga Eul's mother asked Ji Hoo directly. There was no hint of admiration or intimidation, just plain query. Ji Hoo nodded rather awkwardly. "I don't know how my daughter got caught in the middle of the richest people in Korea all of a sudden. She's never the materialistic kind."

"Omma. . ?" Ga Eul stirred from the bed before he can react. "What are you doing here?" He guided her to sit.

"Are you okay now?" He asked. She's still pale white.

"I should be asking you the same question." Her mother said.


Ga Eul couldn't believe she's face to face with her mother now. All she can remember was that after visiting the apartment, which made her a little disappointed 'cause Jae Joong was on a business trip in Singapore and she really needed someone to talk to, she went back to the Geum mansion only to find an evening gown waiting for her. The note from Chin Hae gave her no choice but to wear it despite the revealing style. It didn't occur to her that they're announcing the non-existent engagement tonight. Jan Di's family sure is something for organizing as big in a short span of time. The only consolation was Yi Jeong didn't seem to be aware of it too.

Ga Eul opened her mouth to say something and closed it again.

"Would you mind leaving us for a minute?" It was a calm request from Mi Kyung.

"Not at all. Boys?" Chung Ae signaled them to go outside.

"Thank you." She mumbled when the door closed again.

"Omma. . ." She started.

Mi Kyung let out an empty laugh. "How could you do this to me, Chu Ga Eul?" She asked, hurt in her voice.

"I sure didn't do anything wrong, Omma!" She wailed. She proceeded to explain everything. She doesn't lie to her mother at all. And she's not about to change.

"How could you let yourself be in this tangle? Aren't you old enough?" She closed her eyes in frustration. "You know damn well this won't be good but you still did it!"

"But I have no choice! I only did this because I know if I'll be in the same situation, Jan Di will do this for me too. I think this is all I can do to repay her kindness." Mi Kyung didn't say anything. She remembered all the times that she would just receive a letter from the registrar's office that her tuition fee's been paid in full and that all her school loans had been cleared. Jan Di didn't admit anything but she knew she's the only one capable to help her out. "We're about to go to Busan this weekend to let you know but this happened and. . ." She trailed off.

"Now I understand. I know Jan Di practically sent you to college." She voiced her own sentiment. "But I still don't like this whole idea. What if you fall in love with that--that Yi Jeong?! I am sure a lot of women are throwing themselves at his feet. I know you are beautiful inside out but Ga Eul--"

"That will never happen, Omma." She said.

"Aren't you too sure?"

"This will be over soon and everything will go back to normal, trust me." She avoided the question and she sighed in relief when she let her go.


"What are you doing?!" Chung Hae hissed. She dragged him from outside Ga Eul's room. "That's bad manners, So Yi Jeong!" He blushed guiltily.

"I just wanted to make sure she's okay." He said defensively. "Did you need anything?" He changed the topic. He still can't believe he was caught eavesdropping. He thought his mother already went back to the party to attend to the guests.

"Oh." She looked like she just remembered the real reason why she was there. "Yes, come with me." She ordered and they entered the master's bedroom. They stopped in front of a ceiling to floor book shelf. Chung Ae pushed it and it turned around slowly revealing a short flight of stairs. It was a secret room and aside from the architect and engineer who built the house, it was just the four of them that knows about it. Behind an original Matisse painting was the safe and she opened it. His eyebrows were drawing nearer every second.

"What's this all about?" He asked.

"I noticed that you didn't buy Ga Eul a ring." She said accusingly as she rolled her eyes. "You're too forgetful."


"That's alright. Much better 'cause I think I have what you nee--"

"Omma! I can certainly buy Ga Eul a ring! It may not be as grand as your jewelry but please allow me to do that one single thing!" He panted in anger. "And what about this party? You didn't even consult us about this!"

"Calm down, So Yi Jeong." She sighed. "Why are you so against this party? It's about time you let those twerps know you're already taken! Unless you intend to be unfaithful to Ga Eul?"

"Don't change the subject." He retorted.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry. And I am not buying Ga Eul a ring. I wanted to give you this." She handed him a red velvet box. He saw an oval shaped green stone cast in white gold when he opened it.

"That's the ring your father gave me and since I'll be wearing the ring your stepfather gave me, I think it's about time it finds its new owner. I believe Ga Eul and I have the same birth month thus the same birth stone."

"Omma. . ." He was speechless. He just stared at the emerald for a long moment.

"Yun Sub really made me happy even though our marriage was short lived. I know you can do the same for Ga Eul." She tapped his cheek gently before heading back to the main room.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 12: Double Wedding?

Post by dolce on 7/28/2009, 10:50 pm

"How can you just go away whenever you please?!" Jun Pyo did not hide the irritation and hurt in his voice.
"Yah! Gu Jun Pyo! Don't you dare raise your voice on me! And I didn't go away! I just don't want to see you!" Jan Di retorted, her voice an octave higher than Jun Pyo's.

"But I am your boyfriend! If you are not ready to get married yet then I won't force you but how can you just walk out on me and vanish like thin air?" His voice a lot calmer this time. "I almost died looking for you."

"Mianheyo. . ." She sniffed. "I am so sorry!" She hugged and him and cried in his arms for a long time. All the confusion and insecurities seemed to disappear. Then, she sniffed. "Yah! I don't like your smell!" She pushed him brusquely without warning and Jun Pyo landed on his butt.

"Yah! What's wrong with you?! I've been using this perfume since I was fifteen!" And to think that his perfume's one of the most expensive in the world.

"I don't care! Don't wear it anymore! It stinks!"

"Okay, okay." He gave in. Because of Jan Di, he was able to control his temper now. And he didn't want them to fight when it was just minutes since they reconciled. He got up from the carpeted floor and sauntered to the mini bar. He poured some Cristal for the two of them and handed one of the champagne flutes to Jan Di who gave him a death glare. "What did I do this time?" He asked innocently.

"Do you want to kill your child Gu Jun Pyo? You're giving me alcohol when I am one month pregnant?!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

"BWOH?!" It took Jun Pyo a long time before her statement registered. "You. . .you mean I am. . .going to be a father?"

"How can you be so dumb?" She asked instead. "Then who's going to be a father of my child?" She whacked him on the head. "Dummy!"

"Yah!" He lifted her up dance through the whole den. "I'm a Daddy now, I am a Daddy now, I am a Daddy now!" He chanted happily.

"Put me down! Put me down!"


"No! I mean, Jan Di's pregnant and I am not so. . .we're not in hurry, right?" She nudged Yi Jeong beside her who seemed to spacing out.

"That's very understanding of you, Ga Eul-yang." Kang So Hee, Jun Pyo's mother, beamed at her. Ga Eul was not sure why she had to be there when technically, she's not family. But Jan Di's mother insisted that she join. The Gu family came to formally ask Jan Di's hand in marriage but Chung Ae and Chin Hae was reluctant 'cause Yi Jeong and her was supposed to tie the knot by the end of the year.

But she can't bear to see Jan Di's tummy getting big before she marry Jun Pyo. And their engagement wasn't real for crying out loud! Jan Di was finally able to tell her parents that she's pregnant and she's going to marry Jun Pyo. Aside from the initial shock, the future grandparents and Yi Jeong were very happy and excited for the arrival of the newest member of the family.

"Right." Yi Jeong replied gloomily.

"So, it's settled then." Gu Bon Hyung, Jun Pyo's father, spoke. "When will the wedding be?"

"Two months from now." Jun Pyo declared.

"What?! How can we have everything ready in sixty days?! Are you crazy?" Jan Di looked at him incredulously.

"That's okay Jan Di-ah. We can hire all the people we need." So Hee explained.

"But I want to work on my own wedding! I don't want wedding coordinators and all that." She said stubbornly.

"Yah! Why are you so hardheaded?" Jun Pyo asked.

"You can enlist our help." Joon Hee smiled. "I'll be glad to help you out, Dongsaeng." Until now, she can't help but be awed by the beauty of Jan Di's future sister-in-law.

"Me too." She said.

"How can you forget me, kids?" Chung Ae looked very pleased. "You'll have the perfect wedding in two months, trust me."

"Thank you so much, Chung Ae-sshi. If ever you'll need my help then just give me a call, okay? Anything for this two."

"I know you're very busy, So Hee. We can take of it." The Geum family went home without Yi Jeong saying much. He just sat there and listened, looking distraught.

"Are you okay?" She managed to ask, he followed him to the garden.

"Are you concerned?" He asked back in a disinterested tone.

"Of course. If I'm concerned about Beaver," She replied, referring to Yi Jeong's pet Great Dane, "Why won't I be concerned about you?"

"Thank you for comparing me to a dog." He replied snootily.

"Why are you so difficult today? If you don't want to talk to me then fine!" She snapped and marched to the house.


"Why are you so difficult today?" He mimicked Ga Eul's voice and expression and sighed. "How can you be so cruel, Ga Eul-yang?" He asked Chung Ae's tulip plantation in front of him. He heard her saying to her mother that she will never fall for him. "It's your fault, you're eavesdropping!" He reprimanded himself.

"What are you murmuring about?" He almost jumped up when he heard Jan Di.

"You scared me!" He held his chest.

"Aha! You're hiding something! You won't be this afraid if you were not!" She pointed an accusing finger.

"I am not!"

"Uhuh. Then what are you pouting about, Grumpy Old Man?" She asked and he sent daggers to her direction. "Were you mad that I'm getting married first?" Her voice became serious.

"You know damn well that engagement's not for real." He retorted.

"Why do I have this feeling you wanted to make it real?" She chuckled playfully and slumped beside him on the wrought iron bench and placed and arm around him. "Oppa, what's keeping you?"

"I can't even remember the last time you called me Oppa."

"Do not change the subject. Hello? I've done my part. Do yours!"

"What do you mean?" He asked dangerously.

Jan Di rolled her eyes heavenward. "Are we playing dumb?" She yawned. "I'll go first. Don't stay long. It's cold." And she went inside the house.

"Yah! Jan Di-ah! You didn't answer me!"


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by davinci486 on 7/29/2009, 1:44 am

Hi dolce-unnie! It's me davinci486 -- from winglin *heheheh* you're here too. So you're posting "Push and Pull of Love and Hate" here too. Yey!

Hi Peeps-dongsaeng! - people really comment here less *hahah*



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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by azngurlz093 on 7/29/2009, 6:24 pm

i read this from winglin and i love your story Smile
i hope you saw me on your comment on winglin

hope you update soon

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 13: The Wedding Day

Post by dolce on 8/12/2009, 12:06 am

*knock knock*
Jan Di heard the faint knock on the door and soon enough it admitted her brother's lithe frame. Yi Jeong was tall and elegant in his three-piece dark suit. He was carrying a medium-sized box. "Need help?" He asked and flashed her the oh-so-familiar smile. She was fixing the bobby pins on her hair. She smiled in return and nodded. Yi Jeong set the box aside and stood behind her in front of her ornate dresser. Today was her wedding day.

"You are beautiful, Jan Di-ah." He said sincerely while securing the fresh stargazer in her hair. "Jun Pyo got all the luck." He tsked and narrowed his eyes playfully.

"Thank you, Oppa." She replied simply. "You don't look bad yourself."

"What are we, mutual admiration society?" He laughed. "Now, do you have everything? Something new?"

"My dress."

"Something blue?" She held up the blue embroidered handkerchief that Ga Eul gave her.

"And this is my something borrowed," She carressed the diamond-studded collar that was Chung Ae's. "Which doubles as something old." She beamed. The necklace was a family heirloom.

"Forget that. I think I have 'something old' here." He handed her the box that he was carrying earlier and when she opened it, she was speechless and tears just came streaming down her face silently. It was the complete collection of the mangas she drew before when both she and Ga Eul were working parttime at a manga publication.

"You knew?" She looked up at him and he nodded. She ran her fingers along the comic books. Though undeniably old, each of it were covered with transparent plastic carefully.

"I wonder why you weren't proud of it. You're very much talented." He knelt in front of her and wiped her tears with his own hands. "I am sorry if I made you feel inferior. I am not competing with you. And even if I am, I'll be glad to let you win. Always remember that."

It was too much for her to bear. She just hugged him, fighting more tears or she'll defnitely look like Cruella Deville in her own wedding day! "I love you, Oppa. I am sorry for all the trouble that I caused you."

"Shush, I love you too." He gathered her up carefully. "I think we better go or Jun Pyo will definitely throw a fit." He chuckled. And as if queue, Chin Hae appeared on the doorway.

"It's time kids." He clapped twice and held Jan Di's hand all throughout the long flight of stairs. Yi Jeong was falling closely behind, carrying her long train. Their mother was already in church, taking care of every little detail before the wedding take place.


"You may now kiss the bride." The officiating priest said and Jun Pyo gave Jan Di a thirthy-second kiss that sent the whole church into laughter and cheers. He looked on his left side and saw Ga Eul from across the pew. She was smiling and crying at the same time. His sister was undoubtedly beautiful but his eyes belonged to one woman alone: the maid of honor.

The past month, he could count with the fingers of one hand the times that he had seen her. She went back to work not to mention that she was also busy for Jan Di's wedding while he was running behind schedule for the the exhibit that's due to start in a month.

It was decided that their 'turn' would be next year. How he wished that it was true, that he really was getting married with the woman that he loved for years. The first time he saw her, feeling out-of-place in their own living room, he was smitten. But he didn't know how to approach a girl then. All of his attempts to start a conversation ended up in a quarrel. And Jan Di was too protective of her. Now that he's older and more mature, he still can't find a way to win Ga Eul.

He wanted to die when he heard from her own lips that she won't fall for him. After all the cunning things that he did just to keep her at bay, it was useless. When his mother found them in their cottage, he didn't know what came to his mind when he said that they're getting married. Then it was too late to take it back. Moreso, when he found himself enjoying the idea of being engaged to Ga Eul.

Her reluctance to continue with the charade hurt him. It was obvious that she didn't want anything to do with him.

"Yo, dude, move!" Woo Bin pushed him out of his stupor and his seat to get to the altar for the picture-taking. "You're spacing out!"

"It's none of your damn business." He retorted and glared at him.

"Tsk tsk. Must be real mad for postponing his own wedding." Ji Hoo joined in the teasing.

"I'll kill you both." He muttered.

"The best man and the maid of honor please." They heard the coordinator say and he approached the altar where Jan Di and Jun Pyo were. Ga Eul was walking like a dream from the opposite direction. The magenta gown accentuated her complexion. After the picture-taking, he saw her at the church's entrance and he readied to approach her when someone beat him to it.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 14: Yi Jeong VS. Jae Joong

Post by dolce on 8/12/2009, 12:07 am

After the picture-taking, he saw her at the church's entrance and he readied to approach her when someone beat him to it. He gritted his teeth in disgust when he recognized Jae Joong.
*What the hell was he doing here?* How could he forget that Ga Eul has a boyfriend? But why did she agree with the charade if she has a boyfriend and what kind of guy would allow his girlfriend to pretend to be someone else's fiancee? *She's just concerned about your mother pabo!* He berated himself. Him and his wistful thinking.

"Uh-oh. Who was that?" Annoying Woo Bin snaked his arm on his shoulder. "Why don't you assert claim?" He pushed him but he nailed himself to where he was standing.

"He's her boyfriend." He hissed bitterly.

"What?" Ji Hoo joined in. "Ga Eul-yang has a boyfriend?" He took a good look at the guy talking to the subject of their conversation.

"Funny right? Who would want a girl like her?" He even snorted for effect while sending daggers to the couple's direction. "Nagger, crybaby, dominant, a backseat driver, ignorant and--"

"Hey, hey! Relax man." Woo Bin tried to pacify him and while Ji Hoo shook his head knowingly.

"Whatever. Are we going to the reception or what?" He snapped. He walked past his two best friends and Ga Eul when he got into the entrance.


"What is up with your fiance?" Jae Joong asked.

"Don't mind Yi Jeong. Something is always UP with him." She replied nonchalantly but deep inside, it bothered her that he didn't even seem to care if she gets to the reception venue alive. "Let us go." She linked her arms on Jae Joong's.

"Shouldn't you be riding with him?" Yi Jeong looked like he desires to give him a beating.

"I don't care." She retorted and dragged a her reluctant housemate towards the parking lot.

"I think he likes you, Ga Eul-yang." He said when they were inside the car.

"Where did you get that stupid idea?" She asked disapprovingly.

"I am still a guy."

"That fancies a guy. Kim Jae Joong, you are becoming gossipy!"

"Go ahead. Pretend like you didn't know." An annoying grin was hovering his lips. "When was the last time we had a bet?" He asked instead.

"Last year." They had a bet and she had to clean the whole house for one whole month. "Real Barcelona will win this time." She smiled smugly.

"I don't want to bet on football. Give it a month and that guy will definitely propose for real."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"I am not kidding. I'll treat you to an Asian cruise if you win."

"I don't have money for an Asian cruise if I lose, pansy."

"So you're admitting that I might even win, huh? I am not asking for an Asian cruise. Just introduce me to one of his best friends. The one with blonde hair." He beamed.

"Yoon Ji Hoo?! No way. You like him?"

Jae Joong scrunched up his face and pressed his index and thumb fingers together. "He's quite cute, isn't he?"

"Get real. He's more than cute. You like him, eh? Too bad. I think he's straight as a pole." She didn't want to put Jae Joong's hopes up.

"I just asked you to introduce me to him and I'll take it from there. Aish! Now, be kind and tell me everything you know about him or the wedding reception can continue without the maid of honor." He threatened.

Ga Eul sat at her designated seat wordlessly. She was in a round table with Yi Jeong and the rest of his friends who acted as groomsmen, a teenage girl and two beautiful women in opposite ways.

"Ga Eul Unnie!" The teenage girl stood up and hugged her much to her surprise.

"Geun Young, don't scare her." Yi Jeong reprimanded. "Ga Eul, this Moon Geun Young, my cousin from my father's part of the family." He introduced in an uninterested tone. He looked like she was harrassing his own cousin when it was the other way around.

"You know me?" She smiled at the girl genially.

"Of course! I was there at your engagement party."

"Oh." Was all that she can say. The engagement party that she didn't even attend. She purposely didn't go down after she regained her consciousness so she won't have to face the well-wishers for the fake engagement. "Nice to meet you, Geun Young."

"And these are Jang Na Ra, Woo Bin's girlfriend and Yoon Eun Hye, Ji Hoo's sister." He gestured to the other girls. Na Ra smiled and waved at her while Eun Hye shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Unnie."

"Same here. I didn't know Ji Hoo-sunbae has a sister." *I thought he has a brother* She wanted to say. The girl's very pretty if not for the boyish attire and hair cut. Her fresh face was void of make up and the only one in the whole crowd who didn't follow the dresscode.

"He doesn't actually claim he has one." She beamed and Ji Hoo rolled his eyes. One look at Eun Hye and she knew the siblings were poles apart.

"Ga Eul-yang." Jae Joong approached their table in his signature suave demeanor that made the rest of the female population present swoon. "May I have this dance?" He looked hopeful and very much convincing as he glided one his arms at the back of her bare shoulders. She felt Yi Jeong stiffen beside her. "Please? For old times' sake?"

"S-sure." She scrumbled in her seat. "By the way, you already know Yi Jeong, these are Woo Bin and Ji Hoo-sunbae, Na Ra, Woo Bin-sunbae's girlfriend, Geun Young, Yi Jeong's cousin and Eun Hye, Ji Hoo-sunbae's sister." And for the life of her, Jae Joong's eyes lit up by the mention of Ji Hoo's sister. He approached Eun Hye and kissed her hand. The poor girl looked thunderstruck and immediately fell prey to Jae Joong's charm.

"Ah ha ha. C'mon, that's our favorite song." She dragged Jae Joong at the middle of the dance floor leaving all the people in the table in awe. "What are you doing Kim Jae Joong!?" She hissed.

"What?" He feigned innocence.

"You're flirting with the girl!" She wanted to bash him in the head.

"I am not. I just wanted to be close to her. We're gonna be sisters someday." He beamed.

Ga Eul closed her eyes tight in annoyance. "You're impossible!"

"Whatever. I am winning Ga Eul-yang."

"You are not. And I've already introduced you to him." She snapped.

"So set me up a date with him instead."

"I am not a pimp." She pinched him at the back.

"Ouch. That. Hurt." He glared at her.

"Serves you right, faggot." She mouthed.

"One more word from you and I'll kiss you." He threatened and she shut her mouth just to be safe.


"Are you really serious about Ga Eul?" Jae Joong almost jumped up in fright. Yi Jeong was leaning at his Maserati lazily, obviously waiting for him.

"Why do you ask, Mr. Fake Fiance?" He starightened his tux in to mask the trembling of his hands. Seriously, if he's going to beat him up then Ga Eul should be paying for his hospital bills! He saw him gritting his teeth.

"I just can't believe that you're letting Ga Eul live in uncertainty. If you're not going to marry her then let her go." He said calmly but there was edge in his voice that he winced.

"I believe Ga Eul-sshi's old enough to what know what's right and what's not." *So he really believes we're living together.* He thought.

"And I guess you don't?" He snorted.

"Uhuh. As if lying to everyone about being engaged is something to brag about."

"You--!" He really looked like he's going to hit him but changed his mind. He released the breath that he was holding gradually.

"What do you need from me, Mr. So?" He asked impatiently and opened the driver's door. Yunho called and he's off to his bar.

"Leave Ga Eul alone." He said. "She doesn't need someone like you who can't even give her the security that she needs."

"And you are the one who can?" He snorted. "Your parents must be so proud of you." And he boarded his car and sped off the driveway.


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

Post by azngurlz093 on 8/12/2009, 11:21 am

Jealous much Yi Jung Smile

nice update can't wait for thw next

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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Chapter 15: Ring Zero

Post by dolce on 8/25/2009, 10:08 pm

I can't believe you invited your boyfriend in MY sister's wedding! What would our relatives say?" He stopped into a halt for the red light. He was gripping the steering wheel too tightly.
"Huh?" She looked at him dazedly. "Excuse--oh, Jae Joong-sshi?" She asked.

"Who else! Everybody knows you're engaged to me."

"But I am not! And will you stop yelling at me!" She shot back. She's getting tired of his grumpy attitude. "And I didn't invite him. Jan Di did." She didn't know why she had to let Yi Jeong believe she and Jae Joong are together. It was just one of his assumptions that she didn't correct. For her, it serves as a security blanket. From what, she didn't know.

"I-I'm sorry." He mumbled.

"You should be. And where are we going?" She noticed that they were on their way to the Geum mansion. "You are taking me to MY house." She declared. She's tired of playing war games with him and keeping up with his surly unpredictable attitude. "Or better yet stop the car."


"Stop the car!" Which he did. Abruptly. "Now, get off." And she did the same.

"Do you want to freeze us to death? Get in the car, Ga Eul-yang." His eyes widened when he saw her occupying the extremely cold pavement.

"I won't until you tell me what your problem is." She replied stubbornly. "What do you want me to do!" She whined in frustration. She placed her head between her knees. She waited for a long time before she heard him. His voice sounded real close that she looked up. And then she's face to face with him. Yi Jeong was kneeling in front of her.

"First, I want you to wear this." He opened a small velvet box and what's inside took her breath away. The oval shaped green stone cast in a white gold illuminated in the dark. "This is what my father gave to my mother when he proposed and now it belongs to the girl I'll marry." His intense dark eyes on hers.


"I can't--I can't accept this. You can just buy me a fake ring. For show. Right. This is just a fake engagement anyway so there!" She took the velvet box from him and placed the ring back in haste. "You can't just insult a family tradition like that!" Yi Jeong thought Ga Eul already went nuts.

"But Ga Eul--"

"No! So that's your problem? You want me to wear that ring? I can't do that. You promised me before that gradually, will tell Aunt Chung Ae the truth. I was rooting for Jan Di but I guess I have to do it myself."

"You can't do that!" He panicked.

"Why not?"

"'Cause I am proposing for real and you're turning me down!" His loud voice returned echoes to the erenic surroundings.

"W-what did you say?"


"Woohoo!" Jae Joong was jumping up and down her bed.

"You are making me sick! Stop it!" She yelled but he won't listed. She got off the bed and occupied the couch, face sullen.

"I won, Ga Eul-yang! Not even a week! Just hours!" She purposely waited for him to tell him what happened. And just as expected, he was MORE than happy. Then he suddenly plopped down her bed. She wondered how he could maintain such an energy. It's 2am! "Okay. You didn't tell me yet your answer. And can I see the ring?" He joined her on the couch forcefully caught her hand. "What? Where is it?"

"I didn't accept it." He looked at her like she has grown two heads.

"You didn't--what? Have you gone insane? You're being proposed to by one of the most sought-after guys in Korea and you turned him down?" He held her shoulder and shook her. "Pabo!" He hit her with the throw.

"I have a boyfriend."

"Who? Bi Rain? Sheeeeshh! Do you want me to hurt you?" He threatened. "I have to call someone." He reached for the wireless phone on the bedside table.


"Hello, Max?"

"NO!" She wrestled for the wireless phone but failed miserably.


Ji Hoo eyed the loads and loads of shopping bags their chauffer was trying to unload from the blue Escalade. "What are those, Yung Woo?" He asked.

"Those are mine." Someone spoke from behind him. His jaws literally dropped when he turned to his sister.

"E-Eun Hye-ah?"

"Don't overreact. You're not cute." She pursed her lips and turned around. "So, how do I look?" It was the first time in his twenty five years of existence that he saw her wearing something appropriate in her own volition. Her long legs were clothed with very tight jeans under a bright yellow trench coat. Her relatively short hair was tucked under a cream beret and she's taller than usual. Thanks to the three-inch high heels. And, was she wearing make-up?

"You look. . .weird?" His face scrunching up to uncertainty.

"I shouldn't have asked you." She pointed out and ordered the help to bring her thing to her room.


A/N: That's not counted as a cliffhanger, right? hahahhahaha


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Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul) Empty Re: Push and Pull of Love and Hate (Yi Jeong&Ga Eul)

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