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SoYoung Leaves After School

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SoYoung Leaves After School

Post by daesungvip on 10/29/2009, 4:30 pm

"It’s unfortunate but Soyoung has now officially withdrawn or if you want, graduated from After School.

Yoo Soyoung’s lawyers stated on the 29th:
“Soyoung’s health has deteriorated due to her activities as a celebrity, therefore she will be quitting the group and fully focusing on her education.”

The decision was apparently made by Soyoung while she was on a break recently. They will now discuss and settle all legal issues with Pledis Entertainment.

Soyoung’s lawyers stated on her behalf:

“Thank you for all of the love and support during my activities as a celebrity. In the future I would like to greet you all with a brighter and healthier look.”

Pledis Entertainment also apologized and explained that they could not come out with an official announcement earlier due to issues that were not completely settled."

taken from love-as.co.nr


SoYoung unnie, I wish you all of the best.
I really can't believe you're graduating from After School.
I'm really gonna miss seeing you with After School, on performances, with your cute smile, and on shows with your bubbly personality.
I wish you the best. Stay safe, healthy, and happy where ever you are.
Always going to miss you <3
And you're always going to be part of After School in my heart.
Always & Forever.
Saranghae SoYoung unnie <33


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