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Love At The Railway Station [Kim JaeJoong & Lee Yeon Hee]

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Love At The Railway Station [Kim JaeJoong & Lee Yeon Hee] Empty Love At The Railway Station [Kim JaeJoong & Lee Yeon Hee]

Post by WonderBinnie on 3/11/2010, 9:00 am

Love At The Railway Station [Kim JaeJoong & Lee Yeon Hee] LATS


I looked him...
He noticed me.
I looked away.
My face turned on red.
I took a deep breath and stepped closer to him.
“I...I...I” I was finally able to say him.
“Hm?” He asked raising his look from the book.
“You can do it Yeon Hee” I said to myself.
“...Umm...Do you know how much the time is?” I asked.
“It's almost eight” he answered looking back to book.
I hit myself to head and started to walk away.
I failed to tell him about my feelings.

CHAPTER ONE: Boy at the railway station

Yeon Hee PoV.

There he was.
Sitting on his favorite place.
Reading his book.
And biting nervously at his lips.
“Yeon Hee” I saw my friend Ji In waving her hand front of my face.
I blinked couple times my eyes and then smiled to her.
“Are you looking him again?” Ri In asked taking a peek of boy who was sitting on a bench.
I nodded not taking my eyes off him.
“Go and talk to him?” Ri In suggested.
“What?” I said in shock “Are you crazy?”.
Ri In laughed and put her hand on my shoulder.
“Yeon Hee...You've been looking him two months already” she said “It's time to make a move”.
I nodded again still looking at him.
“ are right?” I gulped.
Ri In pushed me towards to him and I took couple steps to back.
“Go Go!” Ri In make signs behind me.
I took a deep breath and stepped front of him.
“Excuse me” I said while looking down.
He raised his look from book and looked me.
“Hm?” He asked curiously.
Go Yeon Hee...Say that!
“Do you know how much the time is?” I asked quickly.
“It's almost eight” He answered and continued reading.
I bite my lips and turned around.
Ri In sighed and I walked back to her.
“What was that?” she asked.
“I...Don't know” I answered embarrassed “I couldn't think anything else”.
“Aigoo...We need to practice this more” She sighed “And So Eun will help us”.
I took a last glare of him, before he stepped on the train.
“See ya” I whispered after him.

JaeJoong PoV.

I stepped out of the train and raised my look from book to sky.
“It's going to rain soon...” I mumbled looking back to book.
I walked down stairs and followed other students to school.
I raised my classes with my finger and blinked my eyes.
“Hyung!” I heard my friend calling at me.
I looked who it was and I closed my book when I saw Changmin.
“Morning” I greeted him.
It was long silence until he spoke again.
“Are you coming to Yoochun hyung's birthday party tonight?” he asked.
“...If I have time...” I answered “I'm a busy person”.
“Hyung” Changmin said and stopped “You don't have a life”.
I looked down and nodded.
“I'm coming” I sighed.
Changmin smiled for victory and I hit him on the head.
“And I have a life” I said walking to class room.

Yeon Hee PoV.

It was lunch time, but I wasn't hungry.
I decided to go on library...
I walked past of bookshelf's and searched that special book that I wanted to read.
Smile appeared on my lips when I saw it.
“Love At The Railway Station” I read title while taking it to my hand.
I looked cover and closed my eyes.
I could imagine myself hugging that railway station boy just like in the cover.
I borrowed it from library and whole lunch time I was only reading it.
“Where have you been?” My another friend So Eun asked when I walked on class room.
“I was reading” I answered while sitting on my seat.
“Again?” So Eun sighed “What book this time?”.
I showed book to her and soon she gave it back to me.
“And I bet that railway station boy was also reading this?” So Eun laughed.
I nodded embarrassed and put book to my bag.
“He really have good taste of books” I smiled “I feel like I already know him”.
So Eun smiled pinching my cheek.
“Aigoo” She said “What are we going to do with you?”.

“Finally” I smiled when bell rang ending my school day.
Everyone stood up and started to leave one by one from class.
“Yeon Hee!” So Eun yelled my name.
I turned around.
“Hm?” I asked holding book on my hands.
“Do you have umbrella to borrow?” She asked “I have date with Kim Bum oppa and I don't wanna look like wet dog when I see him”.
I nodded taking umbrella from my bag.
I handed it to So Eun.
“Don't worry” I said before she could say anything “I have another umbrella on my locker”.
She smiled and said goodbye to me.
I waved after her and sighed.
I didn't have another umbrella...
I put book to my bag and stepped outside.
I looked up and closed my eyes.
It was so calming when rain drops touched my face.
Luckily I had scarf on my bag, because weather was little cold.
I tied it on my neck and started walk towards to railway station,
hoping that I would see that boy again in there.

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Love At The Railway Station [Kim JaeJoong & Lee Yeon Hee] Empty my comment

Post by jimn on 5/31/2010, 8:56 pm

Wow! cool..
this story was really good..
Can't wait what will happens next Very Happy

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