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Master of My Desire...(R)[Shin Dongho, fictional girl Maytha]

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Master of My Desire...(R)[Shin Dongho, fictional girl Maytha] Empty Master of My Desire...(R)[Shin Dongho, fictional girl Maytha]

Post by Dongho's Wifey on 11/9/2009, 12:03 pm

Master of My Desire...(R)[Shin Dongho, fictional girl Maytha] Masterofmydesire-1

Hello everyone I'm New here, and this is my first fanfic. I hope you guys enjoy it. but if you don't please do not bash me. I have feelings too. As you can see I love dongho oppa! he's mine lol. but here a story starring him and many other artist. Please do not be mad at me for making 2ne1 as dongho's girl. I am not an anti-fan. I love 2ne1! But please give it a chance and read it. Oh the Poster is temporarily. I am requesting from another site right now. I know it's not all that great looking. Its my first time.

Shin Dongho (15)

The youngest Prince out of 6 princes, but equally sexually active. He rarely finds anything amusing. He loves challenges. Owns 50 concubines in his harem. He hates being mistaken as a girl. Even if he’s cruel and unreasonable at times in his action, he actually has a gentle side to him.

Maytha (17)

Maytha is a Cambodian Korean girl. Despite her name meaning kindness and forgiving Maytha is stubborn and very smart mouth, but she can be kind and forgiving when she wants to be. After her parents untimely death she was force to live with her aunt, her mother sister and her aunt’s husband. There, she was treated like a slave and disrespected by her cousin.


Jaejoong (23)

The oldest prince out of the 6 princes, he’s very sexually active. He can be mean at time but much kinder than Dongho. He like his woman obedient, respectful, and seductive, he hates back talking woman, and smart mouthing girl. He has 100 concubines in his harem.

Yunho (22)

The 2nd prince of all the 6th princes. Very sexually active. Love sweet talking his woman. Love flirtatious girls. He hates back talking woman, and smart mouthing girls. He loves his woman to be welling and seductive with him. He also contains 100 concubines in his harem.

Yoochun (22)

The 3rd prince of all the 6th princes, and the most romantic one. Very sexually active. He likes flirtatious girls and seductively welling. He hates back talker and disobedient girls. Also contains 100 concubines in his harem.

Junsu (21)

The 4th prince out of the 6 princes. Very Kind and really fond of his girls. He only has 30 girls in his harem, and thinks that is overly too much. He doesn’t want anymore.

Changmin (20)

Very sweet, and enjoy food. More likely married to food. He rather spent his days eating than spending time with his woman. However, he has approximately only 19 concubines in his harem. No more girls for him he often says, but if it food, he’ll wait for it with open arms.
Kimmie (20)

Maytha cousin, he is conceited and spoiled. She hates Maytha more than anything. Wants to be better than Maytha in every way she can.

Jake (18)

Kimmie little brother, also Maytha cousin. Loves Maytha, more like wants to bed her. Was furious when Maytha was caught in a compromising positive with his father. But nonetheless, he wants to be the one who gets Maytha. Regrets that his mother sold her to the palace as one of the princes’ concubines.

Dara (19)

Dongho woman, one he favors. Dara hated Maytha because Dongho started to ignore her love.

CL (17)

Also one of Dongho woman, also one that he favors, doesn’t really care who he favors, she just want to please the boy she loves.

Minzy (16)

Also one of Dongho woman, one he also favors, she loves him with all her heart and always wants to please him.

Bom (18)

Also one of Dongho woman, also one he favors, she however, loves to compete Dara to see how will please Dongho more.


Nam ajumni- Maytha aunt. Hates Maytha.

John ajussi- Nam husband perverted and wants to get into Maytha pants.


(Maytha P.O.V)

My name is Maytha Noun, I am Cambodian mixed with Korean. My father is Cambodian and my mother is Korean. I lived in Korea all my life, I wanted however, to visit Cambodia, but father said it’s not a very safe place to be. This is why he chooses to live with my mother in Korea. Mother works at the palace so every night I hear stories about the 6 princes who live there. She told me she never like the place for she hates what goes on there, but she said it was the only way for us to survive. However, I was always eager to hear what goes on in the palace. Mother hates the girls there she often said, and told me never to act like them. Conceited, stuck up, and spoiled rotten. I ask her what job does she do in the palace but she never tells me. she tell me I’m too young to know. I was content…

(End of Maytha P.O.V)

(Author P.O.V)

But every sweet life always has a twist, her life turn from a fairytale to a nightmare…all in one night…
“Maytha, don’t make noise, don’t move…stay quiet. Do it for mommy and daddy,” the tearful parents to said to their 10 year old daughter.
The village was getting raided by a band of throat cutting robbers. Scream and shout was heard…gun powder was blasting, hitting everything in its way.
The parents knew one day this would happen so they made a small underground hideout to fit them in. However, there was no time, the noise were getting closer. So they only did what they could. They hid their beautiful little girl in the underground hideout. Telling, pleaded her to keep quiet. The frightful girl could only nod.
They close the door to the underground hideout. Praying that the raiders would not find it. The little girl looks through the little holes that were on the door. She saw her parents and wanted to call out to them but knew she could not.
The noise got closer, everywhere the noise rang in the little girls ears. She saw them then, those so called robbers, they enter her house kicking the door down. Before her father could shoot on of the villain with his pistol, one of the man shot him in the chest, the girl gasped softly, closing her eyes softly…crying softly wishing everything would stop.
She heard it then as she open her eyes wide, looking at her mother…her mother screamed and screamed, as they tear off her clothes, the little girl wanted to close her eyes but she could not…the eyes would not listen. Her whole body had gone rigid.
When they were done with her mother, they shot her between her eyes. The little girl watch in horror…her body could not withstand anymore of the horrifying images, her body gave out as she pasted out into darkness.
the little girl had woken up from her faint earlier, it was about 2 hours later everything was consumed with silences. No noise, no voice was heard. She pushed open the underground door and climb out of it. There was blood everywhere. She spotted her parents, laying there…still…her mother naked…dead…her father a hole in his chest…horrified…she fainted again…lying on her parents’ blood…
after the towns’ funeral day, Maytha was escorted by the surviving neighbors to her aunt house. By the kings judgment, Maytha is now in her aunts’ custody…
her aunt hated her, why did she have to live with her? Nam thought to herself. She already had 2 kids of her own, she did not need another one.
Maytha life turned into a living hell, she was treated as a slave…their slaves…their own personal dog. How will her life turn out to be like?

(End of Author P.O.V)

Dongho's Wifey

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Master of My Desire...(R)[Shin Dongho, fictional girl Maytha] Empty Chapter 1 - My Life...

Post by Dongho's Wifey on 11/12/2009, 2:29 am

(Maytha P.O.V)

“Maytha, finish the house while I take the kid shopping.” My evil ajumni said.
“Yes auntie.”
“Don’t call me that! You’re Korean, use the proper language to address me.”
“Yes ajumni.”
After she left I started cleaning the house. It’s been 7 years that I’ve been here…after my parents died that is…
*Deep sigh* the image still hadn’t left my memory…
Clean wasn’t the hard part of my life, actually I love cleaning, but having 2 annoying cousin, a hateful aunt, and a perverted uncle just makes things more complicated don’t you think?
Finally I was done cleaning…there…spotless clean…


I opened it, “Jake? I thought you went will ajumni?”
“I decided not to.”
“Whatever, take off your shoes, I just cleaned.” I hate him…sometimes I feel that he stares at me weird from time to time.
I turn around wanting to go get a drink of water when suddenly two arms were wrapped tightly around my waist.
“Where are you going?”
“Jake, what are you doing?” I tried to confiscate his fingers away from me.
“Come one, let me feel you.” His hand raise up to my breast, closing over it.
I stomped on his foot as he howls in pain.
I ran, only to trip on the stairs, “Going somewhere Maytha…”
“I’m your cousin…what are you doing, what are you planning to do?”
“Cousin from the mother side is ok Maytha…in fact we can be married. Isn’t that your tradition…in Cambodia I presume?”
“No it’s not ok!”
He lifted me over his shoulders and dropped me on the couch…as he loomed over my body. His hip between my legs.
“You know…you’re really pretty…unlike the time you were about 10 years old…god, you were so scrawny.” Then he scanned me with his deprave eyes, “But now, you’re exquisite...lovely beyond measure, my sister lies, her beauty cannot and would never match yours. You see…even I take your side.”
“Jake, let go of me you bastard!” he force his tongue down my throat, kissing me, his hand groping my breast, and a painful grip, with all the force in my body, I bit down hard.
“Ahh!!! You bitch!!!” for my action, I was back hand slapped across the face.
With on hard tug, my ragged like shirt tear in two pieces, showing him my thin linen that hid my breast.
“Wow so big and juicy looking, Maytha…you make me hard just the sight of you…”
I can’t let him do this I must fight him…
I brought my knees up, kneeing him between the legs as he straddles me.
*OOF* he dropped to his side howling in pain, sounding so much like a wounded animal.
I took my chances and ran…running into my room, and locking it…

(End of Maytha P.O.V)

(Author P.O.V)

Far away from Maytha house, in the Far East from her house, there was the palace itself…filled with hundredth of concubines, the woman who serves all 6 princes. Beyond the concubine’s garden and home, up in the tallest tower was the chamber, with big windows with sunlight streaming in, a spot where all the princes usually get together for a chit chat.
“Yes hyung.” Dongho answered his oldest brother Jaejoong.
“You look bored what’s wrong?” Jaejoong voice filled with concern.
“Are you tired of your women already?” Yunho his second brother asked.
“Not quite yet.” Dongho smiled.
“I for one, think that you are way too young, 15 to be exact. Appa have given you women to early.” Junsu his 4th brother shook his head.
“Tsk…no one is young to have a woman at their side.” His 3rd brother Yoochun chinned in, “by the by, Dongho, how did it feel little bro to lose your virginity?”
Dongho laughter echo through the hall, “That my brother, you should have ask when I was but 13 of age. But…if you must know…it was good.”
“13?!” they paled.
“I lost mine at 16.” Jaejoong said.
“Same.” Yunho looked dumbfounded.
“1 at 15…dam you beat me?” Yoochun was shocked.
“Changmin and I was lost ours at 16.” Junsu said.
“Yep.” Changmin said still stuffing his face with his meal.
“13, Dongho…did father know?”
“Yes…it was the day father took me to see his people on my 13 birthday, while father weren’t looking, I wondered off, there I met a young woman, she tutor me in the art of pleasuring a woman before pleasing myself.” Dongho blushed a bit, “appa…ahem…caught me in a pretty compromise position.”
“What did appa do?”
“He was too shocked to mouth a word, but…the girl was beaten for being my first without our appa consent, but she was paid a hefty fine for her tutor. She is the village whore if you wanted to know.
The brothers enjoy each other’s company, not really caring what the future holds…

(End of Author P.O.V)

(Maytha P.O.V)

As much as I am hating myself to admit, I am happy that my hateful aunt has finally got home.
“Maytha! Where is the food? I’m hungry.” My aunt yelled.
“I don’t need your excuse! Go make it!” she ordered.
“Yes ajumni.”
“Look what umma got me, hah! You wish you look good as me.” Kimmie said with all the conceitedness showing.
Kimmie is a vain girl, but she is beautiful, I, am no match for her. With long golden brown curls that stand just about her waist, almond shaped eyes, and a body many girls wish to have. I for one, is different, I am 5’5 with long raven black hair, big light brown eyes, my breast so big to me it ache my back, my legs are so white, and slim, long I might add. A narrow hip to go with it… Hmm…but I don’t care, being pretty is not the key to everything.
However my thoughts were shattered by my aunt’s rude command, “Hurry up! I’m hungry!”
“Yes auntie—I mean ajumni.”
After they had eaten, I gathered the dishes, throw away the trash and clean the dishes, throw away the trash and clean the dishes.
I turn quickly to perverted uncle, “Uncle? What do you want?”
His eyes roamed over me, “Nothing. Just checking in on you.”
“Oh—well I’m fine, you may leave.” I wish he would just go…
“No…I want to see.” He interjected.
I started cleaning again. Whatever, the faster I’m done; the faster I can go sleep.

(End of Maytha P.O.V)

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