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Fanfictional Forum Rules *PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING*

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Fanfictional Forum Rules *PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING*

Post by ckreme15 on 12/21/2009, 12:34 pm

Fanfictional Forum Rules:

I. General Posting

  • No profanity, racist, sexists or derogatory remarks. You will be warned.

  • Please refrain from writing one word responses.

  • Please post and (or) reply to topics in English. If using another language provide translations. A few words in a foreign language are acceptable.

  • Be sure to stay on topic

II. Copyrights/Plagiarisms

  • Do not claim work that isn’t your own. You will be banned.

III. New topics

  • All topic titles are to be in the default/implicit color; under certain circumstances colored titles are allowed. See that category’s rules for when you can do this.

  • No double topics

IV: Accounts

  • You must first create a Member 411 in order to post under any other topics

  • Do not create multiple accounts; contact an admin if you are having trouble.

V: Questions/Problems

  • Read the FAQ before asking or pm any of our staff members

***Each sections of the forum contains some specific rules , plz read them before posting

***If you broke any of the rules in the forum, you will be warned

***After 10 Warnings, you will be banned

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