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When Friendship Turns To Love

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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty When Friendship Turns To Love

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:28 am

When Friendship Turns To Love WFTTLPOST

When Friendship Turns To Love


Jonghyun en Gi Kwang are in love with the same girl with the name Jeanine. Rivals from the beginning who will win her heart. Who will have her love and who will have her friendship?. Find it out in NineChan's newest story: When Friendship Turns To Love.


Name: Song Jeanine
Age: 19
DOB: May 26, 1990
Likes: Singing, Dancing, gaming, reading.
More: Jeanine has a sweet character but sometimes she can be a bitch to. Her father is korean and her mother is japanese.

Name: Kim JongHyun
Age: 19
DOB: April 8, 1990
Likes: Singing, Piano
More: JongHyun is in love with Jeanine but she doesn't know that and he scared when he confess that he will lose the good friendship between them.

Name: Gi Kwang
Age: 19
DOB: March 30, 1990
Likes: Watching movies, sports, dancing
More: He always get the girl who he likes but he knows that Jonghyun like Jeanine so he takes a few steps back to give Jonghyun a chance.

~ Nine-Chan is really lazy but Some girls of Girls Generation will be in the story to! and the rest of SHINee en B2ST~
Well this is my newest story, I hope you guys will like it ^^


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 1 - Yay! we're going to a spa!

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:29 am

Chapter 1 - Yay! we're going to a spa!

"I have a friend who has a spa and he asked me to come." Seohyun said with a smile. "And my friends can come to.."
"When are we leaving ?." Gi Kwang asked.
"I've never been to a spa.." Jeanine said while she was thinking if her parents took her to a spa.
"Well, we can go now right after school." Seohyun said and everyone was screaming.
"Then I need to go home and pack my stuff." Yoona said happy and said goodbye.
"Let's go home and pack our stuff." Jonghyun said and stood up.
"I will pick you guys up in one hour." Seohyun said. "Jeanine, go home and pack your stuff."
"Ah! sorry I was daydreaming." Jeanine said with a smile. "I'm going then..bye Seohyun." Jeanine grab her bag and got out of school. When she was running she saw Jonghyun walking in front of her.

"Oppa! wait for me !." She yelled and Jonghyun waited for her.
"Sometimes you're really slow." Jonghyun said smiling.
"Oppa! don't be so mean." Jeanine said and hit his arm playfull.
"I'm not mean, Im a sweet Oppa." Jonghyun said while he hold her hand.
"I'm not a little kid anymore..." Jeanine said but still hold the hand of Jonghyun.
"Your still a little kid." Jonghyun said, but Jeanine gave him a glare. "Okay your a grown up woman."
"Sometimes I think that you really need a girlfriend.." Jeanine said and gave him still a death glare. "But who is really good for my Oppa.."
"I don't need you to find a girlfriend for me.." Jonghyun said. "Maybe I don't want one.."
" do like girls?...or do you like..guys.." Jeanine said suddenly and Jonghyun hit her behind her head.
"Sorry, Sorry, Sorry." Jeanine apologize.
"Now you're like Super Junior." Jonghyun said while laughing.

They arrived at Jeanine's house and she let go of his hand and said goodbye and went inside to pack her stuff. Her mother already knew that she was going because Seohyun already called to her home.

"So you're going with Seohyun to a spa?." her mother asked.
"Yeah, Yoona is coming to and Jonghyun Oppa and Gi Kwang Oppa.." Jeanine said with a smile when she put some clothes in her bag.
"Well have fun honey.." Her mother said and kissed her forehead. When Jeanine went downstairs she heard the bell ringing and did the door open and saw that it was Gi Kwang, she let him in her house.

"You have a nice house.." Gi Kwang said when he saw the furniture. "Some things are still the same."
"Jeanine, who is that guy ?." her mother asked friendly.
"This is Gi Kwang Oppa, don't you remember him ?." Jeanine asked.
" really are a handsome guy!." her mother said and Jeanine felt embarrased.
"Thank you.." Gi Kwang said with a smile.
"Well..mam..I'm going to wait outside for Seohyun with Oppa.." Jeanine said fast and went outside with Gi Kwang. Finally after a few minutes everyone came and Seohyun came with her driver. Everyone got in the car and after a half hour driving Jeanine fell asleep, her head was lying against Gi Kwang's shoulder and his head was lying against her head. Jonghyun was watching them sleeping and he felt jealous.

"You like her don't you ?." Yoona said with a little smirk.
"Who said that.." Jonghyun said and stared out of the window.
"Your face is a little green of jealousy." Seohyun said with a smile.
"It's green because i'm feeling a little sick." Jonghyun lied.
"Well you know..Gi Kwang likes her to.." Yoona said and watched them how they we're sleeping.
"I know, i'm not dumb.." Jonghyun said and looked in Yoona's eyes. "Don't tell her that I like her..."
Well this was chapter 1 I hope that it's not boring!


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 2 - Nude

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:30 am

Note: Gi Kwang is AJ

Chapter 2 - Nude

After a hour and a half they arrived at the spa. Jeanine woke up when the car stopped and look with big eyes out of the car window.

"IT'S HUGE!." she said hyper.
"Yeah, it's really huge.." Yoona said stunned
"Come on let's go inside, to get our rooms." Seohyun said with a smile. Everyone went inside and Seohyun walked to reception to check-in. Jeanine was looking to the guy who was sitting behind the reception.

"Seohyun who is he ?." Jeanine asked when she walked to the reception. "Because I think that I know him."
"Yeah I know him to.." Jonghyun said when he heard Jeanine. "When we were little he was in our school."
"That is funny, I didn't know that you guys were Seohyun's friends." Jeffrey said.
"I didn't know either, he is my cousin." Seohyun said with a smile. "But I want our keys to our rooms." Jeffrey gave her the two key's and the group went to their rooms.

"Let's go get our swiming clothes and go downstairs to change." Jeanine said.
"We will see you in the jacuzzi." Jonghyun said and blushed when Yoona had a big smirk on her face. The girls took there swiming clothes and went downstairs to the girls dressing room. The girls got in the jacuzzi and a few minutes later Jonghyun and Gi Kwang got in to.

"Jonghyun likes some one.." Yoona suddenly said and Jonghyun gave her a glare.
"Who is it ?." Jeanine asked curious.
"I don't know." Yoona said with a funny face.
"I Know, I know!." Seohyun said hyper.
"I want to know to !!!." Jeanine said but Seohyun didn't want to tell either. "Jonghyun OPPA DO I KNOW HER?."
"Maybe, Maybe not." Jonghyun said and gave Seohyun and Yoona both a death glare.
"I know who he likes.." Gi Kwang said teasing.
"If you tell Jeanine i will kill you." Jonghyun said serious.
"Gi Kwang Oppa !!!, tell me!." Jeanine said with cute big eyes.
"What will you do..If I tell.." Gi Kwang said and came closer to her face. Jonghyun closed his fist, he was really angry because Gi Kwang was teasing him. But Jeanine back away a little.

"I will be the happiest girl..." she anwsered.
"Or he will be dead." Jonghyun said with a little smile.
"Then you will be dead to." Gi Kwang said and sticked his tongue out.
"Sigh, to much fun here." Yoona said smiling.
"Yoonaaaaaaaaa...pleaaase tell me.." Jeanine whinned.
"But I made a promise.." Yoona said. "Who ?.." "Jo--.." Yoona coverd her hands over mouth. Jeanine sighed Yoona almost told her. It was getting late and after they change their clothes and eat some food. After a while Jeanine was lying on her bed she was thinking who Jonghyun liked. Jeanine couldn't take it anymore and trew her pillow to Yoona.

"What was that for !." Yoona said loud.
"I'm going to oppa!." Jeanine said and Yoona got a smirk on her face. "Which one ?." "Jonghyun Oppa !." and Jeanine went to the room were Jonghyun and Gi Kwang were sleeping, she open the door and she heard that Gi Kwang was in the shower because he was singing. Jeanine was sitting on Jonghyun's bed and looked at his cute sleeping face.

"Oppa...wake up.." Jeanine said and tried to wake him up. "Oppa..I need to talk to you.."
" sleep.." Jonghyun said while he was a sleep. Jeanine sighed she really wanted to talk with Jonghyun, she noticed that the singing in the shower has stoped and that the door opened...she saw Gi Kwang with only a towel on his waist.

"W-w-hat are you doing here?!." Gi kwang asked and his towel was slipping down and he grabbed it just on time. Jeanine scream and got out of the room, Jonghyun felt out of bed because of the scream.

"What..was that..?" he asked sleepy.
"N-nothing just go back to sleep." Gi Kwang said stuttering.


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 3 - Two Confessions

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:36 am

Chapter 3 - Two Confessions

Jeanine opened the door to her room and went straight to her bed and tried to get the images out of her head. After a half hour she finally felt asleep, dreaming about what she saw...but in her dream she was alone with him.

"What are you doing here ?." Gi Kwang asked with a seducing voice.
"Nothing..I-I talk..with Jong-h-hyun Oppa.." Jeanine said stutting. Gi Kwang came closer to Jeanine and still wearing only a towel around his waist.
"Well he isn't here.." He wispered in her ear. "You're cute when you're blushing.."
"Oppa..stop doing this.." Jeanine said begging him to stop talking so seducive.
"I can't..because I like you.." Gi Kwang said and kissing her in her neck.
"O-o-oppa-a." Jeanine said with tears in her eyes but she felt also some pleasure. "I-I don't want this.."
"Are you sure..?" he asked and looked in her eyes. Jeanine saw that his towel was slipping from his waist and Gi Kwang just grabbed it on time.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!." Jeanine screamed and was sitting straight in her bed. "It..was just..a dream.."
"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!." Yoona yelled angry because it was to early.
"Yeah! it's 8 o'clock in the morning!." Seohyun said sleepy.
"Sorry..I-I really had a bad dream.." Jeanine said with sweat on her forehead. Suddenly the boys came in with a rush because they heard Jeanine screaming.

"What is wrong?, did you saw someting scary?!." Jonghyun asked worried wearing only boxers.
"KYAAAAAAH! OPPA!!!." Jeanine yelled confused and coverd her head with the blanket.
"What's wrong ?." he asked when he was sitting down on her bed.
"You and Gi Kwang Oppa are wearing only boxers!!." Jeanine said.
"You already saw us with boxers, so why are you so shy about it now." Gi Kwang said with a smirk.
"Yeah he is saw us before.." Jonghyun said and hugged Jeanine's back, Jeanine turned her face to Jonghyun with tears in her eyes she said: "Jonghyun Oppa...?." "Yes?." "You know that I love your shirt..SO PLEASE PUT IT ON!."

Everyone laughed exept for Jeanine because she was really serious about it. Jonghyun and Gi Kwang went to their room to change and the girls did the same. They went downstair to the breakfast room. Jeanine grabbed some toast and fruit and sat down on a chair next to Jonghyun, he noticed that Jeanine was really nervous when Gi Kwang was sitting down on the chair next to her.

"Ey..what happened between you guys." He asked curious.
"NOTHING!." Jeanine and Gi Kwang said at the same time.
"Okay, what is going on between you ?." Seohyun asked and looked in their eyes. "Say it or else..."
"I wanted to talk to Jonghyun Oppa..and I saw.." Jeanine said while playing nervous with her hair.
"She saw me almost naked.." Gi Kwang said staring at his food.
"........... SO YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WAS SCREAMING?!." Jonghyun said a little angry and jealous. "And you Gi Kwang, you should PUT ON SOME CLOTHES WHEN YOUR COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER!."
" sorry.." Jeanine said with a sad voice. "Don't give Gi Kwang Oppa a lecture..because it was my fault..."
"Still..he have to wear some clothes when he is coming OUT of the SHOWER!." Jonghyun said and was still giving a lecture.
"Oppa! don't be so angry.." Jeanine said.
"You know..he is only doing that because he likes you.." Yoona said and covered her mouth because she said the words.

".............NO WAY IM THE GIRL THAT YOU LIKE!." Jeanine said shocked. "I'm stil...dreaming..Gi Kwang Oppa hit me behind my head!."
"You're not dreaming Jeanine.." Gi Kwang said. "Because I know that he likes you...just like me.."
".....Yoona Seohyunnie..I REALLY NEED TO TALK!." Jeanine said and grabbed the girls hands and pushed them outside.


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 4 - Waiting

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:36 am

Chapter 4 - Waiting

Jeanine took Yoona and Seohyun outside, she was really confused and she really needed a girl talk.

"Jeanine, walk slower.." Yoona said out of breath.
"We know that you're upset...but walk a little slower.." Seohyun said.
"How..long did you knew this ?." Jeanine said while she was sitting on a big rock. "How long?.."
"We know this for 2 years.." Seohyun said.
"Why didn't you tell this to me!." Jeanine said a little angry.
"We're really sorry Jeanine..please forgive us." Yoona said begging.
"Sigh fine I forgive you guys.." Jeanine said with a smile.
"So who are you going to choose?." Seohyun asked curious. "Gi Kwang or Jonghyun?."
"I don't want to choose.." Jeanine said. ".....I really don't want to choose.."
"Maybe you need some time.." Yoona said with a little smile. "Well let's go back inside, it's cold." Jeanine stood up and walked with the girls back to the spa. When they went to their room Jonghyun was standing there waiting for Jeanine.

"Can..I talk to you ?." he asked.
"Uh...okay.." Jeanine said while looking at her feet.
"Let's go to somewhere private.." Jonghyun said and took Jeanine's hand and walked outside where she just came from. They walked for a while in silence.

"Oppa..are you mad at me ?." Jeanine asked. Jonghyun stopped and looked in her eyes.
"Why would I be mad.." Jonghyun said.
"Because...I walked away..." Jeanine said with a soft voice and looked down to her feet. "And..I didn't give answer."
"Jeanine...I-I.." Jonghyun tried to say but he couldn't take it anymore, he lift her her chin up so she looked in his eyes and he came closer and kissed her lips. Jeanine was shocked and she slaped his face and ran away back to the hotel.

"What happend ?." Yoona asked when Jeanine rushed trough the door.
"Nothing..." she answered back.
"Don't can't hide a thing from me." Yoona said with a smile.
"Jonghyun Oppa...." Jeanine said slow. "Kissed me..."
"and?..what did you do..?." Yoona asked curious.
"I slap his face..." Jeanine said and buried her face in the pillow.
"What did you feel when he kissed you ?." Yoona asked.
"I don't felt a little weird.." Jeanine said confused. "Yoona what do i have to do..?."
"Well you have to find out who you really like.." Yoona said. "And that is something that I can't help you with. But I can help you packing your stuff."
"Thanks Yoona, I almost forgot that we're going today." Jeanine said with a little smile. "I wished that I never knew that they liked me."

Jeanine and Yoona went downstairs with their back and saw Seohyun and Gi Kwang and Jonghyun. Jeanine looked to her feet when Jonghyun was looking at her.

"So..did you like the spa ?." Gi Kwang asked to Jeanine.
"Uh..yeah..." Jeanine said nervous.
"You don't have to be still the same.." Gi Kwang said.
"I know Oppa..but..." Jeanine tried to said but Gi Kwang put his finger on her mouth.
"No buts, I will wait for you.." Gi Kwang said soft so that only Jeanine could here him. "Now give Oppa a hug." Jeanine smiled when she gave him a hug, he was right he is still the same.
Aww Gi Kwang is sweet in this story, Jonghyun is sweet to but his actions are a little to fast ^^'..Well who do you think that Jeanine will choose? Nine-Chan is really curious about what her readers think ^^


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 5 - Two Dates

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:38 am

Chapter 5 - Two Dates

It was a early monday morning when Jeanine walked to school, usual she would have walked with Jonghyun but after that incident she kinda avoid him. Jeanine knew that she had to talk to him soon but until that time comes she would avoid him.

"Jeanine..?." a similar voice asked. "You're early on school."
"Yo Seob Oppa..." Jeanine said with a smile. "I'm so early because I do.."
"You can't lie..what happend in the spa ?." Yo Seob said.
"........someone kissed me..." Jeanine said soft but Yo Seob could still hear it.
"Did Gi Kwang...?." Yo Seob asked.
" was jonghyun oppa.." Jeanine said a little sad.
"You sound disapointed..." Yo Seob said with a smirk.
"It was my first kiss.." Jeanine said. Suddenly Jeanine felt two strong arms around her waist, she saw that Yo Seob was smirking so she knew that it was Gi Kwang.

"'re..really are.." Jeanine said with a little blush on her face.
"I'm what?, Hot?, Sexy, sweet?." he said teasing.
"Sticky..." Jeanine said with a smile.
"I'm not...sticky.." Gi Kwang said while he was still hugging.
"Oppaaaaa let me goooo.." Jeanine said and tried to get out of his grip.
"So did you already talked to Jonghyun ?.." he asked with a serious tone.
"I don't want to..." Jeanine said but Gi Kwang turned her around to Jonghyun who was standing behind him.

"Now you have to..." he wispered in her ear and he pushed her to him.
"Jeanine...I..I'm sorry.." Jonghyun said while looking at his feet. "I'm really sorry..If..I could I would give your first kiss back.."
"I know...I'm sorry that I slap your face.." Jeanine said.
" you want to walk home with me after school ?." Jonghyun asked.
"Sure Oppa.." Jeanine said with a smile.
"Jeanine...will you go out with me this saturday ?." Jonghyun said with a blush on his face. Jeanine stared at her feet when she heard it, he asked her out..on a date. Suddenly she heard Yoona's voice in her head which what saying that she should find out who she likes.

"Sure Oppa, I will go with you.." she anwsered with a smile. "I'm going inside, I have something.." and she went inside and Jonghyun was still standing outside. Jeanine walked to her locker and put her books in it. When she had done that she was looking for Gi Kwang and she found him in the classroom.

"And how did it go ?." he asked curious.
"I forgive him and saturday we're going on a date.." Jeanine said and Gi Kwang almost felt of his chair.
"Then..if you're going to date him..." Gi Kwang said.
"I should date you to..." Jeanine said with a little smile.
"Then how about next saturday..?." he asked.
"Sure Oppa..." Jeanine said.


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 6 - Kissing You Back

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:41 am

Chapter 6 - Kissing You Back

"So what are you going to buy for Gi Kwang's birthday ?." Yoona asked curious.
"I don't know..." Jeanine said. "I have to ask him what he wants."
"Then ask him now.." Yoona said a little pushy.
"I will do it in 5 minutes..when we have lunch break." Jeanine said and write the last note from the schoolboard in her book. After 5 minutes the bell was ringing and it was lunch time.

"Go ask him..." Yoona said when she put her books in her locker.
"Sigh, I it later.." Jeanine said.
"What are you afraid of..?." Yoona asked. "Do you like him ?."
"Yoonaa what is this a cross-examination.." Jeanine whinned, she look at the girl who was standing next to Gi Kwang. Some how Jeanine felt jealous.

"You know..that you're face is green ?." Yoona said with a smirk.
"I'm going to Oppa..." Jeanine said and walked to Gi Kwang. "Oppa?, can I ask something.."
"Yeah sure what do you want to ask ?." he said and walked with Jeanine away from the girl.
"Uhh..what...doyouwantforyourbirthday!." Jeanine asked fast and nervous.
"What did you say ?." Gi Kwang said with a smirk. "Don't be so nervous...or are you in love with me.."
"I'm not in love !." Jeanine said blushing. "And I'm not nervous !."
"Then why is you're face red.." Gi Kwang said a little seducive.
"Stop talking like that !." Jeanine said and her face got red like a tomato. Gi Kwang suddenly push her gentle to the wall and came closer to her face, he could hear her heart beating fast.

"I can hear it.." Gi Kwang said smirking. "So I made you're heart beat faster than normal.."
"'s..lunch..time.." Jeanine said nervous.
"I know.." Gi Kwang said and pressed gentle his lips against her mouth. Jeanine's eyes were wide open while his mouth was still on hers, Jeanine closed her eyes and kissed him back, she put her arms around his neck and their kiss got more passionate. [Note: Nine-Chan hates to write Tongue Kissing but that is what they are doing] After a few minutes they stopped kissing because they were out of breathe.

"I-i'm g-going now.." Jeanine said confused.
"Are you still going to date him...?." Gi Kwang asked. "Because..this wasn't a normal..kiss.."
"I'm sorry..." Jeanine said confused and walked to the school's roof. When she got there she saw that Yoona and Seohyun were there to.
"And what did he want for his birthday." Yoona asked curious but was wondering why Jeanine's head was so red.
"Shit..I didn't get a answer..." Jeanine thought.
"Jeanine..?? what's wrong you looked confused." Seohyun asked a little worried
"Ah, i'm just hungry." Jeanine lied. "Don't worry..i'm fine.."
"Well okay then.." Seohyun said and gave Jeanine a sandwich.
"Thanks Seohyunniee.." Jeanine said with a smile.


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 7 - Gi Kwang's Birthday Party

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:43 am

Chapter 7 - Gi Kwang's Birthday Party

After school Jeanine went to the mall looking for a present for Gi Kwang's birthday. When she walked to a jewelry store she saw a braclet and she remember that Gi Kwang wanted that for his birthday, she went inside the store and bought the bracelet after that she went home. [Note: braclet for Gi Kwang's birthday: ]

"Hey..were have you been ?." Jeanine's mother asked when she got home.
"To the mall to buy a present for Gi Kwang." Jeanine said with a smile.
"For that hot guy who picked you up for the spa ?." her mother asked, Jeanine nod and blushed a little. "Do you like him ?."
"Mom! don't ask those things !." Jeanine said embarrased, but her mother had a big smirk on her face. "I do like Gi Kwang Oppa....but I don't want to hurt Jonghyun oppa..."

"Eh..two boys are fighting for my little girl." her mother said teasing. "But I know why you're confused, because Jonghyun is a cutie to."
"I just don't want to hurt them.." Jeanine said.
" have to follow your heart." her mother said. "And take a shower and then I will help you with your party dress." Jeanine smiled and went upstairs to take a quick shower and was looking for her a good party dress. she was looking but couldn't find one because she couldn't choose, good for Jeanine her mother came upstairs and picked a cute pink dress for her to wear. [Note: Jeanine's dress] After she put her dress on she heard the bell ringing downstairs and Jeanine knew that it was Yoona and Seohyun, she siad bye to her mother and opened the door and went outside.

"You look really great." Seohyun said when she saw Jeanine's dress.
"Thanks.." Jeanine said with a smile.
"I bet that Gi Kwang will like it..and Jonghyun to." Yoona said and laughed when Jeanine's head was getting red. They arrived at Gi Kwang's house and he was already waiting for them. When Jeanine got out of the car he was speechless, she looked so beautiful.

"Oppa happy birthday.." Jeanine said smiling.
"" Gi Kwang said slow. "Y-you..look beautiful.."
" is..your present.." Jeanine said nervous and gave her present to him.
"I like it..thanks Jeanine.." Gi Kwang said and gave her a hug which made her heart beat fast. "I can again.."
"Oppa! do not tease me..about it." Jeanine said. "It's your fault."
" don't want to talk about..our kiss ?." he asked but Jeanine didn't anwsered it because she saw Jonghyun walking to her.

"Jonghyun Oppa !." Jeanine said with a smile.
"'re really beautiful tonight..." Jonghyun said stunned.
"Thanks Oppa.." Jeanine said blushing.

When it was 10 O'clock Jeanine said goodbye to Gi Kwang because she had to be home at half past ten and it was a half hour walking.

"Jeanine, wait for me." Jonghyun said when Jeanine was already outside. "I will walk you home."
"I'm a big girl, I can walk on my own.." Jeanine said when Jonghyun hold her hand but when she heard a dog barking she got scared.
"So far a big girl then." Jonghyun said laughing.
"Oppa, your really mean !." Jeanine said and hit im on his arm.
"Yeah, but you're still going out with me.." Jonghyun said with a smile.
"I wish that it was saturday.." Jeanine said. "I think it's going to be fun."

^^ I guess that Jeanine is between two fire..she likes gi kwang but on the other hand..she likes her time with jonghyun to.


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Chapter 8 - Date One: Jonghyun part 1

Post by ninechan on 11/15/2009, 8:45 am

Chapter 8 - Date One: Jonghyun part 1

Finally it was saturday, Jonghyun was waiting for Jeanine because she was a little to late.

"Oppa!." A voice said behind him.
"You're late.." Jonghyun said with a smile.
"I'm sorry, I overslept.." Jeanine said. "Where are we going to ?."
"If you want we can go to the cinema." he said. "Or we can go to the mall.."
"I want to go to the cinema..." Jeanine said and Jonghyun nod and they start walking to the cinema. Jeanine noticed that Jonghyun was watching her while they were walking suddenly she hold his hand, and he was blushing.

"You're like a tomato.." Jeanine said with a little smirk.
"Don't tease me.." Jonghyun said still blushing.
"Aww Oppa, you're so cutee.." Jeanine said. "A cute tomato."
"Sigh, you're really mean sometimes." Jonghyun said. "What for movie do you want to see." Jonghyun hoped that Jeanine would pick a horror movie because when it's scary he can protect her and his wish came true Jeanine said that she wanted to go to a horror movie because she knew that Jonghyun doesn't like romantic movies, and she doesn't like them to. They went to the horror movie Ring but half way of the movie Jeanine got scared.

"You should have seen your face." Jonghyun said laughing when the movie was over. "You looked so scared."
"Oppa it's not funny !." Jeanine said and she had still tears in her eyes. "I was really scared, and you didn't protect me..."
"I'm sorry but you were to funny.." Jonghyun said and wipe her tears away. "Let's go to the mall okay ?." Jeanine nodded and hold his hand and they walked to the mall, while they were walking Jeanine was still thinking about his confession and the kiss between her and Gi Kwang. But she did know one thing..she didn't want to lose Jonghyun.

"What's wrong ?.." Jonghyun asked when he saw Jeanine's worried look. "Is this date boring ?."
"It's not boring I like it." Jeanine said with a smile. "Let's go and eat something." while they were waiting for their food at a restaurant, jeanine thought that it was almost Jonghyun's birthday.

"Oppa..what do you want for your birthday ?." Jeanine asked.
"I want to spend the day before my birthday with you.." Jonghyun said and looked shyly to his hands. Jeanine was quiet for a minute because Jonghyun's birthday was next sunday and the day before she has a date with Gi Kwang..

"Is something wrong ?." Jonghyun said with a smile.
"Well..I have a date with Gi saturday.." Jeanine said and Jonghyun looked a little disapointed. "But..I will tell him that I can't..go next saturday"
"Are you sure ?.." Jonghyun asked a little worried but Jeanine nod. "Thanks it means alot to me."
"I know.." Jeanine said with a smile and came a little closer because she wanted to kiss his cheek but Jonghyun turned his head to her and the kiss was on the mouth.


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When Friendship Turns To Love Empty Re: When Friendship Turns To Love

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