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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day

Post by pinkybunny777 on 2/22/2010, 12:31 am

I'm new here yet I chose to start a new topic instead of exploring first.
This is my first HenWook fic.

If you don't know which guys compose HenWook, here they are..

Hope you guys like it ^^

Comments are welcome and well-appreciated. I would love to hear from all of you :] lol!

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Re: Valentine's Day

Post by pinkybunny777 on 2/22/2010, 12:46 am

TItle: Valentine's Day
Author: pinkybunny777
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kissing, a crying Ryeowook, and a not-so innocent Henry
Word Count: MS Word says 1712
FYI: This fic is written in Ryeowook's POV

The clock kept ticking. It already said 5 minutes to midnight. I couldn’t lull myself to sleep. I closed my eyes repeatedly, squinting harder. All my efforts were useless. I just could not enter dreamland. I sighed, releasing a visible puff of air, and sat on the bed, resting my back on the headboard.

I caught a glimpse of my cellular phone and took hold of it. Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, I thought. I opened it and saw a picture of Henry showing his most dazzling smile. He was cute, I admit, and I’m best friends with him.

Best friends? Hell yeah. I should’ve known that talking to the transfer student from China on the first day of school would be a stupid thing. Now, I need to undergo peer pressure just to tell him the whole truth. The truth of me, Kim Ryeowook, being head-over-heels with him, my best friend.

What am I gonna do now? I don’t know how to break things to him. Worse, I don’t know how he will react if he knew that I liked him. Thinking about this made my stomach churn, as if my internal organs are tying themselves into a knot. I started to imagine him looking at me with utter disgust, his heart filling up with regrets of being with me. Who would befriend someone who’s a self-confessed gay anyway?

No, no no ,I thought, shaking away all those nasty ideas. I lay down in bed again and stared at the ceiling for a very long time. Before I knew it, I was already yawning myself to slumber.


“Wookie! Wookie! Wait!”, all the girls screamed. It’s already Valentine’s Day and I hate it. Really. All these fangirls just started chasing me, wanting to give me the chocolates they made beforehand.

The chasing went on for almost an hour and I knew that any minute now, my legs would betray me and my lungs would just give up. “I hate my stamina!”, I shouted, flailing my arms wildly in the air. I stopped for a moment then looked back. No one was there. I stood up, panting, and then scratched my head. Where are they?, I thought. Soon enough screams hovered above. I looked up to see hundreds and hundreds of my fangirls at the rooftop waving their chocolates at me. “Yoohoo! Wookie! See if you can escape this one!”, they all said. I gulped. They’re going to throw the sweets at me!

I fell to the ground, covering my head for the possibility that I might get hit. “Now!”, a girl shouted. Somehow, I knew that I was soon gonna die of shame so, I closed my eyes, not wanting to see myself being engulfed by those stupid Valentine’s gifts.

A chocolate fell on my head succeeded by another. I knew that a typhoon of chocolates is coming. Still, I sat motionless on the ground with my arms above my head for protection. “Wookie!”, some random guy shouted. I didn’t bother to look but I know what he was doing. He was dragging me by my pits, away from the chocolates.

“Yah! Wookie-ah! Open your eyes”, the guy told me while shaking my entire body and slapping my face.

“Ouch. Will you cut it out?”, I annoyingly replied, opening my eyes. What I saw was, well, shocking. There, in front of me, was Henry. He was half-sitting on the grass, looking straight into my eyes.

“Oh Henry. It’s you”, I gasped, my heart beating furiously. “Yeah. Who do you think would save you from those damn fangirls of yours?”, he chuckled. I smiled too. I couldn’t help it, seeing him laughing with his plump cheeks just swoons me.

We sat there just laughing and chuckling until I noticed that Henry stopped. I looked at him. His once happy face turned into a frown. “Hey why are you like that?”, I asked, pinching his cheek. Maybe he sensed that I was trying to cheer him up because he mustered to smile a bit.

“Nothing. I was just wondering who invented Valentine’s Day”, he said while folding his arms across his chest.

I rolled my eyes and reached for his hair, ruffling it. “Why? What’s the problem with Valentine’s Day?”, I asked him.

He pouted. “I hate those fangirls. They keep thrashing and throwing me their chocolates that I don’t even eat! Even though I told them that I’m not like any other guys, they keep on telling me that it’s okay as long as they like me”, he retorted. So his problem is just like mine, I thought.

My problem? Yeah. Now I remember. Valentine's Day was not the problem. It was HIM.

“Hello. To earth Wookie”, Henry said, waving his hands in front of my face. My heart leaped and I suddenly stood up. I didn't realize that I spaced out. He looked at me, surprised.

“I-I-I’m sorry Henry. I need to go to class”, I stuttered, turning to my heels. He reached for my arm and stopped me from going. I flinched when his smooth hands touched my skin.

“Wookie, stay. Class is not gonna start for another 10 minutes. Besides, being late for 5 minutes won’t hurt us”, he informed me. I faced him and shook my head, indicating that I didn’t want to stay with him for another minute.

“What’s wrong Wookie? I’m your best friend right? So you can trust me”, he encouragingly told me. I sighed, facing him. He was smiling, his chestnut-shaped eyes turning into thin slits. Although he was giving off an encouraging vibe, he was practically shaking nervously. He was worried.

“I. Uhm. Do you like someone Henry?”, I shyly asked him. He looked at me surprised. Soon, streaks of red showed on his cheeks. My puppy eyes widened. He sure has someone in his heart.

“Yeah. But you know what? I’m not sure if HE likes me too”, he replied, looking away. He? HE?! Don’t tell me Henry is...

“I’m gay Wookie. I’m sorry if I didn’t tell you earlier. I hope you understand”, he told me, grabbing my hands. I shivered. Sensing that, he let go of me.

“Is he from our class?”, I asked, anxious. He nodded shyly and turned to look at me. His eyes look worried. “Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me”, I assured him, turning to my heels again and ran away. Tears started to trickle down my face as I was running to an unknown direction, not caring if I get lost or not.

I must’ve not noticed the rock beneath me for I tripped unexpectedly. I closed my eyes just to avoid the pain my fall would give me. But, the anticipated pain didn’t come. Someone caught me in his strong arms, knowing that I was too fragile.

“Wookie. Are you okay?”, the familiar voice asked, wiping my visible tears away. I looked up to see Henry again.

“Please Henry. Don’t come near me”, I pleaded. I got myself out from his grip and sat helplessly on the ground. Henry gently touched my face and asked, “Who is it that you like Wookie?”. My eyes bulged. I cannot tell him that I liked him. I can’t. I couldn’t. NO.

Sensing that I’m already panicking, he lowered his hands into mine, intertwining them. “I will keep your secret too”, he assured me.

I shook my head and sighed, “I like you, Henry Lau”. Soon, I burst into tears, crying my heart out. I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to see him because in my heart I know that the person he likes is not me. Not me.

What I expected was a bit different. Henry, instead of leaving me, hugged me tightly. He nuzzled my hair using his nose and whispered, “Say it again, Kim Ryeowook”. The cold breath released with every word he utters made me shiver.

I sat there motionlessly with him still hugging me. He wants me to say it again. How could I since he’s like this?, I thought. I decided to push him back no matter what but, Henry kept on resisting. “Aish. If you won’t say it again, I won’t let you go”, he protested.

I sighed and breathed heavily. “I-I-I-I love you Henry Lau. Cheongmal saranghaeyo (I really love you). I really do”, I told him, sobbing.

Henry didn’t flinch after hearing this nor was he surprised. Instead, he released me and held my chin up. I didn’t know what was going to happen until I felt his lips pressed to mine. Those lips of his, they were tender. I never thought that I would feel them in real life.

We parted our lips, only to suck in more air. He was furiously turning red and I knew that I was also blushing. He flashed a smile at me and swung my arms around his neck before kissing me again. This time, the kiss was wild and passionate.

Henry tilted my head so he could suck my lips more, licking and caressing every part of it with his tongue. I, myself, couldn’t help it so I let myself loose and let him do the job. I was surprised when he bit my lower lip and snuck his way inside my mouth, licking the sides before reaching my tongue. Our tongues fought fiercely, trying to overcome the other in this game of dominance.

He won in the end but I craved for more. With this, I let out a small whimper and moaned a little too loud, causing him to part his lips from mine. Panting, he mustered to say, “Wookie, you’re so hot”. These words caused me to blush furiously as he pinched my cheeks.

“Uhm. Henry, we’re kind of late to class”, I said, abruptly standing up and walking away. Henry held my hand back and pulled himself up. “Wait for me, Wookie”, he said.

I looked down and my gaze focused on both our hands. I intertwined them. Henry looked at me with a cheery face and held my chin again. This time, he just planted a light peck on my lips. “I love you too Wookie”, he told me as his lips moved away from mine. I smiled. Valentine’s Day will never torment me from now on.

My first finished fic. I really hope you like it What a Face

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Re: Valentine's Day

Post by SoWhatIfILoveSuJu013 on 2/22/2010, 1:38 am

Oh my gosh....Henry!!! Henwook!! *faints* What a Face What a Face

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Re: Valentine's Day

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