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What should I do? [2pm + you]

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What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:39 pm



Hello readers! It's my 2nd story and I hope you'll like it.

The story is for your childhood friend. He is Chansung, but there was a incident with you and Chansung, while you two rode a motorcycle. In the hospital his name was mistaken with other Chansung who died. You was broken and you went in USA to continue your studying.

In States you met Junho. He had his own studio where he trained. He learned others b-boying. You fall in love with Junho, but when he showed you his friend from Korea you was really surprised and without words.

More in next chapters xDD


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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:45 pm

Chapter 1

Late again!
It was sunny august's day. You was in the park with your mother and your best friend Chansung. “Hey Chansungie! Try to catch me.” you shouted, while you ran around.

“I can catch you, just watch.” Chansung yelled after you. He just let you to run away, because he was faster than you and no matter how far you are, he caught you all the times.

Your mother was laughing of you two. You collected the fallen leaves from the trees. Chansung grabbed the leaves and threw them in the air. You pouted all the time, when he threw the leaves.

“Chansungie?” You said with sweet smile on your face.

“Hm?” he looked at you with the biggest smile you’re ever seen. “What’s the matter cutie pie?”

“When we become bigger, are we going to be far away from each other?” you said sadly.

“I don’t think so.” He smiled. “I think if we are friends now, we are going to be friends forever.”

“You’re right Chansungie.” you smiled wide. “Let’s go home now. I’m hungry.” you rubbed your tummy.

“I’m hungry too.” Chansung rubbed his tummy too.

“Mom, let’s go home, we are hungry.” you ran to your mother.

“Okay kids let’s go. I’m going to make kimbap for diner.” your mother smiled. Then you three went to the supermarket to buy products you need for making a kimbap.


“Mm so delicious kimbap.” Chansung said with his mouth full of food.

“You babo. You shouldn't talk with your mouth full.” you said.

“I’m not babo.” Chansung talked again with his mouth full. He pouted, because you called him babo.

The doorbell rang. It was Chansung’s mother. She just come from work. She is really busy woman.

“Mom!” Chansung shouted and ran to her. She hugged him. “Did you missed me?” she poked his nose.

“Yeah.” he nodded. She chuckled and rubbed his head.

“Good evening Mrs. Hwang.” you smiled. “Good evening ________, how are you?” she sat next to you and stroked your hair.

“I’m fine thank you.” you smiled softly. “Hey ________ let’s play in your room.” Chansung smiled. You washed your hands and you two went upstairs to play.


10 years later.

‘Cause I don’t care-e-e-e-e
I don’t care-e-e-e-e-e
Boy I don’t care.’

Your phone rang. You picked it up. “Yeoboseyo?” you said quietly.

“________-ah, where the heck are you?” Chansung asked angrily.

“In my bed. I want to sleep. Leave me alone.” you turned off your phone.

“Aish.” Chansung said to himself. “Yo man what’s wrong.” Taek hit him on the arm. “Where’s ________?”

“She is sleeping.” Chansung said shaking his head.

“But she will be late for school again.” Taek chuckled.

“I know, but what can I do?” Chansung looked out of the window.


You got out of bed and began to stretch your arms. You looked at the clock and it was 10:00am. You put on your uniform and ran to school. You appeared in 10:30am in school. It was in the middle of the History class. You entered th class and the teacher yelled at you.

“___________! You’re late. AGAIN!” the teacher yelled. “Now go and sit on your seat.”

“I’m sor—“ the teacher cut you.

“GO!” he yelled again. You went to your seat and sat.


first chappie is done ^^
sorry for mistakes ... xDD

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:46 pm

Chapter 2

Lunch Time
After the bell rang you, Chansung and Taek went in the yard of the school and sat on one bench where you usually sit.

“Hey Chansung, is that Victoria?” Taek pointed to one girl who sat alone there.

“Yeah, it’s she.” Chansung nodded. He waved to Victoria, but nothing. She even didn’t notice him.

*Victoria?* you thought. “Who is Victoria and why you boys are talking about her?” you were a little jealous.

“She is new in our class.” Taek smirked.“ you were late, so you didn’t notice, that we have new student.”

“Ahaa, so she is new.” you smiled and ran to Victoria. “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m ___________.” You smiled and reached your hand.

“Hi, nice to meet you too. I’m Victoria.” she smiled awkwardly.

“You are in my class.” you smiled. “Do you want to come with me? I’ll introduce you to the boys.” you smiled.

“Okay.” Victoria smiled, then you take her to your bench where Chansung and Taek were talking about something and they even didn’t notice you and Victoria.

“Boys.” you said. No answer. “Boys.” you said again. No answer. “BOYS.” you yelled.

“What the—Oh hi.” Taek waved to Victoria. Chansung waved too.

“Okay Victoria this is Chansung. Chansung this is Victoria.” you smiled.

“Nice to meet you.” Chansung smiled to Victoria. “Welcome to our class.” he chuckled.

“Thanks.” Victoria smiled awkwardly. “Now Victoria this is Taek. Taek this is Victoria.” You smiled again.

“Hello, pretty lady.” Taek grabbed Victoria’s hand and kissed it. *Bastard, you want every girl to be in your bed* you thought and smirked.

“What are you thinking about.” Chansung asked you, after he saw your smirk.

“Oh nothing.” you shook your head. “Hey, Victoria from where are you.” You smiled. “Seoul?”

“Yeah, I was born here, but when I was 5 years old me and my family went to United States.” she said.

“Ah, I see.” You nodded. “So you’re new in the city. I mean … “

“I’ll be thankful if you help me to go to the mall tomorrow.” Victoria smiled.

“Okay, now you’re talking in my language. I love going in the mall” you laughed, she laughed too.

“But where can I wait you?” you asked Victoria.

“Oh, I don’t know. I only know the way for school.” she made a face.

“Okay tomorrow in front of the school.” You smiled.

“Can I come with you.” Chansung asked.

“If you bring the bags for us, okay.” you made a cute face.

“Okay.” Chansung sighed.


You were about to leave your house, when the bell rang. “Oh, who the heck is now.” You said to yourself. You went to the door and opened it.

“I’m a new nei--- ___________?” Victoria said surprised.

“Victoria?” you were surprised too. “What are you doing here?”

“It seems, that I’m your new neighbour.” Victoria chuckled.

“Awesome.” you shouted.

“This cookies are for you and your family. My mom made them.” Victoria smiled.

“Oh, thank you.” you took the plate with the cookies and put it on the table in the kitchen. You went out of your house and locked the door.

Chansung waited you and Victoria in front of the mall. You three went in the mall and buy a lot of beautiful clothes and accessoaries.


2nd chappie is done ^^

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:47 pm

Chapter 4

Talking Parrot

It was saturday. You and Victoria were seated on bench in the park.

“Victoria, do you have a pet?” you smiled and turned your face, to face Victoria.

“No, but I really love cats. I want one, but I’m not sure, since I’ll be alone living here in Korea. My parents will return to Unites States.”

“Oh, but why not? As you will be alone, the cat would be your friend.” you smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go to pet store.” Victoria said with big smile.

“Okay, let’s go.” you smiled and you two went to pet store. There were a lot of animals. Cute puppies, sweet kittens, talking parrots, snakes and others. “Oh, see this cutie.” Victoria pointed to the kitty, which looked like tiger.

“Omo, so cute.” You clapped with your hands. Suddenly your phone rang. “Yeoboseyo!” you answered.

“Hey, cutie pie where are you?”

“Oh, I’m in pet store near the park with Victoria. She decided to buy a pet.” You smiled to Victoria.

“Omo, I want to buy pet too. Wait for me.”

“But –“ he just hang up.

“Who was?” Victoria asked curiously.

“Chansungie.” You smiled. “He want to buy a pet too.”

Victoria and you played with her new pet.

“Cutie pie~!” you heard. You turned and saw Chansung. “Chansungie.” You gave him a hug. He smiled to Victoria. “Hi there.” He said to her.

“Hi.” She smiled.

“What pet you want to buy?” you asked curiously.

“I want a talking parrot.” He smiled.

“A talking parrot.” You and Victoria shouted in the same time. You turned your face to Victoria, then you two laughed.

“What? Something wrong?” Chansung stood there and stared at you.

“Oh, no everything is okay.” Victoria said with big smile on her face.


You was in your room.

‘Cause I don’t care-e-e-e-e
I don’t care-e-e-e-e-e
Boy I don’t care.’

You opened the message, that you received.

‘Hi chingu, wanna go to park tomorrow?” from Victoria.

‘Yeah.’ Victoria received a message from you.

‘Okay, we would feed the pigeons tomorrow.’ From Victoria.

‘Yay, it’s going to be fun.’ From __________.

‘Yeah \(^o^)/’ From Victoria.

‘Can I call Chansung to come with us?’ From _________.

‘Of course kekeke.’ From Victoria.

‘Okay, see you tomorrow.’ From _____________.

You send a message to Chansung.

‘Chansungie, do you want to come with me and Victoria tomorrow in the park?’

‘I can’t.’ you received message from Chansung.


In sunday Chansung called you. He wanted you to watch his parrot, because he would have traveled. You just said ‘yes’.

You watched TV. Suddenly you heared. “Beautiful Tiffany.”

“What?” you said while watching TV.

“Beautiful Tiffany.” The parrot said again.

“Tiffany?” you jumped from the couch. “Who is Tiffany?” you said to your self.

“Beautiful Tiffany.” The parrot said once again.

You were curious to know who is Tiffany. You called to Victoria.

“Yeoboseyo!” she answered.

“Vicki can you come to my house?” you asked her.

“Yeah.” She said and hanged up.

After some minutes the doorbell rang. You opened and Victoria entered the house.

“What’s the matter?” Victoria asked worried.

“Oh, nothing important. Chansung’s parrot is here and I’m a little curious for what he said.”

“Who said? What?” Victoria said surprised.

“Come in and you’ll hear.” You two went in the living room. “Hey little parrot, who is beautiful?” you asked him. No answer. “Aish.” You said to yourself.

“He don’t want toy talk?” Victoria come to you.

“Yeah.” you pouted. “I hate you.” You said to the parrot.

“And now what?” Victoria asked you.

“Oh, please stay here. My parents are not at home and I’m so bored.” You made your puppy eyes.

“Ah, okay.” Victoria made a face and sat on the couch.

“Do you want some magazine to read?” you smiled awkwardly.

“Yeah.” Victoria nodded.

You went to your room and came with a lot of magazines. “What you want? Glamour? Nylon? Vogue? W?

“I want Nylon.” Victoria said. You handed her the magazine. “Thank you.” She smiled.

You grabbed one magazine and sat next to Victoria.


30 minutes passed by. You and Victoria were asleep, when the parrot said “Beautiful Tiffany.” You jumped. “Ha, he said it.” You pointed to the parrot.

Victoria opened her eyes. “What’s going on?” she asked while rubbing her eyes.

“Beautiful Tiffany.” The parrot said that again.

“Tiffany?” Victoria yelled.

“Beautiful Tiffany.”

“Who is she?” Victoria asked.

“I don’t know.” You shrugged your shoulders. “I’m a little …” you stopped for a while. You realized that you’re jealous.

“You’re what?” Victoria asked you.

“I … I think I’m a little sick.” You lied.

“I think you have something to tell me.”

“What?” you faked a smile.

“I think you was about to say ‘I’m a little jealous.’. Is that right?”

You looked away and nodded slowly.

“Ha, I’m right.” Victoria shouted.

“Yeah, whatever.” You pouted.

“Now I want you to say ‘I love Chansung’.”

“No.” you shook your head. “No way.”

“I’m going to tell him.” Victoria smirked.

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Oh, shut up. Just say it.” Victoria yelled.

“I don’t know.” You made a face. Victoria nodded. You closed your eyes. “I love Chansung.”

“You did it.” Victoria hugged you and you two started to jump.

“I love Chansung.” The parrot said.

You and Victoria stopped and stared at the parrot. “What he just said?” she said.

“OMO and now what?” you was about to cry.

“Oh, don’t worry.” Victoria hugged you. “I don’t think he is going to notice it.”


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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:47 pm

Chapter 5


The next day in school, you were a little down. Chansung didn't pay attention to you. All he did all day was to talk with Taek.

You sat on your seat, put your headphones on your ears and turned on your iPod. You started to write:

Today I went to class
I did nothing but stare and wonder
About all my toil and timber

I thought about what you did to me
I thought about how it came to be
I felt so lonely at the time
I felt like I didn't have a dime

Now I'm musing what to do
Knowing I will always think of you

And then another one:

Your short black hair
The way it floats in the air

Your smile
And the way it makes me feel agile

Your luscious lips
And I can't forget those wonderful hips

Your eyes are so cute
I don't think anyone would dispute

Your cheerful cheeks
Make me where I can't even speak

Your beauty
Is truly like no other

That's why I want you
And no other.

Victoria was behind you. She saw everything you wrote on the paper.

You started to read, what you wrote minutes ago. After you read the poems, you squished the paper and threw it out of the window.

“Why?” you heard a voice. You turned off your iPod. Victoria cryed.

“OMO, why are you crying?” you unzipped your bag and took a handkerchief and wiped her tears.

“Your poems were so beautiful.” Victoria started to cry louder. “Why you threw them?”

“Oh, you read my poems? Why? It’s something personal.” You glared at Victoria.

Now she wept louder than before. “You don’t want me to be your friend.” She said loud.
“YAH, Victoria!” you yelled. “Are you stupid? Why you said that?” you yelled again.

Immediately she stopped crying. “I don’t know.”

“Aish.” You sighed. “Go and get the paper.” Victoria said. You shook your head in disagreement. „I’ll be on the window. I’ll watch the paper. If someone take it I’m going to yell.” Victoria said excited.

“Okay.” You sighed again. Until you came down, one boy took the paper and read the poems. “Hey, you!” he heard someone yelling. He looked up and pointed to himself. “Yeah, you!” Victoria yelled. “Don’t touch the paper.”

“Oh, poor girl she is alone.” The boy said.

“What?” Victoria yelled. “Aish, this poems aren’t mine. Understand?”

“Wow, babe calm down. I can make you proud of that you’re girl. I'm so good in bed.” He smirked and winked to Victoria.

“Aish.” She took one book and threw it from the window. “Ow, you’ll pay for that.” The boy rubbed his head, threw the paper to the ground and went away.

You came out and took the paper. You went to your classroom where Victoria waited you.

“Happy?” you gave her the paper. She smiled. “It’s about your love?”

You just froze. “Yeah.” You whispered. Then Chansung and Taek came in the room.

“Hey, girls.” Chansung waved to you two.

You grabbed the paper from Victoria’s hands and ran to the toilet.

Chansung and Taek looked at Victoria. “What?” she grabbed her bag and went to toilet too.

“Girls.” Taek and Chansung said in the same time.

In the toiled.

“________?” Victoria knocked on the door.

“Hey!” she smiled. “I … I’m going to tell him.” You looked at the ground.

“Are you sure?” Victoria touched your shoulder. You nodded and smiled. “He have to know my feelings.”

“But—“ Victoria was about to say something but you cut her. “I know he might ignore me after that, but I want to try.” You smiled.

“I wish you luck chingu.” Victoria hugged you.

“Thank you.” You hugged her too. “Best friends?” you reached your hand.

“Best friends.” Victoria smiled and you two shook your hands.

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:48 pm

Chapter 6


Weeks passed by, the winter came. You weren’t brave enough to revealed your feelings to Chansung.

Christmas vacation came. Your parents went to London for Christmas. You would spend Christmas with Victoria, Taek and of course Chansung.

You and Victoria were in the kitchen. You two made dinner, while Chansung and Taek straightened the christmas tree.

“Hey, Vicky can you go out with Taek. I want to talk with Chansung privately.” You said.

“Okay.” Victoria smiled. ”Taek let’s go to supermarket.” She made her puppy eyes.

“Okay, let’s go.” He smiled and then they went out. Now you was alone with Chansung. He came in the kitchen and sat on the chair near the oven, where you waited for cookies to be done.

“Chansungie.” you said quietly. “I want to tell you something.” you looked at him.

“What’s the matter cutie pie.” he smiled. You thought, your heart is going to explode.

“I-I … “ you stopped for a while. “I love you Chansungie.”

“I love you too cutie pie.” He hugged you, but you broke the hug. “What’s wrong?” he wondered.

“You love me as friend right?” you asked and he nodded. “But I like you as a boy.” You sighed.

He was speechless. After some minutes, you felt his lips on yours. It was one long and passionate kiss. Victoria and Taek came home, because Victoria forgot her phone and her money. They two, stared at you and Chansung.

You broke the kiss and looked at Chansung’s eyes. He smiled and hugged you. You were the happiest human in the world.


All of you were in the living room, where the christmas tree waited to be decorated. After some minutes the tree was done. Remained only to put the star on top of the tree. You couldn't put the star on top of the tree, because you were too short. Chansung embraced you and raised you, so that you can put the star in her place. You put the star in her place and then Chansung released you. You were red like tomato. Victoria and Taek chuckled because of your red face.

“Hey, I have a little present for you two.” Victoria pointed to you and Chansung. “I’m sorry Chansung, I knew she loves you from the beginning and I bought this for you weeks ago. I thought, that she will tell you, but she waited until christmas.” Victoria smiled and gave you the box. You opened the box and saw two t-shirts with engraving wich says: ‘I love my boyfriend’ and another one with ‘I love my girlfriend.’

“Omo, it’s beautiful.” you smiled. “I like it. What about you Chansungie?” you asked him.

“I love it.” He smiled and kissed your forehead. You turned red again.

“I have present too.” Taek smiled and gave you one little box. “It’s little, but from the heart.” he smiled. It was a silver necklace.

“Omo, I love it.” You smiled brightly. “Chansungie, can you put it on my neck?”

“Yeah.” Chansung took the necklace and put it on your neck. “Awesome.” Victoria clapped.

“There is one for you too.” Taek gave one little box to Victoria. Her necklace was gold. “Omo, I love gold. Thank you.” She hugged Taek.

“And I have a present for you two.” Chansung smiled. “This is for you.” He gave you one box. “And this is for you.” He gave another box to Victoria.

“Omo, G-Dragon’s album. Thank you Chansungie.” You hugged him and started to kiss his face. He just laughed.

“Omo, C.N.BLUE’s mini album. Thank you.” Victoria hugged Chansung. “No problem, for my friends I’m going to do everything.” He smiled.

After all the presents, you all fell asleep. You all slept near the fire, on the floor.

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 12/28/2009, 3:48 pm

Chapter 7

The Truth

You and others slept peacefully, when your dreams were broken from parrot’s screams. “I’m hungry. I’m hungry.”

You opened your eyes and saw Victoria sleeping, Taek was sleeping too, next to Victoria. You realized that you were fell asleep on the floor. You tried to get up, but Chansung was embraced you tightly.

“I’m hungry.” The parrot screamed again. Chansung opened his eyes. You released from his embrace and got up. You went to the kitchen to find where are the cookies.

“I’m hungry.” The parrot screamed once again. “Shh, you’re going to wake up all.” Chansung got up and took the cookies, which was near the table. “Here.” Chansung gave one cookie to the parrot.

The parrot ate the cookie. “Beautiful Tiffany. I love Chansung.” You heard the parrot.

“I love you too, Tiffany.” Chansung smiled to the parrot. You started to laugh after you heard, that Tiffany is the name of the parrot.

Victoria opened her eyes and she looked at sleeping Taek and then looked at Chansung, who wondered what’s going on.

You stopped laughing and went to living room, where everyone stared at you. You started to laugh again. You hugged your stomach, who hurts of laughing.

“Cutie pie what’s wrong?” Chansung said quietly. No answer, only laughing.

“_________?” Victoria come to you and poked your stomach.

“Ow.” you yelled. “Ah, finally. What’s the matter?” Victoria asked curiously.

“Tiffany … is … the … name … of … the … parrot.” You started to laugh again. Victoria laughed with you.

“Omo, this girls are crazy.” Taek joked.

“Yeah, I know.” Chansung nodded and chuckled.


You and Chansung were at the mall. He wondered, why you laughed so hard earlier.

“Cutie pie.” he said softly. “Hm?” you looked at him.

“Why you laughed earlier?” he smiled softly.

“Oh, that. It’s long story.” You smiled.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Chansung chuckled.

“Okay. When you gave me your parrot, because you went somewhere, the parrot repeated ‘Beautiful Tiffany.’ And I thought you have a girlfriend. Then I realized that I love you. And when it said ‘Beautiful Tiffany.’ my was full of jealousy. And this morning when I heard you saying ‘I love you too, Tiffany.’ I started to laugh. I realized that Tiffany is the name of the parrot.” You laughed.

“You thought I have a girlfriend?” Chansung widened. You nodded. He started to laugh to the story.

“Aish, stop laughing.” You made a cute pout.

“I can’t.” he said in between breaths.

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 1/15/2010, 2:52 pm

Chapter 8

New Student

After the unforgettable winter vacation, it was time for school.
It was time for sports. You and Victoria went to put on your sport outfits. After that you all went out. One played volleyball, others was running and jumping around.
The teacher came with one girl following her. All girls and boys whispers between them 'Who is she?', 'From where is she?' and 'What she is doing here?’. You and Victoria glanced at each other.
“Students, this is your new classmate.” The teacher said as the girl bowed. “I’m Yoon Eun Hye. Please, take care for me.” She said. She looked cute and nice. The boys started to talk with her and giving her compliments ‘You’re pretty.’, ‘Let me watch you. You're beautiful.’, ‘I like this color, you have such a brilliant way for dressing.’ And others like those. Even Taek and Chansung were there. You went to Chansung “She is pretty huh?” you said sarcastically.
Chansung turned his face to you. “Nope, I came late so I just wondered what they are doing.” He said and pinched your cheeks.
You smiled bright and went to Victoria. Chansung grabbed Taek’s t-shirt and drag him on the playground. “Let’s play.” Chansung glared at Taek.
“What if I’m the winner?” Taek smirked. “What?” Chansung looked at him.
“I want a prize.” Then he pointed to you. “Oh, Victoria? Okay you have Victoria if you win.” Chansung said as he thought that Taek pointed to Victoria. “WHAT?” Victoria and Taek shouted together.
“I want ___________!” Taek smirked. “NO!” you and Chansung shouted together.
“Why not?” Taek smirked again. “What the hell are you thinking? She is mine.” Chansung shouted. You turned pink, but was happy of the fact, that you are the one and only.
Taek then laughed. “I just teased you.” He smiled.
“Oh, you badass.” Chansung smirked and then they two began to play. You and Victoria were their cheerleaders.

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

Post by hottest on 1/15/2010, 2:53 pm

[center]Chapter 10

Yoon Eun Hye

One day you called Chansung, but he didn’t answered your calls the whole day. You was worried. You called to Victoria. “Hey, Vicky. Did you talked with Chansung this morning?”
“Nope.” She answered. “Why? Is there something wrong?” she asked you.
“Oh. No it’s noting.” You said. “Let’s go to the mall.” Victoria offered you.
“Okay.” You agreed. After 10 minutes you was ready and you heard, that your mother is talking to someone. You went downstairs and saw Victoria. “Vicky.” You went and hug her, she hugged you back. “Let’s go.” Victoria smiled, then you two went to the mall. You two went to ‘Café Latte’ and got a White Chocolate Latte. You tried to call Chansung once again, now his phone was off. “Aish.” You muttered.
“What’s going on ___________?” Victoria asked you, as she heard you are muttering something.
“I tried to call Chansung, but his phone is turned off.” You pouted.
“Don’t worry.” Victoria smiled. “Maybe he is busy. You know him and Taek, maybe they are playing somewhere or are in the library, trying to stole the key of the ‘mysterious’ locker.” Victoria giggled.
You thought for a while and smiled. “You’re right.”

After you two were done with the White Chocolate Latte, you went in the shoe store. “Aww, what a beautiful shoes.” Victoria pointed to the black shoes heels with а ribbon on them.
“OMO, they are so cute.” You smiled to Victoria. And after you tried all the shoes in the store, finally you picked out one of all shoes. These shoes were really high and they were red.
“Why red?” Victoria asked you. “I have an amazing red dress for summer.” You smiled.
“I see.” Victoria smiled. After you two paid for the shoes, you two went to see what movie will be broadcasted tonight. “OMO.” You shouted. “Ninja Assassin.” You just blinked at the poster. “I want to watch it.” Victoria said excited. “One of my friends in America is so look-a-like Rain.” Victoria smiled.
“Really?” you wondered. “Yup.” Victoria smiled again. “He is just like Rain, but he is 19 like us.”
“I see. You liked him before?” you wanted to know more about him. “Hey, you already have a boyfriend. Why you want to seduce my Oppa?” Victoria joked.
“First – I don’t want to seduce him, second – I know that I have a boyfriend and third – You called him Oppa?”
“Yup. He was like my brother. Since I went to America he was the only one, who was nice to me. Others were rude. So he told me to call him Oppa. We are really like siblings.” Victoria smiled.
“Wow, such a cute story.” You made a cute face. “But where is he now?”
“He’s still in America. I heard that he had his own studio, where he teaches other boys b-boying.” Victoria smiled. “I want to go to America and see him. I missed him so much.” Victoria sighed.
“We will go someday.” You winked at Victoria. She smiled, but her smile vanished when she saw Chansung with the new girl from your class Yoon Eun Hye.
“What?” you saw Victoria’s face, you tried to follow her gaze and saw Chansung and Eun Hye together./center]

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Re: What should I do? [2pm + you]

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