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The Mysterious Guy in White

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The Mysterious Guy in White

Post by SushiiDoll on 6/11/2009, 7:55 pm

Chapter 1 - Flashback.
Chapter 2 - I saw him again.


Sandara Park – lived in Seoul. She ran away from home because the school rang home and has told her mum that she cheated her SATs. But she hasn’t cheated she’s the only one who knows about this problem. Then she moved to her best friend’s house for a while.

CL – Sandara Park’s best friend, they’ve known each other since nursery, but CL moved to Jeju Island because of family business.

MinJi & ParkBom – Sandara’s close friends, same background with CL.

DaeSung – CL’s twin brother

JiYong – DaeSung’s best friend

SeungRi – Sandara’s snobby manager.


&& Minors..

This is my first fanfic that I’m working on. I hope you like it.
x x x x

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[The Mysterious Guy in White] Chapter 1: Flashback.

Post by SushiiDoll on 6/12/2009, 12:03 pm

: Sandara P.O.V :

: Looking out the window :

It’s been a few days since I ran away from home. I stayed at my friend’s house in Jeju Island. I got no where to go really. I miss the city, I miss my family.

Dara, Stop Gormin’!” CL giggled.


CL your two friends are here” CL’s mum yelled.

ParkBom and MinJi ran upstairs to CL’s room.

What’s popping?” ParkBom leaned over me.


Gwaenchana?” MinJi added.

“[]iAigoo. She’s been like that since forever.[/i]” CL butted in.

I’m going for a walk.” I looked away and closed the door.

As I walked out I heard them whispering about me.

: Downstairs :

Ajumma, I’m just going for a walk” I smiled.

Okay~ Don’t be too late though, remember the curfew time, 10pm.

Neh” I walked out.


Umma, aniyo!” I cried.

Weh? Weh? Since I gave birth to you, you haven’t done anything right, you’re a troublesome child, do you know that?!!” She screamed at me.

It wasn’t even my fault!” I shouted back.

I slammed the door and started packing my things up.

If only they knew” I whispered.

: Phone Rings :

Yoboseyo?” CL answered.

CL.. can I stay over for a few days at your house, please?

Waeyo? Is it your mum again? Sure you can.

I’ll explain when I get there

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[The Mysterious Guy in White] Chapter 2: I saw him again.

Post by SushiiDoll on 6/12/2009, 12:11 pm


"Who's there?" I asked.

I swear someone is following me.Every night I walk to the beach to get some fresh air and to think. This is the place where I can clear my mind.

: faint footsteps :

I stopped walking and looked back but no one was there. I started walking again and sat on the rock paddling my feet on the sea. Looking at the sunset feels so refreshing.

"Boo~!" A voice appeared.

"Arghhhhh.." I fell off the rock and got myself drenched.


"Aigoo, what was that for?" I looked at him.

"Mian.. I didn't thought you'll react like that." he continued laughing.

"Aish.. Ji Yong next time you do that again.. Uh, I'm going to post it all over the internet!" I threatened him.

"Aniyo~ don't post the video of in or out. I look babo" he gave out a cute face.

"Neh neh neh~" I laughed sarcastically.

I looked at the time and it's ticking fast, it's nearly half past nine and I'm starving.

: Stomach rumbles :

"Hungry? Let's go." Ji Yong pulled me.


As he pulled me I saw him again, I saw the mysterious guy in white, he looks like an angel from afar.


Few days passed I kept on seeing the mysterious guy in white by the beach where I always walk.

"Ayo, Tabi~ I wonder who that mysterious guy in white was" I squeezed Tabi. (Tabi is my Teddy Bear)

"Woaaah.." DaeSung and JiYong interrupted by falling down the floor of my room.

I glared at them.

"What's with that look Yobo?" JiYong asled.

"Bwoh? Yobo your bum!" I glared at him more.

DaeSung was just laughing his head off.

"Get out!" I pushed them out of my room.

"Aish.. they're in trouble tomorrow." I hissed.

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[The Mysterious Guy in White] Chapter 3: Spring Break (Part 1)

Post by SushiiDoll on 6/12/2009, 12:18 pm

"Good Morning Tabi~" I squeezed him.

: knock knock :

"Come in"

"Dara, mian~ I won't be accompanying you for a week or so I'm going on a trip with YongBae Oppa. Park Bom and MinJi are in Gwang-Ju for a work placement" CL declared.

"Awh, great! Spring break with your twin brother and his annoying best friend." I rolled my eyes.

"Yah, it's gonna be okay, araso?"



I went to have a shower but I didn't lock the bathroom door 'cause it was broken.
I heard someone was knocking at the door...I wonder who it was, I hope that they won't go in the bathroom. I just need to get changed.

: JiYong's P.O.V. :

: knock-knock :

"Sandy are you in here?" I knocked onto the door, but the door was slightly open so I went in.

"Sandy?" I called out her name again.

She's no where to be seen. I walked around and saw the bathroom was slightly open. So I guess she's in there, better wait out here.

"Aish.. She's really taking her time isn't she?" I thought.

I started walking around her room. It's pretty neat and PINK!

Then suddenly....

"Arrrgg~" I tripped over... then accidentally opened the bathroom door.

"Eih?" Sandy looked at me.

"Mian~ Mian~" I covered my eyes.

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Re: The Mysterious Guy in White

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