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DASEIN To Reform In 2010

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DASEIN To Reform In 2010

Post by ckreme15 on 12/30/2009, 8:09 pm

Drummer JOE and vocalist Ricky have announced that rock band DASEIN, which disbanded in 2004, is returning to activities in 2010.

DASEIN was formed in 2000 by the same two members, quickly achieving major status with the release of the single Yume tsurezure in January 2001. Their style was known as "HYPER BEAT ROCK", as it featured extreme drumming and heart-waming vocals, all mixed with digital and electronic sounds.

After breaking up in January 2004, both members pursued their own personal activities. Ricky started a project called R*A*P, which has now disbanded, and recently decided to pursue a solo career. JOE, on the other hand, joined heavy metal band SEX MACHINEGUNS as their drummer SPEED STAR SYPAN JOE. After leaving the band, he started the trio CYCLE with two other former members of the group.

As for their comeback projects, DASEIN have already scheduled the release of a new single for March 24th, though it is currently untitled, as well as a special one-man called Coconial DASEIN 2010 ~tsukiyo ni meguru inishie no monogatari~, set to take place at SHIBUYA-AX on April 10th.

credit: Jpopasia

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