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Stranded on SM Island

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Stranded on SM Island

Post by KorEAnMuSicLuVer926 on 11/21/2009, 7:00 pm

Ch.1-The Ship

Sunny woke up, yawned, stretched, and then (finally) unwillingly half-opened her eyes at 7:30 one morning. It took her a while to register the fact that she wasn’t in her own room. When she finally realized it, her eyes opened wide and she jumped up out of her bed. She, of course, freaked out Surprised. After she did, she calmed down enough to look around the room and out of a tiny, round window that was in the room and realize that she was on a ship… a cruise ship. With another quick sweep around the room with her eyes, she discovered a wardrobe. She opened it cautiously, but when she did, she saw a lot of pretty clothes and her fear dissipated quickly. Despite her situation, she felt a wide smile spread across her face as she looked through all the beautiful clothes Smile. She looked down at her pajama attire and decided that if she had to go exploring around the ship, which was a must, she HAD to change clothes. She looked up at the wardrobe with a mischievous smile Wink. “Well, why not?” she thought, and with that, she delved into trying on cute dresses, skirts, shoes, etc. She finally decided on a pretty, orange, yellow, and white tank top, a cute, frilly, pink skirt, and lime-green sandals. She twirled once in front of a full-length mirror and was satisfied. “Hwaiting! cheers” she adorably and aegyo-fully encouraged herself and bravely stepped out of her cabin. She froze for a second, cautiously looked around, and decided (randomly) to go right. As she was walking down the hallway, she saw another cabin and was pleasantly surprised to discover Yoona’s name on the nameplate of the cabin door. “Was my name on my cabin door?” she wondered vaguely. And with that, she abruptly barged into Yoona’s room and yelled “Yoona-yah!!! Wake up!!! We’re on a humongous cruise ship!!! YAH!!!” she shook Yoona really hard and Yoona finally woke up.

“Urrrrmmmmm… Sleep” Yoona grumbled, trying to get a few extra bits of sleep in, but Sunny kept shaking her. When she gave an extra hard shake, Yoona finally sat up sleepily with a yawn. “Yoona! Did you hear me? I said: we’re on a humongous cruise ship!” Sunny exclaimed. After Yoona had fully woken up and had it in her head that she was on a cruise ship, she also had a little freak-out, wardrobe dig-through (there was a wardrobe in her room, too), and a much thought-out outfit to wear. She was wearing a spaghetti-strap, floral print dress with a short-sleeved, red cardigan and red flip-flops.

The two of them ventured out and found that all of the members were there, in their own cabin. They woke all of them up, and once everyone was done spazzing out and picking out outfits, it was 8:30. All nine of them were in the hallway, chittering away about what they should do.

Minho was awakened by some loud talking. At first, he was pretty annoyed, but then, he realized that he wasn’t in his own room and was shocked Surprised. He decided to go ask the people who were talking why he was here, so he went out into the hallways. He followed the voices to… SNSD! “Holy crap!” he thought. He looked down at what he was wearing. He was in his undershirt and boxers. Embarrassed, he tried to sneak away, but just when he was about to round the corner, he heard Hyoyeon call out “Yah! Minho-yah!”

“Aish! Suspect” he thought and turned around. He saw the girls trying hard not to giggle, but then Seohyun couldn’t help it, and all nine girls were soon giggling Laughing. “Sorry.” Hyoyeon apologized, then continued “It’s just… I wanted to ask… how did you get here? How did WE get here? In this ship?” Minho shrugged and said “I really don’t know. I was hoping to ask you.” Then, he continued, quite bashfully, “Ummm… do you guys… ummmm… know where the… you know… cl-” That’s when Hyoyeon grabbed his arm and said “Haha. Wink I get ya. Shh… Come here.” She led him around the corner.

“So, where’s your room?” she asked. He led her to his room. With a knowing smile, Hyoyeon pointed out his wardrobe and opened it. There they were, Minho’s preferred style of clothes. Minho raised his eyebrows in surprise. Neutral “How…?” he trailed off.

“Just change.” Hyoyeon said. And with that, she left his room. He changed quickly (unlike the girls) and went back out into the hallway, where Hyoyeon was waiting for him. “Nice. Wink” She complimented him on his choice of clothing and they were walking down the hall when they noticed a cabin door. The nameplate read “Jonghyun”. Minho blinked with surprise Shocked and went down the rest of the hallway, looking for the other members of SHINee. What he found was not 5 doors on the hall, but 10. What he didn’t expect was that DBSK was also there.

30 minutes later found all 19 people on the sky deck (9 SNSD members, 5 SHINee members, and 5 DBSK members). None of them knew why they were there, and they all stood there, speculating. “Are we the only ones on the ship?” Sooyoung asked.

“We should really find out.” U-Know Yunho replied. So, they went to search. It was confirmed that they were the only ones on the ship.

“This is a pretty dire situation. scratch ” Onew said with eyebrows furrowed.

“Wait.” Max Changmin exclaimed, and everyone froze. “Who’s steering this boat?” he asked. They felt a new wave of fear. affraid

“Well, SOMEONE must be driving it! pale ” whimpered Seohyun.

That’s when Hero Jaejoong stepped in and stated coolly “It could be on autopilot, you know. Cool ” None of them knew for sure, but they all agreed with that statement, and little did they know that that was actually the case.

“HEY!” yelled Sunny. “Since we’re all here, let’s try to have fun! Very Happy ” she said cheerfully sunny. Then, she jumped into the pool, clothes and all, with a cheer cheers. Soon, all of them followed and they played freely and joyfully. With their busy, packed schedules, none of them had time to just relax and enjoy free time like this, and all of them thought it was nice. They were splashing, laughing, and goofing Very Happy tongue around when they felt a jostle. They all got out and looked out of the boat. “Land ho~!” Taeyeon exclaimed, and they all laughed. They really HAD landed. It was an island. They heard the engine of the boat cut off and then there was a moment of total silence silent. The silence was finally broken when Jessica said “Well, this is it, isn’t it? The place we’re supposed to go to? So… shouldn’t we get off?”

“Yeah. She’s right,” said Xiah Junsu. So, all of them got off. The beach was stunningly beautiful. The sand was milk-white and soft. The waves splashed and curled around themselves beautifully. The ocean was a perfect, deep, crayon-colored dark blue. The air had a salty bite to it, but that made it fresh and crisp. The sun shafted through the air in brilliant rays of sharp crystal. They stood there for a long time, enjoying the feel of the beach and the view until Taemin’s stomach gave a loud growl. It was followed by laughter and realization of how hungry everyone was. Everybody agreed that they should go look for food. They decided to divide up so they could cover more land.

“Wait!” said Hero Jaejoong. “We should go in pairs, with a guy and a girl, so the guys can protect the girls. You never know what might happen to a girl in a place like this.” Jaejoong pointed to a thick forest. The girls (and some of the guys, too) were intimidated by the enormous trees, thick vines, the tangle of ferns, and the mess of who-knows-what vegetation affraid.

“How should we decide who goes with who?” Tiffany asked.

“I know.” Jonghyun said, and he picked up a bunch of sticks and skillfully broke them into different sizes. He then divided them into two groups. He stretched out a pile of sticks to the girls and said “Draw one!” Each girl took a stick. Then he stretched out a pile to the guys. They each drew one. “Now find the person that has the same sized stick as you. That’s how we can find partners. But since there are 9 girls and 10 guys, there will be one group of 1 girl and 2 guys. OK? Everyone agree to this method?” he asked. Everyone nodded. After a while of tangled confusion, everyone got with their partners (or groups) and the results were:
*Taeyeon and U-Know Yunho
*Jessica and Xiah Junsu
*Tiffany and Key
*Hyoyeon and Onew
*Yuri and Max Changmin
*Sooyoung and Minho
*Yoona and Jonghyun
*Seohyun and Taemin
*Sunny, Hero Jaejoong, and Micky Yoochun.

Each pair/group went their own way with the promise to meet at the beach the next morning.


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Post by KorEAnMuSicLuVer926 on 11/21/2009, 7:09 pm

Here's the "Official Picture" for this story or whatever...
I'm sorry it sucks so bad...it's my first time photo editing...didn't turn out pretty good! X]

Thank you to anyone who reads this story~^^
and plz comment~! Thank you!


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