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Now and Then

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Now and Then Empty Now and Then

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/8/2010, 1:21 pm


Kim So eun
23 years old
Black hair straight
Simple, hard headed, candy girl

Kim Bum
25 years old
Black short hair
Fashionista, rich, playerboy

Soo Wo Bin - Kim Bum best friend
Gu Jun Pyo - member’s of F4
Kim Hyun Jong - members of F4
Guem Jan Di - Kim So Eun best friend

So Eun’s POV

How is he? It’s been five years already.
Did he ever think of coming back? He said he would, but well, he is not the kind of man that keeps his words.
He was a Casanova for crying out loud!

End of POV

Jandi: Hey So eun-aa!! Watch where your going!
She caught the back of her friend’s winter coat just in time before So eun was hit by a car. Her friend just crossed the road without realizing the red light for the pedestrian. So eun’s mind wondered off thinking about her long lasting crush, Kim Bum. Gave her best friend a stern lok, but her friend continue to gaze at Jandi with dreamily.
So Eun: Wher Jandi ahh...
Jandi: So eun ahh, what is going on inside your head??? You just missed getting hit by a car is why! Don’t u realized u almost cross the road with all the lightning cars pass by! Haiyaa!
So eun ah: ohh, jandi-ah. Biane. Maybe I just tired with work. Bian. ( Trying to hide the truth.)
Jandi: Araso. You must be tired after al the day’s work. I forgive u this time, ara?
So eun: Kumawo. Saranghae ! ( return to herself back again.) Jandi, to make up to you, how about we have dinner at my place tonight? Come on , Jan di ahh....
Jandi: So eun, biane. I have a date with Gu Jun Pyo. You know him, if I cancel last minute; he’s going to knock on my door 5 minutes later. Maybe some other time, okay?
So eun : Aroso, send my regards to him. ( there’s no way she can win over JunPyo, he is so stubborn when it’s come to Jan di. Thank God so eun is a girl, if jan di’s best friend was a guy, I am sure he is banned from seeing jandi.)

Off Jan di go to see her soulmate.

Jun Pyo: Jandi! You are late! I told you to be here at 9pm and now is 9.01pm. You must spend the whole night with me!! Hahaha.....Ouchhh!
Jandi: Aigooo! ( Jandi had hit her boyfriend’s head with her punch)

Jandi POV
He wil never changed. He’s been like this ever since i’m with him.
End of POV

Jun Pyo: Why did u hit me for? ( rubbing his head, it looks reddish by now)
Jandi : Because I love you( she replied with a smirk)
JunPyo: Yahhh! Since when u become so flirtous? Haha ( he blushed!) Oh ya, by the way, i have great news to tell you, Kim Bum had come back to Korea. He just called me a few hours ago telling to meet up with him later. Looks like he can’t wait to meet up with the boys.
Jandi: No wonder...( Jand di lost in her thoughts. She was thinking about So eun who lost her atention before. So she knew.)

Back to Kim so eun

When Jandi parted with her just a couple of blocks from her house, her mind drifted away tracing back the memories lane she treasured. The chilly breeze of the night gives her a fresh feeling within.

So eun POV

What is he doing right now?
Did he ever thinks of me?
Why am I thought about him suddenly? But deep down she knows the answer already. I missed him. That’s why. He’s gone for five years and gives her nothing but only a piece of letter during his first two weeks, then nothing.

End of POV

She reached her flat (she moved out from her mother’s house already) and go straight for her bed. She skipped dinner because she’s going to dine alone and after a few minutes, she lost in a deep sleep. She doesn’t know these are the last day she can feel a calm and steady life.

The next day,

Kim so eun wake up early to take her usual round of jog every morning before going to work. Now, she achieved on working as an assistant editor at a renowned book publisher in Seoul, Korea. This is a stepping stone on becoming a great editor in her league, something she had wished ever since she was a teenager. She loves books above all else, something she takes after her father, who had gone for many years, leaving her piles of books as he had open a bookstore of his own back in Busan. But one thing So eun regret, her mother had to sold the store to support their lives after her husband’s death and years after that, she follow her husband path. Leaving So eun at 19 years old behind. Not many who knew her sad history, only Jan di who kept it a secret and giving her all the support she needed.

At Kim so eun workplace,

Kimmie: So eun, could you please help me to get the translator of Wuthering Heights? I need to consult back regarding her payment, the board did not approve her demand for a higher raise. And did you finish reading through the list of manuscripts that I gave to you last week ?Did you managed to finish correcting them?

So eun: De unnie! (handed her the manuscript) Anything else?

Kimmie: Yeah, could you bring me a cup of coffee after that. And a waffle if you pass by the cafeteria.

So eun: De. (I certainly will walk pass by the cafetaria honey, you just want to pile up my work.)

When she returned back to Kimmie’s office, she was not there, so she just put her coffee on the table. She managed to glance the sheets of paper on the table, which caught her off guard. Her work that she just turned in was changed to her boss’s name and just before she managed to explore further, her boss came in. Kimmie was surprised at first but then,

Kimmie: If you had finished your work, Please leave. I have a lot to work on.

Still dumbfounded, So eun leaves the room without a single delay. She walked straight to her desk, still could not utter a single word, and take at least 5 minutes to get her head back on.

So eun’s POV
Yahh, your life sucks! No boyfriend and now you are being played by your boss. How miserable your life is! You are god for nothing.

End of POV.

Yes, I know her life suck, but this is the first part of it. Enjoy~

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Now and Then Empty Re: Now and Then

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/27/2010, 5:52 am

Yet still she continues her work like nothing had happened, she wished her boss will realized of her misdeeds. Then suddenly, she received a delivery from a flower shop, it was a bouquet of purple flower. This raised a puzzle in her head. Nevertheless, she accepts the bouquet not knowing the original sender. The boy said the person said So eun will surely can figured the sender. Later, when she went back that night, she put the flowers in a vase centered in her living room.

The phone rings~

So eun: De?
Jan di: So eun ah, you knew all along rite? Why didn’t u tell me? We should all go out yesterday night! ( Jan di is a woman who loves to parties all the way!)
So eun: For what Jandi? Everyone is busy with their lives. You should pick a right date to gather us all. Plus, there’s nothing special to celebrate about.
Jan di : Are u going to play innocent with me? Think u are going to keep that little secrets of yours? ( her voice seems disappointed) Fine, go and have a private time with Kim Bum. I know you wanted to relish both of your hidden feelings for the past few years. ( try to hang up the phone)
So eun: yahh jandi! What is u talking about?! Haven’t got any idea of it.
Jandi: Kim Bum came back yesterday is what is. Don’t tell me u didn’t know. Jun Pyo told me yesterday.
So eun: .........whhhaat....( lost in her words, her eyes stare the purplish flowers with bewilderment.)

Part 2 Bafflement

Kim Bum’s fingers are dancing on the phone’s keypad, scanning for the F4’s numbers. ‘It’s been so long. How are they?” he ask himself. They are a handful of wicked people. Those thoughts carved a slight smile on his face. What a memories!


His phone’s ringing. Gu jun pyo’s number screening. Just in time, he thought.

Kim Bum: De. What’s up man?! Where are you? (he cannot conceal his excitement)
GJP: hey, I’m just outside my house already. I thought we are going to hang out tonight. I already call Woo bin and Ji hoo and they already at my place. Don’t you know the rules, Bummie?
Kim Bum: I’ll be there in 10.( straight his fingers click the red button.)
Not less than a minute, his Jaguar zoom into the black night.

Woo bin: where the hell is he? (The 5 years living in US keep an imprint in his way of life, the slang.)I got a 8 o’clock meeting tomorrow.
GJP: He’s coming. BDW, how is your boys these days?
WB: We are doing pretty well actually, we managed to hold back Kuang Clans and raised up people trust, anyway round, my folks are ready to give the title to me, plus, I already shown my underlings my leadership skills. Hope they’ll accept me as the new heir for Lee Clans.

KB: Hey guys! Been’s so long! How’s everything?
WB: Same old, same old.
Ji HOo: I just promoted as a doctor. ( with a proudly smile)
GJP : What about your hand bro? I heard your surgery turned out well.
KB: Yeah, it turned out great actually. I managed to do pottery again, but still it needs room for improvement. I am way behind than the old Great So’s Potter Legacies.
WB: It’s okay dude, one step at a time. Anyway, be friends with any hot models from Sweden? I’m getting a little bored these days.
KB: haha, I thought you’ve turned over a new leave already!
GJP: He’s the all rounder Casanova around here after you left. You taught him too well, Bummie.
Ji HOo: To some extent, I think he already becomes the teacher.
WB: Don’t worry, the title still belongs to you though, after all, I am just your wing man.
KB: I am flattered, but you have to go alone this time. I’m one ladies man now.

Silence fills the atmosphere and suddenly, a roar of laughter erupted.

GJP: Bummie!What did you learn in Sweden? Wahhhh~ I thought this day never comes. Did I hear it right?
Ji Hoo: He’s changed. (smirking.)
WB: Seriously? Don’t tell me its true man? I was hoping’ to go on a little tour you and me, leaving these good boys behind, and have some fun. Seems I have to go alone then.
(taking his coat, buttoned it up, try to act like a noble statue, no wonder many girls are charm just by looking at him, his presence could turn a fiery wind into a soft one.

This time, it was Woo Bin’s turn to make a fool out of himself. GJP, Ji Hoo and Kim Bum, exchange looks between themselves, roared with laughters. Woo Bin maybe handsome and seductively gentleman but when it comes to women, he could never work the charm like Kim Bum’s. After all, he’s the Casanova and the title never comes with a cheap price.

Their nights continues with a series of stories on their lives, how the business works, love stories of Gu Jun Pyo’s and JanDi’s, Ji HOo’s new clinic and Woo Bin’s massive underground activities. The stories then centers on Kim Bum, his life in Sweden, his health and his pottery. They talk; laugh, jokes about one another, just like old times, in that moment, each of them have no worries in the world. Compared to all four, Kim Bum are a bit quiet, he just spend a lot more time listening to each of their conversation rather than speaking himself. He missed the great idiot Gu Jun Pyo, Ji Hoo oddity and Woo Bin’s funny jokes. Each of them leaves him great deal of a dazzle feelings inside, brings comfort and warm with them, which never crossed in their mind they play a great part in Kim Bum’s life.
Later that night, when it’s time to go back, KB hangs around to have a talk with WB, he actually craved for the information, something that haunted him day and nights, taunt a great deal of agony in himself.

KB: Hey man, I need you to know something. I am married. ( he thought it was a good line to start of, WB could never get the idea what he’s going to ask.)
WB: She’s doing fine, thanks to me; I’ll make sure she never gets closed with any man who keeps coming endlessly. She works in Publication Company, as an assistant editor for 4 years now. She never gets into an accident or any kind of terrifying misfortune. ( he actually did rehearse on that, expecting the question on So Eun will pop out, but unluckily it’s not the question he hopes rather a statement that never occurred to his mind.
Come again? He asked, he prayed that he had head differently.

KB: I am married. ( his whisper are barely audible, he traced down his fingers on the right hand absent-mindedly and touched the blue diamond ring.

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Now and Then Empty Re: Now and Then

Post by FeditlitousChuBb on 4/27/2010, 5:53 am

This is what I come so far. Please comment, and no harsh one. thanks

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Now and Then Empty Re: Now and Then

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