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Royal Blood [Dara, Jiyong, Seung Hyun + Big Bang and 2NE1]

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Royal Blood [Dara, Jiyong, Seung Hyun + Big Bang and 2NE1]

Post by WonderBinnie on 12/7/2009, 1:29 pm


Park Sandara was just normal girl from rich family,

She was happy and hard working,

But everything changed when she turned 20...

That was day when she realized two things,

She was adopted...and worst...she was a vampire,

Sandara couldn't resist blood anymore and she ended up killing her whole family,

She soon became back to her senses and decided to run away from cops,

That was when she met Kwon Jiyong...

Another vampire who promised to protect her.

But why would Jiyong protect her...a girl who he doesn't even know?

Answer is simply,

Sandara is vampire princess who is soon going to be Queen of vampires.

"I only wanted be normal girl"- Dara

"I never thought that I would fall in love" - Jiyong

"I only want you" - Seung Hyun


Park Sandara/ Dara
-Kind, became cold after killing her family
-Was adopted to normal family, Real parents are vampires
-Future Queen of vampires
-Doesn't know what to do with her life

Kwon Jiyong/ G-Dragon
-Mysterious, cool, loyal
-Dara's bodyguard
-His family has always been loyal to King and Queen vampires
-His biggest enemy is Seung Hyun aka TOP

Choi Seung Hyun/ TOP
-Personality is secret
-Jiyong's rival
-Loves fresh blood

Rest of Big Bang and 2NE1




“Unni...Does vampires exists?” My little sister asked when I finished reading night time story to her.
Smile appeared on my lips when I heard that.
“Of course not Hea Jin” I answered putting book back to shelf “Now it's time to sleep”.
Hea Jin put her head on pillow and waited me to kiss her forehead.
“Good night” I kissed her.
“Good night unni” she smiled hugging her teddy bear.
I opened door and closed lights.
Sigh escaped from my lips when I closed the door.
“Vampires?” I whispered “What do they teach in school?”.
I walked down to hallway and opened door to my room.
“I'm so tired” I yawned rubbing my eyes.
I changed my clothes and went on bed.
“Tomorrow I'm turning 20” I smiled hugging my pillow “And appa and omma will come home too”.
Then I slowly closed my eyes....


When lights turned off on Sandara's room,
Two figures appeared front of house.
“So this is where my daughter has been living” older one said looking inside of room.
“Yes my lord” younger one said bowing to older one.
Older one opened window and stepped in.
“She looks like her mother” he said staring at sleeping Sandara.
“My lord...We need to go now” younger one said “Princess will be back tomorrow night”.
Older one nodded and followed younger one to outside.
“Jiyong, promise to protect my daughter” Older one said.
Jiyong bowed.
“Yes my lord” he said “I will always protect her”.
“Good” older one said “Tomorrow is your job to bring Princess back to home...”.
Then two of them disappeared on night.


I opened my eyes seeing my sister staring at me.
“Hea Jin...” I yawned sitting up.
“Happy birthday unni!” she yelled taking something behind of her “Here”.
She handed birthday card to me and I smiled looking at it.
“Is this me?” I laughed pointing stick figure on card.
Hea Jin nodded coming closer to me.
“And that's me” she smiled pointing figure next to me.
“So cute” I smiled hugging her “Thank you”.
Hea Jin kissed me to cheek and then helped me up from bed.
“Are omma and appa back yet?” I asked while dressing up.
“Anyo...But they should...” Hea Jin was just saying when doorbell rang.
“OMMA! APPA!” she yelled happily running out of my room.
I quickly dressed and then put my hairs to ponytail.
Then I run to downstairs where I saw my lovely parents.
“Welcome to home” I greeted them with hugging both of them.
“We missed you girls so much” Mom said “We wanted to come yesterday, but flight was canceled”.
“But it's good that you came today” I said helping them with their suitcases.
“Let butler do that” Dad smiled taking Hea Jin to his piggyback.
I nodded putting suitcases down.
“I'm so happy that you came back” I hugged mom again.
“Look to that bag” Mom whispered to my ear and pointed bag behind of me.
I turned around opening bag...
“Omma!” I yelled happily taking camera from bag “Thank you so much”.
“I knew how much you wanted that camera” Mom smiled “Happy birthday darling”.
I gave strong hug to mom and she laughed.
“I can't breathe” she laughed.
“Mianhe” I smiled turning my new camera on.
“Take picture of us” Hea Jin said coming down from Dad's back.
I nodded and they stood front of me.
“Now smile” I said when I was ready to take picture.
Hea Jin showed biggest smile she ever had and omma and appa laughed to her.
“Let me see it” Hea Jin said taking camera from me “I'm so cute”.
“You are always cute” I answered pinching her cheek.

It was almost mid night, but we were still celebrating my birthday.
Hea Jin was feeling little sleepy so mom took her to sleep.
“Now you are adult” Grandma said hugging me “And you can come help me with my shop”.
“Of course grandma” I said “I will always help you”.
Dad drank more wine and offered some to me.
I shook my head staring at his neck.
What I am doing.
I slowly walked towards to dad and keep my look on his neck.
My eyes were on his arterial and I opened my mouth.
What's going on?
“Sandara?” Appa said before everything went black.

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Post by WonderBinnie on 12/7/2009, 1:29 pm


Screams...That was only thing I could remember before I opened my eyes.
My neck was hurting and there was something on my clothes and face.
I stood up from my bed and walked front of mirror.
I looked myself...
My eyes and mouth opened when I saw blood everywhere.
“ me?” I asked in shock and looked my hands.
They were shaking.
“Omma! Appa!” I yelled starting to run downstairs “Hea Jin! Grandma!”.
I opened curtains and saw our butler laying on floor next to door.
“Mr.Han!” I yelled in panic running next to him “Wake up!”.
I tried to wake him up...but he didn't open his eyes.
His clothes were also in blood, just like my clothes...and he had two biting marks on his neck.
“What's going on?” I whispered standing up from floor.
I turned around and view was horrible.
My parents were laying also in floor and grandma was sitting on couch.
“Omma!” I screamed running next to my parents “Appa!”.
They also had biting marks on their neck and they were so all their blood was disappeared.
As I looked my grandmas dead body...tears started to fall down to my cheeks.
“Grandma...come back” I whispered to her ear.
She had her eyes open, so I decided to close them.
“Now you can rest in peace” I hugged her.
Then I stood up and started to search my little sister.
“Hea Jin...Hea Jin!” I yelled walking around of house.
I walked to upstairs and slowly opened her door.
While I opened door, my whole body was shaking so much that it was hard to walk.
I turned lights on and looked around of room.
Then I saw her...laying in her bed with hugging her teddybear.
“Hea Jin” I said in calm voice “Wake up”.
I sat on her bed and noticed blood on her pillow.
“Wake up...” I whispered again “Wake up”.
But Hea Jin didn't open her eyes.
“You need to wake up!” I yelled shaking her body.
Teddybear fell on floor and small thump was heard.
“HEA JIN!” I yelled loudly “YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!”.
I just keep shaking her body.
“Unni needs you” I whispered “I can't lose you..Please...please..come back”.
Hea Jin just keep her eyes closed and tear dropped on her cheek.
“HEA JIIIIN!” I yelled holding her body on my hug.
While tears keep dropping on her cheek...I heard someone walking behind me.
“You monster!” our housekeeper yelled when I turned around.
She raised her arms and hit me with knife...right to heart.
My eyes opened and I gasped kneeling on floor.
“What are you?” housekeeper asked stabbing me again...this time to my stomach.
I just stared her and then blood that was coming from me.
“Did...I...kill...them?” I asked looking at her.
“You can't fool me” she laughed avoiding my look “I always knew that there was something wrong with you”.
I closed my eyes and when I opened them...Both of my wounds were gone.
“WHAT ARE YOU?” housekeeper asked in shock and dropped knife.
She took couple steps back and pointed me.
“You are vampire” she mumbled.
“Vampire..?” I whispered looking my hands “”.
Then suddenly housekeeper started to run away and I just watched after her.
I stood up and watched myself from mirror...
“Vampire...” I mumbled.

After half hours of sitting, I heard police siren coming closer to my house.
I opened curtain and looked out.
“10 police cars” I said in shock.
They stopped front of our house and armed polices came out from cars.
“Oh no...” I whispered quickly closing curtains “I need to escape”.
I took my suitcase under my bed and then I started pack my things...only important things.
“My birthday card” I said taking it from table.
I put it to my pocket and closed my suitcase.
I could already hear polices knocking door.
I grabbed my suitcase and run quickly to downstairs...where I went to kitchen and opened back door.
I make sure that polices were nowhere around and then I started to run...just run.
I didn't know where I was going, but I needed to get away from here.

Posts : 198
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Age : 25
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Re: Royal Blood [Dara, Jiyong, Seung Hyun + Big Bang and 2NE1]

Post by Guest on 12/8/2009, 5:19 pm

WOw, this fic is good!! Your storylines are always so awesome, keep it up, I'll be waiting for more! Very Happy


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Re: Royal Blood [Dara, Jiyong, Seung Hyun + Big Bang and 2NE1]

Post by Sponsored content

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