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The Secret Composer: Romantic/Comedy, Fic Girl & DBSK

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The Secret Composer: Romantic/Comedy, Fic Girl & DBSK

Post by yukino78 on 4/22/2010, 3:48 am

This is my 2nd fan-fic here. My first one is almost over and the title is 'Photos of You.'

Anywayz, this story is a bit shorter than my first one. I hope my readers will like it.

So here we go...


Main Character:

- Kristina T. Lim or Kris
- Jaejoong as himself...lol
- The rest of DBSK...(>.<)v

It goes a little like this...
- new girl arrives in school
- new girl is a tough girl...better watch out!
- new girl meets idol star
- idol star is irritated with the new girl
- new girl doesn't care...lol
- new girl have a secret...
- idol star found out...
- what do you think will happen next?

anywayz, just check it out and see if you like it or not...i did enjoy writing this...it is a bit Rated...so beware!!!


“Yes Dad, I’m boarding the plane right now. I will be there soon.” Kris, short for Kristina, told her dad on the phone.
“Well, I just want to make sure that everything is fine.” Mr. Shim, Kris biological Dad, just wants to make sure that his daughter is actually flying to Korea this time. “Do you want me to send someone to pick you up?”

“No Dad. I told you already. Just make sure no one else knows that I’m going back there to study. Especially Chang Min and Hyori, I want to surprise them.”

“I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t even tell your step mom about it.”

“Thanks Dad.” She heard her flight being called one last time. “Dad, I have to go. It’s the call for last boarding. I will see you in a few hours. I love you.”

“Okay dear, I’ll see you soon. I love you too.”


Announcement: Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. We are now arriving at Tokyo, Japan. It is now 8am. The weather is clear with the high of 45F. Once we land there will be people outside that can answer your questions for transfer or baggage claim. Thank you for flying with us. Have a good day.

Kris looks outside the window and she can see clear sky and some snow on the ground. Then she saw the people getting out of the plane. When she was out at the lobby she checked her next flight. She noticed that she got 5 hours to kill before her next flight. Now, what should I do? Looking around she decided to go find her gate first and then from there she can find something to eat before the flight. She looks down again at her ticket and check the gate number…Gate 45.


News Reporter: There’s a lot of commotion outside the airport. It seems like the DBSK are going back to Korea after their 2 months stay here in Japan.

“Finally…peace and quiet!” Jaejong one of the DBSK boys said. “I can’t wait to go home and sleep on my own bed.” Everyone agreed with him.

“Mr. Kim, our flight doesn’t leave for 4 more hours?” Yun Ho asked.

“Yes, but don’t worry, we can go inside the China Airlines VIP suites.” Mr. Kim said.

They all decided to go straight there at the China Airlines VIP suites.


Kris has been walking around for an hour; she then decided to go in the China Airlines VIP suite. She loves that place. She can charge her phone and laptop there and even can surf the internet for free. Well, she’s a member because she flies all the time using China Airlines. She was checking her e-mail when 6 guys came in. She wasn’t really paying much attention until she heard someone said something about shrimp chips. Then she looks up. She almost chokes on her shrimp chips when she saw her brother walking in with the five guys. She decided not to say anything and tried to hide from them, but knowing her brother he will notice the smell of the chips. It is his favorite too. She tries to close the chips and hide it. She also tried to cover her face with her hat. She peeked if Chang min noticed her, she was so relieve that they just kept walking pass her. After a few minutes, she went back to checking her e-mails and plans to get out of the lounge, but before she can pack up her stuff a hand came down on her right shoulder. She was about to brush it off when she heard a male voice saying her name. She looked up and saw Chang min looking at her surprised to see her. The only thing she can do was smile and kissed him on his cheek because she got busted.


Chang min can’t wait to go home. He’s tired and hungry. He was glad to hear when their manager said they will stay in the VIP suites while waiting for their next flight. He doesn’t want to be surrounded right now with their fans. Even though he loves them all, he needs some time to himself. When they reached the VIP room, he was surprised to smell his favorite chips. It’s the shrimp chips. You can’t really find it just anywhere. It reminds him of his sister who lives in America. She loves those chips too. She was the one that got him hooked on it. He thinks that he’s just too tired and hungry because he starting to smell it. It makes his hunger worst. He was walking behind his Hyungs when he noticed someone on the side. A girl with a hat; surfing the internet. He doesn’t know why, but this girl reminds him of someone. He decided to ignore it and just went back and followed his hyungs at the front desk. Then he heard a weird sound. He looks back up and saw the girl was trying to hide something and she even lowered her hat more. When she was closing her laptop he noticed the background of it. It’s a picture of Him, Hyori, and Kris. He knew then that it is her sister and from the looks of it, she’s trying to escape. Is she not going to say anything to him? He stood up straight and walked straight to her. He smelled the shrimp chips again, stronger this time. He just knew it. She was about to stand up when he put his hand on her right shoulder and said, “Kris?” She then turned around. He was right it is his sister and the look she have right now is that look that she just got busted. She smiled and then kissed him on his cheeks before running out of the lounge.


Jaejong saw the whole thing. A girl just kissed Chang min. Chang min is still standing where the girl was sitting. The girl just ran out of the lounge after kissing him. The weird thing was that Chang min was the one that went to check out the girl. “Chang min!” Jaejong called. Chang min turned around and still have that surprised look on his face. Then it changed to annoyance. “Are you okay?” Jaejong walk towards him.

“I think so.” Chang min answered and looked back again at the door.

“I saw what happened.” Jae said.

Chang min just stared at him. “You did?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it. She’s just some weird fan. At least she didn’t kiss you on the lips.” Jae joked.

Chang min just shook his head. Then they heard their Manager calling them that there’s food in the room. Chang min brightened up. “Hyung, lets go. There’s food waiting for us.” He then followed the guys while Jae still curious about what happened. He just shrugged and follow the guys.


Kris’ heart is beating too fast. She didn’t know what to do when she saw her brother. She doesn’t want him to see her yet. I hope he doesn’t call Hyori and his mom. It will totally ruin my surprise. She looks back and she’s sure that he didn’t follow her. She then decided to do some little shopping…


“Thanks for the food.” All the guys said it at once. They finished eating and just waiting for their flight home.
Jae looked at the time. They still have 3 hours to go. He then decided to go out and check out some of the stores here. He looked around and said, “I’m going out. I’ll be back in an hour. Anyone wants to come with me?”

“Nope.” Yun ho said.

“Not me, I want to go to sleep.” Mickey said.

“I’ll pass.” Xiah said

“I’m too tired.” Chang min said.

“Fine, I’ll see y’all back in an hour.” Jae then stepped out of the VIP Lounge. He pulled his had down to cover his face more. He was walking around when he saw the girl who kissed Chang min. He started to follow her around. She’s buying a lot of things. Probably gifts for her relatives or love one. She keeps on going from one store to another. She’s taking random pictures of things and people. She then decided to go in starbucks to have a drink and use her laptop again. She kept looking at clock too. He doesn’t know why, but he ended up following her inside too. He ordered some drinks and sat just the table behind her. He saw her wallpaper. It’s a picture of Chang min and his sister Hyori. Jae got annoyed. How this girl got hold of those kinds of pictures. He just can’t take it anymore. He stood up and sat right in front of this girl.
The girl was too busy to notice him. Then he coughed. That got her attention. She looked up, then she looked around her, then looked at him again, then she just ignored me. He coughed again and this time really loud. She looks up with worried look in her eyes. Those made him feel a little guilty. Then she offered her water to him. Then she spoke in English.

“Are you okay? Do you need some more water?” She is really worried.

He doesn’t understand a lot of English, but he understood what she was saying. He just use hand motion and spoke Korean. Then she surprised him again.

“Sorry, you don’t understand English?” she asked in Korean.

“I only know a little.” Jae admitted. She then continued to speak in Korean.

“Are you okay? Do you need more water?”

“No, thanks.” Jae realized that she doesn’t know him. She then looked at her watch and starts to pack up again.

“Well, if you’re okay then I can go. Take care.” She said while she stood up and left.

Jae was surprised and confused. How can she kiss Chang Min and not know him too? He was going to follow her more when his phone rang. “Hello?”

“Jae? Where are you? They’re boarding the plane now. Hurry or you’ll miss it.” Yun Ho said.

“I’ll be right there.” Jae stood up and started running to the gate.

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