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Hello, Casanova

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Hello, Casanova Empty Hello, Casanova

Post by fionn912 on 7/10/2010, 3:15 pm

Hello, Casanova Hello_12


‘Casanova’, one of the oldest professions existing ever since the word ‘love’ appeared. Women love them like how a fat boy loves chocolate and cakes, while men envy them and long to be one of them.

Many asked me the distinctive traits about Casanova or even how they can prevent themselves from being their prey of the night. Well, I would say, no way you could prevent yourself from falling into their trap! Their target market ranges from females’ who believe in happily-ever-after to kittenish and coquettish Paris Hilton wannabes.

You can, of course by all means, try to reach their inner deepest ‘feelings’ and make them learn how to fall in love, like how all the female lead in idol dramas try to do. However, let me just share a little secret with you, ‘Casanova’ are a kind of highly intelligent male creatures, something like pitcher plant, that ‘gives out’ this particular ‘scent’ that drew insects (women) closer and closer to them, and finally SNAP devours them. These little ‘stories’ (how they got hurt by someone they once loved deeply and ended up being hurt by them blah blah blah) that they sometimes share with you, are just like the scent that pitcher plants emit, it drew you closer and SNAP (of course, you know what happens next).

The only suggestion I would give to prevent you from getting hurt by them would be to run as soon as possible when you noticed that they have got their eyes on you. You have got like 15 minutes to run. These 15 minutes are known as the ‘Golden minutes’ which is usually the ‘studying and processing’ procedures. Oh, I forgot to mention about their ASPAF, which is ‘Aim, Study, Process, Attack, and Flee’. Of course, if you are that “lucky” and so happened to be the preyed by the V Casanova (Veteran Casanova), you have got 5 minutes to run. In a nutshell, RUN!

I’m pretty sure that you roughly get a picture of a Casanova, and you would ask why or even how on earth I’m able to know them so well. Just want to say that this is how it all happens….
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Hello, Casanova Empty Introduction

Post by fionn912 on 7/10/2010, 3:17 pm


Sulli lost both her parents at the tender age of 6, and have been living with her grandmother at Busan ever since that incident. During the days in the Joseon dynasty, the Choi family is one of the most reputable and influential family as many of the Chois were great generals that holds the military power. Of course, as years gone by and the fall of the Joseon dynasty, the Choi family was no longer the most powerful bloodline, all they had left with were the Choi’s ancestral hall in Busan and the old mansion built during the Joseon period. The Choi family, through these years, is the only remaining bloodline that still insists that descendants follow the stern rules set by their ancestors. Sulli at the age of 16 had been trained to a point that she could whipped up a 10 course sumptuous meal in just 1 afternoon.

However, like many other 18 years old, she wants more than being an outstanding Choi, she has always wanted to have her own kindergarten. And she knows that the only way out would be to go Seoul to complete her high school, get a job with decent pay and start to save up the fund needed to build this kindergarten. Finally, after years of praying, she finally got herself a chance to go South Korea. Of course, things did not go that smoothly…

Choi Siwon, the ‘dark knight’ in the finance industry, is not a foreign name to many in the industry. This prodigy in the finance industry is also a prodigy in love, or should I say prodigy in making women fall in love. To him the game of love is all about strategies, conquering, and winning. He, unlike many other Casanova, did not come from a wealthy or prominent family. In fact, he was raised by his grandmother who worked as a nanny in the prominent Choi family. In the eyes of his grandmother, he had always been that little boy who would massage his grandmother shoulder and tell her how much he loves her. Siwon always pretend to be that naive boy whenever his grandmother was around. Although now, his grandmother was not the only one that Siwon says ‘I love you’ to, but was definitely the only woman that Siwon has in his heart. And now a gesture of filial piety had got the best of him….


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Hello, Casanova Empty Chapter 1

Post by fionn912 on 7/10/2010, 3:23 pm

Chapter 1

She gasped; never in Sulli’s life she had came across with something like that. She stared with disbelief at the three dark brown teak bookshelves mounted on the wall. It was not like she had never seen bookshelves that neatly packed; they were pretty much like any normal bookshelves you will have in home, except that they are orderly filled with pornography DVDs. What sent her a shudder was that they are even neatly classified into various categories; classics, 80s, etc. The sight nauseates her. This didn’t really make the whole situation any better; she’s now not only nervous but was petrified. Despite the fact that she was sweating like a pig after refusing to take the lift, she did not hesitate to zip her hoodie up till it covered her neck. Her eyebrow came together in question, “What kind of person is he?”

Red fluorescent lights hidden in every little corner lit the house. The house was like a darkroom. In fact, it was a futuristic and contemporary “darkroom”. In the middle of the living room was the black leather Uranio designer 5 piece sectional sofa that was big enough to have room for 8 people to squeeze in, and right in front of it is a 63 inch Samsung Plasma mounted on the wall. As a fan of Samsung, the owner had also bought the Samsung home theatre system.

“This is ridiculous! He bought a home theatre system to watch those movies?” Sulli grimaced, and she walked gingerly towards the direction where she saw a fridge. She was surprised that this kitchen is ridiculously clean; it’s like nobody had ever cook in this kitchen before. Although like any other part of the house, the kitchen was dimly lit, Sulli could tell that nobody cooks in this kitchen.

“Of course, he doesn’t even have pots or pans!” she slides open the next cabinet door. It’s empty. Well, not exactly empty, there’s a bowl. As she slides the last cabinet door close, she could already feel the unbearable warmth. She pushed her thick black air to her back, off her shoulder. She could feel that her hair were all damp after soaking in her sweat. That’s the reason why she always protests to her grandmother when her grandmother insists that a lady should always have long hair. Back in Busan, her grandmother even brought her to her neighbour’s home saloon to perm her hair to make her look more feminine.

She pinched her cheeks, and heaved a sigh, “If only hamoni knows the reason why I don’t look all that feminine is because of these baby fats!” The heat is killing really killing Sulli; she tried fanning her hands in front of her neck, but it only made it worse. Now, she is still sweating like a cow and her hand aches. She wandered around the house aimlessly in search of any window or the electricity switch of the house. This is one thing she hates about technology; it only makes life more convenience for those that are tech savvy, and those that suffer are people like her, those that can barely even handle a touch screen phone.

Behind the black grand piano situated next to the oval glass dining table, Sulli spotted the deep and lush curtain that covers the wall. At first, she it didn’t caught her eyes that the big piece of thick cloth behind the tables was a curtain. To be honest, in a normal apartment (okay, we will have to agree that this is not just ANY apartment) nobody will used such a thick black matka silk with silver baroque prints on it as a material of a curtain. She pushed the curtains open, and found a big frame of glass slide door behind it. She slide open the door hastily, it was as if she was deprived from oxygen. As the door slides open the wind escaped into the house, Sulli took a deep breath, she could the freshness of the air.

She stepped out to the balcony, sliding the door closed behind her. Instantly, she was frozen in her stance by what she saw. Her bare feet can now feel the iciness of the black marbled floor.

“This hot tub can easily accommodate six people! This is better than what you can get in The Sims 3!” she widened her eyes, and began examining the different buttons at the side of the black ceramic tub which was mounted on the floor.

She looked around warily; after she was certain that nobody can see what she’s about to do, she simpered, and carefully climbed into the tub. She sprawled her hands against the edge of the tub, closed her sleepy eyes, and rest her head at the leather cushion on the tub. Although her back is beginning to sore, she can’t bear to leave the tub.

At another corner of Seoul, the pulsating techno music filled the town’s hottest club, ‘BANG’. It’s the only club in Seoul where the rich rubs elbow with the famous in Korea. Many had tried to buy their way off to BANG, however, due to their strict ‘criteria’ in accepting guests; they did not even have the chance to take a look in the club. BANG is definitely more than just a club; BANG’s stage has also rumored to be the starting point of many top notch artists in Korea.

The theme of the club goes by the imperturbable black classical baroque style, with grandiose black chandeliers and vintage black and white leathered armchairs imported from Italy. The owners went all out to recreate this place that only exists for the rich and famous; it makes every single guest feels that they are special and unique.

“ That’s Choi Siwon!” the girl in black bandage dress squeaked in excitement before reaching her hands into her bag frantically to search for her mirror. The three other girls around her began to also touch up on their makeup. In fact, the appearance of Choi Siwon had caused pretty much a fracas in the club.

Of course Choi Siwon knows that in this split second he had ‘killed’ has the female population in the club. Siwon popped the collar to his shirt, flashed his killing smirk, he sauntered down the steps into the crowd. All the eyes were on him until he took a seat in the VIP suite.

The suite was an open concept; Siwon and his clique could clearly “inspect” every little corner in the dance floor. Siwon had his eyes fixed on the dance floor, scanning for his prey for tonight. There wasn’t pretty much choices, considering 70% of them were once his prey, another 23% were hideous, and 17% were with their boyfriend. His finger was stroking up and down on his nose bridge, with his eyes scrutinizing carefully through the dance floor.

“Nobody good enough for our Cassanova tonight?” Jaewoo mused before taking another sip of the Vodka in his hand. He had also noticed that there were not many choices for them today. Just before Siwon turned to reply ‘yes’, something caught his eye. In fact, it’s someone in particular caught his eyes. He smirked, “I think there’s still 1 out there.”

The music was pulsating than ever, the dance floor lights were flashing in every direction, and right at another corner of the hall sat Choi Siwon’s prey of the night. He scrutinized his prey and slowly analyzing her. She wore a flattering black bandage tube dress with her velvet peep-toe pumps. She seems to be waiting for somebody or waiting for a call.

Siwon then turned to Jaewoo, “15 minutes.” Jaewoo then stretched his neck a little to take a closer look at the girl, “This is crazy. A girl like that takes about an average of 30 mins!’ Siwon popped his collar and flashed his smirk, “You wanna bet?”

Before Jaewoo could answer, Siwon strided across the dance floor towards his prey….

Sulli laid her hands on the rim of the glass paneled fence and gaze into the astonishing city lights of Seoul with the starry night sky complementing it. It was almost like Sulli herself was in a painting; she had never thought that the night scenery of the city can be comparable to those in rural or suburban area. The wind was chilly and damp; Sulli had to put her palms into her jeans pocket to keep them warm. She figured out it’s time for her to get in to the house when she realized that she was that cold that her teeth were trembling.

She took quick steps towards the glass slide door and reached out to slide it open. Gak. The slide did not move (actually it did move slightly). She tried harder and now placed both her palms onto the door, she slide it again. But still, the door refused to budge. For the next few minutes, she kept repeating her actions by changing her position and, of course, her strength. She tried examined the side of the door to see if there’s and latch or something like that, and even desperately lay on the floor to see if there’s anything stuck at the door.

“NOTHING?!” she hissed. Now, she gets all panicky and began the bang on the balcony door heavily and shouted for help.

“Oh god, there’s nobody around.” Sulli began to look around the balcony to see if there were any other doors or even windows.

“Such a big balcony and only one door, which idiot will do that?” she cursed under her breath; she could feel that her palms getting sweaty and her mouth was dry.

The wind was howling louder than ever, and it started to drizzle. “No, please…. Not at times like this” she sighed and hoping that it’s only a drizzle. At least that was what she hoped….

Siwon turned over the engine, and shot his black Audi out of the parking space and heading it into the streets. Beside him was a girl, not just any girls, she had a perfect complexion and alluring face. Unlike other girls that Siwon had been with, she looks cold. The fact that she wasn’t talking or even look at Siwon when he was now sitting beside her, made her seems interesting or in Siwon definition ‘the challenging type’.

“So, I will drop you at the nearest subway station?” Siwon finally broke the silence.

“Why?” she answered coldly and her eyes were still fixed on the road.

Siwon chuckled, “You didn’t thought that I believed that you would want to spend the night with me right?”

Siwon turned to look at her waiting for a respond; she ran her fingers through her hair and tugged them behind her ears and this time did not respond.

Siwon put his focus onto the road again and said, “You know, I’ve figured out that you used me to make that airhead jealous. And to be honest, that was quite childish.” Siwon sniggered.

“And why did you agree to be part of this childish act?” she answered almost as coldly but this time showed a little more interest.

“Well, let’s just say that I feel honoured to give a ride to such a charming lady like you.” Siwon grinned and he noticed that she actually chuckle a little and as soon as she saw Siwon looking at her she returned back to that cold look again.

“Didn’t buy that right? You must be hungry after garnering all your energy to give him that slap on his face. Want to grab a bite?” Siwon chuckled. He could feel that the atmosphere was less awkward and have this strong feeling that his going get it done soon.

She nodded. “Now, I just need another 1 hr? No, 30 minutes will do.” Siwon can hardly contain his sense of achievement.

“Here, you go.” Siwon passed her a warm sandwich that he got from the 7eleven and carefully placed a cup of hot chocolate on the boot of the car and leaned his back on next to her.

Just when Siwon wanted to break the silence again she began to speak.

“Anyway, thanks. And you shouldn’t have punched him on his cheek, he might sue you, although I felt that you should have punched him a little harder.” she sniggered. Siwon could see that she has a pearly white set of teeth and a very beautiful smile.

“You should have smiled more. It makes you …… less intimidating.” Siwon munched his bacon sandwich.

Maybe she did not know how to handle the compliment or she would like to enjoy another moment of peace, for the next 10 minutes, she did not ask a question or even say a word again. Of course, Siwon did not want to break this moment of pretty much enjoyable silence. So they sat there, enjoying each other company, and finished their food.

After taking another sip of the hot chocolate she asked, “What kind of person are you? Or should I ask what type of men are you? Which category?”

“It’s for me to know and for you to find out.” Siwon smiled. He knows that from the look of her, she wanted him to say more, so reluctantly he continued, “hmm…. I’m a bad guy to many girls, I guess. That’s what a lot of them told me.”

“Bad?” she took another sip of the hot chocolate, stared into space, trying to define ‘bad’. She didn’t anticipate that Siwon would say that because most of the guys tend to answer this question in a way that you know that they are trying to hook up with you.

She did not prompt any other question. They had finished everything including their drinks; she offered to help him throw the wrapper and cups into the rubbish bin. And when she turned and walk towards the bin, her legs were numb and caused her to collapse slightly. Just when she thought that she’s going to fall a pair of strong hands supported her elbow.

Siwon was so close to her that he could smell the shampoo scent on her hair, it smells like Herbal Essence, or Dove, he could not figure that out.

“Are you alright?” Siwon hands were still supporting her elbow.

“Yah. Thanks.” She swiftly shifted her elbows away from Siwon’s palm, and she did not notice that she was actually blushing.

“You broke your heels”

“Oh, this is like my 5th pair this month.”

Siwon stooped down, reached out his hands, lifted her left leg a little, removed that pump, and broke its heels too. Slowly and gently he wore it back on her feet.

That moment had totally caught her off guard; it’s almost fairytale like except that they were not in a castle. When she finally regained her ‘conscious’, Siwon was that close to her that he could feel his breathing. Without any warning, Siwon kissed her lips.

It’s all very dreamy and what happened after that, she really had no idea. She only remembered that one moment they were kissing, and the next she was on his bed, with him sleeping next to her.

She was confused; she doesn’t deny that she’s in seventh heaven, but soon fear engulfed her. She was indeed in love with a stranger; someone that she doesn’t know; someone whom she didn’t even know his name.

Siwon was awake. He ran his finger gently stroking her hair. He smirked, and silently pronounced “Mission accomplished.”

She wasn’t sure if that was love, but was willing to give it a try; after all who could resist him, he was almost perfect. No, actually she was quite determined to make him her last and only love.

“Want some coffee?” she buttoned her shirt (it’s actually Siwon’s shirt) and tucked her hair behind her ears.

Siwon nodded. And as soon as she left the room, Siwon grabbed a grey t-shirt and a boxer from his drawer and put them on, while his mind wandered off to think of ways to put on one last show.

“ARGHHHHHHH! Who are you?”

Siwon was startled by the scream, and scurried out of his room, only to get a shock that the door of the balcony was slide open, and behind it stood a drenched girl.


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Hello, Casanova Empty Chapter 2

Post by fionn912 on 7/10/2010, 3:26 pm

Chapter 2

Sulli was all wet; the water is still dripping off her disheveled hair. She was all wore out, cold, trying to recover from the shock that she had stand alone in the storm for one whole night. Her vision was blurred as one of her contact lenses was lost in the rain (she could not figure out whether was it her left one or right) and she was confused.

“I don’t remember nanny choi has any granddaughter.” Sulli mumbled, wiped away her damp hair on her cheek and squinted her eyes hoping to get a clearer view at the woman in front of her.

“Who is she?” Vera snapped and caused Sulli to shrink.

Sulli almost fell when she lost her balance, and thankfully someone got hold of her elbows.

“Thank yo…” before she could complete her sentence Siwon chimed in, “She’s my fiancée.”

“What?” Sulli chimed with Vera.

“I’m really sorry, my love. She’s just like a summer fling to me. You are the only woman that I loved. It’s a moment of folly. I promise…” and before Siwon could finish his sentence and Vera sent a tight slap on his face.

“So, I’m a fling to you?” Vera bit her lips and held her tears. Her head snapped back to Sulli, “And YOU will be sorry for what happened today!” With clenched fists, Vera turned and ran out of the apartment.

It was a moment of awkward silence and Sulli was still in a state of confusion. “I’m his fiancée? Who’s that woman? He must have gone bonkers.”

“Speak. Who are you?” Siwon said haughtily and sat on the sofa.

“I’m Choi Sulli and I’m 18 years old. I can cook but I can’t sing or even dance. I am currently…” she was interrupted.

“I did NOT ask you to introduce yourself. I’m only interested in knowing WHY are you here, and WHO are you.” Siwon was exasperated by her senseless babble.

Sulli did not know where to start or even how to even tell Siwon why she was here. It was pretty much a long story.

“Hmm… I’m here to seek your approval to stay in your house.” Sulli gave an awkward smile.

Siwon did not answer her and just sat there gaping at her. He later got up and approached Sulli, slowly and menacingly.

“You know what? There are only two types of women that I allowed in my house. First, those that is on the bed with me. And second, those that prepares to go on bed with me. So…” he moved forward towards slowly as Sulli cringed and retreat, “which type are you?”

Sulli shut her eyes tightly and prayed that Siwon stop moving forward.

“Judging from your two little ponytails, you are a kiddo. And lucky you, I’m not a pedophilia.” Siwon sneered.

Sulli heaved a sigh of relieve and for the first time she’s proud of the two ponytails on her head. She looked at Siwon, who is now sitting on the sofa, skeptically, and continued, “But Choi mama (It has been a habit for Sulli to call Nanny Choi Choi mama) said she had told you about me coming over and you said I could stay with you. She told me I could stay here until I complete my high school.”

“Gran?” Siwon raised his eyebrow, “You know my granny? Who are you?”

“She’s my nanny. I’m Choi Sulli!” Sulli was annoyed that she had to keep repeating herself.

Oh yes! Siwon did promise his grandmother something. He was so drunk that night and was in midst of a trance when his grandmother called. And he wasn’t really in his right state of mind, so he didn’t really caught what his grandmother was trying to say. Like ‘always’, he always said ‘yes’ to her requests and try not to defy her.

“Regarding of that,” he was trying to think of something that could bluff his way through and not let Sulli have a chance to stay. “I think that’s not very convenient for you to stay in this house, as you can see I’m a man and it’s very dangerous for you. So, why not I rent a small apartment for you in Seoul and you could stay there?”

“But… but… Choi mama and Hamoni said I shouldn’t stay in such a big city alone. I have to stay here, and I must complete my high school. ” Sulli sounded really desperate.

“They wouldn’t know if you don’t tell them. It’s really up to you.” Siwon shrugged his shoulders. Deep down inside, he knows that if Sulli go straight to his grandmother, there’s no way he could reject his grandmother. So now, he’s really hoping that Sulli will buy it.

“Okay… I guessed that’s the only way…” Sulli reached up and wiped the droplets of rainwater that’s still dripping down her face.

“So… here we are!” Siwon pushed the door open and it creaked loudly. It sounded like the lid of a coffin being tugged open!

The moment they entered the room, they were engulfed by the overpowering mold stench which seemed to obscure the oxygen in the already stuffy and dim room. The room was painted yellow (or was it white which had turned pearly yellow), the ceiling was flaky and the only window in the room had gone all rusty.

“This was the place I stayed during my high school years. And take a look at me now, all grown up good looking and successful. I bet there’s something to do with the Fengshui of the apartment.” Siwon smugged.

This guileless young girl, who believed in almost anything she was told, didn’t seem to have many choices. “Yes, I really don’t mind staying here. I’m so thankful that you allow me to stay in one of your apartments.” Sulli expressed her gratitude. Although this apartment was really cramp and worn out, she really don’t mind. In fact, on the brighter note, it’s near her school and she doesn’t have to pay any rental.

“That’s really quite a good catch!”

“Thank god she’s as gullible as Mr.Wilbur (the pig is charlotte’s web). If gran knows, I will be so died!” Siwon still plastered that fake smile on his face.

“Okay, it’s about time for me to go. And can I have my key back?” Siwon reached out his hand when Sulli passed him the key.

“Oh, and I really don’t like people to disturb me unnecessarily.” Siwon added before leaving.

It was already dusk after Sulli finished packing her stuff into the wooden cupboard next to the door. The configuration of the apartment (or room) was really weird. It’s like a typical motel with only one really small toilet. There’s only less than 5 furniture in the room; the foldable bed, the cupboard, foldable chair and table (lets count it as 1), and not to forget the Stove-ink-erator (the combination of a stove, sink, oven and refrigerator). And yes, the light bulb dangling from the ceiling has fused.

Sulli was contented by what Siwon has provided (although she would prefer to stay in that futuristic “darkroom”) as she knows that she had to focus on her ultimate goal which is to finish studying high school and at the same time work and save for her kindergarten. She can’t seems to contain her overwhelming happiness and smile like an idiot even when she’s mopping the floor with a rag (it’s pretty amazing that the pail of water she used to mop the floor is darker than the brown rag).

“I’m so tired!” Sulli can feel the muscles on her back were aching and stretched her arms which almost touched the ceiling. She grabbed the pail and poured the milky grey water into the toilet bowl. However, the toilet seems to be clogged, the water flooded out of it.

The first instinct that Sulli had was to pick up the plunger that is covered with mould and plunged it into the toilet bowl. But little did she expect, in a few minutes after she did that, she would regret.

Sulli was expecting that, slowly, the water will retreat. To her surprise, not only the water did not retreat, there are more water coming up. By saying water, you would understand that they were not the clear water we would have from the tap.

“Oh my god! What did I just do?” Sulli was panic-stricken. She went around the house like a crazy woman searching for things to stop the flooding water. Finally, she found a piece rag. All she was doing is to push the flooding water that was spreading to the room back into the toilet.

Within a few minutes, the room was filled with the stench that would cause one to be nauseated. The water is spreading all over the room. Sulli was even more panicky than just now, all she could do (or all she could think of) is to keep sweeping the water into the toilet and hopefully it will stop flooding out. Her pants were soaked making it smelly and damp.

“Oh god! Here goes many second last pair of jeans.” she bitted her lips and said bitterly and then continued sweeping.


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Hello, Casanova Empty Re: Hello, Casanova

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