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Perhaps LOVE [completed]

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Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/20/2010, 10:48 am

..This is my first fanfic,,hope you're going to like it...
...comments are highly appreciated...

Main Cast

Park Shin hye
Jang Geun Suk
Lee Hong Ki


To protect her sister's love, Shin hye decided to attend the marriage interview instead. She already set her mind to do it but what if the guy has a heart covered with ice? Can she still do the conditions of her father? Can she still keep her promise to her sister? She will give up or she will patiently waits until the ice melts by itself?

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/20/2010, 4:57 pm


"Good morning, Miss Shin Hye" her lady butler bowed and greeted as she enter her room.

"Good morning Noriko" she greeted back while packing her school things.

"Oneechan?" she asked

"she already left, Miss" Noriko replied.

"eh? it's too early, i really can't understand what love can do" she smilingly commented.

"that's why you should already find yours, so you can understand, Miss" Noriko teased.

"Noriko!" They laughed.

Park Shin Hye is the beautiful second heiress of Park Group of companies. She live in Japan with her elder sister, Park Ha mi. She is a highschool student. She attends Tokyo University, a school for rich kids with her friends, Yuki and Yue.
It's lunch time, everyone is in the cafeteria eating and chatting to each other, but it became silent as Shin Hye, Yuki and Yue entered. Everyone is looking at them with jealousy.


Because they're only just like an angels that descend from the sky.

"Where's your driver?" Yue asked between eating
"Oneechan borrowed him, hers got sick, and her boyfriend doesn't want her too drive, he said it's dangerous, that's why." she explained.

"Woah! neechan is really in love with that guy huh? to think that she loves driving" Yuri commented.

"yeah, she's doing crazy things lately, but i'm really happy for her"
The lunch break is over. They're now going back to their class when Shin Hye's mobile phone rings.
It's Noriko.
She hung up the phone with a worried expression on her face.

"what happened?" Yuri and Yue asked in chorus.
"I'll explained everything later. I'll skipped class" she said then she rushed to her car.
She quickly stepped out of her car, Noriko is already waiting for her.
"where is she?"

' she's in her room, Miss"
As she entered the room, she saw her sister crying because of pain, she quickly runs towards her and hugged her tightly. Their father wants her sister to attend a marriage interview, but since her sister is already in love with someone else, she refused but who would dare to disobey their father? She comforts her sister until she fall asleep, that's the time she leaves and go to see her father.
"dad?" she called as she enters the office of her father.

" if you're here to talk about your sister, you can't do anything about it" her father answered as if he can read her mind.

" then what if i'll take the responsibility?" she proudly asked


"I heard that the agreement states that one of your daughters, right? so it means it's not necessarily sister, it can be me." she explained

"what are you trying to point out then?" he asked

" I'll attend that marriage interview" she said while looking at her father's eyes.

"you're not doing this for nothing right?"

"i only have one condition" she answered

"I get it. I'll let them to continue their relationship, but I also have one condition, if the interview didn't succeed, then i'm going to break their relationship" He said with a devilish smile.

"Deal!"She smilingly said.

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by Guest on 2/21/2010, 3:15 pm

This story looks really interesting so far ^^ I loved the drama You're Beautiful and this seems like it will be an interesting plot with the characters from that drama. Can't wait to see what will happen at the interview, update soon please Very Happy


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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 2

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/22/2010, 7:51 am


The next day, Shin Hye is preparing for school when her sister came in,

"Good morning neechan" she smilingly greeted

but instead of greeting back, her sister hugged her.

"you can't do that.. i will not allow it"

" I already did" she smilingly said

"Gomen nasai, Honto ni Gomen nasai" Ha Mi apologized while crying

" It's okay.." she separated her body with Ha Mi to look at her
"just promise me one thing.. stay happy, no matter what happens" she added while wiping her sister's tears.

When she get to school, she's being asked by Yuki and Yue of what happened yesterday. She explained everything, then the atmosphere changed.

It became sad.

"then it means you have to leave? Yuki sadly asked

She nodded

"when?" Yue asked with a gloomy face

"the day after tomorrow" she answered

"What? it's too sudden?" Yiki and yue commented on chorus

"well then, good luck to your fiance" they teased

"yeah right!" she sarcastically replied

The truth is Yuki and Yue is sad because of the sudden separation but they pretend that it's okay because is Shin hye will see them their friend will only feel more sad. but Shin hye cannot be fooled by them. they know each other since childhood, that's why there's no way she can't tell if her friends is happy or not, but she just went with the flow.
Shin Hye is now on the plane with Noriko, no one see her off, well it's her wish because if they do, she will only cry.. again.
After how many hours of travel, her plane landed on Korea's airport. She sighed as she stepped out of the plane.

"It's gonna be okay, Miss Shin Hye" Noriko comforted when she noticed that the girl's bee sighing since they got on the plane.

"I know" she still managed to smile then they start walking.

"Do you want to go directly to your mansion, Miss?" Noriko asked but she didn't receive a reply.
"Miss Look out!
she obviously spacing out when a guy bumped her that made her fell down.

"Pabo! the guy said then he walked away
"are you okay, Miss?" Noriko asked while helping her.

"what's wrong with that guy? pabo? huH?" she irritatingly said while looking at the guy, though she can only see his back.

She can understand korean so she knows what pabo means.
"Welcome home, Shin Hye agashii" the maids who are lined up in front of the door greeted in chorus while they bowed their heads.

She just smiled, well she doesn't know them, even a single one that's why she's thankful that she brought noriko with her. then a middle aged man came closer to her.

"welcome home agashii, i'm Tae Hwang, the chief butler of this mansion" he introduced himself.
"nice to meet you" she smilingly said
"where's my dad?"
'He's on his way to New Yorkfor a business meeting, Agashii" He answered
"He didn't even see me before going" she disappointedly said to herself
"then how about the marriage interview?" she still manage to asked about it, though she secretly praying that it would be cancelled.

"you're going to attend it tomorrow, that's what your father said before leaving" Mr Tae Hwang explained.

Okay, her wish is not granted but she still smiled to him and go directly to her room.
Shin Hye arrived at the restaurant before 12 noon. She doesn't want to be late and besides she's very particular when it comes to time. It's already 12 noon but there's still no shadow of her soon-to-be fiance', thirty-minutes have passed, still there's no one coming, she started to get irritated, then after an hour of waiting, a handsome guy came and walks towards her.
Good afternoon, Young Master" Mr. tae hwang greeted while he bowed, Noriko bowed too.
"This is Our Young Lady, Shin Hye Agashii" He informed
"i'm Jang Geun suk" He introduced himself.
Tae Hwang and Noriko leave them so they can talk to each other. Shin hye don't know what to say, she's still irritated because she waited for an hour, she's just staring at geun Suk
"Omo, He's so handsome" at the back of her mind
"Yah! what am I thinking? don't forget he made you wait for an hour" she thought.

"yah, are you always like that?" He break the silence


"I mean, you're always out of your mind" he said

"you don't know me" she irritatingly informed

"you're right, but everytime i see you, you're always spacing out"

"it's our first time to meet, Mister" she said

"are you sure? Pabo!"

Pabo? she suddenly remembered the guy who bumped her yesterday

"yah! you're that jerk?" she said loudly that made the other people to look at them


"yes, you're a jerk, you didn't even apologized, and to think that you made me wait for an hour, you already owe me two apologize,she angrily said

"apologize? yah, if you're not just spacing out yesterday, we're not going to bumped each other"

"whatever, apologize to me"

"you know miss, i don't think this is going to work out, why not call it off' he offered

"yes, i will call it..." she realized what she's going to say.
"what? he asked

" I can't call it off, even though i really want to" she explained

"then I will call it off" He coldly said

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perhaps LOVE

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/22/2010, 7:58 am

Chapter 3 Living in the same roof?


"so you're going to pursue it?"

"she's interesting"

"you must live together"

"ofcourse, there's no problem with that dad"

"that's right, we're going to get along well"

i already thought of the chapter 3,
but i have no time right now,,
maybe i can post it tomorrow..


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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by Guest on 2/22/2010, 4:15 pm

Whoo..nice preview!! Wonder what will happen, thansk for the update ^^


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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 3

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/23/2010, 7:10 am

Chapter 3: Living in the same roof

“Then I will call it off” he coldly said
He’s going to stand up when Shin hye hold his arms to stop him. She hate him, that’s true but she doesn’t want to call it off, not that she likes Geun Suk, but because it’s the condition between her and her father.

“Wait, please don’t call it off” she begged


“I have my own reasons” she answered

“Then what’s going to be my benefit if I don’t call it off?” he said with a devilish smile

“hmm this jerk” she thought

“I’m going to do anything you want” she said looking at his eyes

“Hey, I heard you attend a marriage interview” Jung Yong Hwa, his friend asked

He nodded

“then”? he curiously asked

“She’s interesting” He said with a blank expression

“so you’re going to pursue it?” Yong hwa asked

“I don’t know”
It’s already two days since the marriage interview, and since then Shin hye let herself to become busy, she don’t want to remember that hateful guy, though the truth is every time she go to sleep, she can see the handsome face of Geun Suk.
Noriko entered her room telling that her father is back and he wants to talk to her to their hotel restaurant.
She go directly to the restaurant, when she’s walking towards the table where her father is, she can see a familiar image.
“That hateful guy” she irritatingly said to herself
“dad” she kissed her father on the cheek and sit across him, that makes her sit beside Geun Suk

“Shin Hye, this is Mr. Jang” her Father introduced pointing at the man beside him

“He’s my bestfriend and Geun Suk’s Father” He added

“Nice to meet you, Mr Jang” She smilingly greeted

“so you already knew Geun Suk, right? Mr. Park said

“yes, dad”

“So we’re thinking that since you’re going to be engaged next week…”

“next week?” she interrupted

“Shin Hye!’ her father scolded

“I’m sorry, please continue Mr. Jang” she apologized

“okay, we’re thinking that since you’re going to be engaged next week, you must live together, so you two can get along with each other.” Mr. Jang explained

“What? She loudly asked

“What’s wrong with that? Geun Suk already accepts it.” Mr Park said

She looked at Geun suk, who is smiling devilishly to her, and she sarcastically smiled back.

“of course, there’s no problem with that, dad” she sarcastically said

“that’s right. We’re going to get along with each other well” Geun suk sarcastically added while looking at her.
All her servants bowed politely as she leaves the house that she lived for days.
The only person that can come to her is noriko, aside from her, there's no one.She looked around first before finally stepping out from the door, and she saw how saddened everyone is.

"they will surely miss you, Miss Shin Hye" Noriko said
Though she only lived there for days her servants can't still deny that without her, the mansion will be empty again.

She nodded and then she sighed, she's going to say something when a car stopped along the driveway in front of the main door.

It's Geun Suk!

"we'll Leave now" she said to her maids
"you don't have to fetch me" she said as she stepped in the car

"Not that I want to" He coldly said

She pouted

"hey, why did you agree with this?" she curiously asked

"Why not? I'll be free to do what I want now" he said

"besides it would be easy for you to do what i want" He added

She pouted

"why? are you disappointed that I didn't said I agree because I really like you" he teased

She looked at him and then "Jerk!" she said

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/23/2010, 7:26 am

i'm kinda busy right now, so I can only post 1 chapter a day.
But I promise to update every now and then..thanks

---comments are highly appreciated--- Very Happy

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by Guest on 2/23/2010, 3:41 pm

Aww..Geun Suk is such a meanie!! Woah, they're going to leave together? Can't wait to see how that turns out!! And don't worry, a chapter s day is more than good enough ^^


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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 4

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/24/2010, 9:49 am

Chapter 4: The Truth
note:[the paragraph that are italicized are flashbacks.thanks]

"Omo! isn't too big for the two of us?" she's talking about the house

"Who wants to live with you alone? that would be boring" He coldly said

She just looked at him

"there are maids too, ofcourse" he added
She decided to have a walk to familiarize their house. She saw Geun Suk talking to the chief butler. she don't want to eavesdropped but she became curious when she heard her name.

"huh? I'd rather sleep than going with her" he loudly said

She froze

"what does he mean by that?" she thought as she go out to the terrace.
"yah! why did you agree with this arrangement?" he's obviously not in the mood

"you don't have to know" she answered

she's now walking away when "you don't want to say, because it's a lame reason"

she stopped, she's not in the mood also after what he said a while ago, she twisted to looked at him
"you don't know anything so don't jump on any conclusions, do you think i really like this? She angrily said then she walked away

He just looked at her, feeling guilty.

She went t her room crying because of anger. She hate him, he's too much to say that then she heard a noise that's coming from her mobile phone she quickly get it.

It's her sister.

She exhaled first before answering and then "hello?" she said

"shin hye? how's the interview? are you okay? how's the guy?" Ha Mi asked non-stop

"sister relax,I'm okay, everything is okay" she lied
She don't want to lie, but she did because she don't want her sister to be worried.
Shin Hye is in the kitchen, talking happily with their chef when Geun Suk came in

" Can we talk? he asked

"sure"she smiled like nothing happened

"ahjumma, i'll be back" she said to the chef then head towards the living room

"what is it?" she asked

"I already know the reason" he informed

"how did you know?" she curiously asked

"what do you want to ask young master?" Noriko asked, actually she was surprised when Geun Suk called her and told her that he has something to ask.

"Tell me, what's the true reason why Shin Hye agree with our marriage arrangement?" he asked

"I'm sorry young master, but I don't think I'm the right person to tell you that" she bowed

"Just tell me" he commanded

"okay young master, Miss Shin Hye accepted it because she wants to protect her sister's love"

"I'm sorry about that" he apologized instead

She smiled

"what?" he wonderingly asked

"Nothing, I just thought that you don't know how to apologize, but you just did"

"do you want me to congratulate you?" he sarcastically asked

she pouted

"well, it's not my fault at all, if you just said it at the very beginning then.." he was interrupted

"the truth is, i don't want to tell you, I don't want to tell anyone because I don't want my sister to feel guilty about it" she explained

"My sister is so in love with her boyfriend. She did many crazy stuffs with him, I know she's happy doing it, and I'm really happy for her, then when my father told her that she have to attend a marriage interview she cried, it's the first time that I saw her crying painfully, and i don't want to see her like that, so i decided to attend it instead" she explained and unaware her tears fell down on her cheeks.

Geun Suk get closer to her to wipe her tears with his hand and then he hugged her.

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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 5

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/24/2010, 11:28 am

Chapter 5: The Engagement

"She's been lying for hours now, but she can't still fall asleep. Every time she close her eyes she can see Geun suk's face. She was surprised of his actions a while ago, and what confused her was when he hugged her. Her heart beats faster that she can't explain her feelings that time. She decided to go to the terrace to get some fresh air.

"you can't sleep?"

"you startled me"she exhaled

"do I look like a monster to you?" Geun suk said

"Ofcourse not" she looked away

"are you okay now?" he asked

"yes, thank you"

"good,then i'm going in, you should sleep now, I don't want to have an unlovely fiance' tomorrow" he said then walked away

she exhaled as soon as he's gone.
"What's wrong with you Shin Hye, you can't even looked at him" she scolded herself
Shin Hye woke up late that day, as she get out of her room, she can see that everyone is busy

"oh yeah"she realized that tonight will be their engagement

She go directly to the kitchen to take her breakfast

"good morning, ahjumma" she greeted to the chef, who didn't noticed that she came in.

"oh. good morning agashii" she greeted back

"I'll prepare your breakfast right away" she added

"no need, i can do it by myself, just continue what you're doing"

"ahjumma, did geun suk already took his breakfast?" she asked between eating

"yes agashii, he woke up early" the chef answered

"okay, that's good"

"you're so caring, agashii" she commented
After eating, she went to the living room, she talks happily with the maids and she started to helped decorating their house. She's enjoying it that she didn't notice that Geun suk was looking at her.
Geun Suk is waiting for her, and when she went out of her room, he was surprised that he can't take his eyes off her.

why not?

Shin Hye is wearing a white dress that emphasize her ivory skin and sexy figure. She put light make-up that makes her more beautiful. She put a clip to her long black hair that makes her simple yet elegant.
"What?" she asked when she noticed Geun suk was looking at her

He looked away and "let's go" he said
They went down together, every eyes were on them. geun Suk was wearing a white tuxedo that matched her white dress.
"They look good together" a middle aged woman said
"okay! Let's start" Mr. Park said holding the Microphone
"Can we have a talk to the beautiful lady?"
"Yuki, Yue, Oneechan" she happily said, oh how she miss these people, she quickly hugged them.

"hey, you're so lucky to have a handsome fiance' huh"Yue teased
"And he's lucky to have me" she continued smiling.
"oh, where this big-headed lady come from? It's Yuki
They Laughed

"are you happy?"It's her sister
"do I look like i'm suffering sister?" she sarcastically replied
"and how about you?" she asked back
"ofcourse i'm happy, it's all because of you" Ha mi smiled
"hi" a handsome guy greeted her
"hi" she greeted back
"I'm Lee hong Ki" he introduced himself"
"nice to meet you, i'm Park Shin Hye"
"congratulations" he smilingly greeted

Then a song was played as a sign that it's time for dancing
"ahm can i have this dance with you? he asked
"hey, you're so lucky, she's so beautiful" Yong Hwa commented
"but she looks younger, don't you think?" dong jun asked
"She's two years younger than me" Geun Suk informed
"woah! you're surely a lucky guy" It's Yong Hwa
"hey, who's that guy? He's dancing with your fiance'?"dong Jun asked pointing to Lee Hong ki

When Geun Suk Looked at them, Shin Hye is smiling happily, and he don't know why he became irritated. he still looked at them , and when the song ends he quickly went where the guy and Shin Hye is.

"Can I have my fiance' back? he asked the guy
Then the guy gave her hand to him. They're going to walked out of the dance floor when the crowd started to shout "dance..dance"

So they did. he didn't plan to dance with her, He just wants to make her and that guy apart.

"who's he?" he asked

"He's Lee Hong Ki, his father was one of my father's business partner." she informed
The engagement party was over, Shin Hye is going to go to her room when Geun suk grabbed her hand
"what?" she asked

"Nothing, I forgot to say something"

"what is it?" she asked

"you looked so beautiful, that's all, good night" then he walked towards his room

she blushed.

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by Guest on 2/24/2010, 5:18 pm

Lee Hong Ki...uh-oh, y'know he'll stir up some trouble ^^ Geun Suk is being so nice to her now....thanks for the updates Very Happy


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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 6

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/26/2010, 11:52 am

Chapter 6: The Rival

"Good Morning" she cheery greeted. It's the first day of school. She's in high school while Geun suk is in college majoring in art. They have the same school but different building.

Geun Suk ignored her.
"Yah! Can't you just greet me back?"

"what's up with this guy, just a few weeks ago, he's so nice to me, now he's back to being cold” she thought and sighed
They will go to school together, and before they go in the car,

"Hey, I forgot to tell you, don't talk to me at school" he said


"Just do it. Besides it's already too much that you're talking to me here."

"Who wants to talk to you" she loudly said, and then she stepped in the car.
She remained silent all the way, and when the car stopped in front of the campus, she was amazed of how big the school was.

"Hey, where's my building?" she asked as soon as they stepped out of the car.

"Did you already forget what I said?" he coldly said
"Find it yourself” he added
"That jerk, as if he's going to die if I talk to him" she thought while looking at her schedule.
"We meet again"

She twisted to looked back

"Lee Hong Ki-shii" she recognized him

“You’re too formal, just call me Hong Ki" he said

She smiled

Lee Hong Ki is the Heir of Lee Corporation; he's a happy go lucky guy that gets what he wanted. His father was one of Shin Hye's Father Business partner.

"Is there any problem?” he asked

"Well, this school is too big, that I can't find my room" she explained

He smiled and “Let me see your schedule"

She gave him.

"So we have the same class" he informed while looking at her schedule

"Really?" she sighed in relief

"At least I know one person" she added
"If you want we can go together" he offered

She’s in the cafeteria with Bae Geu Rin, the girl who’s on the same class with her that offered her a seat.

“Hey, there’s your fiance’ Geun suk” Geu Rin said while looking at the seat behind Shin Hye.

Shin Hye twisted to look at him then she face Geu Rin again.

“Why? You’re not going to greet him? She asked

“I want to, but I don’t think he will like it” she answered
“After all he’s the one that tell me not to talk to him here” she added

“Hey, don’t be sad about it, maybe he has a reason” Geu Rin comforted

She sighed.
Geun Suk is secretly looking at her, and his eyebrows met when he saw Hong Ki going to Shin Hye. He wants to go to Shin Hye to get her so Hong Ki will not be close to her, but he doesn’t want to make a scene, so he just looked away.
“I’m back” the beautiful lady said to Geun Suk and his friends.

“I thought your arrival will be next week?” Geun Suk asked

“I want to surprise you” she smilingly said

“How are you UEE?” Yong Hwa asked

They became noisy that caught everyone’s attention, especially Shin Hye. She saw how Geun Suk happily talking to that lady.

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by Guest on 2/26/2010, 5:29 pm

Ooohhh...Uee is here...wow, I wonder why Geun Suk is acting cold? Was it beacause of Uee? Thanks for the update though Very Happy


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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 7

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/27/2010, 7:35 am

Chapter 7: Jealousy

They became noisy that caught everyone’s attention, especially Shin Hye. She saw how Geun Suk happily talking to that lady.

“Who’s she?” she asked Geu Rin

“She’s Kim Yoo Jin, but everyone is calling her Uee” she informed
“She’s the heiress of Kim Society, and she’s the one who models their products” she added
“She and Jang Geun Suk-shii is very close, I really thought they will end up together” she commented

“Geu Rin!” Hong Ki shouted

“oh, I’m sorry” she apologized when she realized what she just said

“No, it’s okay” She smiled

“She and Jang Geun Suk-shii is very close, I really thought they will end up together”

Her heart ached.

“Damn! What’s wrong with my heart?” she sadly thought to herself. She’s not aware that Hong Ki was looking at her, observing her.
She went out of the Cafeteria to answer the call of Yuki, Geun Suk saw her. And after the call,

“So this is Park Shin Hye” a girl’s voice popped out

“Why?” she twisted
It’s been a while now since she went out of the cafeteria; Geun Suk became worried that he decided to look for her. He and Hong Ki stood up at the same time. Hong Ki is worried too and he’s going to look for her too.
“Yah! Don’t be so proud just because you’re Geun Suk oppa’s fiancé” the one of the three girls said.

“What?” she asked, curious of what are they talking about.

“Are you an idiot? Geun Suk-oppa is mine!”

Geun Suk found her, he heard how the girls talked to Shin Hye, he’s going to go to Shin Hye but he stopped because

“Jang Geun Suk-shii is Shin Hye’s, not yours” Hong Ki informed the girls
“You should already know that” he added
Geun suk just went back to the cafeteria, he’s not in the mood.

“What’s wrong?” Uee asked


“He again” Geun Suk irritatingly thought.
“Are you okay?” Hong Ki asked

“I’m okay. Thank you” she replied

“Hey, young lady, it’s not the end of the world” he said
Shin Hye just looked at him

“It’s a joke you know, it’s the time that you’ll laughed” he whispered to her

She smiled, “Pabo, it’s not funny at all”
“Come on, let’s go back” she added while smiling

“I hope in your every smile, I’m the reason” He thought
Shin Hye is waiting for Geun suk to their car. She smiled when she saw Geun Suk was coming, but it vanished when she noticed that Uee is behind her.

She stepped out of the car to greet her.

“hi, I’m Uee” she introduced herself

“hi, nice to meet you, I’m Park Shin Hye” She bowed

“hey, she’s so beautiful” Uee to Geun Suk

Geun Suk smiled. Shin Hye looked at him.

“Anyway, I’m here to invite you, I’m having a party next week, I wonder if you could go.” Uee said

“oh, okay, I’m going, thanks” she smiled but not that cheerful

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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 8

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/27/2010, 8:23 am

Chapter 8: Heart aches

They were on their way to the restaurant, it's weekend and it became a tradition to them that they will have a dinner together with their parents.

"Wait! stop" she said

Geun Suk stopped the car in front of the park.

She get out of the car, Geun Suk follow her.

"what's wrong?" he asked

"This park. I dreamed about it" she smiled


"and a handsome guy is standing in the middle waiting for me" she smilingly remembering her dream.

"Then... " she stopped when she noticed that Geun Suk is playing with his mobile phone.

"Yah! are you even listening?" she yelled

"how old are you? believing on those things." he said
"besides I know how it ended" he coldly said
"He'll say that he loves you and asked you to marry him, then you will live happily ever after" he added

She pouted

"True Love doesn't need words, you know' she said
"good morning, Shin Hye"

"good morning, Uee-unni"

"I hope to see you later" she smilingly said

"later at the party" Uee reminded

"ah..oh.. I'll be there"

"okay then, thanks" then she walked towards the college building

She looked at her "she's so beautiful and kind, no wonder Geun Suk is happy when he's with her" she sadly thought to herself
She's sitting alone, she doesn't know anyone, except for Geun Suk, who's busy talking to Uee since they arrived. Everyone is a college student that's why she wondered why did she attend the party.

"Welcome to Miss Uee's welcome back party" the host said

"welcome back?" she thought loudly

'Yes, she left three months ago" the lady answered her

"Three months ago? that's the time I came here" she thought

Then she remembered when Geun Suk bumped her in the airport three months ago.
"he really must like her" her heart ached
'"are you enjoying the party?" It's Uee
"Yes" she lied

"I don't think so, anyway Hw's you and Geun Suk so far?" Uee asked

"I relly don't know, sometimes he's nice to me, but most of the time he's cold" she answered

"Geun suk is cold? I wonder why" Uue was shocked

"But I really do think that he likes you" she added
"Why are you smiling?" Uee asked while they're dancing
"Nothing, I just remember the time i'm dancing with her" Geun Suk smilingly said while Shin hye is looking at them.

"He never smiled to me that way" she sadly thought
"damn! he's not even looking at me" her heart aches that she wanted to cry.

She can't go looking at them that long so she decided to go home when
"you're leaving already?"

"hong ki" she said

"what are you doing here?" she asked

"Uee is my family's friend"
"have you seen Shin Hye?" Geun Suk asked to his friends.
He's been looking for her for a while.

"I've seen her outside, talking to Lee Hong Ki" Yong Hwa answered

After hearing his name, Geun Suk quickly go outside.
"What's wrong? you look pale" Hong ki Asked her

She didn't answer, tears just fell down on her cheeks

Hong Ki gently hugged her "Its okay" he comforted
She painfully cried on his chest
"If you just waited, I promise not to make you cry" Hong Ki sadly thought to himself

Geun Suk saw them and went back to the party.
"what's wrong? are you sick?" Uee asked

"No, I saw him with her again. I feel worst" Geun Suk said

"why don't you just tell her your feelings, so you won't feel worst" she advised

"and stop acting cold to her" she added

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perhaps LOVE-Chapter 9

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/28/2010, 3:12 am

Chapter 9: Confessions

“Where’s Shin hye?” Geun Suk asked Noriko

“She already went to school, young master”

It’s been already a week since the party, and since then Shin Hye never talked to Geun Suk. She goes to school early than him, she didn’t stay home, and she usually hangs out with Geu Rin.


Because she loves him, yes, she already admitted to herself that she love him since the time she cried a lot to Hong Ki. She doesn’t want to face him, or else she will fall more deeply in love with him.
She sighed while looking at the window of the car. She misses him so much, she wants to see him, talk to him and be with him.

“Stop it Shin Hye! He’s already in love with someone else, with Uee-unni” she scolded herself then she sighed again.

“Good morning” Hong ki greeted

She smiled
Geun Suk went directly to the high school building; he wants to see her, even just a simple glance.

He was shocked.

“How many times do I have to see them together” he bitterly asked his self.

He saw her with Hong Ki again; he saw how she smiled while talking to him.

“See you later” shin hye said to Hong ki.

He waited until Shin Hye was gone when “Hey!” he called

Hong Ki twisted back and “why?” he said

“Leave Shin Hye alone” he said

“What?” Hong Ki smiled

“She’s mine” Geun Suk possessively said

“I know, but she’s supposed to be mine” he said

“What do you mean?” Geun Suk curiously asked
She’s going to stepped in the car when someone grab her had

“Geun Suk?” She thought

He put his both hand on the car near her head that jailed Shin Hye.

“What?” she asked nervously, she never sees him acted like that before, and she’s sure that his eyes are full of anger.

“Why are you ignoring me? Tell me” he yelled

“Let me go” she asked

“I’m not letting you go unless you tell me” he said

“It’s because I’m in love with you!” she loudly said

He was shocked. His hands got down that released her.

“You’re so stupid Shin Hye, why did you tell him, he’ll just make fun of you, but there’s no turning back” She thought

“That’s right, I’m falling in love with you that I have to ignore you so I can control it, because you already have Uee-un….”
Before she can finish, Geun Suk came closer and hugged her.

“If you love me then stay by my side always” He commanded while hugging her tightly.
Shin Hye hugged him back.

Hong Ki saw them.
They went home together; they’re sitting close to each other inside his cat. His one hand is on the steering wheel while the other one is holding her hand.

“I thought you hate me” she smilingly asked Geun Suk. She’s so happy; she never thought that they will be like that.

“What?” he glanced and asked her

“You’re always cold to me” she explained

“I can’t help it; I never thought someone will wake up these feelings that are buried deeply inside my heart, I’m not used to these feelings so I acted cold towards you, thinking that I can control it, but in the end these feelings grow more than I expected.” He said.

It’s like her heart’s melting, because of what he just said.

“Geun suk” she whispered

“What? Geun Suk?” he asked

“Why?” she asked

“It should be Geun suk-oppa” he smiled

“oh, Geun suk-oppa” she repeated while smiling.

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perhaps LOVE-Final Chapter

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/28/2010, 8:02 am

Chapter 10: Dream Come True

They went to school together. Everyone is looking at them, gasping. Everyone is used to them for going to school together, but today is different. They went out of the car smiling while holding hands. Others are looking at them with jealousy, who would not be?
They’re a perfect match.
“Can we talk?”

“What is it? You look serious, I’m not used to it” she teased

Hong ki just smiled

“I’m here to say goodbye” he said

“Why? What?” she’s curious

“I’m going to America, to finished my studies there” he explained

“Why there? That’s so sad’

“Why? Are you going to miss me?” he teased

“Of course, you’re my friend” she admitted

“Yes, just friend” he repeated
“Hey, I have something to tell you.” He became serious

“What is it?”

“Do you know that I’m supposed to be your fiancé’? he confessed

She was shocked

“If you didn’t take the responsibility that time, we’re supposed to be together” he sadly said

“I didn’t know” she said while looking at him.

“It’s okay, I guess its fate that we didn’t end up together” he smilingly said
“and its fate that Geun Suk became your fiancé’ instead of me” he added

“I’m sorry” she was feeling guilty

“hey, In the next life, if there is promise me that you’ll become selfish, so you’re not going to take the responsibilities of other” he joked
“Pabo!” she hugged him.
Hong Ki is not hard to love, besides everytime she’s down, he’s always there to comfort her, so she’s feeling guilty after hearing that he’s supposed to be his fiancé’. She’s staring at the window thinking that.

“Hey, I’m here you know, you’ve been staring blankly at the window for awhile now” It’s Geun Suk

“I’m just thinking about Hong Ki”

His expression changed after hearing his name.

“I just found out that he’s supposed to be my fiancé” she added

“She’s mine” Geun Suk possessively said

“I know, but she’s supposed to be mine” he said

“What do you mean?” Geun Suk curiously asked

“She’s supposed to be my fiancé if she didn’t take the responsibility of her sister” Hong Ki revealed

“Oh really? That’s too bad for you” he coldly said then he twisted to walked when

“I Love Her” Hong Ki confessed

“I already told you, leave her alone, she’s mine” he said then he continued walking.

“Why? Are you disappointed that he didn’t became your fiancé, that I’m the one who’s here with you?” he irritatingly asked

“Of course not, I just feel guilty about it, but I’m happy that it’s you who’s with me now” she sweetly said while sitting closely to him.

They were distracted when his mobile phone rings.

“dad?” he answered the call then he hung up.

“why?” she asked

“He wants to see me, I’m going to his office” he replied
“How was it?” she asked as soon as Geun Suk came back, she’s waiting at the living room that time.

He remained silent

“why? What is it?” she’s starting to get nervous

“Dad wants me to go to New York” he said

“what? Why?”

“One of the branches there is not doing well, he wants me to take over there”

“Then it means…?”

“Yes, I’ll go” he said as if he can read her mind

She’s lying on her bed thinking why it is happening to them, it’s not that long that their relationship became good and now they have to be separated. She wants to come with him but he refused saying that she needs to study and he wants to concentrate doing business there, so she have no choice.
It’s his farewell party; his friends are there in their house, also Uee. She’s standing outside, while Geun Suk and his friends are inside drinking.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Uee-unni” she smiled

“I heard you got jealous because of me” Uee said

She was embarrassed

“Geun Suk and me is just friends, besides I’m already engaged” she said while putting up her hand so Shin Hye can see her ring

“really?” she asked
“hey, why all of a sudden you decided to go to New York?” Yong Hwa asked

“I have to” he answered

“Then how about Shin Hye, you’re going to leave her?” dong Jun asked

“I’d rather leave her for a while than forever” he said
Geun Suk decided to take over their business in New York, because it’s not doing well, and aside from that, this branch is where Shin Hye’s father invested too much, so if her father will know it, there’s a possibility that her father will call off their wedding, and he doesn’t want that.
“Call me once you get there, okay? She commanded
“and always call me” she added

“I know, how many times do you have to repeat it?” he said

She pouted, then Geun Suk kissed her on her lips, she was surprised.

“hey, don’t go out with other guys, if they asked if you have boyfriend, tell them that you’re married, do you get it?” he commanded

She nodded

She see him off with a smile, though Geun Suk never told her that he loves her, she’s confident that Geun Suk will come back for her.
She’s looking at her mobile phone since a while now, It’s already night but still Geun Suk didn’t contact her, It’s already days since the last time he called saying that he’s going to stay there for another year, she’s worried that maybe there’s something bad happened to him, or worst is he met some other girls there, her thoughts was distracted when her mobile phone rings


“I’m not your oppa”

“oh, sorry, what is it Onee-chan?” she was disappointed

“why I can’t call you? Anyway there’s something I want to give you, but I have no time to go there, just meet me at the park near your house” Ha mi instructed

“Okay sis”
She went to the park, it’s so dark except for the light in the middle, there’s someone standing there person

“Onee-chan?” she called

She can’t still see because it’s too dark, she walk closer and to her surprised


He just smiled

“I thought you’re going to stay there for another year? Why you didn’t contact me for three consecutive days? You made me worried” she said

“Yah! Why are you not answering me” She shouted

Geun Suk walked closer to her and took her hand.

“Pabo! True Love doesn’t need words” he said while putting a ring to her finger.

He hugged her, and she hugged him back

“I’m known for being a happy go lucky guy, a guy who always gets what he wanted, but I learned to give up what I truly want, I gave up to make her happy, the reason?
Maybe it’s love” It’s Lee Hong Ki

“She wake up my feelings that are sleeping deep inside my heart that’s why I learned to be a different person, is it love? Perhaps” Geun Suk Said

“It all begun when I take my sister’s responsibility, I learned how not to give up, I learned to be jealous, I learned to be honest with my feelings, what would be the reason? PERHAPS LOVE!!! Shin Hye said.

....THE END......

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/28/2010, 8:03 am

I finally finished my first fan fic.. hope you like it..

Thanks for reading....

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by Guest on 2/28/2010, 2:33 pm

That was a nice fanfic!! ^^ I liked it Very Happy Thanks for sharing>


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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 2/28/2010, 10:40 pm

Yukie23 wrote:That was a nice fanfic!! ^^ I liked it Very Happy Thanks for sharing>

Thanks....I'm glad you liked it... Very Happy

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by lunajane on 3/1/2010, 12:03 am

you are making another one rite??


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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by mygeunsuk_oppa on 3/1/2010, 8:00 am

lunajane wrote:you are making another one rite??

,yEs I will... anyway thanks for reading... Smile Very Happy

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

Post by daesungvip on 3/5/2010, 7:53 pm

Completed fic.
I'm moving it to the completed section ;

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Re: Perhaps LOVE [completed]

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