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For My Daughter

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For My Daughter Empty For My Daughter

Post by Guest on 11/9/2009, 3:27 pm

For my Daughter pt.1

You rubbed your belly and sadly smiled “Chun I wish you were still here.” You spoke to yourself.
You felt a tap on your arm “Omma! Come on!” your daughter smiled.
You chuckled “Okay Yumi have some patience with Omma. I’m pregnant.” And stood up.
Yumi ran all the way to the playground and went straight to the swings “Omma push me!” Yumi smiled.
You smiled and nodded “Alright!”
As you were pushing Yumi you thought of Yoochun *Chun…Should I tell our Yumi…that you’re no longer here?* you asked yourself in your head.
“Omma…why are you being so quiet lately?” Yumi asked in a worried tone.
“Nothing Yumi Omma has just been thinking a lot these days.”
Yumi pouted “Okay Omma…but whatever it is…don’t be sad.”
You looked at the back of Yumi’s head and sadly smiled “Yeah, okay Yumi.”


“Yumi! Come on we need to go home! It’s pretty dark outside!” you said from the bench.
Yumi looked at you and pouted “Omma I wanna stay a bit more!” she whined.
“Five minutes! Please oh please Omma!!!” she begged.
You sighed “Okay Yumi five minutes.” You agreed.
Yumi smiled and started playing again with the other children.


You and Yumi were walking home when she popped a question “Omma how long is Appa going to be gone?” she looked up at you.
“Ummm I don’t know Yumi.” You said.
“Yes Yumi?”
“How did you and Appa meet?” she asked.
You thought for a while and chuckled “I’ll tell you when you’re older Yumi.”
“Aww! Omma tell me!” she pouted.
“I will…”
“REALLY!” her eyes lit up.
“Yep. When you’re older.” You smiled.
“Omma!” she pouted.
You bent down and kissed her nose “I promise I will.” You said.
Yumi sighed and walked with you “Fine.”
You chuckled “Cutie.”


A young man lay on his petite bed and took a deep breath “Where are they?” he whispered as he thought of you.


Yoochun was running towards the home he used to live in and banged on the door. You opened the door and Yoochun ran inside to Yumi’s bedroom. He came back with her in his hands.
“Get in the car _______ ah.” He ordered.
You followed Yoochun “What’s wrong Chun?” you asked in a worried tone.
Yoochun set Yumi in her car seat and looked at you. You noticed his eyes glittering. You caressed his face “Chun…what’s wrong? Tell me.” You asked.
Yoochun squeezed your hands and kissed them “_______ ah I love you.” He said.
You gave him a worried look “Chun…what’s wrong?!”
You looked at the corner of his eyes and saw the tears piling up “Chun, tell me.”
“My past caught up to me.” He sadly smiled.
Your heart skipped a beat when he said that. You shook your head “Chun no…you’re sending me away aren’t you. No please don’t leave us.” You begged.
“________ ah if I love you then this is the right thing I need to do you protect you.” He said.
“No, Chun please don’t do this!” you bawled.
“______ ah look at me.”
You shook your head and held onto his shirt. Yoochun gripped onto your upper arms and slightly shook you “Listen to me!” he shouted.
You slightly looked up at him.
“Please ________ ah listen to me and drive away from here. Get away from Korea. *digs in pocket and takes out plane tickets* Go to Japan. You’ll be safe there.”
“Here’s my wallet and everything.”
“Park Yoochun!” you shouted.
Yoochun forced you into the car “Please _______ please just do this. I ask for so much of you, but I beg you do this for me…no *looks at Yumi in the back seat* do it for our daughter.” He said.
You bit onto your lip. Yoochun cupped your face and passionately kissed you “I love you.” He said and ran off.

`End of Flashback`


You tucked Yumi into bed and kissed her forehead “Night Yumi.” You smiled.
“Night Omma. Night dongsaeng.” She touched your stomach.
You smiled and kissed her finger “Sweet dreams Yumi.” You stood up.
Yumi nodded and shifted herself in the bed while you turned off the lights.


You sat in your bed looking at your ring finger. You sighed “Should I actually let you go Chun?” you asked yourself as you twisted the wedding band around your finger.
You removed the blanket from your body and stood up. You bent down and reached from under your bed and took out a small worn out shoe box. You set it on your lap and opened it. You sighed and took out Yoochun’s journal. You closed the box and set it back where it belonged and rested back on the bed. You opened it to the saved page and continued reading were you left off the night before…

‘March 9
My wife and I have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Yumi. Yumi, my beautiful child…I hope to god you have your mother’s heart. I hope you grow to become like your mother. Have your mother’s beauty, your mother’s knowledge; don’t be like your father. I have regretted so many things that I’ve hidden from ________. ’ You stopped when you noticed the ink was smudged.
“I never got this wet…” you said to yourself.
Then you gasped “Chun, were you crying?” you touched the paper.
‘I don’t even know if I’ll be able to watch my Yumi grow up into a young woman. I fear that my past will catch up with me. I fear that my ________ will run out of love for me. For a man who was trained to be fearless…I hold onto things that man fear of loosing. Why am I an idiot? I should’ve left _________ to keep her safe. _______ I love you so much and when my past comes back for me, please take care of our child.’

You stopped and closed the journal. You covered your mouth and muffled your cries *Stupid Yoochun!* you thought.


The next day you woke up and noticed Yoochun’s journal was missing. Your eyes widened and you stumbled out of bed.
“Yumi!” you called out.
“Here!” you heard her shout from the porch.
You walked out and saw her with Yoochun’s journal. You marched over towards her and snatched his journal away from her “Don’t touch that.” You scolded.
“Omma…Who’s Yoochun?”

How was it?
Sorry guys I’ve been on a long hiatus
Changmin comes in next part


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For My Daughter Empty Re: For My Daughter

Post by daesungvip on 11/9/2009, 3:44 pm

i totally commented this before...
why was my comment unposted? D:
omg, this is so sad T____T"
i feel bad for yumi ]:
can't wait to see what changminnie does though ;
update this soon!!
& let me know when you do!


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