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Always Be Mine

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Always Be Mine Empty Always Be Mine

Post by HappyGoLucky on 3/5/2010, 2:13 am

This is my first fanfic =) and since its like there's not much FT Island fics so I made one

Story Title:Always Be Mine
Author: HappyGoLucky
Story Rating: PG-13
Cast: FT Island, Taeyang, fictional characters, some sudden appearance from other celebs XD
Story Status: Ongoing

I didn't write an introduction/prologue/forewords so I'm just gonna skip to Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Meeting

~ Sunshine Kindergarten ~

“uwah…. Give it back” Bomi wailed as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

“cheh~ why don’t you cry off to your umma?’ Honggi mocked her while twirling her teddy bear in the air.

Bomi glance around to look for her umma among the sea of parents that came on graduation day.

“Hah! Can’t find her can you, crybaby?” Honggi laughed as Bomi watch him helplessly.

“Yah! Aren’t you satisfied with your little game already?” a girl came and stood in front of Honggi, hands on her hip.

“Boh?! What did you say? Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, a jerk. Now give her back”

Unbelievable, Honggi thought. “why don’t you mind your own business” he smiled at her threateningly “and go back to where your parents are” and walk away from her to continue taunting Bomi.


“ouch!” Honggi turned around and see a black shoe on the floor beside him. He looked around and saw the girl earlier standing there without one of her shoes on.

“aishh... yah! Why’d you throw your shoe at me?”Honggi yelled and picked the little shoe. He smirked and threw the shoe farther away.

“Jerk! You’re so friggin’ annoying!” the girl yelled back and punches Honggi in the face. Honggi fell on his bum as the punch hit him by surprise causing him to be off balanced. The teddy bear flew out from his hand. After Honggi recover his bearings, he retaliates. Soon enough, Honggi and the girl rolled on the floor, trading punches while other kids’ parents just stood by and watch.

In the end, the girl managed to pin him down in a headlock position. “I’m so glad Youngbae oppa taught me this move yesterday” she smiled to herself.

Honggi finally stop struggling when he realized that he was defeated. The girl got up and picked the teddy.

“Here’s your teddy” she smiled sweetly to Bomi.


“ye?” the girl turn around to see her twin walking towards her.

“yah! Why are you covered in bruises?!” Jonghun exclaimed in surprise.

“Ah? Ani…. Nothing serious oppa”

“Jinjja?” Jonghun ask her doubtfully as he eyed Honggi who covered in bruises too.

“aishhk… umma and appa are looking for you” Jonghun took her hand and led her away.

Grrr…. So her name is Yennie, Honggi thought as he stared after them grudgingly. He noticed Yennie’s shoe nearby which he had thrown earlier.

He picked it up.

“Yennie-shi, you and I have unfinished business’ Honggi clenched his fist around the shoe and swore his vengeance towards the girl who had humiliated him.

Few years later……..

[Jonghun’s P.O.V.]

“yah! Piggy, wake up! You don’t want to be late on the first day of high school!” I shook Yennie violently.

“Mmm.. just one more cookie”

Boh? Cookie? I looked at her. There was drool on her face. Ugh! Not a pretty sight to see. I walked to her dressing table and picked up the hairdryer. Then I plugged it on and blow it at her face.

Surprised at the sudden rush of hot air, Yennie bolted up and accidently hit the hair dryer on her forehead.

“Omona! The sky is falling” Yennie yelled. Her expression is really weird I couldn’t help burst out laughing.

She looked at me and took it all in.

“yah! Oppa! What are you doing?!”

“Mwo? That’s how you greet your oppa in the morning after he helped you dry off that drool on your face” I asked in a hurt tone.

Her hand immediately picked up a pillow and tossed it at me while the other wiped her face.

“haha.. missed me. Quickly or you’ll be late” I chuckled as I made my swift escape.

[Yennie’s P.O.V]

Aishh…. Stupid oppa. I looked at my phone. Pah! It’s still early. He really wants his ass to be kicked.

After I took my bath and change into my uniform, I went downstairs.
Youngbae oppa, Jonghun, aunty and uncle are already eating their breakfast. Uncle and aunty are actually Youngbae oppa’s parents. After umma and appa parents died in a car accident we live with his family. Our parents were best friends.

At the thought of my parents, I felt a pang of sadness. How would they feel now that Jonghun and I are entering high school?

“Pabo! What are you doing standing quietly on the stairs?” Jonghun
nudged me lightly on my shoulder.

“ani… just remembered about appa and umma” I forced a smile at him.

He too becomes quiet. I could tell that he too was thinking the same thing.

“so you two nervous?” Youngbae oppa put his arms around us.

“yeh oppa. But luckily Bomi is attending the same school too” this time I smiled a sincere smile at him. If you look at oppa’s smile you couldn’t help but smile too. His smile is like a sun on a cloudy day. I told him that and he decided his nickname would be Taeyang. But only Jonghun, Bomi and I still call him Youngbae.

“Jinjja? Then we all can go to school together” oppa said and dragged us
towards the door.

“oppa.... Oppa! I haven’t had my breakfast yet” and on cue my tummy

~Hwang Jin High School~

[Yennie’s P.O.V.]

“wah~~~ we’re in the same class” Bomi clapped her hands in delight.

“yeh..”I replied as I points towards my twin “and so is doofus over there”

“Yah! I can hear you, you know’ Jonghun said angrily and hit her head.

“ow! Oppa” I looked at him.

“Serves you right.” He stick out his tongue at me. Aigoo… that brat is really
asking for it.

“Come on or we’ll be late for the opening ceremony” Bomi stopped me before we could start our famous twin fight.

As we walk towards the hall, I accidently bumped into a guy.

“omo... mianne” I apologized to the guy. He has an angelic face. He
looked at me and rolled his eyes at me before he walked away with his chingu.

Jerk! I regret thinking that he looks like an angel. Pah! A devil in disguise of an angel.

After the opening ceremony was homeroom. Bomi is sitting next to me and with Jonghun in front.

“yea… I didn't think that appa will be that angry” a husky angelic voice behind me said. As I turn my head around the teacher entered the class.

Ugh! The teacher wants us to introduce ourselves in front of the class. I looked at Bomi. She was spacing out at the window.

Since we were sitting almost at the back of the class it’s not our turn until
later. The guy sitting beside me looks quite friendly. He’s been smiling ever since I entered the class.

Without realizing, the guy behind me stood up and went to the front. Omo! Its gonna be my turn next.

My eyes grew wide as the guy turn to face the class. It’s that jerk earlier.

He’s really a fake angel. Not only his face but his voice sounds angelic too.

“I’m Lee Honggi” he just said plainly and left for his sit. “Lee Hong…. Gi.
He sounds familiar” Bomi said beside me.

My turn.

“annyeong~! My name is Choi Yennie. Nice to meet you all. Let’s have fu-“


That guy Honggi is standing now with a shocked expression. Well, I think the whole class is in shocked by his abrupt behaviour too.

“Mr. Lee, do you have anything to say?” Mr. Shin questioned him. Realizing all eyes are on him he just shook his head and sit down quietly. I’m starting to dislike this guy.

As I walked back to my seat, I could feel his intense stare. Seriously, what is this dude’s problem?

“annyeong, Yennie-shi. Choi Minhwan imnida” the friendly guy beside me introduced himself “I see we have the same last name. Let’s be friends” he said and holds out his hand.

“Nice to meet you” I shook his hand. At least someone is normal here.

[Honggi’s P.O.V]

“annyeong~! My name is Choi Yennie.”

Yennie? Is she that Yennie? That girl’s name beside her is Kang Bomi. Could it be?

I slammed my fist on my table.

It’s her! I’m sure it’s her. After all this years we finally meet again.

“Mr. Lee, do you have anything to say?” I look around to see everyone looking at me.


I looked at Jaejin. He snickered at me. He’s having fun seeing me in this situation.

I shook my head and sat down quietly.

She’s talking to the guy beside her completely ignoring me.

After the teacher left I stood up, went in front of her table. I slammed my hand on the table to get her attention. I lean until our faces are inches apart.

“You remember me? We have unfinished business” I whispered to her.

“mwo? I apologized to you after bumping into you but you just walk off rudely”

“aishh… not that one. Way back in kindergarten. On the last day of kindergarten to be precise”

“hmmm… mianne I don’t remember. Are you sure you got the right person?” she asked me in confusion. She looked at Bomi.

What?! She couldn’t have forgotten me did she? All these years!

[Yennie P.O.V]

The teacher left after the bell ring. Suddenly Honggi slammed his hand on my table, he seems to do that a lot, and brought his face closer.
Seeing his face up close, my heart skipped a beat. No make that two after what he said to me.

“You remember me? We have unfinished business” he whispered. My face fell. What?

“mwo? I apologized to you after bumping into you but you just walk off rudely”

“aishh… not that one. Way back in kindergarten. On the last day of kindergarten to be precise” this dude is making me crazy. Why would I know anyone at that time? I always stuck to Jonghun during my kindergarten days.

“Hmmm… mianne. I don’t remember. Are you sure you got the right person?” I ask in confusion. I looked at Bomi. She nodded her head. Is she trying to say I know this jerk? Last day of kindergarten huh?

Last day… last day… last day… I tried recalling that day.

“Ah! You’re that jerk who bullies Bomi!” I exclaimed.

-- End of chapter 1 –

Very Happy Smile

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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by Guest on 3/5/2010, 5:06 pm

LOL!! This fic is so interesting, I love FT Island, so I'm so glad to see a fanfic about them!!! You portray Honggi so well!! Very Happy Can't wait for your next update, and thanks for sharing ^^


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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by HappyGoLucky on 3/6/2010, 1:32 am

Thanks for reading! Very Happy weee~~ a primadonna! so glad to meet one XD

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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by Guest on 3/6/2010, 1:39 pm

No probelm and nice to meet you too fellow primadonna Very Happy


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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by HappyGoLucky on 3/8/2010, 8:34 am

Chapter 2 - Tears are Flowing

[Honggi P.O.V]

Jerk? I was so shocked. First she doesn’t remember me then she called me a Jerk. Twice! What did I to her and made her call me a Jerk? I, Lee Honggi, the most handsome guy you could ever lay your eyes on.

“Maybe cause of what you did to her friend, Bomi in kindergarten AND the way you acted in the hallway before opening ceremony” Jaejin said.

I met Jaejin during middle school. He’s a quiet guy and doesn’t stand out much. One day I saw him cornered by some bullies from other school. I thought that this guy is so gonna be dead but when I looked at his face, he has a blank expression on. He must have given up on his life. In the end, I found myself fighting for his ass. During elementary school, I’ve trained hard to be strong and my parents send me to attend self-defence class which is an advantage in this kind of situation. After I beat those guys up, I was expecting him to shower me words of gratitude but instead he smirked and looked amused. “I could beat them up myself you know” those are his first words he said to me. The teacher found out what I had done. Fortunately Jaejin had explained to the teacher and I avoided being suspended. And so we became friends. He too knows what happened during kindergarten.

“Huh?” I gave him a blank look.

“You do know that you’ve been talking to yourself for quite a while now” Jaejin smirked an ‘I’m amused’ smirk.


“You’re really a self-conceited guy” he continued. I rolled my eyes at him. He chuckled in reply.

“Come on. Let’s get our lunch” I stood up and look at him. Jaejin looked back at me. It went on for a minute before my stomach growled.

“Haih~ Kaja” Jaejin sighed as he stood up and went for the stairs.

Although we arrive at the cafeteria a little bit late, there are still a lot of students buying their lunches. Among the sea of heads, I spotted that pabo girl’s head. Hmm...She seems frantic. She’s yelling something to the seller. As we got closer her words become clearer.

“Ajumma, that last gimbap please!”

I smirked evilly. I joined the crowd. Luckily the group of girls in front of me is moving away. I could see that last gimbap in front of me. Her hands almost reach it before I snatched it and paid the ajumma.

Hah! The shock on her face was priceless. I almost guffaw but I managed to contain myself in time. Man, I wish I had a camera with me at the moment and take a picture. It would be my timeless treasure.

“Yah! You gimbap stealer!” I walked away. Now it’s gimbap stealer huh. I chuckled silently as I opened the wrapper.

“Yah! Gimbap stealer Lee Honggi!” she yelled as she ran after me. I turned around a popped a gimbap into my mouth.

“Mhmmm... that was tasty” I commented. Her mouth dropped as she looked at me.

“You... you did that on purpose did you?” she said in a low voice.

“mwo? Ani... I really like gimbap” I replied innocently. A smile plastered on my face.

“You’re really a gimbap stealer, Jerk”

“Aish... that word again. Stop calling me a jerk!”


“Pabo! Stop it!”

“What’s your problem?” at this moment our faces are inches away.

“What’s your problem?” I mimicked her.

“You took my gimbap!”

“So what? Go buy other food” I said nonchalantly.

“But that’s my favourite!”

“Then too bad for you” I popped another gimbap into my mouth.

“You... you...” she stammered with anger as she points her finger at me.

“uhm... Yennie-sshi. You can have my gimbap if you want to”

Both of us look at the person who just spoke up. It’s the guy who sits beside Yennie in class.

“Jinjja Minhwan-sshi?” Yennie ask in disbelief.

“yeh... but not my fried chicken. I love chicken!” Minhwan nodded happily.

“omo... kamsahamnida minhwan-sshi! You’re really nice” she exclaimed happily as she punched lightly on Minhwan’s arm. She really acts like a tomboy. “Let’s eat lunch together” she invited Minhwan and both of them walked toward the table where her friends are waiting. But not before turning to me and stuck out her tongue at me. I stared at her in disbelief. Aish... that pabo.

“Lose again?” Jaejin came up beside me.

“Ani! Go eat your udong!”

[Yennie’s P.O.V]

Damn that Gimbap Stealer. Do you know how I felt when he snatched that last gimbap? It felt like a if the whole has turned dark and the only light there is was from the floating gimbap in front of me and it was saying “Goodbye Yennie dear. Sayonara” before it got gobbled up by a demon. A gimbap stealer demon name Lee Honggi to be précised.

It was really nice of Minhwan to offer me his gimbap. When we reach our table I introduced him to Bomi and Jonghun. In matter of seconds, all three of them chatter away as if they have known each other for a long time while I munched on Minhwan’s gimbap. Minhwan has messy chocolate brown hair, smooth fair skin and small eyes that becomes almost like a line when he smiles which he does a lot and looks really adorable.

“Bomi-sshi, do you like chicken?” Minhwan suddenly leaned closer to Bomi and look expectantly at her who was taken aback by Minhwan’s sudden action.

“Ye… yeh. I have chicken” Bomi open her lunch box. Typical Bomi, she always brings lunch to school. Well, I’d bring too if I could cook half as excellent as Bomi. Cooking is really out of my league.

“cheongmal? Kekeke~ I love chicken too! Yay!”

“Hey twins. Who’s the new dude?” Youngbae oppa with Jiyong oppa came over to our table. Jiyong is his closest mate ever since I could remember. The four of us would always play together.

“Ahh.. hyung, this is Minhwan. He’s in the same class with us.” Jonghun replied. “He gave me his gimbap” I continued.

“Yah... don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s gross. Why can’t you be a lady like Bomi? Right Bomi?” Youngbae said in disgust as he and Jiyong sat. Bomi just nodded her head bashfully.

“mwo? Kang Bomi! Since when are you on oppa side?” I fake flabbergast. “An... ani.. ani... its not like that” she flail her arms in front of her as she tried to explain. “But what sunbae said is true” this time it was Minhwan. “bwahahaha... I like this dude already. By the way, call me Taeyang and this is Jiyong. Just call him GD” and they exchange high fives.

“Oh... so this is how it’s gonna be” I squint my eyes and pout. “Yennie... that’s not the way to pout. The way you did it is really not cute” Minhwan then pout at me. That, I have to laugh. He does look really cute.

“So what’s with the guy just now?” Youngbae asked.

“He stole my gimbap” I bluntly replied as the scene just now replied in my mind.

“gimbap? Jinjja? Ahhh... No wonder you looked so pissed” Youngbae oppa nods his head “No one messes with Yennie when it involves with food especially her favourite ones. So looks like you got an enemy”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Youngbae oppa was right. My annoyance toward Honggi doesn’t end on my first day of school. In fact it continued the whole week. He always get on my nerves every chance he have. To make it worst, he’s sitting behind me which make me, Choi Yennie, the perfect object for target shooting, NOT! Now there will always be bits of paper or eraser stuck onto my hair. He’s seriously acting so childish for someone his age. This kind of stuffs you do it during elementary school!

Sigh... it’s been a tough week. I felt like all my energy had been drained out of me.

I walk through the empty hallway slowly wishing to delay some time before returning to class. What was I suppose to do again? Oh yeah! I snapped my fingers. I bumped into Mr. Shin outside before class when I went to the toilet and he asked me to take the books that arrived yesterday and distribute to the whole class.

I scanned the staff room. My eyes fell on the stack of books on the shelves. Darn. It’s up there. I tiptoed and tried hard to reach it. Slowly I pull the stack out bit by bit not noticing that the books on top are tilting over.


The next thing I know, it was raining books.

[Jaejin’s P.O.V.]

Yawn~ Life is boring as usual but luckily things become more fascinating after Honggi met his ‘rival’. It’s funny to see them two argue over nothing. Sometimes I got to see Honggi’s agitated face. Sniggering silently before I enter the staff room. There’s something I wanted to discuss with Mr. Shin. I turned the door knob when I suddenly heard a girl screamed. Not the high pitch kind of scream that got you annoyed but rather the opposite. After the scream, sound of falling objects can be heard.

I entered the staff room. The teachers’ desks arranged neatly by rows, filing cabinet contain students’ information lined by the wall at the farther back, shelves filled with teaching materials and at the corner, there a girl sat hunched down, her hands covering her head, surrounded by books around her.

“gwaechanhayo?” I said more like a statement rather than a question as I walk closer towards her. She turns her head around. Ahh... it’s Honggi’s ‘rival’. She has blood on her forehead, must be a cut from the avalanche of books earlier. When she saw me, she becomes tense, her brows furrowed and her shocked face turned into a frown.

“That’s a really nice expression to show someone who asked if you’re alright” I took a safety kit from the top of one of the teacher’s table.

“It lacks concern” oh. She noticed, not bad at all.

“Well, there’s no need for that expression” I sat beside her and rummage through the kit for antiseptic. Her frown seems to lessen. “I’m friends with Honggi doesn’t mean I’m like him if that’s what you’re thinking” she stared at me blankly; although it’s no longer a frown she still didn’t trust me.

“Yah! What are you doing?” she moved away from me. She’s one troublesome girl.

“What does it look like what I am trying to do?” I took a cotton wet with antiseptic and dabbed it on her forehead. She winced as it stings. I could feel her relaxed as she let me clean her cut and put a plaster on.

“See? I don’t bite. At least not the way Honggi does” I smirked. She tensed up again. I laughed mentally; she’s fun to mess around with.

--End of Jaejin’s P.O.V.--

That surprised me. Who knows that gimbap stealer’s friend is gentle. Yennie stared at Jaejin as he disinfects her cut. His hands, rough and slender, swiftly wiping her blood that has trickled down her face. Such a tender expression... wait. What am I thinking? He’s friend with that jerk. He’s an enemy. Yennie move his hand away and quickly gather the books that were scattered around her.

“Ehh?! What are you doing?” Yennie said in astonishment as Jaejin carry the stack of books Yennie had just arranged.

“It needs to be distributed right?” Jaejin walked to the door without glancing towards Yennie. She scurried after him.

“Wait! Thats my job” All of a sudden Jaejin stopped causing Yennie to run into Jaejin.

“Ow!” Yennie rubbed her nose “Yah! Why did you stop?”

He turned around and released all the books onto Yennie’s hand. Surprised, Yennie staggered and almost tripped if it wasn’t for Jaejin’s hands that held her shoulders firm to keep her in balance. Their faces were so close that the distance is only a finger’s apart.

“See” Jaejin smirked, obviously amused. He took the books from Yennie’s hands again and continued to walk. handsome Yennie breathe out a sigh of awe as her cheeks slowly turned red. Wait. Handsome? Blush? No! He’s the enemy Yennie. Remember! Enemy! She shook her head as she trudged silently behind Jaejin.

At the far end of the hallway, Youngbae and Jiyong stood watching the whole scene that had unfold outside the staff room. Jiyong look at his chingu who was watching in silence the whole time with worried eyes. He knew what Youngbae is thinking right now but unfortunately he could not help him.

[Youngbae’s flashback]

“Oppa! Look! Look!” Yennie grab Jonghun from behind, put her leg in front of his to trip him. Jonghun manoeuvred to avoid Yennie’s attack but she block him. Jonghun fell face front.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

“wow. You mastered the move that I taught you yesterday” Yongbae helped Jonghun up.

“aish.. don’t use me as your wrestling dummy. I’m older than you” Jonghun coughed and rubbed the spot where it felt sore.

“blek.. older by just 23 seconds only. You’re just jealous I’m better than you, right oppa?”Yennnie smile brightly at Youngbae, her cheeks flushed red with excitement. Youngbae smiled at her. At that moment, he thought that Yennie’s smile was the most beautiful smile in the whole world.

As the sun sets, the twins’ parents arrived to pick them up as usual. They always come over to Youngbae’s house to play on the weekends. Their parents hugged Youngbae tightly, advising him to be good and listen to his parents. Then, their parents hugged, saying their goodbyes as if they are going away for a long time. Youngbae stared at them wondering if they have planned a trip.

“Hyung! Annyeong!” Jonghun shouted from the car as it drove away.

“Umma, are they going for a trip?” Youngbae asked his umma.

“I’m not sure dear. They are acting quite peculiar”

Late at night, his parents received a call. They rushed to the hospital, still in their pyjamas. The Choi family are involved in an accident. A drunken lorry driver drove into the wrong lane and rammed into their car head front. It was a rainy night and Yennie’s appa didn’t saw the lorry was coming. When he did, he dodged but it was a little too late.

In the long lonely corridor, they sat and waited. The anxiety and anguish was so dreadful and tormenting. Intense vibes hung in the air as Youngbae’s appa paced and his umma sobbing quietly, hugging Youngbae close.

There were only them as the Choi’s doesn’t have any close relatives. Finally the light above the door of the operating room darkened as it signalled that they were done. His parents rushed towards the doctor when he came out. From his seat, Youngbae saw the doctor shook his head in dismay. His umma fell and cried out in grief.

Four days passed by since the death of Jonghun’s and Yennie’s parents. Youngbae came with his umma to visit the twin in the children’s ward. It was fortunate that both of them survived the crash. They both cried their hearts out when they found out about their parents’ death.

After the burial, Youngbae’s parents adopted the twins but still kept their surname. The pain of losing their parents was still raw but Jonghun still act the same way as he always does. It was Yennie that worries them as the once energetic carefree girl has turned into a quiet girl that kept to herself. They tried everything to cheer her up.

One day, Yennie went missing. They searched everwhere they could think of but their effort were futile. Two days passed by. While the kids were waiting at home for the adults to return from their search with the police, the front door banged open and in Yennie ran in holding a bunch of lilies in her hands.

“Oppa! Oppa! Look! Umma’s favourite flowers! Is it too late to give her since the burial was over?” Yennie who was covered in dirt head to toe with tears streaming down her face asked Youngbae.

“Yennie! Where have you been? We were so worried. Umma and appa are sea-”

“is it too late?!” Yennie asked again impatiently, almost screaming.

Taken aback, Youngbae shook his head.

“Thank goodness” Yennie sat down on the floor and sobbed. “oppa, can we go give these tomorrow?” she looked up and an innocent smile was craved onto her mud dirty pale face. Her first smile after the accident happened.

“yeh.. now go clean yourself while I call appa that you’ve return” he sighed in relief.

Jonghun took his sister’s hand and wrapped a towel around her. He watched her silently, knowing where she had taken those lilies from. The place where their umma and appa had first met.

As Youngbae was dialling his appa’s number, he promised to himself that he would do anything to keep Yennie smiling always.

[end of flashback]

~ In The Classroom ~

Huh? Why is Jaejin with that pabo girl?

“ahh.. finally” Mr. Shin said as both Yennie and Jaejin entered the class. “aigoo.. what happened to your forehead Ms. Choi?” the middle aged teacher asked as he look intently at Yennie.

“uhm.. the books rained on me” Yennie scratched her head in embarrassment. Giggles and sniggers can be hear.

“Alright class. Quiet down. As you all know there will be the annual school sports next month. All participations from every class are compulsory for each event. Those who are interested please give your names to the representatives so I need two volunteers; a guy for the boys group and a girl for the girls group” Mr Shin announced. The whole class become silent. Imaginary cricket sound could be heard.

“well, since no one would offer assistance so I’ll just choose those unlucky two person” he said emphasizing on the word unlucky as he scanned the class name list. The students fidget in their seats “okay... Lee Honggi. Choi Yennie. Work hard”


-end of chapter 2-

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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by Guest on 3/8/2010, 4:44 pm

Aww...both Jaejin and Young Bae are so sweet to Yenny, but you gotta love Honggi, tha bad boy ^^ That was an awesome chapter, I got so excited! I can't wait to see those two working together. Thanks for the update! Very Happy


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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by HappyGoLucky on 3/10/2010, 12:57 am

Chapter 3 - Ready Go!

“What?!” Honggi and Yennie said simultaneously as Honggi stood up, the chair making a loud scrapping sound as it dragged against the rough floor, and Yennie, who was about to sit, stared at the teacher. When their names were not mentioned, other students breathe out a sigh of relief.

“But I can’t possibly work together with this dimwit” Yennie turns around and points at Honggi.

“mwo? Yah! Speak for yourself!” Honggi exclaimed.

Jonghun raises an eyebrow at Bomi which she replied with a shake of her head. Mr. Shin cleared his throat that sounded like a booming thunder and gave them a stern look. Both Honggi and Yennie became silent. “Representatives. Meet me after this lesson which, I would like to start NOW.”

~ After class in the staff room ~

“Please pick another student or you could just pick anyone else to be the guys’ representative” Yennie pleaded.

“I can do this job perfectly but if it’s with you all will be impossible, pabo”

“You’re the impossible one, gimbap stealer!”

“Yah! I paid for that gimbap”

“But you purposely took it when you know I was gonna buy it!”

Mr. Shin rubbed his eyes in strain. Those two were always at each other’s throat every time they open their mouth. Hearing them bickering for the past minutes gave him a migraine and it seems like they are going out of topic.

“Geumanhae!” Honggi and Yennie stared at the teacher. Both of them seemed to have forgotten that they were with the teacher. “Both of you seems to have disagreement with each other. I think this is a good way for you two to learn and get along better” Honggi opened his mouth to oppose. “Not. Another. Word. It’s my final decision even if you argue to death. There will be meeting among the representative from every class after school. Now return to your class.”

Honggi and Yennie walked out of the staff room in silent disagreement, glaring at each other.

After quite a distance, Mr. Shin called them again. Feeling angry and frustrated, Honggi pretended to not hear him and kept on walking. On the other hand, Yennie watched Honggi walked on for a moment before she sighed and went the opposite way towards their teacher.


Bam! Bam! Bam!

Everyone looked at Yennie as she stood in front of the class with an annoyed expression on her face. ‘Honggi’s the cause of it as usual’ everyone thought.

‘Hmph! Where’s that gimbap stealer?’ Her eyes scanned the room and her gaze fell on Jaejin. Jaejin, his table next to Honggi’s, was reading a book. Yennie could feel her face warmed and became red as she stared at Jaejin’s serious face. All of a sudden, Jaejin raised his head. Surprised, Yennie quickly looked out at the window. The whole class started to jabber away since Yennie didn’t say anything for a minute.

Realisation dawned upon Yennie when she remembered what she was supposed to do. ‘Gawd... why am I so forgetful’ She banged on the desk to get their attention again. When all eyes on her again, she started to speak.

“Aight~ I am your representative for girls’ team for our class and that jerk heavens-know-where-he-is is the guys’.”

“teacher’s firm” “damn lucky~” “imagine spending those time working with an uljjang” “the nerve calling him a jerk” “can she do it?” “Do we really have to do this” variety of whispers, especially from the girls, filled the air after Yennie spoke.

“Grrr... You wanna work will an ‘uljjang’ (blerggh *mentally stick out tongue*) all you have to do was volunteer just now, Bitch.” Yennie thought in detest.

“So... basically there are two sections. The field section and the games section. Anyone interested in signing up for either or both ple... ahh!” a sudden force pushed Yennie and she staggered sideways, almost falling.

“Yah!” she shouted when see saw Honggi’s face.

“I’m a representative too. My turn to talk”

“gimbap! There’s no need to push me!” she glared at him.

“cheh~ as if a pabo like you would understand if I ask you to move aside” he return her glare with a smirk. Yennie continued to glare at Honggi. “yah... yah... yah... stop glaring or else your already huge eyeballs might pop out of its sockets” he then spread his hands in front of Yennie as if trying to catch Yennie’s imaginary falling eyeballs. The girls giggled at his act.

Yennie slapped his hands away in frustration leaving a red mark as she did it hard as she intended to.

“Fine.” Yennie smiled sweetly. Honggi stared at her, confused, at her sudden change of attitude. “Have it your way. Oh! Unless you know the rules and categories for the sports festival” Yennie’s sweet innocent smile turned into an ugly sly grin as she wave a roll of paper in front of Honggi.

He looked at the parchment in Yennie’s hands in detest, knowing now the reason teacher had called them earlier.

Yennie smiled triumphantly at him knowing that she had won in this arguement. Sensing defeat, Honggi walked back to his seat sourly and grumpily.

“Yah! Where you’re going? You still have to do something” Yennie stomped her feet.

“I’ve no mood” he stared at her plainly.

“Jerk! Teacher wants the list of participants today and you’re supposed to handle the guys”

“Then you do it.”

‘Boh?! Me doing it? As in helping him?’ Yennie thought.

“Why should I do it for you... you.. Gimbap stealer!”

“aisshh... I’m wasting time talking with a pabo” Honggi leaned his head on top of his desk and sleep.

If there are any students in class wasn’t paying attention to their bickering, they are now when Yennie started yelling and stomping like a 53kg mad gorilla toward Honggi’s place.

“Yah! Yah! Jerk! Yah... aish... gimbap stealer!” furiously, Yennie hit Honggi on the head real hard.

“Ow! Pabo! That really hurt!” Honggi look up at Yennie, rubbing his head.

“and I’m REALLY annoyed” hands on hips, Yennie stood in front of him.

“I don’t REALLY care”

“Why don’t you REALLY do your job properly then I will REALLY ignore you”

“Yah! Why do you always emphasize on your Really?”

“cheh~ Cause I REALLY love that word. I bet the boys team can’t REALLY win if you’re their leader”

“Mwo? You’d think I’ll lose to a girl like you that acts like a tomboy?”

“I REALLY think so”

Honggi stood up in frustration. “Stop with your REALLY and you have yourself a bet!”

The whole class gulped in unison. Somehow it felt like nothing good will came out of this now that they’ll be involved.

“Okay! The loser will be the slave of the winner for a whole week AND wear a sign that says ‘.....’s Slave’” a mischievous grin appeared on Yennie ‘s face.

“You’re on” Honggi agreed without hesitation.

“aishh... Here we go again” Jonghun and Bomi said simultaneously. “mwo?” Minhwan ask in confusion, feeling left out as Jonghun and Bomi exchange knowing glances.

Jaejin just shook his head at his stubborn friend and pulled him out of the class to avoid any more damage. Honggi in this bet means he have to work hard too for the school sports and he don’t have the time for that.

“Yennie-ah, do you think it’s a good idea?” Jonghun asked his sister as he forced her to sit. Bomi and Minhwan surround her.

“mwo? You mean the bet? Yeh... yeh” Yennie bounced in her seat, tensed by the sudden crowd around her.

“Remember the last time GD hyung bet you to drink that mystery concoction he made?”

“During middle school right? Ah~~ yeh... good times... good times....” she nodded as she reminisce the past.

Piak! Jonghun hit Yennie at the back of her head. “What good times? You stayed in bed for a week!”

“Mwo?! A week?! What did GD hyung mixed? Waa... Yennie-sshi you dared to drink it” Minhwan look at Yennie in a new found astonishment.

“Ahahaha... gwaechanha oppa! This doesn’t involve consuming anything” Yennie smiled widely at Jonghun.


“oppa really! You know how I am. I can take care of myself besides I’m gonna win this bet” she show her forearms aflexing her muscles like a guy.

“If you say so” Jonghun sighed. ‘Yes. I really know you well. After all I’m your twin’ Jonghun thought as he rest his forehead on his table in defeat.


“All right! Rest time is over, ladies!” Honggi shouted in hinted sarcasm. It’s already past noon and the sun is scorching high in the sky.

“aishh... Honggi-sshi. You’ve been forcing us to practice everyday like hell” Sanghyun complained.

“yeh... see? We’re covered in bruises from last basketball practice. We’ve been tortured” another said.

“Yah! Why are you all complaining? We’re wasting precious time” Honggi started to warm up for another round of basketball practice.

“Aigoo... Jonghun-sshi. Ask your twin to call off the bet. It’s killing all of us. Pwetty pwease~ ” Sanghyun pleaded as Jonghun followed Honggi to warm up.

“There’s really nothing that I could do”

“pwease.. pwease.. pwease... I’ll buy you gamjatang later”

“I really wish I could help. But Yennie never call off a bet” Jonghun said, feeling slightly guilty.

“aishh... wouldn’t she be mad that you’re practicing hard for the sports too? I mean, come on, she’s your twin. Isn’t it backstabbing her?”

“She won’t be mad. She will if I didn’t do my best” Jonghun said silently. Sanghyun sighed in distress.

Bok! Honggi’s hand smacked across Sanghyun’s back. “Yah! You think this is all about the bet?”


“Well, it is. But the main point is, are you willing to lose to a bunch of girls? Don’t you want win more categories than them?” Honggi said it out loudly. The guys exchange glances as if realizing what Honggi’s just said make sense.

“Don’t you want to prove to the girls that you’re stronger than the guys from other classes?” he continued, adding fuel to ignite their spirits. “Do you want to win the prize if we won overall?”

“Ye..... YEH!” they all said and hit each others’ back. They quickly went to back to practice as they already have their goal in mind especially the prize.

Watching them go, Honggi smirked at their reaction.

“yahh.... you shouldn’t play with their thoughts” Jaejin stood beside him.

“Jaejin!!! Yah! Where’s your PE clothes?”

“Stop doing that! I told you that I have part-time work today”

Honggi look at him in a pout “I forgot. Told you before that if you need money I could lend you some”

“Told you before too that I don’t want to owe you” Jaejin shakes his head. “Better go now or else I’ll be late. Hyung, annyeong.” Honggi sulk for a while before resume training.

Jaejin walked out of the school. A few blocks away, as he rounded the corner, he stopped short in his track. There’s a gang of thugs hanging out on the sidewalk. Empty bottles and cigarette butts scattered everywhere. Thick stagnant air hung in the atmosphere. It was the kind of place where people try to avoid passing by. Sensing a newcomer, one of the thugs looked at Jaejin.

“aigoo... look what we have here guys. It’s that little goat Jaejin” the one nearest Jaejin said while his friends laugh at his remark. “Long time no see yes? Ya been eating well? Cause I’ve been meaning to return that punch you gave last time” he continued as he rubbed one of his scars. “Where’s that other friend of yours?”

“I’m busy now” Jaejin started to walk faster.

“You cocky little goat! Don’t think you can walk away like that” he cracked his knuckles as he and the others close in

‘Damn. Just when Honggi’s not here with me’ Jaejin thought as he prepared for a fight.

- End of Chapter -

A/N: Chapter 4 will be out a little late. It's exam season!!! Ugh! hope I could survive o(>~<)o
after exam, I'm off to youth camp. Yippee~~~

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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by HappyGoLucky on 3/10/2010, 1:00 am

oh yeah.... I've posted this fanfic in winglin as well =D so feel free to check the updates either here or there ^^

Always Be Mine

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Always Be Mine Empty Re: Always Be Mine

Post by Guest on 3/10/2010, 4:44 pm

Hongki, you better help Jaejin!!! Ash!! Loved this chapter, thanks for the update ^^

Good luck on exams!!!


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Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/11/2010, 5:38 pm

nice fanfic. it's so interesting.
I Love FT island too, especially Lee Honggi.
Please update soon., I'm so curious what will happen next. thanks
Very Happy

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Post by HappyGoLucky on 3/23/2010, 12:58 am

Exams over and back from camp! (YAY!!) Exam results is here .___. then its gonna be exams season again in 3 weeks o(>///<)o
Anyway chapter 4 is here =) Happy reading!! ^^

@Yukie23 : Thanks for loving the last chappy and the wish =)
@mygeunsuk_oppa : weeee~~ another Pris XD and a Honggi-biased too =P


Chapter 4 - Heaven

[Bomi’s POV]
“Mianhe, Yennie. I forgot I have cram school today” I apologised to Yennie who is wiping her sweats in the middle of sports training break. Jumping from left to right due to adrenaline.

“gwaechanha! Your omma is strict about you’re studies right. You should go now or else you’d be late” Yennie push me towards the school gate.

“But... but... it’s not fair to the others that I ditched training” I reasoned with her again. Trying, with all my might, to stop Yennie from continue pushing me although I know that I could never win her.

“Hahaha! Bomi-ah, you really should go. You can’t really play sports right? Don’t worry what the others might say. I think they don’t mind after you hurt Chaerin and Shinhye last week with your super clumsy volleyball serve. Teehee~” Yennie told me in a half apologetic half mocking voice.

I laughed quietly along with Yennie. I hope Chaerin and Shinhye accept my apology cookie. It seems painful to see the ball hit Chaerin on the back of her head and it bounced hitting Shinhye in the face causing a major nosebleed. Omona, they’re totally won’t forgive me.

“Don’t worry, chingu. I’ll work hard for the both of us! And you study hard for both us! Araso? Now go. Go!” Yennie winked and ushered me out of the school gate. Again, I was lead out of the school like a rag doll.

Aigoo. She’s strong like the boys. Even though I play with them since young, the oppas always look out for me because among them I could easily get injured. I wish I could be like Yennie. I began to wonder that if I act like a tomboy and as strong as Yennie maybe I could play more with Youngbae oppa.

After a few minutes of walking around, I realised that the road doesn’t seem familiar. ‘Let me see, where is that place. This neighbourhood doesn’t seem familiar. Oh no! Did I got lost again?’ I said out loud. Deep breathe, deep breathe, relax. I stand at the sidewalk, fumbling through my bag. Books, water bottle, handphone.... yaa.... where’s that wallet? Ah! I grabbed the purple wallet Yennie gave me on my last birthday.

As I took it out, the round smiley keychain got stuck. No matter how hard I tugged it, it won’t get free. Getting a little bit desperate, I gave it one last pull. To my horror, it breaks off! Then the smiley went rolling down the steep road. I gave a chase after it.

Finally when I was out of breath, it came to a stop near the corner. I pick it up; dust it off, when I heard someone crashed against a pile of boxes. I stifled a gasp as I stumbled backwards and quickly flattened myself by the wall.

When I’m sure that no one noticed my presence, I took a peek nervously. It was a fight. About more than ten people were hitting a guy. I can’t see his face because they were surrounding him. At first he’s able to fight them all, but since it’s an unfair fight and this is a realistic world, he couldn’t hold them back any longer.

Omo, this is bully. No, it’s a bunch of gangsters hitting a helpless guy. Help; that was I thought but I couldn’t run up the steep road anymore. Besides, the place was far from the liveliness of the town. So I did the best what I could think of at the moment. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead as I nervously gather all my courage.

“Mr. Policeman, over here! Here! There’s people fighting! Here!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

“Shit! Let’s go. You’re lucky this time!”

Phew. Lucky they took the bait. I ran towards the person as he sits up.

“Omo! Lee Jaejin-sshi! Gwaechanhayo?” I was surprised when it turns out to be Jaejin from our class.

“Where’s the police?” he glance around. I wiped his blood with tissue as he struggle to stand up, swaggering as if he was drunk.

“Yeh? Ah! There’s no police actually. Omo... this won’t do” I collected the bloodied tissues into the pack and put it inside my bag. I didn’t see a thrash bin nearby but that doesn’t mean I can litter. A look of relief crossed his face before he passed out.

-End of Bomi’s POV-

[Jaejin’s POV]
I stirred as someone dabbed something onto my arm. Then I felt stinging on that arm. My eyes flew open and I jolted upright.

Bok! My head hit somewhere.

“Ouch!” a girl cried out. Yeoja? “I’m sorry if I woke you up” she placed her hand on her forehead where my head hit her. I shook the dizziness away, trying to remember what had happened. Oh yeah, the fight and then Kang Bomi came into the picture and fake call the cops.

I tried to focus my vision as she applied medicine on the cut on my arm. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes; did I hit her too hard? I thought as I winced in pain.

“Why?” I asked out of curiosity as she casted my arm.

“Hmmm?” she stopped in the middle of cleaning the wounds on my face. A startled look crossed her face.

“Why did you help me out just now?”

“I shouldn’t?” she bit her lips and frowned in confusion. “I thought in such situation that’s what a normal person would do?”

Yes. What a senseless normal person would do.

“Anyway, I can’t leave just like. It would be inhumane” Bomi continued.

“What if you got hurt too?”

She stopped again and after a while she said “I didn’t thought about it” after that both of us didn't utter a word.

Kang Bomi, you’re really an idiotic, senseless girl. I stared at her as she calmly applies the disinfection. She would wince once in a while too when I winced in pain. After each apply of the medicine she would gently blow the wound. She reminds me of my grandma.

I stared at her. Her gentle expression looks so beautiful under the light shading of the room making her look like an angel descended from heaven. Her hair cascading down pass her shoulders shines with each reflection of light, her satisfied smile that reveal her perfectly arranged set of pearly whites when she finished bandaging me up. She stared back at me too when she realise I was staring at her.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”

“Nothing” I simply reply.

“Nice place you have” I looked around her living room. It’s so spacious it can fit my whole house. The room is furnished with opulent English furniture which were neatly arranged as if it came off from a picture in a magazine. In the left side of the house there’s a grand stairway leading upstairs where the bedrooms are. Her house is just as grand as Honggi’s.

“Bomi-ah! You’re home? Don’t you have cram school?” a woman’s voice called out.

“Omona! It’s omma! She’ll burst with anger if she sees you here” Bomi jumped and paced in panic. She pulled me and thrust me into a room which turn out to be a bathroom. I stood in there silently before Bomi opened the door again and pulled me towards the stairs.

“Can’t hide there. Omma might want to use the loo” Loo? I chuckled silently at that word. She continued pulling me like a rag doll towards a room, hitting some of the furniture place in the maze hallway. Did she forget that she was pulling an injured person?

I look around. It was pretty decent compared to the lavish decoration outside. Based on the way the room looked, it must be her room. I walked toward the study table and picked up a photo frame. It was a picture of four kids playing together with a carefree smile in a park. It was easy to recognise who those kids were. A boy with a Mohawk cut, a girl with a tomboy style, a boy who bears a close resemblance to the girl and another girl who sat on the swing with a teddy bear on her lap laughing at the three kids. The teddy bear in the picture is now sitting on the bed staring its beady eyes at me.

“Ottohke? Ottohke?” Bomi was frantically pacing back and forth trying to figure out a way to hide me. “Bed! Bed! Under the bed!” with that she pushed me under her bed as she lift her bedspread and blanket. I slammed against the wooden frame and hit my wounds trying to fit myself down there. I could see the cut on my arm Bomi bandaged earlier was starting to bleed through the gauze.

It was hot and stuffy down there but surprisingly I didn’t choke on any dust bunnies since it was clean and spotless here. She should have thought of other place for me to hide like her closet or something. Bomi covered the exposing area with the big blanket making me unable to see what was happening.

“Bomi honey? Why are you here? Are you feeling unwell?”

“Oh, omma. Ye-yeh… I.... I.. I feel a little dizzy just now so I didn’t go to cram school”

“geuraeyo? Ara…. Get some rest after you’re done with your revision”

“yeh omma.”

There was shuffling sound and then Bomi lifted the blanket that curtained me from view. She helped me out from under her bed. My head banged in the process adding another bruise. I’d rather face those gangsters than being Bomi’s rag doll in this state.

“Mianhe mianhe mianhe cheongmal mianhe” apologies flowed out from her cherry pink lips. She was dusting me off although I’m dust-free; her eyes were practically spinning from being in confusion. At least she didn’t tell a lie about being dizzy.

“Gwaenchanayo” I hold her arms to stop her. “gomawo” I said as I walked toward her window and gave a smirk before climbing down from the window of her room.

She ran towards her window and her eyes grew wide with worry. She whispered “please be careful”.

Silly girl. I’ve done this thousand times before with Honggi.

“Bomi!!! Who’s shoes are these?!” Her omma’s voice can be heard as my feet, without shoes, landed on the ground. Looks like she got into trouble after all, I thought as I laughed silently and sprinted away before her omma looks out from the window and sees me

-end of chapter-

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Thanks for the update..

I've been waiting for this.. Smile

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Post by Guest on 3/24/2010, 5:15 pm

Aw...Bomi likes Taeyang, but now I think Jaejin likes her. And doesn't Yennie like Jaejin? compicated, but I love it!! What can you do with so many cute boys? xD Tahnsk for the update Smile


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Post by HappyGoLucky on 6/27/2010, 3:13 am

Hey~ it's been long since I've updated. Mianhe to all readers out there (if I still have any and they didn't abandoned me T^T) Anyway sorry and here's the next update =)

Chapter 5 – No Pain No Gain

“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Hwang Jin’s 75th annual sports day. Today’s event.......” the MC’s voice boomed in the PA system.

Honggi and Yennie stood facing each other as they stare each other down. Electric bolt buzzed between their eyes like those tensed characters in anime. Other class representatives that stood by wonder what’s wrong with the two representatives from the SAME class.

“Prepare to lose” they both said at the same time.
“No way! I’m going to win”
“No. You’re gonna lose”
“Stop copying me!”
“See you’re doing it again!” they said again in the same breathe and length.

“You two have chemistry!” Minhwan joked.
“Don’t even joke about it!” again they didn’t fail to say it at the same time.
“Omo! Noona I’m scared!” Minhwan ran and hid behind Bomi.
“I thought my twin was supposed to be Jonghun?” Yennie’s lips curve into a smirk.
“Tough luck for him” Honggi said in empathy.
“Gomawo” Jonghun appeared suddenly with a can of drink in his hand.
“What? I’m not complaining” Jonghun’s lips curled into an innocent smile.

“Just be ready gimbap. I’ll beat you as fast as eating a gimbap. I’m guessing that you’ll look good in pink ne? I’ve just the perfect DRESS for you” Yennie turn back her attention towards Honggi.

“Hmm... for a tomboy like you I wonder whether you’ll look sexy in a bikini” Honggi retorted back.

Yennie gasped at the word bikini and automatically cross her arms in front her chest.

“Don’t you dare” she squint her eyes at him as she said in a low growl.

“You started it with your pink dress talk” he smirked.

“You... you... Just you wait!” Yennie glowered before she stormed off leaving Jonghun, Bomi and Minhwan with Honggi. Honggi walked away moments later too towards the other way.

“Oppa, is Yennie alright? How’s her sprained ankle?” Bomi said, her eyes filled with concern. Honggi heard what Bomi said as he was still within earshot but he just walked off.

“She said she was okay this morning but I doubt about it. You know how she is. She tried to convince me by jumping around the whole house even” Jonghun frowned. “I tried kicking her injured foot when we left the house but she seemed to know what I am up to”

“Yah oppa! That’ll hurt her even more”

“She avoided all my attacks anyway” he shrugged.


The events went on smoothly with good weather. The first match was the girls’ basketball at the same time with the boys’ soccer match followed by girls’ volleyball match together with guys’ basketball match.

Next were the boys’ volleyball and the girls’ basketball match. As the match went on, Sunye from the opponent’s team accidently tripped Yennie and she fell down in a heap together with Sunye. As they stood up, a jolt of pain coursed in Yennie body from her sprained ankle. Apparently the pain was still there and it hasn’t fully recovered and the fall made it acting up again.

From the other side of the court, Honggi saw Yennie trying to compose her facial expression and walked around as if she was okay. He couldn’t believe she was so stubborn to win the bet that she ignored her own injury. Beats of sweat formed as she grimaced in pain. Her lips pale. As Honggi was deep in thought, he didn’t notice that the volleyball was hurtling towards him and hit him on the head. It bounced back towards Minhwan which he hit it in time to the other side and scored a mark.

“Yah! Honggi-ah, get your head in the game!” Jaejin shouted from the sideline. Honggi looked at him nodded at him as if the ball moments ago never hit him.

Finally it was the last event. Honggi and Yennie are in a tie. Both group achieved the same marks and winnings from the previous field and games section. Now the last event of the day was a treasure hunt with a group from each class. The groups are combined with girls and guys.

“Listen up participants!” Mr. Jung, the school head PE teacher, boomed. “There are 75 golden balls hidden in this school. The class that collected the most is the winner of this event” he continued.

“Who collected most win the bet” Yennie whispered beside Honggi as all of them get into position. Honggi smirked as the Mr Jung raised his whistle to his mouth.

“Ready! Set! Go!” Pwwweeeeetttt! 10 students from 9 classes dispersed out in different direction

It was utter chaos as students ran into each other in the treasure hunt frenzy. Some have found the golden balls and were fighting for it. Honggi and Yennie were one of them crazy competitive students.

“Hah! Found another one! Prepare your wig Honggi” Yennie yelled at him. He stared at her not because she found more than him but the colour in Yennie’s face has disappeared and it was obvious that she was limping a little.

“Yah! You shou…” before Honggi finished his sentence Yennie sprinted away toward the back of the school building to hunt for more.

‘I shouldn’t be bothered with this. It’s her business if she wanted to provoke her injury more’ Honggi thought as he ran the opposite way. But something was gnawing his mind, his conscience.

“aishh!” he cussed under his breath before he ran after Yennie. ‘Where’s that pabo girl. She can’t be too far with that injured leg of hers’ Honggi’s eyes scanned among the participant. Some hit him as they rushed by. Out of the corner of his eye, Honggi saw Yennie in an isolated corner where she was trying to reach out towards the middle of the fountain. There’s a golden ball placed on the frog’s mouth where water shoot out. She tipped herself closer towards it, pulling a branch from a nearby tree for support.


The branch broke off. Yennie felt herself fell forward as she closed her eyes waiting for the water to engulf her.

The hands of time ticked by and as Yennie slowly opened her eyes, she found herself staring into a pair of eyes filled with concern.

“Huh? Wha- argh!” down Yennie went as she was shocked to see Honggi holding onto her hand to stop her from falling into the fountain. But Honggi’s good intention was useless since Yennie pulled her arm away in impulse and lose her balance. Now Honggi is looking at a soaking wet Yennie.

‘I swear if he’s gonna do that stupid smirk of his I’m gonna slap it off his face’ Yennie thought. Instead of smirking, Honggi sighed and extended his hand towards Yennie.

“Huh?” Yennie said in confussion. She couldn’t understand what the annoying devil trying to do so instead of waiting for her to respond, Honggi went into the fountain as well and scooped Yennie up in his arms princess style.

“What the.... WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! PUT ME DOWN!!”Yennie yelled, flailing her arms and legs. She winced when her sprained ankle moved in the wrong way.

“Shut up. Stop moving” Honggi ordered her. Yennie looked at Honggi’s eyes and thought that she saw a flicker of concern before his eyes turned dull and cold. For once in her life Yennie did what Honggi told her to and kept quiet all the way to the infirmary.


“You should avoid straining your ankle. Don’t walk around too much and pressure it or else it’ll get worst” the nurse in the school infirmary advised as she bandaged Yennie’s swollen ankle. She then left to take care of other things.

“But.. but.. the golden balls..” Yennie started. “I won’t allow you go anywhere from here. You must rest” Bomi scolded Yennie when she tried to climb off the bed.

Honggi stood near the door, feeling out of place between the two friends. As he turned to leave, Yennie called out to him.

“Yah, Gimbap, thanks” Yennie murmured quietly but loud enough for Honggi to hear those words. Honggi turned to look at her, a bit shocked at the prospect of Yennie thanking him.

“You shouldn’t push yourself so hard. Even with that tomboy attitude, you’re still a girl” Honggi smirked and left the infirmary.

“Why you...” Yennie threw a pillow after him “it’s that how you reply when someone says thank you?” she fumed. ‘I guess I should prefer myself mentally after this’ Yennie thought as she remembered about their bet.


“Aigoo... our class didn’t win” Minhwan pouted.
“But she still lost in their bet” Jonghun said.
“Aishh... if only my ankle wasn’t sprained” Yennie grunted and drank hastily from her water bottle.
“Then it’s Yennie in bikini for you” Jonghun said in amusement.

They were all gathered for the closing ceremony of their sports day. The principal droned on about how it is having a good sportsmanship, who won the events and so on. After the ceremony ended, Yennie went up to Honggi.

“When? A deal’s a deal” Yennie asked in distaste. Honggi simply looked at her and walked away but not before turning back to her.

“It’s a tie”

‘What? Is he gonna let me off just like that?’ Yennie thought. Honggi smirked at the confused Yennie and left with Jaejin. ‘I wouldn’t take advantage of your injury, little pabo’ Honggi said to himself.

“I heard that after he went back from the infirmary, he just sat in the sidelines, doing nothing” Bomi whispered to Yennie.
“Huh? Who told you that?”
“Double huh?”

“Noona~ let’s go eat chicken!” Minhwan cut in and dragged them towards the school gate. Bomi looked at Jaejin, who was walking with Honggi in front of them, holding a bag with his shoes inside.

‘Sorry omma, I lied that the shoes belonged to Youngbae oppa’

-end of chappie-

please comments~ it helps me to find me creativity juice =D

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